but dang she cute

I just had the most random thought that I now really want to happen.

let me set the scene. the squad is at school, as usual, and marinette, for some reason, has alya’s phone. (wouldn’t put it past her to take someone’s phone considering her track record ayy lmao) she’s taking selfies on it, some super cute but most just pulling incredibly dumb faces. 

then, on the cusp of one hella gorgeous photo where she looks like an actual angel, sunshine boy™ adrien agreste comes over from behind with a friendly and slightly awed* “hey marinette!”
(*he’s a one woman man, of course, but dang. she looked real cute in that almost selfie. can ya really blame him?)

she sees him in the phone screen and she’s shook. her expression transforms into one of pure unadulterated joy and somewhere in the seconds that pass instantaneously and yet feel like hours, she captures a photo right then. he’s in the background, looking incredible as always, and her eyes have just shifted toward him, and her expression is lovestruck. like, undeniably so. but something happens in the moment that prevents her from even noticing or looking back on the photo, and she gives alya her phone back later without having even seen said glorious selfie.

then alya. oh, alya. being the wonderful friend and impeccable wingman she is, she spams the squad group chat (bc don’t even try to tell me they don’t have one) with several of marinette’s selfies, pretending to be mad about mari taking her phone. but they’re all stunning photos, of course. and (, of course, ) the one is included. adrien sees the photo and.. oh dang. has this always been a thing? has this always been her beautiful reaction to simply seeing him? is there a reason she’s so happy? and how has he literally never noticed such elation on her face before?

he messages nino immediately. ‘dude. this photo. marinette looks really happy to see me?? I mean, it looks like she does anyway- maybe I’m reading into it. does this mean anything? is she normally this excited to see her friends?’

nino’s reply is instantaneous.

‘dude. DUDE.’


'are you actually that blind? pay attention to her expressions and mannerisms the next time u see her. hopefully you’ll understand. we’ll see.’

he follows nino’s instruction and after surprisingly very little time at all, it hits him like a ton of bricks.

she does not, in fact, act this way around all her friends.

that spark of light in her eyes, that elated smile; those are marinette specials reserved for very few things. raspberry macarons, fashion, and apparently:

“plagg, I think.. I think marinette dupain-cheng likes me.”

This is my baby corgi Lucy! She is almost 4 months old. She loves chewing on mama’s feet, the furniture, the rugs… everything! It’s a good thing she’s so dang cute! - @arpeggiation

Alright, it was pretty cute.

i relate to cats a lot because i too have very high levels of murder and stabbing but am also irresistibly adorable

“what?! two girls in the same universe? i’m confused!”

Gamora does everything she can to make the other Guardians smile. Groot is the easiest; all she really has to do is make a funny face, though she feels weird doing it in front of others. For Rocket, she finds old bomb parts and gives them to him to let him tinker with - sometimes she even finds an abandoned place for him to use his bombs for fun (still no blowing up moons, though). Drax is a bit harder, cause it sometimes requires letting him mother her even though she’s a warrior and assassin and can take care of herself, thank you very much, but if he smiles as he remembers his daughter, it’s worth it.

Her favorite thing to do, though, is just call Peter “Star-Lord.” It’s so simple, and it just comes naturally. And that proud, happy little smile he makes… It makes her heart flutter. It’s just so dang cute, and the knowledge that she caused that adorable joy… It reminds her that, whatever horrors haunt her past, she’s no daughter of Thanos.

She’s a Guardian of the Galaxy.

Marinette's Stray Cat

MariChat May 26th: The Stray


Summary: Marinette’s excuses land her in hot water. Chat does his best to help.

Marinette looked between her mother and her room in panic.

She hadn’t expected the sudden inquisition at dinner. Her plan had been to eat quickly and then return to Chat. He was waiting for her in her room, probably napping, for her to finish dinner so they could play some ‘games’. So it was definitely not the best time for her mother to be curious about the noises that came from her daughter’s room at night.

“Marinette, are you listening to me?” Sabine asked sternly.

Marinette snapped out of her thoughts at her mother’s words. “Y-yes, Maman!” She nodded her head quickly.

“Well? I asked you a question I would like the answer to.” Her mother was giving her no quarter.

Marinette wracked her brain for an answer that wouldn’t get her grounded. She knew that her mother couldn’t know Chat spent time in her room as that would probably get her in the most trouble. No matter how much of a gentlecat he was. Running out of time she blurted the first thing that came into her head.

“I have a boyfriend!” Marinette shouted. Her mother’s eyes widened. “No wait, not a boyfriend, something else.” She shook her head. “I have a cat!”

Tom did his best to stay out of the conversation as her mother’s eyes narrowed in suspicion. Marinette could feel sweat bead on the back of her neck as she waited for the inevitable accusation.

Sabine smiled pleasantly. “You should have just told us Marinette.” She reached across from where she was sitting and gently patted her on the head.

Marinette relaxed and smiled. Crisis averted for-

“So, when can I meet this adorable stray?” Sabine asked with a small twinkle of mischief in her eyes. Don’t panic Marinette you klutzy-

“Never! I mean later! Sometime…?” Marinette shrunk into her seat and then planted her head onto the counter. Good going genius. She glared into the counter. Her inner voice sounded annoyingly like Chloe.

The tinkle in Sabine’s eyes only got brighter. “How about tonight dear? No time like the present after all.” She said knowingly.

Oh god. She sat straight up in her chair. Chat was still in her room.

“H-how about tomorrow instead…?” She managed to squeak out.

Sabine let out a short tsk. “Your father and I are very busy tomorrow. It’d best be done today.” She added. Her lips were curled just a tad bit too much on one side for it to be called a smile.

Great, even her mother was making fun of her.

“Can you give me a few minutes to clean up?” She asked meekly.

“Of course dear.” Sabine chuckled.

Marinette winced as she got up to go to her room. Her mother no doubt thought there was no way out of this situation for her. Honestly, she wasn’t sure there was either.

Despite being in a hurry, Marinette couldn’t help but stop once she entered her room and stare at Chat. He was laying smack dab in the middle of her room curled up like a cat. Somehow Tikki had also apparently decided Chat’s hair was a good place for a nap as any. Her little snores were making one of Chat’s black cat ears twitch cutely.  

Marinette shook her head. It seemed like both her and Tikki were making some stupid mistakes today. She glanced at the two again. In Tikki’s case they were cute mistakes, still stupid, but also very cute.

She gently lifted the little Kwami off of Chat’s head. Her small friend whined slightly as Marinette disturbed her sleep. She cooed down at Tikki as she carefully brought her over to the little corner bed she had made for her. She set her down and sighed. Now for Chat.

She went and stood next to him, took a deep breath, and then crouched down and started gently shaking him. “Time to wake up, Chaton.” she murmured.

His eyes slowly opened and he turned his head to look at her. “Princess? You’re done with dinner?”

She nodded and was surprised when one of his arms grabbed her and pulled her down against his side.

“Let’s play some.” He said softly into her ear.

Marinette shivered. “Sorry Chaton, I need you to leave.”

He blinked slowly at her and his ears drooped. “Oh.” He let her go and she stood back up. She brushed herself off and then held a hand out to help him up.

He took her hand with a frown. “Did I do something wrong?”

Marinette shook her head as she pulled him to his feet. “I did something wrong.” She corrected him.

He looked at her in confusion. “What do youuu-” He yawned in a cute manner. “-mean?”

Marinette stared at him and pouted. The universe must hate her. Her winning attribute, her cuteness, was being beaten by a boy in a leather cat outfit. Maybe he could give her some tips?

“My mother noticed the noise we’ve been making and I made up a stupid excuse.” She explained.

He blinked wide cat eyes at her. “What was the excuse?”

“I kind of, um.” She stuttered. Her mother had turned on her and now Chat was going to tease her. “Told her I had a cat.” She said meekly, hiding her eyes behind a hand.

She felt him gently pry her hand off her face. He looked concerned. “How are you going to convince her you have a cat?” He tilted his head to one side, his cat ears twitched, and his tailed swished concernedly behind him.

That cuteness isn’t fair! She bemoaned inwardly. Outwardly, she just sighed. “I have no idea, but she can’t find you here.” She frowned at his hesitant look. “Don’t be that way. Better I be in trouble for lying than her to find you up here.”

He smiled at that and then his eyes lit up. “I think I have the purrfect idea to solve your cat problems.”

Marinette tentative smile slowly grew to a wide grin as he described his plan.

“I’m coming in Marinette.” Sabine announced as she entered her daughters room.

The first thing she noticed was Marinette standing in the center of the room with a wide, obviously fake, grin. Sabine took a glance around the room and let out a sigh at the lack of anything that prove her daughter to be telling the truth.

She sighed and put on a smile. “So, where is this little stray?” She made sure to exaggeratingly look around Marinette’s room in search of it. Might as well give the girl a chance to come clean.

“Why don’t I tell you. About him first.” Marinette said robotically. “He is shy. I mean that’s why he’s not here. Right now.” She flailed.

Her daughter was bad at lying, she observed. “Oh, please do tell me all about him.” She said with a patient smile.

Marinette smile became a little less fake. “He’s a black cat.” She nodded, seemingly satisfied.

Sabine gestured for her to continue.

Her daughter’s eyes widened. “Um. He’s um.” Her eyes darted to her loft and then back to her mother rapidly before setting on the floor. “He’s cute.” She admitted and blushed.

Sabine blinked. What an odd reaction. “I would assume so Marinette. He is a cat after all.”

Her daughter looked at her with confusion that soon transformed into realization. “Right. 'Cus we’re talking about my cat.” She bonked her own head. “Sorry, kind of lost myself there.” She said and smiled nervously.

Sabine looked at her daughter oddly. “What’s his name? You haven’t mentioned it yet.”

“Chat Noir.” Marinette stated confidently. Her mother got to watch her slowly dissolve into a panic as she seemed to realize what she just said.

Sabine interrupted her daughter’s brewing panic. “Like the superhero?” She asked with an amused smile.

Marinette froze. “Yes.” She nodded.

Sabine hummed. “What’s his temperament like?”

Her daughter smiled slightly and sighed softly. “He silly a lot of the time and seems to love getting into my things.” She chuckled. “He really cheers me up and whenever I need him he’s there for me.” Marinette blinked and seemed to remember something. “And he’s kind of shy. Which is why he’s hiding. Yeah. That’s why he’s hiding in my loft.” Marinette pointed at her loft.

Sabine felt confused. Her daughter sounded like she was lying anytime she tried to ask where the cat was, but sounded like she was telling the truth whenever she was talking about him.

Sabine frowned sternly. “I would like to see him now.” Seeing the panic on her daughter’s face she quickened to add. “If you don’t mind sweetie.”

Marinette shook her head and looked up with determination. “I’ll go get him.” The girl headed over to her ladder and then climbed up onto her loft.

Sabine patiently waited for her.

After a few moments Marinette crawled onto the edge of her bed so that her mother could see her. “I’m sorry Maman, he’s refusing to cooperate.”

Sabine sighed. “Are you sure you can’t get him?”

Her daughter shook her head.

“Then I have no choice but to believe-” A loud meow cut her off making her blink in confusion at the sound.

Marinette tuned behind her and said something that Sabine couldn’t hear. She turned back to her. “He’s seems to be getting distressed by me trying to force him to meet you.” She looked at her mother apologetically.

The cat seemed to start meowing distressingly as though Marinette had given him his cue. That was impossible though. Since he was a cat.

“Are you sure Marinette? I would love to meet such a cute cat.” She smiled.

Marinette looked pained and somehow the meow’s seemed almost smug. “I’m sure Maman. I don’t want to stress the little guy out.”

Sabine sighed and nodded. “Very well. Make sure to keep him out of the bakery.” Her daughter nodded rapidly in agreement. “And Marinette?” Her daughter gave her mother her full attention. “Sorry for thinking you were lying.”

Sabine didn’t notice the guilty look that followed her out of her daughter’s room.

“Sorry for making you lie Marinette.” Chat apologized his ears dropping and tail hanging lamely off the bed. He was sitting on the bed, curled up, next to her cat plushy.

Marinette was once again struck by how unfairly cute her crime fighting partner was. “Stop that.” She told him. Guilt forgotten.

He looked at her in confusion. “Stop what?” He tilted his head like a cat.

She growled. “That.” She pointed at him. When he still looked confused she finally snapped. “Stop looking so dang cute all the time!” She shook her finger at him. “It’s hurting my self-esteem!”

He looked into her eyes and blinked at her slowly. “You think I’m cute?” A slow smirk slid onto his face.

Marinette relaxed. “Thank you for stopping.”

Chat looked at her once more in confusion. “What?” He asked.

Marinette ignored him. “You should skedaddle. Just in case my maman comes back.”

He sighed and the smiled. “Glad to be of help, my Princess.” He smoothly grabbed her hand and placed a kiss to her knuckle. He laughed when she flushed and pushed him away.

She crossed her arms, turned her head away from him, tiled her head up, and closed her eyes. “Thanks. For the help.” She cracked an eye open to glance at him and froze.

His face was lit by the light coming from her skylight and it made the soft smile on his face seem all the more captivating. “You’re welcome, Marinette.” He said softly before he quickly saluted and left.

Marinette stared after him for a moment. Once she was sure he was gone she huffed and stomped her foot. “Why does he have to be so freaking cute?!” She demanded the universe to tell her.

Much to her chagrin the universe didn’t respond.

Rex brings me random objects she finds in my room for a pea. I can’t resist. She’s so dang cute, she just shoves them in my ear and puts her head in my pocket waiting for her treat.