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Imagine #18 Charles Xavier - Part 2 (Request)

Requested by Anon: hi! so can i request a charles x reader one shot that ive been thinking of? ok so first of all y/n and charles were super close as teens but y/n died at around 19(got mixed up in smth), charles was devastated and hes still not 100% over it as an adult so when the xmen find a mutant who can control time he ends up asking them to go back and try to save y/n? and they try and they have to convince her to stay safe bcs ‘theres some1 who needs her’ or some cute shit like that?..but if u do this thx!

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Words: 1552

Warnings: typos, fem!reader, time travel (?)

A/N: This is part 2 out of 3, the last one will probably be up some time next week. Enjoy! xoxo

Part 1 - Part 3

“Y’know, I wonder”, Peter said in a singing voice, skipping down the sidewalk next to a way more serious Jean. “I wonder, why they picked us.”

“Probably, because they know, how much we care about Charles.” “And you do care a lot for him, don’t you?”, Peter teased and shoved his elbow into her side. Jean blushed slightly. “Don’t be absurd, you know that I’m with Scott, you jerk!” “Oh, this isn’t about Scott or no Scott, I don’t know a single person, who doesn’t have a crush on the professor. And I’m not even gay! Or am I?”, he laughed out loud.

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Long Drive

Hey, I just wanted to say some stuff before I jumped right into writing.

First is I am so sorry for not writing anymore, I have some stuff going with graduation and boy problems all the boring typical life stuff. I am sorry though and I am excited to say I will be writing more!!

I will be taking requests, but depending on how many I get I might not get to all of them. I don’t think I will get a lot though

Anyway, send those babies in so I can get to writing!!

Summary: Reader has been stuck with the Winchesters since her parents were murdered, but something. Dean and reader take a long drive and talk about life, that’s where some excitement takes place. Reader has never had feelings for Dean until now. She never thought her life could get better until now.

Pairing: Reader X Dean

Warnings: Fluff, Language, little smut


The clock woke you up, the clicking of the clock just kept getting louder and louder. You covered your ears not wanting to hear it anymore. That’s when your whole life hit you in the face. You’ve been with Sam and Dean for a few months, trying to hunt down what you hurt your family. You just couldn’t get used to the constant echoing, fast food, long drives, no sleep, and constant fear.

Your parents were hunters, just like Sam and Dean they were badass parents, well when I was growing up I hated the job that they had but as I got older I gave into it. I wasn’t much of a hunter, I went on a few but I gathered information most of the time. I do that here too.

Sam and Dean knew your parents, their parents were friends with mine. They were pretty upset to hear about what happened, but you’re not convinced that they want to help you.  You feel bad that you’re dragging them around trying to find out what even happened.

You finally got up and took the clock of your wall which read 4A.M. you turned it off so you didn’t have to hear the ticking. You went into the bathroom of the bunker this is the worst every time you do anything all you hear is what you’re doing. Everything echos, there’s no privacy.  You got of the bathroom and thought about going to Sam’s room, you and Sam were closer, Dean is a great guy and you love them more than anything in this world, but for some reason you and Sam just clicked better, and it’s not like you want to date him, just talking to him was easier.

You walked out of the room you were in all the time and walked past the kitchen to go into Sam’s room.

“Hey” A voice shot from the dark making you jump up

“Sorry Dean, I hope I didn’t want you up” You said to him, you recognized the tired voice.

“No I’ve been up, what’s up with you?” He asked “You okay?”

“Wow Dean Winchester has a sappy side?” You asked kidding

“Only when I’m tired and running on beer and desperation.”

“Wow you’re such a gent.” You chuckled

“Come sit down with me.”

You sat down with Dean usually you just bust his ass but you can tell he’s worried about something

“So Dean is there something wrong?” You asked him making sure he was okay.

“Yeah, I’m fine I’m making sure you’re okay, I know this hasn’t been easy.”

“Yeah I mean no obviously it hasn’t been but I can’t do anything else about it you know”

“Sweetie, I know” He said voice deep. You like when he calls me sweetie.

“Yeah sometimes I just need to clear my head”

“Hey Y/n, I got a great idea, get your shoes on” He went into his room and you went into yours you meant him by the table you were sitting at.

“Let’s go for a drive”

You went out to the car and sat in waiting, not sure how this is going to turn out.

The drive was about 2 hours long, all you did was talk about life and how much you was different, but he said something, something you never thought he would say.

“I’m happy that my life is like this, I finally met a girl I love”

You looked at him shocked, it can’t be you.

“Oh gosh who!?” You asked

“Damn Y/n you remind me of my mom sometimes, you. I’m in love with you” He smiled. Wow what a softy. Honestly you didn’t feel the same way at first because you were so focused on your family but now, now you realize Dean is deathly good looking and he means so much to you. And also damn you would love to be in his pants right now.

“Dean really me?” You asked

“Yeah you I love everything about you, the way your hair flows, when you get mad you make those cute little faces, when you get frustrated at your hair because it sticks to your face, your make takes you like 10 seconds and it looks amazing every time, the way you care about me and Sam, how smart you are, the way you look in your little outfits you have to put on for cases. I love everything about you.

Everything he’s saying is starting to open up your mind to what you love about him and damn there’s a lot.

“y/n theres so much more but this is all I’m going to say or this car ride will last forever.

“Dean… I.. I love you too”

You pulled up to the bunker, he kissed you and moved his hands up and down your body. You wanted him more than ever right now

“Come on babe, lets go inside”

You opened the door and went in so did he, you started making out with him, he pushed you against the wall causing a groan to escape your lips, you love love rough sex. He moved down to your neck but back up to your lips, he pinned your arms above your head with one hand and stuck his other down your pants. You disconnected from his lips, “What already baby?” You said breathless, you let a few moans go when he started to rub your clit.

“Dean!!” You heard Sam yell from another room. You quickly got yourself situated and so did he.

“We’ll finish that later sweetheart” He said kissing your cheek.
“In here Sammy” His voice went back to normal deep but normal, he walked down the stairs and you followed.

Hounds of Justice (Part 14)

A/N: A boring part. But never the less, hope you all enjoy.

Warnings: Swearing.

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You woke up with two arms wrapped tightly around your waist. Hot breath against your neck. Slowly you rolled onto your bed and looked over to Roman, who watched your with stormy eyes.

You looked to your side and seen his clock read, 7:45am. You sighed, knowing you needed to get back to the Kings. You felt Roman’s hand run up your side, his finger brushing over your branding mark. 

Roman’s lips pressed against the side of your head. You closed your eyes tightly. “I have to leave.” Roman sighed against your head.

You pulled yourself away from him, rolling out of bed. Roman’s shirt fell down to mid thigh as you stretched your arms above your head. You yawned and starched your head as you looked for your jeans. 

“I put them in the washer once you fell asleep. I didn’t think you’d want to leave in bloody clothes.” You nodded your head. “Did I leave any clothes here? I can’t remember.”

“I think so. Just incase you needed some.” You nodded your head as you opened his door, walking across the hall to your room. 

You dug through your dresser trying to find a pair of jeans. “What are you doing back home?” You looked up and seen Seth standing there, a frown on his face. 

“Not happy to see me?” Seth quickly shook his head. “No I just didn’t think you would be coming home so soon.”

“I’m not coming back. I just came over last night to see, Ro. I needed him for something.” You pulled a pair of jeans out and quickly pulled them on, before finding a plan black shirt. 

Seth looked away as you pulled Roman’s shirt off, but couldn’t help looking back as he seen the bruises. 

“Do the beat the fuck out of you when you join? God, am I glad your home.” You looked up and seen Dean standing behind Seth a smoke hanging from his mouth. “I’m no-” Dean cut you off.

“I saw your face….But I didn’t think….At least I hoped your body didn’t look the same.” You shrugged, lacing an old belt through your pants. You must of lost twenty pounds since you went in with the Kings. God knows they don’t eat. All the do is drink and smoke. 

“Y/N, Came home? We missed your face around here.” You look up again and see Randy standing behind Dean. “Y/N’s home?” Taker’s voice sounds from down the hall. 

You sigh, shoving through the men. “No! I’m not ‘home’-” You put air quotes around “Home”. What did that even mean? Home. “I just came over to speak with Roman.”

You walked into Roman’s room and seen him pulling his cut on. “Here’s a jacket. Yours’ was fucked.” You caught the jacket Roman tossed you. It was just a pain gray jacket.

“Thanks.” You mumbled, pulling it on. It smelt like him. “It’s not clean. But it’s better then a bloody one.” 

“Bloody?” Seth asked. 

“What happened last night? All that?” Dean hissed, pointing to your face.

“Do I need to kick someone’s teeth down their throat?” Randy growled.

“I can take you up to my cabin if you need a safe place to stay until this war is over.” Taker said.

You and Roman looked up at his doorway to see all four men crowding it. “Everything is fine.” Roman sigh, holding your cut out to you. 

“Everything isn’t fine! Look at her! She isn’t even the same! You took someone that was sweet, kind and loving and turned her into a fucking….Fucking….That!” Dean yelled, pointing at you. 

You squinted your eyes at him. “It to what? Someone that isn’t blind to everything around them? That does need to be protected by the likes of you? Fuck off, Dean.”

“Hey, he didn’t-” Roman was cut off by you. “And you know what? Fuck you.” Dean stepped through the doorway. “Come you’re so tough! Fucking step up and take a swing. We’ll see how many more you can take! You were crying your fucking eyes out last night to the man that fucking did just as much damaged to you as the fucking Kings.”

“Yet you come running back to him? Why? Why wouldn’t you pick someone that would take everything they had and fucking leave with you? Someone who would take care of you? Someone that wouldn’t have fucking put you in this!? For his own sick enjoyment!”

Roman stepped up, ready to knock Dean on his ass. “And who that fuck would that be, Dean? I don’t have anybody!”

“Me! I would do that for you! I would take whatever I have and run away with you. Drop this fucking club shit and never look back! I would do it in a heart beat!”

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You laughed with a mouth full of blood. It dripped from your teeth onto your lip. You won another fight. Hunter put his money on you again, along with a lot more people.

You didn’t have to fight tonight. But you were angry most of the day and wanted to take it out on someone. You were angry at Dean for confessing his love for you. Angry at Roman for throwing a fist at him for confessing his love. Angry at Hunter for killing Wade. Angry at Wade for dying, and you were angry at yourself for getting involved in this bullshit.

You threw your hands up in the air,  breathing hard from your mouth. Baron wrapped his arm around your shoulders. “Damn, Y/N! You won three fights tonight! You’re gonna be one rich motherfucker!”

A bottle of whiskey was shoved into your hands by Hunter. He was laughing as you got a mix of boos and cheers. You took a slung from the whiskey bottle, the  alcohol burning your bloody teeth. 

The guy you knocked down staggered to his feet, pointing at you. “That’s bullshit! You didn’t fight fair!” Baron tighten his arm around you. As Hunter pointed at the guy. “This ain’t no fair fight! You should know this by now!”

The was always a mix of people at these fights. They took place at a barn down an old dirt road. Some were from other biker clubs, some were just normal men. Others were just there just for the fight and the alcohol. 

The guy tried to come at you, but Hunter stepped in front of you. Causing a sea of boos from the crowed. “She’s done for the night. You want a rematch then you come back another time. She’s in no condition to fight again.”

You grabbed Hunter by the shoulder, turning him around. “I can go again if this chump wants to.” Hunter shook his head. “No you can’t. I let most of my men fight until they can’t stand. You…I can’t let that happen to. Go drink at the bar with Baron.”

You swig from the bottle as you sat at the bar in the back. You hissed as you touched a large gash that was across your forehead. Baron grabbed your hand. “Don’t touch that. God knows what’s on your hands from those fights.” You rolled your eyes and took another swig from the whiskey.

Baron grabbed his bandana from his back pocket, took the whiskey from your hand and poured some onto the bandana. You raised a brow as he gripped your jaw, wiping the alcohol soaked bandana across the gash. You hissed, but  let him clean the blood from your face with whiskey. “There. That’s better”

You groaned as you rolled over, your body hitting something. You looked up, squinting your eyes. “Well shit.” You mumbled. Baron laid beside you, sheets half on his naked body. 

You scratched your head, trying to remember how you ended up in bed with Baron. You don’t remember anything after you went to the bar in the back of the barn. You rubbed your eyes and sat up. “Well shit.” You mumbled again. 

You weren’t in your room, you were in Baron’s. Posters of nude women, wolfs and bikes hung on the wall. His room was a lot cleaner then Roman’s, that you could tell. 

You tossed the covers from your body, ignoring the pain that shot up your sides. You grabbed your underwear and jeans from the floor. You pulled them on quickly, looking for your bra. “Looking for this?” You turned around and seen Baron dangling your bra by his finger. 

You keeled on the bed, taking your bra from him, quickly putting it on. As you were pulling your shirt over your bruised body, Baron’s bedroom door opened. 

You looked up, Hunter raised a brow at you, trying not to smirk. You picked your cut up off the dresser. You walked past Hunter and heard him yell out, “Think I could get a go? I’m a lot better then Baron!” You held your middle finger up. “In your dreams, Hunt. In. Your. Dreams.”

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You walked behind Hunter with Baron at your side. Hunter was currently talking with the President of The Family, another biker club. Bray Wyatt. He had his members, Eric and Luke ahead of him. 

“Why’d Hunter pick me to go with him? What didn’t he pick Shawn?” You whispered to Baron. He shrugged. “I don’t know. All he’s talked about is you. Since you kneed him, he hasn’t shut up. Something about how you’re his new favorite and how Shawn is already half out the door.”

Bray looked over his shoulder at you. His eyes lighting up. You glanced at Baron, who glared at Bray, jaw clenched.

“What’s this about? Guns? Drugs?” Baron looked down at you. “Both. Hunter had a nice stash of everything you’d need. Gets them from Ireland.” You nodded your head. “There’s another chapter over there that sells it to him for half the price, that is if he give half of what he makes off it.” You nodded your head again.

“He’d have to pay twice as much if he bought them off the Hounds.” You looked up at him. “Aren’t the Hounds our enemy? Why would we buy anything from them?” Baron looked at you, raising a brow. “Who told you we were enemies? We make deals with them, but we aren’t any where near enemies.” 

You looked away. “Uh, Wade did. Something about how you guy were in Hounds Hill. Theres a war or something going on.” Baron laughed, causing Hunter and Bray to looked back you. “There isn’t a war going on! Hell we haven’t heard anything from Roman in a couple of months. Last time we were out there in Hounds Hill was around the time we bought some explosives from them.”

You nodded your head. “Oh….Uh-” Baron wrapped his arm around you, cutting you off. “Listen if there was a war going on. You’d know it. There wouldn’t be a dull moment around here.”

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Hell yeah arumika I was waiting for this one

who cooks normally?:

Mikasa. Armin is clumsy and has a tendency to babble while he’s chopping or stirring and he constantly nicks/burns his fingers and Mikasa wraps them up and tells him to set the table instead and he’s a little embarrassed 

how often do they fight?:

Mikasa doesn’t like arguing and especially not with Armin. If they do end up arguing it’s usually because she pushes herself too hard, and even when she’s given time off the woman just can’t stay still and Armin gets so frustrated when one day when she reopens her wounds because she was doing sit ups and she’s peeling her shirt off and he’s pulling off the bloodied bandages and telling her she can’t keep doing this and she dismisses it by saying ‘I’m fine, Armin’ and he snaps and actually yells at her, which stuns her.

Armin’s temper is hardwired to his tear ducts though, so his throat closes up and he hates it but damn he’s crying so he leaves and later on that night he finds her actually resting and she wraps her arms around him and murmurs apologies while threading her fingers through his hair

what do they do when they’re away from each other?:

Armin does all the things he doesn’t when she’s around, like leaving papers and books strewn about everywhere and probably gets ink on the table and dish clothes and he has to figure out a way to keep her from seeing it when she gets back but he gets really antsy after a day or two? Armin doesn’t like being alone, and he misses the way she always climbed up onto the bed/couch whenever he was reading and put her head in his lap so he could run his hand through her hair while he read to her out loud and Armin always wonders if Mikasa was a cat in her past life

Mikasa probably trains (I know I’ve said that with the others) much more intensely and sometimes she bruises and ends up pulling something and she misses the way Armin would fuss over her and wrap her wounds and press kisses over the bandages

nicknames for each other?:

I don’t think either of them are one for nicknames but an occasional one might slip? Like it’s getting late and Armin still hasn’t gone to bed so she looks for him and finds him passed out on his desk and she kisses his forehead and tells him baby you fell asleep in your office again 

who is more likely to pay for dinner?:

Armin. He likes handling all their paperwork and bills and he’s constantly going over their bank statements because they like saving up for trips to Europe or Africa or wherever the hell else Armin sets his sights on and Mikasa trusts him enough  to hand him her entire check

who steals the covers at night?:

Mikasa usually ends up stealing them but she tries really hard not to? They both get incredibly cold very easily so they have this nightly ritual where they press as close as they can and tuck the sheets around and beneath their bodies and there’s something really nice about tangling their legs together and seeing how pretty each other’s hair looks when it’s fanned out over the pillows

what would they get each other for gifts?:

Mikasa first got him casual things—journals, pens, a pair of glasses because he squints too much, and when he loses them for the fourth time a chain to keep them around his neck—but after a year or so she’ll surprise him with a picnic at the beach or two plane tickets to paris and he has this soul deep wanderlust and just loves traveling and Mikasa thinks Armin must have been a bird in his past life and at night she’ll trace his shoulder blades and wish she could give him wings

who remembers things?:

Mikasa. Or I suppose it depends on what exactly. Armin has a damn computer up there and he catches on so many details but where are his glasses? where is his pen he just had it in his hand right now—and Mikasa just touches his ear and it’s right there and he just blushes and walks away

who cusses more?:

Armin. He’s clumsy and it’s because his brain works too fast for his hands and feet or he’s always day dreaming. He curses whenever he trips or spills something onto his paperwork and he apologizes for cursing but the next morning he’s taking a shower and he drops the shampoo bottle and he just explodes into the most creative string of epithets she’d ever heard—which says a lot because Eren.

chayashix and I have this headcanon that Armin has a filthy mouth in bed

what would they do if the other one was hurt?:

Mikasa would carry him with one arm and slay with the other if she has to no one’s going to hurt Armin 

Armin would get shaken up at first but force himself to calm down, to think and figure out how to get them out alive all he has is his brains and he’s going to use every ounce of intelligence to save her and it may not be enough but he’ll find a way because if anyone can it’s him and she deserves everything he’s got

who kissed who first?:

Armin kissed Mikasa. Armin seems very touchy? So they probably do the whole hand holding/hugging/kiss on the cheek thing daily and Armin had wanted to kiss Mikasa for a while and one night before she leaves she leans in to brush her lips across his cheek but he turns his head and their mouths touch and they freeze—but Armin just smiles and waves and tells her goodnight and gives her this innocent, questioning look? They both fall asleep smiling.

who made the first move?:

After the thing Armin pulled with the kiss Mikasa probably went hunting for him the next day and found him reading or talking to gods know who and grabbed his jacket and kissed the wits out of him and gives him that same questioning look? Armin feels electrified for the rest of the day.

who started the relationship?:

Eren? (can I do that?) but I feel like one day Jean or some other punk was kinda pining over Mikasa or Armin and they ask them during dinner ‘are you guys together? do I have a shot or?’

and before anyone can answer Eren gets really defensive and scowls and says ‘isn’t it obvious? they’ve been together for a while now, back off’ and that’s that.

I’m so happy you sent me the arumika, whoever you are

ladyoolong  asked:

How do you focus on writing when there's a lot of crap going on? Especially now? I've long had focus/procrastination/avoidance behavior issues to begin with and they get compounded when I'm worried about things. It's especially frustrating because I'm within spitting distance of finishing my first novel draft and have a friendly short story swap with a due date of the end of next month. (Thanks for being visible and inspiring, BTW, helped push me toward doing this at all.)

Re the visibility: glad to oblige. (Partly because being invisible hasn’t seemed real achievable for me, for whatever reasons.)  :)

So it sounds as if you need something to help you stop those annoying worries from creeping in and derailing you while you’re busy.

I’m in a similar place right now. It can be a challenge to achieve or maintain focus at such times… especially when the list of Things You Normally Worry About In A Sort Of Chronic Way is suddenly increased by (a) a great number of new things, or (b) a thing or two (or three) of significantly larger-than-usual worrisomeness, or © both of the above. …As is, I suspect, the case for a whole lot of us at the moment.

Let me stick a cut in here, as this is going to get a bit lengthy. Under the cut: science, magic and chicken soup, cognitive strategies, and getting all Zen about stuff (or not).

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“Theres no way in hell I’d fall in love with someone like you”-Nate Maloley

Your brother Jack was always throwing parties. You were never able to study or even get stuff done. “Jack please, I have a job interview with the design team for Chanel. I need to get some sleep”,you pleaded. “Look, its Skate’s birthday tonight, and I promised Madison i’d throw one since shes in town”,he said. “Your parties last like 3 or even 4 in the morning Jack. This job interview means alot to me. I worked my ass off to get here in my life”,you said raising your voice. “Look, i’m older okay. I don’t care about a stupid little job interview, you probably wouldn’t get it anyways’,Jack said rolling his eyes. You were on the verge of crying and you ran up to your room. You laid in bed crying yourself to sleep.

Hours later you wokeup to raging music and people yelling. You decided to take the opportunity to have some fun. You put on a sexy dress, did your hair, and put on some makeup. You walked downstairs and caught every eye in the house. Random guys tried to dance with you, but you just pushes them off. “What the hell are you wearing?”,Jack said annoyed. “Look, you’re right. I’m not going to get the job, so i’ve decided to have some fun”,you said taking a shot out of someone’s hand and drinking it. “No, go change. You look like a hooker”,jack said taking your hand and leading you to the stairs. “Last time I checked, you girlfriend is wearing the same thing”,you said yanking your arm back and disappearing into the crowd of people.

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You wandered around your house looking for something to drink. “Hey lil mama, want a drink”,you heard someone say. You turned around and saw Nate, one of your brothers good friends. “What the fuck, (y/n)? Is that you?”,he said shocked. “Hey Skate ,you said hugging him. How’s tour been”. “Amazing”,he said. “Damn its been what 3 years since i’ve seen you?”,he asked. “Yea, I think so. Last time I saw you, it was at my graduation”,you smiled. “Well, you ain’t in highschool no more huh”,Nate said looking you up and down. “Yea, guess your right”,you said smiling.

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You and Nate were hitting it off pretty well. You felt something, although you’d probably never date him, I mean he’s known for using and dropping girl at the blink of an eye. “You know the only reason I’m even at this party is because”- “What you missed me”,Nate interrupted. “Well yea, but I was just trying to have fun for once. Before everyone got here, Jack and I had a fight about something that doesn’t matter anymore”,you said. “What was it, if you don’t mind me asking. Maybe I could help”,he said. “Well, I got a job interview with the designers of Chanel. They saw my sketches and designs and they loved them. But Jack said I’d probabky wouldn’t get the job so why bother”,you said looking down. “Are you fucking kidding me lil mama? You’re amazingly talented. I’ve seen your designs on Insta. Why don’t you go for it?”,Nate asked. “Jack’s parties last till late hours in the night, I’d never get enough sleep”,you said looking at him. “Jswazz went back to Omaha for the week, I’ve got an extra bed back at my apartment”,Nate said. “You wouldn’t mind?”,you asked. “No, not at all. Plus this party is super lame, suckest birthday party ever. Wheres the weed”,Nate said laughing. “Let me go get my bag, thank you Nate. I owe you one”,you said hugging him.

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Once you reached Nate’s apartment, you walked up the three flights of stairs. Nate was getting his keys out to unlock the door. “Hey, thanks again. When I become a fashion designer, I’ll be sure to repay you”,you said smiling. Suddenly Nate dropped his keys and put his hands on either side of your head and kissed you. You kissed back and immediately felt sparks and passion. Nate’s hands started to roam your body. You opened the door without breaking the kiss. He picked you up and went toward the bedroom. The kiss was passionate and full of lust. “Are you sure, I don’t want to take advantage of you”,he said putting your hair behind your ear. You nodded you head and proceeded to kiss him.

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The next morning you wokeup to your alarm on your phone. You looked around and noticed your bra was on the ceiling fan above you. You looked to your side to see Nate sleeping with his arm around you. You got dressed and did your makeup/hair perfectly for the interview. “Goodluck lil mama”,Nate said with a groggy voice. “Oh, um thanks”,you said. “I’ll call you later?”,He said. “It’s okay, you don’t have to”,you said kissing his cheek. “Why not, I really like you”,he said getting up. “No, no you don’t. And thats fine. Lets not tell Jack”,you said kissing his cheek. “I’m serious, I really like you. C’mon after your interview let me take you to lunch”,he said taking your hand. “No Nate!”,You shouted. “Why the hell not!”,he shouted back. “Because theres no way in hell I’d fall in love with someone like you!”,you yelled. You walked out of the room. “What the fuck why? I really like you”,Nate said grabbing your arm making you face him again. “Nate let me go, i’m gonna miss the interview”,you said trying to get out of his grip. “No, what does the mean (y/n)”,he said letting you go. “I know you Nate, I know what you do to girl. In highschool you slept with all my friends and dumped them like trash the next day. The only reason you didn’t sleep with me is because I was gilinsky’s little sister.”,you said. “Look I was a kid then, not anymore. I wanna get to know you, I wanna kiss you and call you mine”,he said putting your hair behind your ear. “Look I need to go, thanks again for letting me stay”,you said kissing his cheek. You gathered your things and headed toward the door. “C’mon let me show you i’ve changed. Let me take you on a date”,he said smiling. You couldn’t help but smile back. I mean look at those dimples. “Okay Nate, One date”,you said smiling. “Awesome lil mama, you won’t regret it”,he said kissing your cheek and slapping your ass on the way out. 

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2 years later, a lot has changed. I mean you’ve become Chanel’s number one designer. You also started your own collection of clothes and makeup. You’ve been dating Nate for about 2 years now. Jack wasn’t the happiest but he came around. And even more exciting new, tonight is the night you tell everyone your engaged and planning on getting married in June.

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Lucy(ille) : Chapter 2

chapter 1 here

chapter 3 here

chapter 4 here

I ended up becoming way more exhausted than i anticipated, so i’d rather post a good chunk of a chapter now than try to finish it tonight and have it be shit because i’m literally half asleep. thank you for your patience, you all loved the first chapter and i don’t want to let you down! Tomorrow I’ll post two chapters to make up for the shortness of this one :)

warnings: language, negan being negan, sexual tension (smut scene coming tomorrow prepare your bodies) (also i didn’t proof read so if parts don’t make sense I was probably sleep typing)

“Look man, I’m just saying. With an ass like that, wouldn’t you just wanna g–shit.” Simon shot up from his post, snatching the binoculars from the savior next to him to see what was approaching the Sanctuary. “Damn it this isn’t right, they shouldn’t be coming back this soon. Fuck!” He started down the tower and jumped to the ground just as the trucks sped up to the front gates. The saviors poured out of the trucks first, Arat quickly stomping behind.

“What the hell happened? No Alexandria run is ever this short, and that was shorter than fat Joey’s dick. You must not have even made it,” Simon pressed, running up to Arat who was obviously more pissed than the rest of them. “Ask the dead girl he’s got a hard on for in the truck.” Simon became even more confused. “What the fuck do you mean?” She stepped up to him looking him dead in the eyes while shoving Lucy’s bag into his hands. “Go fucking see for yourself,” she whispered slowly before storming off. He glanced at the items in the bag and started for Negan’s truck. “Sir, everyone in Alexandria must be dead for you to have come back this fast–”

“Is that her bag?” Negan dropped out of the truck holding the life size rag doll that was Lucy’s body. Simon was now in a state of confusion that left him speechless, muttering um’s and what’s before Negan’s voice whipped him back to reality. “I believe I asked you a fucking question. You are holding a fucking bag, are you not? Is that from Arat?” Simon answered this time with no hesitation, “Well yeah, who is th-”

“Follow me, bring the bag. If I ask you a question and you give me that dumb-fucking-founded deer in the shit lights look again, I will fucking beat your fucking shit face until it comes off. M o v e.” Before Simon could react, Negan whipped around strutting confidently to what seemed to be the direction of the doctor. After a moment of doubt, Simon ran after him


The room smelled like oranges and whiskey. The sheets surrounding her felt velvety to the touch, encasing her body in a sensual warmth. She slowly opened her eyes as she came back to her senses. She went to sit up and was forced down by a pain in her chest. Looking down, she saw a bruised, oozing gash across her chest, the stitches barely keeping it together. Immediately the very little energy she had was was used for panicking. The absence of light in the room told her it was night time making it hard for her to make out what was around her. She stretched out her arms in every direction trying to feel out anything she could identify. She leaned to the right and felt a table, some bandages, and a full glass. Barely knocking it over, she grasped it and began chugging. Lemonade. She couldn’t remember the last time she had tasted her favorite drink.

“Thirsty, huh?” A deep voice make her seize and her hand gave up on the glass, the shattered glass echoing throughout the room. She remained silent as the voice continued. “Well not anymore.” She then heard footsteps crunch over the glass approaching the bed. “Let’s see what kind of a mess you made.” All at once the room lit up from a lamp on the table, seeming to light everything but the man who loomed before her in black. Their eyes met and her breathing became short. Staring, he continued. “There. isn’t that better. I’ll get someone to clean this shit up.” As he stepped closer her eyes darted from the bat in his hand to his eyes again. She was terrified. There was a darkness surrounding him that she couldn’t understand, yet a charm in his eyes that wrapped itself around her like a silky thread. “Oh, my fucking bad. You and Lucille have some history , something involving you jumping in front of a truck. My truck. But in all that fucking excitement I managed to not introduce myself.” He set Lucille on the floor before stating, “Hi. I’m Negan. Lacey, right?” He played up not knowing her name to make her talk. “Lucy.” she cracked. His body pulsed at the sound of her name. Lucy.
She saw his eyes trail across her body, each glance creating another goose bump on her skin. She knew nothing about Negan. Nothing about Lucille, and he seemed to have a following. His slicked hair merged into the checkerboard beard upon his face, drawing focus to his eyes and his smile. His contagious smile. She found a comfort in his aggressiveness, knowing there was a calmer side waiting to emerge.

His eyes trailed across her body, each glance ressurecting another memory in his head. He knew nothing about this Lucy. Not this one, at least, but he found himself wanting to. Her brown locks laid effortlessly around her face, drawing focus to her eyes. He found a comfort in her calmness, craving the agressive side he knew she had inside of her. The more he stared, the more he wanted her.

OK SO THERES CHAPTER 2 (chapter 3 here) chapter 4 here 




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It wasn’t a common thing you did, but in the rare occurrence that you agreed to go to the club you were never prepared for the touchy hands of drunken strangers.
No matter how many times it happened, you couldn’t get used to it.

You would have said no, but it was your friends birthday and it would have been rude to decline. And you knew the moment he gave you the pout, there was no denying him. There was something about those big, chocolaty eyes that got you every time.

You parked the car and made your way to the entrance of the club. As you stood in line, you decided to text your friend and let him know that you were there.
You couldn’t help but observe the others in line, most already intoxicated from pre drinking elsewhere. Once you finally reached the security, you handed them your ID, looking into the camera as they scanned your card.

“Head on through, sweetheart” the security guard smiles as he hands you back your Id and pointed behind him. A girl placed a stamp on your arm, giving you a welcoming smile before bidding you a goodnight.

As soon as you looked to the doors, you were met by those damn chocolate eyes.

“Happy Birthday, Dan!” you say as you walk up to him and wrap your arms around him.
“Thank-you! And thanks for coming! You look beautiful by the way” Dan speaks as he holds you tight, returning the hug. You can tell he has already been drinking as his voice is louder and he smells of vodka and other spirits.

With his hand resting on the middle of your back, Dan lead you into the club and straight towards the bar.

“What do you want to drink?” Dan almost yells over the loud music

“Just a vodka, lime and soda” you reply just as loud while you begin to pull money out of your purse.

“I’ve got it don’t worry” Dan says, stopping you from paying while he tells the bar tender his order.

“It’s your birthday Dan! I should be paying” You say, but Dan is already passing over his money.

“Yeah, it’s my birthday, so let me do what I want!” he replies with a wink.

You both sit on a lounge and drink glass after glass of alcohol (in which Dan hadn’t let you pay for once) until you are both a bit more than tipsy.

“So where are all your other friends?” you ask Dan

“Dancing I think” Dan says, making you both laugh.

“Speaking of, I’m gonna get us some shots then we should dance!” Dan says with a beaming smile as he jumps up, grabbing your hand and pulling you along.
Dan orders at the bar and gets you both a tequila shot. You both put some salt on your hands before looking at each other.

“Ready?” Dan asks, and you nod a yes in reply.

“one, two, three!” and on three you both lick the slat off of your hands, down the shot and quickly suck on the slice of lime.

Dan laughs as you screw your face up, feeling the heat of the alcohol filling your body.

“Now lets dance!”

Dan takes your hand and pulls you into the more crowded part of the club, and somehow you both end up stood in front of the Dj. The alcohol takes over and you find yourself stood next to Dan, swaying your hips to the bass of the music.

Your muscles tense up as a pair of hands take hold of your hips and you feel the front of someone pressed against your backside. It seems like only 2 seconds before Dan sees whats happening and warns the guy to back off.
The guy ignores Dans threats, flipping him the rude finger before retiring his hand to your hip.
Dan glares at him as he wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you in front of him and away the the stranger.

“Thank-you” you mouth back at Dan with a thankful smile.

You dance for a while longer, but the touchy stranger from earlier returns and pulls you into his body, groping at your bottom.

“HEY!” Dan yells over the music, staring down and the guy.
when he ignores Dans warning, Dan loses his temper, pulling you away once again and giving the guy a shove. When the guy tries to reach for you again, Dan goes in for the punch. The moment his fist makes contact with the guys jaw, security are pulling Dan outside.

“He was groping my girl!” Dan tells the security, you blush as he refers to you as “his girl” while you follow them out.

“Okay sir, but we have a no violence tolerance here so you are going to have to leave” the say, letting go of his arms once they are outside in the parking lot.

“Fine but I need to get Y/n-“

“Im here Dan” You say, stepping out from behind the security.

They leave you and Dan alone in the parking lot, while Dan lets out some frustrated groans.

“Of fucking course, I try to stop some guy from groping girls and I’m the one who gets kicked out! yeah, makes so much fucking sense!” Dan is now yelling, not at you, well, not at anyone really. He faces the ground while quickly pacing back and forth. He only stops when he feels you taking hold of his hand.

“Thank-you Dan… For looking out for me” You say softly, hoping he would calm down.
“Ill always look after you… you mean so much to me” Dan replies, a lot softer, as he pulls you into his chest, holding you tight.

“Im sorry your birthday was ruined” You say into his chest.

“It wasn’t ruined, I got to drink and dance with you. Theres only one thing that could make this night better”

“And what would that be?”

“A birthday kiss from my crush”

“Who’s your crush?”


Saving (Part 2)

Pietro x reader || Request || One-Shot || Part 2! Sorry its so short!!! :(

It had been a while since Pietro accepted his fate. However, he had not quite accepted you. He didn’t exactly like you, and he had plenty of reasons not to, but you just wished he was a little bit easier to open up.

You carefully lead Pietro into a newly created training room. It was large and resembled a track field with the same lines and everything. Only it was indoors and had glass windows allowing somebody to watch someone practice. Pietro stared in awe at the room as he followed you inside. He moved in front of the glass and you stayed on the other side of it, looking into his blue eyes.

“I specifically created this room for running. The floor may seem metallic, but it’s built almost as dirt, so when you run you wont slide around a lot. There’s also a mile counter, heart rate, condition, energy, and speed device located just outside where I’ll be watching. If anything goes wrong, I’ll holler.”

Pietro nodded slowly and turned around. “I just…run?” he asked softly.

You nodded back, “You just run. If you feel like you can’t run anymore just let me know. Don’t keep running, because your body won’t be able to take it.”

Pietro stepped onto the track, positioning himself as if he were an actually athlete. He had run before, he had run enough times to know he can handle pushing himself. “Three…” You counted, “Two…one!”

The moment Pietro took off running was the moment he realized you were right. Pietro looked at his legs, almost feeling light headed. He was barely even running. He was jogging. Pietro had lost all of his speed.

Pietro looked up, clenching his fists as he attempted to run faster. You sighed as you watched Pietro round his first corner. The look in his eyes almost broke your heart. “Pietro, you have to slow down a little. This is the first time in a while that you’ve even stood on your feet!” You called out to him.

“I-I can take it! I can do it, do not try to stop me!” Pietro shouted.

You stepped out onto the track, “No, Pietro! You’re heart can’t take it! Please slow down, you don’t want to end up in bed again do you?”

Pietro suddenly felt a surge of pain in his chest causing him to stumble. Pietro collapsed on the track, panting as he grabbed his chest. You cursed quietly and ran towards him, quickly falling to your knees as you helped him roll over, “Damn it, Maximoff!” You yelled at him, “You should have listened!”

Grasping for air, Pietro gripped his shirt. He looked up at you with panicked eyes and you lifted his head up gently, “Listen to me, Pietro! You need to calm down, alright? Deep, slow breaths. Can you do that?”

Pietro curtly nodded, trying to regain his breath as he stared into your wide and frantic (e/c) eyes. “Don’t close your eyes alright? Eyes on me.” You murmured.

“I cannot take it…I can not do this.” Pietro breathed.

“Pietro! Pietro Maximoff I swear to God if you close your eyes-”

The room was dead silent. The unfamiliar walls and unwelcoming. Pietro stared at the white wall in front of him, unable to look away. He missed his home. Not his home in Slovakia, his real home. Which just so happened to be with his sister. He missed Wanda more than he ever thought he could. Pietro figured he would never be apart with twin, and here we was. Alone and without her comfort. Pietro leaned forward, hanging his head as he sat on the edge of the bed. Everything he ever knew was gone. Everything.

And now the one thing that could save him was gone. His speed.

Pietro paid no mind to the door as it opened, nor the person who stepped into his room with hesitance. You stood in the doorway, gazing at Pietro with compassionate eyes. “I do not want your sympathy.” Pietro said in a low voice.

You brought your arms up and cross them over your chest. You swallowed before speaking, “I don’t offer any.” You saw Pietro stiffen.

Walking closer, you sat on the edge of the bed beside him and watched him carefully. He didn’t move. You took a deep breath and looked at the floor, “I don’t know what it’s like to have everything you ever knew taken from you, but I do know that it’s hard. And I also know you can pull through it, Pietro.”

Pietro was silent. You looked back at him and he raised his head, staring at the wall once more. “Why should I believe you?” Pietro asked softly.

You looked away and clasped your hands together as you stood up, “I don’t know.” You said simply as you made your way to the door, “Maybe because I have faith in you and because you know deep down that I’m right.”

You grabbed the doorknob and went to close the door when you looked back over your shoulder at him, smiling sincerely as he finally looked into your eyes, “Besides, I’m not letting you give up when we’ve just begun. I’m not that kind of person, and I know that you aren’t either.” 

Pietro watched you close the door, the footsteps soon fading. He stared at the door longingly and ran your words over and over again through his mind. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad, and maybe you weren’t so bad. A smile tugged at Pietro’s lips as he looked down at his hands which rested in his lap.

The Apocalypse

Day 4: Bleeding Out/Bandages

This is sooo long, and involves all the main four ships. This is also my first action fanfic, so hopefully I do well on it.


“We have to move, NOW!” Natsu shouted to his seven companions. He twisted his body around to see the undead creatures striding after them. One hand was pressing on the trigger of his gun shooting at the lifeless forms while his other hand was gripping his wife’s, tugging her along. He seen a zombie that was faster than the rest speeding his way behind Erza. Quickly, he pulled the trigger a bullet barely missing the red head going straight into the zombies head, making it fall down to the ground unmoving. The pink haired man didn’t miss her angry expression towards him.
“What the hell are you thinking Natsu?” His expression stayed solemn, shooting once more at the undead army behind them.

“You would’ve been zombie chow by now, you should be thanking me.” He took a sharp turn, leading the group down another hall of the mall. “You need to be more careful, one wrong move and you become one of them.”

“You don’t like we know that?” Gajeel gruffed out, pulling his own wife behind him. “Its hard to keep watch when you’re looking out for seven other people. We should-”

“If you suggest we split it, you’re an idiot.” Gray commented, jogging alongside the taller male. “Have you not seen any horror movie? We split up and we’re as good as dead.”

Erza decided to put her two-sense in before the two dark haired males wasted their remaining energy fighting each other rather than the creatures chasing them. “Theres a difference Gray, this is real life. Not a movie.”

“Besides, with our numbers we’ll be able to watch out for each other better.” Jellal said, shooting behind them a few more times. “We all know what you mean though Gajeel, but its better we stick together.”

“My main concern is getting Levy and my kid out safe and sound.” He confessed, stopping when he spotted a store they could they could take refuge in for a bit. “Guys, over here!” Levy looked in the direction of her husband, seeing what he saw. The group all rushed to the shelter, Natsu and Gajeel making sure that everyone was inside before shutting the gate. Natsu bent down to seal the lock while everyone shot at the zombies through the openings between the bars. Blood splattered as the bullets went into their skulls, some of it getting on Natsu.

“Watch it! If this shit gets in my mouth we’re fucked!” He said is absolute disgust. Finally hearing the gate lock latch, Natsu stepped back and helped his friends in taking care of the last of the mob of zombies. They knew more would come, but for now they needed to regain their depleted energy.

“Thank goodness.” Levy sighed in relief, sitting against the wall. Her small hand was rubbing her protruding stomach, trying to soothe the cramps of all the running they’ve done. “Its okay baby, mommy is going to rest now.” Her hazel eyes focused on her belly, tears rushing down her face.

Lucy looked at the tender moment that her best friend was having with her unborn child. Out of instinct, Lucy’s hand went to her now flat stomach. She remembered having tender moments like that when she was pregnant. Tears streamed from her eyes.

She wished she could’ve met her baby.

She felt a hand go on top of hers. She looked up to see her husband, an unnerving expression on his face. “We can’t afford to be thinking about the past Lucy.” He said seriously, handing her a bottle of water and a bag of chips the boys had found lying around the store. “It still hurts me too. When this whole thing is over, we can try again.” The blonde just remained silent, not trusting her voice to speak at this moment. She didn’t want to try again. What if she miscarried again? She didn’t want to kill another innocent being. Besides that, who knows if they can even get out of this thing alive? She felt one of her husbands arms wrap around her waist, pulling her to him for comfort. She leaned into him, letting his warm embrace wash her nerves away.

“We need a plan.” Gray stated, brushing strands of Juvia’s blue hair as she laid her head down in his lap. “We can’t stay in this damn place forever.”

“Agreed.” Erza spoke, sitting in between Jellal’s legs. She sipped her water, the liquid going down her throat smoothly. “But we don’t know how many of those things are out there.”

“Theres a hell of a lot, all Magnolia’s infested by those fuckers.” Gajeel pulled his wife into his lap, resting his cheek on the crown of her head. “Its a miracle we ain’t infected yet.”

“Well, its not like everyone else is on the police force.” Lucy said, feeding Natsu one of her chips. “We would be goners if you guys weren’t so highly trained.”

“Thats why we have to use our battle tactics wisely.” Jellal said, resting his chin on Erza’s head. “One wrong move and it could kill us all.”

“Gray, Juvia is scared.” The blunette said to her husband, trying to let his touch soothe her fears, but at no anvil. He smiled down at her, in another attempt to calm her nerves.

“Its okay Juvia, we all are.” He leaned down a placed a soft kiss on her temple. “But I’m going to get you outta this mess alive, or die trying.” She nodded her head and closed her eyes, sleep overtaking her body quickly.

Natsu looked around to his friends. It looked like every girl was asleep, even Erza fell asleep. He looked over to his now sleeping wife, kissing the side of her head.

“This whole situation is fucking stupid.” Gajeel gruffed out, the boys around the room nodding in agreement.

“For once, I agree with you Gajeel.” Natsu sighed out, leaning his head against the wall behind him. “How the hell did this whole situation start in the first place?”

“Before we were ran into this mall, I heard some of the fellow officers saying how someone contracted a virus that made human flesh irresistible. While doctors were testing said person out, they ended up biting one of the doctors and passed the disease onto him. Soon, the whole hospital was bitten, as you can see it spread pretty rapidly.”

“Are they making a cure or something? This whole charades been going on for weeks, I don’t know how much longer I can take it.” Gray leaned farther in the wall, he wasn’t really talking about himself but everyone in the small store.

“Yeah, I don’t think Lucy can take much more mental stress right now. She’s still devistated a-after…” Natsu couldn’t finish his sentence, feeling the tears sting the back of his eyes. He didn’t want to cry in front of his friends, couldn’t show weakness in a situation like this.

Any amount of weakness and they were as good as dead.

“Natsu, its okay to cry man. You lost your baby.” Gray remarked, trying to comfort his best friend. “I would cry if that ever happened to Juvia, miscarriages are no joke.”

“Thats right. I don’t even think I could take it if it happened to Levy. With all the running we’ve been doing has definitely put some stress on the baby, but our wives are troopers. Then theres Erza.” Gajeel joked, making the three men chuckle.

“Well, my wife is co-captain of the Magnolian police force.” He proudly kissed her scarlet hair. “It’d kill me if something were to happen to her.” All the men nodded in agreement, losing their significant other would surely be their demise.

“Guys.” The three men looked at the pink haired man, his features showed he was serious. “If something happens to me. Promise me you’ll take care of Lucy for me.”

“I promise. If you do the same with Juvia.”

“And Levy.”

“Erza as well.”

The four men sat there in utter silence, the first amount of silence they’ve had in weeks.

“Man, how whipped are we?” They all laughed at Natsu’s comment, unfortunately it was short lived. The sounds of groaning were heard from the back of the store, soon the creatures began to make their appearance.

“WAKE UP WE GOTTA MOVE!” Natsu loud voice rang throughout the store, waking the sleeping girls up. Lucy groaned, not liking being roughly grabbed and forced to stand.

“Natsu-” She took one look to the back of the store, her eyes growing to the size of saucers.

“Come on!” He grabbed her hand, running behind the others to the locked gate. “Shit!” He exclaimed, bending down trying to undo the lock. He fumbled with the thing, the rest of the group panicking.

“Come on Salamander! They’re getting closer!” Gajeel shouted, shooting his remaining bullets at the approaching zombies. Trying to pull the trigger once more, he noticed he was out of bullets. He threw his gun at the undead army, noticing that Gray and Erza also threw their guns. He heard the latch give up and looked behind him to see Natsu lifting up the gate and pushing Lucy outside to the hallway.

Jellal made sure everyone was outside, noticing he was the only one with bullets in his gun. He looked behind him, shooting a few more times before turning his attention back to his friends. There was just too many of these creatures after them for them to handle with one gun. He breathed in a sigh before grasping the iron gate, pulling it down.

“Jellal?!?!” Erza shouted, trying to pull the now locked gate that blocked her over up. “What are you doing? JELLAL!?!?”

“Natsu, Gray, Gajeel. Remember our promise?” He quickly shot an approaching zombie in the head, before glancing back at him meeting everyones wide eyes. “You better make sure she gets out of here alive, or I’m going to haunt your asses.”

“JELLAL!” Erza shouted, rattling the cage. She refused to let go, even when Natsu and Gray tried to force her off. “JELLAL! I CAN’T LOSE YOU AGAIN! DON’T LET ME ALONE AGAIN!” Flashbacks of her childhood flooded her brain, memories of the ‘old’ Jellal, constantly bullying and putting the redhead down. Soon, he realized the mistakes he had committed and just how much his words and actions affected her. Not being able to live with his guilt, he left.

He left her all alone.

They finally rekindled their relationship, training at the police academy together. Sucking up his pride, the blue haired man asked the lovely redhead out on a date, and didn’t look back.

Now the two have been married for five years, both promising to never leave one another alone again.

But, it looks like Jellal just broke his promise.

“JELLAL! PLEASE! JELLAL!” Erza’s eyes were so flooded with tears she could barely see out of them. She didn’t miss how Jellal cursed and threw his gun at the creatures.

She knew he was going to die.

She seen his eyes, his beautiful green eyes look at her one last time, his parting words would never leave her mind.

“I’ll see you someday soon, Erza.” With that, the undead army had trampled Jellal. A pile of twenty zombies on top of the now deceased man.

“JELLAL!” Erza screamed and kicked in desperation to go back to her lover, even though Natsu picked her up dragging her farther away from him. “We have to go back and get him. JELLAL!” She thrashed around in Natsu’s arms until he finally turned her around, looking her straight in her eyes.

“He’s gone Erza.” His words were so simple, but they left a heavy load on the females heart. “I made him a promise, and I intend to keep it. Now come on, I’m sure more are on there way.” He turned around, not wanting to waste anymore time. He intertwined his fingers with Lucy’s, leading the now group of seven in another direction.

Erza stood in place for a second, tears still streaming from her eyes. She knew Jellal wouldn’t want her to be like this, he would want her to be as strong as the day they remet. But, her emotions contradicted her feelings. She didn’t want to move, didn’t want to do anything. She felt someone tug on her arm, looking up she noticed it was Gray.

“Come on Erza, he risked his life so we could get out of here. Do you want his death to be in vain?” Those words struck Erza so hard she flinched. She sighed, her tears slowing down. No, she wasn’t going to grieve over Jellal….

She was going to live for him.

Slowly, she followed suit of Natsu, Lucy, Gajeel and Levy deciding to walk besides Gray and Juvia. She seen the three girls shaking,most likely due to the murder they just witnessed. She sighed heavily, already missing Jellal.

“Shit, I’m the only one with a gun.” Natsu hissed remembering the others throwing their guns.

“Isn’t there a gun store in this place?” Gajeel said, eyes searching for said store.

“Yeah, its on the second floor next to the bookstore.” Levy’s voice was still weak due to her constant tears.

“Damnit!” Natsu shouted out of frustration. “We worked our asses off to get to this floor, if we go up there were fucked.”

“Hate to say it, but flame brains right.” Gray solemnly said. “We need to get out of this damn mall asap, but every exit is blocked by those things.”

“We’re never going to get out of here…” Gray heard his wife say between her sobs. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a tight embrace. “We will Juvia, we will.” He said lowly, they knew he was lying. None of them knew if they were going to get out alive or not.

“Speaking of them, there they are!” Lucy shouted, diverting everyones attention in the direction of her finger.

“Shit, run!” Everyone started sprinting, towards another exit they knew was going to get blocked. They ran, each one of them having little strength, but the will to live was stronger. “I see it! The exit!” He shouted to everyone, seeing that it was unguarded. “Its not blocked! We’re going to get out of here-”

He spoke too soon.

Way too soon.

Out of the endless supply of stores, came the ungodly creatures. There had to be at least thirty of them guarding the door, and with another fifty chasing after you.

They were as good as dead.

Natsu tried to shoot his gun, heart dropping.

He was out of bullets.

“S-Shit.” He whispered out, all the confidence he possessed falling.

“Oh no…” He heard Lucy say beside him. They were all closing in quick. Natsu used his quick thinking, trying his best to save everyone.

“This way, quick!” They all followed suit of the pink haired man going into a local sporting goods store. Natsu looked around, the iron cast gate was already broken so they couldn’t lock themselves in. His eyes picked up a slightly opened door in the back of the store. “I see a door over there, come on!” They all ran inside the door, once inside Natsu slammed the door shut, pushing himself against it until Gray and Gajeel found something to block it off with.

“LU-CHAN!” Natsu quickly turned his head, seeing a lone zombie on top of his wife. Without thinking, he dashed over to his struggling wife tackling the lifeless creature. He struggled with the creature, forgetting that he didn’t have any weapons to fight it off with.

“NATSU!” Natsu made the mistake of looking over at Lucy,during that one second of not paying attention he felt something clamp onto his skin.

It was teeth.

Not his teeth, not Lucy’s teeth…

The zombies teeth.

Natsu groaned in pain, kneeing the zombie in the gut. He stood up, kicking the creature repeatedly in the head until it started to cave in. Natsu touched the blood running down his neck. He turned around, looking at Lucy.

“Sorry Luce, I guess we can’t try and make another baby now.”

“Natsu? What are you-  Her eyes widened when he twisted his neck exposing the bite mark. “No…” Her words were a disbelieving whisper.

“Natsu…” Gray said, feeling tears at the back of his eyes at the thought of his best friend turning into one of them. “Natsu!”

Natsu looked around the room, seeing some rope. He walked over to Gray, handing him the item.
“Tie me up.” His best friend looked up, confused etched on his features.

“W-What?” By this time, Gray and everyone else in the room was crying. Remorse filling them as they were about to lose the leader of their team, the sole reason they were living right now.

“I’m obviously going to turn into one of those fuckers.” He stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “You need to tie me up, theres no telling if I’m going to attack you guys.” He turned and looked at his wife, who’s tears were falling harder and faster than anyones. “And you Lucy…”

She looked up at her husband. “W-What?”

“I want you to kill me.” There was an absolute silence in the room, except for the occasional bang on the door by the zombies.

“A-Are you serious?!” Lucy shouted, angry that he would even suggest that. “I-I can’t Natsu! I… I love you way too much to ever do something like that!”

“I love you too Lucy.” Natsu said sitting down on the ground after Gray had tied his arms and legs together. “Thats why I want you to be the one to kill me.”
“B-But I-I…” She couldn’t speak. She didn’t know what to say… the love of her life just asked her to kill him. What was she supposed to say? “I-I don’t have anything to do it with a-anyway.”

“I always keep an extra bullet in my pocket.” He said, cocking his head in the direction. “Just shoot me in the head, just try not to miss.” He tried to remain composed, feeling his blood rushing through his body at a rapid pace. Heart racing faster than he’s ever heard it. “Come on Lucy, you gotta do it… or I might kill you all.”

Lucy slowly walked over to her husbands tied up form, bending down she put a shaky hand in his pocket pulling out the lone bullet that he mentioned.

“H-How do I load it?” Her hands were so shaky, she was crying so hard. She doubt she could shoot him in the head with how uncomposed she was. Gray walked over to her, a spare gun in his grasp.

“I-I always carry an extra bullet too. Natsu taught me too…” Gray was sobbing uncontrollably as well, loading the two bullets in the gun.

“Hey, Luce?” She looked to her husband, the husband she didn’t want to kill… but had too to save their friends lives like Natsu wished. “Can I… Can I have one last kiss?” Without second thought, Lucy bent down connecting their lips for the last time. It was a kiss filled with so much passion if Lucy wasn’t kneeling down she sure her knees would give out. She felt Natsu’s own tears on her face, as they disconnected Natsu spoke.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t make the family we always wanted.”

“Natsu don’t-” Lucy didn’t get to finish her sentence before she seen foam start to come out of his mouth, teeth turning into fangs. He began growling, the iris’s in his eyes turning pure white. He got up and began to dash towards the blonde.

“Lucy, now!” Lucy turned away and shot the gun. She heard a splattering, then a thump on the floor. She turned her eyes towards what was left of her husband. Her eyes produced fresh tears.

What had she done.

“I killed him…. I killed him…” Lucy kept repeating to herself though everyone could here. “I KILLED HIM! I KILLED NATSU!” Lucy sank down to her knees, sobs taking over her small body. Her cries were so dominant, she couldn’t hear the others tears of desperation as well.

“You had too, Lucy. If you didn’t… we’d be dead.” Gray said, ignoring his own remorse and placing a hand on the broke girls shoulder. Lucy whipped her hand around, shocking everyone when she placed the gun to her head.

“Lucy, drop the gun.” She violently shook her head, scooting as far away from Gray as she could.

“I lost my baby,” She cocked the gun. “Now I had to kill my husband.” She pressed the gun harder into her head. “I have no reason to live anymore.” She smiled maniacally, “By the way Gray, thanks for the extra bullet.”  

“Lucy, wait!” But when the shot of the gun was heard, it was too late.

Lucy had taken her own life. 

It was at the moment, Levy and Juvia’s tears were unbelievably loud. The sound of the door being kicked down was heard. The police officers desperately looked for a place to escape, but there was none.

They were goners.

The hundreds of creatures began piling in the room, overpowering the remaining members of the group. Screams were heard and blood was spilled. Who were they kidding, thinking they could survive.

This wasn’t a movie, it was real life.

No one truly survived in the end. 

anonymous asked:

How are they like Patronus and Achilles?? I mean I just want comparisons not how are they like that but u know what I mean hopefully

I know what you mean, it’s okay!

- Both Patroclus and Steve start out as small and slight and not strong or fast, but eventually become valiant soldiers
- Patroclus and Achilles meet when they are children, Patroclus living in his kingdom through exile and Achilles the Prince, and though Patroclus has no reason to expect kindness from Achilles, he gets it and they become unlikely best friends
- Steve and Bucky meet when they are children and Steve has no reason to expect Bucky to treat him with any kindness bc none of the other kids pay him attention and if they do, it’s not positive, and yet Bucky does and they become unlikely best friends.
- Achilles was supposed to be the greatest fighter who was destined to fight in the Trojan War and die in battle, he was supposedly created to be a weapon, an unbeatable killer.
- I’d just like to direct your attention to what Hydra did to Bucky Barnes.
- Achilles and Patroclus were inseparable both growing up and in battle, they were sent together to study on Mount Pelion and worked in tandem with each other throughout the Trojan War
- “Bucky Barnes and Steven Rogers were inseparable on both schoolyard and battlefield”
- Up until now I’ve said that Achilles is like Bucky and Patroclus like Steve but it sorta switches here bc in mythology, Patroclus gets killed by Hector in battle, and it’s the turning point in the Trojan War. Bc for months before this, Achilles refused to fight because of a grievance he had with Agamemnon and so the Greeks were literally getting slaughtered, so Patroclus convinces Achilles to let him go in his place so he doesn’t have to, but when he hears of Patroclus’ death, Achilles breaks down and then swears to kill Hector for what he’s done. There’s a lot of different mythology on what happens after he kills Hector, but one of the theories is that he was reckless and tried to get himself killed after, and was eventually shot with an arrow and died.
- Bucky: *Falls bc of Hydra*
Steve: *is distraught and alone in a bar, crying and desperately trying to get drunk*
Peggy: Give your friend the dignity of his choice, he damn well must have thought you were worth it.
Steve: I won’t stop until all of Hydra are captured or dead.
Steve: *crashes plane into the arctic*
- Despite how close Achilles and Patroclus were, despite everything they did together, despite how viscerally Achilles felt the loss of Patroclus, despite how extreme his reaction to losing Patroclus was, people will still insist they were just friends, close like brothers
- Despite the fact Steve parachuted into an open war zone with the equivalent of a tin foil shield, after saying he was willing to walk there, to save Bucky, despite the fact it took one phrase that clearly meant a lot to both of them, to break through Bucky’s 70 years of brainwashing, despite the fact Steve fought against 107 nations rather than hand Bucky over, despite how much Bucky’s “death” affected Steve, people will still insist that they were just friends, close like brothers

And like,,,that’s just from the actual mythology, pls don’t start me on the song of achilles, bc that entire book is a Steve/Bucky AU.

There's Someone for Everyone

Summary: Y/N has always been use to people asking her how tall she is. Being 5'10 is more than average for a young woman, and it bring her a lot of attention. But that attention never seems to include romantic interactions. Sam is going to prove her wrong, sometimes you just gotta wait for the right guy. 

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader 

 Pairing: Sam X Reader 

Warnings: Fluff, make out session nothing to serious 

 Request:  Hi, I really like your writing and was wondering if you could do one where the reader is taller than a normal girl maybe 5'10 and thinks men don’t like her cause of her height. But Sam has a crush on her and loves her height?-Anonymous   

 A/N: Oh my God this one holy crap, this was freaking a lot of fun. The request kinda took off in my head and I couldn’t stop!

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Imagine: Louis left you for someone else, and months later the lads and him see you at the club. Completely different.

I’m not gonna lie, the first two months of the break up had me broken. For two months straight I didn’t leave my house. The fucking press thought I was dead. I barely ate and just sat on the couch crying my eyes out.

I barely ate. My best friend, Zoe, had a home doctor visit me and the news wasn’t great. He said if I didn’t eat I would have some sort of eating disorder. To be honest, I was terrified at that point. My older sister died from having an eating disorder and I didn’t want to leave my parents without a child. So I started eating, going back to my normal day schedule.

The press had a field day when they found out what I did. I kept buying cigarettes and when they would ask during interviews, I would say its for a friend. Lie.

I was taking up a smoking hobby. I would smoke a pack of cigars in two days, and to some people it was nothing because they would smoke two packs in one day. But I’ve never smoked in my entire live, and neither of my parents smoked.

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10x11 “There’s No Place Like Home”
10x18 “Book of the Damned”
11x08 “Just My Imagination”

On Doppelgängers, Mirrors, Halfs and the Space between Good and Evil

Sisters instead of brothers. The death of a sibling instead of a parental figure. And kids feeling lost after the trauma they’ve endured and needing something, someone to help them carry on. While this episode may have been more Sam centric on the surface, I think that Dean and his story and arc has been just as integral it was only aapproached it little more subtle.

Sully was the the connecting element between the brothers this episode and that not only in how almost every shot he was standing between them serving as a sort of mediator and a canvas or mirror to have the brothers realize something about themselves as well as deliver the audience some more material to draw from when trying to understand Sam and Dean’s struggles.

What to me was most striking in this episode was how the threads of the season have been spun further and how the question of what’s real and what’s not has been addressed. Of course one may see this episode and the arrival of Sully first and foremost as a hint for what Sam may need at the moment - Air-Guitar-Zanna made that very clear - but I think his arrival may have been just as needed by Dean (for Sam).

They’re both in a difficult place at the moment. One fighting against visions from the cage, the other fighting against a connection to the Darkness and the aftermath of his time under the influence of the mark. Both of these aspects have been illustrated pretty nicely imo with the monster of the week, which interestingly enough was not a monster at all, but a messed up and grieivng human being.

I feel like this episode had a chuckload of parallels and mirror characters, but for the time of this short meta-ish ramble I’ll concentrate on Dean since Sam’s story and arc has been spelt out rather obviously imo over the course of the episode.

Imagination, Oz and the Mark of Cain

To man the following will probably sound like grasping at straws, but when I watched the episode what stood out to me immediately was how set up wise and by concentrating on the aspect of imagination there were a lot of references and parallels to Oz once more. Or at the very least to the episodes of Supernatural that dealt with Oz and with that also Charlie.

Not only does the imaginary world come alive within the bunker in 11x08 “Just My Imagination” as well as 9x04 “Slumber Party”, it’s that Dean and Reese in this episode work as much as mirrors/doppelgängers as Dark!Charlie and Good!Charlie worked as mirrors/doppelgängers for MoC!Dean and Normal!Dean. And I feel visually one could draw some parallels between Dark!Charlie, Reese and with that also Dean.

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