but dang she cute

i relate to cats a lot because i too have very high levels of murder and stabbing but am also irresistibly adorable

Yesterday was such a good day!!! Got to finally see Josh after legit missing every time he has come out for over a year now, which made me so happy. He’s the freaking cutest and was in such a good mood and brought over his hand warmers to Kat later in the night cause it was so cold out. Then in the evening Eion came over to chat with the fans on his break (he’s seriously the most chill person ever omg) and Colin also came out while he was on a break! And I got him to sign my new funko :D He was too cute too, while I was taking my picture with him he was like “aren’t you guys cold?!”. Low key almost was like well…. not anymore HAHA.

Jen was on set yesterday as well and while she didn’t stop, getting a wave and a smile definitely made my day. I just adore that woman to bits. And she was way too dang cute in her little jacket and beanie al;ksdjfk;alsdf. 


I’m scrEAMING 

The Pal Points Level affects chat now! Because she’s chatted with them so much, my little Pearl has finally cuddled up to Beatrix and Darcy! Yay! This is so much cuter than the jealousy we normally see in the chat feature, oh my Lord.

Now if only there was a “Date Each Other” option so you could really develop your OCs…

destinyplayer  asked:

Can I ask for an UT,UF,HT Undyne and US and SF Alphys, suddenly seeing their SO fight for the first time and finding out they are actually quite a badass behind that cute outlook?

Well, dang. ~Mod Feral

UT Undyne
She’s quite impressed. She thought for sure she’d have to save you from a few scrapes, but here you are. You seem a bit out of practice, though. She’ll go and train you soon.

UF Undyne
So that’s how you’ve survived down here! That makes sense. She found it odd that someone so revoltingly cute was surviving, so this was a relief. Her mate was capable, but in need of training.

HT Undyne
She had been watching you through the cameras left over from before. Up till a certain point, you seemed useless, and it seemed her own people were getting stupid. Then she saw you fighting and dang. They weren’t being stupid, they were being smart. Even as food, you weren’t worth it. She’s strangely intrigued as to why this Human can fight so hard, but refuses to do so.

US Alphys
She’s not overly surprised because look at Blueberry. What impresses her is you’re about as good as Blueberry was before he started training and you don’t have magic. She’ll want to see more of you in action.

SF Alphys
She called it right away. You survived down here and, quite frankly, Razz is very cute himself, even if he won’t admit it. You show a lot of promise so she’s gonna force you to train.

mongoose-bite  asked:

Plance is such a cute ship! Their friendship in canon is already so great. Can you imagine Lance like, NOT flirting, because he thought she was a boy at first and treating her different now would just be weird, but then he gradually realises he likes her but is now utterly at a loss as to what to do about it. Not to mention, what if he ruins their friendship? He's not going to risk it. And Pidge doesn't notice really because the guys just see her as a little sister, right?

Lance would be so conflicted because he doesn’t want to ruin things but Pidge is just so dang cute and smart and she doesn’t take any of his shit and how is Lance supposed act around her now? Plus Pidge only seems him as a friend, right?