but come on it has everyone i love

Overwhelmed. This is what I’m feeling now. I just received two anonymous asks of supercorps shippers. And two of people I don’t know what they ship.
And I’m barely holding back my tears because this… This is why I belive in people.
A Supercorp just said to me she was sorry about all the hate. The other said she was sorry that we had to create a list.
All the others asked me to stay here.
And one just told me how she was abused and I that I actually helped her. I saw love growing on a field of hate. I feel so overwhelmed because people took their time to come here, for each other.
I feel like this because in the end, I was proven that hope has power, that kindness is still out there.
I’m still in awe of how even though there is hate we still see love. I just wanted it to thank all of these people that came here and say that. Thank you everyone who prove to me humanity is still worth fighting for.

Ok so how is Tom not appreciated by literally everyone or at least hit on all the time? He…
- is hot as fuck
- has a British accent
- has marvelous abs
- is cute and kind
- is dorky af
- is also athletic
- has a great sense of humor
- has a great taste in music
- can dance ( I mean come ON)
- is appreciative of his fans and makes time for them
- is well traveled
- has amazingly curly hair that flops in his face sometimes
- has a laugh that is super cute
- can do cool flips
- knows how to use a tandem bike
- has a glorious bromance
- can sing (I think)
- is Spider-Man
- cares about his family
- knows how to party
- has a horrible sense of style so you could take him shopping
- can probably make friends with anyone he meets
- is a hugger
- can pull off a mustache and sick sideburns or mutton chops or whatever they are called
- seems to never wear ties to formal events
- had big hands and we all know what that means *wink, wink*

Need I go on people? He is the most perfect person and deserves recognition. If no one will give him that, give him to me and I will do it.

Platonic Steve & Nancy

so eventually Nancy and Steve have an amicable breakup and after some time she starts dating Jonathan because literally everyone saw that coming. things may be a bit strange but the three of them still spend all their time together, and the monster hunting trio is as strong  as ever

one day Tommy tries to start some shit with Nancy, calling her a cheating slut and all of these terrible names and she’s trying not to get roped into a fight but Steve’s there in an instant and just decks his old friend across the face because there’s no way he’s gonna listen to him talk about Nancy that way and when Tommy tries to retaliate, Nancy steps in between them with a Look that that makes even Tommy back off.

and when Steve gets angry about his parents and college and his future, he’ll find Nancy and she’ll patiently let him yell about everything for as long as he needs and then they’ll get drunk together until they forget about everything else

and when Nancy seems stressed or worried during school, that night Steve will always sneak into her room like old times because he knows she needs to talk to someone, and he’ll just lie in bed with her and listen to her about everything.

basically my point is Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler supporting and defending and loving each other as friends.

Cartoon + Live Action Stream!

Hey there everyone!! I decided that, to celebrate the second chapter of BATIM coming out not too long from now, I might make a movie stream this weekend, featuring only cartoon + live action type of movies! It’s titled Bendy’s Favorite Movies, because, well, not only that is also a theme that BATIM follows, but it was something I deeply loved as a kid, I’d watch these movies all the time and each of them has a special place in my heart, no matter how silly they might be.

When? The stream will be hosted at night, during this weeked, through friday, saturday and sunday. Don’t worry, I’ll make a post letting you know once it’s open!

Where? At my Rabbit room, at rabb.it/irldiscord ! As usual, for now it’s offline, but once it’s open I’ll let you know through a post on this blog and once you open the link it should be on!

What movies will be streamed and when?

I’m glad you asked! There are five movies* in total and they will follow a strict schedule of:

1. Re-Animated, 24/03

2. Space Jam, 25/03

3. The Looney Tunes Back in Action, 25/03

4. The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, 26/03

5. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, 26/03

*all of the links in the movie titles I’ve added lead to their IMDB pages so you can read their synopsis and decide for yourself if you wanna watch or not!

Things you should know once you’re there:

  • I will be having my microphone on and speaking through rabbit’s mic feature, since in case the chat gets too crowded and I can’t keep up, I’ll just talk through there. It’s easier for me and improves the probability of me being able to read everyone’s lovely comments!
  • Please do not turn your microphone on as well once you’re there. Not only if I don’t know you very well it will be slightly awkward, but also it might make it hard for others to hear the movie.
  • I’ll try not to speak a lot or too loudly, but if I’m ever getting too obnoxious with it you can tell it straight to me and I’ll correct myself!
  • There should be no limit as to how many people should be at the stream, but if Rabbit starts crashing, we can regroup at another streaming site, though our limitations might be slightly increased.
  • Be considerate. Common decency as to not try and seek to offend others at the stream should be used. People who disrespect this rule will be kicked out.
  • Try not to spam the chat. Of course we all love good humor, but it can get a bit hard to read!
  • If anyone needs the stream to be paused, they are allowed to ask and I’ll pause.

Have any other questions? My inbox is always open!

@ everyone

Hey everyone!
How are you all doing today? I hope the weather’s nice, and your day hasn’t been too stressful.
Has anyone said something that made you smile recently?
Has that one song you love come up?

Take some time to relax, get something pleasant to drink, keep yourself hydrated and fed - it doesn’t matter what you eat as long as it’s tasty, right?

Every person is so brilliant, and that certainly includes you.
So whether you day has just started, just ended, or it’s still working it’s way through between sunrise and sunset, I hope your day is going well and you all are doing fine, because everyone who reads this deserves the best they can possibly have


            i  never  realized  the  importance  of  katherine’s  quote   “  i’m  the  one  that  taught  you  how  to  love      until  now.    i  understood  it ,    i  agreed  with  it ,    but  i  never  truly  realized  just  how  deeply  she  impacted  damon’s  personality.    his  fierce  love ,    his  passion   –––––––       that  comes  from  katherine.    granted  a  lot  of  it  comes  from  him   –––––––       she  didn’t  give  him  emotions ,    everyone  has  them   –––––––       but  she  encouraged  him  to  feel  them  fully  and  capitalize  on  them.    katherine  is  nothing  if  not  dramatic  and  damon  adapts  that  style  later  on.    not  only  did  he  love  katherine ,    but  he  also  admired  her.    he  admired  her  power  and  grace  and  charm ;    he  not  only  wanted  to  be  with  her ,    he  wanted  to   be   her.    he  wanted  to  be  the  mysterious ,    chaotic  vampire  that  she  was  and  he  eventually  became.    once  sage  reminded  him  of  everything  he  loved  about  vampirism ,    he  stopped  simply  existing  and  started  living  the  life  he’d  dreamed  of.    he  remembered  the  passion  that  katherine  evoked   –––––––       the  jealousy ,    the  love ,    the  desire ,    the  ambition ,    the  wanderlust ;    all  of  it ,    and  he  capitalized  on  it.    and  then  he  waited  for  her.    yes ,    he  slept  with  other  women ,    but  as  they  said :    it’s  only  ever  been  katherine.    love  meant  waiting.    love  meant  second  chances ,   and  third  chances ,    and  even  fourth  chances  because  it  meant  never  giving  up.    he  will  wait  forever  for  the  woman  he  loves  because   that’s  what  katherine  taught  him.    even  though  it  didn’t  work  out  in  the  end ,    he  spent  145  years  loving  her  absolutely  and  putting  her  above  everyone ,    even  himself ,    and  that  is  now  ingrained  on  his  heart.    whether  or  not  you  believe  he  still  loves  her ,    there  is  no  denying  that  her  shadow  lurks  behind  every  object  of  his  affection  because   she’s  the  one  that  taught  him  how  to  love   and  that  will  never  go  away.

i feel so out of place because everyone’s played the new chapters while i spent my two keys on refreshing my memory and finishing my most wanted replay (1. i love cassandra and i love her friendship with dave it’s so PURE and i love my brilliant latinx-coded boi 2. ryan told sam they’ll continue their conversation in texas…. pixelberry said the sequel was COMING SOON…. how much time has passed since their promises? WHEN WILL I ACTUALLY—)

Things I've noticed about people's Overwatch Mains
  • Pharah: They can stay in the air forever and I don't understand how.
  • McCree: incredible aim like damn.
  • Ana: Time to take a nap.
  • Winston: Jumps in, kills you, and jumps out seamlessly
  • Roadhog: Hooks that come out of fucking no where.
  • Trobjorn: Puts their turret in best place to make you rage quit
  • Reinhardt: Shields literally everyone and basically shouts "You shall not pass!"
  • Reaper: Will kill you dead... twice.
  • Genji: every single one has the carbon skin.
  • Tracer: fast moving well coordinated little shits that love to put their ult on people
  • Hanzo: You see wolves. No dragons... only wolves.
  • Zenyatta: welcome to discord orb hell.
  • D.va: They know when they're going to get play of the game and they will emote as their ult kills your entire team
  • Soldier 76: Helix rockets to the chest even when it's not necessary
  • Widowmaker: looks like they don't know what they're doing then gets play of the game for 3 consecutive headshots
  • Mercy: you can never manage to finish them off and when you get close you find them standing behind the best in the team.
  • Symmetra: comes out of no where and wrecks your shit
  • Sombra: hacks you then disappears presumably to cackle about what a loser you are
  • Bastion: play of the game cause they just nailed everyone coming around a corner
  • Junkrat: Everyone hates you.
  • Lucio: You can never quite finish them off and then they disappear
  • Zarya: Have no fear as they charge toward you and destroy the team
  • Mei: Will freeze you, look you dead in the eye, and put an icicle through your skull.

everyone has that one character in a show they watch where during every ep they’re usually just waiting for that specific character’s scenes to come on and enjoy everything about them from the way they talk to the way they walk and smile whenever that person comes onscreen. a scene without that character in it feels like it’s just missing something and in your eyes they’re the best thing about the show and you don’t want anything bad to happen to them ever



What I crave the most out of love, affection, physicality, what I crave the most is really to be understood.
When I talk to someone I want them to care. I want to see in their eyes that they want to hear what I have to say. That my voice matters.
My whole life my voice has been quieted. I have so much to say but the words don’t come out anymore. I’m used to having to be quiet. I’m used to no one wanting to listen, because the truth is everyone only cares about themselves and their selfish need to be the center of attention.
—  v.m

anonymous asked:

Man, good headcanons can be so hard to come up with, but yours are always so on point! I'm falling even more in love with the Voltron squad and their dynamics with every post. Thank you for your services to the fandom, and keep up the good work! ;)

i can’t believe my service to society is shitposts

  • lance: “i don’t brag??” pidge: “you once cited your existence as proof that god is real”
  • at any given time, keith is probably completely zoned out
    • “alright so that’s the plan. did everyone get all of that?”
    • keith, who has been thinking about the logistics of draining the loch ness to find nessie for the past half an hour: “…yeah”
  • everyone looks at pidge and sees a hacking genius but what i see is a child sitting on the floor at three am, chugging coffee and yelling every time “invalid syntax” shows up on the screen
  • allura: “okay i have a plan, but i’m going to need your permission” shiro: “since when do you need my permission for anything??” allura: “oh i don’t, but i want to make sure that if this goes badly i’m not the only one blamed for it”
  • altean music is all just screamo
    • but not even good screamo. just like. shrieking
    • lance suffers through listening to it for coran though since coran always looks so happy when he does
  • hunk: “i mean, it’s your choice, of course! that’s just my opinion, you should trust your own judgement! :)” also hunk: *lurking with an ‘i told you so’ when friend doesn’t follow advice*
  • the last meal shiro ate on earth was slightly burnt popcorn
  • *sleepover voice* “okay, fuck, marry, kill: haggar, zarkon, or a black hole” 
Mischief Managed | Harry Potter Fan Film
Before the Order. Before the prophecy. Before Harry. Remember to watch in HD! Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are proud to present (and star in)... MISCH...

A new Marauders fan film has just come out, and let me tell you IT’S AMAZING!!!
I’ve never seen anything that feels so authentic and REAL, and the amount of effort and care put into this astounds me! This is such a lovely piece of fan work, spread the word and support everyone who made a Harry Potter film we’ve always wanted! ❤

i love petty/possessive Victor

(Ep. 5)

Disclaimer: This pretty subjective. I also have no idea if this has been done before (since I joined the fandom way after this episode was released). If it has been done, I’ll make sure to make mention.

Here we have Victor babbling like a baby and trying to help the love of his life succeed. He’s obviously trying his hardest and trying to fish some emotions out of Yuuri. Sadly, this is probably the wrong time, as Yuuri is tense and very, very nervous. 

So Yuuri basically skates away and ignores Victor’s questions. 

so when Yuuri comes back, Victor has the shadiest face on. He’s so annoyed. He was basically rebuffed in front of everyone. 





He’s not the one to ever get ignored. But yet Yuuri did it and it makes Victor, as Yuuri puts it, “prickly”. 

So what does Victor do? He basically tricks Yuuri into allowing him to show affection in front of everyone, which negates how upset he was at being ignored. He wants Yuuri to accept his love so badly.

the signs as women i have known
  • aries: would come to the store i worked at and talk to me about everything under the sun because we were both bored.
  • taurus: has a raspy little voice and loves to tell everyone how wrong they are. eats food more as a hobby and less of a need.
  • gemini: tunnel vision. can talk to you about the complicated physics of time but can't remember the names of most of her coworkers.
  • cancer: talked to my roommate on our porch in the freezing cold about how having his identity stolen was not going to ruin his life and what she can do to help him. the most nurturing person i've ever met.
  • leo: travel buddy. the kind of person you ask a question and she's already googled it for you. calculated and spontaneous at the same time.
  • virgo: diplomatic af. personable and kind. mothered me back to health when i blacked out at a party and ordered all of the ubers.
  • libra: we once bought an entire bottle of vodka, two loaves of bread, and an entire wheel of brie. we went to lush and asked them for all the samples they could reasonably give us.
  • scorpio: witch woman. sold rock grids on etsy for a while. went vegan and was the person who convinced me to switch to using a menstrual cup. owns a bong bigger than her entire torso.
  • sagittarius: told people she had ebola when she was involved with a trial vaccine for the disease just to see the look on peoples' faces.
  • capricorn: can remember every place i've ever asked her for a ride to and how to get there without having to ask for directions.
  • aquarius: had a business degree but could not figure out that the candy store we worked at wasn't doing well because we were surrounded by 7 other candy stores.
  • pisces: self destructive drinker. we both dated the same guy and tried to hate each other but couldn't. we run into each other once every six months or so and have conversations that last hours. we once held a funeral for a dragonfly while we were beyond fucked up.
to everyone who has abusive parents:

there may come a point in your life where you realize that you’re not nearly as close with your parent(s) as you used to be. you may realize that their abuse is the cause of this. 

you may also experience feelings of numbness or apathy towards them while spending time with them (willingly or not) or speaking to them. you may not enjoy doing things with them, feeling like you don’t love them anymore, truly. you may feel like when someone asks you if you love your parent, you think: “i have to, they’re my family member.” you may feel as though you miss having a healthy bond with them, if there ever was a time that harbored such. 

and that’s okay. those feelings are normal. you may never be as close as you were with your parent prior to the abuse, and that’s okay. you don’t need to pretend to love them if you don’t. sometimes it’s better this way. it doesn’t mean you have to hate them, although it’s understandable if you do. it doesn’t mean you have to never be friendly with them ever again. 

healing takes time. if healing means not being as close to your parent as before, then that’s completely fine. you do what you need to do to heal and be happy. you are not alone.

Mark Gatiss just told everyone his version of Sherlock is dandy. I’ve noticed TJLCers aren’t even writing TJLC-specific meta anymore, we simply don’t need it.

– Sherlock is dandy.

– Sherlock’s whole world has come crashing down. Surprise. It’s about John. 

– Sherlock and John are driven so far apart everyone in the world is begging for them to reconcile. 

– Sherlock is learning how to listen to his heart.

– John is having a crisis over what he’s really wanted all this time.

– Sherlock saying “I love you” is important enough to be the only thing they show us of “The Final Problem” in the trailers. 

– Benedict Cumberbatch, knowing he shouldn’t say too much about series 4, couldn’t help himself and told us “love conquers all”. 

– Steven Moffat sighed immediately, in defeat.

– Series 4 airs, they walk through hell and back together.

– They live Happily Ever After.

this week on “why AA is the only Good avengers universe left”
  • the team has game nights
    • specifically, card game nights, because steve is an old man/dweeb who loves Pinochle
    • everyone hates Pinochle
    • but, everyone loves steve more than they hate Pinochle, so they play it anyway
    • (and apparently, steve is undefeated)
  • the government tries to control the Avengers under a “New Powers Act” and, quote:
    • Tony: “Some government pencil-neck giving us orders? I don’t like it.”
    • Steve: “I’m with you.”
    • WOW!!!!!!
    • they agree with each other…….they Support each other
    • thnk u @god i never thought i’d live ot see the day…….
  • the government aka shady, self-imposed liaison Truman Marsh tries to get rid of Hulk (and replace him with Red Hulk)
    • cue the team expressing unfailing support of their friend
    • cue the team taking Hulk aside and encouraging him not to let “critics like Marsh” get him down
    • cue the team working together seamlessly to save the day even with added pressure from the government
    • cue me weeping
  • last but not least, Steve and Tony continue to be shamelessly married
    • what a world