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cute botanical asks!!

baby’s breath: 5 things you associate yourself with:
bleeding heart: what makes you heart go mushy?
bell flower: what’s the title of the song that makes you want to jump around out of joy?
evening primrose: what’s your sleeping playlist (give me 5 songs)?
forget-me-not: who is your favorite blog who isn’t following you?
daffodil: what is one plant that you want to have but can never get?
calla lily: are you more of a sunny day or a rainy evening?
foxglove: what is your favorite color and in what shade?
lavender: what is something that you’ve always wanted to be/have/get but can never have?
love in a mist: what is the latest dream that you remember?
daisy: what is your favorite flavor of cotton candy, ice cream, and juice?
painter’s palette: are you more of a singer, dancer, painter, or instrumentalist?
tulip: what is your most favorite make-up product? do you like it more natural, dark, or etc?
waxflower: are you a bee or a butterfly person? a dog or a cat person?
sugarbush: do you have sweet tooth? if yes, what’s your favorite sweets? if no, why?
sunflower: would you like to be a fairy or a mermaid?
sweet pea: what would you like to call your significant other?
sea lavender: can you swim? which strokes can you do?
windflower: list 5 of your favorite blogs and explain why i like them
golden rod: are you more of a baker or a cook?
bloom: what is something that you would like to tell your children?
peony: what is something that you wish your parents could’ve told you?
prairie gentian: do you have a significant other?
september flower: are you more of a sunshine or sunset person?
bird of paradise: do you wake up early? do you sleep early?
marigold: what’s your favorite tea?
peruvian lily: what are the names of your pets?
hyacinth: do you name your plants?
lilac: would you rather sleep and be cozy or hang out with your friends?
poppy: do you like to dip your fries or do you like it as is?
dandelion: any special talent that you have?

anonymous asked:

I need some tips on getting through high school and also how to get good grades when you're depressed and just don't care about anything anymore.

Hi Anon,

Here are some awesome ways to beat school blues:

College needs:


Helpful sites:

High school needs:

Mental health resources:

Misc resources:



School resources:

Stress relief:

Studying/school help:


Foreign Languages:



Study Needs:


  1. Remember that today’s day in age is different from how it was back then. So don’t stress about school too much.High school students today have the anxiety of what a mental patient in the insane asylum had in the 50s. Here’s also a thing to show how times have changed.
  2. Prioritize. List what needs to get done first and when. Sometimes getting the bigger/harder tasks is easier than conquering the smaller/easier tasks.
  3. Set times when certain projects need to be done and stick to that deadline.
  4. Turn your phone off or give it to your parents while doing work/studying. I know that we live in the age of technology and literally everything is at the touch of our fingertips. Honestly though you can wait on what your favorite celebrity has to say or if your crush liked your instagram photo. You’ll be more involved in that than you are into your work.
  5. If you have trouble in a certain subject and there is no assigned seating, take advantage of the front. I guarantee you’ll learn more.
  6. Ask your teacher what exactly you’ll need to know. If you’re taking notes during the year, write in the margins whether or not it will be tested. It will be easier to know what you will be tested on.
  7. Save your exams. Half the time your teachers use the same questions (or questions similar) from your exams on your midterms or finals.
  8. Don’t try to do homework straight afterschool if you can’t, despite what everyone says. Give yourself an hour, and try to get some exercise in. I find it stops me getting bored of sitting down. Not to mention helps me concentrate better.
  9. Don’t just read the material, write it, draw it, recite it, quiz yourself on it! Until you have the material down.
  10. Join clubs, sports, or organizations! You’re guaranteed to find friends in there. You’ll already have common interests. Start with that and go with the flow.
  11. College kids: If you don’t have assigned seating, and you have been sitting in the same seat for 2 weeks. That is you assigned seat now. Don’t move or you’ll screw everyone up and they will hate you.
  12. Color code things, such as your notes. If you want to see how I color code my notes message me and I’ll be happy to show you
  13. Be kind to one another.

I hope that helps!



anonymous asked:

i'm a high school freshman, and i'm taking GeoHonors, BioHonors, Advanced English, and Advanced Art... i'm overwhelmed. I attend a high school known for high stress levels and suicides.. Previously in my elementary+middle schools, i was a straight-A student, no biggie. I thought high school would be the same.. which is why I signed up for so many honors. I'm also playing competitive volleyball, studying for the october ACT (for a summer camp), and preparing for my final piano exam. help? ~Kass

Hey Kass! Hope you’re doing well. Shelby here. :)

You sure got a lot going on. Sometimes that can be good & other times not so much. But you do sound very smart and you do seem like you got a ton going for you which is a plus.

I’ve got some resources & links to show you today in hopes it helps you.

Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress

Feeling emotional and nervous or having trouble sleeping and eating can all be normal reactions to stress. Engaging in healthy activities and getting the right care and support can put problems in perspective and help stressful feelings subside in a few days or weeks. Some tips for beginning to feel better are:

  • Take care of yourself.
  • Talk to others. Share your problems and how you are feeling and coping with a parent, friend, counselor, doctor, or pastor.
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol may seem to help with the stress. In the long run, they create additional problems and increase the stress you are already feeling.
  • Take a break. If your stress is caused by a national or local event, take breaks from listening to the news stories, which can increase your stress.
  • Eat healthy, well-balanced meals
  • Exercise on a regular basis
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Give yourself a break if you feel stressed out

Recognize when you need more help. If problems continue or you are thinking about suicide, talk to a psychologist, social worker, or professional counselor.

Time Management:

Motivation & Procrastination:

Study Techniques & Studying:


Exams and tests:

General Academics:


College needs:


Helpful sites:

High school needs:

Mental health resources:

Misc resources:



School resources:

Stress relief:

ACT Test Guide

Things to Remember:

  • Difficult questions are worth the same points as easy questions.
  • If you answer 53% of the questions correctly, you get an average score.
  • There is no penalty for wrong answers - guess if you don’t know.
  • Budget your time; don’t spend too much time on a question.
  • Read each question throughly and know what it’s asking for.
  • Mark up the booklet to help you - annotate and show your work if that helps you


  • Questions often test for redundancy and irrelevance.


  • The first time, go through and do the questions that are easier and faster to do.
  • Then, go back and tackle questions that you don’t know how to do or will take more time for you to complete.
  • Look at the answers and plug them in. (start with the middle answer)
  • Substitute numbers for variables.
  • Look at the question like a logic puzzle, not a math problem.


  • Skim the reading to get a general sense of the passage.
  • Answer questions that refer to specific words or sentences, and then move on the questions that require you to read paragraphs.
  • Focus on main points and ideas. (usually in first and last sentences of each paragraph)
  • Pay attention to details that might be important to the story.
  • Think about why the author wrote the passage and
  • Mark up the booklet - annotate! (as mentioned above)


  • what the labels mean
  • what the table shows
  • trends
  • units of measurements
  • data representation (charts and tables)
  • research summaries
  • conflicting viewpoints (usually asked to compare and contrast)


  • formulate and opinion
  • maintain focus on your topic
  • ability to defend your opinion using reasoning and supporting ideas
  • organize your ideas in a logical way
  • use language clearly and effectively

Helpful ACT links:

Hope this helps. :) xx


You Look Adorable - Bill Denbrough Imagine

“hi :)! could you do a bill denbrough x reader where our sweet bb gets glasses and is really self-conscious about them, but his gf (the reader) thinks they’re absolutely adorable on him? thank you”

A Bill Denbrough Imagine in which he gets new glasses and refuses to wear them because he thinks he looks dumb. His girlfriend helps him see otherwise.

“Can I please see what your glasses look like?” You pleaded.

“No, they luh-look dumb,” Bill refused, turning the page of his comic book. Bill, your boyfriend of four months had to get glasses today. He had been needing them for a while, but refused because he said he wasn’t a glasses type of person. So for about two weeks he was running around squinting at everything and doing absolutely awful in school until his mother forced him to go get a pair.

“Bill, you’re squinting trying to read that comic book. You still need them, no matter how dumb you think you look. Which you probably don’t.” You chuckle lightly at his concentrated face as he holds the comic closely to his face.

“I c-can read this comic book juh-just fine, (Y/N).” Bill turns a page loudly as if to prove his point. You watch him read for a bit longer before he sighs with frustration and shuts the book, tossing it away from himself and sitting up on his bed.

“You can read it just fine, huh?” You smirk. Bill shoots you an annoyed look. “Please wear your glasses. I would rather you look ‘dumb’ and be able to see than have you constantly squinting,” You sit beside your boyfriend and lay your head on his shoulder.

“No (Y/N). I ha-hate them and I’m not wuh-wearing them,” It was your turn to sigh in annoyance.

“Stop being so stubborn!” You get up and pick his glasses off of his bedside table. They were a horn rimmed style with gold under-wiring. The glasses looked very nice in your opinion. You opened them and held them out to Bill. “Put them on,” You commanded.

“I already tuh-told you no,” Bill huffed. You huffed right back and sat beside him again. “Bill Denbrough, if you don’t put these glasses on, I won’t give a kiss for a whole week.”

This made Bill’s eye’s widen in surprise and he quickly grabbed the glasses out of your hand. He eyed them with decisiveness. “F-fine, I’ll put them on. But you have to pruh-promise you won’t make fun of me,” Bill looked at you and held out his pinky.

“I swear. I wouldn’t make fun of you anyway.” You interlace your pinky with his and hold them for a moment before releasing his pinky from your own.

“Okay, h-here I go,” Bill turns away from you and slides the glasses on. He turns back to you with his hands covering the glasses. You chuckle and gently grab his wrists, slowly moving his hands away from his face. Bill smiles at you nervously as you study his face. He looked perfect. The glasses didn’t make his eyes look too big, and they didn’t cover up too much of his face. He actually looked like he should have been wearing glasses a long time ago.

“What were you so upset about, Bill? You look adorable,” You smile at him. and give him a sweet kiss on the lips to further prove your point. When you pulled away, Bill’s glasses were fogged up from the heat on his cheeks.

“Do you really th-think so?” Bill asked. He was smiling really big, which only caused him to look ten times more adorable than he already did.

“I know so,” You smiled back at him before jokingly ruffling his hair and bouncing up. “Now let’s go show everyone else how cute my boyfriend looks in his new super cool glasses.” 

Bill laughs at your statement and the two of you leave his room hand in hand with Bill looking like the most confident and happy boy alive.

I’m feeling crazy motivated tonight. That’s probably because of the IT movie playlists the have on Spotify. They really get me in a Losers’ Club mood and they help me write. Beverly’s is a whole bop and so is Richie’s. If you haven’t already you should go check them out because they’re really good and they’re a perfect embodiment of each character. I love them so much.

Nightmare (Assassin!Yoongi)

Plot: #33: “After everything…I’d still choose you.” + #37: “You’re cute when you’re all worried.” + #55: “You had a nightmare, tell me what it was about so I can fix it.” with assassin!Yoongi

Word Count: 707

A/N: so I have a family meet up today for Easter and all of the birthdays that have happened in the past couple of months bc I have a huge family and we celebrate birthdays in groups bc it’s easier on everyone bc some people live like 2 hours away and everyone’s got careers and all that fun stuff I’m sure some of my people with big families get it (happy Easter to everyone who celebrates!! And if you don’t celebrate, I hope you have a great day anyways!) so I don’t have time to write ldr!Jungkook today but I will do it tomorrow!! Instead, here’s a drabble about assassin!Yoongi (here) which I haven’t written about in forever

You knew Yoongi carried a lot of guilt, being an assassin for the elites. He had been doing it for years and you knew he wasn’t nearly as numb to it as he claimed to be. You saw the side effects no one else did, the tears in his eyes when he came home, the slight tremble in his fingers when he took his jacket, the way he clung to your shirt when he hugged you. You knew he was in far too deep to be able to just quit but that he was working on slowly detangling himself from the corporation he had built. The two of you had to wait until he was safe to leave or you’d spend the rest of your lives running but the wait was beginning to feel like forever.

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School master-post:

get started:

  • prepare your self
  • block sites that could distract you here or here
  • background music

Essay help:

  • free microsoft word
  • PRETEND to type an essay uhum that’s right
  • forgot an essay? buy yourself more time
  • how to write an essay you’re wondering? this could also help
  • written? kitten!
  • word on the tip of your tongue

Study Help:

  • how to organize yourself and study
  • learn how to study
  • and now study skills
  • also how to memorize
  • need help with a subject? don’t worry, they’ve got your back
  • learn some shit outside school
  • help beat world hunger while studying

Homework help:

  • solve any math problems
  • conversion perversion (get it?)
  • if your physics teacher sucks
  • learn geography
  • free books? more free books?

Research help:

  • is it a research? aw shit:
  • how to read and research
  • how to google
  • find books for your research
  • free bibliography
  • understand how stuff works (great for work reference too)

Finals Week?

  • how to pull an all nighter (only use in extreme cases! don’t make it a habit)
  • finals survival guide
  • when should i sleep?
  • productive study break
  • for when you get really tired and overwhelmed

Helpful tips:

  • the best school masterpost EVER
  • another school masterpost hell yeah
  • educational websites
  • how to survive in college


  • science translated to english
  • a site that explains literally everything
  • study skills
  • learn geography
  • finals guide
  • get motivated to study
  • tips for a productive study break
  • when should I go to bed?
  • microsoft word equivalent
  • can’t do your homework?
  • “no homework” excuses
  • make flash cards
  • math problem solver (2)
  • online ruler
  • pull an all nighter but do well on your exam
  • a whole blog dedicated to study motivation, tips, and advice!
  • techniques for studying and learning
  • time management
  • help on reading and research
  • help with memorizing and testing
  • ultimate educational website
  • Thinking & Memorizing Tips
  • Research & Reading Tips
  • Finals Help Guide
  • Homework Help
  • Math Help


  • Writing Masterpost
  • A website for big words
  • alternatives to “said”
  • alternatives to “whispered”
  • ultimate writers resources masterpost
  • tip of my tongue
  • writing fantasy stories
  • Masterpost of writing software
  • character flaws
  • writing a death scene
  • bio help
  • degrees of emotions
  • writing ref
  • Fictional Character Name Generator
  • Fictional Character Name AND Personality Generator
  • you’re a writer? here’s a whole bunch of writing-related blogs
  • read/post fanfiction
  • read/post stories

Learning languages:

  • Learn terms and glossary in Quizlet.
  • Learn a language for free on Duolingo.
  • Learn a language for free on Busuu.
  • Oxford Dictionaries.
  • Games and fun activities for English learners.
  • Irregular English verbs.

Do your research:

  • Google scholar.
  • Scholarpedia.
  • You can learn anything (KhanAcademy).
  • Didn´t listen in class? (Crash Course).
  • Simple Wikipedia.
  • Learn littérature without having to read it(SparkNotes).
  • Wolfram Alpha.
  • TED.
  • Open 2 study. (Online studying)
  • Free college courses.

Amazing tips on writing:

  • 10 practical tips for writing better exam essays.
  • Writing an essay.
  • Harvard writing resources.
  • Writing application essays.
  • Writing a personal statement.
  • Genre characteristics.
  • Writing a literary analysis essay.
  • Answering essay questions.
  • Get feedback.
  • Bibliography maker.
  • What is the word you´re looking for?

Reading <3

  • 8 tips to remember what you read.
  • How to read Shakespeare.
  • Effective reading and note-taking.
  • How to take notes while reading.
  • Note taking tips.
  • 170 free textbooks.
  • 1000 free textbooks.

Studying & organization

  • Time Management
  • Get your school life in order with organization.
  • Reach your goals.
  • Goals worksheet.
  • Finding information on the internet.
  • Using sources.
  • Get a hold on mind mapping.
  • How do you learn best?
  • Sound without music (Such as cafes).
  • Make flashcards.

 Stress and anxiety management

  • Coping strategies.
  • Stress reduction tips.
  • Stress relief for students.
  • Managing test anxiety.
  • Dealing with test anxiety.
  • Self help: Keeping calm.
  • Introverts in college.
  • Coping and calming down. N.1
  • Coping and calming down. N.2
  • Do nothing for two minutes.

Test help:

  • Study skills for test taking.
  • Study tips for finals.
  • Multiple choice exams guide.
  • The seven days study plan.
  • 15 steps to success.
  • How to prepare for a test.
  • Checklist for essay tests.

 Classroom participation

  • Active listening.
  • Classroom discussions.
  • Presenting projects in the classroom.
  • Preparation before class.
  • Participating tips.

Software and pages:

  • Openoffice and Libreoffice.
  • Dropnote.
  • Google docs.
  • EverNote.
  • Prezi (For presentations.)
  • Calculator.
  • Grade calculator.
  • Grammar check.
  • Staying focused for Mac, Chrome and Firefox.
  • Plagiarism check.
  • Best apps for students masterpost.
  • Homework help.

Self care tips:

  • 100 000 stars.
  • Workout masterpost.
  • Movie masterpost of masterposts.
  • Self-help masterpost.
  • 8Tracks.
  • Learn and do yoga.
  • Voulenteer.
  • Learn to play guitar.
  • The thoughts room.
  • Disney games because hell yeah.

College needs:

  • Advice on college
  • Alternatives to buying expensive textbooks
  • AP Cram Packets
  • Cheat sheet for becoming an adult
  • Dorm room survival
  • Free online college classes
  • How to survive college masterpost

Helpful sites:

  • Challenge your brain
  • Feed the hungry while using your vocabulary
  • Free online textbooks
  • Grade calculator
  • Quizlet
  • Rape Escape
  • Whole page dedicated to studying/organizing

High school needs:

  • For Juniors or Seniors With Low Income Families Looking For Scholarships
  • How to survive freshman year

Mental health resources:

  • a website that is always relevant.
  • falling asleep tips
  • How long to sleep
  • how to talk to and help an anxiety-ridden friend
  • how to wake up in the morning
  • keep taking your mind off of it
  • mental illness recovery tips
  • need a motivational speech? i like this one for myself.
  • not having a good day? :c
  • picking up a hobby can relax you during the school year!!
  • seriously just please try to relax ily
  • take your mind off of it
  • tips on self-love
  • when to go to sleep/wake up
  • working out is a total stress-buster.

Misc resources:

  • download free books
  • express yourself with make-up
  • Hobbies masterpost
  • I fucking love to study to this.
  • please remember this.
  • Sick ass movie list I have more but, this is a school one so message me for more.
  • Sites to help you not get distracted with other sites. (Mac)(PC)
  • Various ways to where a scarf
  • What’s the fucking weather


  • earn a cute kitten picture after writing
  • how to get motivated
  • Procrastinator?


  • calm/nature sounds
  • chill playlist
  • coffee shop blues
  • coffee shop sounds
  • concentration playlist
  • relaxation
  • study playlist
  • 4hours of classical music

School resources:

  • An already typed essay at your fingertips(type the subject and press random stuff and an essay forms. TO KIND OF HELP)
  • bibliography maker
  • educational links fucking galore
  • my favorite tutoring website
  • online ruler
  • pull an all nighter but do well on your exam
  • Social media citing
  • study like a college kid
  • Time Management
  • Psychology Lectures by a Professor from Yale University

Stress relief:

  • Calm
  • compliments generator
  • how long to nap
  • go to a quiet place
  • learn more about anxiety.
  • panic and anxiety information masterpost
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Stress Analyst
  • the thoughts room
  • take a guided relaxation
  • yoga poses

Studying/school help:

  • Best place to get help for English
  • essay structure guide
  • essay writing help
  • free microsoft word alternative
  • Grammar and spell checker
  • Graphic Essay Organizer
  • Help on reading/researching
  • Make a kick ass essay
  • Masterpost of writing software
  • microsoft word equivalent
  • more essay writing help
  • On books you you don’t want to read
  • Tip of my tongue

Foreign Languages:

  • Learn, Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, German, Italian


  • learn geography


  • calculators (includes graphing, geometric, stats etc)
  • College/high school Chemistry notes
  • math problem solver (2)
  • Periodic Table
  • Thinking/memorizing
  • This is the math god

Study Needs:

  • Answers to the textbook
  • Beneficial studying tips
  • Crash course in any subject with John Green
  • Free Educational resources for anyone and everyone
  • help in a ton of subjects
  • Helps you in any subject
  • homework help
  • how to google
  • how to study, Study guide
  • finals survival guide
  • improve your studying skills
  • Learning Websites Masterpage
  • Looking for a word
  • make flash cards
  • One of the best learning websites
  • Scholarpedia
  • Tips before/during an exam
  • Tips on Exams

I know that school can get hard at times and sometimes it may feel like you’re trapped. I hope these links can help at least one person out. I know that they’ve helped me. (:

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“We are Trignal!!!” by Trignal
From Trignal’s Live Tour 2016 “SECRET GARAGE”


A couple of disclaimers:

  • I actually had been debating with myself while subbing this whether to keep “KiraKira☆Beat” as in or just outright translate it while subbing, and decided to go with the latter instead. Sorry.
  • I know 最高のCoolish has “Coolish” written in English, but I decide not to keep it that way since, well, it’s a weird word to use here to be very honest… ._.” (with it being adjective and all too…=w=“) Sorry about this to. =_=“

…Wing’s cute movement and Boss getting embarrassed after doing the flying kiss always get me though…=w=“

Focus - Yugyeom (Day 70/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

To view the masterlist of drabbles for the challenge, click here

Prompt: Focus
Member: Yugyeom x Reader
AU: Drunk!AU

Word Count: 1693

“He drank how much?” you asked, your eyes widening.

“I don’t know. He said he wasn’t going to drink much because he wanted to go home and see you, but then BamBam took him somewhere and now he’s completely gone,” Jinyoung said through the phone. You held back a laugh as you imagined Yugyeom being drunk

“I’m really sorry to have to make you come, but I have to stay and take care of Jackson,” Jinyoung added, but you just chuckled.

“Don’t worry about it, Jin. I’m on my way over now,” you said, grabbing your keys and hanging up the phone. Your smile remained on your face as you hopped into your car, heading over to the house where the party was taking place.

Yugyeom usually didn’t drink all that much. When you had first begun dating, he had told you he’d never been drunk, but once you both came to college, that changed. He went out more and made some friends that invited him to more and more parties.

Honestly, you were proud of him for going out of his comfort zone to try new things. He was legal, so that wasn’t a problem, and he was at Jackson’s apartment which also wasn’t a problem. The only problem you could see was that once Yugyeom decided he was going to drink, he went hard.

He never wanted to lose and always wanted to prove to the others that he could drink just as much as they could. You couldn’t be mad at him though. He wasn’t doing anything wrong.

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Dating Lena Luthor (jealousy)

Originally posted by aurorajames

a/n: whoa, this got away from me. I didn’t know which direction this was going in… I just wrote. And look at that, the garbage muse demanded both perspectives of jealousy. Bless the garbage muse!

- - - - -

If anyone asked you, you’d say it happened so suddenly, unexpectedly but naturally. The juxtaposition of it all was nothing new to you - Lena herself was seemingly a mass of contradictions. When you first laid eyes on her you weren’t as intimidated as most people would be, but you were still wary about how to act around her.

She’d sensed this too, but that was expectation. She was always some level of guarded around people, and she was especially reserved around new people. Almost everyone had their opinion on Lena Luthor, but you were part of the very few minority whose opinion counted under the “don’t really have one” section. You’d met her while you were working, and she came in and ordered from you. You’d made small talk with her, even put a little smiley face on her coffee cup after you’d asked for her name. All she gave was a smile that didn’t reach her eyes as she politely thanked you and made her way out. You thought nothing much about the situation.

The days between became shorter and you found she’d drop by frequently. She eventually engaged you in conversation, and even stayed for a few minutes if it wasn’t busy. This had become a consistency of your day: you’d come into work, sometimes you’d see Lena, and always she would spend some time conversing with you. You only started getting suspicions after two weeks of your coworkers mentioning a nicely dressed woman asking for you by name when you weren’t at work. You figured, the next time she dropped by, you’d leave your number on the cup for her discreetly.

And with a stroke of luck, she came by only two days after you resolved to make a move, and if you passed off her coffee to her with shakier hands than you’d usually do - well, she hadn’t said anything and you most certainly weren’t going to bring it up.

A day and a bit had passed and she still hadn’t used your number. With a little disappointment, you try not to dwell on it too much when she walks in with a blonde woman chattering away beside her. Her eyes sparkle and she chuckles at something the woman has said, and you realize it. You’re an idiot. Nice going, trying to go after a woman who’s clearly taken. Lena puts her arm on the blonde’s forearm as they stop in front of the cashier and you make your way over.

“Hey, what can I get for you?” You cringe just the tiniest bit when you hear the mild aggression in your tone. You hope it’s subtle enough to not warrant mentioning.

“Always so good to see you.” Lena smiles at you and you try to ignore the swoop in your chest as you see her genuine excitement.

“Yeah, totally. Just your usual, Lena?” You’re already clicking away at the till and moving to make her order.

“You really weren’t kidding when you said this was your favourite, huh?” The blonde speaks up, and your irrational hatred springs up because she sounds so pleasant.

“Ah, of course. (Y/N) is the only person I trust to get my coffee just right.” You try futilely not to let that get to your head and concentrate on getting Lena her coffee without dropping the stupid thing. “Thank you, darling.” Yeah, none of this is going to work.

The blonde just laughs and jesus christ even her laugh is so sweet.

“Oh, by the way, this is Kara.” Lena introduces you and you wave awkwardly.

“Yup! That’s me!” Kara waves just as awkwardly but she’s seemingly disproportionately excited and freaking nice about it and she is so perky and you can just tell already how sweet she is. You want to hate her, you really do. Somehow, you know you just can’t.

“Will you be getting anything, dear?” Lena asks her.

You inhale sharply as you try to get through what may be the most trying few minutes of your life, ever. You deserve something nice after this - after all you are still standing through the world’s most emotionally taxing coffee order.

Kara nods excitedly and an image of a puppy flashes through your psyche as you put in her order of a dozen sticky buns which, holy hell, they’re the size of your fists what is she doing with all of those?

You try not to ponder the thought too much, seeing as though you’ve deduced, naturally, that she and Lena are probably going to share them and you so deserve a drink after your shift but then-

“Kara, you haven’t even eaten lunch yet.” Lena’s voice interrupts your thoughts.

“Yeah, duh, that’s why I’m ordering now.”

Despite yourself, you’re laughing at the blonde and when she looks at you, she tilts her head and then cracks a smile, looking all too pleased with herself.

“Clearly, the professional agrees with me.”

“Well, I wouldn’t exactly say that.” Your mood lightens a little and Kara’s given you cash to pay off her so-called lunch.

They’re about to leave and Kara looks far too excited as she sticks her entire face into the paper bag you’ve put the sticky buns in and you hear a muffled thank you coming from her as she waves her entire arm in your direction (you think how lucky it is that no one is in her general vicinity). Lena stays a few paces behind her and winks at you.

“Really sorry I can’t stay and chat like we usually do. I’ll see you soon?”

You try not to get too excited about the implication. “Well, I’m certainly not going anywhere,” and you lazily wave your hand as you gesture around the shop.

She takes another moment to regard you and then she smiles. “Of course.” And then she’s walking off after Kara and you spend the rest of the day in an even tempered mood.

That very night you get a text from an unknown number while you were yell-singing to your 90s R&B playlist.

????: “Figured now is a good time to use that phone number the cute barista gave me, since I didn’t get to have my daily fix of conversation that I’m usually treated to.”

You stop in your tracks in the middle of R. Kelly’s Bump N Grind and stare at the message for an unnecessarily long time when another notification pops up.

????: “Unless, of course, the unfortunate twist of cruel fate rears its ugly head and decides this number doesn’t actually belong to the cute barista and I’ve thus been bamboozled :(”

You can’t believe your luck, and suddenly you feel a little bit lighter (ignoring of course, the alcohol buzzing slightly through your blood)

you: “ahhh, but sweet luck smiles upon you this time. it’s definitely I, the cute barista”

Lena: “Well, that’s lucky :) I’m glad I made the right decision.”

Lena: “I am sorry about today, I really did wish I could have stayed like I usually do. It’s always nice talking to you.”

you: “it’s really no problem. I like talking to you too. Especially since you’re probably so busy and you’ve cooped yourself up in that big scary office all day, it’s good to see you’re still alive sometimes”

Lena: “Aha! The big grinding wheels of capitalism never stop, I’m afraid.”

Lena: “Kara adores you, by the way. She thinks you’re a genius for those immaculate sticky buns, in her words.”

you: “LOL, hate to let her down but… you should tell her I don’t actually make them. Nobody in store does actually”

Lena: “Nothing can convince her, I will tell you that. That girl is the only person as stubborn as me. She’s the only one besides my secretary who can drag me away from my desk to go to lunch.”

you: “well that sounds vaguely unhealthy”

Lena: “Indeed, I’m quite lucky I’ve got a friend like her to remind me to be a human.”

Friend. A friend like her. Idiot. You decide from thereon out not to jump to conclusions so quickly, and you’d kick yourself in the shin for your unnecessary bitterness if you could.

Lena: “You should drop by my office sometime, whenever you’re free of course. I realize it may be too much to ask of you, especially since you have your own life and other obligations I’m sure you must attend to. But it would be nice to see you more often. You may be the only thing I look forward to most days.”

You smile to yourself, truly not believing your own eyes. For once, you got lucky.

you: “I mean, if that’s the case, who am I to tell a pretty lady no?”

And that’s how it starts. You’d only been to her office a few times - she’s spent more time coming to the coffee shop than you have visiting her. The weeks go by and Lena assures you it’s no trouble - that her getting out of her office for fresh air is surely well needed and you don’t need to worry about visiting her an equal amount. Jess, her secretary, still knows to let you in whenever you come by, equal parts being the attentive secretary that she is and from the very special access to Lena’s office that only you and Kara have. The first time you ever stopped by, Jess stared at you questioningly, almost in a challenge before gesturing you toward the direction of Lena’s office. You felt the burning weight of her scrutiny on your back, and still couldn’t shake it off when you bade her goodbye.

The next instances you’d seen Jess, she’d looked at you with something in her expression you couldn’t read, but you didn’t think much of it. Each time, she’d smiled at you sweetly and you realize she’d become much friendlier with you whenever she saw you - as friendly as she could get, you think.

That didn’t shake you much, not necessarily. What did confuse you was the employees who began to stare at you while you made your way through the lobby, or the evident weight that settled in an elevator whenever you got into one full of L-Corp employees.

At first, you were supremely uncomfortable, and you’d thought to bring it up to Lena but thought against it. You were so self-conscious and immersed in your own thoughts, you hadn’t noticed the L-Corp employees milling around in the lobby checking you out or gossiping about you.

“What an absolute stunner.”

“Do you think Miss Luthor is getting in on that?”

“That’s not fair, doesn’t she have something going on with that reporter?”

“You already know that’s never happened. Jess said so.”

“Jess did not say so, Jess would never divulge anything about Miss Luthor.”

“Well she hasn’t shot the idea down! That’s all we need…”

“Well, if Miss Luthor doesn’t make a move on that hottie that’s always visiting her, then I will.”

“You would never.”

“I could dream.”

Lena had always insisted she’d call you a car whenever you visited her, but you insisted you could walk since everything you had to do was in a nearby radius anyway. One day, you decided to surprise her and bring her on a date for a late lunch. Dressed in your motorcycle gear, you dismounted your sportbike and took a take out bag of food out of your backpack to keep it from spilling anywhere else. You walked through the lobby and security let you in after signing your name, and again, past your untrained ear, the gossip milled about.

“Oh my god, a motorcycle too. How much hotter could anyone possibly get?”

“You’re really in over your head, you know.”

“I wonder when Miss Luthor is going to make it official.”

You made your way to Lena’s floor and spotted Jess. She was typing away at her computer when she saw you and spared you a glance as you wordlessly left the bag of take out on her desk.

“You are truly a miracle. Bless Miss Luthor for having you.”

You smirked at her and made your way to Lena.

“Hey,” you said as you closed the door behind you.

“Hello, darling.” She took the time to glance at you and smiled as she continued typing on her laptop. “I’m almost done here.”

“Hurry, I miss you.”

She smiles brightly again but otherwise undeterred. “We’ve been texting all day.”

“I know, but it’s not enough.” You smirk as you sit down in the chair across from her and leave your arm hanging off the back.

“I’m sure you can wait a few more minutes.”

“No, I can’t.” You pout at her and give her your best sad puppy eyes and somehow, she knows what you’re doing because she doesn’t need to glance up when she answers.

“Don’t do that, you know I’m weak for that.”

“I know. It’s how I get my way. I’ve been thinking about you all day, please hurry so I can kiss you and not feel bad about it.” You know you’re being annoying, but Lena biting her lip and finally stopping in her task to look at you tells you the sentiment isn’t unwelcome.

“Darling, you don’t have to feel bad about kissing me, ever.” She tilts her head slightly and gives you a smirk of her own.

“Well, how about you finish whatever you’re working on so I can do all the things I want to do to you and have you entirely to myself.”

“Oh, sounds promising.” Lena is typing again and you try not to laugh as you see her look of concentration and the sheer determination now much clearer on her face now that you gave her an incentive.

“You’re bad for me, you know.” She closes her laptop and stands up to walk towards you in one fluid motion and you grin at her.

“Me? I’m just the lowly barista.”

“A lowly barista with a really nice motorcycle.” She sinks into your embrace and leans up to kiss you.

You hold her gently at her hips and kiss her at last, sighing contently.

“How’d you know I brought it today?”

She merely hums as she leans up again for another kiss. “I have my ways.”

“Are you spying on me, Miss Luthor?”

“Of course not.” She gathers her purse and coat as you wait for her, and you both make your way towards the elevator. You wave a goodbye to Jess as Lena announced her departure, and all the secretary spared was, “Bye Miss Luthor, have fun, take your time coming back!”

Lena rolls her eyes and you both get into the empty elevator. When you reach the lobby, the entire place seems to simultaneously quiet and become utterly aware of your presence. Again, you feel unnerved. You can’t ponder it too much because Lena is pulling you in for a kiss and her arms wrap around your neck. You instinctively place your hands on her waist and bring her closer to you, returning her kiss and moaning slightly when her tongue licks at your lips. She sighs contently when you squeeze at her hips and bite her bottom lip, and she runs her hands through your hair as you deepen the kiss. Before anything else can escalate above the realm of PG-13, you reluctantly pull away and she’s smiling at you.

You smile back and seem to have to catch your breath, but you glance up and see the eyes of various employees looking at you, some scrambling to look away, others shamelessly staring in awe. You hear a few whispers but can’t make sense of any of it and Lena takes your hand and intertwines her fingers with yours.

You follow happily as she takes you toward the exit, not missing the way she looks at the employees who still stare at the pair of you and you finally put words to your suspicions.

“What was all that for? I thought you didn’t like PDA.”

“Well, I certainly like kissing you.”

“You didn’t do it to make a point did you?”

Lena looks up at you seriously and your hand still holds hers. She’s about to say something but you interrupt her first.

“Oh my god, no way. You’re not jealous are you?”

She answers a bit too quickly, “I don’t get jealous.”

“You’ve never kissed me like that before.”

“I think the several nights I’ve spent at yours beg to differ-”

“Not in public then.”

She squints at you and you squeeze her hand as you pull her closer to take her other hand. “Baby, you don’t need to be jealous.”

“I told you, I have no reason to be jealous, let alone of all the employees who should be working rather than spending their hours-”

“Hold up.” You smile as you spot the crinkle in her brow that she gets whenever she’s annoyed. “Are you being serious?”

She pouts her lips, actually pouts, and the crinkle only lets up just the tiniest bit. “Jess may or may not have caught onto some rumour mill between the employees.”

You look at her, trying to spot any traces of a joke. “Babe, really. You don’t need to be jealous.”

“I mean, why should I blame them for commenting on how good looking you are? I can’t say I disagree. It’s just unnerving sometimes and I wonder why you would even put up with me when there are plenty of other-”

You pull her to you so that she’s pressing against you and you interrupt her rambling as you lean in for another kiss. She sighs and calms reasonably down before you speak.

“No matter what anyone says or what you may think, I don’t want to hear about what anyone else has to say or what they might think. You’re the only one that matters and you’re the only one I’ll listen to, because it’s you that I want. Just you.”

She looks at you for a few moments before she sighs. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I’m just new to this, it’s been a while.”

“Oh I am absolutely not complaining. Do keep kissing me like that all you want, whenever you want.”

You laugh as she swats your arm playfully and you take her hand to your lips and kiss it as you both walk in the direction of the restaurant. Lately, your efforts to convince Lena to ride your motorcycle with you are futile, but she’s relented with a ‘maybe after work when I don’t have to be in this skirt’, to which you easily replied, ‘I can totally help you out of it anyway, all you need to do is ask’, to which she rolled her eyes at you and you had to peel your eyes away from her biting her lip.

Music Series: Make Me (Cry) by Noah Cyrus & Labrinth

Finally! Not losing my mind! A request that spoke to me…was beginning to feel offended that my imaginary friends weren’t talking to me anymore…I’m whole again…

I loved this song the first time I ever heard it, and I remember it well. I turned Youtube on my big tv to see what new music videos I could find, and this one was the first one that popped up, and I remember thinking…

“Good sound…Wow, she sounds a lot like Miley Cyrus…hmm, looks a bit like her, too…I like their voices together, and he’s cute!”, and by the end of the video, I just wanted the two of them to dump their unhealthy relationship and meet each other!

I get that this song is supposed to be about a toxic relationship, but I’m going to twist it slightly, because it’s kind of hard for me to think of Harry as being able to be toxic toward anyone, and he’s a smart cookie so I don’t buy that he would stay with someone who is toxic toward him.

So this is “Make Me (Cry)“ by Noah Cyrus and Labrinth. You can listen HERE via my Spotify playlist called ‘Fresh Fresh’. Thanks for the request! xo



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Tf2 Playlists!

Trouble - Elvis Presley 
Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson
Intoxicated - Martin Solveig
Baby I Need Your Lovin - The Four Tops
Glitter & Gold - Cheap Time
Mamma Said - The Shirelles 
Mmm Yeah - Austin Mahone
Hey Micky! - Toni Basil
Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley
Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
You’re the One that I Want - from Grease

For Scout I wanted to get that Greaser feel, yet one that hit home. A loudmouth, no good, fast running mama’s boy like Scout deserves only the best sort of music; upbeat with a splash of that New York feel, this one I think captures his personality best out of all of these.

Butterfly Kisses - Bob Carlisle
Technologic - Daft Punk
Honey I’m Good - Andy Grammar
Chicken Fried - Zachary Brown Band
All My Ex’s Live in Texas - George Strait
Geekin’ - will.i.am
Without Thinking - The Streets
Friends In Low Places - Garth Brooks
9 to 5 - Dolly Parton
Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy - Big & Rich
Good Time - Alan Jackson

I wanted to stray away from country as much as I could for Engie, but I couldn’t resist, as some of these are so cute and I thought they would be songs he would listen to.

I’m An Albatroaz - AronChupa
Happy - Pharrell
Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley
That’s Amore - Dean Martin
You Make Me Feel So Young - Frank Sinatra
Death Of a Bachelor - Panic! At the Disco
Stand By Me - Ben E. King
This Magic Moment - The Drifters
La Mer - Charles Trenet
J'attendrai - Tino Rossi
I Just Called To Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder

Being a lovebird (y’know, French and all) I wanted to get that slow dance sort of emotion to this playlist, but still keep that edge because we all know Spy will stab a bitch if needed and not even ruin his manicure.

Angel - Aerosmith
Ghost - Halsey
Here I Go Again - Whitesnake
Me, Myself, and I - G-Eazy
Wanted Dead Or Alive - Bon Jovi
Turn The Page - Bob Seger
Everytime - Britney Spears
Roads - Portishead
Brick - Ben Folds Five
Fade Into Darkness - Avicii
Alone Together - Fall Out Boy

This elusive Aussie was surprisingly easier to make a playlist for than I was worried about. Then again, I had a friend who is a total Sniper nerd there to help me. This one captures his loneliness a lot and really gives me feels.

Little Soldier Boy (Leaves From The Vine) - Mako Iwamatsu
God Bless The USA - Lee Greenwood
Hero - Enrique Iglesias
Cat’s In The Cradle - Harry Chapin
Till I Collapse - Eminem
Remember The Name - Fort Minor
Everybody Loves My Baby - Boswell Sisters
Rock The House - Gorillaz
No One Likes Super Man Anymore - I Fight Dragons
Let’s Dance - David Bowie
Rub Some Bacon On It - Rhett And Link

Soldier doesn’t know when to stop. Nor does he know anything outside of serving for his country, or at least thinking he is. Keeping a somewhat silly yet rough/serious edge to this was the challenge, but in the end I had a lot of fun making this one. Especially the last song.

White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane
Puff The Magic Dragon - Peter Paul & Mary
Wouldn’t It Be Nice - The Beach Boys
Under Pressure - Queen
As The World Falls Down - David Bowie
Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
What’s A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
Skyfall - Adele
Training Wheels - Melanie Martinez
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Israel “IZ”
On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz

I wanted to get two sides to this one: Pyro’s wonderland, and the destruction happening outside of their view. I like to imagine them skipping merrily then with maybe a flower crown and unknowingly crunching skulls under their boots as they go along. That’s kinda dark, huh?

Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics
Flying High Again - Ozzy Osbourne
Welcome To The Jungle - Guns N’ Roses
Blood - My Chemical Romance
Born To Die - Lana Del Ray
Take My Breath Away - Berlin
Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) - Jay Z
The Bad Touch - Bloodhound Gang
99 Luftballoons - Nena
All Shook Up - Elvis Presley
Another One Bites The Dust - Queen

Another playlist for another sadistic maniac *sigh*. I’m not too fond of the serious no bullshit scary German man that most of the fandom seems to portray Medic as, as in the comics and SFM’s, he has his intelligent side then his fun loving (maniacal) side.

Counting Bodies Like Sheep - A Perfect Circle
Cochise - Audioslave
Mosh - Eminem
I’m Comin’ Home - P. Diddy
Spaz Out - Army Of The Pharaohs
Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria
Work - Kanye West
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
Bad Case Of Lovin You - Robert Palmer
Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones
Viva La Vida - Coldplay

Oh man, this one was intense. I wanted to get that serious big tough guy feel on this one. I added a couple more subdued songs, as he does have his soft side, but this one is definitely for the battlefield.

Red Solo Cup - Toby Kieth
Tubthumping - Chumbawamba
Shots - LMFAO
Wobble - V.I.C.
The Maid Gaed To The Mill - A Scottish Drinking Song
Escape - Rupert Holmes
Hooked On A Feeling - Blue Swede
Fooled Around And Fell In Love - Elvin Bishop
I Want You Back - Jackson 5
O-O-H Child - The Five Stairsteps
September - Earth, Wind, & Fire

I’m not gonna lie, like a lot of these are from the Guardians Of the Galaxy soundtrack oops. I just really like that laid back  no worries sort of feeling those songs have. I think Demoman would be the kind to not dwell on those icky thoughts, and would much rather have a drink and a few laughs.

Ms. Pauling
You Don’t Know - Eminem ft. 50 Cent
Work, Hustle, Kill - Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
Skinny Love - Bon Iver
Lose Yourself - Eminem
Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Sweet Child O’ Mine - Guns N’ Roses
Boss Ass Bitch - PTAF
Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing - Leo Sayer
Ain’t It Fun - Paramore

Ah, yes, my queen. Honestly, Miss Pauling is one of my favourite Tf2 characters. She has this badass outline with that sweet awkward creme filling that gives me cavities whenever she appears!

anonymous asked:

we all know if justin made alex a playlist it would be all country. neither of them like it he's just a little shit.

HAHAHAHAHAHA OH MY GOSH YES!! It’d be torture for him picking all the songs, but totally worth it to see how annoyed Alex gets after he thinks he’s going to have a cute ass playlist and all it is is country.

“Are you fucking serious?”

“You wanted me to make you a playlist”

“Yeah, but I wanted- never-mind. You’re goddamn lucky you’re cute, Foley”

anonymous asked:

I wanna make my girlfriend a playlist, do you know of any cute songs I can check out and potentially add to the list?

ugh. cute? here. 

some slow songs: 

nothing really matters by mr. probz

salvation by gabrielle aplin

i get to love you by ruelle 

guiding light by foy vance

sweet love by phillip laure 

i like me better (recorded at spotify) by lauv

ilysb - stripped by lany 

chariot by jacob lee 

better together by us the duo

good for me by above & beyond

grey by exes 

make you happy by mika

the rest i’m not going to organize by genre: 

simple & sweet by jon bellion 

breathe by astrid s

stuck with me by timeflies

like you lots by lany 

she is by the fray 

by your side by the runaway club 

everything to me by great good fine ok 

up against me by lp

anywhere by passenger 

fool without u by jakil 

call me by neiked 

you might be by autograf 

addicted by the night cafe

chloe loves these btw: 

shower by becky g 

if my heart was a house by owl city

i like me better by lauv 

i choose you by sara bareilles 

there’s a shit ton more but i’m not adding everything. 

Hey, hunties!!

I’ve been part of this studyblr thing for like three weeks and yall have all these motivational posts but none of those work for me, specially those that say “take a deep breath and count to ten.” However, if they work for you, then you go and take all the breaths you need, gurl. So this is what I prefer to do to motivate me to study:

  • Listen to some empowering-ass music right before you study - yall listen to that classical stuff, which is cute, but you don’t want cute, you want something that will get you in the mood to KICK ASS like this song and this playlist. 
  • Give yourself pep talks  - go to your bathroom, flush in case the person before you didn’t, then look at yourself in the mirror, and tell your lazy ass to GET IT THE FUCK TOGETHER OR ELSE YOULL END UP LIVING IN A CAVE.
  • Compliment/reward yourself every two minutes - you need to stay positive throughout the painful process of doing all that schoolwork, so constantly remind yourself that you’re amazing and that you’ll get a better grade on the test than that idiot Mike who throws erasers at you in class (this got personal). 
  • DRINK WATER/MOISTURIZE  - your body does not function well if your thirsty or if you’re ashy, so get that lotion out, honey.
  • Read inspirational quotes - these can come from pamphlets that you got at the hospital or even celebrity gossip magazines from 2007. Example: “Lindsey Lohan is out of control” can you get more inspirational than that???

I hope these are helpful to those of you that can’t get motivated by just breathing…!!!

Trying to stay fit - in your 30s...on a Budget

Get A journal from the dollar store:

Keeping a food journal is one of the best things that I found out about years ago. I originally did it to track when I had allergic reactions to certain types of foods. Years later, I’m still doing it for both healthy and yes vanity reasons. I want to feel and look good! It is also easier said than done, especially once you are in your 30s. Every day, I write down what I had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks.

*But, the one thing that works for me is tricking my mind when it comes to food and working out. *

Meal Prep:

I now meal prep almost everything. When I find a ton of veggies and fruit on sale, I get the sandwich or freezer bags, separate everything in snack size amounts and therefore I have a motivation to eat my veggies and fruits more. Plus, I cook for my meal prep as well - crock pot meals are the best. Place whatever you want for that week in the pot with veggies, cook and cool off, then place meal in storage containers. *Easiest and best way to eat on a budget daily. *

That darn gym😒

Find a gym that will give you a free pass to try their facility out before you sign up. That way you would know if it’s even worth the membership. It takes a lot to finally decide to sign up, go and continue. I swear it’s much easier for me to workout on the weekends. My motivation- getting cute gym clothes. Listen, nothing is worse than feeling bad in a room full of people that seem to not feel the same way.

The only thing that worked for ME, was going to the store ( yes even the thrift store) and finding cute band t shirts, beer t shirts and shirts with smart ass comments on them 😜. Then wearing them with bright color sport bras, bottoms, sneakers ( tennis shoes 😌) and water bottles with motivational quotes to the gym made it easier to go. These things can be found on clearance in many stores.

Finally, pick out a playlist of your fav songs with a free App such as Spotify, turn it up and zone out on your machine…it’s harder to have a good workout when you have to pay attention to others around you.

*Finally, have a cheat day or in my opinion “a Treat Day” and do not make yourself feel guilty for it. *

Sleepover Friday!

let’s pretend we’re all in our pajamas around some pizza and do this shit:

  • tell me about your day!!
  • truth or dare
  • how about your crush?
  • need advice?
  • tell me a cute story!!!!!!!!
  • send me cute headcanons!
  • or sad headcanons… or angry ones… idk i love headcanons ok
  • want a small drabble?
  • curious anons perhaps?
  • ask me anything!
  • send me weird ass questions…
  • let’s get personal
  • i’ll give you small playlists!
  • send me recs!
  • or i can recommend something to you?
  • anything really!!!!

anon or not, go go for it  。◕ ‿ ◕。

anonymous asked:

Oh gosh! Oh God this is about to be really embarrassing and trust me when I say 'I KNOW HOW EMBARRASSING THIS IS ABOUT TO SOUND!" I truly do & I apologize well in advance for the coming awkwardness but I REALLY need help! How do you write your sex scenes? Like how do you prepare? How'd you get sooo good at it (esp. Stydia?) Like I personally start overthinking & my face starts burning sooo bad that I have to just shut the computer lid? I also feel like my scenes just sound weird or unromantic...

Wow, okay. So I know on a logical level that I’ve definitely written smut, but this is still so hard for me to believe… thanks for the compliment about my writing, though! Anyways, as far as advice goes, there’s a couple of things that you can do to– CRAP I’M GONNA MAKE THIS PUN, IT HAD TO HAPPEN– get yourself there. Into the headspace, I mean. 

  • DIRTY MUSIC IS ESSENTIAL. I don’t know how people write sex scenes without dirty music, but those people are the real champs. I also don’t really have a sex playlist so I just keep on playing the same songs over and over again… For me, Wildest Dreams is usually foreplay, and Animal by Maroon 5 is the actual sex scene. And if it’s cute or fluffy or playful, Move Like U Stole It by ZZ Ward all the way through. Drunk In Love also works for me. And HALSEY. My fanfics actually started getting darker and dirtier when I started listening to Halsey. It was awesome. 
  • Read some smut. Go into a fanfic that makes you blush and read the smut right before you write your own sex scene. You’ll see what you like with character voices, words that make you cringe, sex acts that you think are hot, etc, but you’ll also kinda get into the mood. Think of it like a fact finding mission. And don’t go for the tame smut fics you like, go for the dirtiest ones so that you feel debauched and everything you write will seem hella tame.
    • Side note: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m pretty sure this logic could also be applied to porn, if you watch porn? Just scoot on in there, get turned on, scoot back out. 
    • I hate this moment. 
  • Reread what you’ve already written. Because a lot of the time, smut is the product of a lot of writing, right? You don’t start off at the… peak… you start writing when you’re in the middle of the story, right? So your characters have been experiencing these insane emotions, and some of them are probably intense and lustful. You need to feel what they’re feeling, because it’s not you in this moment, right? It’s them. They’re probably a little bit desperate and excited and relieved, and you need to get into that headspace. So feel free to go back and reread their feelings so that you can get back on par with them. 
  • It’s not just sex (probably), it’s also emotion (probably.) Kind of as an extension of the last bullet point, if you’re a little embarrassed because you’re writing about sex, don’t perceive it that way. Concentrate on the emotions of the characters. You don’t even need to describe everything that’s mechanically happening as long as you describe how it makes your character feel.

The way he pushes into her is so painfully slow that Lydia has half a mind to tell him to speed up. But he’s moving so deliberately that she knows better than to say anything, so instead she meets his pace and moves against him in a way that is unhindered by anything. She feels open to him in a way that she never has before, because he knows now- he knows everything that she has been guarding and he is still looking at her like she’s the most magical thing he’s ever seen in a world full of supernatural creatures.

He’s bracing himself above her, one hand by her shoulder, one hand flat against the headboard, and she moans as she thinks about the weight of him pressing her into the mattress as he slides in and out of her. But this isn’t something heavy, or something that would drag them down, so Lydia wraps her fingers around Stiles’ wrist, barely getting them all the way around, and mirrors the action with her legs around his hips. (….) 

She leans upwards to press her lips against the sweat that has formed at his sternum, making him gasp. He’s struggling not to speak, but she knows what he wants to say anyways, so she drags his head down so that she can kiss him and say it back.

This is all about Lydia’s emotions– there’s some other description, but the core of it is how Lydia is feeling. This sex scene has no mention of genitals or body parts in the southern region, yet it’s pretty clear that Stiles and Lydia are banging. Which leads me to my next point… 

  • You only have to write the amount of smut you want to write. Nobody is forcing you to write a full fledged sex scene. Write however much you want to write. Going off of that…
  • Only use words that you feel comfortable using. Seriously, it’s not worth writing smut if you’re gonna cringe every time you write “cock” or something. Have fun with it. There’s plenty of other words you can use. 
  • Don’t think ahead. Look, if you’re going in to write a sex scene and you’re fully committed, you know you’re going to have to write sex eventually. But you don’t have to think about how that’s going to happen every moment when you’re writing it. Take it one step at the time. Let the characters drift into it, not march. Don’t think about the fact that you’re going to have to talk about person inside of person. Work on the kissing, the getting their clothes off, hands and skin. Build until it’s the moment, and then focus on it. But not before then. one step at a time. 
  • Red lipstick. If you wear red lipstick, go ahead and slather some of that on. I don’t care if it’s 1am and you’re in cupcake footie pajamas on your couch. Red lipstick makes everybody feel sexy and badass and like they can conquer the world. Or put on a cute bra you like, if you’re a bra wearer, or winged eyeliner, or a pair of tiny shorts. If you feel hot, you’ll write hotter things.
  • Alcohol??? I haven’t actually tried to write fanfic while I was tipsy or drunk, but if your inhibitions need loosening, I know drinks are gonna do that. (Only do this if you’re familiar with alcohol and know your limits. Don’t try to get drunk for the first time just so you can write a fic.) 
  • You don’t even have to write smut. Nobody is making you, and if it’s uncomfortable and you don’t like how it makes you feel and you want to stop, stop. Read yourself. 
things that i love about calum hood

-the crinkles that form around his eyes when he’s smiling and/or laughing hard enough

-HE BOUGHT TICKETS FOR FANS WHEN THEY DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY (which was a spur of the moment thing & he did it bc he genuinely wanted to help them out since he knew what it was like to be in that position)

- how he puts his hands on his hips at a show when he’s talking to the crowd and just looking out at them with awe

-the fact that he literally has his family members’ names/initials tattooed onto his body (he is just so family-orientated uGH)

-when he lets the crowd sing his part in amnesia and he just steps back and smiles 

-his random tweets that are sentimental and cute as hell 


-the amount of heart and emotion he puts into songwriting–knowing that these songs can potentially save people’s lives

-his videos on twitter/instagram/snapchat where the camera is close to his face and he just spends the whole video saying thank you and that he loves us

-”oi, c-dizzle. this one’s for you” “GO LUKE”

-no matter how much shit he gets, he never posts any backlash or treats us with disrespect…even if that is what some ‘fans’ do towards him


-his bass thrusts (someone grant me the strength to survive the ones on slfl)


-his immense love for puppies 

-his raspy/morning voice that makes you want to wake up next to him until the day you die

-how he is the most underrated band member of 5sos but he never once makes it a point to try and put himself in the spotlight

-when an interviewer told him that he was beautiful and he just got all flustered and shy afjaldfjlargjr

-his taste in music

-the genuine curiosity that he has about what life has to offer

-his involvement in TWLOHA and his advocacy for self-love


-how much freaking talent he has


-”its called common sense mother f**ker”

-how he gives zero shits about what anybody has to say and how he just does what makes him happy


-point in case, calum hood is a beautiful, beautiful human being and even though some people may not see it, and maybe even him included, it needs to be said that this boy has so much to offer to the world and he should not be ignored

martiestudies  asked:

✨ hi abi, congrats on 2k!!! i'm dead rn because i went to a party last night and came back at 7am lol but still have to study for my test tomorrow (rip me) (wish me luck) also you should check out 'most girls' by hailee steinfeld because THAT SONG IS EVERYTHING

hi martie!! and thank you!! oh gosh that sounds rather busy/stressful and v tiring, i hope your test all went okay!!! im sure u aced it!! <3 also that song was SO GOOD omg i added it to my playlist lmao

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