but cuddling


As if Mom didn’t ruin this weekend enough already, today was my annual checkup with Dr. B.!  I like Dr. B. a lot, but I do not like her table!  The examining tables at Dr. B.’s vet center continue to be the most horrifying tables I have ever seen!  I was once again so upset by the table that Mom let me hang out on her shoulder while we waited.  When the nurse came in, she found a gloriously soft and snuggly pink towel for me to sit on instead.  Much better!

Dr. B. looked me all over and weighed me on the scale.  I am now almost 170 grams!  Dr. B. is a little worried about a video Mom showed her of me rubbing my face and fussing as I fall asleep.  I look great when I am wide awake, but my eyes look puffy when I am sleepy.  So Dr. B. gave me a vitamin A, D, and E shot to make sure I am okay.  Then, Dr. B. also took some of my blood to run tests so she can know my baseline levels.  I hate needles!!

The blue Table of Horrors and two different needles—I was so upset that I grumped all the way home!

Hanging out with Taylor in my city, the place I was born and raised, in la la land, the home of scandal, glamour, and debauchery, meant the universe to me. I know LA isn’t her favorite place but my God-what a perfect night/morning. I have never felt a happiness of this extent and it’s all thanks to Taylor. I am eternally thankful.  

Hey Guys, 

i just found out i need to do a 2000 word essay by friday… lol oops i need to pay more attention in class, i also have to choose a topic for my thesis as well as produce a proposal to do this thesis so this week is gonna be more full on than i planned. Sorry i have started some gameplay for the new story but i need more pics and i need to edit so, unfortunately, the new story probably won’t be out till next week now. I’m also pretty sick so maybe a few days away is good for me :(. I’ll still be on here lurking and liking as always procrastinating you know the deal. 

Hope you guys have a good week ♥ ♥