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She Raped Him
  • It was getting to be that time of the month again. You were starting to feel that urge again. The urge to prowl. Like that ravenous appetite that arises in a werewolf every full moon, so did you feel this lust budding in your thighs and breasts, getting hungry for another victim.
  • You had experimented at first. Drugging your victims the first few times. You had convinced your cousin that dabbled in drugs to get you some of that " date-rape" drug. Guys were easy to manipulate with a little cleavage and flirting. You justified it because you told yourself that they deserved it.... Jerks that preyed on other girls with one night stands and such.
  • Nevertheless, you were stilled scared the first time you did it.
  • A motionless male passed out on the bed. You would pull down his jeans just enough to expose his ass. You toyed with him, teased him as he laid there on his stomach passed out.
  • And then you gave it to him. Even though he didn't say no, it was still rape. But it was exhilarating beyond compare. The strapon being shoved in and out of his ass gave wonderful orgasms to you. With each thrust, the resistance would force the strapon back against your throbbing pussy. It was so wonderful, you had to be careful that you didn't pass out too after your orgasmic explosion.
  • You thought it was funny that they would wake up the next day with a sore bottom, not knowing where it came from or what happened.
  • After a few victims, you were looking for something more adventurous. You wanted to find a real victim, you wanted an awake victim, but you feared getting in over your head. What would it be like to actually rape a man?
  • The thought of it made you wet. You had your strapon underneath your yoga pants and you started stroking it fantasizing about it, looking at the calendar with Halloween circled. You were going to a party. Those were always the best places to find unsuspecting victims.
  • You showed up at the party very fashionably late. The later the better, the guys would be drunk by then anyway. You were dressed as leopard. You had a dark brown tight leopard print camisole. Your black bra straps exposed as well as your generous cleavage. You had black kitten ears on your head. You drew small whiskers on your face with black eyeliner. You were wearing dark brown matching leopard print yoga pants, that went down to your ankles. And you also had a ballet dancers dark brown skirt. This was to conceal your hard on underneath, your strapon tucked snugged into your yoga pants.
  • You caught the eyes of many men and you jokingly growled at them. You prowled the party looking for him. Then you saw one. He was filling people's cups of beer at the keg. He hit on every girl , and would pinch their ass or lift their skirt up after they got the beer. He embarrassed every girl that came by. What a jerk. You were plotting your move observing quietly from afar.
  • "Hey , how are you?"
  • Caught off guard , a guy came up.
  • "Nice costume."
  • "Oh.... oh yeah thanks. and uh... where's your costume..."
  • "oh, I couldn't decide, I just didn't know if I was coming."
  • Yeah.. I decide to come last minute..." your eye still on the keg guy.
  • "I know this sounds cheesy, but I think we've met before.." shyly asking
  • "Oh... I'm sorry "... you reply
  • ".... Uh ... I think I fixed your computer .. at the uh... Best Buy ..." he said
  • You respond " oh yeah... Idid get my computer fixed ... wow you got a good memory.. "
  • He grins and replies" I remembered because you were really pretty... and uh oh I didn't mean that... "
  • You switched your attention to him . He was blushing. He was obviously very nervous and shy. You hadn't noticed at first, but he was dressed very smartly and was kind of cute.., for a shy tech nerd...
  • He had a dark green button down, dark black jeans, leather dark brown ankle boots and matching belt. And he had a classic polo dark blue jacket on. His cologne even smelled good.
  • You smiled as he fumbled over his words.
  • You look back at the keg guy and he was gone.. You whisper damn! ... as you look to see where he went..
  • " Is everything... ok..? " he asks
  • You turn your attention away from the keg guy and reply. " yeah... yeah, uh.. I just looked at the line to the bathroom and it's all the way back to the kitchen. "
  • He says " Hey I've been here before, there's a private bathroom in a bedroom at back of house. The bedroom door is locked, but I use it and no one knows about it...
  • Want me to show you?"
  • "Oh sure .. that would be great.. "
  • You follow him back to the bedroom, and you actually started checking his butt out and it looked nice. He was skinny enough, he probably had those cute dimples on his butt. You quickly check yourself and tell yourself nooo , he's too nice.
  • He unlocked the door and y'all both go inside.
  • He walks back to the bathroom and turns light on and says here it is, and he walks back. You go inside and go to bathroom.
  • As you exit, he is leaning on a dresser.
  • The outside noise and music is booming. You say "it's kind of nice to get away from the music and noise." And you lean against dresser next to him.
  • As your hand is on the dresser, you feel his hand touch yours... it's quiet ... you look down and kind of smile.
  • He says, "you're the prettiest girl here and you're way out of my league, but if you leave and I don't ask, I will
  • always regret... cuz I'm always .. too shy.... but I have to ask , may I kiss you. ?
  • You look at him, you are still grinning.. and he is blushing red. You think that is very sweet and cute, and what harm can it be..
  • You say, "since he asked so nicely, , yes you may"
  • He leans closer in and says close your eyes, and you do.
  • Then as you are expecting to feel his lips on yours, you feel his breath on your cheek. His cheek is up to yours but not touching, but you feel him. He gently , so softly, brushes his dry lips against your cheek, his breath on your ear. , he continues to dry kiss your cheek, and it's
  • totally unexpected, but you start to get butterflies in your stomach and it's the most sensual kiss ever...and you begin to really enjoy it and he continues it for it seems like forever... and you feel like you've had a spell cast on you ...
  • Then his hand comes up to your cheek, cusps your cheek so gently and warmly and his lips move to your lips and then they touch, and he gently brushes his lips against yours... you are enthralled... lips tickling ever so slightly.. And then he moves in front of you. But you don't even realize it. His hand goes to the back of your neck, his fingers go up into your hair and he presses his lips against yours
  • Both of your lips smush together and what was once dry, slowly becomes wet. Your breath starts to stutter a bit.. and then he moves in closer and both of his hands wrap around you and he pulls you in.
  • And then you feel it.. He feels it
  • Your shaft is pressing against his thigh
  • your eyes open just as his does
  • he pulls his lips away, his head draws back
  • Then you do t know what comes over you, you grab him
  • You grab his face with both your hands
  • And pull his face back in, and you begin kissing him
  • You drive your tongue into his mouth
  • You pull him in
  • But as his arms were warmly around you before, they are coldly pressed against your hips, stale not moving
  • His neck is tight, as you swirl your tongue in his mouth , you feel he tries to withdraw his head
  • But you pull him in even more
  • Your tongue swirling all over his tongue
  • Your hand drops down to his ass and you squeeze it pulling him in, you feel your shaft press into your body.
  • But he presses his hands gently against you, letting you know he wants to pull back
  • You stop kissing and realesse his head, he's panting for air.
  • You step out and twirl him around against the dresser .
  • His eyes widen.
  • You grab his head with both hands and you begin to run your tongue all over his mouth . You are forcing your tongue into all of his mouth, in and out...
  • His hands on your shoulders trying to push you away.
  • You press harder. Your body against his, your tongue in his mouth.
  • His back arches as he tries to get his head away from your tongue.
  • As he arches back, he begins to slide down against the dresser. As he slides down, you feel your fake cock pressed against his body and against yours. You feel your erection . You release your tongue , from his mouth, and your hands aid him in sliding down. Then you put your hands on his his shoulders and push him down until he is almost on his knees , his head right in front of your crotch . You press your hips against his face. His face gets lost in the ruffles of your skirt.
  • But you feel your cock pressed against his face.
  • You look into the dresser mirror, you feel guilty at first. He's such a nice guy, but you see his head in your crotch and it invigorates your animal passion even more, you grit your teeth and purr into the mirror. As your hands hold his face against your strapon bulge, you pull your skirt away and throw it. You reach into your yoga pants and you pull your cock out and force it against his face .
  • A real looking cock with a head and throbbing veins. And it's big. His eyes grow wide.
  • You press the shaft pressed up against his face.
  • His hands pressing against your thighs . Your black stretch panties below the strapon and the words escape your mouth.... "Suck it!" You put the head of your cock on his lips... "Suck it!!" His lips are sealed shut... He's mumbling mmmpphh... One hand holding the shaft, a fist wrapped around it, the other hand holding the back of his head.. Your hand slips to his nose to pinch it closed. He tries to wriggle away... Then he gasps for air... And you immediately shove the head and shaft of your cock into his cute little mouth.
  • His eyes wide open. You thrust. You thrust so hard, it jams his head against the dresser. The entire shaft goes into his mouth. So far, His mouth pressed against your panties.
  • You slowly withdraw.
  • You say suck it again and ram your large cock in his mouth. The cock slams against the back of his throat, conversely ramming it against your soft pussy. You fist grab it again and you
  • You press it against his cheek to watch your head bulge against his cheek. He's is trying to get away and push you, he's gagging and mmpphhing... It's turning you on so much. Holding your cock in your fist and spanking his face with it and jamming it in his mouth, and ramming it against his cheeks.
  • He finally squirms away , he's on his hands and knees and coughing and gagging.
  • That's it, he's it. He's the one. Tonight's the night.
  • You're going to rape him.
  • Your heart is pounding. Your teeth are clinched. Your pussy is on fire and your cock is in your hand and you even feel like you have an erection.
  • You pull your yoga pants off , you pull your leopard shirt off. You stand there in your black bra and panties. Your kitten ears on your head. Cat woman, strong and fit and muscular. He finally starts trying to get up.
  • He exclaims WTF!! He stands up, you backhand him. He falls on the bed. He has a scared look in his eyes now. He begins to crawl away across the bed.
  • You jump on him.
  • You reach around his waist and undo his belt, you undo his button and zippers.
  • You begin to pull his jeans down. But he is holding them on . You yank on them and they pull down.
  • You yank his shoes off, next his pants. He's clawing to get away.
  • Your cock is swinging in the air .
  • He's wearing tight black boy shorts. He has a perfect ass. you slap it and grab it.
  • He's trying to pull his underwear up, but you kneel behind him you begin to squeeze his ass through his soft spandex athletic boy shorts. You rub your cock against his underwear, in between his ass cheeks.
  • He looks behind him.... "no... what what are you doing!!!"
  • as he's looking, as he's trying to crawl away, you put your fingers in the waistband of his underwear and you yank them down below his ass.
  • His nice little ass, .
  • You put your knees in between his. You spread his legs.
  • You grab his hips and pull them up in the air.
  • You grab your cock with your fist and you put it right between his ass cheeks. He looks up, right into the dresser mirror. Looking at you behind him. In your bra .
  • He shakes his head, please no... he begs
  • then you insert the tip of the head.
  • His eyes widen
  • You force it in
  • His eyes widen
  • You begin to push
  • His fists clinch the bedsheets
  • Then
  • You do it
  • You take him
  • You rape him
  • You thrust your cock all the way in
  • You hear him gulp a big breath of air, his back arches , an electric rush shivers your whole body
  • Your fingers claw his hips
  • You withdraw
  • and bam you thrust hard again
  • and again
  • and again
  • And again
  • The force slams each thrust into his ass and against your clit.
  • You slam so hard, it knocks him forward.
  • You fall on him
  • Laying on him
  • You wrap your arm around his neck
  • You bite his ear
  • And you even growl
  • As you rhythmically pump your cock into ass
  • You just started, but you are already about to orgasm
  • Each thrust sends shock waves into your pussy
  • You begin to release high pitched moans
  • You begin to squeeze your arm around his neck even more, his hands are trying to pry your arm away as you continue to thrust harder and harder
  • And then you can't hold it anymore
  • Your pussy explodes, you can't even thrust anymore
  • You orgasm like never before your wet juices are exploding all between your legs.
  • You are quivering...
  • Your begin to release him
  • You convulse
  • You go limp on his body
  • You look into the mirror and he rolls you off your body
  • you roll over and lay prostrate on the bed.
  • Your erect cock pointing straight up.
  • You are spent.
  • Then you see him pulling off his underwear, he crawls back in bed..... and then you notice... he's fully erect...
  • it dawns on you... you came so fast... he didn't...
  • Then ... He begins to climb on top
  • He... oh shit... he straddles you
  • He grabs his stiff cock with his fist, and he lays it on your face... He says Suck it! Your eyes go big....and he jams it in ..... mmmpphhhh....
Darkiplier Theory/Head Canon
  • *September 2016*
  • Dark: Alright you insolent fool. I've had enough waiting. You PROMISED to let me present myself; all you've been doing is stalling.
  • Mark: I know, I know, I know. I've just been really busy!
  • Dark: Urgh. That's your damn excuse for everything. I cannot wait much longer; you're testing my patience.
  • Mark: Look, Halloween's right around the corner. I'll let you do whatever you want during October, okay?
  • Dark: Hm. Fine.
  • *October 2016*
  • Mark: *conveys Dark as an emo, angsty,vampire on twitter*
  • *Dark proceeds to take over during Valentine's Day without Mark's permission....the day of love; when he's most vulnerable*
  • @markiplier

my sweet bby girl with her new brows ~ i’ve missed you guys so damn much, i cannot explain to you the fkin stress from these last weeks of the semester. but!! it’s finally over, all my finals are completed, and summer may now take me and hold me and let me stay up until 5am without any consequences <33


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tell us about the best bobs burgers tattoos you've seen (I've you seen any and can post them)

okay so primarily the ones I’ve come across on tumblr have been tina belcher-related (which have all been pretty spectacular) – however it looks like all the posts are either buried on my blog or in my links

SO–in order to find some pictures to share–a quick pop over to google provided some damn interesting results

I mean 


(bonus picture of kristen schaal with her louise inspired temp tattoo)

Hocus Pocus {Sentence Starters}
  • "I need one of those instant ice packs."
  • "Wait 'til you see what I'm gonna call you."
  • "Damn, damn, damn, double damn!"
  • "I love you, jerkface."
  • "You know, I've always wanted a child."
  • "It's a full moon tonight. That's when all the weirdos are out."
  • "I hate it when that happens..."
  • "Go to hell!"
  • "Don't get your knickers in a twist!"
  • "Well, tell me friend, what is this contraption?"
  • "Oh look, another glorious morning. Makes me SICK!"
  • "I'm going to summon the burning rain of death!"
  • "Well, it says to form a circle a salt to protect from zombies, witches, and old boyfriends."
  • "Pull over! Let me see your driver's permit!"
  • "They thought I was a real cop!"
  • "I've been there, thank you. I found it quite lovely."
  • "Come little children, I'll take thee away!"
  • "Okay that's it, party's over! Get out of my house!"
  • "Resisting arrest?"
  • "Say what you want, just don't breathe on me!"
  • "What am I supposed to do with my afternoon?"
  • "Maybe you could learn to breathe through your nose."
  • "Oh, you're right, you're always right."
  • "You're the ugliest thing that ever lived, and you know it!"
  • "Look, whatever it is, just tell me."
Where Do Broken Hearts Go - song preference #2

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Zayn: Now I’m searching every lonely place, every corner calling out your name, trying to find you but i just don’t know, where do broken hearts go?’

You sigh when your phone goes off with another one of Zayn’s voicemails. He must’ve called at least ten times already but you weren’t in the least bit interested in picking up your cell. He came home a little later than expected and not to mention that he was drunk out of his mind, but the fact that he actually admitted to kissing another girl while he was out at the club was the icing on the cake. Almost Instantly, you gathered your stuff up and went to go stay with some friends for the night. Now it was morning, and here you were starring at the play button on the most recent voicemail he left, but you knew that as soon as the sound of his soft raspy voice filled your ears, you would completely break down. Finally, when you gain enough confidence, you click play starting to listen intently as he began to spoke, “Listen,” His voice croaks through the other end of the phone, accent thicker and more hurried as usual, “I know that i’ve fucked up big time and you’re ignoring all of my calls, but Im not going to stop trying you until you pick up this damn phone of yours, I’ve looked everywhere for you and I’m getting more and more worried each passing second. Call me back okay? I just need to know that you’re okay..”

Liam: ’It took me some time but i figured it out, how to fix up a heart that i let down’

“She really doesn’t want to speak to you right now Liam.” You hear Niall say through the opposite side of the bedroom door. Just a couple of days ago Liam had just randomly decided to call it off with you leaving you in complete shock and devastation. What made the situation even worse than it already was, was the fact that the girl he left you for was his ex; the girl he vowed to stay away from. You sigh to yourself and take a seat on the edge of the bed when Liams voice speaks up, “It’ll just be a couple of minutes Niall, i need to talk to her.” He pleads and you groan as you hear Niall give in. Seconds later the door cracked open revealing just who you thought it was. Liam. He takes a couple of hesistent steps towards you and pretty soon the both of you were a comfortable distance away from each other. “I thought i made it clear that i never want to see or speak to you again.” You say in a bitter tone, gaze on the hardwood flooring of the guest bedroom. “Why do you think I would even be here if i didn’t regret the decision i made?” He asks completely avoiding your question as he goes to take a seat next to you. He could tell that all you wanted was for him to leave the room so you were alone, but you knew that, that wasn’t going to happen until he got what he wanted: to get you back.

Niall: ‘Yeah the taste of your lips on the tip of my tongue is on the top of the list of the things i want’

You smile to yourself as he walks around and opens the car door for you like a true gentlemen. Niall had just driven you back home from a former date the two of you were on late this night, and you had to admit that it was one of the best you’ve ever been on. Niall was determined to make the first date as special as possible, starting it off with a typical candle lit diner and ending it with a movie at the cinema. Originally, the plan was that you were suppose to be back home an hour later than the time you just arrived, but you two just got so caught up in everything. He goes to take your hand in his and slowly leads you to your porch where the front door awaited. The two of you pause on the front step face to face and you giggle a slight bit as you witness a goofy smile suddenly appear on his face, “Well, i had a really fun time tonight, and i hope that we can maybe do something like this again.” He chuckles slightly, his hands beginning to absentmindedly play with your own. You could feel a sudden blush rise to your face as his thick accent spoke. “I had a lot of fun too, and yes i would love to do this again.” You admit with a smile. A long pause was then the next thing to be heard before he decided to speak up, “Do you mind if i kiss you?” He asks suddenly making butterflies appear in your stomach. You nod your head slightly wanting nothing more than to feel his lips against yours, and moments later, thats exactly what you got.

Louis: 'Counted all my mistakes and theres only one, standing out from the list of the things I’ve done, all the rest of my crimes don’t come close to the look on your face when i let you go’

“Louis for the last time, can you pick up your damn shoes? They’re just sitting in the middle of the room! Im going to trip over them.” You scold taking both of his shoes into your grip and tossing them into the closet where they belong. It wasn’t long until his footsteps were heard as they hurried upstairs and into the bedroom. “Yeah, sorry ba-dont ‘sorry babe’ me, they’ve been sitting there for days Louis.” You cut him off and push past him in the doorway. One thing that really annoyed you was having to tell him over and over to do something. He knew that having clutter scattered all around the house made you upset, yet he chose to do it anyway. “What the hell is your problem?” He asks following you downstairs. Here it goes. Another meaningless fight again. All the two of you have been doing lately is getting into fights and you knew that this relationship wasn’t going to last if the two of you were unable to calibrate and get along. “What the hell is my problem?,” You mock, “You need to snap into reality and realize that your putting no effort into this relationship! I try Louis, i really do but i can’t be the only one making an effort here.” You snap and he scoffs, “Okay so leaving my shoes in the middle of the floor is a perfect example of putting no effort into our relationship, Y/N.” He shakes his head. “No Louis, thats not the only thing. The issue is that all we do is get into fights and I’m sick of it okay? Im done trying.” And that was all it took for you to walk out the door leaving him speechless.

Harry'Tell me now, tell me now, tell me will you you ever love me again? Love me again?

“How many times do I have to come over here and say that I’m sorry?” He asks cracking the front door open a little bit more. You took a couple of steps back not wanting to be anywhere near him at this moment. Who does he think he is to just come and confront you about this after what had just happened earlier this month? Days ago, all hell broke lose. It all started a simple call from management telling him that unless he ended it with you that he would no longer be able to be a part of One Direction. As soon as the news came to you, you didn’t worry about it, being one hundred percent positive that Harry would never leave you over something like this; at least thats what you thought. It really hurt you knowing that your boyfriend of almost four years cared more about his career than his own girlfriend. Now here the two of you stood about a foot away from each other, his hand running through his hair out of frustration. “And how many times do I have to tell you to get the hell out of my house and leave me alone, I heard the band is waiting for you at the studio, wouldn’t want to let everyone down.” You mock resulting in him letting out a throaty groan. Before you could say anything else, he was inches away from you with his hand cupping the side of your face, the look of remorse in his green eyes, “I’ve told you countless of times that i made a mistake. The band isn’t my main priority, okay? You are, now stop talking nonsense and kiss me, yeah?”

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I recently discovered that getting regularly yelled at and cussed out over small things is apparently not a "normal" work thing. One of my friends was telling me how a guy yelled at her because something was mis-priced. All he did was yell at her. When I asked what else he did, she gave me a look and was like "that's all?" Like damn that sucks, but you got it easy. I've been cussed out twice this week just because we were understaffed and someone had to wait 5 minutes in line for service.

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beth and daryl work in the same building. he always goes up to the roof for a cigarette and she always goes up to the roof to watch traffic below. one day they finally talk

To her, he was ‘the hot smoker’. 

(This nickname had provoked a rather amusing conversation when she’d told her roommate Tara, something along the lines of ‘wait, like smoking hot?’ ‘no, like he smokes but he’s hot’ ‘right, he’s smoking hot’ ‘no! he’s hot and he’s also a cigarette smoker, oh my lord Tara!’ ‘Well you know I’m not into guys, what do I know?’ ‘Tara, I’m pretty sure being a lesbian has nothing to do with understanding grammatical structure.’ ‘That’s what you think.’)

Anyway to her, he was ‘the hot smoker’. Every day around 2pm she went up to the roof of the building she worked at, just to take a break. It was better than the actual break room, which was always full of people gossiping and gabbing and talking about tv shows. Not that she didn’t like the people she worked with, it was just that after a day of talking to people on the phones, she needed a bit of peace and quiet. Her only company up there was The Hot Smoker, and he never interrupted her to try and talk. Just stood there a few feet away, blowing out a stream of smoke and watching the traffic– or occasionally watching her watch the traffic. 

Until one day, that changed. 

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There is literally no Aaron smuts I've been looking for like the past hour and that's what I hate about being an Aaron girl.... damn I'm horny can I get some Aaron smut or nahhhhh

only bc i feel your pain literally. i got you babe 💖💖
“YN, shower. You. Me. Now.” Aaron, whispered in your ear, hugging you from behind. “Aaron, parents. Downstairs. Right now.” You said, turning around in his arms. “Bite my shoulder to keep quiet, I love it when you leave marks all over me, baby.” He smirked down at you, his hands going down to your ass. You bit your lip and sighed, “but what do we tell my parents if they ask why we’re both wet? ‘Oh yeah, it’s nothing, mom. We just showered together. No big deal?’” You laughed, and so did he. “Well, we better jump in now if we want to be dry by the time i leave.” He smirks, at that point you realize that there was no escaping this. Aaron wanted shower sex and sooner or later you’d give in to him. “Okay, go get the shower started.” You sighed. “Yes!” He smiled, and basically ran into your connected shower. You heard your name called downstairs and you sighed, and ran down there. “Yeah, mom?” “Help with dinner while your boyfriends in the shower.” She said. You groaned and looked back up the stairs then sighed and helped your mom. It seemed like she made you do every job in the damn house before you finally escaped. By that time the got up the stairs, the water had long stopped and Aaron sat on your bed and started at the ceiling, with his towel wrapped around your waist. “I am so, so sorry, baby!” You said, coming into your room and shutting the door. “It’s okay, I guess.. Me and ol trusty righty got the job done ourselves.” He says, waving his right hand in the air. “I’m so sorry, Aaron. Babe, really.” You locked the door and walked over to him. “I’ll make this up to you, I promise.” You smirked and straddled his waist. “What’re–” he started, but you soon cut him off. “Shh..” You smirked and caressed his left cheek, leaned in and kissed him softly. He instantly kissed back, bringing his hands up to your hips. You began to roll your hips, grinding against him while moving your lips down to his jaw. “Y-YN,” he rasped out. “Shhh.” You reminded him, you applied more pressure to your grinding as you lightly sucked on his collarbones. He whimpered, and screwed his eyes shut. “You’re such a good boy, keeping quiet for me like this. I’m gonna reward you so good, baby.” You whispered hotly into his ear. He bit his lip harshly to hold in his moans from your dirty talk. You smirked and stripped your shirt off. “So good for me, baby boy.” You mumbled getting up off of him. You slid his towel off of him, letting his dick spring up. “Pull my hair any time you wanna moan too loudly, okay?” You said as you licked the tip. “O-okay,” he mumbled out, collecting your hair into a make shift ponytail. You slowly sucked his tip into his mouth, he sucked in a breath and pulled on your hair. You felt his muscle relax with pleasure as you sucked further down his shaft. “Oh YN,” he moaned lowly. “Your mouth, is a-angelic.” You moaned around him and went quicker. He pulled on your hair, screwing his eyes closed and whimpering. You slowly pulled off, “Aaron, shhh.” You reminded him, replacing your mouth with your hand and pumping him quickly. He gasped and pulled on your hair. “Y-YN, pl-please.” He rasped out. “Please what, baby boy? What do you want?” “Y-you, holy shit, you.” He moaned, quickly biting his hand to muffle it. You nodded and slid your shorts and underwear off. “You on top, babe. I want you to fuck me so good. C'mon, against the wall. Like we were in the shower.” You purred out, unbuckling your bra. “Okay.” He smirked and grabbed your wrist. He smashed his lips against yours and ferociously kissed you. You moaned into his mouth, as he pulled your body against his. He backed you up against your door and kissed down your neck. Sucking on biting on your collarbones. “Fuck, Aaron!” You moaned, leaning on your head on his shoulder. “Don’t leave marks where you can see them.” You mumbled, “I know.” He replied, trailing his lips back up to yours. He kissed you again, his tongue exploring your mouth as he wrapped your legs around his waist. “R-ready?” Aaron asked, using his tip to massage your clit. You bite your lip and nod quickly. He smirks and lines himself up, “I’m not going slow.” He says, biting his lip and pushing in. You almost moan before quickly wrapping your hands in his hair and pulling. He groans and starts thrusting full speed. “YN,” he whimpered, slamming full force into you. “Aaron, baby, shit, fuck!” You hissed lowly, taking the chance to use your free hand to claw into his shoulder. He smirked and want faster, grunting in concentration. You slammed your lips against his to help stifle your moans as Aaron destroyed you. You clenched around him over and over, your orgasm nearing quickly. He suddenly pulled out, “W-Wh-What??” You asked, he smirked and untangled himself from your body. He sunk to his knees and put one of your legs on his shoulder. He licked the juices from inside of your thighs then attached his tongue to your clit. You instantly yanked on his hair. He quickly flicked his tongue over the sensitive nub, sticking a finger in and out of your hole. “Shit, Aaron, I’m go–,” you were quickly cut off has Aaron curled his finger inside of you, pushing you over the edge as you came down onto his mouth. He worked you through your orgasm, as you tried to collect your breath. “Fuck, you’re way too good at that, baby boy.” You basically moan out, as he sits up. You quickly get on your knees, pumping Aaron’s length. “Remember to keep quiet, baby.” You reminded him as you kissed his reddened tip. “O-okay,” he said unevenly. You sucked down him, hallowing your cheeks and pulling out all of your stops to get him to his point. “Shit, shit, shit!” He cursed, lowly before shooting his load into the back of your throat. You swallowed all of him, licking your lips. “So, so good.” You said, looking into his eyes. He smirked and helped you up, kissing you in the process. “Go shower, Princess. I don’t want you to go down there smelling like sex.” He smiled and kissed your forehead. “I’ll even pick out your clothes.” He added. “Aw, you’re the sweetest, baby.” You smiled and kissed him again, turning around to go to your bathroom. “And don’t you forget it.” He said smirking as he slapped your ass.