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i, thank you so much for the family member suecaid!💕💕 I'm sorry I tend to have morbid ideas... but here is a more nice one if you could make it. how will the rfe + v + saran react to waking up one day and discovering that they have switcht bodys with mc?

No, I don’t mind covering more serious topics like suicide, it’s something that can’t be hushed up if we want to change something. And if this gets suicide out and part of a conversation starter, then it’s important. Also yeah, this sounds crazy fun!!! Let us begin!!!!


  • Okay, he was confused
  • Really confused
  • Like overdramatically
  • First thoughts were; why do you have white hair, broad shoulders… MY FACE
  • Jumped up and screamed
  • Literally running around the house, looking mirrors, yelling horror
  • Rattled you like crazy to wake you up
  • When you woke up you were super confused, and kinda scared, but in a more calm way, not like his anarchist-like reaction
  • You have to call in sick for Zen, it was weird
  • Really…weird….
  • You spend a good half of the rest of the day trying to find out what the heck went wrong and what the heck to do
  • You guys eventually have to go out, because there were literally no groceries in the house
  • It was awkward
  • You two were ready to run for the hills every time someone passed by
  • It didn’t help with Zen’s popularity
  • By the end of the day you two were exhausted
  • And you were so grateful when you woke up in the correct body


  • This poor cinnamon roll is so confused
  • He woke up, and when he rolled over to tell you good morning he noticed how weird his voice sounded today
  • He scratched his head
  • Was his hair always this long….?
  • HOLY FUCK!!!
  • He shook you awake faster than he ran too his console when there was a new LOLOL tournament
  • You were going to yell at him for waking you up on a weekend, but when you say his, er, your face you freaked
  • You guys were running around, knocking into things
  • ““MC how am I going to play LOLOL?!”
  • You guys were besides yourself
  • You guys wanted to out, but like, what if people noticed
  • “Hey, MC does my voice really sound like that?”
  • “Does mine?”
  • You guys end up recording your voices and comparing them
  • It was kinda fun
  • Later Seven came over and you two were on edge
  • It was the weirdest thing
  • Seven was also confused
  • Why isn’t Yoosung falling for any of my traps?
  • Why is MC?
  • You guys collapsed on the couch at 8, and slept
  • Literally crying with joy when you woke up normal


  • It was a weird experience
  • Normally Jaehee was calm and collected
  • But this was very unnatural
  • The minute she managed to also wake you up you guys ran to the computer
  • Lots of research
  • The research ended up mostly fruitless
  • So you two collapsed
  • Then realized that you had to work today
  • OH MY!!!!
  • It was the most stressful day of your lives
  • When customers asked why your roles were switched you said it was to switch things up
  • When one of Jaehee’s old friends came in you were going to have a panic attack
  • Luckily they didn’t carry the conversation for long
  • When you guys got home you watched a movie to calm down
  • And took a bath
  • It was a really weird bath
  • Jaehee did a terrible job washing her, your(?) hair
  • It got tangled so easily!!!!
  • When you guys woke up normal you squealed with happiness


  • Okay, he’d never heard of stuff like this
  • Also remember how he was normally so calm?
  • Yeah, not today!
  • He was gripping a very confused Elizabeth like crazy
  • And you were completely unsure about ordering around people
  • You cancelled a meeting
  • But there was no escaping the RFA party
  • You had to drill Jumin in names, and how to greet people
  • He taught you a ton about wine and how to act reserved
  • Somehow you two pulled it off, but it was hard
  • When you got home, you had to arrange dinner
  • You were so nervous
  • After dinner you went to bed, not wanting to think about tomorrow
  • Luckily tomorrow everything was back to normal
  • He acts like he was cool all the time
  • You know that’s not true, and he does too


  • He thought it was the coolest thing ever
  • I mean sure, at first he was super freaked out
  • But after he was super pumped
  • Unfortunately nature called at about eleven o’clock
  • You wanted to die when he told you
  • “J-just make sure you sit down, ummmmm….”
  • You were tomato faced
  • And so was he when he got out
  • After you guys stared at each other for about half an hour
  • But he dragged you to the movies
  • You were super anxious
  • And though he tried to hide it he was too
  • After coming back from the theatre you guys just ordered takeout
  • And pass out while marathoning OUAT
  • When you wake up like normal you guys run to the internet
  • And Saeyoung runs to the bathroom
  • “WHY MC?!”


  • He was blind, so it was kinda hard to see
  • But he still felt like you were very different
  • Why was your hair short?
  • His touching woke you up
  • And you screamed
  • After he calmed you down and you told him
  • He grew quiet, then kinda red faced
  • You also blushed, and was unsure what to do
  • You guys kinda talk through the day
  • The hardest part is that you can’t see
  • It’s so weird
  • He is amazed by his sight, and by what you look like
  • But you’re tripping over everything, bumping into counters, accidentally cutting yourself on a table
  • He freaks out
  • Kisses you a bunch
  • You guys have to go out
  • It was Hell
  • Seven had never seen V so clumsy
  • You, um, V, tried to explain
  • Seven didn’t question it
  • You guys passed out after a trip to the grocery store
  • And ended up sleeping until 10
  • And were so happy when you woke up
  • Although you were guilty that he couldn’t see
  • And later that day he said that he wants to be able to see you, so he decides to get the surgery
  • It ends up being pretty good


  • He is such a baby
  • Like come on Saeran
  • Screams bloody murder
  • You get really pissed at him
  • Slapped him
  • Then realized it
  • Okay, now you have to screaming people
  • Seven popped in and you two had to come up with a half-ass excuse
  • It kinda worked
  • He thought you were insane
  • Saeran insisted on getting ice cream
  • Unfortunately the ice cream people knew Saeran since they were young
  • It was so awkward
  • Finally getting your ice cream Saeran then ends up running two the park
  • You’re surprised by how weird it is to run as Saeran
  • Also your hair is so light
  • You guys end up horsing around at the park
  • Why are you so tall!!!!!
  • At the end of the day you two see a movie
  • Today ended up being kinda a date
  • When you guys end up falling asleep on the couch it’s more normal
  • But you are so happy when you wake up

I hope you like it!!!! I had fun coming up with the headcanons, okay Seven’s was weird lol. Anyway, I hope you liked, and sorry it’s so late, again, power loss. But anyway see ya later!!!!

Regarding Abigail - Part 4 (AU - Tom and Abby)

TITLE: Regarding Abigail
AUTHOR:  theothercourse
GENRE: Romance/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: Based on a request from missviolethunter from THIS LIST, this is an AU of a previously written one shot called In Formal Wear. Tom’s girlfriend is in car accident on her way to meet him.
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS:  Based on the characters from UpstagedIn His KissIn Her ArmsWho Loves You, Baby?The Road to Something Better,Tom/Abby One ShotsAll Tom/Abigail in chronological order  

Book Cover | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Regarding Abigail

“I’m sorry that I don’t remember you,” Abby apologized, not for the first time, filling the silence of my car. She had been released from hospital into my care with detailed instructions from the doctor on how to treat her wounds, manage her pain, and stimulate some of her brain activity, repairing the neural pathways to help restore her memories.

Sitting in the passenger seat and staring out the windscreen, Abby looked every bit the patient she had been for the past five days since the accident, the calamitous car accident that had stolen my status with her from passionate lovers to strangers in one night. The crash nearly took her from me permanently, the driver in critical condition with a broken arm and leg, a severe concussion and several cracked ribs from the impact. The car wreckage had been catastrophic and things could’ve been so much worse. Abby was battered and bruised, but I was grateful that her injuries weren’t far worse.

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