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#272: You And Your Child Visit Him At Work | CEO!AU


Heeey in case you haven’t noticed I currently have a fanfiction going on which is pretty cool and CEO!Luke. It’s called When We Collide and is a classical one with Y/N being his assistant but with a huge twist! Go check it out if you’d like :3 

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“Look who’s here!” Luke barely got the chance to turn around on his chair when the sound of your voice echoed in his office. Neither did you get the chance to open the door fully before your son had sprinted into the office without hesitation. He was searching for one thing and that was his dad. “But you weren’t supposed to be here before I was off.” Luke asked a bit confused and stood up from his chair, feeling William collide right into his knees. “I know.” You grinned and walked forward to give him a kiss, “But I don’t know who was most impatient, him or me. So we decided to show up a little bit before. Just so he could see you working.” “Well what a nice visit.” Luke smiled and lifted William up so he could place him in his chair. He was definitely too small for the large space, he looked smaller than he already was but it couldn’t compare to the large smile on his face. “Here.” Luke grinned as you took a seat on the couch and watched them. He loosened the tie around his neck and wrapped it around William instead. Too long for him to use but it was all worth it because of his reaction. “Look who’s the CEO now.” Luke grinned widely and walked around the desk to take a seat in front of him. “Give him your best impression, honey.” You suggested and folded your hands together, the scene was so adorable. William looked unsure for a second deep in thought but then it happened. “Daddy, you’re fired!” Both your eyes widened in surprise by the stern words coming from your son, but the apple didn’t seem to fall that far from the tree. “I am?” Luke asked a bit surprised but he was laughing. It was the funniest thing he had heard in a long time, especially when it came from his son. “Maybe you’re saying that too much.” You mumbled but he shook his head in disagreement. “It doesn’t matter.” He grinned over and ran his hair through William’s blond hair. “I’m proud.”


“I’m so sorry.” You were quick to say once you rushed into the office with an apologizing face. You weren’t supposed to be out for that long but deciding to be the one to pick out lunch at the same time as everyone else you couldn’t avoid the long queues. Calum had said it would be okay to look after Willow until you came back it was after all only a small visit for lunch you had decided to do. With his busy schedule it was hard to find days to do something together so you had to do things the way it was at his office. “I hope it didn’t ruin anything that I was gone for that long.” “Actually,” Calum spoke and looked down at Willow with a secret smile on his face. “She just starred in her first ever office meeting. It wasn’t something I could cancel that urgent so it had to be done with her on my lap.” She was having the most excited smile on her face but still kept quiet because she still felt like she had to. She was also this secret, there was something between them that you couldn’t get into. “And that went well. Did you control everything?” You asked excited and met your daughter’s eyes. She nodded her head proudly in agreement, it was funny to see how much she enjoyed being here. “She was the one saying hello to everyone. They were pretty surprised to see a child on my lap.” Calum explained and rolled the chair out to place Willow on the floor and let her run towards you instead. “They said they didn’t believe I could have a sweet side.” You laughed quietly by his words and leaned down to pick up Willow and embrace her in your arms. “Well I understand that.” You said and removed some hair away from her face. “You go from being the big boss to a sudden sweetheart. You shouldn’t be showing your weak side like that.” “No, they’ve finally figured out my weakness.” Calum said and nodded his head in agreement, deciding to give a kiss on each of your cheeks happily.


“Your majesty.” Michael politely said and grabbed the crown of his head to bow down. The excited smile on Celeste’s face was worth everything and her small ponytails were flying back and forth by her movements. The pink skirt she was wearing completely presented who she was, his little princess. His office looked nothing like the same. It wasn’t supposed to end out like this but Michael was secretly a playful father and when he got the chance he turned a game into something else. The whole floor was covered in toys and whatever you had brought with you for a visit at work. She wasn’t supposed to disturb his work like this but with Michael’s lack of concentration when you were there it was okay. “This way dad.” She pointed happily and started to twirl around. Michael nodded his head in agreement and placed the crown back on his head after bending down. They started to run around the desk you had been placed at, watching them fool around and giggle loudly. You knew Michael had some work to do and it was probably the best idea that he focused on it but the small moment in front of you was too adorable to disturb. Your thoughts seemed to come true though when the door suddenly opened. Michael and Celeste froze in track by the sound and looked over to see two males stand with confused gazes wondering what was going on. “Mr. Maverick, “Mr. Johnson. I will be ready for our meeting within two minutes.” Michael’s face had turned pale and the room had become completely silent but you had to do everything in your power not to laugh. “Give us a second.” Michael explained and quickly took the crown off his head to be a little more professional. But the second the two colleagues in dress shirts left the office he put it right back on his head. “Two minutes more girls.” He said daringly and within seconds the office had turned into a play ground again, giggles filling the air all at once in excitement. 


“Oh my god! Would you look at you!” Ashton barely got the chance to stand up from his chair before Daniel was sprinting towards him, almost knocking down something during the process. The sleeves of his dress shirt was far too long but nicely folded just for the occasion. It wasn’t often he was brought with you for work but today was something different and he wanted to stand out. Everything he was going to wear needed to be something Ashton also owned, they had to be identical twins. “Your assistant also thought he looked handsome.” You smiled and watched Ashton lean down to take Daniel up and let him sit on his lap. They looked exactly alike, it all was there. The nice dress shirt, the tie and the curly locks that they both shared. “He is handsome.” Ashton said completely impressed by the effort. He loved every single moment with his son and to see this meant the world to him. “You think I am? It’s too big for me.” He sounded a little bit worried but Ashton had no idea. He knew when he saw a star and that was everything about his son. “Of course I do. You will grow out of it eventually, one day you will fit it perfectly. But why didn’t you want me to just buy a personalized one that would match your body size?” He asked with a bit of wonder and Daniel stood up on his lap. He was baffling his hands in the air to express himself and Ashton decided to take his hands to not make him fall. “Because I wanted to look exactly like you dad.” He explained and Ashton had a bit of wonder on his face. “We took the clothes from your closet. I hope you don’t mind.” You said the last bit a little bit quieter, knowing that he did in fact not mind. “Of course not. It’s worth everything.” Ashton said in honesty, helping out Daniel just to make sure that his tie was sitting more correctly. The proud smile on his face was everything.

Hannah Baker Imagine!

YESSS BBY my first hannah imagine and i am so excited. I legit think that Katherine is so fucking hot and I am so in love with her!

In all honesty, I would die just to meet her. Because she’s so beautiful I can’t 


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  You nervously tugged at the ends of short top, your thoughts running at a million miles per minute. If there was anything or anyone in the world that made you nervous, it was Hannah Baker. She was the epitome of perfection, with her plump lips and clear skin, her soft, glistening hair and adorable sense of humor. It took a lot for you to ask her on a date, and it was taking a lot for you to believe that she had actually said yes. It had also taken a lot of thought and help from your brother, Jeff, to come up with a good plan. You wanted for Hannah to be just as interested in you as you were in her and picking the date had been the most difficult part. Good thing your brother was also your wing man, because he had set the whole thing up for you. Now all you needed was confidence and a breath mint. 

You sprayed some perfume on your wrists and neck before checking your outfit in the mirror once more. You were wearing a cropped, white shirt, with a pair of torn jeans and converse. Your hair was pulled into two buns and your rose colored, heart shaped glasses were perched on the bridge of your nose. You took a deep breath and grabbed your purse, running out of your room and hoping to get to her house at precisely 5:00. You knew that was a bit early for a date to start, but your brother said that it was all in the plan. You made it to the kitchen to see that Jeff was sitting with his fake tuxedo shirt stretched over his chest and a baseball cap on his head. 

“What are you wearing, Jeff? I bought that shirt for you as a joke.” You raised your eyebrows, searching around for your car keys. 

Jeff raised a finger and your ring of keys twisted on it, causing you to stop searching. “I’m your driver, Y/N. You don’t even know where you’re going.” 

You groaned and then looked at your wrist, seeing that there was only five minutes until five and Hannah lived three minutes away. “Change your shirt first.” 

“No, I like this-” 



“Two minutes, Jeff!” 

Jeff rushed off as you rolled your eyes and unconsciously checked yourself in the mirror on top of the fireplace. Yes, nervousness wasn’t hard to come by when it came to the thought of Hannah Baker. She had caught your eye the minute that she had entered the school, and because your friend, Clay, also had a crush on her, it was shocking that she had even said yes in the first place. You didn’t think that Hannah was anything but straight, but you weren’t complaining. 

Jeff came rushing back with a school spirit shirt on, looking like a liberty high sponsor. You snorted as he ushered you out of the front door. The drive to Hannah’s was quiet as you thought of what the rest of the day might consist of. Not knowing what your brother had planned was difficult, but he persisted on keeping the whole thing secret. Your fingers started to tap on the screen of your phone as the car came to a stop in front of the Baker home. 

“Alright, go get her.” Jeff grinned back at you, sending you a wink. 

Your hands began to shake a little as you checked your appearance once more. 

“Y/N, you look good. Look, you have a minute to get to the door and ring the bell.” 

You nodded and took a deep breath, opening the door to the car and counting the seconds as you walked to the front door slowly. You had promised Hannah that you would ring her doorbell exactly at 5:00, and if you were any later or earlier you owed her a free front of the line pass from your work (which was at a theme park). 

(A/N: I just love theme parks)

You looked down at your phone and just as the time was changing the front door of the house swung open, revealing Hannah Baker in all of her glory. Her long hair was cascading down her shoulders in their usual silky waves and a mauve colored dress was wrapping around her body and flaring out at the waist beautifully. Her lips had a slight rose color and her skin was extra glowy. She was wearing a pair of flats that had golden crystals on them but she was still two inches taller than you. She looked gorgeous. You stayed opened mouthed as you admired her. 

“You lose!” She laughed, her eyes scrunching lightly as her mouth opened in her amusement. “Now you owe me a free front of the line pass!” 

She laughed for a few more seconds before realizing that you weren’t giggling with her. She smiled slightly and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, her eyes finding the ground. 

“You look stunning,” You finally said, just as her mother came from inside the depths of the house right behind her. 

“Doesn’t she? See, Hannah, I told you you looked beautiful. Now, shoo. Have fun. Her curfew is 1:00 a.m, okay, Y/N? I trust you with my baby.” Mrs. Baker said as she pushed Hannah from the doorway lightly, grinning at the two of you. 

“Of course Mrs. Baker.” You smiled, as Hannah groaned and tugged you in the direction of your car. You waved at her mother as she smiled and closed the door. 

Hannah seemed to realize that Jeff was in the drivers seat as she neared closer and she frowned slightly, looking back at you as she stopped in her tracks. 

“Oh, sorry,” You said quickly. “My brother planned the whole thing out so he’ll be driving us. He won’t actually be going on the date with us, though. I promise.” 

The smile slowly returned and you quickly rushed in front of her, opening the back door of the car for her to enter. You turned to look at her and saw that she was smiling at you, while being very close, causing your heart to race. She leaned forward as she was entering the car, her breath hitting the loose strands of hair by your ear. 

“You don’t look too bad yourself, by the way.” She whispered, then she sat in the car, grinning up at you. 

You saw that a small part of her dress was hanging out of the door and you subconsciously picked it up and placed it on her lap, your fingers grazing her bare skin. Hannah shivered visibly and her face went red as you obliviously shut the door and went to the other side of the car. 

“Hey, Hannah!” Jeff greeted, waving as he looked at her through the rear view mirror. 

“Hey, Jeff.” She smiled back, still pink. “What’s the plan for today?” 

Jeff made a face as you slipped into the seat next to Hannah, smiling at her. “Well, it’s a bit of a surprise.I promise it’s a load of fun though!” 

Hannah looked over to you and smiled, shaking her head. “Well as long as Y/N is there anything is fun.” 

You snorted and scooted closer to her, but not too close because of your seat belt. “Hannah you’re cheesier than Jeff.” 

Hannah leaned forward and pushed a strand of hair from in front of your face. “What can I say? I like cheese so much I became it.” 

You burst into a fit of laughter as Jeff began to drive off, the both of you sharing jokes with each other. 

After about ten minutes of driving (and Hannah’s continuous laughter) Jeff pulled up to an empty parking lot, where there stood a neon building with giant graffiti style letters spelled ‘Jam’s Roller Rink’. 

“Roller skating! Jeff you know me too well. Oh my gosh, Hannah we’re going to have so much fun.” You turned from the building to Hannah, to see that she was looking a little downtrodden. “Hey, Hannah, what’s up?” 

Hannah shook her head and picked at her nails. “I don’t know how to skate, Y/N. Fuck, I just ruined everything didn’t I?” 

You took off your seat belt quickly and scooted closer to her, as Jeff got out of the car and headed towards the building. You placed your hand on Hannah’s shoulder and smiled lightly at her. “Hannah, I can teach you how. You didn’t ruin everything, I’ve been skating since I was six. I’ll teach you and we’re going to have a blast.” 

Hannah looked up with her eyes wide. “Are you sure it won’t be a bother? I mean it’s a date not a skating lesson and I really like you and don’t want to ruin-” 

You grabbed her cheeks softly and quickly pecked her lips, smiling at her shocked expression. After a second she turned a bright shade of red. “You’re not ruining anything, Hannah. Come on and let’s go have our fun date.” 

You turned and left her there, speechless, getting out of the car and walking around to open her door. When she got out she was still pink in the face and her mouth was pressed together. She then grinned and hooked her arm with yours, and you both set off to the building. 

“Isn’t this supposed to be the hottest roller rink in town? Why is it so dead?” Hannah questioned when you both neared the door, and you scrunched your brows as she opened the door. She was right, usually this place was booming. 

You two entered the dimly lit building where there was music playing loudly and the skating rink was alight with a disco ball and there was absolutely no one there. Well, except for Jeff who was sitting behind a bar while telling something to a person behind it. He turned when he saw you two coming, a wide grin on his face. 

“Hey guys, this is Ricardo, the man who has gladly let me rent out this place for a couple of hours of just you two. He put a nice playlist on for the both of you to skate to and he says there snacks behind here. When he says alone, he means no one but you two are going to be here. The restrooms are that way and I’ll be at the trampoline place next door with Clay. Have fun!” 

Before the two of you could respond Jeff left towards the exit and Ricardo left through a door behind the bar, sending a wink your and Hannah’s way. 

“Wow,” Hannah said, looking around. “The whole place literally to ourselves.” 

You grinned and shook your head. Oh Jeff was definitely such an amazing brother for this. You looked to the rack of skates on the other side of the room and gestured for Hannah to follow. 

“What size do you wear?” You asked Hannah, bringing two pairs of socks out of your bag. 

She laughed nervously. “Uh, an eight.” 

You smiled and looked back to see she was red in the face again. “Me too, Hannah you don’t have to be embarrassed.” 

You went behind the counter and grabbed two pairs of size eight skates and went to the bench near the entrance of the skating rink, Hannah following like a lost puppy. 

“I’m going to be honest with you,” Hannah said as she sat next to you and removed her sandals. “I’m really nervous right now.” 

You laughed as you pulled one skate on and she pulled your favorite socks on. “What are you nervous for?” 

“Actually I’m absolutely terrified of falling and breaking something and making a complete fool of myself in front of a very cute girl.” 

You rolled your eyes and stood up when you were done pulling on your second skate. You grinned and skated around the bench as Hannah pulled on her own skates. “This ‘cute girl’ will not laugh if you fall. She will pull you back up and kiss your wounds.” 

Hannah laughed nervously when you stopped before her, both of her skates on. You grinned and motioned for her to stand up. She did so slowly, her knees shaking as she grabbed onto your elbows roughly. 

“Holy shit, I don’t think I can do this, Y/N.” She muttered as she nearly tripped and latched herself onto you. She looked at your face, not bothered at all by the close proximity. 

“Come one Hannah, just one foot after the other.” You smiled, skating backwards slowly. There was a slight dip in the floor and the two of you made it to the rink, finally, the lights reflecting off of the disco ball making Hannah look even more gorgeous than before. 

You were too busy admiring her to see that she was beginning to fall, and only when you were falling into her lap did you notice. She let out a loud grunt and you groaned in pain as your knees hit the hardwood floor in between her legs. 

“Aw, fuck, Y/N, I can’t that hurt.” Hannah said, her full lips quivering and her eyes glossy. 

“Come on Hannah, just one more try. Don’t give up.” You pulled yourself up and pulled her along with you. 

Slowly you began to guide Hannah around the rink and as she slowly got the hang of it her eyes began to light up and she began to laugh loudly, your hand linked with hers as you both skated around to the beat of the music. 

“I’m having the best time,” Hannah said when the both of you slowed down. She pulled you closer by the arm and you grinned. 

“I was hoping you would,” You whispered when you were both inches apart. she grinned and closed the gap between you two, and her plump lips met yours. 

Your hands went to wrap around her neck but you forgot you were skating and the wheel of your skate twisted so you fell flat on your ass, your lips yanking from Hannahs. 

“I think we should take a break.” She laughed, pulling you up by your arm. She then rubbed her stomach. “They said snacks, right?” 

You nodded eagerly and she intertwined your fingers with hers once more, this time dragging you to the bar. Behind the bar where no one could see were homemade cupcakes and a small sign that said ‘drinks and chocolate covered things in the fridge’. 

“Ohhh, these cupcakes look amazing.” Hannah said softly, picking one up. You picked yourself onto the counter, pointing to one with a Hershey’s kiss on the top. 

“Can I have that one with a kiss?” You asked her, and she blushed incredibly red as she wiped at her lips to remove the frosting she had. She grabbed your cupcake before skating to you and placing a fast kiss to your lips, which you giggled at. 

“I was talking about the candy but that was even better.” You smiled lightly, unwrapping the cupcake of it’s foil cup. 

Hannah blushed deeply before laughing loudly and kissing you once more. 


OMG this is so cute 


SO SoRRY for the wait was just publishing the first chapter of my HP fanfic on Wattpad 

and just incase you’re curious my username is @ -pukwudgie 

it’s a lil trash 

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5, either Sanvers or Supercorp, whichever floats your boat :D

“Are you drunk?” Lena Luthor asked. She was holding herself not to smile at a obviously very drunk Kara Danvers standing at her door. 
“Possibly.” That made Lena laugh. Kara’s glasses were almost falling from her face, and Lena could not stop herself thinking that was adorable.
“You should come in. Can you walk by yourself?” Lena didn’t let Kara answe, already by Kara’s side, helping her to the couch. 
“I really, really like you, you know.” Kara said. She was openly staring at Lena’s face, now. And in Kara’s drunk state, she could not stop herself. “We should go out sometime, I mean a date. And no healthy food allowed.” Lena let herself blush at that, and laughed again.
“We’ll discuss this when you’re not drunk.”

Got7's Reaction (AU) To Them Seeing You at BamBam's new Restaurant With Your Friends

Requested by: Our favourite adorable anon

A/N: At first I was a little confused on how to write the reaction but I asked Kenna and she had this really cute idea so I altered your request a bit! I still hope you like it though (if not let me know and i’ll rewrite it!) and big thanks to Admin Peachjin for helping me out! -Admin Vanillakookie🍪

Summary: Your friend motioned at the waiter to come and take your order, as you looked at the cataloge. The boy made his way to your table and you lowered the cataloge, only to find him staring at you speechless.


Originally posted by markjin

He’d look at you,smiling shyly and would need a couple of seconds to gather the courage to take your order “What can i get you?” He would ask his voice quiet and would write down what you wanted and leave, but not before turning to look at you one more time, hoping to see you again.


Originally posted by defsouljb

Within seeing you he’d get so shy and quiet, which was so not him. He’d cough getting himself together and ask each one of you, what you wanted, writinng down the order. “You should come here more ofter” He said smirking at you, as he winked and walked off.


Originally posted by jack777

Jackson, unlike the the other two wouldn’t be able to hide how stunned he was. He’d be super chatty with you, quickly asking what your friends wanted and then focusing on you only. “And what can i get for…” He’d ask waiting for you to tell him your name. “Such a beautiful name, for a beautiful lady..I’m Jackson!” I can totally see him going as far as asking for your number


Originally posted by pepi-junior

Despite being amazed, he wouldn’t show it. “What can i get you?” He’d ask casually, smiling at you politely and after taking your order would leave. For the rest of the day though, he couldn’t stop thinking about you and would hope you came to the restaurant again, next time alone, so he’d try to make a move.


Originally posted by mjbm

Such a shy and bubbly sunshine. He’d smile at you kindy and ask what you wanted. When you smiled back at him,he’d blush slightly and throw in a little compliment “Wow..You have such a beautiful smile!” before leaving. He’d think about you for the rest of the day and that would probably cause him to smile at random occasions.


Originally posted by jypnior

So cocky. When he saw you, he knew he had to have you, at all costs. When taking your friends orders he’d look at you and smirk or wink at you. Before leaving he’d throw in some little comments like “You know..I own this place and since you are some beautiful, this one is on me” He’d wink at you one last time before walking off,leaving you amazed.


Originally posted by chattyang

Seeing how beautiful you were, would make him so shy and awkward, to the point were he’d find it hard to speak “wh-what can I get you?” He’d say and mentally facepalm himself for suttering. He’d take your order and leave as quickly as possible replaying the event over and over in his head,wishing he had acted differently and for the rest of the day he’d wish he’d be able to see you again.

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I keep seeing people say that Clary is a lesbian, but haven't said why they think that. It would be amazing if that actually DID happen in the show, but right now Clary has been depicted as being interested in guys so I'm wondering if you know why people say she's gay rather than saying she's bisexual

well i personally see her as a lesbian as well and thats just how i feel she comes across and the fact that she is interested in guys is no teller of her sexuality since most lesbians either force themselves to date men or actually dont realise their sexuality for a long time also the men that clary is interested in are actually v typical for a lesbian, e.g her “brother” who was always very unnatainable but always looked out for her, and her best friend who she loved her whole life, its very easy to confuse appreciation and platonic adoration for attraction when you dont actually understand attraction because you’ve never experienced it properly. also she dresses like a lesbian

a piece of cake

Steggy Positivity Week | Day 2: AU or Crossover

Peggy can handle running a bakery, but a baking competition is a whole other level of stress.

“I thought baking was supposed to be relaxing?” Steve asked, leaning against the doorway of the kitchen and folding his arms.

Busy wrestling with icing, Peggy paused just long enough to spare him an annoyed glanced. Her hair was pulled back into what had been a neat knot several hours ago but was now streaked with flour and beginning to come loose, strands twisting around her cheeks and ears. Her face was flushed with heat from the oven, and both her apron and the kitchen counter were covered in chocolate stains, splashes of egg and hundreds of glittering sugar crystals.

If she hadn’t looked ready to skewer someone with a wooden spoon, sharpened or otherwise, Steve would have thought she looked adorable.

“It was,” she said, voice tight, “Until someone entered me in this bloody competition.”

Steve glanced down at his feet to hide the gently amused smile that tugged at his lips. “To be fair to Howard, you were the one who said you could win it with ease …”

“That was before I saw the theme. ‘Celebrating great literature through baking’. Who came up with that stupid idea?”

“I don’t know.” Steve puzzled over that for a moment. “Do you think that’s actually someone’s job? Deciding themes for bakery competitions?”

“If it is, I’m telling you right now that they’re being paid too much.”

Finishing what she was doing, Peggy stepped back and ran a hand across her forehead, inadvertently leaving a thick streak of chocolate. She didn’t seem to notice, tilting her head to critically view her creation.

“Well? What do you think?”

Steve looked at it. It was three tiers, each a different colour. The top layer was white, decorated with swirls and silver sugar balls, and what looked like a drizzle of lemon curd. The middle layer was bright red, with carefully piped white icing that looked like strings of pearls around the edges. The third and largest layer was chocolate, with shavings of milk and dark chocolate forming a nest around the base and decorating the top. 

Each tier was beautifully made and precisely and delicately decorated. Unsurprisingly; there was a reason, after all, why the bakery Peggy ran was so successful. 

What Steve couldn’t see was the literature connection. 

“What is it … meant to be?” 

“You don’t see it?”

“Uh. No?”

Peggy sighed, setting her hands on her hips. “It represents the different realms in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake. See? The top layer’s genoise sponge, for the ethereal realm of Eternity. The second’s red velvet, for Beulah, the realm of dreams and inspiration. And the third is Ulro, the material realm. So chocolate, for the earth.”

Steve blinked, looked again at the cake, and then nodded. “Oh. Yeah. Of course.”

“You don’t see it.”

“I do! I’ll admit, I didn’t get it straight away,” he said quickly, coming fully into the room and moving around the counter to stand beside her. “But now that you say it, I don’t know how I missed it.”

It was amazing how much scepticism could be expressed with just the eyes. 

“Steve, don’t patronise me.”

“I’m not! It’s very creative. There won’t be anything else any like it in the competition, that’s for sure.”

Peggy snorted even as her shoulders slumped. “Maybe I should just withdraw.”

“Don’t. Okay, so it’s not an obvious connection. But who cares? People are gonna be more interested in eating it, anyway.” 

Putting an arm out he pulled her into him. She squeaked in surprise as he bent down and started kissing her forehead, licking up the smear of icing. As he moved to kiss down her eyelids and cheeks, she started giggling, and he could feel the smile curving her mouth when his lips finally reached hers. When he pulled back he was grinning himself, eyes bright and he licked his lips for emphasis before saying,

“And I can tell you with complete honesty that it tastes delicious.”

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Could I maybe suggest Makorin with getting caught wearing the other's clothes? I'm not sure if you ship them, but :')

Gou stared into her coffee cup, desperately waiting for the caffeine to hit her. If she were more awake she would be coming up with clever ways to get back at Chigusa for making her get up at such an ungodly hour–but she wasn’t more awake, and it was all Gou could do to not slump onto the table and return to her one true love, sleep, once more.

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Wish Upon a Star [Taehyung x Reader] ONE SHOT

I was wondering if you could write a  fic about the reader continuously wishing to be able to meet, and later on date “the Kim Taehyung” and that eventually it would come true and she’d be overwhelmed with joy and it’d be so fluffy. And maybe later on in the relationship she tells him about her “stupid wishes” but how she felt it lead him to her and he would find her even more adorable.

Ok, so I didn’t address it properly like the request buuutttt here ya go 


You saw the time on your clock. You shut your eyes and quickly made a wish. “I wish I could meet Kim Taehyung”. You sighed right when you finished your wish. Kim Taehyung. The most popular guy and sensation of the college you were going to. You’ve seen him a couple of times, but he was always surrounded by so many people. And honestly, you admired him for being able to handle school and be part of his group, BTS. You were amazed at how his time and flexibility went to those two things. On the other hand, you couldn’t even handle your part time job in a cafe and school. You felt undeserving to make a wish to meet him at school, but in reality it could be so easy to meet him. You could literally walk up and say hi. But you couldn’t. It was too hard to. You had what they call, insecurities. You went to sleep. You were tired from work since you got home around 15 minutes ago. You closed your eyes and forgot about reality for awhile. You woke up painfully to your alarm sounding. You looked at your clock, 6:00 AM. You had class at 8. You went to go take a nice hot shower and got ready for the day.

You held your bag in your hands while walking on campus. You sighed. “Why am I so tired with life?” You mumbled to yourself. And started to hear girls scream. “TAEHYUNG OPPA LOOK AT ME!!” “TAEHYUNGIE!! WANT TO EAT LUNCH WITH ME?” “TAEHYUNG!! I LOVE YOU!!” You stared at the girls surrounding Kim Taehyung. Did they have no shame? They’re literally  adults. Why are they screaming as if they’re little girls? You didn’t know why you were bugged by how they carelessly addressed his name. You looked down at the ground while you made your way to class. You kept wondering why you admired Taehyung so much. Besides the fact, he was so cool and all. Was it just a trend? Like how every girl fell in love with him, at first sight? You wondered if you were that shallow. You felt like there was more to him then expected. You’ve never even met the guy and you felt this way about him. You shook your head.

After your classes were done, you rushed to the bus to go to your job. It was a cafe about 10 minutes away from the campus and you were glad that the cafe was your first job. You had nice coworkers, supervisor and a very kind boss. The cafe was chill and really aesthetic. A lot of college kids went to the cafe often and you saw different faces everyday. You liked observing everyone in that sense. You were happy there was diversity. You were almost done with your shift when you heard the door open, you greeted them while you were still cleaning the table, “Welcome! I’ll be there to take your order.” You turned around and you heard a familiar voice.  “Y/N??” You looked at the person who said your name, “Kookie!” You ran over and gave him a hug. The other guys and couple of girls  accompanying him were giving you a strange look. He smiled at you with his bunny teeth, “How are you? I didn’t know you worked here? It’s been so long! Y/N we need to hang out!” You shyly smiled back and slightly overwhelmed by his reaction towards you working there. “Y-yeah, we should.” You looked at his group, “How many people are with you, so I can set up a table?” He said there were 9 people in total and you had to clear up space and seat them. Jungkook thanked you and sat down, with his friends, and once you took their orders again, you realized that Taehyung was with him. You were internally freaking out. You were in his presence. Honestly it was cool seeing him in such a natural environment with friends, eating. You wondered how distracted you were when Jungkook came in because you did not realize Taehyung was there at all. It was a shock.

Once all the orders came out, Jungkook asked you to join his group for a late night snack, you were about to refuse when your supervisor told you to join them, even though you didn’t want to. You sat down to be polite. Jungkook began asking how you were and where you went to school. You learned that you were both in the same school as well as his hyungs. You were glad that you were able to meet Jungkook again because you haven’t seen him since you were both 12, and that was years ago. He asked for your number and you gladly gave it to him. After everything was done and over with, you went home giddy. Your wish came true. You were able to meet Kim Taehyung. Indirectly though.


Jungkook was happy to have met you again. He remembered how nice and kind you were when you were both in high school. He missed your kind smile and that friendship. He wanted to rebuild that friendship again because it was nice have a girl best friend to hear about his problems and ask for advice without it being such a big joke. “Jungkook.” He turned to his hyung, Taehyung. “Yes?” He looked at Taehyung and he asked him the oddest question he could ever imagine. “Who was that girl you were talking to at the cafe?” His hyung was never interested in girls. Ever. He was curious now. “Oh that was one my friends from middle school. Why Hyung?” Tae shook his head. “No reason.” Jungkook let it slide for now, he thought he was just overthinking it while Taehyung was actually interested in you.


You began to hang out with Jungkook more often. You both caught up on life and spent time with each other like old times. It felt like your middle school days again where there wasn’t a care in the world. After a particular day, Friday night to be exact. You went back with Jungkook to his place to stay over since there was some sketchy activity happening around your apartment complex. He invited you back to stay and have a sleepover like old times. Taehyung noticed you when you walked into the dorm. He got flustered. “Y/N? What are you doing here?” Before you responded, jungkook responded with, “She’s sleeping over in my room” Taehyung looked at you then Jungkook and then back at you. He wondered if there was something going on between the two of you. He hoped that there wasn’t anything going on. WIthout saying anything else, Jungkook took your hand and led you to his room. (Taehyung followed). He sat you down on his bed and put his hands on your shoulders and kneeled down to your level. Without looking back, he knew his Hyung was by the door listening. “Y/N. I need to tell you something.” You looked at him confused. “What is it Kookie?” Taehyung cringed at how you called the maknae by his cute nickname. He leaned in closer to you and whispered “Taehyung likes you” Your face turned beet red. From Taehyung’s viewpoint, it looked like Jungkook kissed you and he stormed down the hall thinking about that image. You looked at Jungkook, “REALLY???” He nodded. “I’ve been noticing how hyung was asking about you lately ever since the cafe visit and I suspected something.” You looked at Jungkook with so much hope in your eyes. Your wish came true and not only that, he was actually interested in you. You were amazed. “Kookie, I’m going to go talk to him” He nodded, “Hwaiting!” And clicked his tongue. You laughed at how funny that was.

You walked down the hall and saw Taehyung sitting on the couch scrolling through the different channels mindlessly. You called his name, but he didn’t look up. You sat right next to him and he got all nervous again like earlier. “Y/N, what are you doing out here?” You looked at him while he was rubbing his hands together as if he was about to go up on stage to perform. “I wanted to keep you company” Taehyung felt butterflies flutter in his stomach. “I thought you were going to spend time with Kookie since you guys are together now.” NOW you were confused. “What do you mean by ‘together’ ?” He looked at you, “Didn’t he just kiss you in the room?” You bursted out laughing. “Kookie? Kiss me? I think not. I would be the last person he would kiss.” Taehyung felt relief wash over his body. “O-oh that’s funny then.” You left the conversation at that and watched random TV shows with him until you felt yourself lean into his body getting sleepier and sleepier. What you didn’t realize was that you spoke in your sleep. Taehyung looked at you lovingly, you were already so cute and now you were like a little baby falling asleep. Your cheeks were so cute, he wanted to squeeze them. “I wish…” he looked at you. He was wondering what you were mumbling about. “I wish to meet Kim Taehyung.” He felt heat rising up to his cheeks. He would have to ask you about this again in the morning. He was glad that his wish was able to come true tonight and hopefully yours was fulfilled too from what he heard.

The next morning, You woke up next to something warm and you didn’t notice it yet, but your were trying to push yourself farther into Taehyung’s chest for warmth. He woke up to you moving and he pulled you tight. You opened your eyes to see that you were close to him. VERY. CLOSE.TO. HIM. He noticed you shifting and he took this opportunity to ask you about what he heard last night. “Hey Y/N-ah”

You looked up at him. “What were you talking about in your sleep last night when you wished to meet Kim Taehyung?” Your face turned warm. “U-Um..I just wished to meet you in person..” Taehyung raised his eyebrow. He was curious. “You seemed so cool, but everyone was surrounding you all the time, so I just decided to wish to meet you one day. You were like a famous star. And I wished when it became a new day every single day. Midnight”

He melted from your explanation. You were so cute. You hugged you tighter and he was happy you weren’t with the maknae.

“I’m glad to have met you too. You want to further this relationship?”

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Noo I got baby fever again. Every baby I see at my work I have to be like awe he or she is so cute. Even my coworker notice it and said to me you got baby fever don't ya

Babies are adorable! But do you know what’s not adorable? Being woken up constantly through the night and only ending up with an hour’s sleep in total. Cleaning up baby poop which has managed to come through the diaper and up the tiny human’s back. A seemingly full and clean child who won’t stop screaming no matter what you do.

Think seriously and for a long time before having a baby because it’s not all cute smiles and cuddles!

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Things were slowly returning to normal. Or as normal as they could be for Chloe when she had come back to life, had a baby, and was engaged to the Devil. Somehow they had managed to sort out her return legally. Something to do with lots of Lucifer’s favors. But she was happy. Little John was making perfect progress. He was ten months old and on the way to start his first steps. So far, he’d only managed to stand for a few seconds on his own before falling back on his butt. Chloe adored playing with him.


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Cite the final line of five of your fics – your favorites, or the most recent ones. Tag five writers who should do this next.

(I’m cheating a bit, these are favorite final lines from drabbles)

This is what comes of adoring, of loving. The fear of losing. (Tywin Lannister)

You choose, and you live with the consequences. That is the only kind of hope she could still believe in. (Alyssa Velaryon)

Her father does not catch her this time, when she falls. He does not even see her falling. (Arianne Martell)

They sat across the table from each other, staring but not seeing. “Well,” he said, finally. Indeed, thought Argella. (Orys/Argella)

Die, old man. Die, so I can finally stand tall in my own glory. Die, so I will no longer have to live under your oppressive shadow, and under the even more oppressive shadow of your disappointment. (Borros Baratheon)

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As you guys can tell we are looking for other admins,and there’s this one person we’d really want to apply! Before any of you get offended and say we’re picking favourites,this person has proven that she cares about the blog very much and we all love her! Personally, from what i can tell she has some great ideas about scenarios etc and I’d love to work with her. Apart from that tho, she is a wonderful,lovely and adorable person I’d love to become friends with and share the blog with! So this is for you moon anon! We’d love for you to apply and come off of anon. Love ya lot’s and lot’s ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ -Admin Vanillakookie (Nas) 🍪

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ok so i was going through aus and i found this adorable one and i was wondering if you could write it for got7's jinyoung!! “so like, i know we broke up and stuff but funny story, i haven’t told my family yet and they just assumed you’d be coming with me for christmas and i really don’t know how to tell them and i know this is really selfish but i can’t break my great grandma’s heart like that, she’ll probably have a heart attack and– wait what? you’d do that for me?" thank u~! i love ur works ♡

~ yo yo yo the fairy squad mother has arrived ~~

the fic has been posted its called ‘cave me in’ 😎 

okay so I was already writing a Jinyoung fic and your request kind of changed the outcome of what I wrote lmao, and I kind of took some liberty with your request. [like its college au bc it made sense with the plot I used…] and I might make a part 2 [ or at least I am planning to ] 

so I hope you like it because it was so fun to do and it helped me get out of a block :) 

thank you so much for requesting and for liking the other works i’ve done it means a lot!!!

~ i would link the answered post here but im on mobile :( ~

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my crush is so freaking adorable so whenever she sends me a selfie on snapchat i stare at it for as long as possible. i haven't screenshot any cause i don't wanna seem weird but damn does she take my breath away

pal when i type in my crush’s url the first suggestion after her blog is her face tag (wow this sounds so creepy sdfjhkl;lj i don’t visit specific tags on her blog often okay) so I relate on so many levels. i’m sure your crush is really cute :((

come and chat!

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I have two cats: 1. Garfieldesque male ginger cat who always eats and sleeps (or he meows like he's about to be murdered until you either feed or pet him), who also thrives on attention and always comes to lay on your lap in the evening, purring like a car. 2. a shy black female cat who meows like a bird (don't even ask it's so weird but i love her), it took me like two months before she allowed me to pet her and she gets affectionate when she wants food but i love her to bits <3

ok but cat number one is literally garfield aiusjkdnqwkjeqe have u tried feeding him cat-safe lasagne but omg they both sound adorable aseiujqkwe i love pets they’re so,,,, precious,,,,

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My incredible friend from treatment made me the weirdest colouring book of my life for my travels coming up. I adore this chick. She only came 2 weeks before I left but we fell in love instantly. She is hilarious, lives in my neighbourhood, is slowly churning out an arts degree at UofT, spends a lot of time at Whole Foods, loves crafts, boy watching, and like me, is somewhat into doing “quirky” activities in hope of appearing more offbeat and spontaneous than she actually is. I knew I would inevitably get close with the girls from my program, but I didn’t think I would find so many soulmates. ❤️🌈I cannot wait to strengthen the friendships outside of those 4 ugly/healing walls.


Normani doing what she does best, seeking out any camera when a 25 mile radius