but cutie patootie ok

Baek Ah is a gift and I just wish that if anything, he’s happy in the end

Maybe he gets with Woo Hee, maybe he doesn’t

I just hope he’s happy, painting, playing music and killing it in his pink robes. 

Ah yes, Disney channels new hit sitcom featuring Two aliens of questionable moralities

mediocredetective  asked:

Also I only just started watching Suits and am on episode 9. Be my queen and guide me through the world that is Marvey?

oh my goodness! *happy dance* DO YOU LIKE IT SO FAR?! 

(I feel so blessed) Marvey is obviously Mike Ross/Harvey Specter and oh my god there is soooooo much fluff fics and porny fics and boss/intern dominance fics and then there is the office romance fics!! and it’s all perfect.

the best suits/marvey blogs that I follow are:

these three cutie patooties are the best.

Ok so this (x) will have everything you will need to start - It’s pretty much an everything you will ever want/need about suits (perfectly organised).

This (x) is everything Marvey

and These are my fav Marvey fics:

Obviously Wear My Name By: LunarFlare14

Harvey has always put on a good show at work. He has put a lot of effort into the smoke and mirrors act, and it had worked to his advantage- until now. Backed into a corner by a law he can’t side-step, he decides Mike is his only way out. They’re getting married, and Mike really has no say in it. Slight AU, Plays off “The Proposal”, mike/harvey Words: 53,412 

 Then there’s THIS BAD BOY - Grande Soy Triple Dirty Chai by friskaz

Every fandom needs a barista au. Original prompt on the kink meme: “Harvey is (still) a lawyer. Mike is the only barista that gets his coffee order right, and isn’t afraid of a bit of intelligent and snarky banter.”

Words: 38,301

Ok and this next one is just pure fluff and adorableness - Little Harvey Specter by KatrinaKaiba

“I just got an image of you as a dad. It’s like a Little Harvey Specter, you know, all hair gelled and like pinstriped OshKosh B’gosh.” But what if Harvey really did have a child? How would that go? Follow Harvey as he faces his own demons and makes the transition from bachelorhood to fatherhood.

Words: 35,062

The New Deal by Closer is also AMAZING!!!

Harvey Specter, second year law student at Harvard, was walking home one night when he found a teenaged runaway named Mike freezing to death on his doorstep.

Words: 33,512


Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 65,613
Summary: In an alternate universe, Harvey’s still the best closer in New York but Mike’s not a runner for Trevor: he’s a pizza deliveryman, Harvey’s favorite pizza deliveryman. And Harvey’s discovery that Mike’s more than he lets on will change everyone’s lives…

but that’s all I can think of art the moment - when in doubt (x)