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This is really random so feel free to not answer this but do you have any good anime recommendations?

Sorry, there are no good animes

Wanna know the fandom’s best kept secret? These two make an awesome couple


A collection of doodles for an AU I’ve been thinking about.

Basically we could say it’s a college au?? At least Reigen is in college. He and Serizawa met on a party, which they left together, and they kept going out since then.

Serizawa was afraid Reigen wouldn’t want to keep going out with him once he knew he had a son, and that was… almost true because Reigen never felt comfortable around kids. However, he changed his mind when he met adorable little Shigeo.

Also, it’s a no powers au, unless I get inspired on how to add psychic powers to it lol. 


So I’ve been making a nice house in the Finch Farm settlement. I’ll get more pics of it when I’m done, but with the lights off in the early morning it gives off a nice vibe with the sunlight 😊

I’ve been listening to ars paradoxica so imagine peridot is a scientist who accidentally invents a time machine and travels back in time. Jasper is the sexy military grunt who helps her adjust to life in the 1940s

allie’s been posting a lot of oxe nfree art lately and it’s so good and it’s making me think a lot about every fic idea I’ve ever had for it but THE PROBLEM is that the only things i really wanna write are so ridiculously self-indulgent that i can’t even justify putting in the effort

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todoroki, midoriya and kirishima reacting to finding out that their s/o has a quirk that allows them to see up to 7 seconds in the future?

((I like this Quirk a lot actually! Seven seconds is a lot longer than you think it is, that could be cool.))

Todoroki’s pretty impressed, but he doesn’t see how it’s helpful in battle. Granted, seven seconds can mean a lot, but unless you’ve got your reaction time down, it’s not much of an edge. He does appreciate it when you tell him to avoid pitfalls and accidents and stuff though, and he’s always caught off guard when he starts to ask you a question and you answer in the middle of it. He finds it endearing

Midoriya thinks it’s the coolest shit. Honestly, he thinks all Quirks are the coolest shit since he grew up Quirkless and kind of envied everyone around him. He’s cute about it, asking stuff like “what’ll we be doing in seven seconds?” “Pushing you off the bed if you don’t stop asking”

Kirishima is kind of the same as Midoriya with the questions, but he’s more chill about it. If you’re in the hero class together, he’ll wanna team up with you a lot because “you can see the future, and I can protect us from whatever’s there!”