but definitely give it a looksee

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Ugh because as soon as an attractive person is in my vicinity I get hella flustered and literally just bolt away RIP. He was wearing a bomber I think I shall call him bomber boy because I *imploded*. Not that it'd ever happen or anything at all but gosh darn I really need to be more brace about people??? And also I reaaalllyy liked the Bruce Nauman exhibit, neon lights are a beaut (can I show you pics??). There was an exhibit by Carrie Mae Weems called "From Here I Saw What Happened and I Cried"

(cont) That was really elegant and poetic and dark and it was talking about the African American experience and it just pulled me quicker and quicker to each next item in the exhibit so definitely give that a looksee if you get a chance! I think it was on Level One in the Boiler building :O

lmao meEEEE whenever i see an attractive person i rly just… look straight through them and pretend they’re not there bc interacting with them is too much i can’t deal with that so uHH… gotta just ignore them…….. which i realise isn’t probably isn’t the best method or impression but fdkjglsdfgldsfg anyway u never know!! maybe he thought u were cute and that’s why he asked u to take a photo!! and yes pls show me pics!! i’m not sure if i saw that exhibit bc i don’t remember seeing any neon nights - is it a new one??? if so dAMN i wish i saw it :(((( and honestly wow it sounds so amazing?? i’m not sure if i saw that one either…. i went around july/august so maybe they’ve changed it since then but it sounds wonderful!! i rly want to go back again soon. if u ever go back to london again pls hmu and we can go together!!

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What is RWBY about? It seems interesting and you seem to know about the topic. Oh, also, did you mention carcaptors once? as in sakura? (if not its ok, im sorry, i love that manga) Good luck with anons!

Okay so RWBY right?

It’s made by Roosterteeth, and basically it’s a lot of this:

(Like. A LOT of this:)

A fair bit of this:

And most memorably:

  All packed with an amazingly cool soundtrack and cool-ass character and weapon designs, like, WOW the designs in this show are cool.

  I’m not all too good at plot descriptions but basically it’s a bloody awesome show and it’s definitely worth giving it a go!

  (It might be a good idea to start with the trailers (Red|White|Black|Yellow) and see if it seems like your kind of thing - that’s probably a better move than judging it purely on this answer XD)

  Also; feckin’ probably. Cardcaptors is the shit.