but coloring mira was a pain


soooo i was tagged by voidsounds to do this! (tysm!!!)

Rules: Tag ten followers you want to get to know better

Nickname(s): Mimi, mir-mir, mira, weeb, minimal, president mihret, mom

Birthday: December 31

Star sign: Capricorn

Height: either 5'4" or 5'5" idk

Favorite color: pink or blue

Time right now: 6:32 pm

Average hours of sleep: like 5-8 during the summer, otherwise 4-6

Lucky number: idk

Last thing I googled: home remedies for chronic pain

Words that come to mind: blanket ?

My happy place: my room or the library

Favorite books: The Song of Achilles, Battle Royale, A Handmaid’s Tale, Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Persepolis

Favorite bands/artists: sia, 21p, tyler the creator, hayley kiyoko, Beyoncé, nicki minaj, kanye west, lorde, halsey

Last movie I watched: Carrie

Dream trip: it’s been my dream since I was a toddler to go to China

Dream job: lawyer …. or the president of the usa (im such a loser help)

i tag: spitblaze inklingboi m1100010 noravannah lettheoceantvkeme seven-sages seagoal jeans-bodty wildcats4life lilskullkid and anyone else who wants to!!!