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(Super-fast idea, because I found this picture and after laughing at the Sheriff’s face for two minutes straight, the idea hit me straight in the face)

Several years in the future, Derek and the Sheriff are kind of buddies.

Derek is a consultant for the Beacon Hills police when any kind of supernatural crime occurs, or when they need his super sniffer in critical urgencies (Derek found the lost little girl almost immediately, while the K9 unit from the next town was still lost in the wood. The Sheriff was proud. They never talk about the fact that they had to circle the town in the John’s police car, Derek’s head hanging out of the window like a poodle on a roadtrip).

So the John and Derek sometimes hang out, they watch football match together, they have a beer, they talk about Stiles’ news from college. They enjoy each other’s company in a very quiet, simple way.

Then, Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills for Christmas, and immediately comes out as bisexual to his dad.

The Sheriff blinks, then hugs him. And that should be the end of it. He is genuinely glad that Stiles told him, and happy that he seems to grow up happy in his own skin.

John honestly doesn’t mean to search stuffs online, but he’s bored, and one innocent question about LGBT rights typed into google quickly devolve into following all kind of links and falling deep. Too deep.

He manages to keeps the anxiety at bay all the way to Derek’s home, and his knock on the door is barely frantic. But Derek opens the door as if he was expecting the Sheriff to be on fire, so John guesses that he didn’t control his panic-stricken heartbeat as well as he thought.

After a few minutes of assuring Derek that no, Stiles is fine, John is fine, everyone is fine, no Stiles isn’t hurt, nobody’s kid got missing again, Melissa is fine, there is no monster eating anyone, Stiles is totally ok, and getting a glass of perfectly good whisky from Derek (who apparently keeps it around just for John), John finally explains.

Because Derek? Derek is bisexual.

They have talked about it in passing several times. Derek’s ex, Jeff, used to be a cop in New Jersey until he got shot in duty and became a teacher. Derek spends some nights drinking at the Jungle and he glared while talking about shitty techno music. Derek gives money to an association for LGBT kids and go there to help sometimes.

To the Sheriff, it never seemed like a detail more important than knowing that Derek hates cheap beer or that he is a sore loser when his sport team get slaughtered.

But now, now it is important. Because the Sheriff needs someone with answers, precise answers, about things that he can ask directly to his kid.

About giant sex toys and trip to the ER and drugs use and STDs and biphobia and bullying.

He kind of blurt it all. Derek’s eyes look gigantic and his eyebrows almost fly off his forehead.

So that’s how Derek becomes the Sheriff’s mentor in everything LGBT.

It’s not as weird as it could be.

Derek answers all his questions as best as he can, tries to reassure him and, when he doesn’t know, they look for information together online while staying far away from certain websites.  

(all the while, Derek tries to ignores really, really hard, that Stiles is bisexual and apparently single. It’s impossible).

Then I don’t know.

Maybe the Sheriff brings Derek back home in the hope that Derek will talk with Stiles about all these stuffs (because he’s not sure he has mastered the details enough to give the bisexual version of the Talk, and also, the image of the gigantic dildo is still haunting him).

So they end up all around the kitchen table, Stiles looking bewildered, Derek resigned and awkward and the Sheriff looking at them with crazy eyes (again, gigantic dildo. And ER trips. Melissa works there, this can never happen to him) until they start talking.

Stiles knows all those things. Derek knows that Stiles knows. They talk about it anyway because, well, the Sheriff look kind of grey in worry.

Then Stiles finally understands that Derek is bisexual. And single. And Derek knows that Stiles is bisexual. And single. The awkwardness quickly turns to vague innuendo, then overt flirting, then eyefucking over mugs of coffee.

The Sheriff gets his colors back progressively. He wonders for a second if he should protest this development (the whole, 7 years older and a werewolf thing may be a problem), but really, Derek is a great man.

And he apparently knows how to use lube, condoms, and would never be stupid enough to use a gigantic dildo then lose it somewhere in his son.

All in all, he’s ok with the direction this whole thing is taking.

Taking Care // Derek H x Reader

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader
Fluff, cuteness, sick!Reader, maybe a swear word or two
Word Count:

Request: Heyo! I saw you wanted requests, so could u do a Derek hale x reader where she’s his mate (human, but knows about everything) and he keeps her secret from the pack because he’s worried about the people out to get him. Suddenly she gets sick tho and he’s gotta take care of her which leads to the pack being curious and worried about where he is every day for a week. Fluff please :3 thanks lovie!

A/N: Wow I haven’t written for Teen Wolf in such a long time! I’m sorry about that, most of my focus has been on my main blog @Lady-Thor-Foster. I’m excited about picking my fics back up again and writing new ones! Chapter Two of Muse is coming out ASAP. I’m still taking requests!

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Let’s talk some more about Cuban Derek Malik Nurse because this has officially become important for my sanity

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Derek Hale Imagine- A Living Hell

“Who’s there?” you asked, after hearing a loud noise from behind you. Recently Beacon Hills fell host to another supernatural threat, something called the Kanima. None of you had enough knowledge on it, so you all decided to split up In order to work out who it was and what it wanted. Originally, you were assigned to do research with Stiles but you got bored and told him you were going for food. You decided to do a little research of your own. When you were hanging out at Derek’s you heard him tell Isaac something about it being Lydia. The perks of being friends with Scott’s and Derek’s pack was that you knew everything, it wasn’t so fun however when they each try to pry information from you. But anyway, you knew Lydia liked to sit on the rooftop of the old abandoned warehouse at night. You knew this because you’ve been with her on a numerous of occasions, it’s the perfect place to take sunset or night time aesthetics. Even if it was her you knew it wouldn’t be intentional, you just wanted to know so you could help her. You thought it was a great idea for you to go on your own, with nothing but your phone flashlight and knife that you had no idea how to use. When whatever was behind you didn’t respond you knew it wasn’t one of the pack or some sort of angry security guard. You slowly turned around, to be met with a large lizard creature. “Oh shit” you murmured, trying to shuffle backwards discreetly. But with every inch you moved backwards it moved forwards two. Your shaky hand reached into your jean pocket slowly for the knife, you looked down to realise it was no longer there. In fact you could see it glisten at you from the other side of the roof, where it must of fallen out. You eventually stopped moving when you reached the very edge of the roof and heard a bit crumble underneath your feet. You gently moved your head, trying to figure out your next move. “Stay still” Scott said quietly as him and Stiles crept onto the roof. You nod your head, looking everywhere other than at the Kanima. Scott grew out his nails and fangs, the creature heard this because its attention went from you to him as it swung around in one brisk movement. You looked down at your leg, seeing a rip in your leggings. Your leg went numb within a matter of seconds. “NO!” Stiles shouted as they both tried to run over to you. The Kanima managed to catch and push Scott, but Stiles got through. He fell to the floor and tried to catch your arm as you fell over the edge, but it was too late. You must of blanked out, because you don’t remember feeling the pain of you hitting the floor.

Your woke up to the colour white and the sound of a heart rate monitor beeping obnoxiously loud. You let out a loud exhale and glanced to the figure sitting on the chair next to you. “Hey, how’re you feeling?” Lydia asked with a soft smile. “I’m fine” you shrugged, sitting up. “Woah, slow down” Allison said in response to your sudden movement. They were both sharing the chair because technically only one of them was allowed in at once, but they wouldn’t accept it. “It’s ok, it doesn’t hurt” you said rubbing your eyes. Lydia and Allison exchanged looks, when they realised you furrowed your brows. “Why doesn’t it hurt? This should hurt!” you stated, pulling the blanket off you. “Y/N, just breathe” Lydia said, as they both jumped up. You pulled the drip out of your arm and also stood up. You examined your body, seeing nothing but a few small cuts and a bruise or two. By now Scott and Stiles had burst in, after hearing all the commotion. “Is everything all right?” Scott asked. You noticed there was a large padded plaster on your hip. You began to peel it off slowly, while the others winced. “I wouldn’t do that” Stiles said, covering his eyes. You pulled it off, revealing nothing. Absolutely nothing. They sighed in relief and then waited for your reaction. “This isn’t happening” you mumbled, shaking your head. Your friends carried on talking to you, but you stopped listening. You grabbed your spare clothes from the bottom of your bed and stormed out of the room. You could hear them all calling after you, but it was like you had tunnel vision. There was something else more important on your mind.

“Derek, you better open the door!” you practically screamed while banging on it with your new found force. After a minute he opened the door, but he couldn’t even look at you. “You selfish, inconsiderate, compete and utter dick!” you stated, as he closed it behind you. “I guess you’re welcome” he said as serious as ever. “You bit me Derek, I never asked for this” you ran your hands through your hair in frustration. “I saved your life, you seem to be forgetting that” he rolled his eyes. “Do you expect me to be forever grateful?” you asked sarcastically.“ I did this for you, Y/N!” Derek shouted. “None of this is for me, you did this because you didn’t want to deal with the grief!” you retaliated. “No one wanted to watch you die, maybe you’re the selfish one for thinking like that” he snarled. “You don’t get it, do you? You’ve made my life a living hell!” your voice was higher than usual because you were trying not to cry. “By making you faster, stronger, younger for longer-” he listed. “By making me uncontrollable, scared, vicious, a monster-”  you finished for him. “Well I’m sorry to disappoint you” he sighed. “You have no idea” you exclaimed, storming out before he could say another word. He can save his bullshit speeches for Isaac, Erica and soon to be Boyd. You weren’t buying any of his protective act, he didn’t do it for you. He did it for himself, for comfort or his own power gain. You didn’t care, you were done with Derek Hale.

“So…you’re a werewolf now?” Stiles asked. “Looks like it” you said, looking down at your hot chocolate. “Can I ask you a question?” he looked at you sympathetically. “You just did” you said, raising your eyebrows. You looked at him from the corner of your eye noticing he was still waiting, “Sure” you huffed. “You didn’t want to be saved, my question is why?” he asked. “Erm, I guess I don’t want to be an out of control maniac twice a month” you answered shortly. “I mean the real reason-” he intervened. You took a deep breath and it just sort of poured out of you, “I’m not like Scott, I’m not brave or selfless. I act like I’m not afraid of anything, but honestly I’m scared all the time. People would kill to be a werewolf, or to be involved in this kind of stuff. But honestly, I would do anything just to be able to walk out of my house only having to worry about grades and boys, not keeping myself and my friends from dying”. “Y/N, you’re one of, if not the bravest person I know. Not many people would go looking for the Kanima on their own as a human. Plus, you did it for Lydia” he reassured. “I don’t even know why I’m telling you this, normally I only tell-” you cut yourself off. “Derek?” he asked. You nod your head and sighed, “I was so horrible to him, when all he did was try to save me”. “You love him, don’t you” Stiles smiled, giving you a nudge. “You looked up from your hot chocolate trying to conceal a smile. “It doesn’t matter, the feeling isn’t mutual anyway” you shrugged. “Well, you didn’t see him the other night. You know, after you plummeted from a four- story building” he said, taking a loud sip of his drink. “I’m familiar with said accident and why, what do you mean?” you asked curiously. “He was all over the place, he ran over and knelt beside you. From what I could see from above he was actually crying, until his eyes glowed red and he growled. He was there for about two minutes holding you, but when you didn’t wake up he had no other choice but to bite you” he claimed, taking great delight in telling you after watching you try to hide your smile in your shoulder. “You mean Derek Hale, sour wolf cried over me?” you were sceptical to say the least. “Don’t tell him this but Scott swore he heard him whisper, ‘you’re going to hate me for this’ before he bit you, so please go and prove him wrong” Stiles hinted. You gave him an understanding smile and kissed his cheek.

“Derek” you said a lot quieter, knocking on his door. This time he didn’t answer. “Derek please, listen I’m sorry” you said, waiting to hear so much as a scoff or sarcastic comment from the other side. “ I was out of order the other day and I came to apologise with all the kindness in my heart-” you added, still waiting for a reply. “Plus the full moon is coming up and I cant do this without you” you were persistent. “Okay, that’s not why I came here. I erm, I don’t exactly know how to say this… I like you Derek and you never know when the last time you’ll see someone in this town is. I’d go insane knowing the last time I spoke to you we argued” he was still giving you nothing. “Just open the door, I’m trying yo make amends here and you’re making this twice as hard”. You suddently heard a squeak from a floorboard behind you. You turned around quickly. “And how do you suppose you’re going to make amends?” he asked, smirking. “Like this” you said, running at him. He hoisted you up with his muscular arms as you pressed a sweet kiss on his lips, awaiting a reaction. Derek leant your back against his front door, he pressed his lips to yours again. It became more passionate and desperate. You both smiled against each others lips, “You have no idea how long I waited for this” he claimed. “I think I have a rough idea” you furthered. He pushed his door wide open and slammed it closed behind the pair of you. And you certainly did have a large make up session so to speak.

Sorry this one kind of sucks but Hale, I tried. Beg someone to send me a request I need some inspiration for my current writers block x



All I care about is you

Warnings : swearing , mention of sex , somehow selfharm but not really selfharm  .

Derek Hale x Reader 

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     You are the new girl in Scott’s pack , you don’t have so much friends since you are usually trying to concentrate on school and good grades in order to prepare yourself for being a good doctor in the future . 

    In the same time you are Derek’s Hale girlfriend , you have been knowing each other for a long while but you got to be together just a few months ago . He is a good boyfriend when he is not moody which happens very often when you two are alone but lately you just get stuck on your work and learning and you don’t pay so much attention to him and maybe this is why he is angry all the time .

As you stay in your bed with some books spread on the bed you hear the door to your bedroom opening but you don’t pay attention to it , you know it’s just Derek so you keep reading and taking notes . You hear him getting undressed but you choose not to watch , you future is more important than your boyfriend . 

Derek climbs into the bed and stops on your back , his lips met your neck and they slowly travel to your shoulder , he pulls the sleeve down your shoulder and kisses that spot knowing that you love when he does this . 

“ Derek stop !” you say in a calm voice as you need to concentrate on your studying but he doesn’t does as he was told he bites your ear lobe and kisses your neck .

“ Derek , STOP NOW !” you yell shocking yourself and Derek too . His eyes darken with anger . Derek gets up and walks in circles on your room in front of you .

“ Will you stop walking in circles like a dog runs after his tail , I need to concentrate on studying and you are bothering me right now ?” you said as it was really important for you to get to the medicine university .

“ I’m freaking done with this . I’m done with your attitude and with all your stupidity ! It’s enough ! I try to be a good boyfriend and I try to make you happy but all that you do is studying over and over again and I’m sick of it ! I’m sick of you ignoring me every time when I try to say something to you . I’m done with everything . I haven’t touched you in one full month , you come home covered in others guys smell and after this you just lock yourself in your bedroom and study until you pass out , you are just so stuck with your work that you don’t even pay attention to people . All you care about is to get to enter at that stupid university and you ignore and step on everyone just to reach you goal . Why don’t you stop learning for one minute and listen to me !” Derek yelled in your face and you just stood there listening to him .

“ Your speech took 5 minutes of my studying are you done now ?” you asked and Derek lost all his patience .

He took out a suitcase and started to gather all the clothes from your apartment .

“ What are you doing ?” you asked a little bit of worry escaping from you .

“ This is over (Y\N) , our relationship is over . “ Derek said in a deadly calm tone . You watched his gathering all his things and shoving them into the suitcase but you couldn’t say a word , you were way to shocked to do that and then you watched him leave , heard his car drifting on the road and the sound disappearing into the night . You found your self-control and started to study again until you fell asleep in a sea of books and papers .

Two days passed by and Derek didn’t came back as he would usually do after you two having a fight .

A week passed and you missed him with all your might , you couldn’t concentrate on anything without Derek , the one that was keeping you sane . You where a mess . At day time you would act like nothings wrong but on the night you would just play on your mind all the beautiful moments that you spent with him .

Three weeks from the day he left , you stopped eating and sleeping one week ago , the only things that kept you awake where water and caffeine . The bags under your eyes where literally black and you started to lose weight but still no tears left your eyes . You tried to hide the fact that you are losing weight with loose clothes and the bags and pale skin with lots of make up .

One month and you broke down , you were at a pack meeting at Scott’s house , you got there early as you wanted to help Scott with the snacks . Your skin was as white as a sheet and you could hardly stay on your own foots .

As you were puring some juice into glasses Scott approached you , he knew from a long time ago that something was off with you .

“ So how are things going between you and Derek ?” he asked and that’s the moment when you finally broke down , you fell on Scott’s arms and sobbed uncontrollably into his chest , you foots gave away but Scott lifted you up in his arms and walked to the living room . He sat on the couch with you curled up and crying into his chest . You heard the door opening but you couldn’t stop the tears . Everybody rushed to you trying to find out why are you crying as they were worried about you .

You stopped crying after a while and you whipped off the stains of make up  and tears on your face , everybody could see how miserably you looked . As you tried to stand up your knees melted and you almost fell but Scott caught you and you curled again into his chest hiding your face on hi shoulder .

” You have to give us some explanation .” Scott said in a calming voice . “ For the first why are you so light (Y\N) when I lifted you up you felt like a feather in my arms , even Stiles is able to lift you up .” Scott said .

” I doubt that .’’ Malia said and Scott looked at Stiles , he got up from the couch and Stiles did the same . Stiles held his arms out and Scott placed you in Stiles arms as he was holding you in bridal style just like Scott did .

“ Holly shit ! (Y\N) , you are unhealthy light .” Stiles said and passed you back to Scott . Scott and Stiles sat down again , you still on Scott’s lap .

” Why do you look like this ? What’s going on with you ,(Y\N) ?” Lydia asked concerned about you .

“ Derek broke up with me one month ago , it’s only my fault .” you said your voice broken .  You got down from Scott’s lap and hugged Lydia as you started to cry again .

Lydia gently caressed you back whispering in your ear that everything is going to be alright .

A few hours after that Stiles left you at Derek’s loft , you needed to talk to him and you decided to do it b your own .

You entered and saw Derek showing you his back while he was training .

” Derek … “ you whispered , but you voice could be heard as if you would have been speaking out loud .

“ What do you want ?” Derek asked coldly , not facing you and still training .

“ I need to talk to you and I need you to listen what I am going to say . “ You whispered sitting in the shadows so he will won’t see how terrible you look .

” Go away , you are bothering me !” he said and you looked tat him shocked .

” Derek please listen to me …”

“ No , (Y\N) !” Derek interrupted you . “You didn’t listened to me when I needed you to and I won’t listen to you now .” 

“ Look , Derek , I know I was a bitch ! I know that I was wrong ! Hell I know that I should have listened to you but I didn’t and I’m sorry Derek !” you said as your voice was breaking but Derek didn’t payed attention to you , he was just doing his training like nobody was there . “ I was stupid , I thought that learning was more important than everything , I thought that knowing all was the answer to everything , but I was wrong , it’s not , but I was to blind to figure it out faster . Back then in the day you broke up with me you told me that all that I cared about was to get on that stupid university , and you where right , that was all that I wanted back then , all that I cared about , but Derek in this month I realized , I realized that … All I care about is you ! I’m lost without you Derek , because you are my light , you are guiding me trough all this dark paths and losing you just leaves me in complete darkness . I miss your arms wrapped around me , I miss you clothes in my closet , the smell of your perfume surrounding me every time you’re around , I can’t sleep , I can’t eat . My memories with you are hunting me like ghosts , I can’t live without you . I love you Derek Hale and I only care about you .” You said but Derek wasn’t interested . “ It’s ok , I understand . Bye , Derek !” You turned around a sob leaving your mouth . 

You left Derek’s loft and ran into the woods , you where crying , your vision blurry so you couldn’t figure out where you are going . It was dark outside by now  . Your feet hit a branch and you fell you your face , you gathered all your forces and lifted yourself up before leaning against a tree , tear  falling down your face as you were hurting so much . Hysterical sobs left you body as you couldn’t face all the pain that you were feeling both physical and mental . As you pured out the pain of your broken soul , Derek tracked you by you smell . When he got to you he was shocked , it was the first time to see you after he left you house and you looked miserable . You were way to skinny for your own health , black circles surrounded your eyed and you skin was withe as pure clean snow . Derek sat down next to you and brought him in his lap , your head resting on his shoulder . His hands where running in you hair and down your back . He lifted himself up with you still laying in his strong arms . He headed to the loft . You calmed down by the time you got there and you were looking at Derek confused about what he was doing . He sat you on the sofa and went into the kitchen . He came back with a bowl of spaghetti and handed it to you .

“ Eat .” Derek said but you just played with the food , moving your fork over the pastas .

“ (Y\N) , you need to eat , it’s for your own good .” Derek whispered pressing a light kiss on you temple , you sighed . He took the bowl from your hand and made the pastas to wrap around the fork and he held the fork to your mouth , you parted your lips slowly and let him feed you . You ate 25% of the food before your stomach could’t take in any food . “ Why are you doing this ? “ you asked quietly looking at you to skinny legs .

Derek put two fingers under your chin and lifted your head so your eyes will meet his . “ Because I love you and you are all I care about .” Derek said seriously . He lifted you bridal style and walked to his room with you in his arms . He sat you down in the middle of his room and took you clothes down , he put a clean shirt over your body and tugged you under the covers , he wrapped his arms around your body and you turned around to face him . 

You pressed you lips slowly to his and made yourself comfortable in his arms.

“ I love you baby girl , and I will never let you go again .” he said before you fell asleep .

benaya-trash  asked:

BRO! BRO! WOT WOULD IT LOOK LIKE WHEN ELLIE AND OSCAR BRING OVER THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHER SOME YEARS AHEAD?? would Derek scream and drop his cup which miraculously Stiles catches effortlessly and just coos at how cute their kids are all luvy duvy butt secretly is preparing his i have a gun monologue.

oh god, don’t make me think of that! time is already flying by too fast as it is :’D haha and seeing my baby OCs grow? i’m not ready for that just yet xD!

but srsy tho, who would freak out more? Derek or Stiles? and even more important question: which one, Oscar or Ellie, would be the first to bring home their significant other? i know Oscar is the oldest but Ellie could still beat him at it (with her cute freckles and ginger hear >u<)!

but yeah, stiles would probably have his gun ready just to scare the poor boy/girl a little and gave them this big ‘i’ll make your life miserable if you hurt them’ spreech xD haha and derek? well derek would probably growl at first and sniff them over to see if they are hiding anything

another interesting question tho? would the boyfriend/girlfriend be a werewolf or a normal human?? or maybe a hunter xD (whose family just moved into Beacon Hills)- and the history repeats itself- DRAMA ENSUES! xD

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i've been hit with a sudden burning need for fics featuring drunk!stiles. any suggestions?

I’ve compiled a few fics for all your Drunk!Stiles needs, bb. Enjoy!   -Emmy

Originally posted by visions-of-brighter-love

You’re Snuggleable, You’re Drunk by CiaraSky 

(995 I General I Complete)  *sterek

As Stiles get’s drunk during a pack movie night before Christmas, he gets affectionate and Derek let’s his guards down. 

A Little Drunk On You by enthroned 

(1,750 I General I Complete)  *sterek

In which Stiles gets drunk and Derek has to deal with him.

Property of Derek by WyldeWombat 

(2,599 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

Prompt: “You can’t get tattooed drunk, come back in the morning and if you still want my name on your ass we’ll talk” AU

Stiles and Scott just graduated college. Stiles may or may not have had a little too much to drink, and he may or may not have dragged Scott into a wolf-friendly tattoo parlor to get tattoos, where he may or may not have encountered a gorgeous tattoo artist who should really just put his name on Stiles.

Yeah. That happened.

Sing a New Song, Chiquitita by HalfFizzbin 

(2,742 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

Derek is scheduled to work a double shift at Hale or High Water on the night of his 30th birthday, which is an excellent encapsulation of how his life is going so far.

Alcahowl by betp 

(2,870 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek

Because wolves, and they’re drunk. That’s the joke.

Stiles and Derek got drunk together, and then they had sex. Stiles is pleased.

And That’s How It Started by ambientbliss 

(3,403 I Not Rated I Complete)  *sterek

Stiles is always doing things he shouldn’t be doing, and when Derek gets tired of it and yells at Stiles for the millionth time Stiles snaps. Words hurt. But not as much as Stiles’s heart when he can’t take them back.

The World is Crooked by rispacooper 

(3,441 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek

Commentfic porn for Smut Monday. Stiles goes for it, things happen.

Sweet Eyes by bleep0bleep 

(3,587 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek

The first time Derek meets Stiles, he actually meets Stiles’ ass first, which is shaking obscenely an inch away from his face.

The Time Stiles Got Drunk by Autumn de Briar 

(5,462 I General I Complete)  *sterek

Stiles doesn’t ask for a lot.  He sure gives a lot but he doesn’t ask for a lot.  Just one day.  That’s all he wants.  But no one seems to remember or care.  Including his father.  And that hurts the most. 

Ink and Incense by TriscuitsandSoup 

(17,922 I Mature I Complete)  *steter

Peters neighbor is afraid of needles, and Peter thinks he’s just cute enough to terrorize. It sounds darker than it is.

 “What is that boy doing?” Peter looked up from his art and glanced at the window. His pretty, pale, neighbor was attempting to cross the street. He wasn’t having much luck with his hands covering his eyes. He’d gotten himself stuck in the middle of the road, with cars passing by on either side. Still, he refused to drop his hands.

The Mystery Monster of Crystal Peak by Uthizaar 

(18,904 I Explicit I Complete)  *scott/stiles

Scott & Stiles head off for a last hurrah before they go to college, to his father’s friend’s cabin set high in the snowy climes of Crystal Peak. However their Christmas weekend of fun and comradery is interrupted by the appearance of a mystery monster on the slopes near their cabin. Warned to stay away by Ranger Bill, the two teenagers can’t help but investigate!

All’s Fair in Love and Videogames by taylorpotato 

(22,516 I Explicit I Complete)  *steter

Neither of them is aware of it, but Peter and Stiles play the same MMORPG. After Stiles moves away from Beacon Hills and goes to college, he and Peter start raiding together by accident.

It’s Called a Heart Boner by RemainNameless 

(26,784 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek

In which everyone and everything ever in the history of the world is trying to ruin Derek’s life before he can finish his master’s, especially his evil twin sister, his weird ability to start relationships on accident, his best friend’s obsession with his sex life, people with dimples, his subsequent inability to end relationships, manipulative sorority queens, and oh yeah, that stupid drunk ass freshman he keeps running into.


The five times Derek saves a very drunk Stiles and the one time Stiles saves him back.

Do You Like To Hurt? (Then Hurt Me) by taylorpotato 

(31,262 I Explicit I Complete)  *steter

Stiles shows up at Peter’s apartment, drunk and horny. Peter almost does the right thing—before it all deteriorates into a voyeuristic power game and Stiles has a mind-shattering orgasm. Things snowball from   there. Takes place after Season Three (with consequent canon divergence).

There’s a Light on the Porch Here For Someone by freeyourheart 

(62,112 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek

Derek Hale moved to Beacon Hills to be alone.
He had finally found a place where he fit - a place that fit him.

But that was all too good to be true…

Lead Me Wild by iamthelightening 

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Beacon Hills is the newest target in a pattern of attacks on werewolves designed to ‘out’ them as a violent threat to humanity.  Derek Hale should have more important things on his mind than wondering what Stiles Stilinski sounds like getting fucked into a mattress.

Re-Reading 3B: Derek and Stiles, part 2

In part 1, I mentioned that on re-watching 3B, once I knew Stiles was Derek’s anchor, I found that a lot of Derek’s scenes could be read with an additional layer of meaning. I also finished off by saying that “Riddled” was a turning point in Derek’s arc in 3B, and the episode where it started to get really interesting, because it’s when he figures out Stiles is possessed by the Nogitsune.

Now it’s time to make good and explain what I meant by that.

Before I do, I want to make one additional point – this meta series is a snapshot of my current interpretation of canon, with a focus on Stiles and Derek, and I don’t claim that it’s definitive. It’s based on canon, but includes speculation, as is the nature of meta. In fact, this part includes more speculation than most of my meta, due to the nature of the episode I’m discussing. In my opinion, Stiles’ Trickster Arc is deliberately written to be open to multiple readings, to an even greater degree than is usual for Teen Wolf. Davis tends to write an open text which encourages multiple interpretations in any case, which is one reason we have so many different readings of Scott within fandom. But with the Trickster Arc, he’s really outdone himself. So if you find yourself disagreeing with my take on things, that’s absolutely okay and reasonable.  I’d be interested in reading your alternative take on it.

Previously in this meta series:

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ascending-from-perdition  asked:

Hello, I was wondering if you could update the protective Derek tag? :3

only for you boo

The Sound of My Heartbeat by Enirehtacelad (1É1 à 7,002 à PG13)

Stiles walls were crumbling, and he doesn’t know how to rebuild them.

Or the one where the Sheriff is an abusive asshole, Scott’s dumber than usual, Stiles is oblivious, and Derek might actually be doing something right for once.

Sweet Tooth by BabyMilk (1/1 | 1,166 | NC17)

Stiles Stilinski-Hale works at a bakery.
There’s always this one customer, this one guy, who never seems to leave Stiles alone.
When Stiles gets a little mouthy with this shady character, who knows what could happen!!

Read and find out

Wolf Blood by VoidSterekOTP (9/? | 12,153 | R)

Its been 3 years since Stiles Stilinski disappeared. He was merely 14 when he was drugged and taken away from his omega friends and his Father. The whole town searched for him for months on end in a desperate attempt to bring the young boy home to the Sheriff, but to no avail. When the Towns searches began to dissipate that is when the omegas really got involved, they followed every single lead possible and were on constant alert in hopes that they would catch the stilinski boys scent.

Soothing the Savage Beast by missmagoo (9/9 | 17,348 | NC17)

Stiles had always hoped it wouldn’t come to this.

He knows he has to be sold once he comes of age, but being bought at auction by a crazy billionaire as a gift for his feral nephew? That’s worse than any deep, dark fear he could have ever imagined.

How much they care by Juki_Makiko (1/1 | 4,607 | PG13)

Stiles just had another argument with Derek about Derek being overprotective. Stiles proves once more how important he is for the pack, when he notice something about their new enemy, but before he can tell the pack he get kidnapped.

As Cryptic as the Moon by Formaldehyde_Eyes (7/8 | 26,237 | NC17)

“So,” Stiles started, everything about him unsure with how to explain it. “I sometimes have these dreams. About wolves.”

Water Under the Bridge by stereks_fifth_nipple (1/1 | 2,735 | NR)

If I’m not the one for you, you’ve gotta stop holding me the way you do.

Everything was fine, they were fine. That is until Derek stopped talking to him altogether and now he’s getting the cold shoulder.

I Would (And Did) Take A Bullet For You by Moonbeam (luvsbitca) (1/1 | 4,869 | PG13)

Derek Hale is Prince Stiles Stilinksi’s bodyguard. Then he gets shot and things change between them.

Hunted (Part 2)- Young Derek Hale

A/N: I’m not sure why but i love writing for young Derek and young Peter so if you have any request for them especially send them in! (All other requests are welcome too aha!) Also you might want to read Part 1 so this can make a little more sense!

Part 1: http://alpha-imagines.tumblr.com/post/127812917781/hunted-part-1-young-derek-hale

Masterlist: http://alpha-imagines.tumblr.com/post/128427730626/masterlist

At first you were frozen, unsure of whether to run or stay, but your body had started to move before you had the chance to think. You pounded down the stairs and barged past Talia and her men, you didn’t need to stick around to hear it from her. You knew exactly what had happened.

The night air was cold and the darkness had settled in, you were just in one of Peter’s t-shirts but the bitter air was the last thing on your mind. They were shouting at you to come back inside, that it wasn’t safe out there but you care. The dirt was cold under your bare feet but your body continued pulling you forwards, deeper into the woods.

You didn’t know how long you’d been out there and you probably wouldn’t have gone back inside if Derek hadn’t found you.

“Y/N” He called out whilst running over to you

You slowly turned around and he quickly pulled you into the tightest embrace.

“It’s okay it’s okay” Derek said soothingly as he stroked the top of your hair, you’d never cried in front of him before but all of a sudden you didn’t care. You’re knees caved in and your body sunk towards the floor, pulling Derek down with you. You were just sat in the dirt, kept tightly in Derek’s arms. You didn’t want to tear yourself away from the warmth and comfort of Derek but you knew that at some point you’d have to go back.

Neither of you said a word the whole journey back to the Hale house. You couldn’t find any words to say but it didn’t matter because Derek knew that sometimes silence was more important than words. The front door opened with a creek and you immediately saw Peter spring up from his position at the foot of the stairs.

“Y/N” He let out quietly before pulling you into him tightly, you didn’t say anything and you definitely decided that you wouldn’t cry in front of Peter. You hated seeming weak to other people. Peter didn’t say anything either and you just stood there for a moment with your face buried in his shirt.

“You’re freezing” He whispered after a moment of silence

“I’m fine” You replied holding back tears, your face still pressed into his torso.

“I’ll get you a blanket” Derek replied and sprinted up the stairs

“I’m sorry” A voice said from the doorframe “I’m so sorry Y/N”

You pulled away from Peter and saw Talia stood behind him

“I just want to sleep” You whispered almost inaudibly and she nodded

“Sleep in Derek’s room tonight” She replied softly

You didn’t say anything else and began to climb the stairs, you were glad no one followed you, you just wanted to be on your own for a while. When you got to Derek’s bedroom he was sat on the edge of his bed with a blanket clutched in his arms, he was deep in thought but instantly sprung up when he saw you.

“Here you go” He said quickly whilst handing you the blanket

“Thank you” You mumbled in reply

“You can have my bed tonight” He said and you tried your best to smile at the boy’s kindness “I guess you want to be alone” He said and began to head for the door

“Stay” You said grabbing his wrist “please Derek, stay”

You didn’t need to say anything else, he turned back around and proceeded to join you on his bed. The pair of you just sat in silence staring into the dark

“I don’t know if I can do this Derek” You whispered a single tear rolling down your already damp cheek

“You can” He replied grabbing both of your hands in his and turning to face you “You are the strongest person I know Y/N”

“I’m all alone Derek” You said, letting the tears escape rapidly now “My whole family is gone, everyone has gone. You have no idea what that feels like”

“You have us” He said calmly wiping away the tears with the back of his hand “You have me”


Name: superWOLF: The Origin ×× [Part 1 of 2]
Genre: Crossover, AU
Pairing: Stiles/Derek (Pt. 2 will include more pairings)
Editor: Sapphiamur

Important plot points –> click ON THIS LINK for full story!
Please, read it before commenting.

[A/N: The sequences don’t follow in chronological order!]

For fanfiction writers: Yes, you have my permission to use ideas from this video for your works. The only thing I ask of you is to put my nickname and a link to this video somewhere in your fanfic description stating it was inspired by it. Also send me a link to the fanfic, please. I’ll add it to my video desc. for others (me included) to enjoy ;)!


Yesterday, an anonymous user wanted to know my head canon thoughts. The question was:

Do you think Stiles is sometimes insecure? Or is it rather Derek?

The answer turned into a weird-fic-type thing. Enjoy anyway!

(Also the answer to your second question is coming soon - probably also in semi-fic form)


Stiles isn’t insecure, he’s prepared.

He doesn’t have to worry about a lot of things. He doesn’t worry that Derek doesn’t know him well enough or that Derek doesn’t like him. They’ve already been through the phases of suspicion and distrust and dislike and they became friends anyway. They’ve been through bad guys and bad relationships and maybe they didn’t mean to, but they grew together. So it’s not that Stiles is insecure. He knows who he is and he knows who Derek is and he knows they are good together.

But Stiles has watched a lot of relationships fall apart. Even good ones. Perfect ones. Scott and Allison. They had been so happy and they’d still broken up. And yes, maybe they would have gotten back together, someday, and, yes, Scott has Kira now but…

Stiles is pretty sure there is no Kira out there for him. He doesn’t like to admit it to himself but Derek is it for him. His stomach still flips whenever Derek smiles and his face feels hot when Derek laughs and- he knows it’s not up to him. This is real life. There are lots of factors.

So every once and a while, he checks himself. Just reminds himself that this thing with Derek… it might not be forever. He can’t depend on it too much. Shouldn’t be too happy. He has to be ready. That’s how he’s lived this long in a world of werewolves and banshees and kitsune and whatever-the-hell Parrish is. He wasn’t ready on that night when he went looking for a dead body with Scott but he’s sure as hell tried to be ready since. And so this is just another thing he has to look out for. Heartbreak is like any other disaster. You have to be prepared.

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scerek fic recs
  • Wolf Moon by pocketlass (E, 93k) On the night of 2013’s Wolf Moon, eighteen-year-old Scott McCall travels back in time to change Derek’s past and, hopefully, their future. The morning after 2003’s Wolf Moon, fifteen-year-old Derek Hale wakes up after meeting a teen wolf named Scott. And then the story really begins.
  • Any Port In A Storm by poisontaster (E, 88k) aka How Derek Hale, Age Twenty-Mumblety Spent His Summer Vacation. (set between S2 and S3)
  • Stolen by pocketlass (T, 23k) When Derek sees Scott for the first time, the first thing he thinks is, I want. (Or, the Greek Mythology AU where Derek is Hades and Scott is Persephone.)
  • untitled by queerly_it_is (Not Rated, 3k)  Sometime in the future when things quiet down and most of the pack is off at college or busy with other things, Derek writes a book almost by accident.
  • On A Saturday by clawstoagunfight (T, 4k) Derek still maintains that it was 100% Boyd’s fault for getting him into this situation. Seriously. Boyd is the worst friend ever.
  • I Will Wait by pocketlass (E, 60k) Scott goes to Sparta to vie for Danny’s hand in marriage because, well, why not. He expects to be impressed by the suitors’ gifts (he is), and he expects to have to pull Stiles out of at least one fight before things get ugly (he does), and he expects Danny’s beauty to leave them all speechless when he finally appears (it does). What he doesn’t expect is to notice the companions at Danny’s side, especially the one who leans in to mutter into Danny’s ear and spark a laugh as sweet as bells from the young man. “Who’s that?” he asks Stiles. “Um, that one is…one of Talia’s kids, I think? Something that starts with a D? Darren? Darryl! No, wait, I remember, that’s, uh, that’s Derek.” “Derek,” Scott repeats softly. The man turns his way, as if hearing him, and glances at him curiously before laughing with Danny. Scott looks away, ears burning, and thinks, uh-oh. He expected a lot when he came to Sparta. But he never expected Derek.
  • don’t stand so close to me by nighimpossible (E, 6k) In retrospect, knowing the way that his life usually unfolds, Derek should have known to keep to himself. Disasters happen much more rarely when you’re isolated. Yes, natural disasters can and will happen at any time—there was no stopping the wildfire that burned his childhood home to the ground—but interpersonal disasters? They can be avoided. Watched for. Regulated against. Prevented, for fuck’s sake. But Erica had been teasing him so relentlessly about being a recluse. 
  • You and I by pocketlass (T, 24k) But there’s something about Scott, something about the way he sits on that wobbly stool like it’s the finest of thrones and banters easily with the crowd. The fact that some of the crowd actually banters back is astonishing.Derek watches Scott lead the bar in an admittedly impressive cover of “Bad Romance,” smile lighting up the room, and thinks, Huh.(Or, the modern-day small town/rock star Greek Mythology AU where Scott is Orpheus and Derek is Eurydice. The first chapter is the entire fic; second chapter is the same story but with an alternate ending where Derek lives.)
  • just a little bit (is what you need) by canistakahari (G, 1k) you’ve got pressure dripping off your shoulders, let me be the one to relieve it
  • Destroy Everything You Touch by Saucery (E, 5k) It’s weird, being two people at once, and picking which one of them the world gets to see.

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“What does it mean you won’t come to train today?” Derek asked a bit irritated.

“Well, you know, I have more interesting plans for this evening.” Isaac smirked. “I have a date with Y/N. Sorry Derek, that’s more important.”

"Oh, you and Y/N… when have you become so close?”  Derek was confused now. “I didn’t notice that…”

Isaac only glanced at Derek with a smile: “In fact you don’t notice many things.” and quickly added: “I promise everything’ll be okay, your sister is safe with me.”

10 Fics with under 10k Hits

Lately it seems like every rec list is either brand new fics, or the classics that everyone has read at least five times, so here are some I enjoy that I think could use a little attention.

A Kiss and A Promise by literaryoblivion (4k)

It took Stiles about a week to figure out that he shared his apartment building with someone who very well may be the hottest man he’s ever seen. It then took about three weeks to narrow down which of the possible six floors he lives on. After that it takes another week to figure out that the guy works as an EMT because he’s in the elevator wearing his tight uniform and Stiles didn’t think it was possible for the guy to look hotter, but it is totally possible.

And We’re Starting at the End by narceus (20k)

There are moments, more than there were a month ago, when Stiles sounds almost like himself.

“Curquitos, definitely.” Stiles brandishes the food in his hand, swiped yet again out of Scott’s cabinet, as evidence.

“Taquitos made with curry and mystery meat?” Scott asks. “That’s your pick for the greatest invention of the past eighty years?”

Yeah, this is Stiles exactly like himself. Exactly like the guy Scott’s known how to read for close to his entire life. Stiles has always, always derailed and distracted from conversations he didn’t want to have in exactly the same way.(but God, who wants to talk about spending eighty years as a brainwashed, one-armed assassin, anyway?)

[Cap!Scott and Winter Soldier!Stiles; not sterek, focuses on Scott and Stiles, though not romantic and is absolutely amazing]

Arrest Record by zynnser (8k)

He can’t wait for a pattern to reveal itself; he needs to do something before the next body turns up. Even if he has to arrest Stiles. Especially if he has to arrest Stiles.

Compensator by otter (1k)

Stiles hates Derek’s car. Derek has more important things to worry about.

Extra Whip by Door (3k)

Sam’s been working at the Beacon Hollow Brew-Up for over a year now, and she knows all of the customers and their regular orders. The tips help her pay for books, but the most interesting thing that’s happened is the time Ishu set a dishtowel on fire while cleaning the espresso machine. Then one day a guy she’s never seen walks in looking awkward in a leather jacket and straight-up LIES to her about what kind of drink he wants.

“'You hated that latte you got last time, and it was not because it was a bad latte. I have never made a bad latte. Order what you really want.’

He glared at her. ‘Latte. Med–’

'No,’ she interrupted. They glared at each other for a long minute.

Finally, he huffed out a breath. 'White chocolate mocha. Medium.’“

[outsider POV and a delight]

In Your Eyes I See Somebody I Used to Know by TroubleIWant (2.5k)

“If he was dead, there’d be a body,” Stiles insists.

“You’re holding the body,” Deaton tells him, as gently as you can say that type of thing.

But the wolf in Stiles’ arms is heavy and warm, panting and looking around the vet’s with bright, interested eyes.

“We can change him back,” Stiles says, tangling his hands in the wolf’s rough fur to heave the huge animal back onto his lap. “There’s a spell. Or we can find one.”

[I swear this has a happy ending!]

The Persuasive Power of Kelpies and Taxes by Mek (1k)

John finds out on a Tuesday that Stiles and Derek got married. He runs into Ronda from the County Clerks Office who happily congratulates him and John spends the next fifteen minutes dodging questions with vague yet convincing answers while at the same time pumping her for information.

Sleep Awhile by CiaraWrites (7k)

Stiles and Derek decide to take part in some mutually beneficial naptime

Wake Me Up with a Kiss by matildajones (3k)

Modern Day Sleeping Beauty. Stiles works at a museum.

You’re the Only North Star (Dear God) by spiekiel (5.5k)

"I will go to the ends of the known universe, I will dive through a fucking black hole, I will walk unarmed with my hands tied into the Nemeton if it means getting him back,” Derek says lowly. “But I can’t do that if I haven’t slept for eight days, and I can’t sleep without Stiles.”

[space criminals, very Firefly]

anonymous asked:

how/when did you became a sterek shipper? :)

Once upon a time, I was a free person. My Monday evenings were spent sipping tea and doing homework, not wrapped up in my room crying over two fictional characters that hardly got any screen time together. Then Teen Wolf came into my life, and Sterek stole my heart.

Meet Derek Hale: the hard, intimidating scowl-enthusiast haunted by the tragic loss of his entire family and the abusive woman (Kate, and Jennifer down the road) who betrayed his trust. Imagine how much this must have scarred him, but he doesn’t have the option to show pain or grief because of the ridiculous standard he holds himself to; werewolves can’t be soft, or else they put themselves and their pack at risk. Thus, Derek locks up his emotions behind a broody mask, because he knows that’s the only way to keep him safe from future exploitation.

But then THIS kid comes along —this fragile, lanky, expressive klutz who can’t shut up— and Derek can’t stand it, because Stiles is everything that he isn’t. 

But even more important (as Derek comes to learn) is that Stiles is the epitome of soft; he has panic attacks, bears no shame in crying, faints when his squeamish bone is tickled —he’s the pale, breakable human in the pack— but DESPITE that he’s always sticking his neck into danger anyway, forever armed with a baseball bat and a stash of dog jokes as he saves the pack again and again, figuring things out and demonstrating that perhaps being “soft” isn’t so bad after all.

And Derek doesn’t know what to make of this, is infuriated because Stiles disproves and deems irrelevant everything he used to hold near and dear: power, loyal followers, brute strength if it meant getting his way— so he keeps cutting the kid off with extra sass in hope that he’ll stop conjuring all these damn emotions.

No one will go near Derek; Scott’s afraid of him, Peter doesn’t give a damn, and even his pack of misfit teenagers took a liking to McCall more, except for Boyd, which brings us to the next point: when Boyd died, Stiles was the one who stepped forward to comfort him when no one else did. 

In fact, Stiles holds him up in a pool for two hours to keep him alive, hauls his feverish ass all over town when he had a wolfsbane bullet in his arm, demonstrates again and again how he isn’t afraid to tease him, talk back to him, touch him— hell, the kid nearly loses his shit trying to slap him awake in the elevator because he thinks Derek is dying.

In conclusion… Whether or not their relationship is romantic or platonic… I believe that Derek and Stiles really do care about each other, and no matter how often they deny it with broody scowls or sarcasm, it’s beautiful.

Secondhand Soulmate (Stiles/Derek)

Secondhand Soulmate. Stiles/Derek. Teen. 4/6.

Not always, not even most of the time, but sometimes –  24% of the time, statistically speaking – people meet their soulmates and live happily ever after.

THIS isn’t that story.

This is the story of Stiles Stilinski, whose soulmate died before he was born.  This is the story of all the sorrows and heartache Stiles experienced, all the bullying and oppression from those who should know better but didn’t.  This is also the story of the friendships Stiles made along the way, of the battles he fought – and won – and the love that endured through it all.

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