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Do you know how many of the Matildas players have gfs?

ohohohohooooo a better question my friend is which of the matildas dont have gfs

Kyah n Alanna are together (duh)
Gielnik has a gf n they run a business together
Heyman has a gf and i think shes a writer?
Gorry im pretty sure has a gf bc who the hell owns dogs w their friend ??
KK has a gf who plays for turbine potsdamn w her + germany (feli rauch) theyre cute on insta
Logarzo has a gf whos a softball player (also cute on insta)
Sammy’s gf is Nikki Guti (again, duh)
Polks has a gf who plays w the Brisbane Roar her name is Summer iirc
Tamkea Butt has a gf n they play for Klepp in Norway (bit traitorous bc meeks’ gf is a new zealander but ill cut her some slack bc theyre mad cute together)
Eve was defs dating Tori Huster (spirit) in the past but idk shes up to now lmao
Raso is probably w jenna mccormick (this is just speculated but like,,, theyre on each others instas way too much tbh)

i think thats all but like thats majority of the roster lmaooooo


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A = Aftercare 
Ten is such an angel, he can’t rest after you’re finished until he knows you’re okay, comfortable, and happy. He’s out the bed faster than you can catch your breath and returning with a warm rag and some water because he ‘wore you out, you need to rehydrate’ before he will even allow you to cuddle up to him and go to sleep.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
Ten has an almost unreal obsession with your eyes, I think he’s a pretty loving…lover…so he likes to keep eye contact, seeing the lust and affection in your eyes, knowing they mimic what you seen in his. Aside the fact he just thinks your eyes are the more beautiful thing he’s ever seen, he can read your emotions like a book, knowing he’s hit the right spot when your eyes widen or when you’re close when they flutter shut. We all knowaside from his noseTen’s dancer hips are where it’s at, and he knows it too. His hips are the main reason that he gets to see the look of pleasure cloud your eyes, his hips play a huge part in his dancing that he’s pretty proud of, why wouldn’t that carrying over to the horizontal tango, right?

C = Cum 
Ten’s a pretty passionate lover, he doesn’t voice this but he thinks it’s kind of degrading to just…jizz all over you for no reason, 9/10 he’ll cum in you/the condom #RubberUpForDanKids. Then it’s his unspoken job to make sure he’s cleaned you well before you carry on with your day, 

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs)
Ten’s not a dirty boy by nature, he’s pretty sweet and innocent, and that’s how the majority of your relationship is; sweet and innocent. So the fact that he may or may not have had a rough night, and may or may not have jerked off to one of your completely goofy snapchat pictures is a secret he’ll take to his grave. How could he tell you he touch his dick to a normal picture of you with dog features, c’mon. 

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
I’m 119% sure Ten is the most innocent baby you’ll ever meet, like this boy seriously gonna get all awkward and look away when some girl popper her booty like cmon…..he’s soft. Even his teacher said he was more interested in dancing than in girls, so I think he’s one of the boys that’s going to be a clean slate and you have to teach him a lot of stuff, mold him into your perfect match.

F = Favorite position
Again, Ten’s pretty much a clean slate when it comes to sex, and he’s the sweetest and most loving boyfriend you could hope to find, he rarely ventures beyond missionary. He likes the full on contact, and being able to look in your eyes, kiss you easily, it’s a comfortable position for both of you. If anything else, he’ll spoon you so he can still hold you, but on the norm, he’s just a missionary guy.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Because Ten is kinda awkward seeing sexy things, and he doesn’t seem like he really has any experience, I imagine he’d be full of nervous giggles the first few times, not really knowing what to do and more focused on listening to what you’re telling him to do than anything. But after he gets the hang of it, I’m sure he’ll still be a ball of fun, he’s kind of a meme too, he can’t even keep the dorky smile off his face while he’d dick popping to Hide And Freak, he’s a dorky mess in the sheets too.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
Like Johnny, we’ve seen his tummy quite a few times and it’s pretty darn clean, not even a trail of hair, so I think he’s pretty cleaned down there too. Plus I think I’ve even seen pics where he had no pit hair either…like he waxed or shaved his armpits….so yeah, he’s a clean baby.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
Ten is that boyfriend that is THE boyfriend you want, he’s got matching couple cases with Johnny, c’mon he’d be the cutest, sweetest bf ever. He’d treat you like royalty, after he may or may not have watched one too many romance movies, it’s not uncommon for him to at the very least have soft music playing and mood lighting, even candles decorating the bathroom when he decides you need a relaxing bath that he so happens to join. He’s not much of a PDA guy, so he goes all out with his love expressions here, to let you know how much he really loves you and appreciates you.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
Ten’s a very good dancer, he practices a lot, so you’re not always around. As long as there’s a lock on the bathroom door, he will deal with his situation. Not that the lock helps much, Ten’s not very good at keeping his voice under control, whether it be with you or just his hand, everyone knows what’s going on when you hear Ten’s incoherent moaning.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
I don’t see Ten having many kinks, if any at all? I just think we hype his sexualnessthats not a wordup way too much, he really seems pretty vanilla to me. Not that that’s a bad thing, but Ten seems really basic and standard. If anything, praise might be a slight kink, adding to his motivation, but that doesn’t really qualify entirely.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Besides the comfort of your bed, the only place he enjoys doing the do is the bath, he takes full advantage of the bathroom having a spacious bath, and the sneaky way he pretends he just wants a bath to relax with his lover. We all know if you get in that bath, you’re going to end up dirtier than when you got in. And the best part about bath sex? You can just get clean again…and dirty again…and clean again…

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Honestly the thing that gets him going is just knowing how much you love him, when you purposely overdo the compliments and praising his looks or dancing or voice, he knows what you’re up to. You’ve slightly conditioned him that way, it was sort of your way of telling him you wanted some time alone with him.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Public sex is literally not on the menu. The thrill of public sex is the knowledge that literally anyone could see you, making it a game of being sneaky, but Ten cannot handle that. He’d be too paranoid of getting in trouble for public indecency or one of the members walking in on you in the living room, he made sure to shut down that idea instantly.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Like Johnny, he doesn’t really like isolating his pleasure, he wants to be able to please you the same as you do him, so when the act of oral comes up, it’s more often than not 69. At first he was kind of messy, not really know what he was supposed to do, or how to do it well, but by the end of your ‘lesson’, you turned him into a pro.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Ten’s dancing is very flowy, smooth movements like water. A perfect lover at heart, his pace leans more towards slow and sensual, he likes stretching out the pleasure for the both of you, making sure you’re both completely satisfied and that you fully feel his love.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
It’s an odd occurrence, but when the moment arises where you two don’t have the proper time to deal with it, he pretty much needs the quickie. Ten isn’t one that can just ignore his dick hard and ruining his life, it needs to be dealt with, and if you’re around, would you really reject some more fun with Ten?

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
I deadass think Ten would cry if someone walked in on your two, he’d be so mortified. I definitely don’t see him taking any risks that happen outside of the bedroom or bathroom, he’s very private with his affection to you, it’d kill him if someone saw you two doing something naughty. Although I don’t see him enjoying many things beyond typical sex(ie. bringing in toys or kinks or whatever), if you propose them, he’d try them out at least, but I don’t see him taking to anything more than just you and him together.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Ten is a damn good dancer, and he’s been doing it since he was a kid, so I don’t think he gets winded, he doesn’t get tried easily. As many rounds as you can handle, he’ll gladly give you them. Nana said he’s a ‘long fuck, he’s a go all night till you see the sunlight kind of fuck’, literally my 60+ year old grandma said that, she knows what she’s talking about.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
I don’t think toys have ever cross his mind, unless you brought it up. He’s more of a hands on lover, he-like Taeyong- enjoys the fact that it’s you and him alone that makes the sex between you two so pleasurable. That it’s your affection and love and desire for one another that takes you to nirvana, not some silicon toy or vibrator, I don’t see him dipping his toes into that pool.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
He’s not much of a tease, Ten likes making sure you’re both on the same level of pleasure. Foreplay is a must, but once you tell him to get on with it, he complies easily.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
I don’t think he’s very vocal, he doesn’t say much beyond whispering a few I loves yous during the act, but he’s a definite moaner, he’s not quiet at all, if you’re in the house, you will hear Ten, that’s a fact. And to his horror, is a reason for the taunting from the other boys after one of them heard him.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Your first time together, a story you liked to tease Ten over, stemmed from Ten having a wet dream. What other outcome could there possibly be when you’re woken up in the middle of the night by your boyfriend groaning your name and practically humping you in his sleep besides waking him up and dealing with his…situation?

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
In my Nana’s wise words, Ten’s ‘too pretty to have those weird, forearm sized wieners. He ain’t big but those hips…it’s all good shorty’. I agree, either he does a really good tuck job, or he’s just not on the bigger side, which really doesn’t mean anything. The boy makes up for everything with his pretty face and those goddamn hips will take you to another world no matter what.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
I don’t think Ten has a very high sex drive, I think most of his energy is worked off with his dancing, I’m think his drive is actually pretty average.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
I think Ten is a lover than likes to cuddle and talk about your relationship and how much he loves you and how the universe works every night, it’s part of your sleep schedule so it certainly becomes part of the after-sex routine. He doesn’t fall asleep easily afterwards, he wants to stay up, make sure you’re okay, eat, talk, clean up, cuddle, and then maybe he’ll go to sleep. That is, as long as your post sex convos don’t dip into aliens, then he’s never going to sleep.

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“No worries Mrs. Dempsey everything will be fine!” You assured Mrs. Dempsey, you were babysitting her daughter for the weekend seeing as her and Mr. Dempsey were going away for a trip.

“Okay, I’ll leave you two have fun!” She got into the car, and you turned to the little girl who had the biggest smile on her face.

“Ready for some fun!” You yelled,

“YESSSSSS!” She replied,

“Okay what shall we do first?” You asked,

“Makeovers?” She asked, you smirked while nodding,

“I did bring some of my makeup,” you saw her face light up with joy. You two ran to her room, where you took out all your makeup,

“Can you do mine first?” She asked,

“Of course cutie,” you said while tapping the top of her nose. You let her choose what eyeshadow color she preferred. She chose a pink, so you began doing her makeup. Next you guys moved onto lipstick where she again chose a pink color.

“Okay done, you look beautiful.” You told her as you finished applying blush. She looked in the mirror,

“I look like a princess!” She said while smiling,

“Your turn!” She turned to you. You sat down and she began.

“You’re pretty enough for Zach,” She randomly stated,

“Who’s Zach?” You asked,

“My older brother,” she stated while being concentrated on your eyeshadow,

“You have a brother?!” You asked completely surprised. Mrs. Dempsey never once mentioned she had a son, maybe he’s away at college.

“Yeah, he’s in high school,” welp never mind not in college then,

“But he’s rarely home, he’s always with friends or basketball.” You could hear the sadness in her voice, you frowned.

“Well you always have me,” you told her rubbing her shoulder up and down. She smiled hugging you, she finished your makeup and you looked in the mirror. She actually did a pretty good job for an 8 year old. You have her a high five,

“So what’s next on our princess adventures?” You asked her,

“Dinner!” She said running to the kitchen,

“What do you want to eat, princess?” You asked her,

“Cookies!” She yelled,

“Hmm that’s not really dinner, how about I cook us some pasta and then we can bake cookies afterwards?” You asked her she nodded, you started making some pasta. After you were done you served both of you guys’ food and you both began eating,

“This is really good!” She said while gobbling her food away, you just giggled. You were both done with your pasta so you took out all the materials to bake cookies. All you guys really needed to do was place the cookie dough on a pan but you guys made it seem like you guys were professional bakers.

“Don’t eat the cookie dough!” You giggled while taking it away from her.

“But it tastes sooo good!” She tried reaching for more.

“The more cookie dough you eat, the less cookies there will be!” You said putting it further away, she finally gave up. A couple seconds later, you guys heard someone come in through the door, you both looked at each other confused. You told her to stay in the kitchen as you went to go see who it was,

“Who the fuck are you?” This very tall muscular guy asked,

“I’m Y/N.. who are you?”

“ZACHHHHHHHH,” before you could answer she ran into the kitchen. So this was Zach, you thought he was pretty cute. She rushed to him and hugged him,

“Y/N’s babysitting me, she’s so nice and she’s pretty!” She stated while Zach picked her up.

“Cmon let’s continue to bake our cookies,” you told her as Zach put her down,

“Wanna join us Zach?” She asked,

“Sure why not,” Zach stated following you guys to the kitchen. The three of you started placing cookie dough on the pan,

“Don’t eat the cookie dough!” You scolded Zach,

“Geez okay mom,” you giggled.
You guys were soon done and placed them in the oven,

“What do you want to do while they’re in the oven, princess?” You asked her,

“If Zachs gonna hang out with us he has to have makeup on too!” She declared, you laughed and looked over to him,

“NO!” He stated while walking away,

“CMOOOOON,” both of you guys whined, giving him puppy eyes.

“don’t give me those cute faces, ugh okay fine,” Zach said finally giving in. You and his sister high fived each other. You two finished his makeup and he didn’t look pleased at all. You two just laughed at him.

“Okay princess go put on a movie while I go get the cookies!” You told her and she nodded, you walked into the kitchen. Zach walked in,

“I can take them out,” he stated,

“Such a gentleman,” you said in between laughs, you couldn’t take him seriously because of his makeup.

“Only for princesses,” he smirked you just nudged him. You walked into the living room where the movie and blankets were already set up. Zach came in a couple minutes later with a plate filled with cookies and three cups of milk. He placed them on the coffee table, you guys all sat down and got comfortable. You were in the middle of Zach and his sister but in a matter of seconds she knocked out.

“Here I’ll take her to her room,” Zach stood up while picking her up bridal style. As that was happening you paused the movie and took out some makeup wipes, you went into her room and gently took off her makeup.

“My turn,” Zach stated,

“Cmon I have some more, they’re in my bag.” You said, both of you walking out of her room. You took out some more makeup wipes and started taking his makeup off. He kept his eyes on you the whole time. Next was you, you took off all your makeup and he still stared at you,

“You look better without it,” He mumbled, you looked over at him and blushed. You two went back to the living room to continue watching the movie. Both of you sat together and after a few minutes he placed his arm around you, you liked the warmth it gave you. You moved closer to him and placed your head on his chest. You got up to go check up on his sister, she was still knocked out so you returned to the living room where Zach was. You sat down next to him again,

“Is she still asleep?” He asked, you nodded.

“She’s so cute,” You said while reaching for a cookie,

“Yeah she is,” he agreed and you swear for a second you heard him mumble “so are you” but you just shrugged it off. You turned to him and shoved a cookie in his mouth, him almost choking. You burst out into laughter. He pretended to be mad and turned his head to the side,

“Aweee is little baby Zach mad?” You cooed, he turned to look at you and nodded. He looked so cute, you just grabbed his cheeks. You sat on his lap, and continued pulling his cheeks,

“Are you still mad?” You laughed.
He crashed his lips into yours pulling you closer to him. Grabbing your thighs and you wrapping your arms around him. You moved your hands to his hair where you lightly tugged it as he moved down to your neck where you let out a soft moan, you felt his smirk and he continued sucking that particular area.

“Ewwww,” You got off of him and looked around to see his sister covering her eyes, you blushed.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in bed, love?” You asked her while getting up she gasped,

“Did Zach hit you?!” She asked,

“No why?” You asked,

“You have a bruise on your neck!” She said running to Zach starting to hit him.

“No Princess he didn’t hit me,” you said while separating her and Zach,

“It’s just umm it’s an umm it’s a bee sting! You just didn’t see it before because I covered it with makeup.” You lied, she made an ‘o’ shape with her mouth and you could hear Zach laugh at that horrible lie.

“Zach why was Y/N on top of you?” You smirked, now the spotlight was on him.

“We were um… playing dentist! She was looking to see if I had any cavities!” He lied to her and you covered your mouth to keep you from laughing,

“But it looked like you guys were kissing,” she said again,

“What? No I would never kiss him, boys have cooties.” You told her, she looked confused but she nodded.

“Cmon let’s take you back to bed princess,” Zach carried her to her room again. He came out a couple minutes later,

“Bee sting huh?” He smirked,

“My lie was wayyyy better than yours.” You laughed, he just shook his head while laughing. He changed the subject,

“You can sleep in my bed if you want,” he said,

“Where are you gonna sleep?” You asked,

“I can sleep on the couch,” he simply stated, you thought it was unfair. He led you to his room where he opened the door,

“Your bed is big enough, we can both fit, you’re definitely not sleeping on the couch.” You stated,

“Are you sure that’s fine?” He asked, you nodded. You went to go get comfortable clothing from your bag, you took out some shorts and a loose crop top. You went into the bathroom to change and came out. You walked into his room where Zach was taking off his shirt, you quickly looked away even though you wanted to stare at his body.

“Is it okay if I sleep shirtless?” He asked, you nodded still not looking at him, instead looking around his room. Noticing all his medals and basketball posters,

“You’re good aren’t you?” You asked pointing at all his medals, he nodded while scratching the back of his neck. You yawned, Zach picked you up bridal style,

“You’re tired princess,” him calling you that made you blush so you buried your head into his chest. He laid you on one side of the bed and pulled the blankets over you, he got in on the other side. He pulled you into his bare skin, the scent of his cologne made you fall asleep.

“Zach I can’t find Y/N,” His sister walked in making both of you wake up,

“Don’t worry im right here,” you walked over to her, hugging her.

“The thunder, it’s scary,” She said, Zach turned on the lights, tears filling her eyes.

“It’s okay, baby, come sleep with me and Zach.” You said bringing her towards the bed. She crawled in and you got in next to her, and Zach on the other side. You three both fell asleep, but before you did you heard Zach say,

“My two princesses.” Which made you smile for those couple of seconds that you were awake.

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I wish Beyoncé wasnt a part of the illuminati or anything like that cause she truly is a stan-worthy legend. Vocals? on point. Choreo? on point. Songs? on point. Tours/production? on point. Success? on point. Looks? on point. I mean cmon!

Well regardless of her powerful status, she is stan worthy

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I didn't notice until I read your tags but damn widow isn't wearing any makeup which is cool!!!! but also she def doesn't need it lmao

Oh she totally doesnt need makeup, I mean cmon look at her

 but why i pointed it out is because 

Shes wearing makeup in Alive

Fuckin tryin to look good for your buddy ole’ pal tracer right?

Btw, totally called it 

The nurse and the rebel King. A Bellamy Blake smut

“The Nurse and the Rebel King” a Bellamy Blake smut
Requested: “smut w/ Bellamy where the reader is sorta like a doctor that helps Abby run medical and Bellamy comes in needing to be treated and the reader treats him and she’s shy and he finds her totally hot and fnksnddn idk work your magic !<3” 
(A|N wowwowowowowowowowowowowow)
(Y/N) talked to Abby one hot day as she sighed. They were discussing (Y/N)’s shyness when Abby spoke up. 
Abby let out a light laugh as (Y/N) concluded the story about how she spent 20 minutes in silent debate on whether or not she should tell Kane of her nurse abilities. 
“Well. I am very happy you told him. Not everyone can be as good of a nurse as you, (Y/N).” She said in a motherly tone before people burst through the doors. Jasper stumbled in as Miller and Lincoln helped carry him in. A bleeding Bellamy right behind him. 
“What happened?!”
“Dumbass over here nearly got himself killed!” Bellamy barked angrily. 
“I had it under control!” Jasper screamed still drunk. 
“Okay okay! (Y/N) why don’t you treat Bellamy in his room so these two don’t kill each other!” Kane glared at the two of them. She nodded shyly as she grabbed a supply bag. (Y/N) blushed as Bellamy looked at her. 
“Cmon.” She whispered ushering Bellamy away. Bellamy watched her in silent awe. She was gorgeous. Her beautiful hair was pinned back but a two strands of hair fell in tendrils on each side of her head. Her stunning eyes filled with shyness as he led her to his room. He hopped on his bed as she laid out the supplies. He smiled as she brought a cloth to clean up his bloodied forehead. 
“You know…you’re beautiful (Y/N).” 
“T-thanks…but I’m not…” She whispered as she concentrated on the cut. Trying to not get distracted by the god like man in front of him. 
“Sure you are. I mean…look at you-”
He hissed as she rubbed some cleaner on the cut and his hands flew onto her waist. She gasped and jumped slightly dropping the cloth in shock. 
“I-I’m sorry…” He apologized. 
“It’s…it’s okay.” She said with a blush. She took a breath before bending down the get the cloth. Bellamy couldn’t help himself and stared at her ass. Shaking his head. 
‘God Bellamy don’t be a pervert!’ He cursed silently. She leaned in as she placed a small piece on gauze on his eye brow. His hot breath mingling with hers. 
“Anywhere else?” Bellamy bit his lip as he fiddled with he hem of his shirt. 
“I-i think I cut my chest…maybe…I couldn’t tell.” He said as she nodded with red cheek. He took of his shirt to reveal a cut across his…rather sculpted body. She nodded as she ripped a new piece of gauze. 
“Can you sit up straight please.” She asked. He nodded as he sat up. Smirking slightly at her innocence. 
“Thanks.” She murmured as she ran her fingers across the cut as he flinched. She jerked her hand back. 
“R-right sorry-”
“It’s okay…you’re okay…” He assured. 
She leaned into him slightly as huffed. 
“How even…”
“You know you’re really adorable when your embarrassed.”
“I’m not embarrassed…just…not use to such a view.” Her eyes widened as she realized what she said. 
“You’re quite true view too there baby.” He smirked showing his pearly white. She smiled as she went back to putting gauze on the cut. She felt Bellamy staring and saw him lean down and nibble her ear. She squealed as he snaked his arms around her waist. 
“Sh…it’s okay (Y/N).” He reassured as she relaxed. He tilted her to face him and leaned into kiss. It was gentle. Passionate. 
“(Y/N)…let me love you…please.” Bellamy whispered as she nodded. He chuckled before peppering sweet kisses down her neck. She wrapped her arms around his neck. She moaned when he hit that certain spot just under her ear as Bellamy smiled into her neck. 
“Climb up here.” He murmured. She nodded as he hopped down and she climbed onto his bed as he clambered back on top of her and went back to kissing her. His hands trailing to the waist band of her pants. 
“Bellamy…” she looked up at him. 
“What is it princess?” He asked worriedly as she took her hair from the hair tie. 
“I…i don’t want to be just some…”
“I…I like you (Y/N)…just…trust me when I say I love you.” He whispered as he tucked some hair behind her ear. She smiled warmly before sitting up and pecking his Adam’s apple and he gasped. 
“I love you too Bell…” She whispered. 
“Then let me make love to you.” 
“Do it.” She whispered as she bit her lip. He smiled warmly as she sat up. Taking her shirt off and bra and shakily snaking her arms to cover herself. He kissed the tops of her breasts and she moaned. 
“Don’t cover them…you’re too beautiful to cover up.” He reassured. She blushed. He pressed soft kisses through he valley of her breasts as she moaned. 
“Such a pretty moan.” He whispered as he unbuttoned her pants. He slipped a hand into her panties as he maintained eye contact. Watching her breathing hitch as she stared at him. 
“So beautiful.” He leaned down to nip at her breasts. 
“Shit-Bell.” She whispered. He ran a finger up and down her slit before slipping a finger into her wet hole. 
“You’re so wet baby.” He murmured. 
“All for you Bellamy.” He moaned at her confession before building a steady rhythm. He realized when he put another finger inside her that she was a virgin. 
“Babygirl…are…is this your first time?” (Y/N) blushed. 
“That obvious?!”
“No it’s just…are you sure you want to-”
“Yes Bellamy. Please.” She begged. Bellamy grinned before using his thumb to rub her little bundle of nerves. Grinding ever so slightly on her. She squirmed. 
“You’re tight.” Bellamy moaned slightly. 
“I’m-I’m not going to last.” She warned. He yanked his hand out. No way she was going to cum if he wasn’t even inside her. No. He had always dreamt of how tight she’d be around his cock and what she felt like. He wasn’t about to blow it. He didn’t realize how hard he was. He unbuckled his pants and his cock flew up. Slapping his stomach. (Y/N)’s eyes widened as she gasped. He was huge. And thick. She feared he wasn’t going to fit. As if Bellamy could read her mind he peppered kisses on her face. 
“It will be okay…it will hurt at first but I’ll make it better…if it doesn’t stop tell me okay?!” 
“Okay Bellamy.” She whispered. He buried his head in the crook of her neck. Easing into her as she gasped in pain. Unbeknownst to get a tear rolled down her cheek. 
“Oh baby.” He murmured wiping it away and kissing her. The pain turning to pleasure as she squirmed. 
“Move Bellamy!” She whined. He chuckled before pulling out and pushing back in. Repeating before slowly making a steady pace as she scratched down his back. 
“God you feel amazing.” He moaned. 
“You’re so fucking big.” She moaned. He let out a breathy moan as he brought a finger to her clit. Her hips bucking involuntarily. Gasping in pleasure. 
“You close baby?! I-i can’t go much longer.” He asked as she could only nod. No longer able to speak. 
“On three?” She managed to gasped out. He nodded. 
“Three…let go my beautiful girl.” He kissed her as he released inside her and she tighten around his cock. Letting her juices drench his throbbing cock. Bellamy pulled out as some of her juices spilled from inside her. 
“Beautiful.” He murmured as he scooted down to her heat. 
“Bell.” She murmured. He smiled as he leaned down to press a kiss to her sweet heat. Leaning down he licked from her hip bones down to her pussy. Using two fingers to pull the lips back.
“You’re absolutely gorgeous.” He winked. He placed his tongue onto her clit as he licked figures. Her legs instantly wrapping asking his torso as her hands flew to his hair. Tugging on it causing him to moan and vibrations to ripple across her body. She gasped as he stuck his tongue inside her. The familiar coil tightening in her lower region. 
“Cum…all over my face…I want to taste you.” He said as he held one of her hands. She burst. Her juices landing in his mouth as she let out a whiney moan. He lapped up her sensitive heat to clean her up before standing up. Wiping his mouth with a grin as she looked up at him utterly shocked. 
“What did you think?”
“That was amazing.” She panted. He smiled proudly. 
“good. Because my dear nurse…there’s more where that came from.”

anonymous asked:

Oh yeaaaah her voice in faking it is the hottest and smother voice ever agggh shes just too cute and hot and i really recomend a cinderella story is funny and cute and she looks super beautiful in it (but cmon she always look gorgeous in everything) and i love her songs in there

I honestly didn’t recognize her on Faking It at first, but then I was like “wait…I know that face!”