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So, someone mentioned how Andrew liked neck kisses and all I could think of was how that physical show of affection was perhaps one of the few things that wasn’t tainted enough for Andrew to be physically or mentally repulsed by it and I was suddenly drowning in headcanons. Allow me to indulge on the few I could think about without feeling that I might stumble upon a possible trigger:

  • Neil pressing his nose to the underside of Andrew’s jaw makes something stupidly warm and fastidiously content want to hug his not-boyfriend but he knows he doesn’t like feeling contained and he doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable but he’s moving away an
  • Neil using his fingernail to draw lines on the palm of Andrew’s hands as he lays on top of his other arm, making sure to assure him that he can take his hand away whenever he wants to, while staring dreamily at his hand makes it a little easier to associate softness and delicacy with his touch
  • Neil sliding his hand around the crook of his arm as their walking 
  • Neil tracing each line and curve of his countenance with delicate touches of his fingers as their siting astride the edge of the fox tower (i.e. thumb brushing softly and slowly across eyelashes as he stares blankly at the dazed look on his face, fingers curling as they follow the curve of the outer shell of his ear then to the line of his jawline, etc.) then slowly coming down to cup his jaw and ask for a yes before softly pressing a gentle kiss to the lips Neil had pointedly avoided touching with his fingers

those who blame jj abrams’ directing skills for not being able to see how brave finn is are so pathetic
listen i’m not that much a fan of abrams either but if you haven’t thought finn is brave throughout the whole movie then you are nothing more than a racist you cannot see good black characters without stereotypes and negative thoughts and you don’t give attention they deserve

“The fascinating thing about Kylo and Rey is that they’re two sides of something.” - Rian Johnson

“This is the moment of course where Kylo Ren learns about Rey. And now, these two disparate pieces come together.“ - JJ Abrams

“He [Kylo] sensed his destiny and Rey’s were somehow intertwined, but how?” - SW Databank

“The belonging you seek is not behind you, it is ahead.” - Maz Kanata to Rey of Jakku

Meet & Greet

Ellen Muth - We got Ellen at our table straight off the bat (not a sign of things to come!) she was super sweet and less nervous than I imagined. 

Aaron Abrams - He said lovely things about my flower crowns (the ones at our table and at others) decided that I should promo my crowns with “the cumberbund feel”. 

Demore Barnes - Had some lovely white wine, we watched him read his invite and it was beautiful!

Hugh Dancy - So we went around the table and asked where everyone was from, being from Hampshire I won! He left with lots of Jaffa Cakes and after having some whisky (and safe to say his tolerance for whisky is v. different from fanfic Will.) He was super lovely and up for the weekend and it made me really happy to see him comfortable! It was decided that Tr/ump talk was banned for the weekend to give everyone a week. Hugh took three taps to be pulled away from our table so dude wanted a chat!

Scott Thompson - He recognised me from RDC1! Amazing! We played Cards Against Humanity and of course the “Preller” white card won!

Bryan Fuller - We were the last table at the Meet and Greet, Bryan didn’t manage to get to us until just after 3am. He was lovely and still up for it even though it was so late! It was amazing how he just stayed at those tables until their chats were done. He saw my Cards Against Hannibal and took a photo of a chilton card to show Raul! We talked loads about American Gods, got loads of tit bits and then finally got around to discussing Hannibals future. I thought it was super important we translate this info to everyone:

The options are as follows:

Swing Gaumonts Way: Continue the Hannibal and Will story (CUBAAAAAA) 

Swing MGMs Way: SOTL but, they loose Gaumont and the rights to Will.

Bryan was basically gauging the opinion of the room. There is a option to do Gaumont first, and then potentially go to MGM after. But basically it’s a choice about whether we want Will to continue being in the show. (And with Hugh Dancy here, it’s awful to think about!)

I’m personally massively of the opinion to finish what’s been started story wise, we need to continue with Will and Hannibal, and I’m happy to sacrifice a potential SOTL story line for it, but there’s always a chance to go back to SOTL with MGM after the Hannibal/Will story.

Let Bryan know your thoughts but it’s important to know that a SOTL story will not include Will in his current form.

(Serious bit over)

We got out of the M&G just before 4, Bryan did mention he hit a wall and honestly I don’t blame him. It’s by far the longest M&G but absolutely worth it!

Bryan took selfies with every table and hopefully he’ll upload them.


“You’re probably going to have a castle, and a prince and a princess, if you’re looking
at a fairy tale.”  
/   “She is  .  .  .  almost like Cinderella.”   /   “When his mask comes off .  .  . 
he looks like a sort of prince.” 
                        — J.J. Abrams (x)

Here comes a thought that might determine you
What someone did and how it harmed you…
This is how I imagine Jasper with hers thoughts. We all know who is the gem she thinks of.

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Reylo Quotes and References:

“The fascinating thing about Kylo and Rey is that they’re two sides of something.” - Rian Johnson, Empire Magazine. 

“Now these two disparate pieces come together.” J J.J. Abrams, TFA Commentary.

“He sensed his destiny and Rey’s were somehow intertwined, but how?” SW Data Bank.

“Kylo Ren, a character who she’s going to have a very interesting relationship with moving forward…” J. J. Abrams, TFA Commentary

Rey and Kylo Ren are “two halves of the dark and the light.” - Rian Johnson  

(Feel free to add the ones I missed.)

  • me: okay! time to sleep! it’s a school night!
  • brain: how could neil seriously think that andrew was using him for hate sex when his reaction in baltimore was so completely unlike him? andrew literally went back on his own promise to protect kevin by choking the goddamn guy himself, and it took three people just to pry him off. how can neil continue to think that andrew hates him when andrew agreed to everything he said, when andrew listened to him and carried the weight of his past without so much as batting an eye? how can neil possibly think that andrew wouldn’t want him to stay, when andrew would have burned the world to the ground if it meant finding him? how can neil possibly think that andrew wouldn’t want him there after asking him in book one “what would it take for you to stay?” followed by a “name it and it’s yours.” and neil, not nathaniel, tentatively asks if andrew would want him to stay because he’s unworthy of his support, of his keys, of his protection, of his home— and andrew, andrew, andrew — andrew who has a fear of heights, a fear of falling, a fear of the consequences of falling — falls headfirst into what can only possibly be described as love, a reason, an answer, a light, a someone to live for and wake up for every morning and know that his mere existence is enough, that his feelings will be returned because both their eyes echo with an understanding so deep, so vulnerable, it makes them weak in the knees. but that understanding also comes with a surreal amount of honesty and truth — “sunrise, abram, death” — and trust and comfort and just. the feeling that two broken people can feel a little less lonely because existing like this, in this moment, is enough. also,
"Sorry" doesn't sweeten my tea!

So, it has come to my knowledge that Lamar Abrams has apologized for Concrete.

While that is a nice gesture from him, that doesn’t excuse all of the things that happened before. There is also Rebecca Sugar, who is HIGHLY involved on Concrete’s description (that was her handwriting, I guess); she also has to apologize.

But, even if they did felt sorry for that repulsive caricature, it’s still bullshit.

“Sorry” doesn’t excuse the fact that Garnet, Amethyst and Connie are written in such a lousy manner.

“Sorry” doesn’t excuse the fact that Bismuth was demonized since the very beginning.

“Sorry” doesn’t excuse the fact that the Rubies are written as dumb and naive.

“Sorry” doesn’t excuse the fact that CrystalGem!Ruby is written as ill-tempered and destructive.

“Sorry” doesn’t excuse the fact that the zoomans were seen as “hot” and “childlike”.

The damage is already done. You just can’t un-crack an egg. It’s impossible to turn back now.

Long Story Short: It’s too late to apologize, you guys still are racist assholes to me, and SU should be CANCELLED.

It’s inconvenient truth time. 

Felicity Jones had the weakest performance in Rogue One. Like…it was not good. It was nearly impossible to connect with her as a character. There’s an emotional moment that relies on her ability to emote and the camera is focused on her face for an extended period and it just falls flat and even becomes awkward and uncomfortable to watch because she can’t sell it. All of the men of color in the film? Brilliant, heartfelt, emotional, strong performances. 

Which got me thinking about The Force Awakens. While Daisy Ridley does a decent job for it being her first film, her acting performance is, frankly, mediocre and the weakest of almost everyone in the film. There are key moments in the film where the emotional translation and meaning isn’t clear because her facial expressions and ability to physically emote lack necessary nuance and depth. The men of color in the film? Again, brilliant, heartfelt, emotional, strong performances. 

And what gets me is that Ridley got the role after like 3 months of auditions while John Boyega had to audition for 7 months and JJ Abrams had to have a come to Jesus moment with Disney execs because they were resistant to casting a Black man as the male lead. 

I’m just struck by how all of this is a blatant example of how PoC have to be twice as good and work twice as hard as white folks to get half as far. And to add insult to injury, even with a comparatively weaker performance, Ridley still got more leading role offers post TFA than Boyega and well all know that Felicity Jones is gonna get more shine & opportunities than the men of color in the film. I’m just tired of white people building careers and getting accolades on mediocre performances and calling it progressive because they happen to women, meanwhile PoC are consistently excellent and continue to be ignored and sidelined.