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phil’s been grumpy & having an attitude all day so dan wears really pretty short black lacy rompers that shows his bum perfectly and phil is drooling but dan walks around and is all “nah don’t touch me” and teases but never gives in until phil just looses it and rips it off of him and fucks him on the nearest surface until he couldn’t walk the next morning

I’m so sorry this took so long but it’s done! These are the pair I wrote him in, if you’re interested. Also I threw in some dirty talk for good luck.

Phil’s been in a mood all morning and frankly, Dan’s over it. He could tell it was going to be one of these seasonal Grumpy Phil days from the moment the older boy woke up. Dan was already down in the kitchen making his first of many coffees when Phil came padding down the stairs, looking like a hurricane had taken him during the night; black hair mussed up in a sort-of quiff, glasses askew, and a face like thunder. Dan’s greatest fear was confirmed when he had handed Phil his mug of coffee and hadn’t received his usual kiss of thanks, but instead a vague grunt. He’d then just shuffled into the lounge and collapsed onto the couch, and when Dan asked if he wanted to watch the new Attack on Titan episode he’d just grumbled a ‘sure, whatever’.

It’s not that Phil is particularly nasty when he’s in these moods – not like Dan, who can make you cry with one look when he’s shitty – but he’s just no fun. He just sulks quietly to himself for a day or so before bouncing back to his energetic self as if nothing happened. Admittedly, Dan thought it was horrifically cute the first few times it happened, cooing over Phil’s jutted bottom lip and furrowed eyebrows. But they’ve been together near on eight years now and Dan still hasn’t figured out what puts Phil in this mood or how to get him out of it, and that’s probably the most frustrating part of it all.

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time is relative and we’re all on the road to our inevitable doom, but at least you make this pointless journey a little more worthwhile for all of us, so thank you for blessing us with you existence and happy birthday @danielhowell​ 

Birthday Girl

Dan x reader

Request- Anon:  Can you write a smut were dan gets the reader something special for their birth day, like a sex toy or something kinky idk, and they play around with it please and thank you

Warnings- smut, swearing

sorry that i took forever to write this, dear anon. Sorry it’s bad lol

request more things guysss



You open your eyes and you’re greeted with (your boyfriend) Dan’s peaceful face. You yawn and adjust your position slightly, the movement causing Dan’s sleepy eyes to flutter open.

“Happy birthday, y/n.” Dan mumbles whilst pulling you into his chest.

It’s nice to know his first thoughts of the day were about you.

You move closer to him and tuck your head into the crook of his neck. A comfortable silence settles over the room once again before three knocks erupt from the door.

“Yep.” You yell, moving to sit up, Dan coming up with you.

“Happy Birthday, y/n!” Phil tells you enthusiastically, a smile covering his face and a tray of breakfast in his hands.

“Thanks Phil!” You reply, smiling as well.

He sets the tray on your lap and steps towards the door.

“Got any plans today?” He asks.

“Well, my mum wants to see me, but that’s it.” You tell him. He nods and points a thumb behind him to the lounge.

“So do you both want to watch a movie later?“

Both you and Dan nod, Phil smiles and leaves the room, shutting the door behind him. You look down at your food and start to eat. Dan attempts to take sneaky bites of your pancakes, but fails. It just results to you feeding him and spilling syrup down his chin which you both laughed at.

“So, I have a few presents for you.” Dan starts, a cheeky smirk painting itself onto his face. “You get two now, and the others tonight.” You nod and set the empty tray on the bedside table.

“Also I’m taking you to dinner.” He says as he gets out of bed and makes his way to his wardrobe.

“Dan this is very unnecessary.” You tell him. You loved when Dan was cheeses, but dinner with him usually ended up with him teasing you.

“I know, but the second present you are getting is for me as well.” He admits, “And dinner goes with it.”

You sigh and shake your head, causing him to laugh as he returns to you with a small black paper bag. He pulls out a small wrapped box and hands it to you. You tear the paper back and open the box.

“Oh my God, Dan.” You gasp, taking the bracelet from the box and attaching it around your wrist. It was black material braided in a pretty way that attached with a silver clasp that had rainbow edges. “Thank you so much it’s amazing.”

Dan knew you don’t like fancy jewelry as the just make you anxious and afraid you would break them. So this was a perfect middle.

“No problem, princess.” He replies, kissing your temple. “Now for your second present, I need you to lay down and close your eyes.”

You do as he says and feel him take the duvet off of your legs and hear him take something from the black paper bag. You feel him hovering over you and move your shorts and panties down your legs. He spreads your legs and runs a finger over folds before pushing into you, causing you to moan. He covers your lips with his and kisses you roughly, making your more and more aroused as he adds another finger, then another. He thrusted his fingers at a quick pace, bringing you to the edge before removing his fingers from you. You whine into the kiss and open your eyes.

“Eyes closed, love.” Dan tells you and you sigh, closing your eyes. You feel something cold press against you, an odd contrast to your burning core. Dan pushes the vibrator into you and pulls your panties and shorts back up your legs.

“Alright y/n, time to get ready.” Dan says, ignoring that he just put a vibrator inside you.

“Dan the fuck is this?” You ask, moving your hips into the bed and moaning as the device moves inside you.

“Don’t wear anything to fancy, the restaurant we are eating at later isn’t bad. I know you don’t like extravagant places.” He says, turning to you. “But, you have to wear a skirt or shorts and no panties.” He tells you.

“Why should I listen to-” You moan loudly as the device inside you starts vibrating at an high rate, stopping after a few seconds.

“That’s why. Do as I say and you won’t be teased as much today. But if you disobey me… He moves closer to you, pulling you off of the bed and close to his tall frame. “You won’t like the consequences, princess.” He moves away from you and starts to his wardrobe, pulling on some skinny jeans and a black t-shirt. You groan and move to get dressed. As Dan moves to the door, he turns the vibrator back on at the lowest setting, causing you to stop in your tracks and bite your lip to hold in a quiet moan. You turn to look at Dan, expecting him to turn it off again, but you are met with a smirk.

“And remember my rules. You don’t get to cum unless I say so.” He smiles at you and leaves the room. The hum of the vibrator sending small waves of pleasure through you as you feel it start to go faster.

You finish getting ready and head to the lounge where you are met with Dan and Phil on the couch with your favourite movie waiting to be played. You sit down next to Dan, but as you sit the toy was pushed in further a bit, causing a quiet moan to escape your mouth that Phil thankfully didn’t hear. Dan, however, did. He looks over at you, pulls you into his side with an arm around your shoulders, and reaches into his pocket. He pulls out a small remote and turns of the toy, pushing the remote back into his pocket.

The movie was, to your enjoyment, completely voided of teasing from Dan. You managed to stay in the same position, not moving much at all as to minimize the chance of the device moving inside you.

After the movie, You and Dan leave to your mum’s to visit her, making it there with little teasing. Dan knows from experience not to try anything around your family, so nothing happened. It was a good day so far, but once 5 p.m.

Dinner was filled with Dan turning the vibrator all the up and making you order food for yourself. It was Dan moving his hand up your thigh and pushing the vibrator into you until finally in the cab he turned it off.

You both enter your room when Dan tells you to sit on the bed before pulling out that black paper bag. He takes out a set of ropes, a gag, and a blindfold before pushing out back on the bed.

“Time the best present, birthday girl.”

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I heard about the prompts for Dan's birthday, so how about either of these choices? 1. All of the Grumps give him a special present each from their own heart 2. Some great Egobang (because why not?)

I pretty much did both! Gotta drop Egobang in there because I’m 100% certified egobang trash!

Brian -

Dan looks at the rectangle package Brian has handed him. It’s wrapped in plain blue paper, and scribbled in the top left corner are the words “Happy birthday, dick.” He knows immediately that it’s a book, and if it’s a professionally bound copy of The Beej, Dan might actually go to jail for second degree murder.

“Of course you got me a book,” Dan says dryly.

“Open it, you idiot,” Brian tells him, and Dan sighs dramatically, if only to annoy Brian a little bit more.

His sass evaporates immediately upon tearing off the wrapping paper, however. Tears immediately well up in his eyes and he has to set the book down next to him on the couch because of how bad his hands are shaking.

It’s a signed, first edition copy of “The Last Unicorn.”  

Brian grunts from the impact of Dan practically tackling him and hugging him tight. “Happy birthday, Danny,” Brian says, petting Dan’s hair.

“Thank you.”


Later on in the day, when he sees Audrey, she excitedly gives him a stegosaurus plushie and wetly kisses his cheek before running away, cackling.

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Foxes Carnival AU

I wrote this for @itsbeaconhillsbaby ages ago when she got obsessed with the Foxes and an episode of Scream where they went to a carnival so I came up witht his and it didn’t start out being Neil’s birthday surprise but that’s how it ended up so tah dahhhhh, you’re faves go to the carnival and it’s really cliche and they’re all disgustingly cute. 

• So Dan and Renee know that Neil’s birthday is coming up and they want to surprise him and do something he hasn’t done for years
•  The carnival has rolled into town and they decide that it’s a perfect birthday trip
• Dan goes to Wymack and explains their plan but asks him to tell the rest of the team it was his idea and that it’s a team bonding exercise
• Wymack grudgingly goes along with it knowing the rest of the team will want to kill him but it’s all for the sake of his smol son Neil so he can’t say no
• Predictably the team are pissed.
• Well Kevin is. He keeps complaining that the trip will waste valuable training time
• Andrew sits in murderous silence, Neil beside him
• Neil doesn’t say anything but he’s trying to hide a smile
• Nicky is beside himself, bouncing around like a kid at Christmas and funnily enough Matt and Allison are the same
• Aaron walks out halfway through this display and Wymack threatens him with a marathon if he doesn’t turn up and he doesn’t reply but everyone knows he’ll be there
• On the day, the foxes all pile into the bus and Kevin is still moaning until Renee tells him that the Trojans are going to be there as well
• Suddenly Kevin thinks that going to the carnival is a really great idea and it’s a constructive way of getting the team to bond
• Nicky is behind Kevin on the bus and he spends half the journey saying shit like: Mr Kevin Knox that’s got a nice ring to it. Thank god gay marriage has been legalised in all 50 states
• The other half of the journey he spends turning round in his seat to look at Andrew and Neil who have taken up their usual place of residence at the back
• He calls to them: There’s lots of dark corners at the carnival boys, maybe you can find somewhere other than the shower to jerk each other off. The rest of us have to use the bathroom in the morning too!
• Wymack is pretending to be deaf
• Dan and Matt are silently laughing
• Allison is listening to her headphones so loudly they can all hear what song she’s listening to
• Aaron keeps shooting Nicky death glares
• And Neil has a hand on Andrew’s arm, not restraining him but just reminding him that he’s there, that Nicky’s harmless teasing doesn’t have to end in violence
• Anyway they eventually arrive and they all pile out of the bus and at this point Dan calls a team meeting
• This is where she tells everyone this trip has nothing to do with team bonding and that it’s Neil’s birthday surprise
• Neil is all blushy and smiley
• Andrew is glaring but restraining himself from kissing Neil cause he looks so damn cute
• Kevin is literally about to blow up but then Jeremy ‘Ray of Sunshine’ Knox appears and drags Neil into a huge hug and he’s clapping Kevin on the shoulder and they walk off talking Exy and Jean who was lurking behind Jeremy, is chatting to Renee, tugging at the Trojans jacket he’s wearing.
• (The jacket is totally Jeremy’s and he made Jean wear it because Jean hardly ever wears any colour other than black and man he looks super hot in that jacket and Jeremy likes showing off his boyfriend ok)
• Whatever, all that’s going on and Neil’s just standing there overwhelmed by how much he loves his family and Andrew tugs on his sleeve and starts to walk away and Neil is about to follow him when he sees Nicky looking and he just sends him a warning look and Nicky shrugs and jumps onto Matt’s back and they head off into the carnival whooping and hollering because they are precious children who really love the dodgems
• Andrew takes Neil round the side of the bus and Andrew’s leaning against it and Neil’s like ok Yes or No and for once Andrew says No and Neil’s like shit
• But Andrew just demands to know why Neil didn’t him it was his birthday?
• Neil’s completely taken aback, as if something like that would matter to Andrew
• But he’s like idk everything got weird when I officially became Neil Josten and I didn’t even remember it was my birthday and it doesn’t even matter Andrew
• But Andrew thinks it does and he’s pissed because he didn’t remember either
• So when Neil asks Yes or No again he says Yes this time and grabs Neil and pushes him up against the side of the bus and they’re kissing for far longer then either of them mean too
• Eventually they break it off cause this is supposed to be a day out to the carnival and they’ve not even made it to any of the rides
• Renee and Jean are still talking when they reemerge from behind the bus so they all walk in together and nobody mentions Neil’s mussed up hair or the fact Andrew’s armbands have got all twisted
• By this time everyone else has disappeared into the carnival
• Wymack’s having a drink cause to be honest that dude is not paid enough to handle this shit
• Aaron, Nicky and Matt are all on the Dodgem’s. Nicky keeps smashing into the hottest boys and then flirting relentlessly while Aaron is using it to relinquish some of the anger he permanently drags about with him
• Dan visits the fortune teller and has her fortune told before decking a guy who’s behind her in the queue because he starts making sleazy comments about what could be happening in her future if she joined him on the ghost train
• There are some Exy fans at the carnival and they recognise Dan and they overhear what goes on. They just step over the guy groaning on the floor and ask for Dan’s autograph and photos
• Neil, Andrew, Renee and Jean find Allison at a shooting gallery and she bets that Renee can’t hit all the targets
• How much do you want if I fail?
• A kiss will do
• Nobody reacts to that and Renee takes up one of the BB guns and manages to hit 17 out of the 20 targets
• Neil suspects she missed the last three on purpose
• Renee puts down the gun, kisses Allison and then they saunter off together to find Dan
• Jean is awkwardly standing with Andrew and Neil until Jeremy appears once again, slinging an arm round his shoulder
• Kevin’s with him and he’s in much better mood (Of course Jeremy didn’t buy him an alcoholic beverage. Of course Jeremy didn’t encourage Kevin to drink it and then ask him to finish his own drink as well…)
• Neil and Jeremy get talking about an upcoming match and Kevin’s bouncing around talking about the game plan and the defence tactics
• And then Neil suddenly notices Andrew is holding one of the BB guns and the guy at the gallery is asking him to choose a toy
• Neil thinks Andrew is going to rip the gun from its wire and keep that as a toy but instead he points at an ugly looking fox plushie which he proceeds to throw at Kevin’s head
• Josten, there’s your present. Cheap and ugly just like Kevin!
• Neil has to swallow his laughter because Kevin looks scandalised but he actually carries the fox around for the rest of the day even though he could put it back on the bus for later
• As it starts to get darker, all the lights come on at the carnival and most of the foxes have made their way to the merry go round where Nicky is gaily going around and around singing very loudly and making the rest of the team grimace
• Neil keeps eyeing up the Ferris wheel but he doesn’t drag Andrew on it because he knows Andrew hates heights
• But Andrew catches him looking and he’s the one to shove Neil into the line and when Neil protests he just looks at him and says 96%
• So Neil shuts up and they get on and of course they get to the top and it breaks down so they’re stuck and Andrews shaking from the adrenaline rush. He hates it but at the same time he feels so alive and Neil’s gushing about being so close to the stars and shit and he keeps looking over the edge and waving down at the other Foxes who have gathered at the bottom of the broken ride
• Andrew drags him back each time he does it because he doesn’t like the feel of the cold air rushing past whenever Neil shifts away from him and Neil senses his anxiety and buries his face into the side of Andrew’s neck with a whispered yes or no
• It’s a yes of course because if anything makes Andrew feel more alive than the fear of plummeting to his death from a great height it’s Neil Josten
• So they’re stuck up there for like a half hour but they stop noticing after a while because they’ve got nothing else to concentrate on but each other
• When they finally get back to the ground all of the other Foxes are trying to corner them but Neil rushes Andrew off
• TO BUY HIM CANDYFLOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHich is obviously one of Andrew’s favouritist things in the ENTIRE world because it’s 98% sugar but he doesn’t get to eat it because you can only buy the really good stuff at the carnival and he probably hasn’t ever been to the carnival before because he had such a shitty childhood but he knows, goddamn does he know that carnival candy floss is going to be almost as good as that little noise Neil makes whenever they kiss and the feeling of Neil’s body pressed against his and omfg he’s in love with it before he even tastes it 
• Andrew needs a shit ton of sugar after being so high up for so long and when the foxes reunite, he’s shaking from the amount of sugar in his blood. He’s practically jumping out of his skin and Neil’s holding another whole bag of candy for the bus back and he’s halfway through eating a pretzel
• Kevin reprimands him for eating crap but Neil doesn’t care because to be honest he’ll still be on top form tomorrow and Kevin knows it
• They gather everyone up and get back on the bus and even Jeremy and Jean and some of the other Trojans squeeze in as well and before they set off, Wymack pulls out a huge cooler and dumps it in the middle of the aisle and it’s full of drink and they crank up the music on the bus and they head back to Fox Towers singing and drinking and shouting happy birthday at Neil who’s squashed in beside Andrew.
• And Andrew is too hyped on sugar to even notice that he’s touching Neil’s hands and playing with the hem of his t-shirt and he doesn’t join in with the others but he’s not bothered when they shout stuff at him
• There’s a huge night of partying when they arrive back at the Tower and Dan is so drunk she starts going over one of her old strip routines and Matt is beaming and cheering and doesn’t even care when Allison starts sticking dollar bills in Dan’s shorts
• Nicky is trying his best not to get roped into a game of spin the bottle but he gives in and ends up kissing several Trojans only to disappear off to Skype Erik and warn him that he’s very drunk and very stupid
• Renee and Jean are playing cards which turns into another sort of stripping game when Dan gets her hands on them and before long Jean is striding around the place in nothing but his pants and Jeremy’s eyes are so wide and he practically falls apart when Jean starts whispering to him in rapid French
• They disappear shortly afterwards
• Neil leaves Andrew to talk to Aaron for a bit although that just involves a lot of glaring and few words but whatever Neil’s just happy they’re in the same room
• He goes round everyone thanking them and hugging people and laughing and even dancing occasionally and he starts wondering whether Andrew is any good at dancing and he’s so tired but he doesn’t want to go to sleep ever again
• Until he finds himself being shaken awake because he dropped off while chatting with Matt in the kitchen and Matt’s grinning at him and tells him that Andrew went through to the other apartment and Neil refuses to leave at first because it’s his birthday party and shouldn’t he be there but Matt just lifts his eyebrow and is like seriously dude? Are you asking for trouble. Go get some
• So Neil sneaks out although he needn’t have bothered cause nobody’s even looking because they’re all playing a drunk game of charades
• Next door Andrew’s sprawled out on the sofa still making his way through Neil’s bag of candy
• Neil asks him to shove up but Andrew won’t so Neil steals the bag of candy from him and starts rummaging around and Andrew leaps up so fast and Neil’s laughing and he pulls out a sherbet straw and starts pouring it into his mouth but Andrew knocks his hand aside so the sugar goes all down the neck of Neil’s tshirt and then Andrew’s tasting the sherbet on Neil’s lips and kissing it off of his neck and then pulling up his tshirt so he can make sure he didn’t miss any and Neil’s so ecstatic and drunk and tired and happy that he just lets Andrew take him apart for the remainder of the night.

Written in Ink

Another prompt!! 

Summary: They say when you turn 24 the name of your lover appears somewhere on your body. Phil passed 24, 4 years ago, but his best friend and fellow house mate Dan Howell has his 24th birthday coming up. What will happen when Dan questions Phil about his tattoo and why he always keeps it hidden, and after 4 years, why hasn’t he told anyone whose name is on his body?

Word count : 2990

Warnings: just cuteness.. a bit of sad but soon gets fixed. 

They say when you turn 24 the name of your lover appears somewhere on your body, you couldn’t pick that place your body itself would chose it for you. A lot of people said if you wished hard enough for it to be in a certain place, it would appear there, but there was no proof as to if this was real or not. Most people anticipated the time when the name would appear; many held celebrations and ‘hunts’ the morning of their 24th to find their soul mates.

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Mr. Birthday Boy

A/N: ugh I KNOW THIS IS 2 WEEKS LATE but my fucking laptop broke down to the point it wouldn’t even turn on. plus, it’s never too late for a good ol’ t!fic, now is it? ;)

Genre: SuperFluff

Warnings: Cute lil Phil on his birthday aww


Birthdays were something Dan never really made a big deal about.

Sure, he’d enjoy his own birthdays growing up (there was nothing disappointing about finally being “one year older”, really) and he’d always had fun at his friends’ birthday parties when he was invited, but he never saw them as a huge deal.

That is, until Phil suddenly became 98% of his existence. When they met, they were both still within the ‘young adult’ years and no one outside of their families took them seriously. But ever since, Phil’s twenty-fifth birthday, things suddenly started to change.

After Dan had done a bit of research online, out of curiosity mind you, he saw that people stopped seeing others as ‘young adults’ after they turned twenty-four. It was as though the second you turned that age, you suddenly had a grip of reality and the real world and “why don’t you have your life together, already?”

At first, it threw Dan into a frenzy, panicking and anxiously wondering why the hell there was actually a set time-limit to being young and stupid and fuck, Phil was already out of time.

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Fortune -Phan

Disclaimer: I don’t own Dan and or Phil nor anyone associated with them


Summary: After hearing that Dan will fall to some type of misfortune, Phil starts becoming increasingly overprotective of Dan, 


“I swear Phil, I don’t know why you convinced me to buy this stupid thing they never work.” Said Dan, as he looked down at the lotto ticket, normally Dan wouldn’t have bought one. His birthday was coming up though, and Phil said that it might make him lucky so he bought the thing. Not that they ever worked, Phil smiled and listened as Dan continued on when he saw a fortune telling booth. His eyes immediately lit up. 

“Dan let’s check it out!” He exclaimed, grabbing Dan’s wrist and pulling him over. 

“Seriously Phil? When has a psychic ever predicted anything that actually happened. It’s all smoke and mirrors.” Said Dan, ever the skeptic, Phil smiled and rolled his eyes affectionately. Even though Dan doubted the supernatural and was more into science and facts, who was the one who was scared of the dark and little Japanese ghost girls? HE then recalled something that made him smirk. 

“I predicted meeting you, didn’t I?” Asked Phil with a cheeky sort of smirk, recalling that video, immediately Dan’s face turned bright red. 

“Sh-sh-shut up, just…just go get your palm read or something.” Said Dan very flustered while Phil chuckled. Dan looked at him and smiled softly, honestly he did think it was kind of funny that Phil had predicted meeting him all those years ago. Maybe it meant that fate had brought them together for some reason, and they were meant to be together. He followed Phil to the booth, an old woman in a tattered moth eaten shawl was there at the table with a crystal ball before her. Dan’s brown eyes immediately began inspecting the small area, and from the corner of his eye he saw her glare at him. He looked at her, and she turned her attention to Phil who was inspecting everything with wonder. 

“ Welcome sweet child, what can I do for you?” Asked the old woman in a very bad, very fake accent. 

“Hi, I’m Phil and this is my boyfriend Dan I was wondering if we could get our palms-”

“Wait our? Phil, I didn’t agree to this.” Said Dan, when the old woman chuckled. 

“ It wouldn’t have worked with him anyway, the third eye may see all, but even it can not see into such a dirty soul belonging to one whose heart is dark and whose mind is clouded with doubt.” Said the woman, and Dan immediately turned to her his eyes narrowed and Phil’s eyes widened. 

“ Um, excuse me? My soul is not dirty and my heart is not dark….but I am filled with doubt. You really expect me to believe you can really tell the future?” Said Dan with a small doubtful chuckle. The woman narrowed her eyes and Phil held Dan’s hand not liking the way she was looking at him. Immediately the woman placed her hands over the crystal ball, her gaze flickering to the left of Dan to an unstable statue near the entranceway of one of the shops. 

“ I see it, you will fall under great misfortune….and then…death.” Said the woman, Phil gasped and looked at Dan who rolled his eyes and shook his head. 

“Well, that was intentionally vague.” Said Dan, taking Phil’s hand and walking away. 

“Dan, “ Said Phil worriedly, Dan chuckled and looked into Phil’s eyes. 

“Phil, I’ll be ok nothing will happen to me.” Said Dan reassuringly when the two of them heard something creaking and groaning. Dan slowly looked back, as the wires on one of the statues over the entrance of a shop began to break break. Immediately Phil pulled Dan out of the way as the wires snapped, and it came toppling down nearly missing Dan. Dan looked back at the woman who smirked at him. He shook his head and immediately looked to Phil who was still holding him. 

“Phil?…Phil….are you ok?” Asked Dan.

“That was almost you….you almost….” Whispered Phil, Dan shook his head and hugged him. 

“I’m right here Phil, I’m ok…I’m ok.” Said Dan softly, as Phil hugged him tightly. Dan’s gaze went back to the woman who still smirked smugly before turning back to her crystal ball. He sighed softly, and held Phil’s hand tightly.

“Let’s go home Phil.” Said Dan, Phil nodded and he remained silent all the way out of the shopping center. Honestly it unnerved Dan, he wished Phil would say something. He stepped out onto the street to hail a cab, when he heard a horn honking. 

“Dan!” Yelled Phil, Dan looked and Phil pulled him back narrowly avoiding being run over. The older man’s jaw dropped, and his face went extremely pale. That’s when it hit him, Phil was dwelling on what the old woman said and these coincidences were frightening him. 

“ Phil, listen to me. The statue falling, the car, it’s all a coincidence. She probably saw how unstable the statue was, and you know how fast cars go here in London…there is an explanation for everything.” Said Dan reassuringly. He gently placed a hand on Phil’s cheek, and tenderly rubbed his thumb on Phil’s cheek. His brown eyes looking into Phil’s incredibly worried blue ones. Phil immediately placed his hand over it, and held it tightly…he knew they most likely were coincidences…or not…still…Dan almost died, he could’ve been squashed underneath the statue or flattened by the car. 

Thinking about what could’ve happened well…..what if Dan did die, he didn’t know what he would do if that happened. Once the taxi was here, Phil kept a firm grip on Dan’s arm, all through the ride, his blue eyes watched the cars go speeding by as if waiting for one of them to crash. Once they were in the flat, Dan let go of Phil’s hand. 

“I’ll go make us dinner.” Said Dan, immediately Phil placed a hand on his shoulder. 

“No!” He exclaimed, the kitchen was full of knives and a stove, and honestly he did not want to leave Dan alone there. Dan held back the urge to sigh, he knew that Phil was very paranoid right now. So he took his hands and led him to the lounge where they sat down. He took off his shirt, and lightly pressed Phil’s ear against his chest. 

“What’re you doing?” Asked Phil with a small chuckle. 

“ Just go with it.” Said Dan, knowing this was silly and kind of cheesy but Phil needed this right now. 

“ Hear that?” He asked before being extremely quiet, Phil listened and smiled softly at the sound of Dan’s heartbeat. 

“Yeah.” Said Phil, wrapping his arms around him as Dan gently ran his hand through Phil’s dark hair. 

“ Death is inevitable, and we can’t stop it….but, I don’t plan on it coming for me anytime soon. You’re going to be stuck with me for a very long time, and it will take more than some fake psychic to get rid of me.” Said Dan reassuringly. Phil nodded as Dan laid down, and Phil laid down on top of him. 

“It’s just…the way she looked at you and, what she said and….what happened. I don’t want to lose you Dan, you mean so much to me and…if something happened to you…I…I don’t know what I’d do. “ Said Phil, his voice cracked slightly, at just the thought of it. 

“ You’ll never lose me Phil, not ever.” Said Dan, Phil looked up at him as Dan smiled at him and gently kissed him. He smiled and sighed softly, he knew Dan was telling the truth. He turned on the tv, and chuckled as on the tv they were announcing the lotto numbers. Dan pulled out the slip and…..none of them were right. The two Youtubers looked at each other before bursting out laughing. 

“Told you these things never work.” Said Dan teasingly. 

“Shut up.” Said Phil with a small pout before smiling at him. Dan smiled and kissed his forehead, as Phil stood up. “I’m going to make dinner.”

Dan smiled and nodded as Phil walked away, Dan got up to get his laptop from his room and change into something else. After pulling on his plaid pajama bottoms, and a random shirt from the pile of clothes on the floor he went to get his laptop….when his door closed. He knitted his brow, and saw that some of the pile had fallen over, and pushed the door closed. He chuckled to himself, and kicked some of the clothes away….but the door wouldn’t open. 

He twisted the doorknob every which way, but it wouldn’t budge…then he heard something crackling. He swallowed the lump in his throat, as smoke was coming from the outlet, he gasped, and immediately began pounding on the door. 

“Phil!! Phil!” He screamed, banging on the door and trying to get it to budge. as slowly, smoke filled the room and it was harder to breathe. He immediately ran to the windows, trying to open them when he saw the woman outside on the sidewalk smirking. He coughed, as smoke filled his lungs….he was going to die. He banged on the windows, trying to break them as the smoke grew thicker and thicker….his vision getting blurrier….he groaned softly, as everything went black. 

Phil hummed as he had on his music on his phone…when he smelled something burning, and it wasn’t the food…he stopped and sniffed, wondering where the smell was coming from. He turned off his music, when the smoke detector beeped and immediately Phil ran out onto the hall his eyes widened when he saw the smoke coming from Dan’s room. 

He ran to the door, calling 999 as he struggled to open it. After telling the dispatcher there was a possible fire, he finally opened the door and coughed as smoke made its way out there he saw Dan on the ground, he immediately rushed to Dan’s side and pressed his ear to his chest. His heartbeat felt faint and his eyes remained closed

“Dan…no…no,no,no, Dan please, you said I wouldn’t lose you.” Said Phil with tears streaming down his face. “ You said I wouldn’t lose you….please Dan, please don’t leave me.” 

He looked up as the fire brigade came, and immediately tried to sort out the smoking outlet that was only minutes away from bursting into flames. He rode with Dan to the A and E,  and waited later out in the hallway as they tried to get all of the carbon monoxide out of his lungs. Phil looked at his hands…..this was all his fault. If he hadn’t gone and dragged Dan to that psychic none of this would have happened….if he hadn’t had that stupid music on then he could’ve heard Dan sooner…..this was all his fault. 

He sniffed and buried his face in his hands, he had almost lost Dan…..what if one day he actually did. What if one day he came home and Dan was dead. He looked up as the woman came over to him. 

“He deserved it.” She stated simply. 

“No he didn’t.” Said Phil immediately standing up. “ I get it, Dan is a skeptic and he probably made you feel bad…and I’m sorry, but he does not deserve to lose his life.”

“ He has a dirty soul, with a dark heart clouded by doubt…but I did not curse him, I saw that the statue was unstable…the car, was usual for this city. As for him being locked in his room, that was not me.” She replied, before turning to walk away and immediately Phil stood up but before he could ask anymore questions the doctor came. 

“ Mr. Lester, we’re finished.” Phil nodded and cast another glance at the woman before going in to see Dan on the bed. 

“Told you I’d never leave you.” Said Dan softly, as he held Phil’s hand. Phil smiled and immediately hugged Dan, bursting into tears. 

“It’s ok Phil, I’m here…I’m here….I’m alive.” Whispered Dan. 

“ I love you so much Dan…I….I’m sorry it’s all my fault I..”

“No, no it wasn’t Phil…everything happens for a reason, but you are not the reason for anything that happened today. “ Said Dan softly, as he cupped Phil’s face his brown eyes looking into Phil’s blue ones. Phil sniffed and sighed softly, as he gently pressed his ear to Dan’s chest and smiled softly at the sound of his heartbeat. 

“ My favorite sound.” He whispered, Dan smiled and kissed his head. Gently running a his fingers through Phil’s hair. 

ATTENTION, PHANDOM (aka operation: Dan's birthday)

As we all know, Dan’s birthday is coming up on the 11th June and I’ve gotten a crazy idea -

Since everyone is going to tweet him or send him some “happy birthday” message why not make it extra special?

Why not create a hashtag #DearDan (or #DearDanHowell) and instead of JUST wishing him a happy birthday, tell him what he actually means to us, what he’s done for us, how he saved us (some of us)

It may be a stupid idea, but don’t you think it’d at least make him smile? To wake up to a flood of messages about how important and helpful he is to us?
If we can get a 100 000 subs to a prank youtube account, I’m sure we can make THIS happen.

Anyone with me?

So, what are we gonna do for Dan's birthday?

It’s coming up. (June 11th, I believe)
I know he a Phil will be in Vegas, so I’m sure any phandom members who are going to TATINOF around that time have something planned, but what about those of us who aren’t?
What will we do over the Internets?
#Dan’s 25th Birthday Surprise

btw, Squish in turning 25

Also not that it matters, cause he don’t know me- but just in case DAN DONT READ THIS