but cooler than everyone else

signs as people i’ve met part III

- you act like you have high standards, but you don’t
- you live too far away!! you travel long distances
- you get embarrassed easily
- you just can’t behave in street bars, completely out of line
- you drift apart from people then angrily blame them for everything that happened

- it’s hard to tell if you’re talking or just yelling
- your house is a mystery, people are lucky enough to be invited
- you are very weird in social media, a potential lurker
- you have a sweet tooth
- no one can play videogames as many consecutive hours as you can

- you can fix anything
- you watch films without looking at the screen, yet you remember every scene
- you complain about every damn thing
- you like action figures
- you throw things at the ground

- you want things done your way, by your hands & means
- you cry if someone else breaks something of yours
- you cook for your friends
- you like electronic music
- you can be quite a trainwreck and need supervision

- your hair is a temple
- you prefer giving than getting gifts (but you love BOTH!)
- when you’re in the room, people just know
- you hold the most terrible grudges
- you’re always up for McDonald’s

- hold up, they don’t love you like I love you
- you want a 1000 tattoos
- you’re a slut for coffee
- professional buttspotter
- when you take out the trash, you take yourself out too

- you study harder than everyone else
- what’s cooler than being cool? ice cold!!
- you worship your idols
- you don’t know what privacy is
- sometimes, you try to poison your friends

- you’re a better artist than you give yourself credit for
- you love stargazing
- you are very generous. surprise!!!!!!
- laughing at people is your passion
- you always know what people are gonna say seconds before so you’re never rly amused

- you win every bet
- you agree with anyone who speaks, except when the subject matters to you personally
- you thrive on dance machines
- you hit on EVERYONE
- you leave people talking on their own

- you are a joke and make jokes at your expense for venting
- you love birds
- leather is your thing (read it as you want)
- you either love physical contact or hate it like nothing else
- you’re an overachiever and won’t settle for less

- you can’t handle people who have shown interest in you for shit
- you are a game of truth and dare, truly
- you wish you could work your ass like Rihanna
- you can quickly take a hint
- you. are. a. robot. but. a. nice. one.

- you ask for other ppl’s opinions before you claim yours
- you’re always fishing upcoming projects
- bitch don’t kill my vibe
- you actually do show off. a lot
- tough puppy

Say It Out Loud


T for language

Summary: Roxanne is harassed by a fellow reporter who doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of the word ‘no’. Megamind punches him. Roxanne would like Megamind to admit that this is not exactly standard supervillain behavior. 

“Come on, babe, let me take you out,” Bradley-from-Channel-9 says to Miss Ritchi cajolingly.

Megamind, handcuffed and leaning back against police car, rolls his eyes.

Of course, all other newscasters are inherently inferior to Rox—Miss Ritchi. That goes without saying. But Bradley-from-Channel-9 is in a special class all his own. A low class. He’s got that smarmy grin and that perfect newscaster hair (Megamind hates the perfect newscaster hair) and that general air of I’m-so-much-cooler-than-everyone-else that makes Megamind’s skin crawl and reminds him forcibly of shool-age Metro Man.

Metro Man is standing a little way off, talking to another group of fawning reporters. He should have ignored them long enough to make sure Megamind was being arrested properly. The idiot cop that handcuffed Megamind with his hands behind his back—surely everybody knows that you want Megamind’s hands where you can see them?—has now abandoned Megamind beside the police car in favor of trying to get the attention of yet another inferior newscaster, a woman with blonde hair and a grin like a shark wearing lipstick.

Megamind slips the lock picks from his sleeve. He’s totally going to escape before he even gets to jail; this is going to be great.

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  • Mei: What's cooler than being cool?
  • Everyone else: Ice cold!
  • Mei: I can't hear you! I said what's cooler than being cool?
  • Everyone else: Ice cold!!!
Drabble: the bow-tie collection

For notthetoothfairy’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Prompt: “I fell asleep on your couch after a party but you didn’t complain and made breakfast for the both of us” AU with the specifications of: I’d like it to be Kurt falling asleep at a Tike+Blaine houseparty (Kurt only knowing Tina and Mike, obviously) and Santana and Rachel just leaving him there because he was flirting with Blaine all evening anyway but both were too shy to actually make a move so the girls thought that some more alone time couldn’t hurt.

I’m sorry, honey, I did make some small changes. But well. I hope you still like it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


The doorbell rings when Blaine’s still combing the finishing touches to his hair, bow-tie hanging loose over his shoulders.

“Tina!” he calls, “Can you get it?” it’s probably her friends, anyway. His would know better than to show up this early.

“I’m in my underwear!” comes the answer.

“Mike!” he calls, “Can you get it?”

It’s Tina’s voice, still, “I’m in my underwear!”

Blaine freezes for a moment, caught between amusement and mortification and drops the comb on the shelf above the sink before jogging over to the front door. He checks his watch – whoever it is, they’re forty five minutes early, and that’s kind of… rude. Still, he smiles as wide as ever as he opens the door.

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Somali girls are otherworldly honestly, God rains His blessings down on them. Every single Somali girl I know is educated, politically active, has an amazing personality, kind, and cooler than everyone else. Every. Single. One. How do y'all do it?!?

anonymous asked:

How does superiority complex manifests itself in different MBTI types?

ISTJ: “I’m far more competent than those around me. Everyone else is concerned with shallow things, but I’m responsible and have a better moral compass and therefore I’m better than others.”

ISFJ: “Even though I don’t always get the recognition I deserve, I know I’m morally superior to those around me because I follow my moral code which is better than other people’s.”

INFJ: “I understand other people and life and care about the essence truth in a way that other people don’t. Therefore I’m special and more important than the people that don’t think about that stuff.”

INTJ: “I’m far more intelligent than other people. I have a deeper understanding of the world around me, and I’m not bothered with petty emotional matters. Therefore I am a superior being.”

ISTP: “I don’t need other people. They’re incompetent, overemotional, and I’m fine tinkering with tools in a corner and isolating myself from others because I’m too good for them anyway.”

ISFP: “My inner life of creativity and emotions is concealed from the rest of the world, so they don’t know what a tortured artist I really am. They have no idea, and therefore they are less important than me.”

INFP: “I’m a unique butterfly, and no one quite understands me. I’m special and therefore I’m better than other people.”

INTP: “I am more intellectual than everyone else. I have a million plans and theories in my mind, but you probably wouldn’t understand them, so I’ll keep them to myself.”

ESTP: “I’m awesome! Want to see me jump over that wall? Do this skateboard trick? Since I can do that and you can’t, I’m way cooler than you!”

ESFP: “I just want to experience my life. I’m gorgeous, I’m fun to be around, much more so than most other people. Everyone else is boring or mean and therefore I’m cooler than them.”

ENFP: “I don’t understand why everyone else wants to be confined to a boring job or plan. I just want to go out and live my life, which makes me more exciting and better than other people.”

ENTP: “Everyone else is so boring or overemotional. I can come up with a million ideas and plans, and it’s not my problem other inferior beings can’t keep up with me.”

ESTJ: “Everyone around me is completely incompetent or unrealistic. I can enact plans and get stuff done better than those around me, and therefore I am better.”

ESFJ: “I know what’s best for you better than you do. I know what should be universally considered right and wrong, so you better listen to my values and emotions. Mother knows best.”

ENFJ: “I have a long-term vision for the improvement of the world around me, because trust me, I know what this world needs. Just listen to me, because I have a much better understanding and am morally superior than you.”

ENTJ: “I’m the best, and therefore I’m going to climb this social/economic/etc. ladder by my hidden plan and cunning nature, so I’ll one day be in charge of these idiots.”


I Really Like You by Carly Rae Jepsen

Who doesn’t love Tom Hanks? He’s just amazing. He’s everyone’s big brother, father, uncle, best friend, all around cool guy. The one you’re most excited to see when you go home. Like he makes the holidays tolerable. 

Oh, and you remember Carly Rae Jepsen, right? If you don’t, call me, maybe. She crafts songs that are so fun they break the internet. So, put the two of these together, and, um, yeah, it’s kinda magic. 

Proving that he’s just cooler than everyone else, Hanks stars in Jepsen’s new song, I Really Like You. He lip-syncs his way through, “singing” all of Jepsen’s lines, and he’s having so much fun. When he delivers the best line of the song, “I’m pregnant,” I die. I mean. Come. On! And the song is just super catchy, once again reminding us that Jepsen is better than us, too.

Come to think about it, no matter how fun this song and video are, I’m a bit depressed now. Cause Hanks and Jepsen are so much better than me. Honestly, the only thing that helps me feel better is Justin Bieber doing a cameo at the end. No video is perfect!

Buy it on iTunes or Amazon

This review was written by Matthew.

Hey Little Girl, Pt. 3

Hey guys, this is the last part for now. I’ve been working on another section, but I’m having a bit of a thing about it at the moment, and I’m unsure of whether or not I’ll be able to fix it enough for it to see the light of day. Sigh.

In any case, I hope you like this one. Poor bumbly Finn.

It’s like a game he’s been playing all day as he sits at his desk and slogs through the paperwork. Where is Rae? Every half an hour he scans through the security cameras to see if he can find her black store t-shirt among the masses milling though the store. Oh, there she is, standing with her arms crossed as she studies a mannequin thoughtfully. Yep, spotted her, crouching down in the DVDs showing a customer something.

But this time, when he spies her behind the counter, his blood starts to boil and he lets out a strangled noise. Because fucking Sean has his hands all over her. She’s got her head thrown back and her eyes closed as he gropes at her shoulders and her upper back. The video is black and white and grainy, but he can practically hear the sensual moans she’s making as Sean touches her. Fuck that.

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Can we please talk about how Tony and Thor were so proud and smug over the accomplishments and success of their girlfriends. Because that was adorable and perfect.

Signs as activites

Aries : getting into shit with people. ( fuck shit up!!!) <3

Taurus : reading a good book or learning something new!

Gemini : watching the waves crash in ( summery and fun)

Cancer : sitting in bed thinking about life ( or cuddling with your b if you have one)

Leo : walking in a park taking artsy photos and chilling out with ear buds in

Virgo : traveling independently in another country ( you go Virgo!)

Libra : going on dates and learning new things about your partner ( good job)

Scorpio : having sexual interactions ( what a hoebagel ;))

Sagittarius : going to coachella and trying out all the new 2k16 drugs ( becareful free spirit)

Capricorn : binge drinking and partying ( lmao )

Aquarius : being cooler than everyone else and turning into a water bucket

Pisces : hugging everyone and being the sweetest little person ever