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Thace and Coran meeting for the first time (Coran is kinda weary about him) and Thace goes up to Coran, kisses hand and says something gentlemanly (like charmed I'm sure or something like that) Coran is smitten and everyone else is watching like wtf

damn Thace u smooth af

  • Even: smooth af, will do things with his mouth that??? somehow turn you on??? even though you don't know what he's doing???? his hair is fly af and he Smolders™ like there ain't no tomorrow, struts around in his fly outfits like he owns the damn place, he can make isak want to see him with the drop of one word, looks like an amazing kisser, extra tongue, Very Nice, can walk up the stairs and gaze seductively at you without tripping over
  • Also Even: can't??? wink correctly???
i have loved the stars too fondly (jyn/cassian, rogue one)

Summary: During the award ceremony and celebrations after all their hard work comes to fruition and the Death Star is destroyed, Jyn is confronted by her partner, Cassian, over a few frivolous things that have managed to unsettle her nonetheless. (In which everyone survived to see the end of “A New Hope”, Jyn is forced out of her comfort zone, and Cassian perhaps isn’t as smooth as he thinks he is.) Who said peacetime would be easy and comfortable?

“though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect life;
i have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night”
– sarah williams, “twelve hours: a legacy of verse”

Jyn pulled at the neck of her dress. The thin band around her neck wasn’t tight, but she was unaccustomed to the feel of such soft clothing. The material of the dress itself was light and thankfully didn’t cling to her small frame, the lavender dress drifting down to her ankles, touching her so that it only suggested the hint of any curves that she might have. It covered her back and chest, leaving no unseemly view of her cleavage, and the slits at the bottom were modest, going only up to her knees.

It was a beautiful dress - even she could grudgingly admit that - but it wasn’t her. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d worn a dress and she didn’t think that she had ever worn anything remotely close to this lovely. There had never been an occasion and it would’ve only hindered her besides. Dirt, oil, blood, and sweat had become as much a part of her clothing as pants and shirts. Now she was so clean that she felt like a layer of her own persona had been scrubbed away.

She may have been a part of a particularly dirty group of Rebels, but even she couldn’t look like a dirty scoundrel during the celebration of the Death Star’s destruction.

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i need bucky to become good friends with natasha and they end up talking about the objects of their affection a lot and one day they decide it’s finally time to Get Our Guys™ and although bucky used to be pretty smooth with the ladies in the old days it’s a different story when it’s a guy he’s been in love with his entire life

so nat gives him an earpiece and tries to guide him through flirting/confessing his love to steve and telling him what to say. but bucky gets nervous and keeps fucking it up and nat’s like “damn it, barnes!” and he accidentally blurts out “damn it, barnes!” too and steve’s just staring at him and nat is just hysterically laughing at the whole thing from her end

then when it’s time for her to go after her man bucky’s like “don’t you want my help winning over wilson?” and she just pats his cheek and says “honey, i think i’ve got it covered” and when bucky and steve have their first ( long overdue ) kiss he calls nat to tell her all about it and she tells him that he never needed her, he would’ve always gotten steve anyway bc “you’re the only person who makes him smile the way he does, it’s clear how much you mean to him”

and then she gets her birdman ( easy as pie ) and they double date and live happily ever after

Interesting, she seems to look back fondly on her bickering with Greg, back when she thought it was just a meaningless competition, one she’d already won. The problem with that is…

That Rose was always a very unpredictable person. And Pearl ended up losing with all the cards stacked in her favor.

Also damn that was one smooth as hell hat drop.

Holy shit… this song, this emotion D: Deedee is really killing it here and it’s breaking my heart.

Pearl just wants to move on, she really wants to. But it’s hard and you end up going back to dark places after trying so much and you end up demoralized.

But the important thing is always that you’re trying, and that you admit that you have a problem.

I just want everyone to note that this was a full 360 animation while Pearl was in motion and singing.

This is the stuff animator’s nightmares are made of. Hats off to everyone in the crew.

  • Draco: You know, Granger, you're not the first woman who's ever been in this shower with me--
  • Hermione: I'm shocked.
  • Draco: --but you're for damn sure the first one who's ever worried about wasting water.
  • Hermione: How much, would you say?
  • Draco: Ten gallons per minute, give or take.
  • Hermione: Oh my God. Hurry.We can't stay in here long. We'll throw the entire ecological system out of balance.
Kit Kat

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,508

Summary: Before the 1st season of Supernatural airs, Jensen meets the reader at his talent agency in LA.

M&M’s. Snickers. Butterfingers. Reese Peanut Butter Cups. You name it. If it’s fucking chocolate, you’ll eat it. You’re a stress eater. You’re stressed. And there’s not one God damn piece of candy left in your bag.

“Y/N! Get in here!” You hear your boss Eileen yell from inside her office.

You stand up quickly and smooth out your dress. You don’t know why you bother, you’re just a measly intern. But your mom said to dress for the job you want instead of the job you have. So here you are. Ugh. Thanks, mom.

“Yes?” You try to say as confidently as possible.

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Image In My Mirror

I look past this reflection, aged over smoothness
there is no score to keep
when the expression keeps me cheerful

To contain my pouting
I sneer through half-opened lips
like a lazy gate that makes you squeeze by

But, there is a deeper reflection
the social buttons, almond shaped and hazel
that hold you with bright, wide love

I’m not what I imagined, but reflections don’t lie
and I’ve earned my badge of honor
with every one of those damn lines

His feet come to a standstill, barely having crossed the threshold. His eyes take in a bare back, broad shoulders, well-muscled arms. Skin looking so warm that sunlight must have kissed it countless times.

His heart is throbbing, prickles spreading on his skin like sparkles on his tongue from a soft drink. His eyes lower to the perfectly defined backside and long, strong legs, he remembers the feeling of them around his own waist. Smooth, burning skin sliding slick and fervent, yearning for more more more.

There’s the scent he could smell the moment he came in, lingering thick and encompassing. A hint of sweetness and rich spices. He used to find the smell of vanilla sickly sweet, making him scrunch up his nose and gag in pretence, sometimes for real, until his sister finally refrained from using that particular perfume.

But this is different. The first time he was wary, the very instant it hit his nose reminding him of his dislike. The second instant he realized it wasn’t like that, he became curious instead, moving closer to the source, crossing the bedroom to reach the bathroom, the door slightly ajar. He could hear water running, the scent hitting his nose harder.

His hand was on the door, pushing it further open. The air was hot, steam clouds veiling him in as he snuck closer to the shower, watching the silhouette under the water through the glass walls, the sight and smell capturing all of his senses.

He used the body wash himself once, but it isn’t the same as smelling it on him. Magnus’ unique elemental fragrance is what makes it so intoxicating to Alec.

His eyes are up again, watching the finely shaved back of Magnus’ head, noticing his ear is missing the cuff, then he’s distracted by the movement of Magnus’ hands, fingernails painted a deep blue, holding a fluffy black towel about to dry his stomach.

He exhales, eyes shutting for a mere moment, fingers twitching in anticipation. A few steps and he’s behind him, knowing he’s known he’s been here since he entered, probably since he walked through the front door. He’s letting him watch and linger, giving him time, giving him space, giving him peace.

Alec’s eyes catch glowing golden ones through the mirror and his heart gives way. The soft prickles turn into rushing tingles, racing along his body, pouring inside, brimming over.

They’re quietly gazing, sharing more in those few moments than they could talking for minutes. Alec’s so thankful Magnus understands his silences, too often incapable of expressing his overpowering feelings.

His hand moves undetected, a fingertip brushing against the small of Magnus’ back, the simple touch eliciting something akin to a sizzling sensation, making both gasp.

His palm spreads on that patch of hot skin, lets him feel the shudders Magnus is riddled with. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. There’s hardly a thought left on his mind he can grasp.

His eyes are transfixed to his own hand on Magnus’ skin, watching his fingers climb in gentle strokes, up all the way Magnus’ spine, fingers splaying over his shoulder blade, tapping softly along his shoulder and down his bicep, elbow and forearm, right up to his wrist and further, slipping underneath Magnus’ hand, their fingers brushing, reveling in the softness, goosebumps spreading before they’re interlacing, holding on.

Breath hitches in his throat as their hands are set in motion as Magnus brings them to his mouth and places a kiss on Alec’s, making his eyes shoot up, their gazes locking, his legs trembling, Magnus’ scent in his nose enough to make him come undone. The neglected hand covers Magnus’ hip, fingertips gliding along more wondrous, damp skin and firm muscles, across his abs, reaching his other hip bone, enclosing Magnus with his arm, his front pressing against Magnus’ back.

Alec’s resting his chin on the crook of Magnus’ neck, sighing softly, his temple brushing Magnus’ ear, his heart in uproar, yet feeling calmer than he’s ever known.

Their arms are crossed over Magnus’ waist, their hands entwined, their eyes intensely watching, communicating. Alec’s moving his head slightly, his lips reaching, pressing on pulsating skin, the tip of his tongue peeking out to taste the tenderest trace of vanilla.

aires: nice hair, trying their best and failing, but looking cute while they do it

leonardo: v v v pretty, they have really nice eyes which probably change colour??

spagettius: hot damn good job with the genes, keep on doing your thing

taurus: not?? actually like a bull? cute face??

virgo: pretty and they know it, if they don’t know it, they deserve 5 hugs

caprisuncorn: deserves better, they’re screaming internally 24/7

the twins one??: date me?? your personality is A*+

libra: protect at all costs. love them and respect them. make them cry and i cOME FOR YOU


cancer: too smooth for their own good

scorpio: kinda evil, kinda makes me want to make them tea

jigsaw pisces: I CRY. STOP TH E CUTE…?????


Niara grumbles: I swear, this whole family makes me sick! The stupid kids, my stupid husband! Why couldn’t I have lucked out like Allie? Married to an almost billionaire, no damn kids to worry about…

But Niara’s sour mood lifts when she enters her bedroom and puts on a bracelet she’d bought earlier. It was from the exclusive Isa DeRoche collection and costs thousands. The salesgirl hadn’t even glanced at Niara’s stolen credit card… even Allie hadn’t noticed that Niara was using one of Allie’s own cards! The thousand dollar transaction went as smooth as silk. Niara turns the bracelet on her wrist, admiring the gold and onyx design.

She’s startled by her husband Zeke entering the room. She hastily throws the bracelet onto the dresser. She decides to abruptly tell her husband about the nanny, to distract him from noticing the new bracelet.

Niara casual: Zeke, Blake quit today. We need to hire a new nanny. I’ve already called the San Myshuno Elite Nanny and Au Pair Services-

Zeke grabs Niara roughly by the arm.

Zeke angry: What do you mean Blake quit, Niara?!


How did your love
Melt away
I mean
One moment
We are smooth
And savory
And in the
Next we’re
Stressed out
Full of regret
Damn ,
We realize
The beginnings
Are so
So sumptuous
So good
We over do it.

But all things fade
Or do they ?

Fat ass.

Okay but Doctor!Dean that is loved by all his patients and is really genuinely good at his job and not just good at going through the motions of his job and one day he gets a patient who’s pretty sick but will be fine with a couple days care and oh god he’s HOT when he’s not vomiting everywhere and bless the guy’s heart he tries to offer a polite smile as he’s wiping off his mouth with the back of his hand and then he sniffles and coughs and looks back at Dean and gives him a damn /pick up line/ and Dean can’t help but laugh because this guy really isn’t smooth when he’s as sick as he is but the fact that he’s trying at all is actually kind of nice? Benny turns out to be a pretty easy patient.

The next time Dean comes by, Benny has a vase of flowers sitting by his bed and he plucks one out and clips it to Dean’s lapel by the stem with his ID badge, ripping off the excess. ‘Just to brighten your day a little’ he explains and smiles, easy and calm, like he doesn’t feel like complete crap when Dean knows that he does.

Dean’s day /is/ bright after that.

Dean calls every patient his favorite to their face, but with Benny he starts to mean it. Benny starts to get better and the day he checks out he comes to find Dean. It’s the first time Dean’s seen him standing and not in a hospital gown, and he’s a little surprised that Benny’s actually shorter than him. He’s even more surprised that Benny hands him a slip of paper with his number on it. Benny only continues to surprise him.

Breaking the One Damn Rule Pt. 4

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A/N: I feel like it’s not my best drama, but it had to be done. Sorry!

You knew you couldn’t go on forever with keeping Pietro and baby a secret from your family. But you didn’t expect it to end this badly.

Warnings: Language, drama

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words: 2,587

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I’ll Teach You: Cross Gene Takuya Smut

Boom! I hope you like it! I like it! Like a lot!

“Ugh why can’t I get this right!” You yelled at yourself; stomping on the floor with your right foot in frustration.

You had been trying to practice a dance for your boyfriend. Figuring that if you learned one if his groups dances, he would be proud and think you were cute. You were thankful his company let you use the practice room.

Trying again you started the music from the beginning. Trying to move your hips the way you saw in the video.

“Why am I so damn awkward!” You huffed in frustration. Things still not going as smooth as you hoped.

You sat down, crossing your legs; feeling out of breath. Your placed your hands on each side of you, closing your eyes, and letting your head fall back trying to catch your breath. You could hear someone walk in and the shadow cast on your face. You opened your eyes to no one other than your boyfriend.

“Need some help?” He asked with his signature smile.

“Takuya!” You exclaimed, standing back on your feet, feeling embarrassed. “You saw? I was trying to surprise you” you mumbled, a little disappointed that he caught you dancing and embarrassed that you weren’t that good either.

“I’m not very good, I’m just going to give up. Especially now that it not a surprise anymore” you pouted.

“Don’t do that! I’ll teach you. It’ll be fun” he smiled and you wanted to melt already. He was always so sweet. “And you weren’t that bad, you got some work in those hips” he said taking the stereo remote from your hand and pressing play.

He moved behind you, pulling your face up to look at the mirror. For about the first  part of the song you were fine, but you knew the part would be coming up. The part that you basically called the crotch rub. Because that was basically what they did.

You could  feel his hand snake down your waist and rest on your hip. His hand moved down your arm that rested in front of your pelvis. Pressing his groin into you backside; feeling his breath by your ear. Each of his movements you followed, as he helped you move your hips. His hand gripping tighter on the your hand in front. Looking in the mirror, You could see him bite his lip. Feeling something hard against your backside.

“Takuya!” You pulled away, slightly embarrassed.

“What!” He chuckled.

“You’re supposed to be teaching me the dance. Not trying to seduce me!” You moved away from him and rested your body against the mirror.

“I am doing no such think! What makes you think that” he began walking closer to you. The look in his eyes telling you he was lying.

You pointed at his evident bulge in his pants, “That makes me think that”

He smirked, still closing in on your body.

“It wasn’t intentional…” He graced his hand down your figure “I just can’t help myself when it comes to you” his face closed in on yours his lips placing a kiss on the corner of your lips.

He was teasing you like no other. Your lips twitched with need for his.

“You said you weren’t seducing me” you stated, his lips grazing your neck.

“I’m not. I think its the other way around” his hand unbuttoning your blouse, slowing until your lace bra was exposed. Unbuttoning your shorts and slipping his hand to touch your cloth core. His teeth pulling at your ear lobe, while his hands pulled down your shorts.

“What if someone comes in?” You panted.

“I…don’t…care”  warm breath in your ear, his fingers running along your slit.

You breath hitched when he inserted his fingers into you. He kissed you roughly, your moans muffled as he worked his fingers into you. His other hand palming your breast.

His pulled away from you and you suddenly felt empty. Pulling the zipper to his pants. He walked back over to you. Pressing his lips to yours once again. The softness of his lips making you melt. Your hands moved way into his shirt, feeling his abs contract to your touch. You tugged at it signaling him to remove it.

He turned you around, your breast now pressed against the mirror. You could hear his pants hit the floor. Feeling him position himself behind you. He moved his hands between your hips signaling you to spread wider for him; you could feel his length poking at your core. You whimpered when he pushed himself into you. The feeling of him filling you, stretching your walls slightly. He thrust himself into you, lifting your leg somewhat to get a better angle. You could hear his heavy breaths in your ear, groans escaping his lips from time to time. Your legs were becoming tired, but he kept you on your feet as his thrust into at an indescribable speed. Your breath fogging up the small spot in the mirror in front of you. His fingers snaking around your waist to rub at your clit. Your walls tightening around him, his length twitching inside you, as his orgasm hit him without warning. His warm seed spilling into you. Moans leaving his own lips.

Feeling your eyes closing at the knot in your stomach coming undone and the pleasure spreading over your body.

You both laid there half dressed and out of breath.

“Do you know how long I had to watch you, before I came over. I just couldn’t take it anymore” he rolled onto his side, propping himself on his arm. Rubbing circles onto your exposed stomach.

“And I still don’t know the dance” you spat. Causing him to chuckle.

“Well I can teach you. For real this time” he suggested.

“I don’t not trust you, I might ask one of your members”

“You are not doing the dance with them” his expression turning from playful to jealous, quickly.

“Well I cant trust you’ll behave” you stated.

He hovered over you, trapping you beneath his body. “You can only dance with me. Got it. With me” he demanded his tone serious and eyes filled with lust once again.