but cmon look at her

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I didn't notice until I read your tags but damn widow isn't wearing any makeup which is cool!!!! but also she def doesn't need it lmao

Oh she totally doesnt need makeup, I mean cmon look at her

 but why i pointed it out is because 

Shes wearing makeup in Alive

Fuckin tryin to look good for your buddy ole’ pal tracer right?

Btw, totally called it 

The nurse and the rebel King. A Bellamy Blake smut

“The Nurse and the Rebel King” a Bellamy Blake smut
Requested: “smut w/ Bellamy where the reader is sorta like a doctor that helps Abby run medical and Bellamy comes in needing to be treated and the reader treats him and she’s shy and he finds her totally hot and fnksnddn idk work your magic !<3” 
(A|N wowwowowowowowowowowowowow)
(Y/N) talked to Abby one hot day as she sighed. They were discussing (Y/N)’s shyness when Abby spoke up. 
Abby let out a light laugh as (Y/N) concluded the story about how she spent 20 minutes in silent debate on whether or not she should tell Kane of her nurse abilities. 
“Well. I am very happy you told him. Not everyone can be as good of a nurse as you, (Y/N).” She said in a motherly tone before people burst through the doors. Jasper stumbled in as Miller and Lincoln helped carry him in. A bleeding Bellamy right behind him. 
“What happened?!”
“Dumbass over here nearly got himself killed!” Bellamy barked angrily. 
“I had it under control!” Jasper screamed still drunk. 
“Okay okay! (Y/N) why don’t you treat Bellamy in his room so these two don’t kill each other!” Kane glared at the two of them. She nodded shyly as she grabbed a supply bag. (Y/N) blushed as Bellamy looked at her. 
“Cmon.” She whispered ushering Bellamy away. Bellamy watched her in silent awe. She was gorgeous. Her beautiful hair was pinned back but a two strands of hair fell in tendrils on each side of her head. Her stunning eyes filled with shyness as he led her to his room. He hopped on his bed as she laid out the supplies. He smiled as she brought a cloth to clean up his bloodied forehead. 
“You know…you’re beautiful (Y/N).” 
“T-thanks…but I’m not…” She whispered as she concentrated on the cut. Trying to not get distracted by the god like man in front of him. 
“Sure you are. I mean…look at you-”
He hissed as she rubbed some cleaner on the cut and his hands flew onto her waist. She gasped and jumped slightly dropping the cloth in shock. 
“I-I’m sorry…” He apologized. 
“It’s…it’s okay.” She said with a blush. She took a breath before bending down the get the cloth. Bellamy couldn’t help himself and stared at her ass. Shaking his head. 
‘God Bellamy don’t be a pervert!’ He cursed silently. She leaned in as she placed a small piece on gauze on his eye brow. His hot breath mingling with hers. 
“Anywhere else?” Bellamy bit his lip as he fiddled with he hem of his shirt. 
“I-i think I cut my chest…maybe…I couldn’t tell.” He said as she nodded with red cheek. He took of his shirt to reveal a cut across his…rather sculpted body. She nodded as she ripped a new piece of gauze. 
“Can you sit up straight please.” She asked. He nodded as he sat up. Smirking slightly at her innocence. 
“Thanks.” She murmured as she ran her fingers across the cut as he flinched. She jerked her hand back. 
“R-right sorry-”
“It’s okay…you’re okay…” He assured. 
She leaned into him slightly as huffed. 
“How even…”
“You know you’re really adorable when your embarrassed.”
“I’m not embarrassed…just…not use to such a view.” Her eyes widened as she realized what she said. 
“You’re quite true view too there baby.” He smirked showing his pearly white. She smiled as she went back to putting gauze on the cut. She felt Bellamy staring and saw him lean down and nibble her ear. She squealed as he snaked his arms around her waist. 
“Sh…it’s okay (Y/N).” He reassured as she relaxed. He tilted her to face him and leaned into kiss. It was gentle. Passionate. 
“(Y/N)…let me love you…please.” Bellamy whispered as she nodded. He chuckled before peppering sweet kisses down her neck. She wrapped her arms around his neck. She moaned when he hit that certain spot just under her ear as Bellamy smiled into her neck. 
“Climb up here.” He murmured. She nodded as he hopped down and she climbed onto his bed as he clambered back on top of her and went back to kissing her. His hands trailing to the waist band of her pants. 
“Bellamy…” she looked up at him. 
“What is it princess?” He asked worriedly as she took her hair from the hair tie. 
“I…i don’t want to be just some…”
“I…I like you (Y/N)…just…trust me when I say I love you.” He whispered as he tucked some hair behind her ear. She smiled warmly before sitting up and pecking his Adam’s apple and he gasped. 
“I love you too Bell…” She whispered. 
“Then let me make love to you.” 
“Do it.” She whispered as she bit her lip. He smiled warmly as she sat up. Taking her shirt off and bra and shakily snaking her arms to cover herself. He kissed the tops of her breasts and she moaned. 
“Don’t cover them…you’re too beautiful to cover up.” He reassured. She blushed. He pressed soft kisses through he valley of her breasts as she moaned. 
“Such a pretty moan.” He whispered as he unbuttoned her pants. He slipped a hand into her panties as he maintained eye contact. Watching her breathing hitch as she stared at him. 
“So beautiful.” He leaned down to nip at her breasts. 
“Shit-Bell.” She whispered. He ran a finger up and down her slit before slipping a finger into her wet hole. 
“You’re so wet baby.” He murmured. 
“All for you Bellamy.” He moaned at her confession before building a steady rhythm. He realized when he put another finger inside her that she was a virgin. 
“Babygirl…are…is this your first time?” (Y/N) blushed. 
“That obvious?!”
“No it’s just…are you sure you want to-”
“Yes Bellamy. Please.” She begged. Bellamy grinned before using his thumb to rub her little bundle of nerves. Grinding ever so slightly on her. She squirmed. 
“You’re tight.” Bellamy moaned slightly. 
“I’m-I’m not going to last.” She warned. He yanked his hand out. No way she was going to cum if he wasn’t even inside her. No. He had always dreamt of how tight she’d be around his cock and what she felt like. He wasn’t about to blow it. He didn’t realize how hard he was. He unbuckled his pants and his cock flew up. Slapping his stomach. (Y/N)’s eyes widened as she gasped. He was huge. And thick. She feared he wasn’t going to fit. As if Bellamy could read her mind he peppered kisses on her face. 
“It will be okay…it will hurt at first but I’ll make it better…if it doesn’t stop tell me okay?!” 
“Okay Bellamy.” She whispered. He buried his head in the crook of her neck. Easing into her as she gasped in pain. Unbeknownst to get a tear rolled down her cheek. 
“Oh baby.” He murmured wiping it away and kissing her. The pain turning to pleasure as she squirmed. 
“Move Bellamy!” She whined. He chuckled before pulling out and pushing back in. Repeating before slowly making a steady pace as she scratched down his back. 
“God you feel amazing.” He moaned. 
“You’re so fucking big.” She moaned. He let out a breathy moan as he brought a finger to her clit. Her hips bucking involuntarily. Gasping in pleasure. 
“You close baby?! I-i can’t go much longer.” He asked as she could only nod. No longer able to speak. 
“On three?” She managed to gasped out. He nodded. 
“Three…let go my beautiful girl.” He kissed her as he released inside her and she tighten around his cock. Letting her juices drench his throbbing cock. Bellamy pulled out as some of her juices spilled from inside her. 
“Beautiful.” He murmured as he scooted down to her heat. 
“Bell.” She murmured. He smiled as he leaned down to press a kiss to her sweet heat. Leaning down he licked from her hip bones down to her pussy. Using two fingers to pull the lips back.
“You’re absolutely gorgeous.” He winked. He placed his tongue onto her clit as he licked figures. Her legs instantly wrapping asking his torso as her hands flew to his hair. Tugging on it causing him to moan and vibrations to ripple across her body. She gasped as he stuck his tongue inside her. The familiar coil tightening in her lower region. 
“Cum…all over my face…I want to taste you.” He said as he held one of her hands. She burst. Her juices landing in his mouth as she let out a whiney moan. He lapped up her sensitive heat to clean her up before standing up. Wiping his mouth with a grin as she looked up at him utterly shocked. 
“What did you think?”
“That was amazing.” She panted. He smiled proudly. 
“good. Because my dear nurse…there’s more where that came from.”

Stiles Stilinski Imagine for Lindsey: Bruised and Battered

Song: Fix You- Coldplay

“Guys ill be fine! Let me come with you, i can help!” You attempted to convince Scott and Stiles. “I think its a good idea.” Lydia added. “Absolutely not.” Stiles said. “But why!? i mean im a werewolf too!” You exclaimed. “Lindsay maybe you should just sit out this time?” You were mad. Furious. “Please just stay here with Lydia.” Stiles put his hand on your shoulder. “Whatever.” You said and walked away. Stiles looked at Scott with sad eyes Scott shrugged. They walked out the door.

“Why don’t they just let me help them? I have been a wolf for like 3 weeks now and even Scott said i got a good handle on control already! I mean im not even afraid of getting hurt or anything!” You told Lydia who was sitting beside you on the couch doing some research on her laptop. “Yeah you may not be afraid of getting hurt but someone else sure is.” You looked at her. “What do you mean?” you said. “Cmon, everyone knows you and Stiles have had this thing between the two of you for months. He really seems to care about your safety.” She pushed her lips together making a straight line as she shrugged. You sat and thought about it before speaking. “It doesnt even matter because its not his choice. He has way better chances of getting hurt than i do anyway.” You crossed your arms and sank into the couch.

“Ok look Lindsay, i gotta go see Perrish for awhile and talk about some weird files i found. Can you just promise me you will stay out of trouble. Just think of Stiles okay.” You nodded and she was gone. You sat blankly staring at the TV for what felt like hours turned out to be 15 minutes. You couldn’t take it anymore, you decided to face the rant Stiles would go on about your safety later, you had to go and help, plus you were getting kind of nervous about Stiles being there human and all.

You had no idea where they were but you attempted to follow a scent, a wolf scent. You were deep in the forest when the scent became strong, and that when you discovered it was definitely not Scott’s scent. A huge wolf was feasting on a man, you saw a tent and beer bottles, maybe a drunk camper. You started to back away slowly when you accidentally stepped on a can. Uh oh.

The wolf turned around, growling, hairy, red eyes, and blood and drool pouring from its mouth. You had no other option to face it. You wanted to show Stiles that you could put up a fight anyways. You bared your teeth and let out a loud growl. You crouched and then leaped at the wolf. You dug your nails into his shoulder and he hissed in pain. All of a sudden you slammed into a tree, his hand around your neck, pinning you there. You got your foot up and kicked him right in his stomach, he fell backwards. You stood in your spot and waited for him to get up. He didn’t. You walked over to him slowly to make sure he wasn’t going to move anytime soon. He seemed to be out cold. That was until you noticed his shoulder healing before your eyes and his hand around your ankle. All of a sudden you were on the ground, you started shifting back into human form, you still couldn’t 100% control your shifting. No No no no! You thought. You pushed and shoved and let out a scream as the wolf cut your waist. Sharp pain took over. Your scream was suddenly stopped when his foot kicked your right in the stomach, making all the air force out of your lungs. Before you could catch your breath again his foot was over your throat, you couldn’t breathe, you tried to trigger your shifting and force him off but t was no use, you were too afraid.

Your visions started to blur, stars appeared. You felt as if your fingers were going numb,maybe they were. You were about to give up when you were suddenly rolling. When you stopped you realized someone forced the wolf off of you. You uncontrollably started coughing, gasping for air. You dug your nails into the ground from the intense pains. You heard your name being called. “LINDSAY!” It was Stiles. You forced yourself onto your back and took in another deep breath. He was at your side in an instant. You tried to say his name but you couldn’t get it out, you were in too much pain. He looked at the gash in your stomach. “Oh god Lindsey.” He murmured as he panted from running. He shifted your head onto his lap and held your hand. You tightened your grip on his as you took another breath. You looked at him with wide eyes, injured eyes, he could tell you were in pain because he looked at you the exact same way. You could hear Scott ripping the wolf to pieces. You closed your eyes as tears escaped them. You couldn’t say anything, Stiles didn’t say anything, there was nothing to say at the moment.

Scott returned from deeper in the forest. “IS she oka-” He stopped when he saw you and Stiles. You bloody and bruised, him with his arms around you. Just starring at you. He walked over slowly. “How bad is it?” Scott asked. “She got slashed on her stomach. That will heal right?” Stiles looked up at Scott eagerly. “Yeah, it will.” He said. You could feel it begin to heal. “Lindsay, do you want to get to the car?” Stiles asked. “N-No.” You forced out. You just wanted to stay in Stiles’s arms until you could atleast speak.

All three of you stayed on the forest ground for about 20 minutes. Your body felt a bit better. You put your hand up to Stiles’s cheek. He smiled. “Im sorry.” You whispered. “No, i should have known you wouldn’t have taken no for an answer.” He laughed. “I should have stayed with you or let you come.” He continued. “I think i can get up now.” You said as Stiles and Scott held your arms as your slowly got up. You put your arms around each of their shoulders and their arms supporting your waist as you limped in pain towards the car.

When you got there, Scott started the car and Stiles helped you get in the back seat. “Thank you.” You said after you kissed him on the cheek. He looked slightly puzzled, then smiled.