but compared to your eyes nothing shines quite as bright

░ ❀  random lyrics to use as sentence starters

❛ when i’m wiser and grown taller, i will see your ways ❜
❛ i can feel the hurt now ❜
❛ i can turn this pain to blame ❜
❛ we’ll shine like diamonds in the rough ❜
❛ and i was alone on the fifth day since you’ve gone ❜
❛ i rub my eyes in the haze, i’m not sleeping anyway ❜
❛ words just aren’t enough ❜
❛ i hear our song and press repeat ❜
❛ i smell your perfume on the sheets ❜
❛ ‘i wish you were here,’ is what i’d say if you asked me ❜
❛ as i finally meet my end, i won’t be scared, i won’t defend ❜
❛ i don’t need him like you do ❜
❛ i don’t fear him like you do ❜
❛ i just want to sleep forever, never see tomorrow ❜
❛ i don’t want to work forever, know what i know, or beg or borrow ❜
❛ we are the colors of all that you see ❜
❛ cause we are all rebels, never do what we’re told ❜
❛ it’s a long, long road from you ❜
❛ i’m leaving you behind ❜
❛ there’s no place i’d rather be ❜
❛ hold me close, don’t let go ❜
❛ don’t get your hopes up, she won’t fall in love with you ❜
❛ if you knew what she was up to, your virgin heart would probably break ❜
❛ she looks like such a sweet and pretty girl ❜
❛ i lost my voice, you lost your mind ❜
❛ you say you’re not well, i say that you’re fine ❜
❛ your mother’s a fake, a phantom who steals ❜
❛ the smile on your face is not what you feel ❜
❛ i’ll check you in if you check me out ❜
❛ was i the ghost or one of your voices? ❜
❛ who’s taking my place, who’s taking you out? ❜
❛ it’s all alright, baby ❜
❛ youth was always pretty, you know it can’t be found ❜
❛ he might’ve lost his way ❜
❛ whispered something in your ear. it was a perverted thing to say, but i said it anyway. made you smile and look away. ❜
❛ nothing’s gonna hurt you, baby ❜
❛ as long as you’re with me, you’ll be just fine ❜
❛ when we have a drink or three, always ends in a lazy shower scene ❜
❛ nothing’s gonna take you from my side ❜
❛ bottoms up, looks like a mess we’ve got ❜
❛ you want to come along for the ride? ❜
❛ it’s not a joke, no, it’s some kind of bad idea ❜
❛ are you gonna let this come undone? ❜
❛ gonna be high for at least three days on end ❜
❛ truth is like a punch or two, it hits you hard, it knocks you through ❜
❛ so i get on the road and ride to you ❜
❛ kiss like a fight that neither wins ❜
❛ one tender payment for our sins ❜
❛ you are the drug i can’t quit ❜
❛ your perfect chaos is a perfect fit ❜
❛ now there’s no one else around to show you how to be alone ❜
❛ don’t i owe you more? ❜
❛ it doesn’t hurt to change at all ❜
❛ i should know who i am by now ❜
❛ your name is the splinter inside me ❜
❛ and i remember the truth, a warm december with you ❜
❛ i could have lost myself in rough blue waters in your eyes ❜
❛ and i miss you still ❜
❛ i got paid and then i was on the road in a heartbeat ❜
❛ i searched far and ride hoping i was wrong, but baby all the good women are gone ❜
❛ now i can’t stay ❜
❛ you knew who i was with every step that i ran to you ❜
❛ would things be easier if there was a right way? ❜
❛ honey, there is no right way ❜
❛ and i fall in love just a little bit every day with someone new ❜
❛ never thought i’d see her go away ❜
❛ she learned i loved her today ❜
❛ never thought i’d see her cry and i learned how to love her today ❜
❛ never thought i’d rather die than try to keep her by my side ❜
❛ now she’s gone and love burns inside me ❜
❛ she cuts my skin and bruises my lips, she’s everything to me ❜
❛ she tears my clothes and burns my eyes, she’s all i want to see ❜
❛ she’s heaven sent to me ❜
❛ you can kiss my love and i wish you’re gone ❜
❛ i’m in his favorite sun dress, watching me get undressed ❜
❛ it’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you ❜
❛ i tell you all the time heaven is a place on earth with you ❜
❛ i heard you like the bad girls, honey is that true? ❜
❛ they say that the world was built for two, only worth living if somebody is loving you ❜
❛ drunk and i am seeing stars ❜
❛ i love your precious heart ❜
❛ and they could never tear us apart ❜
❛ forget what you thought ‘cause good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught ❜
❛ how could this be wrong? ❜
❛ you don’t say that it’s over ❜
❛ but you speak without words making me feel so damn good ❜
❛ it breaks her heart to think her love is only given to a man with hands as cold as ice ❜
❛ you can’t hide your lyin’ eyes ❜
❛ i could have been easier on you ❜
❛ i could have been all you held onto ❜
❛ i know i wasn’t fair, i tried my best to care about you ❜
❛ but i can’t take all your jabs and taunts ❜
❛ you’re pointing out my every fault and you wonder why i walked away ❜
❛ whatever made you think we were meant to be? ❜
❛ pain throws your heart to the ground ❜
❛ bad news never had good timing ❜
❛ i hate to see you cry ❜
❛ there’s things you need to hear so turn off your tears and listen ❜
❛ baby don’t leave ❜
❛ be home, stay close, be close to me ❜
❛ baby you know i gotta run ❜
❛ baby i miss you, come back home ❜
❛ i hate this place ❜
❛ i miss your smile, i miss your face ❜
❛ you’ve been singing that same old song far too long ❜
❛ mama warned me about you games – she don’t like you anyway ❜
❛ light that smoke, that one for giving up on me ❜
❛ i could have died with you ❜
❛ i hope you choke on those words that kiss that bottle ❜
❛ i wouldn’t piss to put you out ❜
❛ stop burning bridges and drive off of them so i can forget about you ❜
❛ breaking hearts has never looked so cool ❜
❛ last night i saw you in a dream, i’m still not sure what it means ❜
❛ i just can’t wait to fall back asleep ❜
❛ we said forever, that you would never let me go, but here i am again with nothing left inside ❜
❛ i wonder what fate is gonna decide ❜
❛ how can i love when i’m afraid to fall? ❜
❛ i have died every day waiting for you ❜
❛ darling, don’t be afraid ❜
❛ i have loved you for a thousand years, i will love you for a thousand more ❜
❛ i will not let anything take away what’s standing in front of me ❜
❛ all along i believed i would find you ❜
❛ we’re forcing what is wrong ❜
❛ please take your time ❜
❛ oh you look good with your patient face and wandering eye ❜
❛ don’t hold this war inside ❜
❛ come back when you can ❜
❛ let go, you’ll understand ❜
❛ you’ve done nothing at all to make me love you less, so come back when you can ❜
❛ i’m not finished cause you’re not by my side ❜
❛ it’s three in the morning and i’m trying to change your mind ❜
❛ why’d you only call me when you’re high ❜
❛ it’s harder and harder to get you to listen ❜
❛ you’re starting to bore me, baby ❜
❛ i am my only escape ❜
❛ nothing is the way it was ❜
❛ i’m leaving for tomorrow, i don’t wanna come back and feel the same ❜
❛ i think you’re so cool, babe ❜
❛ i love yo more with each and every day ❜
❛ you found me when i had lost my way ❜
❛ you say that we’re meant to be ❜
❛ your voice was the soundtrack of my summer ❜
❛ do you know you’re unlike any other? ❜
❛ i don’t wanna ever love another ❜
❛ we went over the edge, took it way too far ❜
❛ it’s us against the world ❜
❛ i can never love you ❜
❛ and you better come to me ❜
❛ you’re just like an angel ❜
❛ you’re so fucking special ❜
❛ what the hell am i doing here? ❜
❛ i don’t belong here ❜
❛ i don’t care if it hurts ❜
❛ i want to have control ❜
❛ i want a perfect body ❜
❛ i want a perfect soul ❜
❛ i want you to notice when i’m not around ❜
❛ i wish i was special ❜
❛ whatever makes you happy, whatever you want ❜
❛ i know how to scream my own name ❜
❛ the hardest part is letting go of the nights we shared ❜
❛ compared to your eyes, nothing shines quite as bright ❜
❛ you’re probably hanging out and making eyes while across the room he stares ❜
❛ i can live without you, but without you i’ll be miserable at best ❜
❛ you’re all that i hoped i’d find in every single way ❜
❛ the hardest part of living is just taking breaths to stay ❜
❛ i know i’m good for something, i just haven’t found it yet ❜
❛ this’ll be the first time in a week that i’ll talk to you and i can’t speak ❜
❛ it’s been three  whole days since i’ve had sleep ‘cause i dream of his lips on your cheek ❜
❛ i’ve got the point that i should leave you alone, but we both know i’m not that strong ❜
❛ i miss the lips that made me fly ❜
❛ pour me another drink and punch me in the face ❜
❛ you got a face to call home ❜
❛ you stupid boy ❜
❛ you always had to be right, but now you’ve lost the only thing that ever made you feel alive ❜
❛ god please, just know i’m sorry ❜
❛ can we forget about the things i said when i was drunk? i didn’t mean to call you that ❜
❛ please tell me why my car is in the front yard and i’m sleeping with my clothes on ❜
❛ every now and then i kick the living shit out of me ❜
❛ i am my own worst enemy ❜
❛ i’m so in love with you, you’ll never take that away ❜
❛ do i try too hard to make you smile? ❜
❛ i can’t believe you actually picked me ❜
❛ maybe it’s too early to know if this is gonna work, all i know is you’re sure looking good in my shirt ❜
❛ please don’t cry, my love ❜
❛ i want to stay, but now it’s time so please don’t cry, my love ❜
❛ you know that it’s hard when you look that way ❜
❛ are you not the slightest bit confused? ❜
❛ push your way onto me entirely ❜
❛ stay away from me ❜
❛ if you’re using me, do it slowly; make it last until i have to go ❜
❛ maybe i’m too young to keep good love form going wrong ❜
❛ will i ever see your sweet return? ❜
❛ it’s never over ❜
❛ lover, you should’ve come over ❜
❛ well i feel too young to hold on ❜
❛ and i’m much too old to break free and run ❜
❛ too deaf, dumb, and blind to see the damage i’ve done ❜
❛ sweet lover, you should’ve come over ❜
❛ oh love, well i’m waiting for you ❜
❛ are you somewhere feeling lonely even though he’s right beside you? ❜
❛ when he says those words that hurt you, do you read the ones i wrote you? ❜
❛ if what we had was real, how could you be fine? ❜
❛ cause i’m not fine at all. ❜
❛ i wish i could wake up with amnesia and forget about all the stupid little things like the way it felt it way to fall asleep next you and the memories i never can escape ❜
❛ it hurts to know you’re happy, it hurts to hear you’ve moved on ❜
❛ if today i woke up with you right beside me like all of this was just some twisted dream, i’d hold you closer than i ever did before and you’d never slip away ❜
❛ everybody’s got their demons ❜
❛ i’m the one who ends up leaving ❜
❛ make it okay ❜
❛ but now that i’m broken, now that you know it ❜
❛ i’ve got a jet black heart and there’s a hurricane underneath it, trying to keep us apart ❜
❛ these chemicals moving between us are the reason to start again ❜
❛ now i’m holding on for dear life, there’s no way we could rewind ❜
❛ maybe there’s nothing after midnight that could make you stay ❜
❛ i love you but i don’t know why ❜
❛ you can be the boss ❜
❛ we met with a goodbye kiss ❜
❛ i hope someday that we will meet again ❜
❛ you go your way and i’ll go my way; no words can save us ❜
❛ i was crying when i met you, now i’m trying to forget you ❜
❛ love is sweet misery ❜
❛ all we ever do is say goodbye ❜
❛ i need you so much closer ❜

After Effects (For The Best Part 2)

A/N: I don’t normally write part two’s (because I don’t want it to fall flat compared to the first part) but halfway through writing this I realized it could sort of be a part two of “For The Best” so I switched a few things and actually made a part two!!! I hope you guys like it and please tell me your thoughts (it might increase the possibility of future part two’s if this gets good feedback) (and im also open to new title suggestions because im not too fond of this one)

Summary: You attend your first family gathering since Barry ended things and you had to deal with the sympathetic looks your family gives you


This was your first actual family gathering since Barry broke up with you three and a half months ago.

It felt empty without him by your side, wooing all your family members with his awkward charm.

Sure, you had slowly been adjusting to single life again but that didn’t mean you still didn’t miss Barry. After all, you two were friends before you became lovers and if felt lonely without seeing him or even interacting with him anymore. Losing Barry also meant losing your best friend.

Your mother didn’t really mention him after the first time she asked about it. It had been a week when she had called you up, inviting you and Barry over for the monthly family game night that your mother loved so much. You timidly declined before admitting that you and Barry had broken up. After listening to her apologize and talk about how she always thought you were too good for him anyways (which you knew she was only saying for your own good because she adored Barry and how he always brought out the best in you), you hung up and shamelessly cried.

Now, it was your younger brother Michael’s 15th birthday and there was no way that you could get out of it, whether you wanted to or not. And birthday parties in your family always involved all of your extended family and tons of food and gifts. It was quite an extravagant event.

So you were forced to endure the awkward conversations regarding Barry’s whereabouts as well as receiving looks of pity since they knew how much you loved him.

But all of their pity was nothing compared to what would happen next.

You felt a slight tug on you pants, causing you to glance down and see your adorable little niece, Megan, staring up at you.

She had bright blue eyes which shined with her blonde ringlets framing her face. She was a four year old who knew she was cute and used it to her advantage. Everyone in the family had a soft spot for her.

She held her arms up, motioning for you to lift her and there was no way you could deny her. She giggled as you lifted her up and rested her on your hip.

“Hey, Meg.” You smiled, bouncing her around a bit as you tickled her stomach. She was usually drawn to you during family events because you couldn’t say no to her (especially when it involved sneaking her a few sweets here and there) and also where ever you were Barry wasn’t far behind and it was obvious that the four year old had a slight crush on him. She absolutely adored Barry since he would always tell her these stories (which were usually based off his experience with Meta’s) and he only furthered her love for The Flash. She always claimed to be his number one fan and Barry only encouraged her further, making sure she knew that she could also help out the city in another way one day.

“Where Barewy?” She asked, snuggling into your neck while she played with the necklace Barry had gotten you for after you had graduated from college only a year after he had. (He claimed that it was only fair for him to give you a gift since you had given him an expansive microscope which he ended up using so much that Iris ended up replacing it a few Christmases ago. So really, an emerald necklace was really nothing).

You froze. It was one thing to be asked by other adults about him but Megan’s intentions were fueled on innocence and curiosity–no selfish and faked sympathy. She just missed Barry and, you know what, so did you.

“Barry–He couldn’t make it today. How about you go find Mikey and wish him a happy birthday? I’m sure he’ll be glad to see you.” Her question made your chest tighten and made all the delightful memories you shared with Barry, making tears unwillingly well up in your eyes.

You quickly blinked them away as you set Megan down to scurry off to find Michael. But the tears wouldn’t vanish and you refused to make a scene at your baby brother’s party. So the only sensible option left was to flee to the upstairs bathroom (since the party was only downstairs so no one would come interrupt you) and lock yourself in there until you could actually compose yourself.

Fifteen minutes or so went by and you still had no control over your tears. Your makeup was smeared and your breathing was uneven before you made the decision that could either fix you or break you further.

Fishing your phone out of your back pocket, you unlocked it and clicked on your photos. You hadn’t yet deleted any photos with Barry because it just felt too wrong. It almost felt like erasing those would be like erasing those moments with Barry. Almost like those moments meant nothing at all when they really meant the world to you. Those pictures captured all the loving and playful moments you and Barry shared and it seemed wrong to get rid of them.

You remembered taking nearly every photo you had and one in particular made you stop and smile.

It was when you and Barry had decided to spend an entire day at the beach and Barry, being the genius that he thinks he is, insisted that he didn’t need any sunscreen and ended up with a painful sunburn. It was taken before you two had become a couple along with before he became the Flash so he was unable to heal himself. It was weeks before he healed which also meant weeks of teasing him with I told you so, Barry.

You hadn’t even noticed that your tears had vanished until you flicked to the next photo and saw a photo of you kissing Barry’s cheek (with the intention of leaving a bright red lipstick stain on him before he met of with Joe) while Barry had the biggest grin as he looked at the camera.

At one point, you even caught yourself giggling at one picture. That’s when it hit you, you needed Barry. Without him by your side you felt incomplete. He was your safety and you needed your hero.

You needed Barry.

That’s when you made it your mission to win him back, to convince him that you were better with him than without him.

And the first step to that started with a simple text message to him:

I miss you…

Song Preference: Miserable at Best
But compared to your eyes, nothing shines quite as brightAnd when we look to the sky, its not mine, but i want it so Harry: “Im serious this time Harry, its like” she was so lost from words when she was describing her date with this new guy, she couldnt stop talking about him, i saw the smile in her eyes, she seemed like she was in love with this guy, this guy she bearly knew. I’m here listening to all of it, why couldnt she see? why couldnt she see that i love her with all of my, my everything. she was beautiful, in every way even when she thought that she looked ugly. “I think you would like him Harry” she ended. i just looked up at her and smiled “Yeah, maybe” i commented, it hurts, its hurts to see her with these guys who use her and treat her like trash. “Oh and thats not even the best part” she said “he took up on a walk in the park and you wouldnt believe but we saw the stars, it was beautiful, it was” she sighed “It was something”.  Let’s not pretend like you’re alone tonight(I know he’s there and) Liam: It was ringing, this was my fifth time calling her, i just wanted to hear her voice one more time before everything goes to shit, i wanted to tell her that she was the best thing that happened to me. I want to tell her that i love her, even though we are not together anymore, i just needed this. i just needed to tell her, to tell her that im sorry, ‘im sorry for everything that i did and everything i didn’t do’ i just wanted things to go back the way they used to be; but thats impossible not after everything. She picked up, i heard a giggled “Hello” she said “Y/n” i whispered, there was a silence for a bit “Do you need something Liam?” she said sounded shook and confused, as why i was calling. “I just, i just needed to hear you one last time, before, before the papers were finalized” she sighed “Liam, we both know that this is what we need” she was chocked up, couldnt speak a work. then “Y/n, are you coming back in?” a voice said, a man. “Y-you’re on a date?” i asked hoping that she wouldn’t answer, “yes”.  I’ll bet he gets the nerve to walk the floorAnd ask my girl to dance, and she’ll say yes Louis: There i saw her, laughing trying not to feel awkward, because we are in the same room, but i was hoping she would come tonight. I wanted to see her, even though its been 3 months without her, withoutb  her by my side. I looked over at her, she was with her friends, she seemed fine i guess, but then she looked up and saw me, i turned away hoping she didnt catch me staring, i looked back and she gave me a smile, which made smile, wider than ever. But then she looked away a man came up to her, they were talking than, it looked like she was thinking. She nodded her head, he took her hand and lead her to the dance floor, i broke even though i was fine, i wasnt, i was far from it. I walked out.  Because these words were never easier for me to sayOr her to second guess Zayn: “I dont get it Zayn you are all lovely dovey with me and when people start coming aruond you act like you dont know me!” she yelled “Its not that” i said “What?! huh? are you embarssed of me is that it?” she yelled, it hurt to see he like that, to hear that i dont love her. I love her i do i just need to know if she will accpet my love in return. “No, no please dont think like that” I said “Well Zayn i dont know how to act ok? because i dont know what we are, or what this is, i need to know” she sighed “I need to know if you love me or not, because if you don’t, i don’t what else to do” she finally said. I tried to gather up my words trying to say that words we both wanted to hear, i opened my mouth and, nothing. Not even a sound, “Thats what i thought.” And I can live without youOh, without you I’ll be miserable at best Niall: I got up to go get another beer, its been a month the last time i saw her, the last time i saw her smile, the last time she told me she loved me. I’ve been crying for the past month, the pst month without her. she was my everything, she was mine, and i was her’s. There was a knock on the door i got up and opened the door, “Niall, mate you need to get out” Liam said and invited himself in with the others. i was silent, couldnt speak a word. “Niall, man you have to deal with it sometime, you cant be in here all of your life” Zayn spoke up, i just took another swig of my beer. “Niall this what she wanted? Huh? you drinking yourself to death” i couldnt handle it anymore. “AND HOW WOULD YOU KNOW WHAT SHE WANTED?!” i blew up “HUh any of you tell me, because i didnt know what was going to happen when she went to the store, getting hit by a car wasnt her plan either, I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE, SHE WAS MY EVERYTHING, SHE WAS THE ONE THAT WAS HOLDING ME TOGETHER AND NOW, and now im falling apart. without- without her I’ll be miserable at best.”  
Something about looking at the stars
makes me miss you
I’d say it’s how they shine
but nothing shines quite as bright
as you do

And they’re beauty
however great it is
could never compare
to the sight of you

Maybe it’s how
familiar they are
because I think I’ve seen them
in your eyes

Or that I wish
you were beside me,
staring at them, too
—  “Stars”