but chirstmas

OH NO I MADE MYSELF SAD. Okay so we all know how expensive plane tickets are, especially those for international travel. And almost all of the friends I’ve made who are international students here at my university have said that they stay on campus throughout the holiday breaks. And we know that not once did Yuuri come home to Hatsetsu during the 5 years he was away at school. So what I’m saying is, for the past 5 years, Phichit and Yuuri either spend Christmas alone together or there was some incredibly kind rinkmate that invited the two over to spend the holidays with their family.

Basically, Phichit was Yuuri’s only family for 5 whole Christmases

Well, I thought it was about time that I showed the full piece that I did for the Winter in Inkopolis Zine (https://winterininkopoliszine.tumblr.com) There were a lot of really talented artists that participated in this zine, so I hope to those who ordered the physical copies would really love the zine to its fullest extent. I wanted to thank @justdanifornow​ for running the show and having the patience of a saint in waiting for my submission. X’D 

For people who missed out on the limited pre-orders for physical copies, you can order the digital copy for 7$. Please check this link out for more details. https://winterininkopoliszine.tumblr.com/post/159151155292/winter-in-inkopolis-digital-version-now-available

The money also goes to Child’s Play charity so it was nice to do something for a good cause. 

On the 12th day of Christmas Transformers gave to me...

12 minicons!

11 Cinnamon Rolls!

10 Lovely Femmes!

9 Murder Machines!

8 Gay-A** Robots!

7 Corset-like Waists!

6 Hunky Mecha!


4 Precious Children

3 Screeching Seekers

2 Sets of Twins


The birdbro’s are using teamwork to decorate the tree! :D

This design is also available on t-shirts, stickers and other products in my Redbubble store: www.redbubble.com/people/YolinArt

i hate all those “harry potter aesthetics” posts that make harry out to be some badass hipster who’s smoking and has great hair like you do realise that this is the boy who told snape that his nickname was Roonil Wazlib, sent his abusive relatives chirstmas presents and gave all of his winnings money to the twins so they could start a joke shop like