but did they have to do that to hong jong hyun

On Rin

I hate the fact that some viewers are trying to vilify Rin just to make a point that Won deserves San more. I hate how they’re twisting his actions into some of ulterior motive to get san (i.e. keeping San’s identity from Won). Though I agree that he has been keeping some things from Won, that doesn’t change the fact that he is loyal. If you look at it from his perspective you’ll see that he’s been doing those things he did to protect the people he cares for. He kept San’s identity from Won because of Song In’s threat to depose Won should he act rashly if he knew Jeon was going to marry San. We saw how Won reacted whenever someone hurts or threatens San, I don’t he’ll make an exception with Jeon since it is marriage we are talking about. The same with keeping Won in the dark about Jeon’s involvement in the assassination of San’s mother. Jeon threatened to disclose Won’s inaction towards the incident because he enjoys watching bloodbath. And this is true to some extent, Won chose not to report the plot to the authorities because he wanted to see how strong the soldiers of Eun Young Baek are. (That’s why it’s unfair to only hold Rin responsible just because he’s kept Jeon’s involvement with the crime.) And I don’t see him making a move to San unless a push comes to a shove. Up until this week he has been keeping his feelings under wraps for the sake of his friendship with Won. He’s been questioning Won about keeping San in a cage not because he wants to keep San for himself but rather to keep Won from doing something he might regret later. In that moment he was acting like Won’s moral compass or Won’s flagpole, like how Won wanted him to be. And his confession on this week’s episode is brought about by the situation. He was scared that he might never have the chance to tell her or make her feel his love for her, and also because she was crying in front of him. But he didn’t take his confession further, in the scene where he was cleaning her wound he took off as soon as he noticed that he might be crossing the line. As of this episode, he has no intention to cross the line and betray Won like how others are painting him to be.

And from what I see in his character, he will not be the first one to betray and destroy their friendship.

Walls are meant to keep you out (VIXX!Mafia AU) [Chapter 1]

Chapter 2

 ‘He had taken forever to get through her walls and now that they had finally crumbled, so had she’ 

You let out a breath and set down your pen, cracking your knuckles and stretching freely in your seat and pulling yourself towards the table once it had swiveled by itself. You clicked the cap back onto the pen, making sure to clean any leftover ink on the pen.

Admiring your work, your eyes swept over your 5 page piece, the perfect cursive script captured in sapphire ink. You had always had a knack for righting and you had taken pride in nurturing those talents. Trying not to break the silence of your room, you gingerly pulled open the drawer and grabbed a piece of roll of violet ribbon. There was just enough to tie the pages together. Another roll you had finished this week.

Carefully stringing the ribbon through the pre-punched holes you had tied it into a neat bow before locking it away in your drawer. You tossed the your pen in it’s holder and stood up, pushing the chair away from you.

You stood in front of a mirror and took in the view of yourself. A black dress had adorned your figure and your shoulders were covered with a black blazer. One look at your tear-stained face and people would realize that you were headed to a funeral. You brushed off any hair strands from your shoulders and walked out of the room.

When you got to the dining room, it was already filled with the girls, shedding tears. The few days had been such a blur when you had come to know that one of your comrades had passed. All you remember was barely eating meals and writing until you dropped.

You kept your eyes down but looked up when your leader’s voice had echoed throughout the hall.

“Girls, please make your ways to the limousines.” You didn’t even have to look at her to know there was a white flower crown holding her hair together. Everyone was wearing one including you, it was tradition. The girls quietly exited, the only sound was their sniffles mixed with your own.

The car ride was dreary, stormy clouds were covering the sun, not letting any sunlight through them, casting the world in a sorrowful shade. Your heart mirrored the weather, feeling equally sorrowful and dull.

The eulogy had passed with your zoning in and out of the speech, no matter how much you tried to concentrate, all you could feel was a sick feeling crawling up your throat at the thought of Yura being gone. Finally the tradition of your group had begun. It was the part that was solely for your group. Once anyone had joined the group, they wrote a letter that stated their life secrets and they had continued it every time a new event took place in their lifespan.

CL, the leader, took her place behind the podium and began ,”Kim Ah-young’s –” That was Yura’s real name, all members, except for a select few used fake names, so that they couldn’t be traced back to their family, it was an exception to those who had no family. ‘Crystal’ was the name you used to conceal your identity even though all your family was a long line of mafia members as well, you stilled preferred it. And after the member passes we never refer to her using her fake name again.

“ – will was revealed to me this morning and I shall now deliver it to all of you.”

Delicately, CL unfolded the letter and began reading, “I joined the team nowing full well what I was about to do, the guilt and the treachery but what I never would have expected was the warmth and love I had received, I never thought that doing something so criminal, would lead to something so admirable. The cut-throat business within was just a stereotype.

There were 3 other girl’s that had joined around the time I had too; Sojin, Minah and Hyeri. Including me, the four of us had formed a sub-group called Girl’s Day and since then I went on every mission with them, they had my back, that was comforting and the only reason I would have ever gone for one.

Outside from Girl’s Day, I had made friends as well, they welcomed me with open arms and when we were not underground we joked and laughed.

I know the reason I am writing this, it’s for if something unfortunate ever happens during a mission then this piece of paper would tell you what I honestly thought, but I didn’t have to write because you already knew.

Recently something really astonishing happened to me, while I was on a solo mission at a casino, I was there to seduce a man for secrets and it was pretty effective until another one held him at gun-point and demanded them from him. I was just as shocked as he was but I had gotten the information regardless. He asked me to have a drink with him and I knew immediately what his ploy was; he was trying to get me drunk enough to forget this had ever happened but instead the both of us hit it off so perfectly you could almost see the sparks. I was in love.”

A few gasps had erupted but no one dared to interrupt CL, this was still a funeral.

“He treated me with care when he dropped me off a mile away from my home and I had to walk in heels all the way back but it was the best night of my life.

Coincidentally we met again at a mission but it was different this time. When both had our guns pointed at each other, afraid to do our job. Then he told me in a strained, pained voice ‘I don’t want to shoot you.’ I knew then he felt the same about me as I did him. The gun fell from my hands and we both confessed to each other.

Since then we pretended to be a normal couple and went on dates and shared kisses but the most meaningful moments were the ones that no one could ever know like, cleaning the other one up after a fight or comforting each other when a mission when oh, so terribly wrong. 

We were leaning on each other and if one of us fell the other did too, that is why after 4 months of dating I was afraid of death and leaving him. It hurt me, just the thought, of leaving him alone but I never wanted to bring it up so I wrote down all the thoughts in letters and kept them in my drawer so if anything ever did happen, he’d know how much I loved him.

But even if I was in his arms I always came back to my girls and the gratitude I had in my heart brought tears to my eyes every time I think of how much all of you have done for me; taking me in, welcoming me and making me part of a family I love more than my life.”

The girls were crying now, tears falling quickly and indefinitely. You too struggled to control them but they flowed against your will.

“His name is Hong Jong Hyun from the main group Bang Tan.”

You couldn’t believe your ears. Jong Hyun was a member of the group that was coincidentally led by none other than your brother Kim Nam Joon.

The Liar and His Lover Episode 10

“And that’s how it works.
That’s how you get the girl.”

Rub some salt into the wound, will you? If it wasn’t enough for Chan-young feeling down about the song he wrote for MUSH&CO doing so-so in the charts, he now knows for sure Han-kyeol and So-rim are together. Ouch! And I know the guys of Crude Play jokingly commented on how he never had any initiative about doing building up group trip but somehow I feel like they meant it. Then again, I don’t see them making more of an effort either.

And I wish I could feel happy for Yoo-na since I know the troubles and insecurities that constantly surround her in the industry but she’s such a passive-aggressive and envious person, I don’t feel like celebrating her song made it to number one. She broke up with Han-kyeol in the worst way possible and now it’s resentful that he’s not pining over her or at her beck and call. Screw this! If I’m to cheer on for this character, I want her to deserve it.

CEO Yoo was on fire too, rubbing in more passive-aggressive and outright aggressive digs at CEO Choi, who is already making moves to have his revenge. What is the deal between these two? I wish they would just keep away from each other’s paths, which is something CEO Choi seems to want too and it’s CEO Yoo who refuses to backdown. I admire her and resent her for it because she’s a empowering character who calls the important shots, but she has such a bad way to go around things.

Speaking of which, I finally understand a little more about Kang In-woo, who seems to be receiving a lot of music deals but he rejects them because he knows these people don’t appreciate his music. One wants to make amends and the other pay back to the first one, and he has clearly move on from the past. Yes, all Kang In-woo wants is for someone to appreciate his present day music and self. I hope it’s Han-kyeol who gets to do this for his father, he is after all in a position to do so and would be able to protect his music too.

I’m also over the Se-jung subplot, girl needs to go ASAP. Gyoo-sun is already onto her with the whole phone thing and his disappointed face was too much to handle. I know this character is being set up for heartbreak and I can’t take it. He’s precious and must be protected, while she’s a conniving self absorbed leach. I know Gyoo-sun is an assertive and sensitive person, so I’m sure he will tell her off next time he catches her doing something like that, or at least I hope he does.

Meanwhile, Shi-hyun and Soo-yeon need more screen time together, damn it! Their scenes made me squeal more than anything else through the entire hour and they are not even the main couple. I’m a goner and so are they, for each other. I want SOMETHING from this front, soon. Ya hear me show? SOON.

Crude Play remains bro-tastic and I wished they would have show more of their drinking games because, one: they are awesome, and two: Soo-yeon totally won that night. I am sure of it.

Who the hell is that man and what he has done with Han-kyeol? I was not expect he would be so open about his feelings. Who knew he could be this affectionate? So-rim, you lucky gal. He’s still dating up. And I love he still is in shock of Dad’s friendship with So-rim, lol. But I’m even more glad that he has someone and something on a personal level, beyond music, he wants to protect. Han-kyeol was all business before meeting So-rim and now he’s having fun and is happy again, this is something he had lost before Crude Play even debuted and I hope it lasts for a long, long time.

But this week’s star is So-rim. Not only did she stood her ground and told off Yoo-na and her passive-agreesive bitchiness in regards of her past relationship with Han-kyeol (you go, girl!) but also she defended the song Chan-young wrote for her band, which ultimately it’s also her music. It might not be perfect but So-rim and Chan-young are still new at what they are doing, so it’s expect for them to have some setbacks. On this topic, I’m cheering for them. In regards of Chan-young’s feelings for her, I’m afraid the he is setting himself up for even more heartbreak.

So-rim might have a long way before reaching the number one spot in the charts but she’s happy to just being able to sing and work towards her dreams, some of them have already come true. And the greatest one it’s just getting started.

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A review of "Abnormal Summit": Gender, Sexuality, and Race in Kpop

Some Background on Korean Media:

The premise of the show is cute. It is like the male version of “Misuda,” which was a show where beauties from different parts of the world living in Korea talked about their experiences. Race, and gender came up often in that show, not often enough in my opinion, but definitely more so when compared to the other shows. In general, we often see that gender roles are always assumed and never challenged. Women are always weak, and in need of saving, and both men and women accept that narrative. There are broadcasting restrictions which makes non-hetero sexualities taboo topics. However, just because I consume Korean media, doesn’t mean that I am an expert in Korean culture. There are definite ways in which art imitates life, and vice versa, but life is also more complicated than tv dramas, and humans are always more complex than they are on tv, no matter how multi-faceted and well-developed the human on tv is. Therefore, we can expect to find many strong and independent women in Korea, and we shouldn’t be surprised when find such women. Gay characters are rare in Korean dramas. In “Secret Garden”, Lee Jong Suk played a gay character, which is very brave of him, but is an overall a rare occasion. Too rare. However, in reality, there are gay Koreans. Lots of them, and that too shouldn’t surprise us.

External image


There is a definite correlation in visibility and acceptance. As in, visibility of minority gender/sexuality/race in media correlates to their acceptance in civil society. In America, for the past couple of years there have been more LBTQ actors and characters in media. There have also been songs representing them and their cause, and such representations correlates directly to the strength of the LGBTQ movement in civil society. The fact that there are so many problematic gender roles, so few queer characters and celebrities, and semi-racist comments thrown around all the time in Korean media is because race, gender, and alternative sexualities are still new discussion topics in Korea. It hasn’t been long since people of other races have come into Korea, and although, homosexuality as a human condition is not new to Korea, homosexuality as a discussion topic is very new. Before people start accepting differences, those differences have to first come into their consciousness. The idea of homosexuality has to come into a person’s mind before an individual even begins accepting the idea. Gender equality as a term has to be understood, before it is understood as a concept. Therefore, we have to be critical of the media we consume, but also understanding of the people who create these media. Kpop is amazing, but problematic. Korean songwriters purposely write songs with English lyrics. They want to interact with us, and we have certain agency in what we choose to watch. Kpop is global, and social networking is a useful tool. We can let them know when the media they are selling us is messed up while being understanding and respectful. 

“Abnormal Summit” as a Unique Case Study:


Do I agree with everything that is said on the show? No.

Is everything that is said on the show “politically correct”? hell no. 

This show is anything but politically correct. One of the panelist is a super Chinese nationalist. In fact all of them are super nationalist, and being politically correct entails that you keep your nationalism under control. These men are horrible at keeping their nationalism under control. That is wonderful. Being “politically correct” is another term for “remaining silent.” Silence achieves nothing. If the rules of civility are established, and everyone knows that they are safe, then everyone should say what they think and that is exactly what happens on the show. These are bunch of male chauvinist,nationalists. 

That is not to say that these men are going to go around murdering people for their countries, or beat their wives. They are very nice men, with good ethical values. The point is, Hitler isn’t the only kind of nationalist, and there are other manifestations of male chauvinism beside wife beating. These topics just need visibility so that people can question, deconstruct, and then reconstruct their ideas, instead of just blindly assuming. Yeaahhhh~ 

So, the basic format of the show is that each week a guest comes in, and they bring in a topic, and then they ask the panelists if they are abnormal or not. The panelists are all foreigners and the guests are almost always Koreans. The hosts are Yoo Se Yoon, Jun Hyun Moo, and Sung Si Kyung. 

Some of the More Interesting Guests and their Topics:

External image


On one of the episodes, the panelists discussed marriage. Everyone expressed their views openly and comfortably. Everyone criticized each other’s views openly and comfortably. All of them still remain very good friends with each other. Hong Seok Cheon was one of the guests that came on the show. He did not ask the panelists to decide if he was abnormal or not. The show is honest, but not cruel. However, since he was there, and since he is the only openly gay celebrity in Korea right now, the panelists did discuss homosexuality. 

Having allowed everyone to express their views on homosexuality, Hong Seok Cheon revealed his own relationship with a concept of “marriage” and the episode ended their. A few tears were shed. However, no one really changed their minds. Episodes rarely end with a conclusion. Most Korean variety shows feel the need to have a conclusion. If a disagreement occurs, they try really hard to resolve the issue within that episode. The conclusion is usually contrived, and makes for an overall uncomfortable watch. This show does none of that. It only strives to plant seeds. There are new discussion topics every episode, and every episode it plants a new seed in the panelists’ and viewers’ minds. 

External image


In another episode, Announcer Park Ji Yoon came. She wanted to know if she was abnormal for wanting to have both children and career. I really liked her. She came in knowing what she wanted, and knowing that she wasn’t going to change her mind, but I think she just wanted men to think about the idea. She just wanted men to think about their privilege. It left some of the men confused. Especially since there were men on the panel who insisted that both men and women are equally capable of taking care of children. All of them pretty much agreed that both men and women care capable of doing the same job equally well. So, ideologically, they were not sexist, however, the fact that they restricted women from having the same privileges as them based on other ideologies that society use to uphold patriarchy became visible to them. By theory, not sexist, by practice, sexist. Interesting interesting. 

External image


My love Gookju came, and they discussed cohabitation. The men are very open about their sexuality, and their needs, but female libido is never discussed, which is why I feel like none of these men are going to be particularly good in bed. This episode was kind of disappointing as a bi-sexual woman. It was a fun episode, but just sad hearing about sex being discussed indirectly, but being directly discussed as a man thing. urgh. Female libido is real, y'all. 

My Favorite Panelists (Where I Sexually Objectify Men):

External image

Daniel Snoeks

Not necessarily the most visible, but definitely brings up the sexy quotient. Behind the tattoos, there is a lost-boy naivete which only adds to his sex appeal, in my opinion. He has interesting things to say, and has a gentle presence. He is not on the show in the later episodes, and yes, I do miss him, even though he never had the most screen time. 

External image


Sam Okyere

He is the token Black person. There is literally one Japanese, one Chinese, one Black person, and the rest are all White people. Uhmmm…Problematic. Whatever! He is one the panelists who gets the most screen time, and he also happens to be one of the more popular ones. He looks like a sex god, and acts like an idiot. Very charming. Think Jackson of Got7. Sexy at first sight, and just wild the rest of the time. He never participates when the discussions get heated. He went to college on a State scholarship, as in he has been chosen by his country to go abroad and study, as in he has a brilliant mind, yet chooses to act the idiot. I can’t help but think his silence is voluntary, and obviously the world has a part to play in his silence. We don’t give Black men the same platform we give White men. I like him, I feel sorry for him, and I am really frustrated by him too. Regardless of my conflicting feelings towards Sam, I am happy he is there, I always remember he is there, and I always want him there. Stay~

External image


Enes Kaya. He speaks Korean like a dream, but he is very conservative. The Korean name the netizens have given him is Kwak Mak Yo, which is the phrase often used to express constipation, and uptight people. He is vocal, and says everything he wants to say without any inhibition, which makes him very interesting to me, and I really appreciate his presence on the show. Even though I disagree with him, I like him a lot as a person. I appreciate his courage and honesty. I also think conversations are very boring if people have pretenses up. “Politically Correct” is one pretense that I don’t like. If you have a thing in your mind that is potentially racist, hence you are choosing not to say it, then you should definitely say it. Not in a place where you could get hurt for saying it, but in a place where people will listen to you, and then disagree with you. You have the right to express what you think, and if what you know is incorrect, then you deserve to hear a better-informed opinion. This guy is smart. He is conservative, but he is not a stupid, old fart, which lets me know that I have to always educate my opinions. Enes, I like you.

External image


Julian Quintart

He is really cute but he spits when he talks, and that makes hims even cuter. He is liberal by theory, but conservative by practice. I am not calling him a hypocrite, I am just saying there is a gap in his believes and his practices. Most people are like that, but since he is on television, he is exposed to other people’s judgement. Regardless, he is one of my favorites, because he is cute, he is vocal, and he is confused. They call of him the duck, because he spits when he talks. So cute. So endearing. So young. 

External image


Guillaume Patry

He is very cute but that is not the reason why I put him up. I swear to god there was gay moment between him and Sung Si Kyung. He sort of had tears in his eyes, and he said “I love you” to Sung Si Kyung, and before he said that everyone told him to be brave and to speak his mind and that everything would be edited accordingly. Sung Si Kyung blushed super hard afterwards, and looked really happy, but then completely brushed away the topic immediately. I can’t help but think they must have talked because Si Kyung became kind and attentive towards him in later episodes, and Guillaume went back to being super duper straight. 

OH! So much. There is just so much. So many interesting personalities. The hosts are brilliant, and I just want each and everyone of you to go and watch it. I don’t feel like writing a review on things that I didn’t really enjoy at the moment. I might change my mind later when I am running out of material, but right now, I just want to rave. Hooray for cable. Cable killing it. 

There’s something amiss about Rin this episode, especially about why he did what he did, something is just not right. He probably didn’t try to unfuriate Won, by kissing San, just because of Dan, he’s not that much of a fool. We have seen too many times how Dan confides in him about her inner demons, and he just comforts her but never really does anything about it. He didn’t even try to take San away from Won, not until he felt that San is not safe in the palace anymore. Rin wouldn’t do anything that foolish and low just because of Dan. Rin did that because of something that we are still yet to discover. The show is purposely hiding things from us. Notice how they cut just before Rin gives his answer to the generals when they asked whether Won can be trusted? Notice how the show never showed us what the King and Rin discussed? They’re purposely hiding these things for something bigger. That is why I won’t jump to conclusions that Rin really did backstabbed Won. Because I just can’t see Rin that way. He had been consistently loyal to a fault that it is just out of character if he decides to turn against Won now, just because of San.

And San, how I wish I could be more certain of her feelings. Tho I’m like 90% sure about who she loves, 10% is still quite a big number tbh. The writer can just decide to flip the table, and I’ll be left dumbfounded (and betrayed lol). But whatever happens, I’ll still watch this drama to the very end, and then decide if it’s for keeps or going in the trash. And it all depends on Rin’s fate, I just hope the writer gives him justice and not just reduce him to the crazy and obsessed second lead trope. I don’t care if it’s WonSan in the end as long as I’m given a good and cohesive story, one that gives justice to it’s characters I’ve grown fond of.

The Final episode of Scarlet Heart Ryeo

The ending, wow…The ending was BRILLIANT! I cannot describe how pleased I am with the ending, and yes it was INSANELY sad but…it fit so well with the whole storyline and everything…the writers went along with the story and did not care what the fans wanted and that MAKES A FANTASTIC DRAMA!

First of all, I have no idea why this fandom was so angry and so upset about the ending. I saw posts here and there talking about their disappointment and how the ending was terrible…well that is indeed your opinion and this is mine. THE ENDING WAS WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN.

If you followed along with the ACTUAL storyline, paid attention to the conversations, to each characters part throughout all of this and stopped putting all your ATTENTION on the Wang So and Hae Soo ship, you would be satisfied and understanding of it all. THIS WAS NOT SOME CLICHE NORMAL DRAMA WHERE THE MAIN LEAD GETS THE GIRL, THIS WAS A TRAGEDY AND IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A TRAGIC LOVE STORY. If anyone has read Shakespeare you can handle a tragic love story.

A word of advice for anyone who is going to start this drama now that it is over: WATCH THE SHOW FOR THE SHOW. DO NOT FOCUS ALL YOUR ATTENTION ON SOME CUTE LITTLE HAPPY COUPLE. Watch the show as it is! Pay attention, listen to the stories, listen to the conversations, and you will be satisfied.

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Why Wang So is Probably The Most Tragic Character in Kdramas’ History

Major roll-eye (◔_◔) to the writer for her insistence of making Wang So the most tragic character ever – with very illogical reasons for everyone to leave him at the end of the drama. >.>

Wang So is a flawed character without a doubt – his obsessiveness (major side eye) or him killing the monks and horse (another side-eye) but somehow Wang So’s fate is just very tragic from the moment he was born right until the end where he is left alone and lonely.

It is more tragic then any other Kdramas’ characters because it is his own family who dislike or abandoned him. Its not his friends or people that he has no blood relation but his own family members.

Let’s go through one by one shall we?:

1) He lacked of love since he was a little kid. His own mother hurt him and left that big scars on his face and later throw him away.

2) His dad use him as a captive and send him away to other tribe to console some lady who lost her son (What a terrible childhood!). And he is not loved by the lady or his adopted family (Surprise surprise ◔_◔).

3) The tribe lock, starve and sent him to the wolves that he ended up having to burn his only friend that is Mr. Tree since it was so cold during the winter (or is it because of the wolves?).  

4) His Crown Prince brother, Moo ask him to replace him during the masked dance since he think someone is going to assassinate him. So its okay for So to die on his place? Both of them learn martial arts so its weird for Moo to ask him that request (But of course, So’s life is not that important I guess?).

5) His father’s reaction after the mask was removed – not worry about him being injured but quickly call for Moo and his safety.

6) He killed all the monks (what a fool lol!) for his evil mother but she still disowned and disgusted with his existence (stop Ms. Writer, stawp!!!).

7) All his brothers except Baek Ah didnt treat him right. Moo used him for the dance/marriage and Eun is too dumb(?) to care about his feeling when he ask So to show his scars. The rest just plain hate him without any legit reasons.

8) His mother call him for family dinner only to ask him to kill Moo. Attempt to use him to do her dirty work instead of accepting him as her son after he proved his worth for her attention.

9) The woman that he love; Soo didnt trust him enough that he ended up having to kill Eun with his own hands. By the time Soo decided to stop thinking about the future and be honest with him, it was too late.

10) His loved ones; Beak Ah & Soo are used again & again that forced him to do things that he hate to save them from harm.

11) He never wanted to be a King but later changed his mind since he is tired of bloodshed and everyone using him when they are on the throne (His father –> Fight Kitan, Moo –> Marriage with his niece, Yo –> Using Soo to threat him). He wanted to stop the killing cycle and Yo’s ruthless reign (Or so he thought ◔_◔).

12) He didnt want to marry evil princess Yeonhwa but the love of his life Soo said ‘its okay’ to straighten his position as the King and assured him that she wont give up and she is okay with the arrangement. (Which she didnt since no one will be okay with that kind of arrangement tbh).

13) His happy times with Soo are so brief that she left him and stay with Jung because she is pregnant. She is not honest with him and trust him enough that he will protect her and the baby. She probably think So will treat her like his father did to Lady Oh.

14) In the end, despite writing all those letters how she love and yearn for him, she still doesn’t trust him enough to tell him about their daughter. She probably think he would not respect her request about wanting the girl to stay out of the Palace. (Of course she couldn’t tell him via the letters, but still! ಠﭛಠ)

15) Everyone leave him for such ridiculous reasons; Baek Ah (???!!!) and Ji Mong for he only loyal to the weak King Moo? Really? (Why are you feeding us this crap Ms. Writer??!!1 And why I’m still watching? lol)

16) Have to live the rest of his lives alone and lonely with someone that he hate. Cant love his son as it is a product of an evil Queen Yeonhwa (But still, he is your son??!! Way to go So. >.>).

What a terrible writing through and through. (☼Д☼) Anything else that I missed?


The King Loves/왕은 사랑한다, Episode 11 (Episodes 21-22)

“Why did you do it? Why did you ask me not to choose you?

“…Is it because there’s someone else in your heart?”

“…I found out that Ran could only remain if Dan became the Crown Princess.”

“And you go as a hostage?”

Out of the three, Won is probably the most aware of RIn and San’s growing feelings for one another. At this point, Ran and San see each other as “man” and “woman,” without confirmation of the other’s feelings.

Yeah, the ship has sailed. I’m firmly on the RinSan ship. The drama will have to work hard to convince me otherwise.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 16

Let’s just rip the bandaid off: Wang Eun and Park Soon-duk are death. We all knew this was coming and that it was not only going to be horrifying and heartbreaking but that it would have awful consequences for everybody involved.

If you ask me what was the worst part of the entire scene, I have to say it was right after Soon-duk saved Eun and he called her “my wife”. Agh, just thinking about it makes my heart each because there was so much love and tenderness in the way he spoke to her. Soo may have been Eun’s first love but Soon-duk was the love of his life. And no-one can deny it when we watched him choose dying rather than living without her. I think there was for a moment a tiny chance that he could have survived those wounds but Eun would not have it without Soon-duk.

His second choice was asking So to end his suffering, which to me it was Eun’s fuck you to Wang Yo. He would not give him the satisfaction of ending his life and and in a way Eun was able to go in his own terms.

Right after that Wang So went crazy with grief, but I totally lost it when Grand General Park was caressing the face of his beloved, badass and death daughter, wondering if she received the love she deserved from her husband. And Soo answering that yes, they loved each other very much. And that is the truth.

For many characters, in different ways, the senseless and cruel deaths of Wang Eun and Soon-duk was the last drop. Now, Wang So is actively working towards becoming King with the support of his brother Baek-ah and Astronomer Choi. If you ask me about Grand General Park, I say he is playing Wang Yo and secretly supporting So… especially after the choice he made him do.

So had decisions to make in this episode too and by choosing going after the crown in order to stop Yo, he had to give up something. The only way to prove his commitment to the cause and gain General Park’s trust was for So to give up the one thing he holds most dear in the world: Hae Soo. Which means that just when she realizes just how deeply her love for him it is, now he has to leave her in order to find a way to defeat Yo.

Wang So’s face in that scene, after he leaves her, was award-worthy. I could feel how his heart had just been ripped off his chest. And Soo? You can see how heartbroken she is but at the same time chooses to believe in him. That he will come back to her. That their love and bond can be tested all it wants, they won’t waver.

Whyyy can’t they just be happy in their lovely starry night pond? Why I ask you? Why?? Worst part is that I can feel the laws of dramaland telling me the suffering it’s not over, how could it be when there’s still a dictator in power and 5 episodes to go?

I didn’t like the lack of Wang Wook in today’s episode either. I can tell the show is disposing of Yo’s storyline quickly to move on to the real tragedy and angst. Wook is like a dormant threat looming over our leads and I just know it’s going to blow in our faces. Speaking of which, Wook’s reaction to Eun’s death, was that remorse? Does he even deserve to feel it after he was willing participant and abler of what happened to his young brother and his wife?

At least I finally get to see Wang Baek-ah participating more in the life of court. Sending spies into the army’s camps? Methinks that was not only for Jung’s benefit. And in a more light note, the relationship between him and Woo Hee has progressed in a lovely way, their banter and chemistry screams married, but when are we going to find out Yo’s conversation with Woo Hee? Don’t make me worry, show.

I read once that “the hardest, coldest people were once as soft as water”. I think that’s the case with what’s happening with Wang Jung. He has seen so much tragedy inside his own family that he has grown detached and distrusting of his remaining siblings and I can’t really blame him.

But what I don’t understand is why he blames So for Eun’s death when it’s clearly all on Wang Yo. I get that he thinks Wang So could have saved Eun but as I mentioned before it was a pledge between siblings and Eun’s final say on the matter. Is this some kind of residual mommy dearest syndrome? And what did he ask of Yo for all the work he has done? *chants* Please don’t say Soo’s hand in marriage. Please don’t say Soo’s hand in marriage. *chants*

I can’t even with Wang Won. I can’t. All I expect is for the show to impart justice on this awful and terrible person. Does So’s warning to him seem like a omen to anyone else?

I just knew Wang Yo was going to go all Hamlet on us. Batshit crazy, hearing ghost and conspiracies where there’s none. I would like to think Moo and Eun are at peace, so they got better things to do than haunt Yo. Nevertheless, I’m happy this textbook shakespearean tyrant is being haunted by his own conscience and that his reign isn’t all that he was expecting.

Now, let’s talk about the blissful married life of So and Soo. Or at least what could have been for them if not for So’s right and duty to become King. I am happy they got that one day to share and help them keep going when things get harder, and they will, but at the same time I find myself a little at odds with Soo in the last scene. She can’t really expect, after everything she witnessed, that So won’t wish to become King to stop Yo’s crappy government and murders. Being together, sadly, it’s not enough anymore for either of them if they want to be happy.

We finally arrived here, the calm before the storm, and now all that’s left is for Wang So to be crowned King and Wook messing everything up. Is that the battle Baek-ah and Grand General Park are marching to with So in the series preview? I guess we will find out soon.

Bonus: Anyone else thinks the show is hinting at us to remember Soo is actually from another time? I got this feeling that while our ending might be happy, it may not necessarily be in Goryeo. After all, she has to go back to the future at one point or another. Right?

Letters to the Princes (Part III)

 Dear WangMu:

He was kind, he was warm, he was just, he did all he could.
I will continue to remember you as a teddy-bear older brother, a kind person that can’t hurt others without dying inside from the guilt. Thank you- for doing all you could in a world where, even though that wasn’t enough, it was enough for us to love you and remember you. On the real though- when you’re reincarnated please don’t just be a cinnamon roll- be a kungfu fighting-BOSS-taking no crap from nobody- awesome Daddy with a big heart okay??? Kinda like before… But more. 
You study hard in med school and meet the cutest girl for you and you guys get married and have 5 kids, you become a BOMB Heart Surgeon that saves lives!  Hobbies are origami, studying, martial arts, picking out clothes for your kids, and braiding your wife’s hair.

Dear WangYo:

He was mischievous, he was cruel, he was alone, he tried.
I felt pity for you, danggit. You were dying and even though you were King, even though you had all you worked so hard for, you too were all alone. No one to love you, no one to fight for you. But that’s it! Pity stops there! You better shape up next life, eh? Don’t kill people. If you want love, maybe try giving some. Heck, I’ll be your mom and teach you how (not that I actually know how to do that nor do I have any experience really being a mother besides babysitting). 
You’ll probably try so hard to be a bully and what-not and then later get tangled up with gangsters (old habits die hard) but your heart is going to overflow with guilt and consideration for others because of the love you receive from your mother. You become the President and CEO of Hyundai, you fall in love with your sassy secretary and get married and have a daughter as beautiful as you and spend the rest of your life protecting her and your wife making all the money. Hobbies: going to the gym, photography (your wife taught you that one), grocery shopping (cause you’re picky), and you’re a clean freak.

Dear WangSo:

He was broken, he was beautiful, he was devoted, he was human. 
I’m still so sorry, for everything. You are etched into my heart forever and I will never forget you. For being imperfect, for trying so hard, for being so so ardently devoted, for honestly living- thank you.Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you. i have so much to say but I have no idea how to write it all out. If you are ever born again, I’ll be your mother. I think I just said that to WangYo too though… hmmm… Maybe I’ll rethink that. Want to be brothers again?? Haha, in all seriousness though… You deserve a family that you love and that loves you. Of all things, you never got a proper mother figure. When you’re reincarnated it’s okay not to save people okay? It’s okay to live for yourself a little. I suggest your buy a nice sports car and go for long drives when you’re having a hard time.I feel like you’d like driving.
Your mother makes the best tea for you, she loves you crazy and walks you to school everyday. You have a younger sister that you fiercely take care of. You end up joining the Korean CIA (because no matter how much I try to give you a different job that doesn’t involve saving people and trying to make the world a better place I just can’t make you someone who is remotely normal…ugh you and your need to do good things and prove yourself) and fall in love with a citizen in distress that you saved, she is the love of your life and you get married and have twins (a boy and a girl). You fight all the bad guys and you have a family that loves and you love them. Your life is full of hard work, minimal tragic events, A CRAP TON OF LOVE, and happiness. Hobbies: driving, calligraphy, camping, texting your wife emojis and stickers, and eating ice cream with your kids at night while talking about the stars, and you also secretly like to dance in the rain.

Dear WangWook:

He was kind, he was lost, he was clever, he learned.
Funny, but for some reason I feel like I understood you more than everyone else, besides WangSo. I have no idea why. I hated you for like…episodes 2-19… In the end, you learned didn’t you? I think you did. I think that’s why I felt like I understood you.
You grow up a happy boy, a smart boy, meet your first love in first grade, married her later in college, and then you have 3 kids, a boy and then 2 daughters. You become a history professor at the best University. Your wife isn’t the best cook, but you eat everything and encourage your kids to do the same. No divorce, no death, no deceiving, just bratty teenagers and taxes to pay. Hobbies: reading, cooking for your family, watching Saeguk dramas (especially the ones that star LeeJoonGi), and walks in the park.

Dear WangWon:

He was foolish, he was sneaky, he was blind, he was fooled.
I still don’t forgive you and I meant what I said about being reincarnated as a dirty rag. I didn’t once feel a single ounce of pity for you ever and I will never remember you in a good light. 
….I don’t want to…I’m gonna leave it to fate and someone else’s imagination. You’re a dirty rag to me. 

Dear WangEun:

He was bright, he was innocent, he was young, he was unafraid.
I’ve missed you every episode you’ve been gone. When I think about how you died I swear my heart breaks all over again. I’m so proud of you~ I hope that, if it ever happened but please bless that it doesn’t, I could be able to honorably die with my lover too. Thank-you for making this Scarlet Heart journey full of life. 
You’re the class favorite all throughout school, you like to talk big to bullies even though you don’t fight so well, in high school you were getting all beat up but this awesome girl comes and helps you beat them up and you fall in love and it’s a cheesy beautiful forever love story. Hobbies: towel origami (duh), playing slingshot with your wife and then later on with your son, singing and dancing (especially EXO songs and dances that your are surprisingly good at). 

Dear WangBaekAh:

He was passionate, he was dependable, he was loving, he wanted to be free.
Oh, Baek-ah! Gosh darn it all I love you so much. I miss your face, your sense of humor, and your loving heart and disposition. You just wanted to be free~ and although I felt like you were the most untainted of the princes, when I think about it- that fact makes your being so much more of a sad person. I was a little (kinda ALOT) disappointed that even you left your brother too, though. Please tell me that you eventually went back and everything was good between you two again. I will miss cheering for you and yelling out “Baek-Ah yah!!!!” every time your face showed up on screen. Your hair is still the best thing in Goryeo, and your are the best being to grace the roads of Goryeo (okay, sorry but probably second to WangSo). 
You are the heart-throb in every grade and every girl loves you. You major in traditional music (rocking that Gayageum and other beautiful instruments that I don’t remember the name of). You fall in love with a dancer and have a beautiful wedding. Hobbies: drawing portraits of your wife, listening to your wife sing, visiting orphanages to play music and play games with the kids, and because you both suck at cooking you always order chicken and pizza and stuff.

Dear WangJung:

He was strong, he was stubborn, he was loyal, he fought.
What did I say about touching my OTP?!? I told you not to do that. You ended up hurting a ton too! Gosh. Don’t do that again. To be honest, I was so done with you for so long and was ready to pretend you didn’t exist…I also skipped your scenes and have yet to watch a bunch of them, but- anyways. Thank-you. You did good. Thanks for being a fighter and for sticking to your heart- no matter how stupid it was at times. In the end, you did good (I guess… I’m still bitter kinda ahahahaha!)
As a kid you were always street fighting and loved martial arts. You met a girl as strong, if not stronger than you, and you fall in love and it’s super great. You have a son just like you and you become THE BEST army general still out to save the world and do good things. Hobbies: Martial arts, watching game shows and comedies, playing baseball with your son, baking and shopping for shoes.

It’s been a beautiful journey~! I love this fandom. I love this show (and hate this show). No matter how awful things turned out or how much I want to punch somebody in the face about various aspects of this show- it was still so beautiful. I’ll miss these guys so much!

(Insert GIF of them when they were all together fighting each other that one time early in the show, I can’t find it and I have no idea how to make it)

Girls' Generation's Yoona wants to star in romantic comedy next

Korean pop group Girls’ Generation member Yoona wants to do a romantic comedy project for her next TV series after starring in a period drama recently. Yoona is one of the group’s members who has branched out into acting besides singing.

“My fans like me to play bright characters. I have recently changed my hair to a bob. So I am in the mood to try a romantic comedy for my next project,” she told Yonhap News.

She and actors Im Siwan and Hong Jong-hyun starred in the Korean period drama “The King in Love” which ran for 40 episodes from July 17 to September 19.

Yoona also had a supporting role in the hit film “Confidential Assignment” that was released last January. She has been an actress since 2007 but said that there is still so much to learn when it comes to acting.

“Maybe it is because I did more singing than acting. I am still discovering new things about acting. I want more experiences,” she said. She considered “Confidential Assignment” as a turning point of her acting career.

“Many people supported my performance in the movie in which I tried to show a different side of me. It was really encouraging,” Yoon said.

Yoona said she’s trying to prove herself as an actress since she’s more known as member of Girls’ Generation.

“Because we work together as a team, we had better chances, and it was quicker to accomplish things. But acting is a lone process, and it has been slow to proving myself,” she said.

Siwan finished filming the drama before enlisting in the Korean military on July 11. Recently, the cast of “The King in Love” visited him in the army. Yoona earlier promised that he would visit Siwan.

“Im Siwan appeared to be as cool and energetic as ever.. He said that he was unable to watch any of ‘The King Loves’ because of training and such. I told him to not worry because there were many people who liked [his character] Wang Won. I don’t know if it’ll give him strength, but I also gave him a signed Girls’ Generation CD,” Yoona said.

Source: ibtimes

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 14

It’s two years later and we find the characters living under Moo’s reign which is peaceful (to a point) and full of cuteness. WHICH MEANS THEY ARE ALL DOOMED. DOOMED I TELL YOU! Those are the rules of Dramaland and with only 6 episodes left (OMG), it’s time for Wang So to decide if he wants to keep fighting for the throne in others stead or for himself.

The minute Chae-ryung said Wook had let her go to Damiwon, I knew we needed to watch out for her. I love how the show keeps on making small characters come back when you least expected and makes them stir everything up. Because out of anyone, I never once thought Chae-ryung would be the one to betray Soo nor participate in the murder of King Moo. Why? Seriously, why is she doing this?

I am sure it was Wook who order her to poison Moo by soaking mercury in his bath over the course of two years. Two years. I have no words. I can’t believe how cold and calculating his plan was. This is beyond anything I was expecting form this character. Except that for someone so shrewd, I was surprised he let his intentions to be seen at the wrong moment. It’s almost like he wanted Moo to know he is not to be trusted.

I’m just glad he no longer seems to be under the delusion of being a victim of circumstances, although he insists that he is doing everything for his family. And about taking Soo as a consideration? My guess he is working the “if I can’t have her, no-one can” angle. He has given up on her, he doesn’t want her to be happy and especially with So. Wook, you sore and devious loser. Were you always this small of a person?

King Moo is psychological and physically deteriorated thanks to Wook’s plan; long gone is the kind older brother who looked after his siblings. It’s no wonder, with all the snakes surrounding him, that he thinks the only way to protect his way-too-young daughter is to marry her off and send her away.

How I wish Moo wasn’t such a vulnerable character. That way Wang So and Hae Soo could be together by the pond in blissful peace for the rest of their lives. Today was clear that’s not going to happen, at least not anytime soon.

I truthfully enjoyed their happy times, sneaky So trying to get a kiss was hilarious and their dynamics a well-oiled machine. I thought at that moment “they are so married, why haven’t they make it official yet?” and then BOOM! It happens. Soo fully acknowledging her feelings for So and understanding his position, maybe more than anyone because she knows he will become King. Or will he?

I talked in the review for episode 13 on how Soo has subtly changed history already. Well, it seems like fate has other plans in store because even when Soo unknowingly changed So’s destiny, other factors are still pushing him towards the crown.

Now So has been forced to marry Moo’s daughter (EW! EW! EW!) They speak about how young she is and decide she will be a second wife. The princess is sent to a temple immediately, which means no wedding night, THANK GOD, because I am not sure I would have been able to live with that. Still, the result makes So a step closer to the throne than any of his brothers.

It’s only natural this is the moment that Wang Yo decides to make his comeback and screw everything up by giving the final blow to Moo with the help of Won. Bonus? He is in cahoots with Wook again which is surprising considering how that ended last time. We’ll see what Yo does now that he is clearly taking over the throne.

I got no clue on what will be So’s answer to Yo but I’m sure he will not turn his back on Soo. Maybe (and probably) will throw in a third option. My worry is that all hell is going to break loose now (this time for real) and So is standing on thin ice. I’m guessing Yo will send him away and it doesn’t help Wook is working his way up in the palace. If So ends up really being sent away, maybe being outside of the palace and the family will give him an advantage in the end?

Have you guys realized two out the five visions Soo had became true? She saw King Taejo die in his bed and Moo drown. Her next visions were Wang Eun and his wife been murder and another King (my guess is Yo) dying. Last, she saw Wang So as King Gwangjong.

But if she changed history and now it’s Wook the one plotting to get the crown instead of So, does it mean Wook will become king? Or will So stop him before that? Is that what’s happening in the scene of the 7 minute trailer where So is with Baek-ah and the Grand General marching to battle?

Also, I don’t like how So still doesn’t know it was Wook the one Soo used to love. This could blow in our faces. Especially with the way Wook is behaving lately. I wish she would just tell him and get it over with.

I stil feel like Wang Baek-ah is being under-used into the story. I get he is a free spirit and that he rejects the ways of the society he lives in, which is part of his appeal, but he is also smart, loyal and resourceful. I would have love for him to work a little more into the political aspects of the show by now, especially because we know he will stand by So’s side in the war that’s coming.

Lady Woo-hee is right. Baek-ah lacks sincerity in his believes, is like he is not all in and thus he does nothing. That’s why I like Woo-he is back, because her strong will sets a fire on him and I think it’ll push him forward into the scene against Yo, Won and Wook.

Moving on to Wang Eun, Soo-dunk and Wang Jung. I have been worried about this characters for the past few weeks.

Let’s start with Wang Jung. He doesn’t like So but won’t support Yo’s actions, though remains quiet about what’s going to go down fully knowing it means Moo’s death. What? Even he knows, by the conversation with Soo, that he will have to choose sides soon. Stop making him so ambivalent.

After three years of marriage life, finally Wang Eun is showing feelings towards his wife. But what the hell was the preview?? Why does Yo want them dead? Did they see something they shouldn’t? Is that why Soo is hiding them? What is happening?? Does Soo-dunk really die? Is this another reason for the Grand General to stand with So at the final battle?

Overall, we can all agree the episode was a setting up for what’s coming next. We got lots of cute moments that lets us know what are the intentions of the character, the lengths they are willing to go and with who their feelings are.

After tomorrow’s episode 15, we only get three more weeks of Scarlet Heart Ryeo which means some people are going to start dropping like flies, alliances will be make and the court power-plays are over. What is coming is dirty war for the throne and I’m looking forward to see who will stand on each side of the battle, who will be unable to choose and who will inevitably end up being collateral damage.

What do you guys think? Did I miss something? Any theory?

anonymous asked:

Since it's starting to be summer vacation for most college students, do you have any Korean dramas (new and old) that you would really recommend? You probably get asked this a lot but I'm curious! Thanks~

Hi! I don’t really have the time (eeeh, it’s not summer vacation for me yet. : () to do a proper masterlist of k-dramas so if you don’t mind, I’ll just focus on those who aired in 2013-2014. Anyways, people usually look for recent dramas. Of course, this list is based on my own standards and feelings and I don’t have the pretention to say they’ll please to everyone (I’m a little weird, you know, and so are my tastes), but… let’s do this.

Queen’s classroom (asianwiki): MY BABIES (look at them, aren’t they ADORABLE?!). This list  has no special order but my TQC babies had to come first. I was genuinely sad this drama was snubbed by fans last year, even if I pertinently know why. I think I cried almost each episodes which NEVER happens usually. It’s a drama that has something to say, and that’s a lot. You’ll probably not agree w/ some methods used by Ma’s teacher, but a drama that makes a viewer think won everything. And do you realize we need a kids drama to find this kind of convo in a drama? The children played their role with a disconcerting authenticity and sensibiliity. Don’t even need to make Go Hyun Jung’s reputation, she’s effortlessly brilliant.

Two weeks (asianwiki): another of my favorite 2013 drama. Much better than God’s Gift or 3 Days that have a similar concept. I have a genuine attachment for Lee Jun Ki and I’m still SO mad at how MBC treated him. He’s really hardworking, humble and listen every single advice (and USE THEM!). The rest of the cast is as meritorious and play well-written and layered characters, which is a miracle in this kind of show. A good and gripping action thriller and paradoxically, very heartwarming and human drama.

Heartless City (asianwiki): Heartless city isn’t perfect but it has one merit, it brings something different to the dramaverse. It’s really dark, stylish and sexy. I was so immersed in the show that I forgave them a lot. And while I’m the kind of people who move on very quickly when a drama ends, Heartless City stayed in my mind months after the last broadcasting (I STILL THINK ABOUT IT). Jung Kyung Ho is truly royal in this, from the eye-liner to the acting. Some people complained about the ending, but I love how the writer/PD stayed true to their tone and story and followed their thread.

Master’s sun (asianwiki): I’m not a Hong Sis’ fan but I know their charm work for pretty much everyone else. And actually, MS did it for me. Perfect rom-com for summer, it’s truly lovely and sweet. I adore Hong Sis’ for finding a good reason for the leads to touch each other ALL THE TIME. Must say I wasn’t particularly fan of the background story, but the little ghost stories format was refreshing. I also appreciate that, for once, they gave more meat to their second characters. That being said, honestly, MS is all about Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub’s magical chemistry. (And I’m sorry, PSH and LMH won best couple over GHJ and SJS? Are you kidding me?)

Flower boy next door (asianwiki): (wait, lemme a second. Yoon Shi Yoon just entered to the army and I’m SO sad). I remembered I first approached FNBD as a harmless rom-com and I was truly impressed at how meaty it was. FBND doesn’t have a captivating plot to follow but following Dok Mi and Enrique’s journey was not less interesting. I think the show would have benefited to be a little short but overall, I enjoyed the poetic and cozy mood. Probably my favorite installment from the TvN’s Flower Boy series.

Nine (asianwiki): I think I missed Nine. I watched it at a time where I was really busy at work and in my mind and it was probably a bad timing. Nine isn’t your average drama and it requires to be savored. It’s penned by one of my favorite writer and I’m starting to think she can’t do wrong. Actually one of the only time-travel drama that used that theme wisely and not just as a narrative device for the romance. Lee Jin Wook (he’s always a hit, even more w/ cable) and Jo Yoon Hee were lovely but be ready to suffer a little.

Empire Gold (asianwiki): Not the kind of drama that’ll attract a large audience, but if you’re up for something serious and a little more intellectual, you could be interested. It’s really dark and corrupted. Don’t go thinking you’ll get endearing characters or romance, you’ll likely be disappointed. Sometimes a bit too ambitious, but one of best thing that aired last year. Dialogues are sharper than a knife and the tension is palpable thanks to a solid acting from the all cast.

Scandal (asianwiki): MBC did it! Finally a decent weekend drama from them. More than decent actually. Almost brilliant. Drama did suffer halfway run but overall those 36 episodes were masterfully handled. Melos can be good… when they’re in good hands. Acting was brilliant… Jo Jae Hyun and Shin Eun Kyung just killed it. Scandal is probably worth to watch just for their performances.

I hear your voice (asianwiki): The infamous IHYV. Not sure why I’m putting this here since I’m sure everyone watched it already. But just in case… Nice mix between several genres, an heartwarming and deeply human drama. Some people will tell you to watch this for Lee Jong Suk, I’ll tell you to watch it for Lee Bo Young and Jang Hye Sung. I love her so much. One thing I also truly appreciated about IHYV (and also Secret) is that they both have an interesting and ambiguous antagonist. They’re creepy because they seem real. Drama tend to villainize antagonists so much that they aren’t credible anymore. In Secret and IHYV, we have a human, someone everyone could be and could have been. 

Man from the stars (asianwiki): Same than IHYV, do I really need to recommend this? SBS’s biggest hit last year and k-medias are still talking about it. I have several issues w/ YWCFTS, it goes from the two-dimensional second characters and a weaker second part (quality and plot-wise). Drama could’ve been much better with 16 episodes even if I do admit I love fanservice. But it’s definitely a drama that’ll hit close to home for a great majority. It’s perfect for summer, full of references, Jun Ji Hyun is hilarious and outshined everyone else. KSH still manages to create an electric chemistry with her. A nice ride.

Miss Korea (asianwiki): Alert, a gem! I was the first one skeptical about it, and how wrong I was. It’s not a drama-crack, something you’ll marathon in two days but more something you’ll savor. Consistent (from the beginning to the end), realistic and smart. I was so invested in those characters’ journey that I ended up caring for their damn lipstick so much (I surprised myself screaming at my screen “BUY THEIR LIPSTICK PLEASE” once). AND, last but not least, MK has the most amazing female characters. All of them are truly amazing and it feels good to see this in a kdrama. Just for that miracle, Miss Korea is a must (And for LSK’s aphrodisiac voice).

Cunning Single Lady (asianwiki): To be honest, CSL is an average rom-com. Why do I recommend it then? Because it’s a rom-com and we’re all hungry for rom-com when summer comes. Despite its stereotyped second characters, CSL is a true rom-com and this from A to Z. They never took the melo road (like Prime Minister and I and so many other rom-coms did) and even subverted the noble idiocy. Joo Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung had a lovely chemistry and it was amazing to watch a totally disinhibited Joo Sang Wook. Don’t be fooled by some synopsis here and there, Na Ae Ra is far from being a gold-digger. She’s actually a progressive and endearing character, the kind of heroine I’d like to see more.

Give Love Away (asianwiki): My favorite family drama in 2013-2014 because it feels like a family drama. Many people found it boring, slow. Probably because it’s not over the top or as makjang-ish as other families dramas. But that’s exactly what I loved about it. Really low-key but it explored the family’s thematic very well and I feel like many people can relate to this show. It exalts a reassuring and warmness feeling.

Honorable mentions (aka I did like them but either something annoyed me or I wouldn’t recommend them in priority):

  • All about my romance
  • Secret
  • Reply 1994
  • One warm word
  • Prime Minister and I
  • Incarnation of Money
  • Cruel Palace
  • That Winter the wind blows
  • Three Days

Still airing but potentially good:

  • Secret Love Affair
  • You’re all surrounded
  • Angel Eyes
  • Witch’s Romance
  • A New Leaf

Bonus (k-movies released in 2013-2014 that are good, in my humble opinion)

  • Hope
    The Attorney
    Miss Granny
    Boomerang Family
    My paparotti
    Steel Cold Winter
    Fasten your seatbelt
    The Berlin File
    Fist of Legend
    Very ordinary couple
    The five
    Our Sunhi
    Nobody’s Daughter Hae Won
    Rockin'on Heaven’s Door
    New World
    The terror live
    The face reader
    How to use guys with secret tips