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Into the Drowning Deep Spoiler Free review

I work at a bookstore and got a galley of Into the Drowning Deep a few months ago, but it’s taken me a while to get around to starting it. A few days ago I finally did and goddamn am I glad I did.

Holy shit.

Do you ever read a book and feel in your bones that it’s going to be big? I feel that about this book. Look, I love @seananmcguire/Mira Grant’s work dearly. She’s a brilliant storyteller that has been responsible for more than one night of lost sleep or day of lost productivity as I failed all attempts to put down her books. She does great characters, amazing world building, and has shown a clear commitment to diversity.

This might be her best book yet. Look, it’s killer mermaids. You know no one is safe. You know that no matter how much you love a character, they might not make it to the end. The suspense is masterfully built. Every time a character gets into a dangerous situation you think, oh god, they’re not gonna make it, even while desperately hoping they will somehow. The characters are realistic, interesting, and again, extremely diverse. One of the main characters is Autistic and it’s an important part of her character without ever being a plot point. Two main characters are Deaf. One has chronic pain. Several are queer. Several are people of color. And characters even discuss the ways they’ve made the vessel accessible, from having flashing lights in addition to chimes in the elevator to having a separate gluten free kitchen.

But my favorite thing about this book is absolutely the science and the worldbuilding. In Newsflesh, Mira Grant delivered the most scientifically plausible zombies i’d ever read, and then dutifully traced out the societal fallout from the zombie apocalypse. In Into the Drowning Deep, she makes mermaids just as real, and just as terrifying. I found myself simultaneously hoping everyone would wise up and sail away as fast as their boat would carry them and hoping they’d stick around so we could learn more. That’s the nice thing about scientist main characters: you get a lot of science.

The ending is satisfying on its own while still leaving enough unanswered questions for a sequel. I hope we get one. I absolutely loved this book and can’t recommend it highly enough.

Canajane - College AU

Based on this beautiful picture by @zelkams-art.

Summary: Mirajane Strauss, a new freshman at college, has finally moved into her own apartment, and is ready to tackle the world with her own two hands. Complications, however, arise when her neighbor, Cana Alberone, invites herself into her life. 
Word Count: 2.3 K
Pairing: Canajane
Fandom: Fairy Tail
Rating: K+, but will change to T later due to eventual mentions of death, alcohol and drugs
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A/N: Hey guys! After a long time, I finally struck up the motivation to write something fandom related, thanks to the amazing work of @zelkams-art. Thank you for making the art you make! It’s beautiful :)
I know the fic might seem rushed, and might have a few errors here and there, but I’ve been writing this for the past 4 hours and I just wanna post it already rip. What can I say…it got a bit too long. I’ll edit it later, but for now, this’ll have to do. Please let me know if you liked it/ hated it/ have constructive criticism for me (that’s the best.) I hope you enjoy it!

There. Perfect.

Exhausted, Mira planted herself face-first onto her new sofa as she finally finished decorating the last part of her new apartment – the living room. She’d spent the last hour and a half arranging and re-arranging furniture and paintings and antique pieces and although it’d been really satisfying, her legs now felt like they’d fall off if she stood for even a second longer.

The last painting, in particular, had been a pain in the neck to place. It was a vintage map of the world with a mythical feel to it – each country was colored in with a faded dark, brooding color, and at every other corner were tiny pictures of mythical beasts and sea-creatures from the past. It was one of Mira’s most prized possessions, and she’d decided long before she’d even picked her new home that it would be one of the first things to go up. But if ensuring the map wouldn’t tear until it was on the wall had been a daunting task, placing it had been a trying life experience not unlike a trial in hell. Making sure that it was right in the middle of the wall behind her 3-piece sofa, that the other paintings were the same distance from it, and that everything had been aligned together in a straight line…ugh, perhaps this what was really meant by the phrase “beauty is pain.”

But that was just the living room. Mira had actually spent the better half of the past two days setting up the rest of her apartment at the expense of her own time and energy and therefore, by extension, social life. The first Friday and Saturday of college were the two days meant for freshmen to rid themselves of the remnants of their old lives, make some new friends and party their hearts out. Things would change, come the following Monday – classes would begin and each student would be thrown into the maddening haze of courses, bills and general self-responsibility. It was therefore an unspoken given that if one was to secure themselves a solid friend circle for the years to come, they would have to willingly join the battlefront these two days and make alliances with whomever they could.

But Mira wasn’t very keen on participating in any battles to begin with, and it wouldn’t have mattered even if she had been, because the apartment came first. The apartment would always come first, no matter what. How many wishful nights had she spent dreaming of this exact day? How many miserable days had been endured with the promise of a new life fresh on her lips? How many tears had she dried with hopes of newfound freedom? It wouldn’t have mattered, no, because this – her newfound chance at self-actualization – was far too important. Even if it came in the form of deciding where to place old maps on bare walls.

With the ghost of a smile on her lips, Mira shifted to her right, so that her back was to the sofa, and pulled her legs up to her chest. Her second night alone in her new home. What were her two younger siblings, Lisanna and Elfman, doing right now back at their parents’ place? Were they done eating? Were they fighting over who had control of the remote tonight, or were they dining in silence? Who’d cooked dinner? Elfman loved cooking food, and would make dinner whenever Mira couldn’t, but now that she wasn’t there anymore, maybe he’d take over completely. Or maybe, she mused, Lisanna had decided to give it a try.

Lisanna would make a wonderful cook. She’d baked a cake for her boyfriend Bickslow once, and it’d been delicious. It’d also been a miracle. Lisanna, who’d adamantly refused to even enter the kitchen on countless occasions, had simply woken up early one morning and baked an effortless cake all by herself. All by herself! Oh, if God did exist, he’d definitely had a helping hand with the whole thing.

Then again, there was no underestimating what that girl could do once she put her mind to it. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” had said the man who clearly hadn’t had his butt kicked by her yet. Hell hath no fury like Lisanna, that was simply it.

Chuckling to herself, Mira shifted a bit to her left and stared at the ceiling. She’d known her solitude would inevitably lead to loneliness, but who would’ve thought it would be so quickly?

She was about to close her eyes, for a much-deserved nap, when someone knocked loudly on her door. If it was even possible to jump in fright when one was lying down, Mira’d done it just then. She hadn’t been expecting visitors today…what the heck? Jumping to her feet, Mira quickly smoothed her hair down before rushing to the door. Whomever it was probably wanted some directions or something, she could send them back in a jiffy and go back to sleep. She was new to the area too, after all.

But what greeted her outside was something else entirely.

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Sorry this is long. I got my tumblr taken away and can only put this through submissions. My apologies.

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You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are gray

You’ll never know dear, how much I love you

So please don’t take my sunshine away

Toby is nine. He comes home from school, one eye bright and a smile stretched across his small face. He looks happy, but his aura gives away his nervousness, his fear.

Good, a part of Dipper, a part he’d rather forget, whispers. Let him fear. It’s what he deserves after all he’s done.

The young boy rushes up to Dipper and hands him a small piece of paper. “I… I made you this.” His aura shifts, showing more nervousness than it had before, and he backs away. Toby turns on his heel and runs off.

Dipper looks down at the small, slightly crumpled paper. On it is a sloppy drawing of three people-looking things. With a jolt Dipper realizes who they are, who Toby had drawn with crayons and pencil, who Toby had drawn with care and oh god does that say what I think it does-

One little blob of crayon displayed a small boy with blonde hair and one eye, representing Toby. Another blob was a young girl with blonde hair and oh that’s his sister oh no. A final crayon drawing was a black blob with brown hair and golden eyes floating above the children and Dipper knew exactly who that was-

‘My family’ was written in messy scrawl at the bottom.

Dipper tried to tear it up, to throw it away, to burn it, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. The drawing, despite being messy, was obviously drawn with care and love. Dipper could feel it.

(And, though he refused to admit it, a part of Dipper loved the drawing. Loved the feeling of knowing he had a family again. Loved the feeling of not being entirely alone).

You are my sunshine

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