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:3 Then...I think we should do what Rick suggests. We all love Morty in one way or another, and we want what's best for him. Why don't we change the subject? How are plans coming for the masquerade? What kind of music will there be?

“The plans for the masquerade are going good! I got my mask adjusted for the theme Rick and I are doing and things are moving along smoothly! I-I’m trying to think of fun things for you guys” Mordecai grins sheepishly. “Awe jeez, I just really hope everyone has fun, really! There’s going to be a live orchestra to play uhh… music for the waltz and such. I’m trying to see what else I can convince them to play”
Morty presses back into Rick’s chest and giggles, smiling widely. “This guy right here has been practicing the dances with me, it’s a lot of fun!” The prince sighs. “T-thank you guys for being so understanding! It-it means a lot. You are all the sweetest!”

Markiplier Gets A PUPPY!!
Everyone say hi to CHICA!!

Off the topic of everything else for a moment, I would like to remind everyone that it’s been 2 years since this video
2 years since Mark got Chica

This is the dog who:

  • Mark said in this video we’d probably get sick of, but now we make jokes about wanting her to take over the channel
  • has helped raise so much money for charity because everyone wants to donate so she’ll be pet and told she’s a good girl
  • we actually ask to see during livestreams
  • comes along with us on van adventures
  • is loved my millions

She is one special dog, and I hope you let her know @markiplier 

Hey everyone!

So this blog has been around long enough and become popular enough (thanks!) that I’ve noticed a lot of repeat or similar questions coming in. Now, as much as I love getting questions and while I do think there is value in answering individually, how would you all feel about if I made some resource sheets? That way, I can direct you to the correct page and then answer any individual aspects from there. I’d probably try to put them on pages here for convenience, but I’d also post them on a WordPress or something to deal with the mobile issue. What do y'all think?

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For me, one of the best parts of anyone x Dia (or everyone x Dia) is imagining Ruby being SUPER FUCKING EXCITED that her friends are going to be her in-laws. The only thing better than a sister? Two sisters. Or eight.

LOL!!! Yeah!! More birthday presents! Ruby comes out holding a sign that says “I support my polyamorous sister!!!”

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What are Kaos's feelings for Feuriah? We know she loves him very much, but Kaos comes off as very aloof and disinterested. Naturally not everyone has to be a super romantic type and sure Kaos doesn't seem the type to be very affectionate through his ego, but really ive never seen any evidence that Kaos really cares about Feuriah beyond her being a good companion and minion. (there have been a few small instances i will admit)

They argue and bicker a lot, but most of the time they get along. They just aren’t super affectionate in front of others, Feur’s a LOT more subtle with little nips at Kaos’ cloak (gentle bites are a dragon’s way of little kisses, though she bites at his hood/shoulder instead of skin since metal+flesh not a good mix 8,D), nuzzles, deep purring (a sound mixed with a lion/tiger purr and alligator hiss/growl), and just being close and around him she’ll wrap her tail or wing around him protectively. Again, usually done in private when they’re hanging out watching TV or she’s doing all the fun paperwork of being Queen. Feur’s pretty reserved on reminding him that she loves him though, she prefers showing affection then telling.

Kaos… tries 8,D obviously he’s had zero experience. But after all they’ve been threw (blog canon have them together for like, 30ish years 8,D), they’ve rounded out to a chaotic (har har) but loving relationship. Kaos isn’t the best, nor near perfect partner (reminder, they actually aren’t married), he’s still VERY much flawed but after the Trap Team arc, he’s made more of an effort to stay Feuriah’s Emperor.

I’d honestly like to show them being a couple more, but I’ve always got like a MILLION things going on at once 8,D so with them, I’ve shown them more as a long term couple, where it’s more casual and relaxed. Again, they’ve been paired for like 30ish years, they’re more affectionate towards each other than ever before but they’re very comfortable and onto each other’s sheit more 8,D Kaos shown in the show/games is without knowing Feur, and he has to go through some serious character development, but it’s smoothed over all those years with rough patches.

~Weird Hyenas


Baku Squad + nicknames

Also I noticed Bakugou picked friends that went well with orange (next stop Bakugou realizing Deku’s green+red matches his own green+orange fashion style and they finally become friends)


happy(late)halloween! 🎃 some spooky pokemon adopts auction from Nov 1-Nov 4!

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froslass,banette, duskull,houndoom,yamask, mismagius, litwick, gourgeist, golett, hydreigon, trevenant, mimikyu, and zoroark has sold! tysm!


(i’m doing their first and last SOLO lines, bc then over half of the firsts are “four jews in a room bitching” and the lasts are “and godchild to the lesbians from next door!”)

F: “Bitching!”
L: “…my friend.”

F: “Bitching!”
L: (alive!) “To Jason’s bar mitzvah!” OR “Thank you.”
(dead!) “There are no answers but what would I do?”

F: “Bitching!”
L: “Vie-eme-low yea-o-leh. Heh-oh-non vi-low. Ah-yis-is-ooh ay-is-ro-ale Ha-ooh low toe vo-o-meem aboh” (got the pronunciation off genius bc i’m not jewish and don’t know any hebrew so sorry!)

F: “Whadda they do for love?”
L: “This is where we take a stand. Welcome to Falsettoland.”

F: “Slavery! SLAVERY!”
L: “And aren’t things lovely?”

F: “Woman internist”
L: “I think perhaps I’m overdressed.”

L: “I think perhaps it doesn’t matter that you are.”

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Apparently Taylor will share some if not most of the stuff she's been saying about the songs at the SS with the rest of the fandom after the album comes out so everyone needs to chill, Taylor has a plan and is not gonna leave out the majority of the fandom: "The influences behind each song should NOT be shared. Taylor wants to share these with all fans when the album comes out." twitter(.)com/TailoreSouift/status/922044830053740544

also this entire thread is worth reading. i really like what she says about not comparing rep to SN or Red or 1989 etc because the fact is that each album is amazing and different and has its place in the world….each in their own way … and so why compare … …. let’s just love each album child for who they are, they are all important and special   💗💗


hello there!! have you been doing well, angel? if not, this is a gentle but firm reminder to get your shit together. but hey, why shouldn’t you be proud of yourself? you have conquered so many years of your life and - no don’t you dare try to be modest, every single tiny achievement matters. + I’m here to tell you that failing is NORMAL. everyone fails at one thing or another but succeed at another. And if you feel that you aren’t successful at anything, then darling you haven’t tried hard enough.
alright alright, before I begin ranting out of the topic, let’s get started.

note: this is a part of the get your shit together masterposts. To view the other articles in this category and to view the topics in this that I’ll be covering in future, go here.

avoiding negative feelings

the biggest reason why I don’t have that many negative thoughts (note that I said “many” and not all. I too have bad days once  in a while) now because I realized that I, and only I, am completely on my side. I’m there for me at all times, throughout my life. And doesn’t it sound stupid to be against the only player on my team?

once i realized that, it become so much easier to work at par with myself and to love myself. I became more patient with myself, started embracing my flaws and loving the person that I was. sounds pretty cringy? that’s only because we don’t talk about these things and we feel they aren’t worth talking about. However if you really want to conquer life, loving yourself is the most important layer in this many layered cheesecake and yes, i like food.

cheat code: so how do avoid negative feelings? the answer lies in realizing your worth and capabilities and being on the same team as your own self.

dealing with negative feelings

now we come to the part when you are having negative feelings. Everyone has bad days and negative feelings but you can deal with ‘em in a better way than feeling low and wasting your entire day. and here’s way number one -

figure out what triggered you. when I have a bad day I sit down and list down what exactly provocated the bad day. these were my reasons -

  • someone said I was being annoying
  • I didn’t get much done that day
  • I felt gross and untidy

then, find solutions to those problems.

  • hey, everyone don’t have to like you. you are proud of yourself and that’s enough.
  • Make a list. Do those things. I don’t care if you’re tired, do those things. If you don’t do them, you’ll feel guilty and that’s never fun.
  • god, just go take a shower again. (taylor, you stink.)

as you see, the problems were really petty and solutions are pretty simple. but remember that these problems aren’t negligible. this method works bc once you figure out solutions to them, you figure out a method how to fight them so that the same problems to affect you again. Now I know that when I feel gross I need to take a shower and not roam around like a stinky animal. See what I mean?

lastly, realize that these things are not worth you losing control of yourself and walking around like a dead zombie #rip.

sometimes I have negative feelings because I feel under confident or not sure about something. when this happens, which leads me to way number two - I have a convo with myself.

ok mate, why do you feel down? um I don’t feel sure about this presentation. what if I screw this up? what if the teacher is like this is so shit?? what if I never get to eat donuts again???

seriously? well, I can assure you that donuts aren’t going extinct. as for this interview, listen child. you have prepared for this shit, you can do it. doN’T freak out and don’t think you can’t ace this. you can, trust me.

talking to myself not only helps calm me down but also gives me a sense of purpose. That I have promised myself to ace this and I cannot let myself down. 

loving yourself

  • understanding why

why should you love yourself?

bc you yourself crave the feeling to be loved. isn’t being in love simply magical? Well, so is being in love with yourself. it is even more magical tbh. this is bc you are with yourself 24/7 and when you start loving yourself you become much more aware of yourself and you have able to work much better since you are able to identify your flaws and strengths. Remember when you used to bitch about that girl on whom every guy had a crush and you none? (same fam #LongLiveTheHobos) Turns out that someone does have a huge crush on you. Love yourself, your brain craves for you.

  • take yourself out on dates

raise your hand if you think dates are great. I agree. They are even better when you go out to a restaurant bc like food is great. it is super important that you take your own self out of dates and not only bc you are hungry but bc a conqueror (yAS THOSE ARE MY PEOPLE) knows the value of taking time off for himself. These are not simply slogging through the weekend and binge watching Netflix, mind you. That’s a huge waste of time, froind. A conqueror makes a date official. cheat code: remember that your dates have to be memorable and most importantly, well earned. Here’s a checklist to make your dates more special.

  • positive energy, check.
  • more smiles and hugs, check.
  • a happy mindset, check.
  • and how about a list of things that you can do for yourself?

the turn a bad day around challenge

here’s the first challenge of the get your shit together series! I introduced this bc readers said that the topics on here were easy to say but harder to carry out.I do agree with that but hey, I never said that getting your shit together would be easy. by completing the challenges you can implement the ideas I’m trying to propagate here and also get a feel of having that particular area under your control.

  • task one: when you are having a bad day, sit down. list down the reasons why it was a bad day and why are you feel down. it can be as simple as not getting enough sleep and feeling grumpy.
  • task two: list down the solutions that you can use to overcome those problems.
  • task three: remind yourself that these petty problems cannot cost you your valuable time and that you are a badass bitch and you can handle everything.
  • task four: make a to-do list. I know you haven’t done no shit today so now is the time to shine. don’t put like a thousand things on the list tho lmao. three - four would do enough for the moment.
  • task five: do those things. seriously, do them.
  • task six: (and this is the nicest one) treat yo'self!! you have literally turned around a bad day and done so much shit! you have successfully conquered this day, a day which would have been spent lamenting and getting nothing done. maybe go treat yourself to some delicious pumpkin pie from a bakery (share with me pls); you really do deserve it!! I’m so proud of you :^)

and that’s it, it’s a wrap! if you have any questions/suggestions regarding anything I said up there (or maybe you just wanna talk about food), feel free to send in a message! my other masterposts are here and to request a masterpost, leave your question in my ask box!

I hope you all are well, stay safe and conquer life, you amaze conqueror :“)


every westallen scene ever (122/?)

Dating Steve Harrington Would Include

Originally posted by soothingheart

  • Buying him KFC because it’s finger licking good
  • Lots of PDA
  • He just wants to show everyone your his
  • Watching him play basketball while doing your homework
  • After he finished he comes over to you dripping in sweat asking you for a hug
  • You saying no
  • Which leads to him chasing you around the gym before catching you and giving you a salty kiss
  • Steve always has his arm around your waist
  • Or he holds your hand
  • Has to be touching you
  • Study dates which lead to making out
  • Taking care of him when he gets beat up
  • Would fight anyone for you
  • Taking care of your adoptive children
  • Steve saying I love you first and meaning it
  • Because he thought he wouldn’t find anyone after Nancy
  • But then he met you
  • Him giving you nose kisses before going to class
  • Whipped as fuck
  • Always going to your locker to see you
  • Being late because he wants to keep kissing you
  • Steve’s adorable man
  • Steve will whine if you don’t pay attention to him
  • Salty kisses
  • Slow soft kisses
  • Hard passionate kisses
  • Steve being the big spoon when cuddling
  • But he’s totally down for being the little spoon when needed
  • Slow love making with Steve whispering sweet things in your ear
  • After sex cuddles
  • Waking up before him because Steve is knocked out when he falls asleep
  • Going to the Snow Ball with Dustin and Steve watches with a smile on his face
  • Before Dustin being the little shit head he is goes in for a kiss
  • You haven’t seen Steve run that fast in your life
  • Dustin ended up kissing Steve’s hand
  • “Jealous Harrington?”
  • He just kisses so you shut up
  • Steve is the jealous type it’s not that he doesn’t trusts you because he trusts you more than his life
  • He doesn’t trust the guys at your school
  • Like Billy
  • Punching Billy in the face before Steve was able to do anything
  • When a demogorgon tries to attack the kids you grab Steve’s bat and swing it throwing the demogorgon a few feet back
  • Steve thought that was hot as fuck
  • Going to the movies
  • Not going to Tina’s party and just hanging out
  • Playing with his hair
  • Him letting you mess up his amazing hair
  • Piggy back rides
  • Car sex
  • Steve grabbing your ass in the hallways
  • He’s a cheeky little shit
  • Pick up lines
  • Whispering dirty things in your ear at the most inappropriate times
Is Your Sign a Hoe?

Aries: You can be, when you’re not obsessing over one person

Taurus: Yes, Taurus is typically one of the most hedonistic signs

Gemini: You were born to be a Hoe. Own it. But eventually you’ll get bored with that. And then five years later you’ll be ready to hoe again.

Cancer: You’re a Hoe for love and validation , but generally? Nah, you’re not a Hoe.

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Can you please write some adorable reddie cuddling fluff? I've been reading tons of angst and I'm gonna cry 😭

with pleasure my dude

(FYI - they’re a little older in this, nearly 20, as theres a few lil mentions of smexy times and some teasing and making out etc because i don’t write that very much and wanted a change, sue me)

please listen to tee shirt by birdy to get super cutesy vibes and all the feels <3

It was still dark out when Eddie woke up, squinting up to look out the window at the early morning sky. He checked his watch, seeing it was 5:45 am, and smiled. He still had hours to kill before waking up. He felt something move from underneath him and he turned his head to come face to face with Richie’s sleeping form. And he smiled.

Richie had snuck in again last night, just before midnight like clockwork, and begged Eddie to just fall asleep on top of him. So he had, and god was he happy he did. Eddie had fallen asleep on his front, leaning on Richie’s shoulder and tucking his face into his neck, softly sighing as Richie stroked the side of his face to help him fall asleep. He had slept for a good few hours until he woke up, but those few hours were pure bliss. 

Richie shifted again and let out some air through his nose before blinking open his eyes slightly. He saw Eddie staring at him and he smiled.

“You’re staring again.” He whispered. 

“You look cute in the morning.” Eddie said quietly and Richie chuckled, his chest rumbling and making butterflies erupt in Eddie’s stomach. 

“Thank you. You look pretty adorable too.” Richie said, pressing a kiss to Eddie’s forehead. “What time is it? Do we have to get up now?” Richie asked sadly and Eddie shook his head, holding his wrist with the watch on to Richie’s face.

“We have ages. Go back to sleep if you want.” He said and Richie shrugged.

“Don’t wanna if you’re gonna be awake.”

“I’ll fall asleep too. You know I can’t stay away for too long.” Eddie pointed out, and snuggled into Richie’s neck, pressing a kiss at the base of his throat. Richie hummed in appreciation and rested his hand on the side of Eddie’s face, stroking the hairs just behind his ear. Eddie loved it when Richie was gentle with him, compared to how brash and loud he could be outside or with the others. He loved that side of Richie, it was fun and adventurous and he never knew what to expect from him, but soft, sleepy, Richie was his favourite. 

Eddie started pressing soft kisses across Richie’s neck, listening to the soft noises he was making, and then kissed behind his ear, making him shiver. Richie moved away slightly and Eddie whined, trying to kiss him again.

“I’m way too tired to flip you over right now, please don’t kiss me there until I’m wide awake and ready to go.” Richie joked, but Eddie stopped, knowing he was right. Even though Richie was more dominant in more than one aspect, when Eddie tried to take control he was putty in his hands. Eddie settled on resting the side of his face on the pillow and just staring up at his boyfriend instead. He was so beautiful, all freckles and pale skin and bright, brown eyes. He looked different without his glasses, but a good different. Older, more mature. Less like ‘Trashmouth Tozier’ or ‘Bucky Beaver’ that he had been known as during school. Now, he was just Richie. And Eddie loved just Richie. 

“What are we doing today again?” Richie asked after a short while of peaceful silence.

“Bev asked us to come to the movies with her and then we’re helping Stan pack for College. After that, nothing.” Eddie said sleepily. Richie nodded.

“Wanna get dinner tonight?”

“Not another pizza, Richie. My face is already breaking out from yesturday’s binge.”

“No,” Richie snorted. “Not pizza. Like, real food. From a restaurant.” Eddie smirked and looked up at him.

“Are you asking me out on a date, Tozier?” Eddie nearly died when he saw Richie’s face turn a little pink.

“Would that be so terrible?”

“Only a little bit.” Eddie teased and Richie rolled his eyes, gently flicking Eddie’s ear.


“You love me.” Eddie hummed and Richie smiled, kissing his forehead.

“Yeah, unfortunately.” Eddie scoffed and started to scoot away from him.

“I’m never snuggling with you again.” He threatened and Richie grabbed him before he could move further away, flipping them over and pinning Eddie underneath him. Eddie let out a breath, not expecting that at all, as Richie beamed down at him. “I thought you were too tired?”

“I perk up when you start getting fiesty and bratty.” Richie said and Eddie tutted at him.

“Bratty, pft! As if!” Richie leaned down rubbed his nose against Eddie’s fondly, making his heart melt.

“You’re so cute when you try to prove me wrong.”

“I’m not cute, I’m manly!”

“Shut up, Eddie. You’re adorable.” Richie said, kissing Eddie’s jaw. “Cute, cute, cute!” He kissed his nose, his cheek, and his collarbone for each word and Eddie bit his lip, holding back a smile.

“If the others could see us right now they’d puke.” He said and Richie laughed.

“I think Stan would bust a nut, being in the same room as us would be the most action he’s gonna get.”

“Don’t be mean!” Eddie frowned, swatting Richie’s hand. “Stan is gonna find somebody soon, just you wait.”

“He still won’t get as much as I do.” Richie raised an eyebrow, making Eddie go red.

“Shut up. I just put up with your horny ass because I have too.”

“I never hear you complaining, like, in fact, I always hear you telling me not to stop.”

“Okay, that’s enough.” Eddie warned, pointing a finger up at him.

“Billy Boy would be so shocked at the filthy words that have come out of your little mouth, Eds. He’d be asking everyone where his precious little best friend has gone!” Richie grinned. “The answer, by the way, is underneath me. Or on top of me when I’m lazy. Like the good boy he is.”

“Do you kiss your Mom with that trashy mouth?” Eddie asked. Richie shrugged.

“No, but I kiss yours. And man does she love it-”

“Don’t make me say beep beep, you’ve been so good recently.” Eddie groaned and Richie sighed, before flopping onto his side, his arms getting tired. Eddie slowly moved back so he was lying beside him and reached up to move some of Richie’s wild hair out of the way. “You’re beautiful.” Eddie whispered, and for once, Richie didn’t make a joke. He just smiled.

“So are you. I got real lucky.”

“Yeah, you did.”

“Shut up.” Richie teased, pressing his lips to Eddie’s, the two of them lazily moving and intertwining hands. When they eventually broke apart, Richie closed his eyes as Eddie carried on playing with his hair. “Can we, just…stay here forever?”

“The bed sheets would get so gross.” Eddie grimaced and Richie laughed.

“I hope you never change, Eds.” He said and kissed him again. Eddie deepened the kiss, running his tongue over Richie’s and pulling his body flush against his. He sighed into his boyfriends mouth and then pulled away, grinning like an idiot. 

“Yeah, let’s stay here forever.”

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Is it just me, or in the promo when Dean tells Cas it's good to have him back, Dean looks kinda... terrified? Nervous? Idk he's just really wide eyed 😳😂😬

Originally posted by faramaiofnerdwoodforest

I mean… yeah… he’s TERRIFIED.

He’s been slowly falling in love with the guy over the best part of a decade despite a million reasons not to, really not wanting to, he just couldn’t help it.

He keeps thinking he’s dead and gone for good and he just keeps coming back, leading him to fall further in love with him EACH TIME.

Then now he thought he was totally, ultimately, forever gone for good. He lost his faith, he was suicidal, he tried to use his coping mechanisms and they just failed spectacularly. 

He was BROKEN.

Then Cas is just… Zap, Back, Just Like That. Standing at a phone booth.

He’s just a guy, standing in front of a guy, asking him to…ahem, give him a ride?

…. COME ON!!

Of course Dean is TERRIFIED. He’s terrified of his feelings, he has been for so long. But now he’s not only terrified of his own feelings but also of Cas’ now that he knows them or at least suspects even if he shoves that all the way down cos 

“he said he loves me? no no no! I’m no good for him, he deserves better, if I just… if I just keep acting like a bro he’ll get over it and we can just move on, it’ll hurt but it’s for the best. For him, for me, for everyone, it’s less…complicated”.

So yeah he’s TERRIFIED that not only does he love him and well all the reasons he thinks he shouldn’t but also he kinda feels like it’s reciprocated but hey also perhaps not, maybe Cas is just confused, Angels aren’t supposed to feel so maybe Cas just doesn’t KNOW what he’s feeling? Angels can’t feel, “when they try.. it breaks them” in his own words. 

And even if Cas does love him and it’s all cool, if they DID ever get together Dean is terrified of breaking Cas further, everything bad that’s ever happened in his mind to Cas (including all his deaths) happened BECAUSE OF HIM.

Dean is poison in his mind, still, he’s getting better but… things like this ARE NOT HELPING.

And when did Dean Winchester ever think he was going to get a happy ending anyway? What’s the point in having something with Cas if they’re only going to end up dead anyway. It’s just something else for him to lose…

So yeah. He’s TERRIFIED. For good reason. 

Dean Badass Hunter Extraordinaire Winchester, the one monsters are scared of, whose defied Death hundreds of times and is literally the embodiment of Humanity and God… is terrified of love, needs to accept he is good and worthy and acts like an 8 year old around his crush.


He has a LOT of things to overcome before he just jumps on Cas and smooches him. He needs to start to feel worthy, like he matters, like he really does do good in the world and deserves to be saved.

That good things do happen and he deserves them to happen to him.

Buckle up for the ride…


STEPHANIE CORNELIUSSEN plays Super Mario Odyssey at Nintendo Booth at Comic-Con Russia 2017 (September 30, 2017)

bts - angry sex

requested :)

angry/jealous sex


“god. I cant believe you jin!” you yelled as the two of you stormed into your shared apartment, jin slaming the door behind him.

“well i cant believe you either y/n!” he retorted back at your, practically throwing his shoes off.

the two of you went to a dinner that night with the other members. the whole car ride to the fancy restaurant was strangely quiet, but you didnt ask jin about it. when you guys got the restaurant, he barely spoke a word to you. 

you were talking to jungkook beside you when  you heard jin speak, “yah! namjoon, i know y/n looks like a slut tonight but keep your eyes up here.” your eyes bulged out of your head as he finished his sentence. you looked down at your dress, sure, your boobs were kind of showing, but you wouldnt call yourself a slut. 

you angrily stood up and walked out of the resturant, hearing jin groan from behind you as he excused you two from the table for the night. 

so now, the two of you stood facing eachother, eyes narrowed at each other, breathing heavely. 

“i cant believe you would call me a slut in front of your friends.” you groaned, your hand coming to rest on your forehead. 

instantly, something clicked in jin. his head turned to the side a bit, and his eyes scanned your entire body. “ well that’s just what you are isnt y/n? a slut.”

you were about to snap at him, but was cut off by him pushing you up agaisnt the wall behind you. 

“ you like the feeling of all these peoples’ eyes on you dont you?” he spoke lowly into your ear as his hands roamed your entire body. “ you like knowing that all those little boys were imagining doing things to you- dirty things.” your breath hitched in your throat at his words. his lips sucking on your jaw and neck as his hands moved underneath your dress. “those are just little boys though y/n, let me show you what a man can do to please you.” 

Originally posted by aestheticpinkjoon


there your boyfriend was, sitting on the couch that you left him on earlier that day. by just standing in the doorway you could tell that he didnt do any of the chores you told him to do. 

“so yoongi, is all of the cleaning done?” you asked him as you took off your shoes, causing him to jump a little due to not hearing you come in. 

“uh no.” he responded, taking his feet off the coffee table. 

you sighed, “of course you didn’t, im the only one who needs to clean.” you walked into the kitchen and saw the pile of dirty dishes in the sink. 

now you heard yoongi stand up from his position and come into the kitchen.”what?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowed as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“i said that i’m the only one who ever cleans around here.” you repeated yourself, preparing for the fight that was about to begin. 

“i clean around here.” he stated, coming closer to you.

“really when? because i havent noticed.”  

he then pushed you against the kitchen counter, his hands on the counter behind  you so you couldn’t move. “i do the laundry, i clean the bathroom and i sweep. so i do clean around here.”

the closeness between  youtwo, made you almost forget what you were fighting about as he spoke those words. “fine, you do help a little, but not doing the chorse i tell you t-” you were cut off by him basically smashing his lips onto your own. 

“shut up and let me fuck you now yeah?” he said as he pulled back quickly, you only gettign enough time to nod before he’s ripping both of your clothes off and fucking you abruptly on the kitchen counter. it was messy, and it really did not help get your apartment any cleaner. 

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he was furious. beyond angry. he wasnt your normal sunshine that you and everyone else has come to love. his face was blushed red from yelling. veins in his neck were very prominent. his eyebrows were furrowed and he looked extremely hot. sure, you didn’t like him being mad at you but, he just looked so damn good. 

he sighed, “i cant keep yelling anymore y/n.” he said and sat down on the couch, his head in his hands. 

“then dont.” you smirked, coming closer to your boyfriend.

“what?” he looked up at you.

“fuck me instead.” now the both of you were smirking, the fight leaving your guys’ minds as you climbed onto his lap. his hands immediately gripped onto your waist, and you starting to grind down onto his member. his lips attached themselves onto your neck, biting harshly, making sure to leave marks. soft moans fell from your lips as your tilted your head back and closed your eyes. his hands now letting go of your hips and starting to rip off your clothing instead. 

your breaths mixed together for the rest of the night. his roughs, still kinda angry thrusts made you forget everything that happened a few hours before. 

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rap monster

you have never seen him like this before. his nosrils flaring, his chest moving fast from heavy breathing and his eyes narrowed at you. his hands were even flinching at his sides. 

you guys had been fighting for almost a hour now, over somethng that didnt even matter anymore. you were furious at him, you wanted to keep fighting with him, but as his previous actions faded away and turned into lust, you knew it was over.

“come here baby girl.” he demanded, anger still laced in his voice. you followed his command and walked the few steps towards him until you were directly infront of him. “i think youve been quite mean to daddy tonight, maybe you should make it up to him, and he might do the same to you.” you nodded in response, his words fading your anger away and filling it with lust. “good. now strip.”

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jimin rarely got mad, but he did get jealous- extremely jealous. so, when he was pushing you back into his bedroom and away from the boys, you werent really surprised. 

“jimin, what is it now?” you asked, your arms crossing over your chest. 

his eyes scanned your body before responding, “look what youre wearing.” 

your head and eyes looked down to see your outfit; your sleeping shorts, that you guess are pretty short, and a tank top. 

“all of the boys were looking at you, biting their lips, scanning your body.” he spoke as he walked closer to you, pulling your hips into his. thats when you felt it, his hard member poking into your hip. “they want you baby, but they cant have you since youre mine. only mine.” 

“yes jimin, i’m only yours.” you smirked at him, loving where this was going. 

he smashed his lips onto yours and pushed you down onto the bed, him landing softly on top of you. his hands went up the sides of your body roughly, and his hips grinded into your own. 

“i want you to be extra loud this time, make the others remember who you belong to.” he whispered into your ear before biting down onto your neck, a loud moan leaving your lips instantly, “thats it baby, be loud.” 

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he was pinning you onto the bed, his whole weight on you so you couldnt move. you had made him mad, so you were expecting this. 

“youve made me very mad kitten. i think you should be punished.” his raspy voice spoke. 

almost instantly, you were stripped from your clothes and sprawled over his lap on your stomach. his hands roamed your ass before giving your right ass cheek a quick slap. the fabric of his jeans rubbing against your stomach since he was still fully dressed. “count every spanking or i start over. understand kitten?” he asked. 

“yes daddy.” you responded. 

your punishment went for another 19 spankings, your ass red as hell and tears streaming down your face in pleasure and pain- a feeling  you loved. 

“youve taken your punishment very well kitten. i think its time for your reward,” taehyung said, a smile spreading across his face as his long fingers started to play with the lips of your pussy. you bit your lip, trying to hold in your moans from the pleasure he was giving you. suddenly, a hand came down on your sore ass cheek, causing you to yelp out. “stop holding back, let me hear your pretty moans y/n.” 

with that, for the rest of the night, all that was heard were your moans and screams of pleasure and other erotic noises. 

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he glared at you from across the club, not believing what you were doing. you knew he was watching, it was all apart of your plan. angry jealous sex is what you have been craving recently, so that is what you will get. 

you were standing infront of jimin, your hands running up and down his thighs as you leaned over a little, trying to push your boobs into his face.

“uh y/n, i dont know what youre doing, but i think you should stop.” jimin spoke to you, a bit taken a back and frightened. he saw the way jungkook was looking at the two of you and it was not good. 

“nono jimin, its all part of my plan. i need really good sex tonight.” you reassured jimin, a smirk almost instantly spreading across his face, 

“well i think its working because hes coming over here now, and he does not look happy.” suddenly, you felt a warm hand grip your wrist and spin you around.

“y/n. its time to go.” jungkook spoke calmly, but you could see the way his eyes pierced into yours, and how his jaw was clenched, that he was beyond pissed. you nodded to him and followed behind him as he started walking towards the exit, but not before smirking and winking back at jimin. 

as soon as you were outside, jungkook pushed you up against the brick wall outside the club. 

“you should know how i feel when men look at the way jimin hyung was looking at you like that y/n.” jungkook growled lowly into your ear, his hands griping your hips. “you’re mine. no one looks at whats mine like that.” you were about to respond until his warm mouth bite down on your neck, the cold fall breeze instantly cooling it. “im going to have to mark you everywhere so everyone knows whats mine.” 

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