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something not specific - a cute kyle doing cute kyle things

i guess these arent specifically cute things but hes always cute so it doesnt rly matter

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Hey! I had an idea, could you write something where Jughead isn't sleeping well (looks more tired than normal) and Betty notices so she takes him somewhere quiet like to her house or to the blue and gold office and he falls asleep in her lap while she's playing with his hair? Or something cute and fluffy like that - I love your fics so much they always brighten my day :)

That’s cute! I’ll give it a go, I mean we’ve all noticed how much more prominent Jugheads bags have been getting

She propped her chin up in her hand, leaning her elbow on the cool metal of the cafeteria table, she didn’t mean to stare, her mother had always told her it was rude but this was her kinda/ sorta boyfriend, she figured she had a pass. Jughead looked so tired, the dark purple bags under his eyes, the way he was almost always yawning, and now the way his eyes were drooping slowly, Betty couldn’t look away.
She knew what he was going through, she knew the way it kept him up at night, worrying about his father, worrying about his mother, his sister, sometimes even about herself, it made her heart hurt to see how all of this emotional baggage was eating away at the boy who had snuck his way into her heart.

Suddenly cloudy blue connected with her own piercing green and his eyes were looking directly into her prying ones, raising an eyebrow and smiling lazily. Jugheads lack of sleep was a fairly popular conversation between the pair, Betty was worried and she brought that up more than not.

“You need to sleep Jughead, just rest.” She would beg, as they lay together on his blowup mattress situated on Archie’s floor. He simply shook his head, the bed wasn’t comfortable and he claimed he felt on edge in Archie’s room, almost like he was invading on someone’s privacy, not to say he wasn’t grateful, of course he was, this just wasn’t… it wasn’t a great space for him.

Back to her current scenario, Betty raised a teasing eyebrow at his sleepy face and stuck her tongue out, making the beanie wearing boy chuckle and relax his shoulders, she loved that she could make him feel at ease, make him comfortable, that’s why the plan she had been cooking up all month was probably one of her best. She would bring it up to him after the final bell.

Lunch went by quickly and they all headed off to their final two classes, Jughead dropping a secret kiss to her forehead before strolling off. When the final bell rang, signaling the end of the day, Betty skipped up to Jughead in the hallway and took his hand in hers, looking up at him with excited eyes as he smiled down at her, gently resting a palm to her cheek

“What’s got you so excited Bets?” He asked with a snort as she tugged him down the hallway.

Betty stopped in front of the gym and placed a kiss on his cheek. “Pack a bag for two days and meet me in front of my house today, I should be done with cheerleading around 5? Meet me then?” She asked without really leaving much of an option as she practically sprinted into the gym, leaving him nodding and confused as he headed to Archie’s.

5 o clock came fast and jughead found himself, duffel bag swung over his shoulder, standing on Betty’s front porch while she walked up her sidewalk and leaped beside him, placing a finger up as he went to ask a question. Dramatically opening the door, she walked in before him, ushering him inside as he stared at her questioningly

“Welcome to your new home for the weekend, come on I’ll show you where you’ll be sleeping!” She giggled at his confused expression as she pulled him up the stairs and into her bedroom
“I tell ya best beds in all of Riverdale” she tugged him down to her plush, soft mattress filled with warm blankets and pillows, he practically melted into it. He had always loved Betty’s bed, but with Alice around he was never not on edge.

“Bets…” he explained slowly “this is your bed, in your home.” He smiled at her with a roll of his eyes.

Betty shook her head “no this weekend, it’s our bed, and our home.” She explained back, leaning against her bed frame “mom went away for the weekend with Polly she won’t be back until late Monday night, therefore we have the whole place to ourselves! You need a good nights rest Jughead, you need an actual bed with an actual pillow, those living arrangements are killing you.” She said softly, grabbing his hand as he looked deep into her eyes “let me help you. Just this once, let me take care of you. Please” she whispered.

Jughead loved Betty Cooper, she was the best thing to ever happen to him and if he didn’t know it then, he most definitely knew it now. The way she cared for him, the way she saw things no one else did, it never failed to amaze him. Nodding slowly, not trusting his voice too overcome with emotion, he just let her wrap him up in her arms and fall into the soft mattress.
They stayed like that for a few minutes before he felt her remove his hat and run her fingers through his hair, he was out before he even had the chance to say her name.

On Monday morning, as the pair walked into school together, the whole school was in talks about how good Jughead jones looked. A great nights rest and a girlfriend who loved to cook for her boyfriend could do wonders for an emotionally damaged teen. And so when Archie saw Jughead climbing Fred Andrews ladder into Betty Coopers room atleast twice a week, he never said a word, grateful for the change in his best friend. It was the Betty Cooper effect, and you couldn’t buy that for all the money in the world.

Young!Tony wearing large sweaters and walking around with his hair all messed up, ready to fight when people challenge him, works until 5 AM in the morning when he has class at 8 AM, lives from and in his coffee mug, sleeps like a cat on top of Rhodey’s bed despite his being ten feet away, wears glasses even though he doesn’t want to, the main reason why he wears them is because Rhodey says he looks cute in them, love cuddles and will always look for Rhodey to give him cuddles. 

Rhodey always gives them to him because Tony is his smol and he’s protective of his smol.

I can’t deny I just love drawing chibis! They always end up looking so cute!
( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

Some chibi Lucina this time. My very first try at making a chibi of her and probably won’t be the last xD!  ❤

If you are interested in art commissions, send me a message or visit my commissions blog @naocieru ^^

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Did Jimin cover his mouth when he laughed in the beginning era? He seems like only one doing that out of the group.He was so muscular before And now so tiny and more feminine...Do you think he's relationship with Kookie could cause this?

let me start off this answer by saying: i don’t like the fetishization of gay couples where one is super manly and strong and the other is super small and effimante. I think it’s stereotypical and heteronormative to think one guy has to be a dominate, manly-man and the other one a sub, womanly figure. (not to say there’s anything wrong if a relationship is like that; but the forcing of that relationship is gross to me.) 

Personally, I think Jimin has always been this way. If you watch pre-debut or early debut videos, even with the manly, muscular persona, Jimin was still the giggly fluffball he is now-a-days. Members always say that Jimin has a very natural cuteness, but he can’t do cute things on command. It’s shown in early videos that JM did cover his mouth while laughing, and that even though he was muscular and “tough” he still acted like a cutey a lot of the time.  Jimin has always had issues with his appearance and how he presents himself in public. If anything, I don’t think it has to do with Jungkook much. Instead, I think that Jimin has just become comfortable with who he truly is. Rather than putting on this mask of being this super manly, and strong male… he’s accepted his softness. He stopped trying to get so much muscle, he stopped trying to push the bad boy concept, and he truly loved himself for who he is. Not to say that jungkook had nothing to do with this, i’m sure him and all the members did, but i think it was more of a personal character development. of course, if jungkook and jimin were to have a relationship, then jungkook probably did encourage jim to embrace himself,,,, but i think it was more of a personal or overall group thing. 

Idk, i think bangtan as a whole have grown into who they truly are, unafraid to express themselves through their music and image. 

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hey there! I wanted to ask you where the hello kitty cafe is from that pic you posted? btw I'm in love with your blog and cute aesthetic. It always brightens up my day ♡ 🌸(*´꒳`*)

hi~! thank you so much💖  you’re so sweet!! i’m so glad you enjoy my blog ;v;

 these actual cafe pics are when i went to the hello kitty cafe in south korea (myeongdong / seoul ) 

but these four one below is from a place called hello kitty cafe + it’s not a real cafe but just a food stop in california!