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honestly with jake/jeremy i imagine jer kinda being insecure like,,,wow he’s dating the most popular dude in school he’s gotta start being more cool right ?? and he tries but ends up just failing. and jake wants to tell the rest of the squad they’re dating (if jeremy was ok with it ofc) and jer finally just says he doesn’t have to and he knows he’s not cool enough and jake is kinda like Wrong and as the Coolest Kid in School i say you’re just as cool and that’s final. and jer isn’t convinced but it makes him feel better and they end up telling the squad together

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ev bev do u have anymore deere stuff u wanna share

Ye s 

ok lsit en

-jake 200% is afraid of the dark so whenever he sleeps over at jers (he basically lives there the summer after senior year) they leave the light on and for his birthday jeremy buys him a nightlight shaped like a lightsaber
-also jake quietly brushing hair out of jeremy’s eyes as they cuddle is Soft
-also jake LOVES star wars but jeremy is a trekkie so they have a playful rivalry over star wars vs star trek that turns into a Battle Of Wits™
-Jeremy. Wearing. Jakes. Letterman.
-Jake 100% had a vine account and when it ended he cried ://
-Also he wears snapbacks and jer steals them and jake thinks its the most ADORABLE thing EVER