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The Big Bang Theory: “The Locomotion Reverberation” Review


My Top Ten Thoughts on The Big Bang Theory, Season 10, Episode 15:

10. I’m not a big fan of the opener, to be honest. Why aren’t they supportive of Sheldon wanting to make the device even smaller? Wouldn’t that open the possibility for more money from the government. I thought it was a little tiring to see Leonard and Howard being so cold to Sheldon. I want friendly Howard and Leonard with Sheldon!

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9. Oh my gosh, that Leonard and Sheldon hug, though! PRECIOUS!! Any time Sheldon hugs someone, it’s magical.

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8. Okay, so Halley’s cry is still funny, I don’t care what anyone says. I lost it when Penny turned off the baby monitor and the cries were actually louder!

7. Sheldon being super excited about the Train Trip is about like me prepping for any anime convention…how can anyone not love Sheldon when he’s excited?! I get Amy getting overwhelmed, but still…happy Sheldon!

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6. Of COURSE the government wants the smaller system that Sheldon was working on! There you go, Howard and Leonard! That’s karma for you!

5. I wish Raj and Stuart wouldn’t argue! Why can’t they get along like they did that one time? Come on, writers…quit having them fight and be the adorable godfather pair they are!?

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4. “I may have just left my infant with Patrick and Spongebob.”
     HA! Sassy Bernadette is the best Bernadette.

3. That said, it was really sad seeing the three of them sobbing in a bookstore parking lot. Why should Penny feel pressured to have a kid?! Why should Amy feel pressured?! I do agree that some of the “young magic” has changed from seasons past, but I would like for them to do fun things instead of just complain about adulthood.

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2. “Hello?! I have a girlfriend; I’m already King of the Train Store.” Can we all just appreciate how even when he’s subtle and nonchalant, he can be so sweet with lines like this? Bravo, Sheldon! Damn straight, King of the Train Store!

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1. Okay, okay…I’m not panicking about that train scene…not panicking…not….panic…king….OH. MY. FANGIRLING. SELF.



I’ll probably find one as soon as I post this. Let’s just say, afterwards, I was:

This is my 500th story.  Thank you for reading.

They were two mugs sitting together on a shelf at Pottery Barn.  They had been picked up and inspected by dozens of people who decided that they weren’t exactly what they were looking for.  Maybe they would never be bought.  Maybe they would accidentally be broken long before they even had a chance to serve the purpose they were designed for.  That was until two men—one tall and one short—were bickering as they walked through the store.

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Spoilers tapping report 9x11

I got this from the Big Bang theory wikia

Starting with scrolling credits that begin “A while ago in Apartment 4A…” The guys are talking about their Star Wars tickets until Leonard announces that the tickets are already being sold. They grab their laptops and phones and can’t get through. Sheldon falls to his knees and starts praying.

Later Sheldon and Lenny are in the kitchen talking about the movie. Penny is glad that he is back together with Amy and wonders what he is doing for her birthday, the same day as the movie. Sheldon is still planning on going to the movie since he bought the ticket while they were still broken up.

That night Arthur comes to Sheldon in his dream. Sheldon tells him that his friends think he should spend Thursday with his girlfriend for her birthday instead of going to Star Wars. Arthur agrees. Sheldon makes up his mind to spend the evening with Amy instead.

The next evening, the guys are surprised Sheldon is giving up the movie for Amy. He isn’t even going to the comic book store so he can research what he is doing for her. Also, he wants someone worthy to get his ticket. Not Penny, not Raj, not Emily, maybe Howard who he taunts.

Sheldon goes over to Penny’s to get some advice. Bernadette is there and they give him a hard time about his knock. He has three options for Amy’s present. 1. The possibility of her playing her harp with the LA Philharmonic. 2. A ticket to some wool convention thing because Amy likes to knit. 3. Coitus. The girls just stare at him. Penny breaks the wine glass she is holding. Is he ready for that? Sheldon thinks so. Then it’s settled, she gets his genitals. He goes leaving the girls gobsmacked.

At the comic book store they first think of giving the ticket to Stuart, but he goes to the movie sand acts like an old man bringing soup in a thermos. Wil Wheaton enters the store and they decide to give it to him.

The girls are walking down the stairs and Amy thanks them for taking her out for her birthday. They say how since she’ll be spending the evening with Sheldon tomorrow they wanted to do something for her tonight. They ask her what she wants to do and she mentions a restaurant she wants to go to, and they’re like “Oh, we thought maybe we could go for a wax”. Then she’s like “Why would I want to go for a wax for my birthday? Let’s just go to dinner”. They agree, and Bernie suggest that afterwards they could watch a dirty movie and if anyone had any questions, they could be answered. Amy knows something’s up so she asks them why they’re saying this stuff. The girls are hesitant. Bernie tells her they don’t want to ruin anything but that Sheldon said he plans to get intimate with her tomorrow night. Amy screams out “SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH!!!” She’s so happy and lowers herself to sit on the steps saying how she’s wanted this for so long and she doesn’t even know what to do. Then she’s like “Yes, I do. Let’s go get waxed!!!” and books it down the stairs.

In bed that night, Arthur the Jedi returns to Sheldon and Sheldon tells him how he’s decided to get intimate with Amy. Arthur pulls his lightsaber free and impales himself with it. But unfortunately for him, that does nothing. He says it was worth a try. Sheldon says he was hoping he could get some advice. Arthur sinks down onto the bed and starts awkwardly saying how when a man gets off a woman’s bloomers…but Sheldon stops him saying that he knows the mechanics. This is just a big step for them and he wants to do it right, but he’s afraid of getting overwhelmed. Arthur tells him that if it’s with the right person it’ll be okay. Sheldon thanks him and tells him “You’re the wisest of us all”. Arthur points out that he’s just a part of Sheldon’s own mind. So Sheldon tells him “Well then, you’re fun to look at”

The following night the guys are all dressed in Star Wars shirts getting ready to leave for the movie. Bernie and Penny are in the living room too. They can’t believe they’re going to see SW. Penny comments about how she’s glad she won’t have to hear about it anymore. As they’re leaving, I think it’s Raj who says how he’s still surprised Sheldon gave this up for Amy. Leonard is like “We’re going to have so much more fun than he is!” The door closes and Bernadette is like “Oh now they’re not!” and Penny says, “Knowing them…yeah, they will.” Bernie asks if she thinks Sheldon will really go through with it. Penny tells her he seems ready. She gave him a few pointers about what girls like, and after he stopped giggling, he seemed confident.

Amy is in her apartment with romantic music playing, lighting a bunch of candles. She looks gorgeous in a flowery dress and cardigan, and even her hair looks great. When Sheldon knocks, she jumps onto the couch with her legs outstretched over the cushions and crosses them all sexy. It’s so funny and adorable. She calls for him to come in. He tries, but the chain is on the door. So she jumps up and runs over to open it. He has flowers for her (:D). He apologizes for being late but he also had a balloon for her that got away and he spent some time chasing it. She lets him in and they sit down on the couch together. She’s like “So….what do you have planned for tonight” all kind of flirty and he’s like “Well, I thought I would take you to dinner to this nice restaurant…” She tells him that sounds nice but she’s not really hungry. Maybe they can do PRESENTS first. He’s like “Oh…okay.” Then she admits that she knows his gift was intimacy. The girls told her. He’s like “Is that okay?” And in response she leans in and kisses him. His hands are in his lap while she’s doing this. She pulls away and he tells her he’s going to need verbal confirmation for this. She says “Yes!” Sheldon starts to say “Okay, let me just pull up a quick contract from the internet–” but she cuts him off with another kiss, and a second or two

Back at Amy’s apartment, Sheldon is sitting in her bed with the covers pulled up to his waist with his undershirt on. The door opens and Amy peeks in, wearing a cute nightgown that goes to her knees with capped sleeves. She enters and says “Hi.” She looks a little shy. Sheldon says “Hello.” Then she asks “So…should I just get into bed with you?” He says she should. She climbs under the covers and they’re both like “Hi” “Hello” again. It was akward and funny and really sweet. Shelddon realizes Amy is shaking and asks if she’s cold. She says no, but that she’s a little nervous. She’s been waiting so long for this and just isn’t sure what to expect. Sheldon tells her he isn’t either “So let’s find out together.” She agrees. She leans in and reaches to press her hand to his cheek, cradling his face. They’re about to kiss and it goes back to…

The guys are sitting at the movie. Wil is telling them how he’s just having some fun and how everyone takes this kind of stuff too seriously. How people think the way a movie ends, etc is going to change their lives. Raj is like “Wait! Did you hear something bad about the movie!?” After some conversation/laughs, it goes back to…

Sheldon in bed again, this time, laying down, hair mussed, shirt off. There’s a little contented smile on his face. He says “I enjoyed that more than I thought I would.” It pans over to Amy with the most epic sex hair I’ve ever seen, and she’s smiling and says “Me too.” She is bare shouldered with the covers pulled up over her chest. The two of them are laying there holding hands. Sheldon tells her he can’t wait for her next birthday so they can do it again. Amy smiles and says “That’s fine.” Then she rolls over and leans into him to cuddle. He puts his arm around her and rests his head against her’s contentedly and closes his eyes.

It goes back to the guys at the theater and they basically mimic Shamy’s words saying how they enjoyed that more than they expected, etc.

The tag scene is Sheldon in bed and Arthur returns. He’s kind of grinning like a dirty old man, asking Sheldon how it went. Sheldon is like “It was amazing!” then starts talking about the SW movie. He’s like “And what about Amy?” Sheldon tells him what Amy thought of the movie, completely oblivious to what Arthur was really asking.

Hello, my name is Carla and I’m a shamyholic.

I’ve been Shamy-free since May 15, 2014 and my last Shamy experience was not pretty. (DAMN THAT SEASON FINALE!)

I’m here because I know there are people in the same condition that I am.

We’ve been suffering with Shamy abstinence since that DAMN SEASON FINALE and I think is only fair that in the season 8 premiere we get a PRETTY DAMN GOOD Shamy scene, that will fill us with Shamy feels and send us to the Shamy heaven.