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One thing I’ll never stop loving about YOI is just how CHILL Hiroko, Yuuri’s mom, is about Victor.

Like here’s the normal reaction. Minako embodies the attitude of the media and basically anyone who gets the news that Victor is gonna coach Yuuri.


But this sweet, sweet woman, is not one bit shook. She already has a nickname for Victor.

The thing is, it’s not that surprising.

She’s seen all those posters up in her son’s room and the way her son looks at them when she helps him vacuum. She’s fished her credit card out of her purse when teenage Yuuri just HAD to get that limited edition poster of Victor and Makkachin. She’s overheard the thousands of fawning conversations between Yuuko and Yuuri about just how AMAZING Victor is. 

Hiroko is probably so used to seeing Yuuri adore Victor that she probably thinks it’s normal for them to get together eventually. 


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1973 - High School Louis/Vampire Harry - 2000 year old vampire - past lives - Larry as great rulers - love over thousands of years - destiny - an evil twin in the mix - side Ziall

This isn’t your average vampire tale. Four part series.

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i'm glad ur enjoying the jaal romance but i'm still upset that i can't with my scott ryder

from what I have played of his romance so far, there is no reason it should be locked to f!ryder only. Your frustration is valid and I share it considering how they pulled a bait and switch with him for hopeful m!ryders. And now all it does is pull out the “defend jaal’s heterosexuality” crowd from the woodwork, and I already have to see that enough with the solas romance. 

It’s just a mess and I truly hope bioware realizes the mistake they made, and patch it back in, because otherwise they are taking a giant step back in making their games inclusive imo.

I am SO fucking excited for Regular!Lena on Supergirl…like bitch…I just know we’re going to get more Lena centric episodes cause she’s such a fan favorite…and we’re goin to find out more of her cute ass quirks…see her interacting w her fave bezzie mate…running her Lesbian Corp company…see her lezzy ass apartment…probably seein her interact with the SUPERFRIENDS……LENA AT GAME NIGHT…maybe actually get to see her go try that kombucha place with her hot alien love interest…Lena is such a compelling character and we are so SO lucky. the possibilities for her are endless, truly… i’d like to not only thank Lena Luthor but also Katie McGrath


Another random thought to pop in my brain 20mins before I have to leave to class..

Timothy Turner seems mature for his age, I mean the kid’s been reading the lancet for years & is obviously interested in medicine. I’m also pretty sure he knew Shelagh was pregnant before Patrick did. So I was wondering if he really understood back in series 3 that Shelagh was supposed to be infertile? He didn’t ever question them adopting Angela but he also didn’t seem surprised Shelagh was pregnant?
I don’t know, I’m sure it’s not even relevant and it’s not even a big deal but these are just random things that come into my mind at the most inconvenient times. What do ya think?

Dear Supergirl Writers,

I would like to remind those of us who seem to have forgotten that the only reason Kara even really became Supergirl was because of Alex. If Kara hadn’t had to save Alex’s life by catching that plane she wouldn’t have felt compelled to be Supergirl. And when she doubts about her ability to be a superhero it was Alex who came over and proved to her that she had what it took to be one. Without Alex we wouldn’t have Supergirl. And as much as I ship sanvers and supercorp, the relationship between Alex and Kara is by far my favorite one on the show.

So here’s my angsty new SQ fic premise:

It’s called “Take it on the Run, Baby” (yes, like the REO Speedwagon song… whatever it came on the radio tonight and I like it)

Anyway… it assumes a previous sexual relationship between Emma and Regina during season one, which unofficially ended when the curse broke. They never decided, they just kind of stopped. Mostly. They hooked up randomly throughout the years following, and they never discussed a possible future. It was just something they did.

Cue Emma’s engagement. Regina then realizes that she doesn’t want to lose Emma to h00k. Emma doesn’t know what to do because she always has to please h00k and her parents and feels compelled to be their perfect princess. But she wants to be with Regina. Angst angst angst until Emma really wakes up and sees just how dangerous h00k is and how unhealthy their relationship is.

SQ endgame. Lots of pining. And a lot of smut since Emma and Regina can’t be alone together without fucking, so…

I wish I felt compelled to participate in any of the fun hashtags for thick girls to get recognition for having beautiful bodies. I mostly dont because I hate when niggas involve themselves and treat it like a contest of ‘which fat girl has the best proportions and curve” and the thought of men like that looking at my body grosses me tf out

Jim: “I think we gave [Voyager] the ability to create its own sense of purpose out of our own human weaknesses, and the drive that compels us to overcome.”

Bones: “And a lot of foolish human emotions, right, Mr. Spock?”

Spock: “Quite true, Doctor…unfortunately, it will have to deal with them, as well.”


Scotty: “We can have you back on Vulcan in four days, Mr. Spock.”

Spock: “Unnecessary, Mr. Scott.” *smiles at Jim* “My task on Vulcan is completed.”



External image

(Oh yeah, that girl’s there too but that doesn’t matter, JIM AND SPOCK ARE IN LOVE, BABY!)

Y'all we are lucky we live in a world w no mating bond where we can fall in love and break up with people and be okay with it 2 years later instead of being emotionally traumatized for 300 years.

But tbh the mating bond is really just Sarah’s (and any paranormal romance writer who uses a bond’s) way of making true love more tangible so that the thing that marks the couple in love feels like an actually earthly thing rather than this great mystical thing that exists only in our minds. And the compulsion of the bond is tbh just like soul mate shit but rewritten to have more of a physical shape. Because it is in fact easier to believe in true, soul mate, destined love if there is some type of force compelling it rather than just random luck and chance of meeting the right person. And so many times in love one person doesn’t feel it or they do and won’t admit it and the mating bond obviates this.

But also the problems with the mating bond mirror the way love works in the real world: both the mating bond and real life love are not enough for a healthy relationship. You need the other bits and pieces.

So mating bonds are really just a way for the author and the reader to express anxieties about the myth of true love (that is fixes everything and is forever) and how we all know it’s just a shot in the dark but like to pretend that it was fate that we met x person, or that the fates will align for us eventually or that the time we fucked it up meant it wasn’t real etc etc.

Mating bond gives love more tangible form and this is cool.

But I digress and it’s midnight and it’s still good that we don’t have mating bonds.


A potpourri of hauntingly persistent echoes made prelude of the altogether ethereal. It is possible to fashion something that cannot be uncreated, audible poetry as defined by the teeming masses, like marionette strings that clutch imbalance and ease waivering, a glimpse into what compels, berates, gathers, drives a spirit to provide closure, tell the truth, be heard. Suppose it must be a privilege to feel ubiquitously liked, settled into the scrutiny of arm-chair philosophy. Multiple strokes as he played coveted such haste and conviction. It was no more appropriate Bach than it was contemporary reasoning flounced in our shadowed faces, each note revealing allegretto sound, scathing tacit pretense to eclipse us mid-measure.

polish your podcast!

When it comes to making a podcast, I’m afraid I’m rather naive to the process, though I do know quite a bit of information on all the best ways to make a good one. Without going to technical details, let’s go down a short list of the best ways to have your podcast pop. Don’t settle for less when it comes to making your show something memorable.✿

Write Compelling Characters 

    • A multi-layered and interesting cast will always be the core of any good story, no matter how big or small your roster might be. Make those with major speaking roles matter and interest from the audience will generate naturally. An important element is to occasionally make a character act against type-an aloof and gated loner expressing a need for companionship or a happy-go-lucky idiot being calculating, to name a few. Make your characters more than what they appear to be on the surface. (ex: The Bright Sessions,  Wolf 359)
    • × A character is not a gimmick with a mouth. Only filling their dialogue with one-liners and cliches risks the chance of having one dimensional and bland leads that cease to have any deeper qualities or secrets to reveal. Prevent them from being static by giving them trials and challenges that change them for the better or for the worse.

Build a Beautiful World 

    •  Create a world that is fun and interesting to explore or put your own spin on an otherwise modern setting. Is the town or country your podcast takes place in relevant to the plot? Make your worlds matter and their rules and limitations carry weight to how our characters interact with it. (ex: Our Fair City, Greater Boston)
    • × An underdeveloped world can be boring, but it is possible for a world to be overdeveloped to the point it consumes a real plot. Focus too much on world building and the characters within it will cease to have any relevance beyond simply living in it. Big and spooky dystopias and urban fantasy city scapes can be the foreground, but don’t let it become the backbone.

Conflict is Crucial

    • A good audio drama knows how to set the stakes. Test your characters by placing them in scenarios where they must face their fears, fight against the odds, and take down the main baddie of the week. Give them something to fight for and your audience someone to root for. (ex: Rover Red, The Penumbra Podcast)
    • × A story without drama is a story without purpose. Don’t be afraid of change, change only means that your story carries a sense of danger and relevance. Push your characters to the limit, don’t be afraid to shed a little blood to prove they can bleed.

Create a Solid Structure

    • Keep your stories solid by sticking to a three act structure. A beginning, middle, and end will keep listeners on their toes and constantly coming back to relish in building suspense or the start of a new arc. Foreshadowing is your best friend and is what makes rising stakes relevant. (ex: The Once and Future Nerd, Ars Paradoxica)
    • × Boring stories are repetitive stories. If actions don’t have meanings and reveals don’t feel…revealing, what makes a story stand out can get lost in all the fluff and filler. Make everything from character interactions and specific lines of dialogue create something with a meaningful and engaging plot, climax, and resolution.

now, get to writing. ✿

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while reading ur blog something compelled me to Beep multiple times and i am unsure what. thought i should share

i mean who doesn’t feel compelled to beep multiple times when on my blog

One of the things I actually really love about Royai is the fact that there’s so much we don’t know about their past and what happens post promised day. Of course I’d love to hear what Arakawa thought happened, but because we don’t, there are endless possibilities. There are so many amazing headcanons and story ideas that have come out of this scenario and it’s brought out so much creativity in the fandom. I honestly kind of don’t want to know what Arakawa thinks about Royai, because I’ve read so many different and equally equally engaging and compelling versions of their past and their future, and I’m still up for hearing more.

two people are having a really compelling conversation on one of my captain underpants posts, and im just sitting here not wanting to disturb them.