but dans birthdays coming up

Foxes Carnival AU

I wrote this for @itsbeaconhillsbaby ages ago when she got obsessed with the Foxes and an episode of Scream where they went to a carnival so I came up witht his and it didn’t start out being Neil’s birthday surprise but that’s how it ended up so tah dahhhhh, you’re faves go to the carnival and it’s really cliche and they’re all disgustingly cute. 

• So Dan and Renee know that Neil’s birthday is coming up and they want to surprise him and do something he hasn’t done for years
•  The carnival has rolled into town and they decide that it’s a perfect birthday trip
• Dan goes to Wymack and explains their plan but asks him to tell the rest of the team it was his idea and that it’s a team bonding exercise
• Wymack grudgingly goes along with it knowing the rest of the team will want to kill him but it’s all for the sake of his smol son Neil so he can’t say no
• Predictably the team are pissed.
• Well Kevin is. He keeps complaining that the trip will waste valuable training time
• Andrew sits in murderous silence, Neil beside him
• Neil doesn’t say anything but he’s trying to hide a smile
• Nicky is beside himself, bouncing around like a kid at Christmas and funnily enough Matt and Allison are the same
• Aaron walks out halfway through this display and Wymack threatens him with a marathon if he doesn’t turn up and he doesn’t reply but everyone knows he’ll be there
• On the day, the foxes all pile into the bus and Kevin is still moaning until Renee tells him that the Trojans are going to be there as well
• Suddenly Kevin thinks that going to the carnival is a really great idea and it’s a constructive way of getting the team to bond
• Nicky is behind Kevin on the bus and he spends half the journey saying shit like: Mr Kevin Knox that’s got a nice ring to it. Thank god gay marriage has been legalised in all 50 states
• The other half of the journey he spends turning round in his seat to look at Andrew and Neil who have taken up their usual place of residence at the back
• He calls to them: There’s lots of dark corners at the carnival boys, maybe you can find somewhere other than the shower to jerk each other off. The rest of us have to use the bathroom in the morning too!
• Wymack is pretending to be deaf
• Dan and Matt are silently laughing
• Allison is listening to her headphones so loudly they can all hear what song she’s listening to
• Aaron keeps shooting Nicky death glares
• And Neil has a hand on Andrew’s arm, not restraining him but just reminding him that he’s there, that Nicky’s harmless teasing doesn’t have to end in violence
• Anyway they eventually arrive and they all pile out of the bus and at this point Dan calls a team meeting
• This is where she tells everyone this trip has nothing to do with team bonding and that it’s Neil’s birthday surprise
• Neil is all blushy and smiley
• Andrew is glaring but restraining himself from kissing Neil cause he looks so damn cute
• Kevin is literally about to blow up but then Jeremy ‘Ray of Sunshine’ Knox appears and drags Neil into a huge hug and he’s clapping Kevin on the shoulder and they walk off talking Exy and Jean who was lurking behind Jeremy, is chatting to Renee, tugging at the Trojans jacket he’s wearing.
• (The jacket is totally Jeremy’s and he made Jean wear it because Jean hardly ever wears any colour other than black and man he looks super hot in that jacket and Jeremy likes showing off his boyfriend ok)
• Whatever, all that’s going on and Neil’s just standing there overwhelmed by how much he loves his family and Andrew tugs on his sleeve and starts to walk away and Neil is about to follow him when he sees Nicky looking and he just sends him a warning look and Nicky shrugs and jumps onto Matt’s back and they head off into the carnival whooping and hollering because they are precious children who really love the dodgems
• Andrew takes Neil round the side of the bus and Andrew’s leaning against it and Neil’s like ok Yes or No and for once Andrew says No and Neil’s like shit
• But Andrew just demands to know why Neil didn’t him it was his birthday?
• Neil’s completely taken aback, as if something like that would matter to Andrew
• But he’s like idk everything got weird when I officially became Neil Josten and I didn’t even remember it was my birthday and it doesn’t even matter Andrew
• But Andrew thinks it does and he’s pissed because he didn’t remember either
• So when Neil asks Yes or No again he says Yes this time and grabs Neil and pushes him up against the side of the bus and they’re kissing for far longer then either of them mean too
• Eventually they break it off cause this is supposed to be a day out to the carnival and they’ve not even made it to any of the rides
• Renee and Jean are still talking when they reemerge from behind the bus so they all walk in together and nobody mentions Neil’s mussed up hair or the fact Andrew’s armbands have got all twisted
• By this time everyone else has disappeared into the carnival
• Wymack’s having a drink cause to be honest that dude is not paid enough to handle this shit
• Aaron, Nicky and Matt are all on the Dodgem’s. Nicky keeps smashing into the hottest boys and then flirting relentlessly while Aaron is using it to relinquish some of the anger he permanently drags about with him
• Dan visits the fortune teller and has her fortune told before decking a guy who’s behind her in the queue because he starts making sleazy comments about what could be happening in her future if she joined him on the ghost train
• There are some Exy fans at the carnival and they recognise Dan and they overhear what goes on. They just step over the guy groaning on the floor and ask for Dan’s autograph and photos
• Neil, Andrew, Renee and Jean find Allison at a shooting gallery and she bets that Renee can’t hit all the targets
• How much do you want if I fail?
• A kiss will do
• Nobody reacts to that and Renee takes up one of the BB guns and manages to hit 17 out of the 20 targets
• Neil suspects she missed the last three on purpose
• Renee puts down the gun, kisses Allison and then they saunter off together to find Dan
• Jean is awkwardly standing with Andrew and Neil until Jeremy appears once again, slinging an arm round his shoulder
• Kevin’s with him and he’s in much better mood (Of course Jeremy didn’t buy him an alcoholic beverage. Of course Jeremy didn’t encourage Kevin to drink it and then ask him to finish his own drink as well…)
• Neil and Jeremy get talking about an upcoming match and Kevin’s bouncing around talking about the game plan and the defence tactics
• And then Neil suddenly notices Andrew is holding one of the BB guns and the guy at the gallery is asking him to choose a toy
• Neil thinks Andrew is going to rip the gun from its wire and keep that as a toy but instead he points at an ugly looking fox plushie which he proceeds to throw at Kevin’s head
• Josten, there’s your present. Cheap and ugly just like Kevin!
• Neil has to swallow his laughter because Kevin looks scandalised but he actually carries the fox around for the rest of the day even though he could put it back on the bus for later
• As it starts to get darker, all the lights come on at the carnival and most of the foxes have made their way to the merry go round where Nicky is gaily going around and around singing very loudly and making the rest of the team grimace
• Neil keeps eyeing up the Ferris wheel but he doesn’t drag Andrew on it because he knows Andrew hates heights
• But Andrew catches him looking and he’s the one to shove Neil into the line and when Neil protests he just looks at him and says 96%
• So Neil shuts up and they get on and of course they get to the top and it breaks down so they’re stuck and Andrews shaking from the adrenaline rush. He hates it but at the same time he feels so alive and Neil’s gushing about being so close to the stars and shit and he keeps looking over the edge and waving down at the other Foxes who have gathered at the bottom of the broken ride
• Andrew drags him back each time he does it because he doesn’t like the feel of the cold air rushing past whenever Neil shifts away from him and Neil senses his anxiety and buries his face into the side of Andrew’s neck with a whispered yes or no
• It’s a yes of course because if anything makes Andrew feel more alive than the fear of plummeting to his death from a great height it’s Neil Josten
• So they’re stuck up there for like a half hour but they stop noticing after a while because they’ve got nothing else to concentrate on but each other
• When they finally get back to the ground all of the other Foxes are trying to corner them but Neil rushes Andrew off
• TO BUY HIM CANDYFLOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHich is obviously one of Andrew’s favouritist things in the ENTIRE world because it’s 98% sugar but he doesn’t get to eat it because you can only buy the really good stuff at the carnival and he probably hasn’t ever been to the carnival before because he had such a shitty childhood but he knows, goddamn does he know that carnival candy floss is going to be almost as good as that little noise Neil makes whenever they kiss and the feeling of Neil’s body pressed against his and omfg he’s in love with it before he even tastes it 
• Andrew needs a shit ton of sugar after being so high up for so long and when the foxes reunite, he’s shaking from the amount of sugar in his blood. He’s practically jumping out of his skin and Neil’s holding another whole bag of candy for the bus back and he’s halfway through eating a pretzel
• Kevin reprimands him for eating crap but Neil doesn’t care because to be honest he’ll still be on top form tomorrow and Kevin knows it
• They gather everyone up and get back on the bus and even Jeremy and Jean and some of the other Trojans squeeze in as well and before they set off, Wymack pulls out a huge cooler and dumps it in the middle of the aisle and it’s full of drink and they crank up the music on the bus and they head back to Fox Towers singing and drinking and shouting happy birthday at Neil who’s squashed in beside Andrew.
• And Andrew is too hyped on sugar to even notice that he’s touching Neil’s hands and playing with the hem of his t-shirt and he doesn’t join in with the others but he’s not bothered when they shout stuff at him
• There’s a huge night of partying when they arrive back at the Tower and Dan is so drunk she starts going over one of her old strip routines and Matt is beaming and cheering and doesn’t even care when Allison starts sticking dollar bills in Dan’s shorts
• Nicky is trying his best not to get roped into a game of spin the bottle but he gives in and ends up kissing several Trojans only to disappear off to Skype Erik and warn him that he’s very drunk and very stupid
• Renee and Jean are playing cards which turns into another sort of stripping game when Dan gets her hands on them and before long Jean is striding around the place in nothing but his pants and Jeremy’s eyes are so wide and he practically falls apart when Jean starts whispering to him in rapid French
• They disappear shortly afterwards
• Neil leaves Andrew to talk to Aaron for a bit although that just involves a lot of glaring and few words but whatever Neil’s just happy they’re in the same room
• He goes round everyone thanking them and hugging people and laughing and even dancing occasionally and he starts wondering whether Andrew is any good at dancing and he’s so tired but he doesn’t want to go to sleep ever again
• Until he finds himself being shaken awake because he dropped off while chatting with Matt in the kitchen and Matt’s grinning at him and tells him that Andrew went through to the other apartment and Neil refuses to leave at first because it’s his birthday party and shouldn’t he be there but Matt just lifts his eyebrow and is like seriously dude? Are you asking for trouble. Go get some
• So Neil sneaks out although he needn’t have bothered cause nobody’s even looking because they’re all playing a drunk game of charades
• Next door Andrew’s sprawled out on the sofa still making his way through Neil’s bag of candy
• Neil asks him to shove up but Andrew won’t so Neil steals the bag of candy from him and starts rummaging around and Andrew leaps up so fast and Neil’s laughing and he pulls out a sherbet straw and starts pouring it into his mouth but Andrew knocks his hand aside so the sugar goes all down the neck of Neil’s tshirt and then Andrew’s tasting the sherbet on Neil’s lips and kissing it off of his neck and then pulling up his tshirt so he can make sure he didn’t miss any and Neil’s so ecstatic and drunk and tired and happy that he just lets Andrew take him apart for the remainder of the night.

So as you may know, Dan’s birthday is coming up and my friend and I have decided that the whole phandom (for his birthday) should photoshop or edit Dan’s face onto random objects and post them with the hashtag: #memepocalypse. Share this with everyone to give Dan a big birthday surprise!

I need YOUR help!

Okay so Dan’s birthday is coming up in a couple months (June 11th) and i want to make a fan video for him just to say thanks and show how greatly appreciated he is.

All i want you to do is send me a video of you doing ANYTHING, let that be holding up a piece of paper saying thank you and happy birthday too you cartwheeling outside and doing crazy tricks. 

Please send all submissions before May the 13th too 


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