but despite what these photos suggest


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Krankenhaus von rollstühlen aka Hospital of Wheelchairs

More photos here: http://www.proj3ctm4yh3m.com/urbex/2015/01/07/urbex-krankenhaus-von-rollstuhlen-aka-hospital-wheelchairs-germany-august-2014/

This building from what I understand was once a private residence but was later used as a retirement home / residential care centre which catered for the elderly in their final days. Despite its name there was little evidence to suggest that this building functioned as anything other than a care home. There were a couple of beds in the basement which could have been consultation tables but I would suspect that few medical treatments would have taken place here. https://www.facebook.com/Proj3ctM4yh3m/photos/a.520513614730526.1073741958.232703890178168/599141530201067/?type=1

He arranged them, with one outside suggestion. They are for him. He’s being romantic with the person that matter most–himself.

We were catching up on our lives via text, and he sent this wonderful photo. I immediately thought of the romance that has been lacking in my life despite the increasing number of bodies. There’s something not only artful about the photo, but also very sweet and loving. That’s what romance is or can be, right?

Intentionality. I am acting in a certain way because I feel a certain way about a particular person or people or object or place. And

there’s also a part of my mind that’s starting to associate romance with slowness or deliberateness, and further connecting those two concepts with willfulness. It’s important that we be willful in our every endeavor, and that requires deliberation for it to be truly affective. But also, isn’t it difficult to be deliberate when one approaches a task with speed? I understand the need for rapid motion, especially when considering the compromises necessary to survive our economy, but what of the places that don’t require it although we’re taught to feel that they do?

Places like time spent alone, time spent on social media, time with a lover or a friend or a family member? Time spent creating? It seems like these are the time where slowness become essential.

I don’t mean slow as in the ambling pace of a turtle, but within the context of consideration. The full mull-over, the sharp focus, the complete savoring. These qualities require deliberateness, willfulness and romance. After all, romance is to be taken with something so greatly that you devote your all into it.

Why not a romance with the self, especially if romance with others isn’t an option? Yeah, one of the outcomes may relate to the rules of attraction, and you may find someone with which to share romance, but that’s not the end goal, right? 

If you’re thinking to yourself–I’m working on myself so that I can be good for someone else whenever they come along–in my opinion, you’re still not putting yourself first. It’s not the end goal, but the byproduct.

This is all to say that I’m in the midst of changing course and romance is something that grows increasingly important to practice for myself.

Avengers - Wanda and Quicksilver - Wanda’s Angels

my friends Hollie and Miles were asked to do a photoshoot with Green Phantom Photo and Graphics and I came along.  And dear me it was hot.  I think it was over 108 on the roof and what’s more our photographer had a reflector that he insisted on shining into our faces.  I remember actually having tears come out of my eyes because of it, but like my friends I bore through it becuase I had a good feeling that the payoff would be worth it.  

In one of the poses for the group shot I suggested a “Charlie’s Angels” pose and despite the heat we were all cracking up at it and our photographer said, “I like that, let’s do it.”  

As far as who took the picture, I”m pretty sure it wasn’t the one doing the shoot but someone else who was there for the shoot.  A woman named Stacey Ballard.  I”m pretty sure she was the one who took it, if I”m wrong, I hope someone will let me know.  

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver - StarDragon77

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver - Miles Yagami

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch - SniperPlushie

Photographer - Stacey Ballard

© Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver - Avengers: Age of Ultron - Marvel

Note: All character(s)/Performer(s) are 18 years of age or older.