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Currently I feel like my life is in a completely cluster f***. Nothing is has been going my way, work , finances, love and self esteem. How do you maintain your positivity during hard times.

It’s definitely a struggle, anon. I get random moments of depression and sometimes I have to lock myself away and ride it out alone. I would say surrounding yourself (your home and work area) with things that make you happy. For me it was pics of my husband and I, crystals, having negativity banishing spray, and meditating at night after a long day. Sometimes reading a book about a subject that’s from left field to distract you from your day. Teat yourself to a reading, take yourself out, dedicate a day or a couple hours to pamper yourself in various ways. Watch your fav YouTube channels! Also… what kind of attitude and energy you put out into the world willl be what you attract back to you. :)

Sometimes working through the problems of others can show you a way to overcome yours. It will help you nurture your own soul. Allowing a false sense of idealism to blind you can cause trouble down the road. You need to find the perfect balance. There is definitely a middle ground, you just have to find it.
—  88ats 

Darling, just hold on.

A little over a year ago I wrote a post about Louis and the work he (and by extension Jay) did for the Believe in Magic charity ball. In it I spoke about how to me, of all his achievements, this is where Louis shone brightest. In this space of love, in this beautiful thing. I don’t think anyone on that loveliest of days could have imagined this particular day coming to pass in such a way, and definitely not so very soon.

Johannah Darling. That’s one of my earliest memories of this bright, beautiful, funny and fierce woman. Be it posting about her never ending pride in her children, highlighting the plight of others and finding ways to help, of her joy as she found her own personal happiness, or sharing little bits of a lifetime with Louis with the fandom, all the small things only a parent would know, she was a darling indeed.

As time went on and the brighter Louis, and her other children began to shine, we could see how she dedicated herself to working with so many charities, organising meetings and events, and probably countless things we will never know of, in the name of doing what she could with where life had brought her. In the words of the son she loved so very well, to make someone happy today.

Darling, just hold on.

Jay, I didn’t know you. I never will. But like so very many right now, I feel like I did. You always felt like a bright, warm hug to the fandom, a mum to us all in some ways. There are so many fandom memories with you right at the centre. Reaching out with love and a smile, because that’s what you did. You didn’t just make someone happy for a day. You made so many someones happy for so very, very many of them.

There is so much I want to thank you for. Thank you for Louis. For all he is, and was, and will be. Thank you for sharing all your babies with us, your own, so special every one, and for those you helped others bring into the world. Thank you for Mutual Mummies, thank you for Boo Bear, thank you for sharing six wild and wonderful years in this fandom with us, always with such love and understanding to strangers, all while being so very protective of those closest to you. Thank you for using your platform to help so many others in the time you could. I hope we all can carry on that legacy in some way, through even the smallest of things.

On that wonderful day late last summer, you and Louis did a beautiful thing. It will remain forever one of my favourite fandom memories, one of the proudest, filled with so much love. I’m sorry your time here was so short, but I’m happy that it was filled with such capacity for love and for giving. And best of all, you did the most beautiful thing you could. You raised a child who went out into the world and who in turn reached out to so many others. All that love. All that giving. In all your marvellous children. Each one bright and beautiful, I hope that love and giving lives on. I am proud to have known you, even just a little. I am proud to have learned how to give just a little bit more.

Darling, just hold on.

There are so many parts of you the world will never know. We are all of us made up of so many things, a tangle of atoms, one world into the next. To those who loved you best; be it as a wife, a mother, a daughter, or a friend, I send all that love you sent out into the world back to them. I hope it surrounds them now when they need it most. I hope they hold on to each other through the days and pain to come. The grief now is part of the love then.

Darlings, all of you, just hold on to the love she gave you. Just hold on.



Young!Peter x Young!Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Reader is sick

“I’m sorry Peter but we can’t let you in.” Your Mom said from downstairs.

“But I saw her two weeks ago, and she was fine!” He complained and you were sure he’d push past and break into your room if he wasn’t so worried about you.

“I understand that Peter but her medication isn’t taking as much affect as it was before so we need to keep her safe.” You Mom insisted and you heard the front door slam.

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If you think for one second that Sherlock would feel indifference for John’s baby, John’s flesh and blood, after Sherlock’s first and last vow, then you have been severely misunderstanding this show. If Sherlock is indifferent to that baby, then she isn’t John’s. If she is John’s, then Sherlock would love her - he’d be so, so good to her. He’d take over parenting the same way he took over wedding planning. He’d neglect his work to make sure that little girl gets the best life possible. He’d put everything aside to show her how much she’s loved.

So there are only two possibilities here.

1) Benedict is telling the truth, making the baby not John’s
2) Benedict is lying, therefore anything said in that article could be equally false

And after seeing Sherlock’s confused face fixated on the baby, I’m definitely leaning towards option 1. It’s about time they put Sherlock’s “i can tell paternity just by looking at the baby” skill from TGG to the test. It’s not like they’ve shown Mary with turn-ups on her jeans or anything….

Not a fuck customers, but more of a praise awesome patient understanding bosses!

Now this isn’t my story, but it is my little brother’s and it’s great!

So my brother had aspergers (on the autism spectrum, but quite mild. Mostly it affects social aspects of his life. He doesn’t really know how to behave in strange social settings and can get overwhelmed). Now my dad has always had little projects going on around our house (renovations and things like that) and my brother has always helped him. He likes doing that sort of stuff and being helpful. He’d always take toys apart and put them back together and help with construction.

Now we’ve always known my brother could NEVER work food or retail. It would be WAY to much for him emotionally and he definitely wouldn’t be able to deal with asshole customers. He’d get upset and take it personally.

One of my dad’s best friends works in the warehouse of a furniture store so he moves and assembles things. Our parents have been friends for YEARS with him and his wife (she and my mom go WAY back, they were besties in high school). And he offered to talk to HIS boss and see if they could get my brother a job. He said “school comes first, so just on Saturdays and school holidays” (awesome right?). And when he called to arrange my brothers first shift he said “let’s just make sure he likes it first before we make it a commitment.”

So my brother had his first shift on Saturday and he LOVED it! My dads friend said he did more work than the other two guys he usually works with COMBINED! Honestly, praise bosses and people who are patient towards and understanding of and accommodating for their employees!


Ascent #030 - The Other Diver Pt. 2

Maybe he just wanted to buy some chocolates.

Thanks again for reading! I’ve been incredibly busy with many, many “life” things, so I haven’t had much time to really work on my all the extraneous things that support my comic. My number one priority right now is producing more episodes, so more are definitely on the way.


Summary: It’s your first time experiencing snow and Lin has some definite plans for you. 

Author’s Note: Okay, here comes admission time: I have never even seen snow. I’ve grown up in the South for my entire life and the only way I’ve witnessed snow is through movies, photos, and weather reports. So, please, bear with me as it is hard to describe and I also have no idea how sledding works. 

So, this could not have been completed without the help of my resident winter experts: @tempfixeliza and @strongenoughfoundation ♥♥ 

Words: 2,549 

Warnings: fluff so sweet you’ll get a toothache, no real-life knowledge of snow or sledding, horribly (?) written kiss scenes 

So, here we go with the snow day fic I’ve been promising you all for two days! 

When you woke in the morning, you were acutely aware of the chill you vaguely felt from the world outside. Deciding it wouldn’t be worth your time to get out of bed when temperatures were below freezing on a weekend, you snuggled deeper into the covers, tugging one of your blankets up to your chin. This kind of peace only lasted a few hushed minutes before you heard your boyfriend barreling into your bedroom. It was only then you realized he hadn’t been in bed beside you. You rolled your eyes, an annoyed smile appearing on your face as he ran straight to the bed and jumped into it. You pretended to be asleep, squeezing your eyes shut tighter, as he pulled his body over to you. You could just picture the goofy smile that his face undoubtedly held and resisted the urge to peak your eyes open to see the picture of innocence and delight he would most definitely portray. When you felt him pull you closer, his hands icier than you had expected, you also felt a shiver run down your spine. He took this as sign that you were awake.

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An Avengers’ Prompt: “Pepe is my sole reason for existing”

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    Being a member of the Avengers was most definitely the best thing you had decided to do with your life. This life was never uneventful. Your days were filled with missions, work outs with- let’s face it- hot people and of course movie nights and play nights with them. You quickly became besties with Wanda and Nat, you couldn’t help it, both of them were two of the best people you had met, each one in their ways. You always teased Wanda about her crush on Vision and she would blush even more than the red of her powers. Also Steve and Sam were like the big brothers every one wished to have.
     There were some months that a certain Winter Soldier came to the Tower and you believe it was your duty to show him the miracles of the technology. You two always had the best time together trying to help him figure out simple things, like the toaster or the coffee machine. Pietro often joined you and the laughs instantly were multiplied. You loved your life and your friends. Also you loved causing a little bit of mischief.
    The last of your antics were creating a chat room with many of your friends. You loved confusing them with memes and such things especially Bucky, Steve and Vision who didn’t understand them. You were casually sending your favourite Pepe memes in the group chat when Bucky got into the living room and sat to the couch next to you. He saw you laughing at the memes Sam and Pietro sent and made a noise of annoyance. “What’s the matter, Buckaroo?” you smirked. “I don’t understand the purpose of the mems nor I find them very funny.” He said. You widened your eyes and took an expression like his words were the biggest betrayal of your life. “Firstly, it’s memes. And secondly they are for fun and for every occasion that’s why everyone likes them.” You let him know. Here you said as you turned the chat room to a video call. Pietro and Sam were the first to answer, Wanda following shortly and she was with Vision.    
     You gave her a knowing glare and winked causing her to giggle and blush lightly. “Sup, baby girl?” Sam asked. “Grandpa over here doesn’t understand memes.” You grinned. “No, no, no. That was a mistake for you to say Bucky.” Pietro said with heavy Sokovian accent as he laughed and knowing him, he probably prepared a ton of memes to send. “To be true, I do too have the same thoughts about memes.” Vision exclaimed. Pietro hanged his head laughing “I can’t believe Wanda has a thing for a person without meme-humor.” Wanda immediately turned red and mouthed something in Sokovian to her brother. Everyone laughed except Vision cause he didn’t understand what Piet said. “Here tin-man, I’ll show ya the secret world of memes.” Sam teased Bucky. Sending some of the most hilarious memes you had seen, leaving you laughing and almost falling off the couch. Bucky took your phone and scrolled up and down reading them. “That one is funny.” He said pointing one that had a bald eagle with Steve’s head. He snickered and continued scrolling. “I do not understand how a man can have an eagle’s body, especially Mr. Rogers. He surely has a human body.” Vision said confused and Wanda facepalmed laughing. Everyone laughed at that.
      “Yeah. It’s a metaphor.” You said. “I understand that reference.” Bucky said. “You know true pain then, son.” Sam said with a sigh. Everyone nodding silently. “I can see now why you like memes.” Bucky said. “But why are you so obsessed with this weird looking frog-like thing?” he wondered looking at you. “Bucky, Pepe is my sole reason for existing!” you said with serious tone. “There are millions of memes, always funny and for everything with him in them.” “She’s got a point.” Sam and Pietro agreed as you showed him your favorite ones. “I don’t understand that meme. There are better.” He said unamused. “Perhaps that’s better?” you showed him a picture.

“(Y/N) you turned me into a meme?” Bucky said with wide eyes.

“I’m going to have to stop you there, because you’ve been talking for a very long time and I haven’t actually been listening” Carter was aware that was rude, but at this rate the conversation was never going to end.

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Do you think if Yuuri was willing to be 100% honest with his therapist from the start and work on healthy management of his hurt, he might have let go of his obsession and not seek out Viktor in ways he did? Or how do you think your story would change, if even?

I think that, while therapy is a wonderful thing, it only works as well as you let it work and Yuuri didn’t want to let go of his obsession as it was the driving force of his skating which is what he built his life around. So I don’t think it would have stopped him seeking Viktor out but if he had been 100% honest and completely open his therapist would definitely have been able to take a more objective look at things and help him see that his point of view might be quite biased 

BTS as Disney princesses


Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

A bit old fashioned? Maybe! But beautiful, elegant, kind and loving with a heart of gold? Ofcourse!

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Down-to-earth, realistic and brave but at the same time gracious and kind-hearted. Pocahontas does what she thinks is right, even if it means stepping on a few toes along the way and people don’t agree with her. Yoongi has the most in common with this strong character.

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Headstrong, good-natured and full of hope, our Hobi has most in common with the cute and lively Rapunzel!

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Belle is known for her intelligence, devouring books as if they’re her life sustanance! She is also incredibly caring and loving, always putting other people first. I can definitely see the similarities between her and Joonie!

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Hard working and never taking anything for granted, convinced you have to earn the good things in life and soft as a peach. Cinderella is a very admirable princess, pushing through harships with incredible optimism, making friends everywhere she goes. She’s so sweet, beautiful and kind-hearted. What’s not to love? Just like our Jiminnie!

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I think we all saw this one coming, right? The playful, mischievous, determined and persistent Ariel always goes 200% for what she believes in, no matter the consequences! She’s very optimistic and eager to discover new things. Sometimes she has no idea what she’s doing, but she’ll make it work! Tae, is this you?

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A healthy bit of a brat, a bit stubborn, but so good-natured! She has a gift for wrapping people around her finger when she wants to and is very good in getting her way. Once she attaches herself to someone, she’s very loyal, though she’s not the easiest to handle! As the (sometimes evil!) maknae of BTS, Kookie often gets his hyungs to do his bidding, but he loves and cares for them with his whole being!

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A tour of the skies around the world, mostly timelapse shots. Noctilucent clouds, aurora, sunrise, sunset, etc.

The best way to express one’s gratitude and look back at the best moments of the past year is probably with a movie. I thoroughly curated and assembled some of the best shots of 2016, in a way that can remind you and me of all the adventures, the setbacks, the work, the exceptional landscapes and phenomena experienced through this amazing period of time. They altogether fit nicely into the best ‘mémoires’ in ultra high definition.

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Could I have some general relationship headcanons for Levi, Erwin and Hanji? Love your blog by the way, keep up the amazing work!

Hi, anon! Thanks for your compliment! I’ll try to do my best for you!


  • Levi is a private person (I’ve said this a million times but it bares repeating!) so he and his relationship would not be something he flaunted.
  • Or talked about at all, really.
  • He figures it’s no one else’s business what he gets up to in his personal life–and he hates fielding stupid questions anyway–so the less people that know about it, the better.
  • Especially Hanji. Definitely not Hanji.
  • So it goes without saying that Levi doesn’t treat his s/o any different when they are out in public with the rest of the Survey Corp. At least not different enough to where someone who didn’t really know Levi would be able to notice.
  • His gaze might linger on them for a little while longer during training sessions, admiring the way their body stretches and bends when practicing difficult moves, but he’s not going to make any physical or verbal moves.
  • However, when the two get alone, it’s a different story. Levi’s been holding back all day from doing what he wanted and it takes its toll. When the door is closed and there’s no one watching, Levi will take the opportunity to bend them the way he wants them and enjoy every second of it.
  • Other than that, Levi’s love for someone comes in the small little things he does here and there, such as preparing them a cup of tea in the morning, washing their uniform for them, or leaving them a copy of a book he think they might enjoy.
  • He’s not your typical partner by any means but his s/o would be the type of person to understand that and never be bothered by not hearing “I love you”’s all the time or having a partner that smothers them in attention.


  • Erwin, being a fairly prominent member in society as the head of the SC, is looked upon as a slight political figure I would say so while his appreciation for privacy doesn’t extend to the point that Levi’s does, he still prefers not to put himself and his s/o out in the spotlight.
  • That’s not to say he wouldn’t tell anyone. Au contraire it would be fairly common place knowledge that Erwin and his s/o were together. 
  • He would be proud to be with his s/o and he would take each and every opportunity presented to him to modestly compliment the kind person they are for him.
  • He wouldn’t completely stop himself from showing affection in public, offering his s/o kind smiles and small kisses to the corner of their mouth even if other eyes were watching.
  • That being said, if he is out on a mission or in an important meeting, it becomes less frequent that he’s going to give his s/o the affectionate gestures they might be used to. Focus is important to him, but he knows the s/o he’s with will forgive him.
  • Erwin would truly appreciate a kind s/o, someone he could come home to after a long, stressful day and would give him the tender love and care that he so desperately needs and never affords himself.
  • He returns the favor of course. If his s/o were to ever come home stressed, he’s going to make them their favorite herbal tea and rub their shoulders while they sip it and talk it out. 
  • Basically: Erwin is a very caring, affectionate lover so long as it’s never interfering with his mission, and that can definitely extend into the bedroom. 
  • Especially if he’s been in meetings for a few days and hasn’t gotten to spend a lot of time with his s/o. He craves their touch, so fireworks are for sure going to explode the moment he walks through the door.


  • Hanji is not a very serious person (at least not the majority of the time) and that certainly extends into their relationship.
  • Their s/o would need to be someone with a great sense of humor and the patience of a god.
  • Hanji pranks their s/o more than is probably healthy, but it’s all in good fun and it always ends with a “I’m sorry,” kiss anyway.
  • But, Hanji is also extremely protective of their s/o. Though they don’t get serious often, there are a few times that Hanji, worried for their s/o’s health, will carefully check over every inch of them to make sure they are fine, especially after a mission.
  • Of course this leads to taking off clothes and Hanji is always frisky so it probably turns into something more…on a lab table…where people could walk in. But hey, Hanji is impulsive and knows they only live once.
  • Moblit is very aware of the relationship and knows what Hanji tends to get up to, so he’d probably stop anyone from coming in anyway because he’s just a sweetheart like that.
  • When Hanji gets super excited about something (maybe a new discovery or theory in their research) they are definitely going to take the opportunity to press a big, fat, sloppy kiss on their s/o’s lips, no matter if the whole SC is watching. 
  • Hanji is not embarrassed or ashamed of anything, basically, and that means anything goes in this relationship so their s/o needs to be prepared for that.
  • There are quiet, tender moments between Hanji and their s/o though, no matter how rare they may seem–maybe during pillow talk, where Hanji holds their s/o’s hand and just really takes in how much they love them and what they mean to them. Hanji would try expressing it to the best of their abilities, and even though they’re an extremely intelligent person, the words would still escape them.

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How are you able to leave your clients "at the office", like don't continue to think about them all the time if that makes sense? I'm starting a new teaching job in the fall at a very low income school and I just know I'm going to hear things that will break my heart and I'm worried that those stories and feelings will just keep me awake at night and disrupt my life outside of school.

Your question definitely makes sense. It can be really hard to mentally and emotionally leave your work at work, especially when you work with vulnerable people. 

For me, the most important aspect was time. As I’ve gotten more experience and more practice, it has become a lot easier to separate my personal life from my professional life. It is important to practice, though. One thing that has been really helpful for me is that when I enter a session with a client, I mentally put on my “therapist hat”- and that impacts the way I think, the way I process my emotions, etc. Practicing intentionally changing “hats” can be really helpful. Now I don’t need to think about it much- it just happens, for the most part. The other thing is to realize that although what you are doing is important, you are not the only person impacting your kids’ lives. People in caregiving roles often start to assign themselves full responsibility over outcomes, but that’s rarely true. You have to tap out and hand off all that responsibility to other people at least some of the time- because that’s how it actually works and because you won’t do nearly as good of a job if you are giving yourself self-care time. 

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Okay so physics and Chem both analyze the universe around us from different starting points of view. Biology however is limited to live and therefore a subset of chem and physics. So is it still as equal a science?. No Does it take any importance?no

The point of view of biology is that if we start by looking at life we’ll end up learning something about the universe and the way it works. 

That’s a pretty different point of view than chemistry or physics, and still focused on the universe (which, it turns out, life is as much a part of as gravity). So by your own definition it’s of equal scientific merit as chemistry or physics. 

Also, biology developed independently of chemistry or physics, and until very recently used completely different tools and techniques. Which, in my view at least, means that it’s as independent a field as either of those. 

Alex Summers x Reader - Terrified

Word Count: 1,196
Requested By: anon
Prompt: “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified”
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: angst, language

Alex was having a crisis. Not an existential one and definitely not a midlife crisis either. This was something different, something worse. It made his hands clammy and his face heat up. He couldn’t control his emotions, the ones he had worked so hard to hide for years. For once in his life, Alex was no longer the stoic, serious man he had made himself. He was becoming shy and easily embarrassed and, god, he hated that it was all because of you.

Alex thought he knew what beauty meant; something pleasing to the eye. But when he met you, the definition of beauty changed forever. Beauty was the way the corners of your eyes crinkled as you laughed when Sean told a stupid joke. Beauty was the way you bit your nails when you were nervous. Beauty was the when you came into the kitchen in the morning, still half-asleep, your hair in a bun and a tired smile on your face.

When you walked into a room, time stopped. Alex knew it was cheesy to think that, but it was true. He would watch you walk into the room and the world around him went silent. Those moments when the two of you would make eye contact, you would send a soft smile his way, causing his heart to skip a beat. Alex would immediately duck his head down, embarrassed to have been caught staring, but only a few moments later, his eyes would be back on you again.

These feelings had lasted for four months and Alex did what he could to ignore them. If his palms became sweaty when you were near, he would tell himself that the room was too warm. If his heart skipped a beat, he would mumble something about heart palpitations and anxiety. This wasn’t a crush, it couldn’t be a crush.

In a way, Alex wasn’t wrong. This was love and he was in far too deep. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, he knew this was love. No matter how many excuses he came up with, these feelings wouldn’t dissipate. Ignoring them was impossible, so how the hell was Alex supposed to deal with this?

There had been a moment a few days ago when the two of you were completely alone. You had been sorting through some files in the living room, when Alex came in to watch TV. He had spotted you and went to leave, but you had stopped him.

“Oh, Alex! Hey! What are you up to?” You asked, shooting him a smile as you set the files down on the coffee table. Alex let out a nervous sigh and gave an uncomfortable smile back.

“I was, uh, going to watch sports or, um, whatever, but you seem busy and I don’t want to disturb you.” Alex stuttered out. You let out a light chuckle and grabbed the remote from the center of the coffee table. God, you managed to hypnotize Alex with a single glance in his direction.

“You won’t disturb me at all. I’m just going through some files for Charles. Here, take the remote.” You held it out towards him. Alex looked from you to your hand, frozen in his position. You watched him as he slowly took it out of your grip and moved to sit on the opposite side of the room.

The two of you sat like that for an hour, the only noise filling the air was the baseball Alex had flipped on. He tried to focus on the game, but his eyes kept drifting over to you. Every few moments you would tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, only for it to fall down again a moment later. It was in this moment, as Alex sat and watched you doing something so simple yet looking so beautiful, that he realized he was in love with you.

He had shot out of his chair and ran out of the room. For the next few days, he avoided you, despite your efforts to find out what happened that day. Hank and Sean tried to speak to him about the matter, but Alex refused to discuss it. He made sure to tell Charles to stay out of his mind, so there was no possible way for anyone to know what he was feeling.

Now he was sitting out by the lake, skipping stones across the water and trying, desperately, to get his mind off of you. His back was hunched with his elbows resting on his knees, eyes staring at the water in front of him. Alex held a stone in his hands, turning it over and over. He let out a breath he hadn’t known he had been holding, sitting up a bit. Alex stretched out his arm and released the stone, watching as it skipped across the water until it fell in.

“You okay there, Alex?” A voice from behind him spoke. Alex whipped around, surprised to see you standing there. His first instinct was to get up and get away, but by the time he had made up an excuse, you had taken a seat next to him. You didn’t look at him and trained your eyes on the lake. It was silent for a moment before he spoke.

“Sorry for avoiding you.” He mumbled. You turned your head towards him and nodded. Alex avoided your gaze, afraid that if he looked you in the eyes, he might say something he would regret.

“Do you mind if I ask why you were avoiding me?” You questioned. Alex gave a short shrug, leaning down to grab another rock. You placed your hand lightly on his shoulder, causing Alex to turn to you in surprise.

“There was a reason, Alex. I’ve noticed how you’ve been acting and I want to make sure I didn’t upset you or anything.” You explained. Alex let out a dry chuckle, shifting to face you.

“You can’t upset me, (Y/N). That’s the whole problem.” Alex said, kicking at the dirt below him. You furrowed your brows, confused by what he said.

“So, you’re avoiding me because I don’t upset you?” You asked.

“Fuck, no, I’m avoiding you because I’m in love with you!” Alex blurted out in a harsh tone. It took you a moment to realize what he said.

“Wait, Alex, what do you mean-”

“I mean that I think I’m in love with you. I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” Alex spoke. You stared at him, your eyes wide from both confusion and shock.

“Don’t say anything if you don’t feel anything back because I really, really cannot deal with it.” Alex said in a choked voice. Tears were welling up in his eyes, his fists clenched by his side. Here he was, standing in front of you, pouring his fucking heart out while you sat there in silence.

No one spoke. He didn’t even glance in your direction again. Alex turned on his heel and walked off. Part of him hoped you would call after him, saying that you felt the same, that this wasn’t an unrequited love.

You didn’t.

i literally hate myself for writing alex angst but i was craving writing it :) hope you enjoyed the pain and misery :))))

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nothing feels better than being told that something that previously made you feel like a disgusting monster is in fact apart of bpd and other people experience it.

im definitely always going to be working to improve my bpd and lessen the hold it has on my life.. but being told i’m not the only one feeling a certain way feels like such a weight off my shoulders.

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So, I see a lot of sexual Dazia imagines, so I wanted to ask if you thought Dazia could/would be willing to date someone who's asexual, and maybe get some kind of scenario for it? Thanks~

I honestly don’t see why Dazai shouldn’t be willing to date someone who’s asexual. Sure, the lack of sexual interactions might miss but a relationship isn’t just sex. He’d definitely find other ways to make the relationship as intimate and pleasing as possible :3
I’m also sorry that it’s kinda short owo

Pairing: Dazai x asexual! Reader
Genre: Fluff

Dazai was frustrated.
For months, he had been asking you to date you, but the most intimate part he ever received was to escort you home when it was already dark and you had to work late. 
The brunette couldn’t wrap his mind around you. For once in Dazai Osamu’s life, he didn’t know what you wanted. 
You kindly rejected his offers for a date and yet you were always close to him, supporting and ecouraging him whenever you could. Heck; you even helped him sneaking out of the Agency to avoid work.

Deep in thought, Dazai went to the small café below the Agency, but didn’t order anything. The others were busy doing their usual work, had a day off or went to solve another case.
However, the brown-haired male was pleasantly surprised to see you sitting at one of the wooden tables.
“[Nameee]~” Dazai chirped happily and took a seat opposite of you. 
In response, you smiled from ear to ear, a small blush lingering on your cheeks. “Dazai? Shouldn’t you be working?” Tilting your head to the side, your [e/c]-tinted eyes grew curious, a light shimmer adorning the color that Dazai loved so much.
A chuckle slipped Dazai’s chapped lips. He put his arms on the table, crossed them there and let his own gaze soften. 
“I definitively should, my lovely [Name].” Dazai and his flirtatious persona didn’t fade one bit. However, the only person he had been flirting with was no one else but you.
“But..There is one thing I’d like to ask you.” 
The tone of Dazai’s voice was more serious which caught your attention. Nodding, you signaled for Dazai to spill the beans.

“Why do you refuse to date me?” 
Blinking once, no, twice, you let Dazai’s question sink in. 
Chocolate-tinted orbs scrutinized your body language, the small things you did such as pressing together your lips, lowering your gaze and the tension in your jaw.
You already knew that Dazai would ask you that exact question sooner or later, but you didn’t think it’d happen that day. 
With a small sigh escaping your lips, you finally met Dazai’s gaze with a worried one of your own. It was time to give in. After all, you couldn’t leave Dazai wandering in the dark for too long.
“The thing is..” You started lowering your voice, being scared of Dazai’s reaction. What would he think of you? Would he avoid you or even hate you?
“I’m asexual and I’m scared of not being able to give you wha-”

You were cut off by a pair of bandaged hands enveloping your delicate ones. The familiar warmth emitting from them and the understanding gaze Dazai’s soul mirrors contained felt like home. 
Yes, Dazai was your home.
“So what, [Name]?” The brunette finally spoke in the calm voice that barely anyone ever got to hear. It was like this tone of voice was only made for you and no one else. 
With widened eyes, you attentively listened, the sudden lump in your throat disappeared and your heartrate eventually calmed down to a healthier and steadier one.
“Dating doesn’t only contain sex. It’s about the small things your partner does for you and what they are willing to do. It’s about knowing that you have someone you belong to, love and cherish.”

Being at a loss for words, you didn’t even notice the small squeeze Dazai’s hands gave yours. You felt beyond stunned; this was something you didn’t expect, never dared to even dream of.
Slowly but surely, you cracked a smile of joy.
“So..I’ll ask you one last time. Would you like to date me?”
The familiar feeling of another kind of warmth filled every fiber of your being. Your smile turned into a full grin that made Dazai’s heart skip a beat so often.
“I’d love to!” You exclaimed happily, felt fingers interlace with yours and a small tug on your hand.
With a smile on Dazai’s lips, the brunette tugged you up to your feet.

“Shall we go then?~”