but despite what these photos suggest


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look. i appreciate what yall are trying to do w the fake milo blogs ig?? but i rlly dont want to be associated w that lmao

im done w drama involving him and anyone who remains friends w him.

and i mean?? skype saves images so i actually DO have proof of one thing he did, which was send me half nude pictures of himself despite me telling him that made me extremely uncomfortable- bc its the same shit astral pulled when they tried that sexual coersion shit- at least two times. but without the context of him also complaining about me being asexual, talking about sexual things with me frequently despite what i assumed was obvious discomfort, talking to me about having sex with my alter, etc. i dont think the pictures would prove anything other than the fact that he sent me half nude photos of himself. (i mean its not like literal nudes just pictures where hes shirtless or just wearing a binder but theres not really like. anything bad its just suggestive?? which is another reason why without context its useless)

but yeah. i have nothing to prove shit, and id like to just continue making jokes abt him like i do with my other abusers until they die without ppl making sideblogs dedicated to feeding him the negative attention im sure he wants.

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