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The Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth redemption AU no one asked for, but everyone desperately needs:

  • Twenty-three-year-olds Marinette and Adrien have been fighting crime together for nine years, have known each other’s identities for six, and have been sleeping together for five. So when Marinette forgets her pill one night and ends up pregnant, it’s less of an Earth-shattering catastrophe, and more of a somewhat scary, but still ultimately pleasant surprise.
  • Marinette’s parents are obviously pleased, their friends are DEFINITELY pleased, and Gabriel is…surprisingly, pleased as well? He doesn’t show it of course. But Marinette’s an intelligent girl with a good head on her shoulders, and definitely talented enough to maybe one day take over Gabriel’s company (since it looks like Adrien won’t be following in his footsteps). And at any rate, she’s miles better than Bourgeois’ daughter.
  • After that day, a strange pattern starts to assert itself during akuma attacks. It takes them a while to notice at first, but they slowly realize that whenever the akumatized victim comes into contact with Marinette before she’s had a chance to transform, it kidnaps her. And it takes her somewhere out of the way and imprisons her there, as far away from the fighting as plausible.
  • Adrien and Marinette are starting to get worried, wondering why Hawk Moth always targets Marinette like that specifically. They start to suspect that maybe he knows she’s Ladybug.
  • In reality, Gabriel Agreste is just so exasperated that his future daughter-in-law somehow manages to be at the scene of the attack so often. Sure, he may not be the most virtuous man in the world, and sure he may be willing to use other people as pawns, but he still cares about his family, and she’s part of that family now, and she’s the mother of his future grandchild. So he always has his latest victim stick her somewhere far out of the way because pregnant women are so breakable.
  • Then one day, something happens. Marinette’s secret gets out to the one man she had wanted to keep it from the most. And when he finds out that his future daughter-in-law is Ladybug, it isn’t that far a leap to realize Chat (always so fiercely protective of her) is Adrien.
  • Gabriel is floored. He had always thought that he would do anything to have Ladybug and Chat Noir’s miraculouses, spurred on by a fanciful passage he’d read in his book about how, when all seven miraculouses were gathered they could make…miraculous things happen. He’d been dreaming so long that finally, finally he’d found a way to get his beautiful wife back. But this is one line he is not going to cross. He’s not going to destroy his son’s family just to follow through on some ridiculous, desperate plan with no hope of success.
  • As the days had stretched on, he’d come to see and understand that, even if by some chance the miraculouses could bring back the dead,that didn’t mean it wasn’t an absolutely horrible idea. But it had been the only thing keeping him sane all these years. It was the only thing he’d had left. 
  • But that wasn’t exactly true, was it? After all, he’d had a beautiful, amazing son who’d been willing to bend over backwards to keep him happy, to earn his approval, always silently screaming for attention, a cry for help that Gabriel had never heard. And now that son had brought him an amazing, gorgeous daughter-in-law who was so bright and full of love the way his wife had been. And he had an adorable grandchild on the way. And Gabriel is just astonished, because as he sits back and looks around himself properly for once in his life, he finally sees how blessed he truly is.
  • He doesn’t say anything to Adrien and Marinette about knowing their secret identities, too ashamed with himself to face them. Instead, he makes a conscious effort to be a better father, to be a part of Adrien’s and Marinette’s lives, to support them in this stressful time.
  • Adrien and Marinette are of course suspicious when no akumas show up for several months, but they decide not to look a gift horse in the mouth.
  • When, seven months into Marinette’s pregnancy, a new villain shows up, the heroes panic, thinking this couldn’t have possibly come at a worse time.
  • On that day, when Hawk Moth suits up, for the first time since he found his miraculous, he finds himself on the side of good. He doesn’t show himself of course, but the little white butterfly that alights on Chat Noir’s shoulder is unmistakeable.
  • Chat panics when it melts into his baton, but as the telltale pink mask appears in front of his face, the voice that sounds inside his head doesn’t ask him to hand over his miraculous. Instead, it informs him of the temporary new powers the akuma (charged with light energy instead of dark) has granted him. 
  • Chat Noir is understandably suspicious at first, but Hawk Moth does help him defeat the villain that day, and he continues to do so, even after the baby is born and Ladybug returns to the crime-fighting scene.
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir, though confused and suspicious at first, eventually come to trust in and rely on their unexpected new partner, and he becomes an invaluable part of their team.
  • Hawk Moth watches over the two from afar, never showing himself but always doing his utmost to keep them safe - after all, he’d never be able to look his beautiful grandson, Louis, in the face again if he ever let anything happen to his parents.
  • Nooroo quietly stays by his side, choosing to support him even after everything Gabriel has done to the poor kwami. He urges Gabriel to tell Marinette and Adrien the truth, to explain his side of the story to them.
  • Gabriel isn’t ready to bare himself that way yet. But some day, he hopes, when he’s deserving of their forgiveness, he’ll be able to apologize to them properly.

If Zelo or Jongup, (that are in the list to go on Hit The Stage) win HTS. I think it would be amazing to see all that people who don’t stan them thinking: “WTF?! They’re so amazing and talented! Why i don’t stan them?”, because that would be the prove that nor big label nor popularity can win against the talent 😃

And that would be the 4.587.982.167 time that B.A.P make me proud of them ❤


The first ever proper post made by me on this blog. Just 7 boys that I love and things about them that I appreciate.

Conor Maynard 

Conor is definitely the talented one in the group. At least when it’s about music. He’s got 2 bomb albums and his YouTube covers are amazing. He’s (in a good way) extremely cheeky and loves to joke around like 24/7. Because of that he seems to be always in a good mood. Back to the music, his voice is incredibly calming and extraordinary. He is so funny and really likeable because he doesn’t take himself too serious. He literally throws penis jokes all the time and when the boys joke about his music he’s never bothered at all and just jokes around with them.

Joe Sugg

Joe is a fucking cute smol bean. He is incredibly creative but kinda never admits it. He’s definitely a family person and loves them more than anything. Also he is always there for his friends and is very observant, always interested in how his loved ones are. He’s also reflective and would never do something he isn’t sure about. Joe always tries to bring good content for his community because he knows how far he can reach out and how many people watch him. And even though he’s the popular from the boys, he never show’s that off in any way.

Caspar Lee 

If I had to describe this cutie in one word it would be simply “sunshine”. Caspar is freaking kind hearted. He’s the most care free and doesn’t care of negative opinions as long as he and his loved ones are happy. He never acts different than he is and seems to be always optimistic and never in a bad mood. He shows so much appreciation towards his friends and loves to make people happy as well at all costs. 

Josh Pieters

(Josh’s in the middle, couldn’t find any better gifs )

Firstly this man got hella attractive ginger hair. He’s amazingly confident and he shows it off in a good way. He gives a damn about negative comments, especially when it’s about his hair or his height. He encourages his viewers to love themselves and tries to make them smile and maybe a bit more confident too. All of this makes him to a really courageous person to me as well. He’s so fun loving, literally always wearing a beautiful bright smile on his face.

Oli White

Oli is the sweetest guy ever. He’s like a teddy bear that is fucking cuddle worthy. He’s got a bit more the quiet personality between all of them but is definitely not boring. He’s one of the most ambitious people I’ve ever seen. He received so much since he’s doing YouTube so that he now even wrote a book. If someone needs him, no matter why or for what, he’d always help them or be there for them, especially when it’s about his family and mostly his little brother James ‘cause he’s so reliable. Also he’s very thoughtful and always keeps himself and the other boys grounded.

Michael Pearce

(sadly I couldn’t find any proper pictures of this beautiful one)

Mikey is literally the cutest thing in the world. He’s not that popular yet and I always feel like that makes him kinda insecure even though he’s so loveable and beautiful. He loves when he’s with his boys and they love it when he’s around. They always say Mikey is easy to prank and they sometimes make a bit fun (nothing bad) about him but he just never throws things back, he’s so big hearted and simply loves his friends. He’s extremely clumsy and he sometimes doesn’t know how to find the right words what makes him even cuter. He’d never be any jealous of the boys because they received more success in the past years (he only started his Channel weeks ago), he’s just really proud of them and 100% too unappreciated!

Jack Maynard 

What a handsome one, oh my god… But he’s definitely not just a pretty face. He’s always trying to make people happy. His laugh just catches you. He’s so caring about other people and loves everyone. Jack is one of the funniest guys ever and just as cheeky as Conor. He’s the life of the party and does what he wants, always trying to involve his friends. He does not show it off that much but he’s clearly Conors number 1 fan. He’s the proudest of his Brother and of course also his sister. He sometimes seems to be a badass fuckboy but is actually a little puppy because he’s just so down to earth and very dedicated.

All in all those guys are just amazing. They’re so funny and genuine. Just adorable. Fucking loveable dorks who are the bestest friends. All of them love their community and are so dedicated in their job. But the most important, they’ve got the strongest and most satisfying friendship ever.

Headcanon that when Ginny goes on to play for the Holyhead Harpies, reporters always ask her sexist questions that have nothing to do with her career. And one time after an amazing game a reporter comes up to her and asks, “So what’s it like being married to someone who’s so well known in the wizarding community?”

And Harry just jumps in front of her and starts rambling, “it’s so amazing. I mean, my wife is definitely so talented and such an inspiration to so many young girls, and I’m lucky to have met someone like her.” And he just keeps talking until the reporter goes “yeah yeah, I get it.” And walks away

If Pentagon doesn’t make it big, then that right there is the definition of wasted talent. I will literally lose all hope I have for the kpop industry, so they better make it big. Don’t sleep on pure talent and god sent visuals. They’re also all precious children who needs to be loved and protected at all costs so please love them. Don’t sleep on them!!!

The Torture of OCD

Fic for the Phandom Big Bang!

 Art by @iliketothinkofmyselfasaliar

WN: chronic illness, mental illness, angst, mental breakdowns, self-harming, swearing, suicidal thoughts, drugs (medical), alcohol


Artist: @iliketothinkofmyselfasaliar

Beta: @ib-student-99

AN: @ib-student-99 and @iliketothinkofmyselfasaliar are awesome – definitely the most talented and professional people anyone could ever hope to meet and have the pleasure of working this. Without them, this fic would never have been possible. So here’s a huge THANK YOU for your ridiculous brilliance and hard work! Make sure you check them out!

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