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All to myself/Peter Pan Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*


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scruffy-looking nerf herder. (peter parker x reader)

ask: anon: “person a and person b show up at a halloween party unintentionally dressed as each other’s character’s love interests With Peter Parker please? (And maybe some Star Wars?)”

a/n: marvel AND star wars?? wowie ur an anon after my own heart!!!

warnings: none (word count: 545)

   “How does no one know who I am?” Peter asks Ned, gesturing exasperatedly, “I mean… Star Wars is still cool, right?” Ned snorts, patting Peter on the back.

   “Some people don’t appreciate, art is all, Peter.” He replies, adjusting his Chewbacca beanie.

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Ssssssso insomnia again (jeez it’s 3 am what even is my life) and I’ve decided to go for more spideychelle headcanons! And since some of you appreciated my trans!Peter x Michelle, I’m going to write pt. 3.

(seriously, I have to say a huge thank you for your support. You are amazing. Also rember you are free to send me request or prompt)

(and this is gonna be a bit out of context if you don’t read pt. 1 and pt.2, so maybe check it out on my blog under the tag #trans peter)

Here we go!

  • Pride was amazing. Really, Peter believes it was one of the best experience of his life.
  • And not just because he felt like part of a big family
  • And felt at home
  • And not even only because /no one/ actually misgendered him
  • Yes ofc that was a big thing and something that really made him happy but actually he’s so excited because
  • Well most of it
  • And he touched her smooth, warm skin even if he hadn’t enough courage to gently rub his thumb on the back of her hand
  • Even if he really wanted to
  • And she was just… stunning
  • He decides that he wants to print the selfie they took all together (Ned included ofc) and put it in a frame, so looking at it he would remember that special day
  • Also in the pic he and Michelle are holding hands so…
  • He can’t stop thinking about her hands
  • He almost text Ned, but at the end he just goes on patrol. But nothing can take away the big smile on his face.
  • And he still secretly has his cheeks painted
  • He had to remove the polish immediately (he can’t risk to wake up may at 3 am just because he needs to sneak in the bathroom just for his nails damn)
  • But the paint can be washed away easily so nevermind
  • And also MJ did that so he wants to keep it on as much as possible
  • Anyway he sends a message to /her/, something like “thanks for today. :)”
  • :). Ugh, laaaaaame. What was he thinking about.
  • But she actually answers with a “no problems, Parker”, so it’s fine???? Maybe???
  • And after that, it’s /crazy/ how much time they spend HOLDING HANDS
  • Like ok not in front of everyone but maybe while they are eating, under the table
  • Or under the table during decathlon meetings
  • And her hands are usually kinda cold
  • But it’s nice because his are warm
  • And this is perfect for the “my hands are cold hold them for me please you person with warm hands I know enough for ask this” excuse
  • With she uses a lot
  • Unless she reaches for his hands when’s anxious or panicking, even if she doesn’t know why
  • In that case is just her way to say that it’s fine everyone is ok everything is ok and she is here for him
  • And Ned notices OFC I MEAN
  • And one day he and Peter has a really long talk about his really embarrassing huge crush for MJ
  • Like, Ned wants to talk about it because he’s so tired to hear him talk about Michelle the 95% of the time
  • “and stop with the I’m going to click the like button for all your Facebook/Instagram/tumbrl posts stuff, dude, it’s creepy. You are embarrassing yourself”
  • “am I?” “A bit?” “Ned” ….a lot" *Suffering dinosaur noises*
  • Whatever. He’s screwed anyway.
  • Because he doesn’t even think she can consider to date him
  • But she really wants because despite what she’s telling to herself, she likes Peter Parker.
  • A lot.
  • And she doesn’t have anyone to talk about it, but she knows
  • She tried to push it back, but it’s impossible
  • So she starts to doodle him
  • A lot
  • Kind of a way to demonstrate affection because what the fuck Peter is an amazing boy, why should he even consider to date /her/
  • Basically: they are two dorks
  • But it doesn’t matter, because they both believe that the other company is better than not talking
  • And they just…get along so well
  • And they start to get out all together, Peter Ned an MJ
  • She joins them in their movies marathons and to do homework and for dinner
  • But even if they like being just the 3 of them, Peter always finds some time just for Ned.
  • And some time just for MJ too
  • Like, he’d never thought she would fit so well in his life
  • They do a lot of things together
  • Nothing extraordinary, just watching movies… playing videogame…go to the park
  • And talk.
  • Actually, they have days when they stay in silence, enjoying the presence of the other
  • Which are also used from Peter to look at her when she’s not looking
  • Michelle does the same
  • But she doesn’t get caught lmao
  • However they also have days when it’s impossible to shut them up
  • Like. Totally impossible.
  • But it’s fine. It really is.
  • But they can’t bring themselves on the next level
  • Like the we are dating level
  • Peter thinks about it a lot but he doesn’t want to loose her or to ruin their friendship
  • MJ doesn’t want to daydream too much and hope to hear him ask her out
  • So they just stay in this weird middle levels between friendship and lovers relationships
  • Jeez they actually even sleep together once
  • Ok they fell asleep on the couch
  • And waking up to find her snuggled up against him almost killed him on the spot
  • Like she’s just…so adorable
  • But not only she’s beautiful
  • She’s so clever, so brilliant
  • And sarcastic, he loves her sense of humour
  • And actually she seems already so strong and firm in her ideas
  • And she admires her so much for how much efforts she puts in actually /doing something/.
  • He even consider to tell her about all the Spider-Man thing
  • Another motive keeping him from asking her out
  • Like, he doesn’t want to put a big target on her head
  • So at the end he doesn’t
  • Even if something tells him he can trust her
  • He has no idea she already knows, lol
  • Untile one day they are looking a video on YouTube and she’s like “good job Parker” and he’s like “thanks” and then just WHAT THE HELL?!
  • he’s totally paralyzed, horrified, incredulous and so on
  • But she’s like “oh relax Spider-friend. I didn’t tell anyone. And I don’t mean to”
  • Ok and that’s a big thing but HOW?!?!?!?!?
  • She just sighs and explain that after the decathlon she was already suspicious, but after a while became quite obvious (at least to her)
  • And he just… laugh. A bit hysterically but however bc he’s kinda feeling relief knowing he doesn’t have to tell her
  • And he just let out “damn you are amazing MJ” and then he shuts up
  • She’s looking at him in such an inscrutable way like is he joking? Is he serious? Can it be /he/ just told her she is /amazing/???
  • After a minute that felt like an hour she smiles she actually smiles in a new sweet and cute way
  • “I know” and he kisses his cheek.
  • Softly. Gently. Briefly. But it was a kiss.
  • Peter thinks he could even die there, in that precise moment, but the smile on his face is as wide and bright as the entire solar system.
toms-spidey’s monthly shoutouts

HELLO. so, recently i’ve gotten asks about any marvel (peter parker/tom holland) blogs or fic blogs i could recommend!

since i have received a few of these asks (in less than a week) i’ve decided to do this thing where i shout out some blogs that i love n appreciate and i feel deserve more recognition/love/support so i’m gonna attempt to do this every month!

i’m going to attempt to include 6 writers/6 general marvel blogs a month! and i will shoutout two mutuals as well :)


a+ fic writers: @tcmhollnd (masterlist), @buckybcrns (masterlist), @spider-boi (masterlist), @nedleedslove (masterlist), @spideyyss (masterlist), @parknstark (masterlist)

great quality: @undoroos, @blumarvel, @spiderween, @quackmom, @parkerbenjaminpeter, @tcmhcllland

mutuals: @travelwithwords, @bbparker

Are You a Fanboy, Peter Parker? Part 3

Summary:  You are a senior at Midtown High School and when an encounter on the Queensboro Bridge brings you in contact with Spider-Man, you become a minor celebrity at your school and secretly become friends with the web crawler.  That’s pretty inconvenient, since you have your own secrets to keep.

This is set probably two years after the events of Civil War, and by this point, the Avengers are (somehow) back together as a team.

Notes:  This story is based on a prompt that I got for a story about Spider-Man/Peter Parker going to prom with the reader and things going nuts and the Avengers having to show up.  It’s in three parts, and this Part Three. If you want to read the others:

The request also wanted the reader to have a power too, so I pretty much took Micah’s power from the TV show HEROES.  

Thanks for reading!

Chapter 3

You found yourself in what looked like a lounge with chairs and couches spread out around the room. The largest television that you had ever seen hung on the wall.  After leading you over to a table, Peter started to remove the webbing around your wrist.  “(Y/N) hurt her wrist.  I don’t know how bad it is.”

“Get that off, and we’ll look at it.  I’ve got the medical team on call if we need them.  Now that we’ve all had a moment to calm down, would anybody like a drink, because I feel like we could all use a drink.”  Stark headed over to the bar and you noticed Clint giving him a protective glare.  He seemed to notice it too.  “Oh, I didn’t mean for them.  They are too young.  I have soda, though.  Milk maybe? Mrs. Jarvis used to make me Shirley Temples when I was very small.  I might be able to remember how to make those.”

“Water sounds good right now.”  You shifted your arm under the pressure from Peter’s hand as he tried to remove the webbing, and pain shot through your arm causing you to wince noticeably.

“Clint?  Can you go to the kitchen and get a couple of bottles of water?  Might find some cookies too.  Stark sat down beside you and brushed Peter’s hand away to look at your arm.  It was swollen and turning an interesting shade of blue.  “Ah.  We’re going to have to have this looked at. Friday, get someone from medical up here, please.”  

“Yes, Shellhead,” the AI responded.

“What was that? What’s going on Friday?  Do you have a bug or something?”

“I am operating perfectly well, Shellhead.”

You hid your face trying not to laugh, but Stark caught on quickly.  “Friday, has someone been naughty and gotten into your programming again?”  He eyed you suspiciously, but you were relieved to see the corners of his mouth fighting a smile.

“That is affirmative, Shellhead.”

“Nice one, (Y/N),” he grinned, as he pulled out his phone and typed extremely fast.  “That should fix it.”

“Yes, Sir,” Friday responded.

“Excellent.”  Stark got up and opened a closet, pulling out a large first aid kit.  He pulled out an ice pack and activated it before handing it to you for your wrist. “Now tell me, how long have you been the electronics whisperer, (Y/N)?  Have you been this way all of your life, or were you bitten by a radioactive computer chip?” 

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