but dammit

@awkwardfortuneteller of course i’ve seen that tweet

Imagine Lavellan losing her balance when Solas tips her back for the Fade kiss. The two of them tumbling together, all elbows and knees and it’s awkward but they’re laughing because of the giddiness of the moment and kissing, still kissing, until Solas has the sense to pull away and help her to her feet. 

Oh, look. I made myself sad again.

A ring on it
  • My mom: So, JJ and everyone promised they would get married after the competitions...
  • Me: Well, after they win gold. Maybe they said that because they knew they wouldn't win, hahaha. After all, the younger skater won and he isn't getting married.
  • My mom: But he *will* get married to the motorcycle guy.
  • Me *screaming internally*: omg she ships it

cloversion  asked:

are you a pokémon professor, lying? :o from which region do you hail?

I’m not a professor or anything (I totally flunked my classes on spontaneous transitive evolution actually), but I do a lot of reading and I actually care about how the fun little friends feel and are treated unlike SOME people I could name.

Otherwise, I’m just from up North.

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Cholya/FoxBee (whatever that ship is called) love square. Alya dislikes Chloe even after she is post/in redemption, Chloe secretly loves Alya tbh, Volpina is in love with Queen Bee who she views as an amazing selfless hero (I like to think tho Chloe is petty queen bee is legit) on par with LB, Queen Bee thinks Volpina is too cunning and tricky and tbh is just confused by her. Cue reveal where Chloe is super happy yet alya is angst because she's in love with Chloe?!?! Her arch enemy?!?!


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Why are you trying to monopolize Ignis? I mean there's nothing wrong with him making new friends (or possibly finding a boyfriend?)

Yeah, but he’s MY advisor. And he’s said himself he’s too busy for romance. (︶︹︺)


Oh well…