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Do I report this somewhere? Because she’s from the right show, but that is most certainly not a picture of a tiny magic floating cat.


With the snow falling down around you, wet and sticky, you pulled your half-drenched coat around your shoulders and listened as your feet slapped against puddled pavement… It wasn’t that you didn’t like the snow - winter wonderland and all that jazz but this was damn near akin to rain and it had a way of sinking bone deep every time the partially melted flakes touched against your skin.

“You look kind of miserable…” Ray chuckled after he pulled his hood up; his eyes cutting toward the dirty slush coating the streets as a car zipped through and splashed it onto the sidewalk.

“How could you tell?” You joked, shoving your wet gloves into your coat pockets.

“Well, your resting bitch face looks pretty… resting.” He replied with that spacey grin of his, which managed to make you snort though a small laugh. “Want me to put a smile on your face.”

 At that you let out puff and glanced upward to see the city lights catching and reflecting through the falling flakes before saying, “Unless you and your suit can stop this gross weather, I’m not sure that’s possible.”

“I’ll take that bet.” And in one quick move, Ray wrapped a light grip around your forearm, his touch warming even through your wet clothes, causing a shiver to vibrate up your spine as he dropped on his knee. It took you about ten seconds after he’d fished a small, tell-tale box out of his pocket to really put it together; your gloved hands instinctively shooting toward his face to run a cold, wet touch along his jaw. “Will you marry me?”

With your head now bobbing frantically, you felt your lips pull into a bright grin and without thinking, you bent forward to kiss him senseless.

(X) (X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Ray Proposing to You*

@rutherfxckerreally cute christmassy way (if that makes sense) to the reader? And also - I check this blog a lot (especially for Harry 😍) and it always cheers me up, so thank you for doing what you do!!! 

and skl, sobra akong na turn on kay king kanina. why? nag labas siya kanina ng bible galing sa bag niya guys. idk but.. damn. i really like this guy. aaaaahhhh ang rare ng ganito. di ako masiyadong religious or parang yung tipong nag babasa ng bible. pero malapit ako ng sobra kay god seriously. aaaaaahhhhh ewan ko sobra akong napa… gahd. ngayon ko lang nakita na may bible siya sa bag niya. look, oo nag mumura din siya pero hindi bongga talaga. jusko na turn on ako ng sobra sobra sobra. yung tahimik lang ako, pero yung mata ko nakafocus sa gilid. love someone who loves god. :(((( king, why? damn. akin ka nalang kase jusko. let’s worship god together.

City Elven Vocabulary

(mostly Alienage)
I’ve already done a small post on this wayyyy back (like over a year ago) but I started thinking about it again and headcanoned a city elf vocabulary. ‘Cause I can.

City elves have lost much of the elven language over time. Some of the language still lingers however, much of it surviving in the form of elven slang, casually slipped into conversation. Though all words can trace their meaning back to a root, they have changed and may no longer match the original elven either in form or meaning (for instance “Fen” a slang term that can be used to mean “a lie” or “a liar” (or refer to a criminal or troublemaker) has roots in the name of Fen'Harel. While the word “fen” literally means wolf, in city elven vocabulary it now has connotations with deceit, while Harel retains its original connotations of justice and rebellion (due to its presence in the word Mien'Harel))
One or two words of original elven also exist within the common vocabulary.
Not all words are universal across Thedas, and some will differ from region to region.
Alienages that are home to former Dalish elves sometimes have a larger vocabulary, most likely due to a discussion on the elven language due to the Dalish becoming incredibly confused by the city elven use of words.

Elven vocabulary
Andaran - Casual greeting “Welcome” typically only said to elves, and usually only friends
Aneth - A casual greeting between friends
Ehdis - A mild curse (akin to damn, shit, etc). Shortened version of “fenedhis”.
Fenedhis - See above
Fen - A lie or a liar, untrustworthy, cheater, petty criminal, etc.
Hah - Term of endearment for a grandparent, typically used by young children
Hahren - The appointed leader of the alienage
Latha - Slang deriving from Lath. Term for a lover, rather like “girlfriend” or “boyfriend”. Can be used for anybody one is in a romantic relationship with.
Len - Slang. Used to refer to an adult or teenager who is behaving in an immature fashion. Also used to describe elves who are dragging their heels when it comes to marrying their match (and thus refusing to become adults in their community).
Letha - Slang deriving from Lethallin/Lethallan. Term for a very close friend, usually somebody the user considers a platonic life-partner. Another variant is the common translation of “cousin”.
Mam, Mama, Mae - Mother
Mien - Slang deriving from the word “blades” and the word Mien'harel, it is taken to mean knife or knives and used to refer to thieves, cutpurses and dangerous criminals.
Mien'Harel - Roughly “Blades’  Justice”, it means rebellion, originates from the phrase; “Even a short blade must be respected.”
Nan - A curse typically used when angry, closest human equivalent would be an angry exclamation of “fuck”. Derives from Elgar'nan, whose name is also used as an oath by the Dalish (albeit not always in the same connotations)
Shem - Slang. Derisive term for a human
Shemlatha - An insulting term for elves who have relationships with humans (romantic, platonic or sexual)
Shiral - Bye
Vhenadahl - “Tree of the People”

Misc. Vocabulary
“Sylvan thorns” - A simple curse, rather like damn. Sounds more like something the Dalish would use to me, but it comes from Shianni Tabris.
“Get of a wolf” - Equivalent of “Son of a bitch”, sometimes built upon in creative ways.
“Go climb a tree”/“Go climb the vhenadahl” - Shut up. Go away. Sod off.
“Go jump off the vhenadahl” - A stronger variant of the above. Rather like “go jump in the lake”.
“Good as a Shem’s word” - Something that’s worthless or bound to fail.
“Flat-ear” - A slur to refer to elves living outside the alienage (those who are considered to have lost their elven roots). Used by some in regards to the Dalish. Also used in reference to elf-bloods.
“Riding halla ‘round the vhenadahl” - used in reference to somebody getting carried away or obsessed with elven history or legend. Typically used by non-alienage city elves in reference to alienage elves and Dalish. Usually in rebuttal to being called “flat-ear”.
“Short-ear” - Another word for an elf-blood
“Thin-blood” - An insulting term for an elf with non-elven blood (even those with enough elven blood to appear fully elven).
“Wild elf” - slur used against a Dalish elf (also used by humans)
“Wood elf”, “Forest elf” - slightly less offensive terms for Dalish elves.

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Fun fact: Tourmaline, Howlite, and Cinnabar are all things that Akinator can guess. Also they earn you a lot of points on the app...

You’re definitely



Someone pointed out to me last summer that they’re in Akinator’s database and frankly I’m amazed that they’re still guessable hot damn!

Twelve: Dear Love.

The lightening, the rain, and the darkness of the room surprisingly was the reason Jermaine now stood in the middle of the living room, looking out at the city as the rain poured down on the windows of the building. It was the last day, supposedly, of rain, but from what he was seeing the weather report had to be wrong. This rain wasn’t stopping anytime soon, but it was fine for now. The hotel room had become “home” in the pass few hours they had been here, LaToya was sleeping in the bed, plus the cool air blowing through vents felt just right against his warm skin.

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