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Do you know how adorable you have been this entire weekend? If you don't, then you've been really cute. Between your snap chats with Dodie and Ben and your cover with them and you cheering on Dodie when she won the shorty award, you've been pretty damn adorable lately. Just thought I'd let you know. 💜💜

Hahah awwwww I’ve just been having a great trip, and I love my friends a great deal!!!!!


Just ate lunch at Toulouse Petit next to a very pregnant Lollie Devereaux (sp?) who face timed with Jared Padalecki! It was actually his voice I recognized before she plugged her headphones and sure enough, you could see him!!!!!!!

How random, I want to know how they know each other, my worlds are colliding.

I’d never met anybody like him before in my life. I thought he was absolutely sensational, so I was… I didn’t have to act much. Let’s put it like that. - Maggie Smith on working with Rod Taylor, from the documentary Rod Taylor, Pulling No Punches

When your girlfriend is super fucking gorgeous and you can't stop staring in awe at how beautiful she is and you feel all fluttery inside

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I am an amazing friend, right Saxxy? xD

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Sam x Reader
Inspiration: @saxxxology sent me the GIF and asked for sex and shitty puns with Sam. Challenge motherfucking accepted
Words: 1,311
The reader gets easily distracted at the worst times
Warnings: Swearing, sass, and smut - oral (female receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it!)

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“I just wanna hear Camila swearing up a storm, dropped F bombs one time. Damn she must sound dorky and adorable.”

First of all hahaha she sounded so adorable when she said “chill the fuck out”

2. Sinu probably wasn’t around when she dropped the F Bomb.😂
3. Lauren.
4. Now I can imagine her swearing up a storm with this voice. Lol
5. PSA to the pressed anons.

“Oh, he says ‘Spill the T’ […] It was super fun there. I mean, the girls are super cool. Raven Symone is a fucking cunt […] Anyway, let’s do the song that she didn’t like on the show.”

First, look at this

Then, read this:



“I’m home!”

Callie nudged the front door of their house open with her hip after wrestling with her keys; arms laden with a warm, slightly squirmy little body and a shopping bag full of purchases. The bundle in her arms let out a soft whine, nose sniffing at the air, and the brunette made a gentle shushing sound, nuzzling her face into soft golden fur.

“Hey, did you remember to pick up the—“

Arizona rounded the corner into their front hall and stopped short at the sight in front of her – her wife with an armful of…a dog?


“Okay so hear me out.”

Callie cautiously looked over at the other woman, a huge grin spreading across her face as the puppy in her arms nosed and licked at her chin, ears flopping playfully around his head.

“Calliope Iphegenia Torres—“

“So I get to the grocery store and there’s this fundraising…adoption type thing happening outside. The humane society had a bunch of cages and there were these adorable kittens and a bunch of dogs and then they had this pen, and it had these puppies just playing and rolling around—“

“No. Absolutely not—“

“And I just stopped to look, I swear, and then this little guy looks right up at me,” she laughed as the puppy licked her cheek again and squirmed in her arms, craning his neck to sniff in the blonde’s direction, “and Arizona, look at this face!”

“Callie, you didn’t…we don’t have time for a dog. Do you know how much work a dog is?”

“I know, but…look at this face.”

The puppy made an adorably huffy sound and barked happily, and big, brown eyes looked toward Arizona, their sweet puppy look almost too much for the blonde to handle. She held her hand out toward him and was met with a wet nose nudging into her palm, and she couldn’t help the soft laugh that bubbled up from her chest as she rubbed his velvety soft head.

“He’s adorable. But we really can’t keep him. There’s no way.”

“But Arizona….”

An undeniable pout crossed the taller woman’s features, and she turned to the squirming, golden bundle again, making a kissy face as she nuzzled her nose into a soft snout. She shifted the puppy in her arms a bit and pressed her cheek to his so two sets of sweet, pleading eyes were now directed towards her wife, and she knew that their adorable faces would be damn near irresistible. Callie wasn’t below manipulating her way into this with a well-placed, heart-stopping look – and Arizona knew it, too.

“Please keep me?”

“Oh, that is not fair…”


Nearly barrelling over her mother, Sofia skidded in her sock feet on the hardwood floor, her eyes going wide and a look of utter delight crossing her face as she immediately reached up to pet a wayward paw. The dog barked again in surprise, squirming and trying to lick at the new tiny human, and although Arizona tried to be strong, she could literally feel her resolve crumbling with these two.

“Mommy, it’s a puppy! Is he ours? Where did he come from? Are we keeping him?!”

Callie could only grin as she released the dog onto the floor and Sofia plopped down beside him, pulling him in for a flurry of excited puppy kisses and hugs and tail wagging. The little girl’s giggles were really what did Arizona in, and as she watched the delight on her daughter and wife’s faces, Arizona let out a resigned sigh, a reluctant smile tugging at her lips as she shook her head slightly.

“We sure are.”

The puppy let out a bark and bounded away from the small arms of his new captor, bouncing off at a trot to explore his new environment, and Sofia scrambled up from the floor, running after him with another happy laugh.

“I’m so mad at you right now.”

Arizona crossed her arms, eyes narrowing slightly despite the smile on her face and her obvious new-found puppy love.

“No you’re not,” Callie grinned, leaning in to press a kiss to the blonde’s cheek, “admit it, you love him.“

“Mama! The puppy peed in the kitchen!”

Arizona rolled her eyes slightly as their daughter’s words carried down the hallway, stifling a laugh as Callie wrinkled her nose at the idea of cleaning up the inevitable mess.

“You know what just happened right? We just had another baby. Puppies are babies.”

“Mama!” Sofia’s shouts rang out again from the general direction of the kitchen, “He’s eating the chair!”

The elder brunette’s eyes widened slightly and she leaned in again, dropping a quick kiss on her wife’s lips before she hurried off to find the newest member of their family and see what trouble he was into.

“We always wanted another one. He has your eyes!”


Joker Imagine - Project 6277 PART 11

Previous part: Part 10


Joker’s P.O.V.

Y/N had been down there for a little too long. I expected to see her at the surface but I saw nothing. Was she dead? Suddenly I felt like I took her here too early. I wasn’t really sure what to do. This waiting made me anxious. Why wasn’t she coming up?! ‘’Oh for fuck’s sake’’ I growled and threw away my jacket.  I gathered speed and then I jumped off the edge, falling down towards the pool of acid.

The chemicals burnt my clothes as I dove under. I had gotten used to it but I still didn’t enjoy this feeling. After trying to find Y/N, I felt her body. Quickly I wrapped my arms around her and I kicked us to the surface. There I found the small platform where I could stand on. 

Y/N’s body was limb. Her eyes were closed and she didn’t move.I started to feel really bad now. Had this killed her? Did I jump in too late?

But then her eyes opened and she gasped for air. A smile appeared on my face as I saw life in her. She was covered in the acid but she was still beautiful. Already now her E/C eyes seemed brighter. She looked at me and she seemed confused. I was so happy that she didn’t die like most people in acid. It caused laughter to roar out of my mouth.

It worked!

Y/N held onto my arms and she raised her head a little bit. Then I leaned down to kiss her lips that tasted sour because of the chemicals. She kissed me back and then I knew this was perfect. The fun could begin!


We arrived at the penthouse a little later. The first and most important thing we did was getting in the shower. We walked into the master bathroom where I started undressing Y/N from the clothes she still had. The chemicals had burnt them pretty badly already. She didn’t mind at all that I took off her clothes. She just looked a little shy.

‘’Was it as bad as you thought it would be?’’ I asked her and then I hooked my fingers around her panties. I started to drag them down her legs but I kept my eyes directed to hers. They were really bright! Knowing that my plan had been working so far made me so happy in a sick and twisted way.

‘’Nope’’ She replied with a sweet smile. That’s when I got up and got rid of my broken clothes. It didn’t take long until we were both naked. Y/N’s skin had turned lighter because of the chemicals. Even her hair was bleached.I knew for sure that I had to redye my hair soon.

‘’You’re so beautiful’’ I purred and put my hands on her hips. Y/N blushed and looked at my tattoos instead of my eyes. She was still so pure, so innocent. I pushed her gently so she was leaning against the white tile wall. Then I turned the shower on and let the warm water run. I grabbed Y/N’s jaw and made her look at my face.

‘’Do you trust me?’’ I asked Y/N seriously. She nodded lightly. I let my hand travel down the side of her body until I touched her thigh. Her breath hitched in her throat. ‘’It’s going to be okay kitten. Tomorrow will be so much more fun’’ I promised softly. The water hit us and I let her rinse off the chemicals first. As she got cleaner, I saw her way better. She was absolutely stunning. Her wounds and bruises were completely gone now. She looked so clean. I couldn’t wait to give her tattoos and leave marks on her body that she wouldn’t mind.

A couple minutes we were both clean from the chemicals. I was shampooing her hair as she played with her fingers. I just wanted to take care of her. She was as rare as a gem. I could finally care about someone which was weird but I liked it. She was the one person I wouldn’t have to kill if they fucked up. She’s the one person I didn’t want to kill or even hurt.Why? I had no idea but whatever she did to me worked.

Y/N and I washed out bodies carefully. As I stood under the water, she stepped on something slippery and she squealed. I was quick to catch her before she landed on the ground. ‘’Careful’’ I told her with a smile. It made her giggle. The longer we were here the more comfortable she got. Damn she was adorable.

‘’Thanks for catching me’’ She thanked me. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. I liked that. I pressed her against the wall again as I kissed her back. 

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Y/N moaned into our steamy kiss and it started to turn me on. What she did next surprised me. ‘’I want to J’’ She admitted quietly. I was a little shocked that she was the one to say that. So I let my hand travel between her legs, carefully. ‘’You sure?’’ I wanted to know before doing anything. She nodded and then I pressed her clit. As I started to rub her just slightly, she moaned and held onto me. It just encouraged me to keep going.

I added pressure and went faster, watching in awe how her face changed due the pleasure. ‘’Fuck J’’ She whimpered. ‘’Does my kitten like this?’’ I growled a little bit. ‘’Yes’’ She cried out because I pushed a finger inside her. Damn I knew we were in the shower but I could feel how wet she was. She was really tight as well so I had to be thoughtful. 

Y/N whimpered as I curled my finger. Her lips were parted and she was leaning against the wall. The sight of her like this was magical. I just wanted to make her feel so good. I added another finger which made her squirm a little bit. ‘’Relax pretty’’ I reminded her as I fingered her slowly. Our eyes met and I saw how big her irises were. At first she seemed to handle me a little difficultly. As I kept going she got more used to it.

Y/N’s arms wrapped around my back and her nails dug into my back.’’J I’, so close’’ She let me know with a moan. I held onto the wall. Then I fingered her quicker and I made sure to curl my fingers at the spot that made her moan the loudest. Y/N’s legs were shaking under my touch and her moans got louder.A little while later her warm walls tightened around my fingers and she screamed out my name.

I smirked happily while letting her ride down her orgasm. ‘’J..J oh my god’’ She breathed heavily since I didn’t remove my fingers. I’d make her cum twice. ‘’Relax, daddy will make you feel so good’’ I promised her deeply. Y/N gulped because she was so sensitive. First I fingered her tightness slowly because I didn’t want to overwhelm her yet.

Y/N was flinching a little bit and she was trembling.  Her nails raked my back but I didn’t mind. Then I started fingerfucking her harder which caused her to scream out my name again. She wasn’t even close and I got her screaming. ‘’Daddy I can’t take it’’ She tried to tell me. I doubt she had ever experienced this before. ‘’Just trust me, you can do it’’ I convinced her.

I used my other hand to rub her throbbing clit. I saw how her eyes rolled to the back of her head along with a gasp. She was in pure bliss. I got an even better idea. I grabbed the shower and pointed it on her clit. She jumped at the sudden pleasure and then cried out loudly. ‘’Oh my god..I..I can’t..holy fuck’’ She tried to speak but she was unable to. ‘’Look at me’’ I demanded perhaps a little harshly. Y/N raised her head tiredly and she faced me. Her mouth was agape and her cheeks were heated.

‘’Be a good girl for a daddy now and cum’’ I told her. She smiled and gritted her teeth. To push her over the edge, I pressed the shower right on her clit. She screamed and then for the second time her walls tightened around my fingers. I put the shower away but something else spilled. Y/N squirted right on my fingers.

I gulped and licked my lips. She was moaning even after I removed my fingers. Y/N’s legs were probably shaking so much that she couldn’t even stand without my support. I felt proud of my work. ‘’See? You did it’’ I purred warmly. Y/N looked at me and she looked a little embarrassed. ‘’What’s the matter?’’ I asked her and gently moved my fingers up and down her arm. ‘’I squirted’’ She whispered quietly. It’s like she was ashamed of herself.

‘’Mmh and that was super hot’’ I let her know. I was being 100% honest. Her eyes widened at my response. ‘’Really?’’ She nearly gasped. ‘’Yeah. Don’t be nervous. I’ll make sure to do that again soon’’ I promised her. Y/N seemed really happy now. It’s almost like she could cry.

‘’Now let’s finish up here and get in bed’’ I told her as calmly as I could. My own member was really hard and I had to do something about it soon. Y/N smirked and then I felt her petite hand on my shaft. ‘’I can’t forget about you J’’ She stated with a dangerous hint in her voice. Before I could ask her what she was doing, she got down on her knees in front of me. Holy fuck.

/HAHAHA I’ll end this part here so there’s something for the next part too ;)

I Paused @thehillywoodshow’s Sherlock Parody Behind the scenes and @hillyhindi looks so adorable as she talks of her pizza. Like OMG - I’m gonna draw this it’s so perfect and beautiful

Act Surprised

Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: Set the night before 2x13. (I’m just gonna say that Lindsay came back the next morning after her conversation with Hank at the end of 2x12. I’m not sure if there was a time gap, but for the purposes of this fic that’s the timeline).
Genre: Smut.
Rating: M

A/N: I would like to dedicate this fic to my two fiercest supporters @justkillingtimewhileiwait​ and @allenting​ who always have the right words for me.

I would also love to thank you for the unbelievable response I got for my last fic. I am so happy you guys enjoyed it. I’m sorry I didn’t get around to answering all your reviews (crazy few days). But I appreciate every word!! I love you guys, and I love that you’re enjoying my writing.

Without further ado, enjoy the smut!

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Yvonne and Samira talk ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ at special screening and panel at The Wing NYC. 22 April 2017 [x]

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Members and their types of smile?

Are you basically asking me analyse each member’s smile. Cause I am 100% here for this. Let’s go!


Nayeon I think is actually kind of shy about her smile/laugh because whenever she smiles or laughs too hard she covers her face a lot. She also tries really hard to keep her mouth closed when she smiles which leads to her precious cheek smile

Look at this adorableness. But when Nayeon actually opens her mouth and we can see her real smile, it’s like a goddam blessing from the gods. She has the most adorable bunny smile she’s so damn cute. LOOK AT THIS SMILE SOMEONE PLEASE TELL HER HOW PRETTY HER SMILE IS


Jeongyeon has a really soft smile, she typically doesn’t open her mouth really wide, which gives us this really cute gentle smile. She just has a really welcoming and kind smile, so pure

But then when she laughs oh my god. Jeongyeon’s mouth becomes square shaped when she laughs, she opens her mouth so wide. It’s the most precious thing, 10/10 for preciousness

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Momo has such a genuine smile, I don’t know what it is but her smile seems so natural to the point where seeing her when she doesn’t smile is really weird. She also has kind of a playful smile if you get what I mean

Something I’ve noticed is that Momo has a habit of squinting or even closing her eyes when she smiles sometimes, she smiles so big she has to close her eyes a little I love my smiley angel.


Very similar to Momo because she also just naturally smiles all the time, and it’s strange to see her when she’s not smiling. Such a gentle smile, she also kind of closes her eyes a little bit.

But oh my god, when Sana get’s really energetic and extra, she has the most amazing bright smile I’ve ever seen. She just get’s into a mood where she’s so happy and excited it’s like her whole face is smiling and her eyes get really big and she opens her mouth wide and ugh kill me she’s such a bright human.


In case you didn’t already know, Jihyo is my bias so I need a minute. I need like a full minute to compose myself enough to be able to accurately describe the beauty of Park Jihyo’s smile. Ok. Jihyo has the prettiest and softest smile I have ever seen, you can tell how much of a genuinely beautiful person she is when she smiles. She just has the warmest smile, and her cheeks get all squishy and just… no mere mortal can comprehend her beauty.

I’m not done yet though, because when Jihyo laughs, Holy Jesus you’re not ready. It is the most beautiful thing on the planet, and this is nowhere near an exaggeration. Her eyes do that half closed thing and you can just see everything representing happiness in the world just radiating from her entire body because Park Jihyo is the actual embodiment of sunshine and joy.

Here’s another picture of my girl performing on stage because LOOK HOW HAPPY SHE IS. She was born for the stage. She’s so pretty when she’s happy and doing what she loves. Give Park Jihyo the world.


Mina is a shy bean so she doesn’t smile frequently, but when she does it’s typically her small polite smile where she doesn’t open her mouth a lot. Her smile is just cute basically

But wait, when Mina actually pulls out her real proper smile, the whole meaning of cute will be refined for you. You haven’t seen anything until you seen Myoui Mina’s gummy smile. She’s so happy, and it’s honestly the cutest thing. 


Dahyun pretty much always smiles with her mouth open, typically when she smiles with her mouth closed it’s for a photoshoot or something professional. Dahyun doesn’t hold back her smiles or laughter which is honestly precious. She has such an open smile, where you can visibly see how happy she is. She almost always tilts her head slightly to one side as well when she smiles

Look at this wide smile, I love it. She gets so happy that her smile nearly becomes as big as the entire lower half of her face. She’s such a bubbly person with a big smile


Whenever she smiles she looks so tiny and soft, she has such a precious little smile. She seriously looks like a little kid when she smiles, so pure and soft.

DIMPLE DIMPLE DIMPLE. When she smiles really big you can see her little dimple on the right side of her face and it’s the cutest thing on the planet. This photo doesn’t do it justice it’s just the best one I could find on limited time. I love her dimpled smile.


Oh my god Tzuyu, Tzuyu and her tiny little soft smile. She’s so cute and pretty I can’t handle this. She just has a really precious smile, and she kind of looks like a cheeky little kid, which is basically what she is.

She has the cutest habit with her tongue, sometimes she puts her tongue between her teeth when she smiles and it’s so precious. I love Tzuyu’s cute, cheeky smile, she’s such a cutie.

Baby, Don’t like it // Yuta

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Yuta was beginning to piss her off. On some days, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her, but there were days where he wouldn’t show any interest towards her at all; no eye contact, absolutely nothing. It would continue like this, on and off, for weeks.

Sitting down at a lunch table near the back of the cafeteria, she sighed to herself and shoved a spoon full of kimchi rice into her mouth “Damn him, and his stupid yet adorable smile.”

Little did she know, Yuta was smiling at her from across the cafeteria. Something about her just set him off, the desires and goals in his life were no longer important.

Now he only wanted, and needed one thing in his life, and that was her. Yuta knew that she liked him, that’s why he wanted to drive her absolutely crazy. Obviously, he knew that his behavior was beginning to make her feel impatient.

But that was his goal, to make her feel impatient enough to the point where she would talk to him on her own.

Oh but trust me, whatever he was doing to her was working. Her impatience began to grow and grow, until he took it up a notch and began to take over her school life. He went from being some random, mysterious yet sexy, Japanese man, to a man she couldn’t stop thinking about. He constantly invaded her thoughts, her goals, her dreams, and she almost couldn’t take it anymore.

Until she received a text from an unknown number “Meet me in the study room, top floor. Now”

Usually, when you receive a text from a number you don’t recognize, you’re supposed to ignore it.

But for some unknown reason, something was telling her not to ignore the text.

So she didn’t.

As she began to walk up the stairs to the 5th floor, she began to feel anxious. Having no clue who the person was, it was a given that she was feeling nervous. Finally she reached the 5th floor and slowly, yet hesitantly opened the door, stepping inside. It was silent, not a person to be seen. The lights weren’t completely turned off, but there was only the dim lighting coming from the small kitchen.

Then out of no where, the kitchen light turned off and it was pitch black.

And that’s when she felt a hand grab her arm, pulling her into their chest. ‘

“Now I’ve finally got you, you sneaky little thing” A soft, somewhat deep voice whispered to her.  

It was the man who had been invading her thoughts and dreams, the man who’s been taking over her life little by little.


The Japanese boy hummed to himself, she stepped right into his trap, and there was no way he was going to let her out of it.

Beginning to feel slightly overwhelmed, she slowly started to back away from him. Honestly, she didn’t really know why she was backing away, all she knew was that if he came any closer to her, she would launch herself into his arms and show him how frustrated he’s made her feel the past few weeks

“My name sounds absolutely beautiful coming out of your mouth,” Yuta growled slightly and began to walk towards her, as if he was the predator and she was his prey. “Why don’t you say it again for m-“

Scoffing, she cut him off “Actually, why don’t you say my name? I’d like to hear how my name sounds coming out of your mouth” the smaller girl finally decided to stand her ground and confront him. “You made me wait for the longest time, I thought I was going to go insane! I’ve been getting more impatient with you, Nakamoto Yuta! I have had enough of your little games!” and that’s when he quickly stalked towards her, backing her up against the wall with both hands on either side of her head.

Even though there wasn’t a lot of light in the room, she could see the way his eyes twinkled with mischievousness. “You’re getting impatient? Oh, darling you have no idea what you have been doing to me, do you?” he hummed, and leaned down so his face was leveled with hers.

“You think you can tempt me like that and get away with it? That’s cute, really cute..” slowly, his fingers grazed her cheek as he looked into her brown eyes; “Why do you seem so calm? We’re practically strangers, aren’t we? You know nothing about me, yet I know so much about you, so shouldn’t you be at least a little afraid of me?” he leaned forward, and slowly took her bottom lip between his teeth, pulling away ever so painfully slow.

“Because I want you just as much as you want me,” finally gathering up the courage, she gripped his shirt in her small hands and tugged his body closer to her own. “I guess we both have been impatient,” she whispered and pressed her lips against his.

Yuta barely, just barely let a moan escape past his lips at the feeling of her soft lips against his own.

Needless to say, the study room of the 5th floor was temporarily unsafe for wondering students.