but damn i can see why


Brant: You are staying late again don’t you ?

Brant: Damn it Ross which time of just this month is that happening ? Can’t someone else stay late ? Why it always has to be you ?

Brant: I don’t care that they have family and obligations.You have that too and i don’t see them give f**k about that,it’s bad as it is that you are working on the risky job like that and now i barely even see you…

Brant: *Sigh* Yes i know you would be here if you can,i’m sorry for yelling like that….I i just miss you so much….

Brant: Yeah i know you do….It’s almost time for Cali to get back from school i’m going to prepare her something to eat,see you tonight maybe..

I don’t get why suddenly there is all this hate for La La Land? Everyone seemed to love the movie a month ago …
Yes, I have seen both La La Land & Moonlight.I  prefer La La Land. I don’t however think it was pleasant to witness that mistake onstage and see the awards being snatched from La La Land cast and given to Moonlight when it could have been avoided and Moonlight cast & crew could have had proper speech time. Moonlight is a good movie and I can see how it is currently more relevant judging by what’s going on in the world. But this in no way means that La La Land shoud be hated. They are two very different films, people have invested a lot of work in both of them. Loving both is also an option you know.

Am I the only one who sees some random famous person in the trending topics and gets worried because it could mean the worse?
Because this just confirmed when I went to see why Bill Paxton was trending and damn..I got sad. I can’t say I watched many movies with him (just remember Twister, which I love so much), but just 2 months ago I was watching him supporting his son James on his show and now this…:/

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can you list your top10 favpirote mutuals/friends and why

mmm im not suPERR close with all of these fellas but i do really love seeing them on my dash

@bubbleflexe uhm just probably my bestish friend on here and she’s lame and makes bad jokes but she’s alright

@4-velvets sends me memes…..all…the damn….fucking…time……(dont) stop

@senfinity my #1 go to person when i got shit to say and queen of understanding and kindness and i just!! needs to pick up on meme lingo tho

@theseulgis sporadic conversations that occur every 3 days that are usually for sending pics to one another to post them somewhere else also my favourite k*ka*s** stan (the only one acc)

@3cbx queen of aesthetics and being my #1 hypeman for my pointless posts about nothing 

@redvelvetvevo our snapchat streak almost died like this friendship but thankfully ….. it didnt :-)

@dokynsoo holds the key to the secret of how to make top quality gifs really honestly she’s the only one who knows!! 

@94aries super cute and sweet sehun stan and i enjoy seeing her on my dash bc she’s a qt and loves sehun and !!

@sehunlays a bbh stan disguised as a sehun stan but we all know the truth but she dandy and makes tasty memes

@kwonyuri just a really sweet yuri stan and incredibly beautiful and intelligent and just wow loves the nations gg so much and i love seeing her on my dash


@my-bobohu honestly the sweetest and cutest and kindest and is adorable when she talks about science and the boy (girl ik i see yu you’re so cute)

dooon’t go gettin’ all excited now,

but I had to create a new post over on AO3 to start storing my notes and idea snippets for Jack’s story. All you’re gonna see is a post with the initials JR and nothing viewable but a first chapter saying you can’t read it yet. A place holder, if you will, so any draft isn’t auto deleted.

But, you can say that, yes, this is the acknowledgement that someday,    Jack Rollins will happen.

@ceebeetumbles @saffreelove @svetlanaabril

jungkook acne appreciation

so anti’s are acting like jungkook’s acne is a issue! actually i love it. jungkook is so handsome and talented and he is such a genuinely good person and the fact that he has acne just makes him more human. for fans who feel ugly for having acne – for just being human – it’s so nice to see an idol who is so beautiful and loved struggle with something as mundane as acne <3 so i actually love it. i love him and i think its nice that we get to see him as a human instead of an unattainable idol.

and take a look – he isn’t any less handsome 

his cute little bunny smile!!!

slay me kookie i love him so much

lashes ~~~ why is our kookie so handsome

HIS EYES ARE JUST! so beautiful


MELANIN COME THRU!!!!! so damn handsome

as you can see everyone is dumb and kookie with acne is super handsome and loveable and if you have a problem with it then u can suck my fat dick <3 


“Look, I know you doubt me, I know you always have. And you’re right. I often think of Bag End. I miss my books. And my armchair. And my garden. See, that’s where I belong. That’s home. That’s why I came back, ‘cause you don’t have one. A home. It was taken from you. But I will help you take it back if I can.”

The Final Problem being John's mind palace after being shot in TLD means the following:

1) Like Moriarty was Sherlock’s inner demon, Eurus is John’s inner demon. Notice she’s bisexual, she blatantly makes that reference.

2) All John wanted for Christmas five years ago was five minutes unsupervised with Sherlock’s inner demon. That was the Christmas during A Scandal in Belgravia, when John was hung up on whether or not Sherlock loved Irene. Can you believe this? That’s all John wanted – and you saw how that sexual tension played out in TFP. That’s all John wanted for Christmas. That’s why he kept asking “Do you think you’ll be seeing her again?” and “Has he had a relationship ever?” — John’s darkest demons wanted that sexual intimacy. Damn it, i can’t believe they’re doing this to us.

3) Eurus needs help landing, just like Sherlock in TAB. The mirrors complete perfectly.

4) Because of what water means in literary subtext, John had feelings for a boy when he was young, only for his parents to find out and place him behind glass – they repressed him emotionally. As an adult he lives behind it still, but can leave at any time if he chooses to. However, he needs Sherlock to touch the glass, to break through. Through touch, through love, can he dismantle the glass.

5) John thinks Mycroft is a prissy little bitch.


When a nigga start fucking with you he never like/comment on your pics. & I find that soooo corny Lmaoo like why? All of a sudden niggas become too cool for it lol. Knowing damn well they lurking madddd hard. Like God forbid he comments something nice on ur pic GOD FORBID!! 🙄🙄 why can’t niggas keep showing the same love they were showing when they was trying to get with the girl. Then niggas wanna get tight when they see other niggas commenting all over her pic. Shit, somebody gotta do it. Compliment ya shorty, girls love getting love from their man. It lets her know you still thirst for her. Ya’ll gotta do better.


Imagine your favourite squad member breaking into your house through a window but they immediately regret it since your sass is too much for them.


I was woken suddenly with a sound of smashed glass and I rushed through to the hall.

Some bastard had broken my window!

“ See you people! You villains with your dramatic entrances! I’m sick of it! Do you know how much replacing a window costs? Do you know how much hiring a glazier to come and fix the damn expensive window costs? NO! Why can’t you use the door like an ordinary human being! ” I was ranting for so long they didn’t even get a chance to talk.

I took their ear and dragged them to the front door and opened it and put them on the doormat.

“ Knock! ” I said before slamming the door.

A sheepish knock came from outside.

I took a deep breath and opened the door.

“ Yes? What can I do for you? ” I asked.

“ Can we use your apartment for a hiding spot? ” they asked.

“ Of course. Be careful, there’s smashed glass at the end of the hallway. ” I said.

my top 10 BL otps/ships (♥.♥)

i have a damn long list ! believe me imma hardcore fujoshi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

p.s those only are MY top 10 otps/ships in real life and they’re not arranged in order, all of them have the same amount of love in my wild heart ♥

  • ChanBaek/BaekYeol “because chanbaek is love … chanbaek is life
  • SeBaek/HunBaek “because i’m a fuckin’ kinky hoe, why wouldn’t i love that TOUCH MY BODY ship… pffff xDsorry chanyeol
  • EunHae “who fuckin’ doesn’t ship this?!
  • MyungJong “maybe it’s love, maybe it’s a sexual tension, but there’s something and i can see it damn well!!
  • JRen “because fuckin’ confess already Kim Jong Hyun, if you didn’t yet -.-!!!
  • 2Min “once you’re into this, there’s no escape.. and they’re fuckin’ hot!!!
  • SeJin “discovered them today and they became in my top list…why? look at this gif!!!!!! that’s what i’m talkin’ about!

someone horny for the maknae 24/7

  • VinSeop “gay and fabulous (♥.♥)
  • HanJoo “because you gotta respect the one-sided love effort
  • YuZhou “Chinese otp from drama Addicted Heroin♥ and there’s a HUGE thing going on between those two not just in the drama


  • update 7/11/2016: MEanie grinding & humping but still being super fluffy & cute kind of couple

i forget them.. i forget to add them!!! ‘cuz imma stupid bich (how dare me?)
im guilty af for forgetting about ‘em sorry

MythBusters  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Holy crap, RUN!”
  • “Here comes chaos!”
  • “QUACK, damn you!”
  • “When in doubt… C-4.”
  • “Am I missing an eyebrow?”
  • “Well, there’s your problem…”
  • “Failure is ALWAYS an option!”
  • “Generally, I prefer a little bit more.”
  • “I always enjoy seeing _____ in pain.”
  • “This is starting to feel like a BAD idea….”
  • “I reject your reality and substitute my own.”
  • “Our Death Ray doesn’t seem to be working.”
  • “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing, right?”
  • “High explosives and electricity, WHOO HOO!”
  • “This is why we can never have anything nice…”
  • “If I had any dignity, that would have been humiliating.”
  • “Oh, my God! This is more fun than should be allowed.”
  • “This is one of those ‘What the hell am I doing?’ moments.”  
  • “Remember, don’t try this at home. We’re what you call EXPERTS.”
  • “I think that was one of the most destructive things I’ve ever done. That was cool!”
  • “I think this thing could hurt you. I think we’re about to find out whether it will hurt you.”
  • “Remember kids, the only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down!”
  • “You know, I promised my mom and dad I wouldn’t do anything stupid after I got out of college.”

“Well damn, I did not see that coming,” Sirius gasps in shock. James frowns slightly, “Why didn’t you tell us?” You laughs softly, “As much as I love you guys, I don’t tell you everything for a reason.” Sirius scoffs, “Why not?” You grins, “Because you’re both already coming up with different to kill the guy.” James glares playfully at you, “Whose to say we won’t?” You roll your eyes, “You can’t kill Remus.” Their eyes widen, “What?!” Remus sighs from behind you, “Probably shouldn’t have told them, love.”

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Ho ho! I can just see Draco losing his damn mind every time Harry Bloody Potter gets on the Hogwarts Express in muggle clothes. (Especially when they start to fit him)

Draco completely silent on the outside and screaming in his head-

Pansy is like “Draco? Are you ok?”

“PANSY I JUST DONT HAVE TIME FOR THIS!” He goes stomping away.

Pansy is like -“Salazar why is he SO extra?”


Yuri on Ice Ep 5 spoilers ahead

I just can’t believe all that happened. My initial thoughts, don’t even look for coherance here

PLOT THINGS (that’s right, I pay attention to that):

  • - Viktor really being a damn good coach, regardless of Yuuri listening or not
  • - honestly, Yuuri rebelling against Viktor’s suggestions is a kind of confidence in itself. he’s trusting his own judgement for once
  • - Yuuri’s game face, he’s so intense, in it to win it, i can so see why Minami idolizes him
  • - Yuuri attempting to be a good idol to Minami (Viktor knows all about being someone’s idol, eh)
  • - Yuuri having FUN in competitions again, his love for skating has returned!
  • - so many fucking jumps, damn Yuuri, u show those youngsters u still got it
  • - VIKTOR IS NOT YAKOV. he’ll always support Yuuri even if that little nosebleeding katsudon don’t follow instructions. DEVELOPMENT IN COACHING STYLE
  • - just Yuuri not feeling alone anymore b/c Viktor gives him such strength and emotional support - THAT FUCKING PRESS CONFERENCE


  • - Yuuri has a plushie tissue box that he brings to competitions, like Yuzuru Hanyu
  • - Viktor spreading vasaline onto Yuuri’s lips b/c that’s totally part of his duty as coach
  • - as well as fixing his hair so tenderly
  • - and long heartfelt hugs, cradling each other’s necks
  • - and that other hug purposefully in front of the reporters so everyone will know Yuuri is his
  • - just at no point did they stop touching each other besides when Yuuri was skating and even then, Yuuri was constantly thinking of Viktor - LITERALLY A VIKTOR MONTAGE
  • - Viktor realizing Yuuri is skating just for him?? 
  • - that press conference WTF

Things I’m just excited to see in Ep 6:
- the skater from China!!!!
- Beijing in general
- Phichit shipping Victuuri harder than any of us
- Viktor cuddling Yuuri while watching the competition

In conclusion:

wait a damn second, i was just finishing watching a jikook analysis by minfanatic here and i noticed one more fishy thing, if early in the video the bathroom’s light is on…..

then why is it when tae left the room, the light is off (you can see that it’s rather dark & only the light from the hall was shining through it)…when supposedly there’s only jungkook & tae in the room…..

then who’s the one turning off the light???????????