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So like whats the fusions that you like drawing/writing the most and how long do you think it will be till we get another zoro fusion (i love zoro so much) cus when variscite was fused i legit cried (she's so beautiful and strong) but I just love all the fusions ad the crew

Oooh, ok so this is really cool question! I can say that it won’t be tooooo long until the next Zoro fusion, and boy what a fusion that one is. Like, damn son I’m in love. 

My three favourite fusions to write (that you haven’t seen), in no particular order are:

Labradorite, Jade, Fossil Jasper

It’s super tough though because so many of them are my faves and for such different reasons. Like of the three above I like all of them for totally different reasons, one because of their amazing dialogue, one because of the interesting relationship they represent and the other because of how alien their mindset is and how terribly fascinating I find it.

- Liz

I’m really glad u like them all!!
let’s see….. It’s really hard to call names since they all are my children (kind of?) and I love them all so much.

I think my faves to draw that you haven’t seen yet are indigo copper, sulfur and even though he is a bitch to draw, fossil jasper

All three of them have a very different body types and maneuvers and emit different feelings on the screen. I really want to do my best at drawing them and making them feel alive. As fascinating, emotional or terrifying as they can be.

- mimu

This shot of Izaya makes me irrationally frustrated with him because look. He starts off all cute in this one second. All cute and he even looks concerned with what Shiki’s telling him. Then his expression goes from concerned to smug because he knows everything’s working like he was planning. He knows people are at wit’s end and he loves it. It’s like his whole personality in a few seconds. He looks harmless but the second you look away he’s your worst enemy.

I love him so much.