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Anotha Silly Sportarobbie Headcanon

Featuring Stephanie!

  • Stephanie was the first to get the hint that Sportacus and Robbie liked each other.
  • She figured out they liked each other… before they even had a clue
    • She had NO IDEA either that she knew and they didn’t
  • Stephanie was initially very overprotective of Sportacus.
    • She loves Robbie, of course, but Sportacus is HER Sportadad, and Robbie does try to oust him from Lazytown on the regular…
    • So while she likes Robbie, she did worry that he’s not exactly the BEST for Sportacus.
    • So often she’d inject herself in a situation with the two of them and just glower at Robbie and put herself between him an Sportacus
    • And Robbie would be be all ????
    • Sportacus would be very :}D??
  • Then, she’d eventually see how adorable they are…
    • And how happy they make each other…
    • And how genuine their affection is…
    • And how well they balance eachother…
    • Then be FLABBERGASTED that they were clueless this whole time
  • So she basically injects herself in this situation to help get them together
    • Because seriously
    • They need to get together
    • Why haven’t they kissed already?
  • And that’s how Stephanie came to ship her LazyDAD with her SportsDAD

Otayuri Week - Day 7 - Fantasy or Soulmates

i have no idea if this is allowed but I love Skyrim and Beka in a Dragonborn armor omg (everything sketched on his face is battle damage or blood from the latest dragon slayed :3)

Yuri as a pretty High Elf (elven daggen really badly drawn just to illustrate it) waiting for the famous Dragonborn to arrive :) 

finally watched the last shadowhunters ep and after the one that came before i really needed /something/ - some acknowledgment of magnus in some way - that i just didn’t get. it was more alec-weighted malec, from the shovel talk to the thing with maryse and max, it’s always the relationship in light of alec’s feelings, his growth and struggles and family, which is great development don’t get me wrong but where’s magnus’s agency in all this? who’s checking up on /him/? how much does it kill me that there was more pre- and post-sex talk between alec and izzy than with magnus himself, you know the other guy actually involved?? and while it feels that every ep has had poor handling of poc lately, i feel this one, this setup, was particularly telling in how. 

because as much as i love and tout the whole 4/7 poc mains thing, you have what really amounts to the 3 main all-whites whose insecurities we delve into this ep, because of course we do, because the entire show is geared towards their perspectives with the other ‘mains’ there to prop them up and further their storylines, while getting sidelined in the meantime. you get the requisite luke cameo out of the way. then you have izzy shuffled off on her own fucked up sideplot, which previously included victor and now has thrown raphael into the mix, the implications of which are, uh, pretty fucking glaring. you have simon/maia written off before it starts so simon’s sole focus can be clary again, and who actually never lost that focus even during simon and maia’s date (and btw clary ‘tonight we’re all downworlders’ fray’s insecurity being how she’ll never understand what it’s like to be a downworlder?? i just.)

4/7 poc mains is great in theory, but it really doesn’t stack up when one’s written out of the story almost completely and the other three are all sidelined for the White in their life and idk if i’m reaching that breaking point or if this ep really made things especially clear but i’m tired™


I’m well acquainted with v i l l a i n s that live in my bed
They beg me to write them so they’ll never die when I’m d e a d