but decided against it bc she was talking to the doctor

soulmate! Dino

anon asked:  I absolutely adore your svt soulmate series, I literally just read all of them. Do you think I could request a Dino soulmate au?? Thank you!

@cnjk9799 asked:  Can I request for Chan’s Soulmate AU please? Thank you in advancee💕💕

a/n; thank you so much! and your welcome :) i hope you enjoy

recap: in which the temperature gets hotter the nearer they are, and colder when that are farther away, but when you meet you it stops

  • you’ve spent your entire life feeling cold 
  • no not in some sad depressing way, like actually north pole cold 
  • after a trip to the doctor after you continuously complained to your mom you felt colder than the ice cream you ate 
  • the doctor simply said, “she must have the hot/cold soulmate condition, the only thing i can recommend is going to the library" 
  • and so you did, and with your bright young mind, aka the detailed map laid out in the book 
  • figured out if you were here, on the opposite side of the world was Asia
  • but man Asia equals money and you can barely pay off your car and eat food without worrying about college tuition 
  • when you felt happiest was definitely the occasional moments where you weren’t a popsicle and felt just a tiny bit more warm 
  • they usually didn’t last long though 
  • but your imagination ran wild 
  • like is your soulmate some rich kid that travels everywhere 
  • or like an old business man??? 
  • oh well 
  • but recently, you’ve felt the warmest you’ve ever felt, and you hope your soulmate was as excited as you were 
  • so with all the money you’ve save up 
  • you took a trip to the place you’ve decided on since you were young 
  • south korea 
  • it just felt right 
  • you even picked up the language, you were so prepared 
  • and when you land, and stare at the streets in your taxi 
  • it looks even prettier than all the pictures your kid self was drawn too 
  • well kid you was smart as fluff bc you’ve never felt hotter in your life 
  • i mean at least it’s summer so when you decide to explore the streets of seoul in minimal clothing, 
  • you dont get many stares 
  • after you get the well wanted street food, you head to the convince store for simple groceries 
  • your heart beats so noticeably faster as you feel as if you have a fever
  • walking into the store the first thing you do is head to the ice cream, hopelessly thinking it’ll cool you down 
  • picking between two flavors you hear,
  • “hyung i cant eat ramen right now, i feel like im on fire" 
  • "aigoo okay let’s get you some ice cream then”
  • “but hyung do you think my soulmate-?" 
  • you grip your own ice cream in shock 
  • "hello?” you call, nervously 
  • the guy, he was talking about soulmates, and he was on fire so like?!?!
  • you peak your head into the other aisle and walk slowly as 13 boys come in sight 
  • you eyes meet to who you just know 
  • and the first thing you blurt out is 
  • “is this was normal people feel like???" 
  • immediately he and the others laugh, making you blush, want to pound your head against the wall, and laugh with them 
  • he grins and shyly walks up to you after glaring at one of his friends who wolf-whistled 
  • "lee chan, but my stage name is dino" 
  • "y/n l/n, sadly i don’t have a stage name but yours sounds cool" 
  • you both whip your heads around when hearing 
  • "hajima” Chan says trying to hit some of the boys on the arm 
  • the svt boys drag you and Chan back to their dance studio, not letting the two of you get in a word edgewise 
  • “how old are you?" 
  • “you can call me oppa then" 
  • “chan’s an aegi" 
  • “which makes you our aegi”
  • once you all reach the practice room, chan grabs your arm running into the dance room, locking it with svt shouting from behind the door 
  • chan and you sit in the middle of the floor exhausted and laughing 
  • you both hear svt loudly walking away 
  • “you’re both dead later, Chan!" 
  • "the maknae has sense" 
  • "I lost another dongsaeng today." 
  • you and chan laugh and you look around the studio 
  • “you must be an incredible dancer" 
  • you say staring at the wall of mirrors before you 
  • “yea do you want to see the choreo I’m working on?" 
  • "Sure" 
  • he clicks play on the track player in the corner 
  • you watched amazed at the knife like choreo 
  • he finishes and reaches his hand out to pull you up 
  • "oh I can’t dance!" 
  • "that’s ok, all you have to do is feel the music" 
  • you try a few steps with chan’s hand still in yours 
  • you’re both laughing and enjoying the music 
  • and then you trip over your own feet and end up falling 
  • pulling chan right along with you 
  • and although you both fall onto the ground next to each other inches away 
  • you both burst out in giggles 
  • you’re surprised but happy as he pulls you into a hug while still laying on the ground 
  • "I’m glad I met you" 
  • “I’m glad to have met you too, soulmate." 
  • you’re both looking into each other’s eyes while laying on the ground 
  • a loud knock jolts the both of you up into sitting positions 

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


pilbobaggins  asked:

Oh! Soulmates prompt! Hannigram / tattoo or mark with what the other loves -- mostly bc I find the thought of Hannibal having a puppy soulmate mark hilarious -∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ (Or it could go the other way and Will is always ashamed / angry about the literal bloody horror show on his body until he finds Hannibal and is just like... of course he had to be a serial killer OF COURSE)

this is like… the opposite of the last prompt. light angst ahead!


When Hannibal is seven years old, a small puppy appears on his wrist. He shows it to his mother and she smiles.

“Look at that.” She traces one finger over the delicate lines. “Your soulmate was just born.”

Hannibal cups his wrist to his heart and prays that they are kind.

When Hannibal is eight years old his mother dies. His mother, and his father, and his sister. He decides then that nobody is kind, nobody at all. He takes a sharp rock and scrapes off the skin of his wrist until the puppy is gone. It scabs over, turns into a pale scar that fades over time. The mark does not come back.


When Will Graham is born, the word kind is scrawled in small, hesitant letters across his stomach. His parents take it as a sign of good fortune and show it to their family and friends.

“How lucky, to have a mark so early!”

Everyone coos and dotes over the beautiful baby and his fortunate mark. Will’s parents nod and smile.

When Will Graham is one year old, he wakes up in the middle of the night screaming.

His father rushes in to find his infant son writhing in his crib, clutching at his stomach. He lifts him out and tries to calm him, but Will won’t stop. His mother holds out her arms but Will just kicks and cries for hours, hands scrabbling at his midsection.

When, finally, Will exhausts himself, they pull his hands from where they were curled tight around his stomach.

Will’s father gasps. His mother begins to sob.

Kind has disappeared. In its place, another word, longer and far less charming.



When Hannibal is 46 years old, the puppy comes back. He ignores it.

The next day he meets Will Graham.

That night, another puppy appears. A week later, another. Then another, and another, and another. Within a month Hannibal has a litter of puppies, linked in a row that travels from the inside of his wrist and wraps all the way round to his elbow.

Hannibal examines his mark thoughtfully and smiles.


Will Graham gives up believing in soulmates fairly early on, much to the relief of his father. He’d hoped that his lack of faith might make the mark fade, but it never does. Over time, the characters became more elegant, slowly joining into a practiced cursive. The beauty of the lettering can’t stop the word from being ugly, though, and Will starts covering it with foundation just so he doesn’t have to look at it all the time. He gives up on relationships not longer after that, tired of explaining either the smears of make-up on his skin or the terrible word.

By the time Will Graham is 38 years old, he is very very tired of vengeance.

Then he meets Hannibal Lecter.

That night he goes home, and when he takes off his shirt to go to bed he catches a glimpse of his reflection and freezes in shock.

He turns slowly in the mirror and sees that his mark is gone. No, not gone. Replaced. One word, shorter and simpler and somehow even more terrifying.



“Can I ask you something, Doctor Lecter?”

“Anything, Will.”

“Do you have a soulmark?”

Doctor Lecter’s mouth purses and he tips his chin to the side. Will feels heat suffuse his cheeks.

“If I answer yes, will you ask to see it?”

Will swallows around the sudden thickness in his throat.

“I, uh, no… that would be rude.”

Hannibal crosses his legs at the knee and smooths one hand down his thigh.

“If I answer yes, will you let me show you?”

“If you want.”

“Then the answer is yes,” Hannibal says smoothly, “would you like to see?”

Will nods mutely.

Hannibal undoes the cufflink of one sleeves and gracefully rolls the sleeve up to his elbow, holding his arm up for Will to examine. Will’s heart begins to skitter in his chest.

“That’s… you’re… I…”

Hannibal leans forward in his chair.

“Come closer, Will.”

Will feels uncomfortably like a fly caught in the web of a terribly charming spider. His fingers tremble as he reaches forward to touch one of the small dogs that cover Hannibal’s arm.

Then the word vengeance flashes in his mind in blood-red graffiti and he recoils.

“I have to go,” Will says, and stumbles out the room.


They don’t talk about it again.

The day that Hannibal cuts into Will’s soulmark, he feels the pain twice over. He clutches onto Hannibal’s arm, where he knows the mark is, and tries to breathe through the overwhelming hurt. Hannibal holds him tenderly, and Will decides in that moment that vengeance feels an awful lot like love.

When he wakes up in the hospital, they’ve stitched him up and his mark is gone, nothing but clean unblemished skin left behind.

When the plane takes off for Florence, Hannibal feels a stinging burn at his elbow. It starts to travel downward to his wrist and he clenches his teeth against the sensation. Bedelia looks up at him serenely from the seat beside him and he turns away.

Ten hours later, he unpeels his shirt from his skin, expecting to see emptiness, a blank slate.

Instead, there is one word, writ in large and bloody script and wrapped around the same stretch of skin where the puppies used to be.



Three and a half years later, as Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham fall from a cliff, their soulmarks change for one last time.

Neither of them know it, wrapped too tightly together to notice the sensation. But as they tumble through salt-drenched air, the same word forms across the same patch of skin directly above their hearts.


The ocean swallows their marks with them.

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Hi~ Can I request a BTS reaction to their gf having a puppy but the puppy is scared of everyone except her so they stick around her or don't want to stay alone without her. Thank you!!♡♡ (she found it on the streets and doctors told her that it was traumatized bcs of abusive owners in the past)

I have a rescue so I freakin love this idea:) 


When he first met your puppy and he saw how much it loved you his heart would melt. He would try his hardest to get the puppy to feel comfortable around him and even slight improvement that was make him smile and tell you about it. When the puppy finally came around to being comfortable enough to be with him while you cooked he would comment things like “I don’t know how you’re not dead from all this cuteness you’re surrounded by.” and “Who’s cuter? Me or him? Me right? Its okay buddy next time.”


He’d be annoyed at first that you got a puppy and a little guilty that he felt like that about you rescuing the animal. He knew what it meant though; Long nights and lots of noises. But when he came over to finally meet the dog his heart softened as he watched him coward behind your back at sound of his shoes hitting the floor. He’d listen to you tell him about how you found him and about his assumed past and even though he kept reminding you about the responsibility of taking care of him. When you’d leave the room to start dinner for the two of you, you’d be surprised to see when you walked back into the room both Yoongi asleep on the couch and the puppy curled up on his chest. 


He’d come to see your new puppy as soon as you told him you brought it home. He’d walk into the apartment and immediately pull you into a kiss, not worrying about the puppy in your arm, but the sound of the him squealing as he approached made him jump and take a step back. He listened as you explained how you got him and what the vet had said about his past and he decided he didnt want to rush things with the dog. He’d keep his space only trying to show the puppy that he wasn’t going to hurt him. You’d catch him trying to feed the puppy a piece of cheese and you couldn’t help but smile at this softer side of him. 


He would be so excited at the word ‘Puppy’ he wouldn’t even let it register that he was abused before you. He’d run into your apartment searching for the small animal only to find it hiding and shivering at the sound of his heavy step. Hoseok would watch the puppy creep up behind you as you rested a hand on his chest and reexplained the situation. He’d then make himself as small as possible so he could show the puppy that he meant no harm and all he wanted was to love him. It would take a while but eventually Hoseok was able to stroke the puppy’s head and you knew this would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the two. 


Jim would give the puppy space, trying not to look at him as much as possible since his game seemed to make the dog more uncomfortable. It still wouldn’t stop him from telling you things that were happening though. “He’s looking at me, Y/n He’s looking at me oh my god.” “Y/n He’s coming closer oh my god i think he’s starting to like me.” It’d take longer but he wanted to make sure the puppy was as comfortable as possible. 


Like Hoseok he would be so excited to meet your new puppy, and would spend the ride to your house trying to figure out how he could make him comfortable quickly. He’d talk quietly and make small movements till he made it to the couch where he’d sit the entire time. He’d watch the puppy hopefully as he followed closely to you as you moved around the apartment and when you eventually sat down with popcorn and drinks to start your movie he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from looking at the puppy you had brought up on the couch next to you. It wasn’t until he felt the puppy’s tongue lick against his hand that held yours did he smile and lift a finger to stroke the puppy’s cheek.


He would be very cautious around he scared puppy, but it wouldn’t stop him from trying to play with it. He’d toss the balls towards the puppy gently and would lightly smile everytime the puppy would react in a good way. He’d smile at you when you would walk into the room and the puppy would run over to hide behind you. As patient as he was he couldn’t help but feel sad that it wasn’t getting used to him so when the puppy finally wobbled up to him and placed a paw on his arm to ask for the toy he was holding Jungkook couldn’t help the smile that broke to his face

anonymous asked:

Just random queastions. 1.) Do you think, that they maybe changed their mind after the reaction to the withanaccent-interview and felt so insulted, that they decided, to not make Johnlock canon after all? 2.) The tarmac-scene has some big similaritis to a scene in DW (don´t know what to say; question about the future; last chance to say "it") and is just built up like a love confession-scene. Do you think that maybe TPTB didn´t notice this? Or really thought it was funny? I´m so confused... tbc

3.)Benedict seems to be such a nice person (I love Martin even more, but he is not so outwardly caring.) etc. and i just can´t imagine him agreeing to queerbaiting? (I find most of “TJLC-Evidence” not very convincing, because I would also die etc. for a friend, but the tarmac-scene is imo queerbaiting/almost love confession. They HAVE TO notice what the scene implies!?). 4.)They always say it is their show etc. and that they don´t care about critics, do they really think of themself as SO GOOD?

5.) They said, that ACD did a mistake with Mary. Why do they do the same? I completly hate that dog-comperison/Mary-is-better-scene (TST is my least favoruite episode). It had to be a active descision to give Mary the narration over John ( THE ACTUAL NARRATOR!). They can´t just ignore all the terrible things they say about Mary and make her some angel asassian who saves John/Sherlock and is better than everyone?! And she is there the WHOLE TIME! She killed Sherlock! Why? Why? Why? For Amanda???

6.) There is that Amanda Abbington-Interview where she talks about coming back. Do you really thing that we´ll maybe have to see Mary-flashbacks/callbacks in every new episode? 7.) Prior to season 4, they said that they have 3 new cases etc., but in the end it wasn´t really like in season 1-2 (season 3 actually was my favorite season, but it clearly was different). TST and TFP ended in family drama. Do you trust them to go back to “normal” cases, without the need to over complicate everything?

8.)Do you think, that they maybe change their mind “pro-johnlock”(if it really was just a joke to them), after critics like Indiewire etc. called them out for the queerbaiting/John and Sherlocks feelings for eachother? That maybe they´ll realize that it´s not just “teenager girls” “hallucinating”? 9.)Do you believe in a season 5 (especially with BC as DS now)? 10.)Will we ever know, what John wanted to say in TRF? 11.)With TFP i wonder,do they truly believe we watch the show for the plot twists?

Oh Wow, Lots of stuff to get to here! Let’s have a look-see!

  1. Well, that interview would have had nothing to do with any of their decisions; if a journalist had that kind of power in the history of Sherlock ever, then it would have been canon in S2, or ahdblock been canon in S3, or sher/0//ie canon in episode one. Like… no, and that interview was garbage anyway. Anything that Mofftiss have done, is COMPLETELY on them and MAYBE the BBC. They were already filming TFP, I believe, around that time frame, so no, it had no bearing whatsoever on the outcome of the series.
  2. Ah, yup, Doomsday’s Bad Wolf Bay and the tarmac scene are pretty much identical (and just as painful), yet no one argues what The Doctor was going to say. But years later, we STILL have to prove to people that Sherlock indeed was going to and did tell John that he loved him. It drives me crazy. Mofftiss knew EXACTLY what they were doing, especially since the scene has parallels to the tarmac scene’s unspoken love in Casablanca. They did it on purpose; it’s even framed similarily to that tarmac, and the wording similar to Bad Wolf Bay. Just… They can’t seriously expect us to not believe it wasn’t meant romantically.
  3. Well, to be fair, I don’t think EITHER OF THEM wanted to be part of a giant queerbaiting fest. They both seemed immensely proud of their portrayals of their characters, Ben AND Martin played both of their characters gay and bi respectively, and BOTH men support LGBT causes and Ben is vocal against homophobia (I’m pretty sure Martin is as well, I just know Ben’s interviews better). I really honestly believe that they thought they were creating something different and were led to believe a different outcome of their character arcs than what we got. I don’t fault them at all – they are just puppets for the puppetmasters.
  4. Oh, they’re lying so hard about their lack of caring… If they didn’t care, Gattiss wouldn’t have written back, in prose, to a critic and Moffat wouldn’t be like “I don’t understand why no one likes this season” (paraphrasing, of course, but his blasé attitude is SO annoying and pretentious). Neither of them have really, otherwise, done anything but remain in hiding after the fallout of S4. It’s both suspicious and really REALLY annoyingly petty.
  5. Yeah, I STILL am reeling over their complete 180˚ of Mary’s character. It makes no fucking sense; they clearly were combining her character with that of the role of Sebastian Moran in ACD canon, and the arc was going to be brilliant. I have a lot of personal very biased opinions on why they did it, but yeah, it doesn’t make any fucking sense. THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING with her character. That and Moffat is terrible at writing women characters at the end of their arcs. If anything, her character was just unnecessarily shoehorned into a bigger role because they decided last minute to NOT make her Moran after all even though they STILL tied her character to Moriarty in S4. ACD did WAY better with Mary as a background character. And YES, it was SO WRONG of her to be the narrator, just… NO she’s NOT the one telling the stories. Ugh.
  6. Ugh, is there? Okay, look, IF – IFFFFF –  it’s shown in S5 that all of S4 was a ruse orchestrated by mostly her hand, reverting her character back to where it should be, THEN maybe I can accept her back in the fifth season and make her the badass villain she was SUPPOSED to be. I don’t believe she is dead because her gunshot was fake af, although I do ALSO believe that she may have been killed John in the false narrative scenario. If she comes back, it will be to explain her true actions in S4. Otherwise, she’s dead, we don’t need to see her anymore. Flashbacks maybe, but that’s it.
  7. S3 was my favourite season too, but I think that’s a personal bias because I love Sherlock’s character so much and I loved seeing how far their relationship arc progressed. T6T and TLD barely even HAD cases… and TFP, I don’t know her… so I don’t know where this idea came from. The whole season seemed intent on keeping John and Sherlock as distant from each other as possible, making Sherlock the sidekick TO MARY in his own show, and putting “no one asked for this” focus on Mary. Look, I know it sounds like I hate her, but I REALLY DON’T. I hate what they DID TO HER CHARACTER, and trying to call S4 a case-centred series when CLEARLY the case was a moot point in the first episode to Mary-backstory, it’s ridiculous. There wasn’t really a case in TLD – Sherlock was high off his rocker through most of the episode and Culverton did his weird creepy rapey thing. And I don’t even know what the fuck case was happening in TFP. I WANT to trust them to go back to Just The Two of Them Against the Rest of the World (what was that line even, then?!?!), but I fear that they won’t and will find a way to shoehorn another character-we-don’t-care-about *coughs* Eurus*coughs* into the story.
  8. Oh, I don’t think anyone could change Mofftiss’ minds. Look, if Johnlock DOES become canon, it will be because it was the plan all along, but because of how far S4 strayed off the narrative arc, it will look like they did it because of public outcry, NOT because it was their brilliant plan. They should have just stuck to the narrative rather than try for a publicity stunt that will probably work against them in the end.
  9. Tough to say about S5. There are reports about it being already commissioned, but I fear the negative reception may keep Martin and Ben far away from it if it turns out it really is a face-value series. I don’t know. BBC seems proud of what they got, so probably will get one. It’s one of the BBC’s top-rated shows (I think pre-S4 it was higher than Dr. Who), so who knows.
  10. Hahaha nope, I don’t think so. I USED to think we would, that Mofftiss were better writers together and would at least round out all the plot holes, but… S4 leaves me skeptical on a lot of things.
  11. I REALLY do think that they think we like the plot twists rather than the stories. Like… no. People were watching for the relationship, whether they knew it or not, platonic or not. The story of two men with the greatest friendship / relationship of all time. Not for … whatever the hell TFP was.


He’s Got You High

For @a-simple-rainbow. ♥♥♥

She wanted something based on this post: Kurt sends an email to his TA while high on pain meds after a wisdom teeth extraction.

read on AO3

Blaine is in the middle of his theatre history class when his phone signals a new email in his inbox. Discreetly hiding the phone from his instructor’s view by keeping his hands behind a stack of textbooks on his desk, he goes to his email folder and checks the sender.

It reads, Kurt Hummel.

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Unbreak My Heart


“I’ve fallen in love with you” She says through sobs. He looks over at her from his spot on the end of the bed, and just shakes his head.

“You can’t love me. We’ve been over this. I’m not the relationship type. We agreed this was nothing more than sex when this whole thing started between us” He simply replied, noticing more tears falling down her cheeks.

Wiping the tears off her cheeks with the sleeves of the sweatshirt she was wearing which happened to be his, she picked her head up, before her feet hit the ground. “Then we’re done here. Whatever this was is now over”

“You don’t mean that” His face suddenly fell, his whole body turning towards where she stood.

“I do mean it. We both knew something like this was going to happen, so I’m ending this now. When we’re at work, we act professional, other than that we have nothing to do with each other” She replied sniffling.

He shook his head. “Don’t do this”

“I didn’t do anything. I wanted to mean more to you then just a fuck buddy, but it’s clear that all you want is to run around and fuck everything that walks like a little boy. Grow up. I’m done with this, and I’m done with you” She added in, grabbing her bags, and taking a last look at the guy she’s fallen for, leaving him and her feelings for him behind.
That was a year ago, and Braylin Crawford could not be happier, with where she was in her life. She had asked for a leave of abscense for that time, just so she could get her head right. She had been at the performance center, working with the trainers, hoping to get back into ringshape. Working with the girls down at NXT Braylin not only got herself back to where she was, she also helped the other girls, moving them along in their training, with her being in the business for a little over 5 years.  Each day she had gotten back to her old self, leaving that depressed girl she had become in the past. The doctors had kept a close eye on her, making sure not only was she working on her ring technique, but most importantly, making sure she’s healthy.

A full year. That’s how long it took her to get back to the ring. It was currently Wrestlemania weekend, and she was set to return to the ring the Monday after Mania. No one knew she was making her return, and she decided to keep it a secret. Stepping out of the taxi, she paid fare, sent the taxi driver a quick smile, before shutting the door. With her suitcase handle in one hand, and her bag in the other, she made her quick entrance in to the building, where NXT Takeover Orlando, was being held that night. With a flash of her employee badge to the guard who stood by the door at the back of the arena, and the clacking of her heels on the floor beneath her, she was in.  Looking around she saw people running around, trying their best to  make sure everything was perfect for the show that night. Superstars and divas ran around the backstage area, putting the finishing touches on their ring gear, and going over last minute strategies before their matches. Pulling her suitcase along with her as she walked, making sure she didn’t get in to anyone’s way as she walked through the backstage area. Heading towards the lockerooms, she quickly waved hi to everyone working, before finding Triple H’s office. Knocking softly, she heard a very faint ‘Come In’, as she opened the door. Triple H was sitting at his desk, phone in hand, and he was writing something down on the pad in front of him. Braylin patiently waited, not wanting to inturrupt his phonecall. Leaning against the doorframe, Braylin looked around the office, her eyes stopping on a poster of him. The guy that broke her heart a year ago. It felt like he was smiling through her, so she decided to concentrate on something else.

Triple H hung up the phone and turned to the brunette standing in the doorway.
“Braylin what do I owe the pleasure of you visiting?” Triple H asked.

“Well, I’m sure you talked to the trainers, and also the doctors, and I was just wondering if it’s okay for me to return to the ring” Braylin simply replied, making her way into the office.

Hunter got up off his chair, and walked to where she stood. “I not only talked to the trainers, but the doctors as well, and I’m pretty sure, you’re cleared to return to the ring this Monday night on Raw” Hunter added in, with a smirk.
Braylin squealed, as she ran over to where Hunter was, and hugged him lightly. “Thank you so much Hunter. I really appreciate it”

“No need to thank me. I’m excited to see what you’ve been up to since last year. I’ll be in contact with you, when I get more details" Hunter simply said, as he put out his hand.

Braylin nodded, before shaking Hunter’s outstretched hand, and with another smile, she walked out of his office. Pulling her suitcase behind her, she walked the rest of the way down the hallway towards catering, where she saw some familiar faces. Liv Morgan sat in the table with Aliyah, and Ember Moon, caught up in their own conversation. Setting her suitcase against the wall Braylin walked towards the girls table, and cleared her throat.

“Hey girls. Room for one more?”

“Braylin!” Liv yelled jumping out of her seat and hugging the blonde with everything she had in her.

“Liv can’t breathe” Braylin replied with a giggle, as her friend let her go.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry” Liv quickly said pulling back from Braylin, as she was pulled into another hug with both Ember and Aliyah.

“What are you doing here?” Aliyah asked excitedly as the girls all sat back down at their table.

“Do you really think I was missing Takeover? I haven’t missed one in 3 years, and I’m not going to start now. I’m excited to watch ms. Ember kick some serious ass tonight” Braylin grinned, fist bumping Ember.

All 4 girls sat and chit chatted about what was going in their lives, catching up with each other. Braylin knew the subject of him who should not be named would be brought up, and Braylin secretly prayed the subject didn’t come up within the conversation.

“BC” Braylin heard from behind her.

Turning her head, she saw Johnny Gargano standing there with a grin on his face. “JGar” She replied standing up, before hugging him.

“What’s up Blondie?” Johnny asked, hugging her back.

“Came back to visit. Needed to come see if you can still wrestle” Braylin giggled.

“Ha Ha” Johnny rolled his eyes. “Catch up later?”

“Of course. Tell Candice I said hi, and that I miss her”

“Will do” Johhny quickly said, before leaving with his tag team partner. Braylin sat back down at the table, as her head looked towards the doorway, and a familiar face walked in. Braylin’s face fell, and she prayed he didn’t see her.  

Finn Balor walked in to the catering area with Shinskue Nakamura at his side. The 2 were enveloped in their conversation, when Finn locked eyed with Braylin. It had been a year since he’s seen her, and to say he missed her was an understatement. Finn turned to his friend, and said he’ll be right back, as he made his way over to where Braylin sat.

“Bray” Finn said softly.

“Hi Finn” Braylin replied with the same tone in her voice.

“You look good. It’s been awhile”

“Yeah it has. I should really get going. I have to get situated into my hotel. It was nice seeing you. I’ll see you girls later” Braylin told her friends, and then giving Finn an uneasy smile.

Walking slowly out of the catering room, Braylin grabbed her suitcase, and wheeled it behind her, dragging it down the hallway, away from everyone. Leaning against the wall, tears started to well up in her eyes, as her mind went wandering back to the memory of the days of her leaving Finn behind, and how it affected her.

The first couple of months she had a hard time at work. Her matches haven’t gone as well as she wanted them to. She would hibernate in her hotel room, not wanting to be around people. Her friends, and everyone in the company was worried about her. She was usually the happy go lucky girl that everyone loved, but people could see something was seriously wrong with her. She stopped eating, and spent as much time in the gym as she could, that sometimes she would make herself sick. The lack of sleep was getting to her, and her body was shutting down. Health officials took notice, before taking action when she passed out in the middle of a match with Bayley. Everyone in the arena, everyone backstage, and even the audience was stunned at the scene in front of them. As Braylin was being taking out on a stretcher, her best friend Sasha Banks, rushed to get into the ambulance with her. Braylin layed still, hooked up to wires, as her eyes were still tightly shut. Her mouth was slightly open, and her breathing was very ragged, but her chest was still steadily moving up and down.  After being taken to the hospital, she was given fluids, to keep her hydrated, and even though Braylin told Sasha to leave, and that she would be fine, Sasha objected, saying she would only leave if Braylin ate something. Braylin quickly agreed and ate soup and crackers to make Sasha happy.

Staying in the hospital for 5 days, Braylin was discharged when she was finally healthy enough to stand on her own.  The first couple days spent at home, was her mostly taking it easy, and sleeping alot to get her sleep schedule back on track. Sasha checked in on her reguarly, through facetime, text messages, and phonecalls. Eventually her eating habits came back, and she was moving forward, making her back to feeling like her old self. Finn had left several voicemails, along with tons of text messages, when she finally blocked his number, and all of his social media, so he had no way in contacting her, and that was that, because she hasn’t heard from him, and she kinda liked it that way.

Braylin didn’t think seeing Finn again would make her so upset, but here she was crying all alone in an empty hallway. The man she loved, and still did to this day walked over to her like nothing happened between them, and she was not sure she liked that. All Braylin knew was that on Monday, they would be co-workers once again.



anonymous asked:

have you got another Dylan headcanons?

OKAY so I have a lot of headcanons but a lot are like just short ideas so I’ll just give you a list of some of my favs

-          If he hadn’t gone into medicine, he’d probably have ended up doing a doctorate in History or something because he loves the past and history and the difference between the two, and he’d probably be the professor who wears tweed and has a pair of horn-rimmed glasses who knows EVERYTHING about like literally everything you could ever think of

-          Dervla’s more than just a pet to him, and one time she gets sick and he doesn’t know what to do, because it’s as if she’s his child, and he rings Zoe in a panic like “she’s got a temperature and a poorly foot and I think she might have a lung infection” and Zoe just takes a deep breath and is like “why do you think she’s got a lung infection?” and then reminds him that something called a vet exists and he’s like…oh shit yeah I forgot about that

-          He’s a fan of Ed Sheeran, more so than he’d be willing to admit

-          He doesn’t tend to celebrate his birthday, because of a poor family situation as a child, but for his fortieth the team decide to organise him a celebration, Dylan Style. So there’s no party (because a) the last Party they had coincided with a car going off a cliff and b) that’s not Dylan’s style) so there’s just a bunch of them sat reading and drinking whisky sitting in silence listening to music, until Dylan just tells them all to start talking bc he appreciates the fact that they actually did something he wanted for a change

-          His biggest pet peeve is people who don’t appreciate what they’ve got.

-          Helping people is the reason he went into medicine, and so any form of unnecessary bureaucracy (read Sam Strachan) irritates him no end, and he just wishes that each department could get enough funding without stupid meetings and proposals and stuff because the patients are the most important things

-          Now that Zoe’s gone, he actually really gets on with Connie. They differ on some things, of course, but he knows that patient care is at the centre of her ethos, regardless of whatever else is going on in her life, and they share a lot of the same interests. With a few differences, they’re almost the same people

-          He’s one of the strongest, most vocal Labour supporters in the department (they’re all Labour, with a few Lib Dems and Greens thrown in for the fun of it)

-          He perpetually doesn’t understand the department’s need to bet on EVERYTHING but sometimes he participates, not because he actually really cares about the result, but because he wants to mess with the team

-          He’s taken a step back from some of the team and its fun-ness since the whole Seb thing, because even though they’re great people for the most party, he can’t quite get over the fact that nobody supported him against the allegations. And he’s beginning to deal with this a bit better, but it’s always a niggle in the back of his mind

-          His holidays always seem to fall between January and the end of March, when Connie realises that he’s got like the full entitlement left and makes him book them all

-          Rihanna is his favourite child ever, and he’s actually started to book off her birthday week because he wants to spend time with her – though it’s a “passing fondness” if anyone else asks him

-          He hates running, but Elle makes him get involved with the Holby City Consultant Running Club that they make Connie establish, because they don’t want her to be sad and alone

-          He cares a lot more than he’s willing to admit

Okay so here’s a long and probably rambling meta on Julian Bashir because I have a lot of opinions and emotions about the genetic engineering plotline and I want to sort them out

if any of you haven’t watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine then you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about have a great day whoo

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Open myself up

So, before you start reading this post I’ll explain to you all why I am posting this. What you are about to read is basically the most important thing about me. It’s my personality which I am going to open up to you. Why do I do this? So, I’m part of this fandom for about one or one and a half year now and I realised that this is the most heartwarming, respectful, understanding and couragous group I’ve ever joined. Reading post about so many others made me realise that I am not alone with my past. And this is kind of good, I guess? So I am posting this in the Thomas Sanders section for two reasons: Reason 1 is that you all are the most understanding people because you are like me. And the 2nd Reason is that Thomas is an important person for me, but I’ll explain this later.

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Escape; pt.7

Reader x Jungkook // (???)!AU // 5166 words

Summary: Everyone has a number over their heads that says how useful they are to society from 0-100. You have a number ‘4’. You leave the city for some peace but you meet your cocky neighbor who seems to get on your nerves.

Genre: Fluff?

Y/L/N refers to your last name/family name

A/N: Please read part 6.5 before reading this or else the first half of this chapter won’t make sense aha. Weeeow sorry for the late update! Was busy crying over the comeback and everything lol. This is unedited bc I’m so bzbzbz so i’ll come back to read through for mistakes I promise.

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 6.5 // Part 8 // Part 9


Even though he could feel the impending chaos that was about to descend on him, he only had one thought as he slowly sunk down to his knees.

Who the hell is ____?

You had always found it odd how your parents held that 4 above your head against you, you always caught the look of pure disappointment whenever they talked to you or about you.  You always knew your parents harboured some sort of unreasonable hate towards you and you never understood why.


You had been made aware many times before that the 4 floating above your head represented death. You always assumed that they meant it signified the death of your parents’ dreams. You never imagined that it represented an actual death.

Your parents sat in the doctor’s room and you came in sight on the ultrasound. Your parents were overjoyed, ecstatic even.

“Hold on, I think that I’m hearing two heartbeats here,” The doctor said.

Your parents watch the screen carefully, not fully understanding the situation at hand.

“There are 2 heartbeats! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N! You’re having twins!”

They could see the both of you clearly now, two globs on the screen, two globs that they would soon be able to hold in their arms.

Your parents had decided not to tell anyone that they were having twins. Having twins in a family with high numbers was extremely rare. There had always been rumours of the capabilities of twins being able to share their brainpower and that prospect alone had excited your parents so much. That along with the high-potential stipend would have made your family essentially unstoppable.

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anonymous asked:

ahhhhh thanks so much for the Peter headcannons!!! they're so lovely honestly and I'd hate to ask for more but I am bc what you come up with is literally amazing. do you think you could do some about peters school life? thanks again! <3

Thank you, anon. Also, this got a little long again? Um. My bad. I just have too many of these headcanons and zero impulse control.

  • One of Peter’s first friends ever? Little Flash Thompson. I’ve seen my share of Flash Thompsons in Spidey media, but in a few they kind of imply that Flash and Peter were best friends at one point, and I love that. They lived nearby, Flash used to visit the Parkers after school and loved Peter’s kind Aunt and Uncle asking about his day and genuinely caring about the answer (since his home life is… not so good…), and he and Peter were the best at make believe. Peter never really wanted to be the main hero, so he’d let Flash be the superhero with a towel tied around his shoulders and underwear over his jeans, while Peter donned a costume lab coat and swimming googles and cackled and pretended to be his enemy, an evil mad scientist. Aunt May loved it. She has the photos. 
  • Also: Peter wasn’t picked on that much in early school, because you bet your butt baby!Flash is protective as hell and will Fuck You Up if you touch his teeny tiny, less athletic friend
  • When they grow apart and adolescence turns Flash into an asshole, Peter will murmur childhood secrets into Flash’s ear when he passes them in the hall. Throw spitballs at his head in chemistry, and Peter will glide past Flash at his locker and whisper, “You may have gotten past my invisible pet dragons, but you’ll never stop my custard murder bomb in time, Captain Marvellous Underpants!” And Flash blanches and looks frantically around to make sure no one heard, because no one can know about Captain Marvellous Underpants and his arch nemesis, Doctor McBrain, Parker, you fucker.
  • Peter skips class. A lot. He never used to, but then he found his independence and began to treat the city as something to explore rather than something to struggle through. Rarely in middle school, but then later, when his Uncle dies and he takes on all these responsibilities, he constantly skips out during lunch breaks and doesn’t come back. Or comes late. His teachers have taken to looking surprised when they take attendance and he’s there, like, “Oh, Mr. Parker, you’ve actually decided to grace us with your presence?” And everyone snickers, and Peter siiiiighs, bc it’s not even like he misses that much, come on
  • Also: Peter’s grades slip post-Uncle Ben. He’s one of those assholes that doesn’t really need to study much to get an A+ but you do actually need to be in class and be paying attention and actively doing some homework to pass. He’s just. He’s just so distracted these days. His senses are dialled up too high, and he’s busy thinking about new suit improvements or ways to take down the latest villain on the block and how to avoid the police, and there’s this sucking, empty hole called grief in the pit of his stomach that takes his attention, and it’s really really difficult to think about history beneath all that. So. His grades slip. The school calls his Aunt, who is Not Happy. They let him go for a while, some leeway in the aftermath of his Uncle’s tragedy, but eventually the school and his Aunt starts cracking down on him. So Peter starts doing his homework by torchlight. He forces himself to pay attention in class. People start seeing Spider-Man crouched on building rooftops with a copy of the Great Gatsby and a fistful of highlighters.
  • Pre-Spider-Man Peter is a giant nerd. Like, hair combed back and clothes clean and science textbooks bundled under one arm. Post-Spider-Man is, if anything, even more of a nerd, but he doesn’t really look it. The thing is? Skipping class and letting your grades dip so dramatically and walking around with that distracted, faraway look in your eyes, wearing clothes that are rumpled at best (from being stuffed in his bag after quick changes in alleyways or rooftops) or that smell of smoke (from house fires) or have holes or blood stains he’s failed to notice at worst? Walking around with healing black eyes and bloodied knuckles from punching super-villains through walls? Yeah, people are going to take that badly. Peter does his best to clean up his act - wearing thick sweaters and fingerless gloves to cover up cuts and bringing a comb to school - but nonetheless, lots of younger students start being scared of him. His classmates know he’s the same embarrassing, harmless dweeb, but some middle schoolers think he’s ‘rebellious’ looking and the more timid ones flinch away from him. When Peter notices, it kills him inside. So he pulls out the soothing voice he takes to spooked civilians and the soft grin and the bad, Spidey-esque jokes and talks to them. Walks them to class. He’s only a sophmore himself, but he’ll be damned in he lets anyone hurt or tease the younger kids. Peter Parker, who stands up for the little guy even out of the mask, who’ll unflinchingly stand up to mean seniors who are picking on crying preteens even if it means getting beat up, because he’s gone up against super-villains, so do your worst, he dares you. Peter Parker, who the younger students stop being afraid of and start looking toward for help with bullies and homework and a kind, slightly distracted smile. Peter Parker being mistaken for a Dangerous and Rebellious Teen when he’s distracted with superhero business, but then being understood as a a protector, a big brother, a friend when he pulls out his personality and puts himself in the moment.

requested:Hi:) Can you do 39? Joker leto does something that hurts y/n like cheat with harley or something whatever you want:) and she leaves but months later he finds her at some club and wins her back?// Can you write an imagine where Joker leto cheats on y/n with harley and it hurts her so much she leaves but months later he finds her in a bar and wins her back somehow —–guys i conbined these two together bc of thier similaries. 

“God I hate you so much!” (Y/n) yelled throwing a bottle of bourbon at him, he dodges it with ease looking up at her. “Doll come on it’s not like she means anything to me.” He yelled looking down at her, Harley a couple feet away watching the scene unfold. “Puddin who is she?” Harley kept on asking, “I swear if you ask that fucking question on more time I will cut you.” Y/n growled, Harley let out a gasp as she clung onto J, “Ahhh” she yelled before running at (y/n) grabbing a knife. J’s hand shot out grabbing it as a crack was heard, “Dontcha dare put your grummy hands on her.” Y/n smirked looking down at her, “get” he gestured as both of them heard the door closed. “Doll you said do whatever it takes to escape.” He pointed out, this angered you. “I didn’t mean screw your psyche doctor .” You mumbled as he pulled you against him, “she doesn’t me a damn thing my Queen.” She didn’t believe him, how could she when the poor girl was totally infatuated with him.

J thought everything was alright but boy was she wrong. Around midnight as J was taking a shower (y/n) packed a bag and left.

It had been two months since you left Gotham and you had found a little place down in Central City working in a coffee joint called Jitters. You were finally making a decent living, that was until you heard someone come in. “Boss wants you back.” You heard a voice call out as you began cleaning the empty tables. “You scoffed looking a Frost, “then why’d he send you, instead of coming his self?”, “he thought you would just run away okay kid.” You knew Frost was right before you even decided he began to speak again. “He knew you’ve been here for the last six months (y/n) he let you calm down before even talking to him. He’s never shown so much restraint before.” You stayed quiet for a minute when you heard the door ring signaling someone’s entrance . “My answers no John. He cheated.” You mumbled, your friends had walked in as Frost left. Y'all talked about how there’s a new club opening in downtown, decided drinking and dancing were the best way to forget, you agreed.
After a couple of shots, you finally decided to call it a night. “Cass I’m going home.” You yelled over the bad music, instead of driving home you decided to get a taxi. Leaning against the stone wall of the building waiting for the taxi, a group of guys walked passed you whistling all you could do is roll your eyes. “ hey ma.” The first one smirked blocking you in as the began to circle around you, “my boyfriend’s coming out.” You rolled you eyes, theses dumbasses didn’t care. As the first one decided to start touching your hair, this hits a nerve. You began to attack them knocking out most of the before getting hit in the back of the head. You began to struggle against the guy on top of you until you left the weight lift off. A gasped escaped as you saw a set of ice blue eyes before passing out.

When you finally decided to wake up, you noticed you were back at your apartment. “Morning Queen.” You heard J whisper as he handed you a pain killer, you wanted to hate him so much even after everything you couldn’t bring yourself to. “I’m sorry, she doesn’t mean anything.” He cried, it was the first time he actually showed a shred of dignity before hugging him.


Author: really-meg

Pairing: Reader X Stiles

Rating: NSFW

Warnings: Lots of sexual tension/ frustration

Word Count: 3,172

A/N: I really liked the idea of this so I decided to write it. It also sucks but we're gonna push through it. This was also the Stiles imagine I had mentioned earlier. This is based in season five and when I was editing this i realized it made no sense for them to be in Mr.Harris class or to have him at all bc hes dead and shit but just ignore that. This is also not void Stiles i just liked the gif.

You were all sitting on the couches in Scott’s living room. Stiles to your left with Liam on his left. Kira and Scott were cuddled up on the loveseat with Lydia on the opposite couch with Malia. You had all been talking about normal teenage stuff for one of the first times in what seemed like forever. You had just defeated the dread doctors and you were all just chilling. Pizza had been ordered, there was music playing in the background and red solo cups littered the table. You watched as he laughed at what Liam had just said a glow in his eyes and you felt the same pang in your heart, the one that you had felt for years. You were completely in love with you bestfriend. Of course he had no idea, he would always think of you as a friend but you always admired him.

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anonymous asked:

andreil coffee shop au?? maybe neil is a barista at starbucks and andrew is a huge fan of the birthday cake frappacino??

first; im so sorry this took so long. exams.

second; i started writing it from the middle to end in full-fledged fic format (quite long too acc) but i have the beginning to write and its in hc format because fic format will take too long?? sorry, i hope you like it babe! (it’s v long yikes)

in this au, aaron doesnt play exy. he is a doctor and lives in nyc with katelyn. 

  • so we all know andrew minyard packs the weight of the northern hemisphere inside of him in sugar 
  • he likes going to coffeeshops in south carolina and all but recently a starbucks just opened on campus 
  • so andrew’s like ‘yeah why not let’s try it’
  • so he’s just entered the shop and hes looking at the menus and stuff and a certain neil josten (cute new barista boy with dusty hair and delicate hands and artistic cheekbones) smiles 
  • and andrew’s like lmao i might as well play pro exy just to earn enough money to buy this branch so i can be manager and stare at this smol (yet physically tol) boy all day
  • but yeah its about coffee okay 
  • so he pushes his thirstiness down and continues ravaging the menus when w h o do you know, neil walks over and him being an excellent reader of people and gr88 at customer service, goes 
  • “hello, were you looking at anything special today?”
    • and andrew’s mind’s like yeah you 
    • if it was anyone else, he’d glare but this boy’s smile is too pretty to scare off so andrew goes “actually, it’s my first time here.”
  • neil: “oh wow, well if you dont find anything, i highly recommend the birthday cake frappuccino. you’d like it, it’s super sweet”
  • and andrew’s face goes a little ?? because how would this stranger know he’d like the sweet 
  • and nei understands and goes “oH I watched your interview.”
    • andrew: ?
    • neil: youre andrew minyard right 
    • andrew: “uh”
    • neil: exy 
    • and for a second, andrew forgot he’s famous in the media bc lbr he doesnt care about exy or fame 
    • and andrew doesnt understand why they put such weird stuff on his interviews like drink preferences but okAy aNYWAYS 
  • he’s like, “uh yeah sure” 
  • so this happens and andrew comes the next day and neil says hi again and goes “the birthday cake?” and his smile is so wide, andrew has to gulp and he can barely manage a “yes” because this boy is like a fairy wtf 
  • eventually, neil and andrew somehow get to have a convo (neil is a nerd™ but andrew’s okay with it. talking to neil about exy is the only time andrew likes exy. but thats okay too because slowly, he realizes he likes neil too.)
  • until one day, they’re sitting on the curb behind the shop during neil’s break when andrew goes: [initiate fic]

“Coach’s forcing everyone to go to some Winter Banquet in Georgia,” Andrew says and he’s playing with the straw in this drink.

“I see.”

Andrew wants to run away because this was a bad idea but if he doesn’t say it now, he never will, so he tries to speak against the rocks in his throat.

“Have you ever been to Atlanta, Josten?”

Neil looks up in surprise, a little struck that Andrew was asking to take him, no matter how deluded the question was. It was still there, hanging in the space between them, biting at Andrew’s nerves every second that Neil didn’t respond. There were about one hundred and forty-two bored comebacks on the tip of Andrew’s tongue if Neil said no, but the reply was just, “No, but I’d like to.”

  • sorry little interruption here: 
    • neil the nerd’s initial thought process was like “woAh am i going to meet all the exy warriors??? is this it?? is this real? is this happening to me??”
    • but he decided that wasnt why he said yes, because exy was cool but andrew was better and lowkey neil’s andrew minyard greatest stan bc best goalie in the league™ but he wont admit to that yet
  • bac k to the story 

Andrew considered that a victory and gave Neil his barely-drank drink to Neil before leaving.


Winter banquet, according to Palmetto’s athletes, is on December 3 and its only November 26 when Neil throws yet another cup labelled ‘Andrew’ in the trash, to join the remaining 9. His manager might actually fire him for plastic wastage like that. Andrew had asked him to Winter Banquet and when Neil looked back, Andrew had seemed pretty content with Neil’s answer, but that didn’t line up with the fact that Andrew had not returned for the past week. It’s terrible, Neil thinks, waiting for someone to validate you, and decides perhaps Andrew wasn’t such a great decision after all. The burning in his chest says otherwise.

On the eleventh day, the glass revolving door beckons the entrance of one Andrew Minyard and Neil smiles despite himself. He walks over to the frappuccino-mixer to get the Birthday Cake rolling when he sees Andrew’s companion. Andrew strolls towards a table with a tall girl in a Vixen uniform with soft eyes and Neil knows it’s probably a teammate until she grabs his hand and he lets her. His stomach feels weak with his the hopelessness of his hope. The smile Andrew gives her is wide enough to burn his own away. Andrew doesn’t as much as look at Neil. He also doesn’t order the Birthday Cake Frappuccino because the girl takes care of it. Another cup lands in the trash and Neil thinks getting fired right now would at least give him some time to sleep all of this out.


The next time Andrew walks in the door, he has a bandage across his cheek. Neil shouldn’t care, but he does, but at least he doesn’t say anything about it. No cups are thrown because Neil doesn’t care enough to make an unasked drink for an unasked-for boy anymore. He continues to serve other customers and forces himself to not look in Andrew’s direction. When Andrew gets up to order, Neil’s supposed to be on break but for unholy reasons, Dan has pulled Matt out to the back of the building with her and Neil doesn’t want to imagine why. There aren’t a lot of people around but Neil just wants to breathe in the air for moment. The remaining thick air in his lungs evaporates when Andrew makes his way towards him and Neil wishes he had the choice to not serve customers he didn’t like.

“Neil,” Andrew says, and Neil gives him the most cool, levelled gaze he can muster.

“What would you like, today?”

Andrew frowns at that, but presses on, anyway.

“The Birthday Cake. I thought you knew it was my usual.”

“No, didn’t really know anything, actually,” Neil retorts calmly and gets to work. Andrew presses his fingers against Neil’s when he’s handed the drink because he can feel there’s something wrong but words aren’t his forte and he hopes Neil will talk to him. The flinch of Neil’s hand stings a little, but he decides he’ll ask him on break.


Matt comes back from the back with mused hair and Neil grimaces but goes out back and pulls a cigarette out of his pocket. He’s sitting on the same curb where Andrew had asked him, lied to him, a week ago when there’s footsteps behind him but he ignores them. His cigarette is pulled out of his fingers and he turns around, annoyed to see Andrew settling beside him on the curb.

“I’d like to know why you’re suddenly avoiding me.”

Neil gives him a brief, bored look.

“I’m not. And that was mine.”

“I would care, but I don’t.” He carelessly flicked the cigarette away, causing another scowl to form on Neil’s face.

“Did you change your mind.” Neil raises his eyebrows in confusion and Andrew looks a little annoyed so he continues, “About going.” He doesn’t say “with me” because articulating the fact that Andrew wants Neil to “go with him” makes it real and senseless and Andrew does not work with flustering statements.

“Why, did the Vixen reject your messed up face?,” he said, motioning towards his face to indicate Andrew’s bandages.

Now it’s Andrew’s turn to look confused and he goes, “What? The bandages? I was smashed by a Raven. And what Vixen? I don’t like their excessive and quite frankly, unnecessary enthusiasm.  The only person looking at my face for a week has been Abby.”

Neil is annoyed and frustrated that Andrew’s making him go around in circles and he came here for a break not to be bothered by a hallucination of a relationship. White lies from Andrew also don’t help so he gets to the point with poison lacing his tone.

“Cut the crap, Andrew. The Vixen; the girl you brought yesterday. Spoiler alert: not ordering by yourself doesn’t make me not see you. Lying to me also doesn’t make you any more admirable.”

The Vixen thing was weird for Andrew but the addition of “girl” puts everything into perspective and despite himself and the knot between Neil’s brows, Andrew laughs, a weird, sour thing, because its open and unguarded and infuriating. Neil grunts in annoyance and finally gets up when Andrew gets ahold of himself and grabs his wrist.

“You saw Aaron, Josten.”

Neil raises his eyebrows in silent question but doesn’t pull.

“Who’s Aaron? I saw you.”

“Aaron’s my twin brother.”

Neil’s eyebrows somehow shoot higher in his dusty hair and he asks, “You have a twin?”


“And you never told me.”

Andrew gets up but let’s go of Neil’s wrist.

“Well I would, but I got hospitalized for a week so I didn’t have time to clarify concerns while you thought I was making out with my doppelgänger’s girlfriend.“

Neil frowned.

“I thought you were being the ‘arrogant, blonde prince of Exy’ and lying to me.”

“That’s repulsive. Never call me that again.”

“That’s what the media calls you, Minyard.”

Andrew smirked, “‘Andrew’ should suffice. You might get confused with the ‘Minyard’ thing again at Winter Banquet and make out with the wrong twin.”

Neil’s stomach churned with satisfying adrenaline and he entwined his fingers with Andrew’s before replying with, “Nah, if you had a twin, I’d still choose you.”

“You’re disgusting,” Andrew replied with the mockery of spite. A beat. Then, “And so is this god awful drink,  drink it for me.” Neil frowned but took the drink for him regardless.

“But you’ve been ordering it for over a month now.”

“Yeah, because you’d recommend it so viciously every day. I like artistically sweet things, not truck loads of liquid sugar. I also hate birthdays.” Andrew didn’t look bothered at this inconvenience though, so Neil was astounded, and amused and touched all the same.

“You’re disgusting,” he replied in mockery.

“And yet, you’d still choose me,” was Andrew’s response.

Gemlock Headcannons

So I am blaming anotherwellkeptsecret and her Sherlock/Steven universe posts being all over my dash for these but I just needed johns backstory

–So John is only part gem (bloodstone) but how did the gem shard embed itself? Heliotrope was the original gem and she was part of johns medical team (heliotrope was a healing gem used to stop bleeding)
–They come under heavy fire in Afghanistan and they were both wounded. Heliotrope’s gem was hit shattering a piece off the main stone disrupting her form but she knew she could save john and john could go on to save more people.
–John is fading in and out of consciousness from the blood loss/shock and barely notices heliotrope crawling towards him with something in her hand
–heliotrope saying it’ll be okay and inserting the gem shard into the hole left by the bullet with the strength she has left before her gem breaks fully. All that’s left of her is healing John and fusing him with the gem and she hopes it works because she knows she won’t be coming back this time
–John waking up in hospital with a green and red rock fused to his skin and the doctors at a loss for what to say but that it looks like someone tried to solder his wound closed with hot bloodstone
–John being invalided home because of the shock and the tremor and the psychosomatic limp (but heliotropes gem was in her leg and the shard remembers the pain)
–John wandering aimlessly through London so he doesn’t have to go to his bedsit and he happens upon a violent attack against a young kid and he charges to protect them and he feels the stone in his shoulder responding and he doesn’t think he just holds out his hand and the gun appears, scaring off the muggers and leaving him more confused than ever
–John trying to find out information on what the heck is going on and comes across Ronaldo’s video on the beach city ‘crystal gems’ and he starts to piece together who heliotrope really was and what he is now
–John trying to come to terms with the fact he is no longer fully human and what he needs to do about it or if he should do anything and that’s when he runs into Mike and meets Sherlock, and after he shoots the cabbie (finally getting used to pulling a gun from thin air) he sees Sherlock’s gem and knows what he is
–Sherlock telling John all about gems completely oblivious that John knows most of it but he still acts amazed because he truly is and he can’t believe that he’s part of Sherlock’s world more than Sherlock knows.
–Sherlock telling John his gem name is labradorite but how he hates the name so he decided to choose something unique and just for him. His body too was chosen to make him stand out from other gems who tended to choose feminine forms and how gems don’t really have gender the way humans do.
–mycroft figuring it out right away what John is and lording it over Sherlock when he talks about strange things John does like how quick he is with his gun and his stitches that get removed after only a day etc
–Sherlock and John drunk (mostly John, Sherlock just likes pretending to be drunk too bc John opens up more that way) and John saying something about how he never learned to dance
–Sherlock who loves dancing (but not with other gems because he doesn’t want to fuse with them) thinking there won’t be any harm in teaching John some steps in his drunken haze
–the two of them spinning around clumsily and Sherlock looking into johns eyes and thinking maybe fusion wouldn’t be awful with John and John wishing the dancing was more coordinated so he could do the fusion thing Sherlock had told him about.
–them spinning around and staring at each other when all of a sudden they fuse accidentally and only realising it for a second before they break apart and Sherlock starts freaking out about how johns part gem and how did he miss it and why didn’t you tell me John and John just amazed at having been more than himself for that moment they were together so he grabs Sherlock and kisses him and tells him everything

michael had all but accepted that his last relationship would be just that for the next thirteen years - his last. part of him accepted that miserable thought - he could’ve sworn evan’s mom was his soulmate, his forever. he felt it in his bones every time he was around her or even thought of her. he was ecstatic to hear about her pregnancy two years into their relationship but as it turned out, things changed. they apparently didn’t know each other as well as they thought they did and things ended sourly when evan was only two, a brief custody battle before split custody was agreed upon. it killed michael, knowing that evan would have to go through two homes, two rooms - practically two lives - but the only other option would’ve been to give him up completely. and that wasn’t happening. he was only twenty-three but he knew he could never turn his back on his son, regardless of how bad things went down between his mother and him.

you and michael had met not long after he moved in with the mother of his child.

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No one in particular asked: “i had to be ur fake boyfriend/girlfriend bc some creep was hitting on you and it was making you uncomfortable and now i have busted knuckles and a cut lip but hey are u okay” au, but I wrote it anyway.

“I have to do something,” Skye fumes when she notices the uncomfortable look on the face of the girl across the bar. She has been watching this thing go on for about five minutes, which seem about five minutes too long. His lingering touches, the worried frown on her brow, her fake laugh, the way he leans into her and she backs off, shaking her head. But he simply won’t stop trying. It’s gross, and it makes Skye furious.

She’s not necessarily talking to anyone in particular. She walked into this club to ask if they had found her wallet last night, and they had, so she was about to leave when she saw this happening. She ordered a beer with some change she, surprisingly, found still in her wallet and hung back at the bar.

She can’t do nothing.

So she does something.

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anonymous asked:

top clara/doctor (11 & 12) moments :) i'm on a claraxdoctor mood


  • “Is there a word for total screaming genius that sounds modest and a tiny bit sexy?” “Doctor. You call me the Doctor.”
  • actually basically all of their flirting without ever actually seeing each other
  • run you clever boy and remember
  • “Oh, Oswin. Oh, you did it to them all. You beauty.”
  • “Nice name. Clara. You should definitely keep it.”
  • “Doctor who?”
  • that whole scene on the cloud
  • “Pond.”
  • that scene where he’s waving up at her window like a dumb lovestruck teenager or something
  • “I am your governess’s gentleman friend, and we’ve just been upstairs kissing!”
  • the actual kiss
  • “You’re going to have to take those clothes off.”
  • the bit where they’re throwing the umbrella back and forth bouncing off each other
  • (really i should just say all of The Snowmen it’d be faster)
  • “My eyes are always front.” “Mine aren’t.”
  • “I never know why. I just know who.”
  • “WILL YOU COME AWAY WITH ME?” *lies on the floor forever*
  • “We saved the world, Clara, you and me. We really, really did.”
  • “Where are you going?” “To find her. To find Clara!”
  • “Clara Oswin Oswald! Watch me run.”
  • the whole phonecall
  • the fact that he TURNS UP ON HER DOORSTEP
  • “Not this time, Clara, I promise you!”
  • “You’re safe now, I promise.”
  • “Is it like a snogging booth?”
  • “I can’t fly a plane! Can you?” (and, later, “I learned to fly a plane.”)
  • okay look this is going to take forever bc EVERYTHING IS MY FAVORITE let’s try and narrow it down even more
  • the whole scene in the TARDIS where he asks her to come with him and she LAUGHS IN HIS FACE MY QUEEN and then tells him to come back tomorrow
  • rushing to his side in Rings of Akhaten
  • “You. No one else. Clara.”
  • the way he clings to her after the confrontation with the Ice Warrior
  • “Saved the world then?” “Yep.” “That’s what we do.”
  • all of Hide. ALL OF HIDE but especially “Everything ends.” “No, not everything. Not love. Not always.” and “This isn’t a ghost story, it’s a love story!” (that cocky smirk she has at the end god bless)
  • “You’re like one of those guys who can’t go out with a girl unless his mother approves.”
  • “You meant the ship. I meant Clara.”
  • the scenes on the cliff and in the heart of the TARDIS (i still maintain that the heart of the TARDIS is one of the most gorgeous scenes ever bc all the white and the suspended blast and man i love it) “you are beautiful”
  • like honestly can we talk about the fact that the Doctor was apparently like “ah yes clearly the best idea here is for us to pretend to be married it’s definitely a good idea and will work”
  • the whole nose tap and forehead kiss and basically actually acting like a married couple tbh
  • “Who’s Clara? Why are you thinking about her so much?”
  • remember when the Cyberplanner decided that the best course of action out of literally everything it could find in the Doctor’s brain was to flirt with Clara BC I DO
  • he definitely didn’t want her to marry Porridge lbr (and the blocking on that scene was fab)
  • this girl literally flung herself into his timeline to save him AND HE FOLLOWED HER KNOWING HE MIGHT NOT SURVIVE i wish i was dead
  • “Clara! My Clara!”
  • that whole beginning scene in the TARDIS in DotD where they’re definitely married
  • “Be a Doctor.”
  • that cheek kiss tho (it’s more a corner of the mouth kiss really)
  • “Emergency. You’re my boyfriend.”
  • “I’m an English teacher from the planet Earth and I ran off with a man from space because I really fancy-”
  • “Why did you send me away?” why am i lying face down on my carpet
  • “Were you always so young?” “Nah, that was you.” listen listEN I CRY OVER THIS ON A DAILY FUCKING BASIS
  • she pleads for his life AND THEY LISTEN
  • remember the way Twelve immediately zeroed in on her like she was the only thing in existence
  • “If Vastra changed, if she wasn’t the person you… liked….” and Jenny’s having none of that bs “I don’t like her, ma’am, I love her” and you’re in love too so don’t pull that with me
  • “If there was anyone who could flirt with a mountain range, she’s probably standing in front of you right now!”
  • how many times will i cry over the phone call? the limit does not exist
  • “I don’t think I’m a hugging person now.” “I’m not sure you get a vote.”
  • “Clara Oswald, do I really not pay you?” “You couldn’t afford me.”
  • all the Clara/Marian and Doctor/Robin Hood parallels tbh
  • “When did you start believing in impossible heroes?” “Don’t you know?”
  • “Do you have your own mood lighting now? Because frankly, the accent’s enough.”
  • she literally influenced his entire life and is the reason why he calls himself the Doctor DON’T TOUCH ME
  • “Beat that for a date!”
  • “You’re wearing a different coat!” “You saw right through that.”
  • “How can you think I’m her dad, we both look exactly the same age!”
  • that fight at the end of KtM was painful but important and v good
  • look lbr they were about .5 seconds away from banging against a wall all through MotOE so idk what you want from me
  • “I love you.”
  • “Then what are you waiting for?”
  • Clara with the tiny TARDIS was adorable.
  • “What are you a Doctor of?” “Of lies!”
  • “I could save you.”
  • on Clara’s balcony watching the trees disappear
  • “Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?”
  • she knows his entire history and i think that’s beautiful (especially since, given that her memories of her echo lives seemed to be sort of fuzzy, he probably TOLD her all of that)
  • “his best friend in all the universe”
  • “to save her soul?”
  • these idiots pulled a fucking Gift of the Magi on each other i hate them both
  • her faaaaaaace when she saw the Doctor again/got back in the TARDIS (Last Christmas breaks me it really does)
  • “How do we kill it?”
  • “Clara Oswald, you will never look any different to me.” THIS IS NEXT-LEVEL ROMANCE SHIT AND HE JUST SAYS IT LIKE IT’S NOTHING
  • “There was one other man. But it never would’ve worked out.” “Why not?” “He was impossible.” LITERALLY THE DOCTOR WAS THE ONLY OTHER MAN BESIDES HER DEAD BOYFRIEND SHE’D EVER MARRY HOW DO PEOPLE STILL DENY THIS IS A THING
  • “Please. Don’t even argue.”
  • literally on his knees beGGING FOR HER LIFE

oh god this is so long i’m so sorry anon

epicnessmonster-deactivated2015  asked:

Hmm, I saw you following me and I also saw that you were a BTS scenario blog, so I decided to ask you for a scenario! c: One where Taehyung's girl has personality disorder so she just sort of zones out on him and quietly hums a song? I loved the Jimin smut bc asdfghjkl;

Dark Lullabies

“Hey, do you want—,” I began, and then stopped, noting the familiar humming sound emitting from those pink lips.

Sighing, I squatted in front of her, waving my hand in front of those already far off eyes; she was zoning out again. She’d been getting worse, maybe it was stress, or work, or me—that one stung like the prick of a bee upon my skin. Squeezing her hand, I slumped down, leaning my head into her helplessly, waiting until she returned to me once again.

The song was always the same: a lullaby that her mother used to sing her. Those eyes glazed, resembling two marbles in her skull, locking themselves onto a spot upon the wall unmoving, until finally, she broke free from this spell. It wasn’t time specific and could last for hours, but I was willing to wait forever for her. I loved her; I really did—no matter what.

This disorder she dealt with was only one small part of her, and if she was willing to look past all of my flaws and still love me, then so would I for her. Outside of this ‘second personality’, she was the sweetest, cutest, and most fun person I had ever had the pleasure of being surrounded by. Gentleness and kindness were second nature to her, and that was something I rather admired about her through all of this. However, it did not make it easy to watch this happen; to lose the girl I’d fallen so hard for, whom I had given my heart to.

“Come back to me,” I murmured against the skin of her knee, clenching my eyes shut and clawing my hands into the carpet beneath me.

Moments like this were never easy for me. They left me desperate and helpless, but I could never hold such things against her. It wasn’t in her control; it wasn’t her choice.

“Taehyung,” that soft voice echoed in the stillness of the room, her eyes fluttering quickly, readjusting to her surroundings as she woke from that terrible dream she always said she felt when this happened.

“Yes, I’m here,” I smiled, unlatching my fingers from that softness below me, and brushing the tips of them against those rosy cheeks.

“I had the worst dream just now,” she whispered, shaking off the sleepiness, and stretching long arms over her head.

“You did? Tell me about it,” I replied, sitting next to her upon the plush sofa, sinking into the cushion.

“There was this song playing behind this closed door, and when I pressed my fingertips against the wood, I saw…,” there was fear in her eyes, as always when she relived this moment, but the doctors said it was important for her to talk about these things with me; however, I found it hard to press such issues when they made her like this.

“It’s alright, I’m here now. I’ve got you,” I kissed her hair, enjoying the softness against my mouth, before pulling her into my embrace.

“I feel better when I’m with you, Taehyung,” she sighed, falling into me.

Smiling happily, I rubbed her arm with one hand soothingly, pulling her tighter into my hug, and then flipping on the television, “Let’s watch some TV, that always puts me in a good mood.”

A small giggle erupted from her mouth as she teased, “Ok, as long as it isn’t anime or comic related, we can watch TV.”

Pouting cutely, I whined, “Aww, but that’s 90 percent of what I watch!”

Kissing my cheek softly with smooth lips, she laughed, “It’s one hundred percent. And, I know it is your favorite, I’m only teasing. Let’s watch something fun.”

Leaning back, I smiled broadly, happy to have my girlfriend back, but waiting for it to come to an end at any given moment. It never lasted this way; that song always made its way back to her lips. Just keep coming back to me, always.


Sorry, I know it is short, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! If you didn’t please let me know and I can rewrite your scenario! Much love!!