but could be one

I think is time for us to talk about Dean and Cas in the impala, just miles and miles of road ahead of them, windows down and their voices rising up over the sound of the wind, they are singing to one of Dean’s tapes. Dean smiles all the way, because Cas knows all the lyrics of his favourite songs perfectly, even better than Dean.

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I saw a character thing, it might have been through you actually but it's for the De Rolo kids and the eldest was an Archfey Warlock and her patron was Argatan and that thought blew my mind.

defs wasn’t me but HOLY SHIT could you Imagine how Tired™ Percy would be to find out his kid’s patron was Artagan of ALL POSSIBLE OPTIONS

I think I said once that writing fight scenes was the worst?

I take it back.

Re-writing fight scenes is the worst.

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River and the Doctor (whichever you like) cosplaying each other :3 (ooooooor in their lingerie... that was a temptating option that you put there...)

“I haven’t ever worn something like that. Yet.”
“You wanna bet?”
“Nothing to worry about, sweetie; we can’t all dress like cartoon characters.”

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Heya Robean! I hope you’re having a good day, and if not, it gets better soon! If you have the time, may I request Blueberry in 7 of the Halloween dress meme? Thank ya birb ma! ^u^


@tallulalusa​ re FP vs. Clifford and Jason the Drug Mule (I’m trying to parse this out, so feel free to ignore):

To me it still seems like the same thing.  Yes, Clifford is running a large (international?) heroin drug trafficking ring, but Jason doing this ‘one time thing’ for FP to support Polly and the babies is still the same to me.  In one scenario Jason is threatening to send his father to the authorities, but does not actually do so.  (Why? If he was really against it, why threaten your father at all?  Why not just go to the authorities?  He has to have some ulterior motive - money? Power?) 

In the other scenario where Jason’s running drugs, he’s now getting his hands physically and metaphorically dirty by doing the exact same thing his father does.  Selling drugs for money.  Drugs that might have come from his father’s own drug ring, sending the money right back into Clifford’s pocket and further fueling his empire.

The only difference is scale.  Yes, Clifford sells to a larger client base and has a greater negative impact overall.  But Jason was planning on either handing the drugs off to dealers or becoming a dealer himself, thereby doing the same thing his father does, albeit on a smaller scale.  (Of course this also folds very neatly into the narrative parallels of the kids becoming their parents.)

Not only that, but Jason is now putting himself in greater danger by agreeing to run the drugs for FP, especially in regards to getting arrested and/or hurt by people wanting to get the drugs without paying, robbery, etc. etc., for doing so.  And since Polly was to meet him at the car that still had the drugs in it, the drugs he’s yet to deliver, he’s now putting her and the babies in danger by doing so. 

Again, Jason had access to liquid assets.  There’s no reason for him to be a drug runner if he’s that against Clifford selling drugs.  There’s something deeper in that refusal (akin to a Greek tragedy/insert son rebelling against the father sort of imagery here?), but the narrative refuses to delve any further on that point. 

The only side I can conclusively come down on is that Jughead still doesn’t know why Jason was murdered and so this is what makes the most sense to him.  That he didn’t want anything to do with Clifford’s drug empire.

An update on my “short” And Like The Cycle Of The Year We Begin Again sequel.  

Status: Completed and in Round 3 of editing.  

(It usually takes me 5 or 6 rounds to get it right)

((And I get like a chapter done every 2 weeks?  And there are 9 chapters?))

(((Sorry not sorry – it honestly gets much much better every time I edit it)))


I’ve been thinking about making a new Vocal Android comic book cover soon…

But I’m stuck between doing some regular ones (I was thinking doing one for PIANO*GIRL or Battle Royale Valentine) or doing a sort of “Halloween issue” since it’s October…

But I still don’t know what song to pick for a Halloween episode…

deep, rooted fear

Aries: powerlessness, losing a sense of their own self, never achieving their goal, losing their  flame, being seen/described as incapable and being underestimated, life being dull, plain and grey - and they are a part of it

Taurus: losing what is most important to them (materialistic/security/loved ones), never being able to expand themselves and being stuck on something they don’t want/think they don’t deserve, not reaching a higher level and worries A LOT about the future and how it might look like 

Gemini: being ‘caged’ in their own mind, being seen as stupid or of unsound mind, having no real connection to anything and anyone, being scattered and all over the place (internal), being judged for their words/intellect

Cancer: the future, never forgetting past trauma/overcoming sadness, not being able to let go, being used, showing their soft side, showing their real selves and coming out of their shell, having no home

Leo: being exposed to every flaw and insecurety they have, never being able to shine and show their true self, being lost, having no energy/optimism to go on, trusting the wrong ones too easily, not having the life they always wanted/admired

Virgo: being a failure to themselves and anyone else, losing control over their life, not being able to go on anymore, paranoia of everything that could go wrong, exposing themselves too early/easily

Libra: never finding the one, feeling no fulfillment deep within, feeling like a ghost/having no real face, not being satisfied themselves,giving too much, being hurt/forgotten, being completely alone

Scorpio: being hurt/exposed, letting the wrong ones in, (past) trauma, never healing scars, love (loving oneself and being loved), opening up, becoming the demon and the demons of the world/life, losing

Sagittarius: being trapped and caged, never being able to feel life, being exposed to their feelings and showing their caring/loving side, never being able to win (due to running away from their problems), never being truly content

Capricorn: being stuck on lower grounds, always losing, never winning, their hard built up reputation being shattered, losing what’s most important for them, inner conflicts and hidden emotions - not being able to express them and compensate for it, 

Aquarius: being the madman and not the genius they wish to be, being lost in the world, an inner standstill, having no one by their side, being alone, being judged for what they are inside, not knowing the answer/being completely hopeless

Pisces: never being able to truly love/be loved, being lost in their own mind/trauma, afraid of being hurt and used, an inner trance that they can not escape, a martyrer that is shamelessly sacrificed and will never be recognized, no understanding for their view/opinions