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go young bae’s high praise of shinee’s jonghyun. “great passion and effort.”
: fantaemsie

go young bae, who is in the midst of appearing as domestic clock in king of masked singer, mentioned past content that shed a new light on shinee’s jonghyun’s capabilities. go young bae had made an appearance in the broadcast of kbs cool fm’s masked singer’s radio show and introduced the song he sings along with jonghyun: “it must be autumn”.

in that time’s broadcast go young bae made a reference of jonghyun’s capabilities, saying: “i was really surprised. there’s the stereotypes and prejudice however i had wished to work together with an idol who does writing and composing and he really did so well.” he then highly complimented him saying, “actually his abilities are good and i learned a lot of vocal directing wise.” plus, he added about jonghyun: “a genius is a genius but he’s really a friend who puts in great passion and effort.

  • Character: I'm an arrogant sarcastic asshole
  • Me: nice
  • Character: I use forced coolness to mask my deep insecurities
  • Me: N I C E