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mom im feeling a bit down because i want romance and love in high school, but i feel like because i'm gay (also way too insecure to ask anyone out) i won't get it.

Oh no sweetheart! That’s so rough: I’m so sorry. Here’s hoping you find someone in high school, and if you don’t, darling, you will still lead a full, happy, delightfully gay life, I promise. I am sending you so much love and support, sweetie <3 <3 <3

Sirius Quirks:

bites his nails

pops his pecks

chews his straw

has a deep laugh

plants sunflowers

enjoys dog toys in dog and human form

breath smells like mint bc he’s obsessed with chocolate chip mint ice cream

(Remus loves the taste of mint)

believes in karma and afterlife


refuses to wear yellow

wears watches in different time zones

steps on every crack in hope of breaking his mother’s back

has anxiety when he’s alone so he always has to be with a friend

occasionally self harms with his lighter

won’t smoke around people so they don’t get second hand smoke

collects buttons

is afraid of clowns

always chews gum

delightfully gay

that’s why it’s so ironic he’s mildly allergic to nuts

i finished watching h-appiness charge pre-cure


  • delightfully cute n gay for 20+ episodes, painfully not after that
  • i want phanphan 2 fly up 2 mars and grab mirage and just fucking book it back. get her away from that guy. leave those assholes who never apologized 2 suffer 2gether
  • i could watch the pajama party they had where they insult god a lot like seventy times 
  • i still can’t figure out what i ship most. is it megumi/hime? is it hime/iona? is it yuu-yuu/iona? is it some poly combo of all of those? it’s probably some poly combo of all of those

Okay, now this is rather beautiful, Allstate Insurance’s advert celebrating US Gay Pride month.

so my dumb dean-is-bi because of charlie flirting with the security guard post is getting notes somehow, and here and there in the tags (shut up, tagviewer is addictive and y'all know it) it pops up that dean tells charlie how to flirt because he’s a guy, and know what guys like.  and nobody has been a dick about it, but it’s made me think about why that doesn’t make sense to me.

(and to preface: if you see dean as straight, and/or deancas as platonic, that’s absolutely cool!  I am all for watching the show in whatever way you enjoy the most, as long as we’re all nice to each other.  this is just a contemplating as to why that scene screams bi-as-hell to me, and feel free to ignore!)

firstly: charlie.  yeah, she is delightfully gay as hell.  and I realize that while she is a supergenius, that doesn’t necessarily translate to social skills, at all.  but she’s reinvented herself so many times, she knows how to get what she needs.  even under the stress of the situation, her reaction of “I can’t, he’s not a girl” doesn’t make sense, and is insulting to her character.

also – and I just noticed this – let’s think about how sam paralleled her EXPLICITLY to hermione like thirty seconds prior to this scene – hermione, who went out with (or at least went to a dance with) cormac mclaggen, who she was utterly *repelled* by, for her own purposes (to get back at ron).

secondly: “dean is a guy so he knows what guys like” – now, this is completely subjective, so YMMV.  I suck awfully at flirting with girls (which is a bummer, really), because I only know what I like, and don’t assume other girls are the same.  on the other hand, I know how to flirt with guys (poorly), because I have been doing so (poorly) for a long time, and so have a general idea as to what gets a positive reception.  it seems to make more sense that people learn to flirt based on the reactions they receive moreso than a static “this is what I like”, especially someone as perceptive as dean winchester.

thirdly – this is a little weak, maybe – is sam’s reaction.  yeah, the raised eyebrows and teasing is pretty in character for the brother, but again, sam told charlie to channel hermione like a minute ago, and now he’s kinda making fun of dean for helping her flirt?  

which brings me to the key point that like: tv shows aren’t real life and adhere to their own rules.  I mean, I think even in real life – minus, you know, the monsters, and apocalypse, and death and resurrections and shit – a lot of those things would make people wonder about dean’s sexuality.  but in real life, subtext ain’t shit – nobody’s gay straight bi ace anything unless they identify as such, obviously.

but spn writers have been doing this for a very long time, and they are (mostly) very good at what they do.

IRL: if a guy randomly checks a dude?  means absolutely nothing.
TV: if male character is specifically instructed to check out random dude when it doesn’t further the plot at all?  nope, it doesn’t mean he’s bi, but yeah, it explictly opens it to subtext.

likewise, the bisexual flag in naomi’s office when she’s brainwashing him – yeah, it’s upside-down, but I can’t imagine that’s accidental – especially since, you know, the set designer… . .

none of these things ascertain dean is bi, but when people are like “I don’t understand how anyone even thinks he’s not totally hetero” I’m a little confused…