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Draco always said that his farther would hear about this Because it was the scariest he could think about!


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So... Matt's picture and flashbacks show him in the cadet uniform, while shiro and his dad are in the instructor uniform... So assuming that cadets graduate the same time someone would graduate highschool... Does that mean Matt is lance, Keith, and hunk's age? I mean a sibling age difference of 3 ish years (pidge 14 Matt 17) is more common than like 6 ish years. He also looks young. Much younger than shiro... So... Umm... Shatt added to age discourse?

Most likely, but I can see him as 18.

Because if he was 17 and on that mission there would be a heck ton of lawsuits and they would be held responsible, whereas if he was an adult it would be more like “He knew what he was getting into and it was his own choice” sorta thing.

But with how the staff is with the writing he could be like 80 for all we know.

Maybe not even human

He could be anxious bees in a human suit

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Band member: Harry Styles, sentence: "Stop being cute or come be cute in my bed." (Love you & your blog by the way!!! xoxo)

A/N-Awww thank you so much babes!! I love you more! MUAH!! 🤗💖

You had thought of something special this morning, really special, something out of the ordinary actually. You knew that your british hunk Harry was comming home today for the first time in weeks and since you also knew damn well that the two of you are going to have some sweet “I missed you” sex, you thought that you should step up your game a little. So, you grabbed your purse and swiped your credit card in exchange for a little something that will make you look extra hot for him.
As soon as you had come home with the shopping bag in your hand though you felt somewhat unsure but you needed to do this. You and Harry have been doing the same dance in bed since day one and you were afraid that he might get bored soon. Even though he could never ever feel that way towards you, still, you wanted to be on the safe side.

From the moment Harry stepped into the front door, the entire day felt like the most beautiful dream ever.
The way he would be so affectionate, attacking you with kisses and “you’re so beautiful’s” and “I love you’s” mostly “I missed the hell of you’s” it all made you feel so loved, so treasured. But now came the heated moment the two of you have been waiting for…

“Mmmm..uuuhh..H-Harry…Harry wait…” You moaned as you laid on your back on the soft and huge mattress, receiving kisses from your handsome boyfriend’s pink heart shaped lips all over your face and soft spot on your neck….

“Baby…I’ve been waiting so long to snog you…please don’t make me stop now…”

“But I have a surprise for you…” You smiled, and immediately his green eyes would be wide, looking down into yours as he hovered…

“You’re pregnant?!”

“Hahaha no babe not that.”

“Oh…then what is it poppet?” He quizzed.

You switched places with him, you being the one hovering over him now. You pecked him once more with a look of excitement, “Be right back!”

It only took you minutes to change, but you stayed way longer just to stare at yourself in the mirror. You were so nervous to step back out dressed in black lace lingere, Harry has never seen you like that before, so you felt more excitement to see his reaction…

“(Y/N)…preciooous.” He’d coo outside, making you blush..

“Comming!…Are you ready?!”

“Let me look in my pants….yea I’m more than ready!”

You rolled your eyes in amusement and took a deep breath, “Kay here we go..” You say before leaping outside and presenting yourself. Harry’s eyes went wider than before, mouth dropping open into the perfect O shape, you even noticed his dick twitch. That sexy piece of outfit sure complimented your body shape, not to mention it defined your clevelage.


“You liiiike?”

“I love babe…now take it off.” He quickly said, making you laugh.

“Wait hold on love! I think I’m supposed to give you a sexy dance now…atleast that’s how I’ve seen it in movies…” You tell him.

“Uuuuum…m’kay.” He semi impatiently responds, signaling you to go ahead. Then that’s when things became awkward for you. Since this was all new to you, you didn’t exactly know how to dance all seductively like most women do, in fact you didn’t really know how to dance at all, but you gave it a shot anyway and just started swaying your body. You tried your best to look hot as fuck, but according to your boyfriend’s face of trying his hardest to hold in his laughter, you weren’t doing a very good job. Soon you felt so stupid, especially cause there was no music on, you snorted and cracked up, Harry cracking up with you.

“Oh dear God I can’t believe I just…ugh!” You giggled as you covered your tomato red face like the monkey emoji. Harry smiled so lovingly at you, you may have failed at acting “sexy”, but one thing is for sure, he would always find you sexy no matter what, and also, you are just so stinkin adorable to your man right now….


“What?” You muffled, your face heated.

Stop being cute! Or come be cute in my bed! NOW!” ❤️


You Still Linger

A/N: An anon request for a fic based off Jealous by Labrinth. God DAMN this song is sad. This is short, but I think it works best as it is. @coveofmemories


I wished you the best of
All this world could give
And I told you when you left me
There’s nothing to forgive

God…he’d never known how much he could love someone until you came along. But apparently, he’d never been meant to have the best of both worlds. His job was who he was. And that didn’t sit well with you. It was too hard for you to watch him leave, never knowing whether or not he would come back. After nearly 10 months together, you’d told him it was too painful. Tears were shed. Bile had risen in your throat as you choked out the words you didn’t want to say. But you knew it was the best thing for you. You apologized profusely. The amazing thing was, he’d understood, and told you he didn’t blame you and that he’d always love you.

How true that was.

When you walked out the door, he truly wished the world for you. In the back of his head however, he always hoped you’d come back eventually, realize that the fear that wracked you was worth the love you shared. That maybe things hadn’t worked out with anyone else, because you two were meant for each other. But now, he was sitting in the coffee shop near your apartment as the rain came down in sheets outside, a steady thunderous noise beating against the rood. And you passed by - soaked to the skin from the storm. 

It was dark and gray outside, but looking at you, one probably couldn’t tell. Your smile was enough to lighten up the darkest of days. You were happy, walking arm in arm with a close friend after a day out. Without him. It was then that he realized he’d never been jealous in this way before. 

As he sipped his coffee, he watched the rain bead against the smoothness of your skin, running down slowly like his hands used to when he’d been privileged enough to know you. The wind passed through your clothes and caused you to hug yourself tighter, chilled to the bone. Once, his arms had been the things to keep you warm, but now the wind was closer than he would ever be again. In seconds, you passed the storefront, leaving his line of sight, but you still lingered there at the forefront of his mind. 

He wasn’t outside, but water was still streaming down his face. Who got to be there to see you smile at the end of the day? Who was making you happy now? All he knew was that it wasn’t him, and that ripped him apart inside. 

At night, someone else would get to sleep beside you. Who was he? Was he treating you right? Like the treasure you were. Did he appreciate your kindness? Your generosity? You were more capable of love and had more of it to give than anyone he’d ever know, and for 10 brief months, he’d been on the receiving end. Someone else had that privilege now. 

Conflicting feelings raged within his mind. He wanted you to be happy. You deserved to be. But watching you be happy - seeing it with his own two eyes - was harder for him than he’d ever imagined.

It’s hard for me to say, I’m jealous of the way
You’re happy without me

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(If you like Snape, this is not meant to personally attack you. This is MY opinion)
Severus fucking Snape.
When I first read the series, I (like a lot of the kids at that time) rooted for him by the end of the series. I thought he was a true hero. I thought his actions were justified by his love for Lily.
It was not love. It was an obsessive, unhealthy relationship that Lily was not happy in. Love is not harassing the son of the woman you were “in love with”. It is not calling her demeaning names. It is not bullying people for no damn reason. His repetition of “always” should not be seen as undying love, but cruel and unwanted advances.
He used this creepy obsession to justify the way he treated Harry and his friends. Really, the entire school, save for the Slytherin House.
Saying that I dislike Snape is an understatement. He was a bully and is not a good role model for how to act.


this was not requested, it is just something i wanted to post for publicity and an example of work.


okay, so boii Jackson having thicc muslcle-y thighs would love thicker girls. like damn, we already know Jackson loves girls, but if you were on the thicker side he’d love you twice as much (just like TT) so don’t be ashamed of your body! Jackson doesn’t care about the stretch marks you might have, you’re beautiful in every way to him. and teh possible little tummy, and wider waist are amazing to him.


mark is an american boy, remember that. since Mark is american, I feel he would be quite accepting and loving to a girl who is thick. being exposed to american pop/hip-hop culture he’ll be quite familiar with the idea of a thick girl, and would probably like that idea. Mark doesn’t seem like the type to focus on one’s looks anyway–it’s in the personality fam.


something is speking to me, and it’s ssaying Jaebum might have a small thing for thick girls. I think Jaebum being one of the older members of the group, that he would be quite open to a variety of girls.


mah boii BamBam is placed here becasue he is younger and probably has the basic ideal that most people probably have, I don’t believe he would be out looking thick girls, but if one took interest in him, I don’t think he would reject. 


i believe that Jinyoung is more traditional, and that he would like a girl who fits more of the korean standards. by saying that he would like a girl who falls into the more korean standard of attractiveness, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like thick girl. i believe overall though, he would look for personality over physical appearcance.


i have yugyeom down towards bottom becasue he is the young one. a lot like BamBam, he would like the basic ideal for a girl. but like all  the members, he would like someone more for their personlaity over their looks.


baby boy Youngjae is at the bottom because i don’t think he would care at all what a girl looked like. he’s so pure that the only thing he’d be looking at is your smile. but again, like all the members, he would be open to a thick girl.


Another wonderful NSFW submission from @haywarde37 to make your Wednesday afternoon a little bit more fun

The words that come out of Scully’s mouth during sex are nasty, rough and sexy as hell. She tells him to fuck her hard and that she loves his the feel of his dick. She grunts, whines and moans while soiling the Lord’s name with various profanities. Mulder loved it when she road him hard and swore like a sailor. He was privy to a side of Scully no other living soul was aloud to see. It was erotic, infinitely better than pornography but sometimes Scully would get too into dirty talking and she would say something like “damn, you’re one hard nut to crack.” Or “I want to ride you until dawn.”

To set the record straight, he laughed because it was adorable and not to make her feel stupid (which was the unfortunate result).

Scully stopped ridding him at the sound of his poorly restrained giggles. Her face grew redder than her hair and she looked like she was about to cry.

She got off of him - too quickly by her brief grimace of pain - and snatched her shirt off the floor. Her hands where shaking as tried to pull it over her head.

“Scully, wait.” He grabbed her arm which was halfway in the sleeve of her heather grey tee. Her face was hidden awkwardly by the shirt and Mulder’s giggles grew to full laughs.

He pulled her back onto the bed and tugged off the shirt. He flung it somewhere near the door and kissed her embarrassed face. First her flushed cheeks, then her pink nose and finally her lips. His hands ride up her smooth sides, to her breasts. He pinched both nipples making her squeak.

He toyed the pale nubs as his lips descended to her jaw. He nibbled playfully before flipping on his back.

Mulder didn’t care that Scully talked dirty. He liked it, even the ridiculous variants.

He patted his belly, inviting her to finish what she started.

“C'mon, Laura,” he drawled, “We’re married now.”

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ah the random sentence starters sorry!!

[from the previous message] Anonymous asked: #85 symmcgenji?

“Everyone I’ve loved has either died or left me and I’ll be damned if your names are added to that list!” 

Genji gapes at Jesse and Satya raises a baffled brow at him, neither able to understand where the outburst had suddenly come from. Their cowboy had been on edge for the past week or so, since a nasty fight against Reaper, but his words were still startling. 

“Jesse…Is this because of the fight against Reaper?” Satya asks delicately, frowning slightly, gold eyes shining with concern. 

“Yes…no, I don’t know,” he growls, running a hand through shaggy brown hair. “It’s jus’…seein’ him reminded me that no matter what, I’m never good enough. I thought he cared about me. I thought he considered me his kid. And then he shoots me? Shoots my boyfriend and girlfriend? Who does that?”

“Unhinged zombie mercenaries?” Genji jokes.

“Genji,” Satya scolds. “And Jesse, his shots were wide. Neither Genji or I were in any danger of getting hit. It just looked as if he aimed for us.”

“What?” both ask her sharply. 

“Neither of you noticed that he was not truly aiming at us?” Satya frowns, a bit startled neither former Blackwatch agent had noticed what she had. “He intentionally aimed wide every time he engaged with us. It just looked like we were in danger, but even had we been hit, it would have hit non-critical areas.”

“He was makin’ it look good,” Jesse says slowly, thoughts racing.

“You don’t think…?” Genji trails off, his frown matching Jesse’s.

“I swear t’ God, if he’s playin’ monster and didn’t tell me…” Jesse grumbles. 

“He’s probably pulling a mission like Gdansk. Infiltrating Talon under the identity of Reaper and planning on betraying them,” Genji realizes. 

“It would make more sense than the monster Reaper seems after the way you’ve both described Gabriel Reyes to me,” Satya agrees. “And if so, we need to keep playing our parts. Not let anyone know we have figured it out. Or if we do, do it so we can bring your father home Jesse.”

She gently cups his cheek with her organic hand, prosthetic fingers twining with Genji’s metal. 

“We love you and we’re going to stay at your side forever. Don’t chase us away,” she adds, pressing a kiss against Jesse’s lips.

“I love you two too.”

( @teamteleport I recall you expressing interest in my symcgenji stuff last time…)

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So do u think even thought to himself today 'wow I couldn't possibly be more in love with isak than I already am, I love him so much' and then heard isak say 'halloooo' today and was like 'damn I was wrong'

babe!!!! even falls a little more in love with isak every time he so much as sneezes!!!!!!! he’s like, “damn. that’s a cute lil sneeze. that snot is precious. i love my sick boyfriend”

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Concept: Harry doing the late late show and James asks him about the pretty young lady that's accompanied him. Harry acts coy at first but then is like yeah i brought my girl out to LA with me and he smiles which leads to James teasing him about being madly in love with this girl

And James being jealous! Calling Harry out, “I wasn’t good enough? Harry I love you, I would do anything for you,” but then seeing you and being like, “oh, I see. You made the right choice. Damn.”

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AH i love the idea of you being drunk and harry's sober i just feel like he would be so sweet and comforting. A damn concept is you and Harry are newly dating and haven't done a lot bc you're taking it slower but one night youre with friends and drunk and you call him to pick you up and youre like really horny and trying to get him to touch you and he wants to so bad but he wants it to be when you have a clear mind and he's like "Not right now, baby. Tomorrow, yeah? I'll make you feel good then"

I LOVE THIS CONCEPT SO MUCH and he’s like painfully hard and you’re not making anything easier but he really cares about you and he wants you to be safe and warm (and not hungover in the morning)

Thoughts During 7B So Far

1. Has anybody attempted to draw out the DiLaurentis/Drake/Hastings family tree yet because my brain hurts just thinking about it.
2. Jason is Spencer’s cousin and half brother??? Charlotte was Ali’s and Jason’s cousin and not their sister??
3. It’s so sad that these girls have been tortured so damn much that they had almost no reaction to Spencer’s letter from Mary or her being Mary’s daughter in the first place.
4. Hanna’s reaction in particular to Spencer opening that letter made me angry as hell.
5. A.D has been much worse than any previous -A, yet the board game has them visiting friends in hospital and yelling at school kids???
6. I love Mona but I don’t trust her.
7. Noel was helping Alison at one point in time, does that make him more messed up or does that make Ali shady as hell. Or both?
8. I feel so bad for Veronica but there have been so many times where her and Peter have taken Melissa’s side. And Spencer’s been left feeling like she doesn’t belong, have they been planning this for years? I love it.
9. Jenna out here with some weird sixth sense and can sense people in rooms by hearing them breathe??
10. I don’t buy Jenna’s little cry scene she’s up to something as usual lol.
11. What is Addison’s purpose, is she someone’s sibling? (Someone shady that is making her go after Emily?) Is she gonna go missing like Ali? Is she their way of setting up for a potential spinoff?
12. I love that Holden’s back, it’s nice to see characters we know back whether they’re relevant or not.
13. I think Lucas definitely created that board game but he’s not A.D. He’s working for them though.
14. Did the Liars already know about the secret passageway between Radley and the church? because if not why the hell aren’t they skeptical about that.
15. I want answers as much as the next person but I think it’s dumb that so many people expected a bunch of answers each episode. We are getting answers, but slowly. The time will come we gotta wait it out.
16. They may not be the reveals you wanted but we are two episodes in and it has been confirmed by Veronica that Mary is Spencer’s mother (Before the break it was just speculation and it would usually take much longer to get actual confirmation.) And this episode we learned quite a lot about Noel, including that he was the one who killed Sara

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top 5 music moments from skam!!

  1. i never loved this hard this fast before - right when noora and w*lhelm’s date ends….the synth KILLS ME
  2. ii. worldstar - the transition before isak and even arrive at the hotel. the BIRDS FLYING…legendary
  3. let it happen (soulwax remix) - when noora tells w*ilhelm she doesn’t like him to his face. why didn’t it end there tbh
  4. kissing you - when isak’s watching r+j / the pool kiss. julie usin that song in not one but two scenes and making me feel ten thousand eMOTIONS!!! DAMN HER
  5. lover where do you live - when eva goes to see jonas at the skatepark. if u don’t tear up during that scene do u even have a soul..

put “top 5″ anything in my ask box! 💌