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Hi! For the poses meme, Victuuri 3c owo or You annnd idk who you ship her with but Chika I guess?

and I raise shameless Banquet Victuuri + disheveled&horrified Yurio in your honor  🍸 🍸🍸

(I also did YouChika but since I received multiple requests of them I will put them all together~~♥).

jongdae // can you hear me?

Not only do you have a red thread, but your soul mates has to hear your voice in order for his to appear. Would that ever happen?

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One thing that is really admirable in Tom is that he can answer the same questions over and over again for two days (or better a whole promo tour) and even though he answers the same things (can’t give different answers or someone might get offended for not getting the same soundbite) he gives attention to every interviewer and seems to give every answer the same thought and attention, even though he has answered it probably 10 times before in the last hour. Kudos to that dedication. I totally get why actors hate these interview marathons and why they are annoying as hell. I get tired and annoyed by watching only two or three of these over a few days. Tom gives a douzen of them the same attention and dedication every single day.

He makes it seem fresh and if he really wants to answer exactly that question and it is a great one that he has never heard before.

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My apologies if you have mentioned this already somewhere, but in your headcanon, how much taller than Fingon is Maedhros? Is the difference big enough to be funny or is it a pretty reasonable difference, and does the difference cause them any odd little practical problems.

Maedhros is actually shorter than Fingon - his epithet is ironic. 

Serious answer, Maedhros is taller than average and, though we have no information one way or the other (although Tolkien had a boner for EVERYONE being the tallest so I can guess at his intentions), it pleases me to think Fingon is a shortarse. Enough of a difference that Maedhros can comfortably rest his chin on Fingon’s head, and that Fingon tends to go up on his toes to kiss him.

As for logistical issues, Fingon steals all Mae’s shirts for nightclothes whenever he visits - they smell like him - but Maedhros can’t do the reverse. Also 69ing is hell on Mae’s neck.

sometimes i forget all these idol groups exist together… like it’s weird for me to think about how bap and exo exist together… they could interact behind stage and listen to each other’s music… and like for all i know chanyeol’s probably jamming to kard’s don’t recall rn and idk its just weird to think about 

tbh i’ve been wanting to make some color / moodboards for a lil while now and need an excuse to do it lmao so  like this here post  if you’d like me to  (  eventually  )  make one representative of our muse’s relationship ?

ok but like

i hope they confirm bi lance and i hope that when they do, hunk already knows. like i just would love if hunk was the first (or one of the very first) people that lance felt comfortable enough to come out to. their friendship is so warm and wonderful and it’d be so nice if before lance told anyone else he already knew that he had his best friend’s love and support one hundred percent. it’d make my heart so happy!!! just picture lance being a little nervous to tell the others and so hunk wraps an arm around him and tells him not to worry and reminds him that everyone loves him no matter what! that would be great

and also, i just imagine lance always flirting because he’s a hopeless romantic and every once in a while he falls hard, i’m talking blushing, stammering, mushy lance always confiding in hunk about his feelings and hunk always listening intently and reassuring lance that he’s not being annoying by talking about pretty girls or cute boys… i don’t know where i’m going with this anymore but hunk and lance have the best friendship it’s the purest and if lance comes out i know hunk will be there for him

after you read your own writing like a million times you begin to be unable to look at it critically lol
like its hard to tell if you think it sucks because it actually does suck, or because you’re a self depreciating perfectionist with low self esteem