but caroline is so adorable


  • His father beat him his entire life. He was never good enough and a constant disappointment to a man who never hesitated to raise his hand to Tyler if he did something he didn’t like.
  • Said father died before ever giving Tyler his approval.
  • He formed a close attachment to his Uncle Mason who was later murdered for no reason, other than the fact Damon didn’t like him and/or to spite Katherine.
  • He then had to continue having close conversations, fighting alongside and/or helping the people who murdered his uncle.
  • He found out he was a werewolf and was forced to make the turn after his own best friend, the one person he trusted most in the world, tried to kill him.
  • Not only did he have to deal with the change, he also had to live with the guilt of Sarah’s death.
  • He was manipulated and played by other werewolves, who had him distrusting everyone he thought he knew.
  • He was then forced to turn into Klaus’ first successful hybrid, evoking the sire bond that ruined his life.
  • He turned to and fell in love with the beautiful Caroline Forbes. So in love that when Klaus forced him to bite her against her will, he left Mystic Falls in an attempt to break the sire bond.
  • He broke every single bone in his body over and over again in an attempt to break the sire bond.
  • His body was taken over by Klaus.
  • He was willing to let everyone kill Klaus despite knowing he could die too because of the sire line.
  • He tried to help others break the sire bond. Their freedom was so important to him that he was willing to have himself placed in concrete with Klaus inside him, just to give them all a chance to run and/or find a more permanent solution.
  • His attempt to help his fellow wolves resulted in the murder of his mom, the only remaining family member he had left. This also led him to be betrayed by someone he thought he could trust; Hayley.
  • He was forced to go on the run for months out of fear Klaus would kill him if he ever returned home.
  • He gave Matt Donovan his freaking mansion because he wanted his human friend to be safe from vampires while he was gone.
  • He risked his life to come back for Caroline’s prom.
  • He risked his life again to return for Bonnie’s funeral.
  • The woman he loved then slept with the man who murdered his mother.
  • It was him who helped everyone realise Katherine was inside Elena’s body.
  • His body was possessed again, this time by a Traveler. He fought against this possession with a strength so strong, he was able to take back control long enough to warn his friends. This possession later killed him.
  • He spent months trapped on the Other Side alone.
  • His childhood friend, Bonnie, had to sacrifice herself in order to bring him back to life.
  • He had a chance to be human again and fought valiantly to remain so.
  • He wouldn’t become a deputy because he ran the risk of triggering the werewolf gene again.
  • He then had to kill his dying girlfriend to trigger the curse for a second time, becoming a werewolf again.
  • He left Mystic Falls and joined the Armory in the hopes of doing good with his life.
  • He was put in a coma by Damon for no justifiable reason. 
  • He survived this coma and was then murdered for nothing more than a plot line that went nowhere because Elena didn’t even mention Tyler’s death when she woke up. He was murdered because Julie Plec was lazy and clearly had no idea what to do with the final season. He was murdered and no one mentioned it again, apart from in The Originals and that was just because they want some bone.
  • Tyler died believing his face would serve as a reminder for of the moment Damon gave up. That he would be the one person Damon would never forget killing, but lol. His murder was never, ever mentioned again apart from a brief flash in Damon’s mind.
  • He left all his research to Matt, knowing his friend would continue the good work he’d been doing. It was this same research that helped them against the Sirens.
  • Tyler now spends his afterlife watching over Matt Donovan.

seeley booth appreciation week → day 5: BROTP  

“I knew Seeley Booth. He was a good man, who earned my respect and affection. And I don’t like many people.”

Dear Steroliners

I have been lurking the steroline tag and your beautiful gifs/metas/fan fictions for awhile now. I don’t have my own tumblr/twitter presence, and I’ve never felt the need to weigh in until now, other than some random asks I’ve thrown at kmze. But it must be said, or it will continue to haunt me: this finale was completely bogus and should be thrown in the dumpster. I felt like maybe writing this out will help me get over the tragic and senseless end of those two adorable puppies, Stefan and Caroline. So here it goes.

There was so much NOPE in this finale it’s hard to know where to start, but I’m going to focus on the most obvious: Stefan’s death.

I don’t object to the notion that a Salvatore brother had to die. They’ve evaded death for far too long, and left way too many bodies in their wake. I don’t think any of us expected both the Salvatore brothers to make it out of this show alive. Would I have preferred it to be Damon that died, or at least to have the brothers both go out in a blaze of glory? Fuck yes. But I could have handled Stefan dying, and Damon living, had it been handled in a way that made even a shred of sense. It was not.

A sacrificial death, when done right, can be a very fitting way for a show to go out. See: Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s finale. 15 year old me shipped Buffy and Spike (I know, I know, quite a toxic relationship, but moving on). So I was bummed as heck when Spike died in the finale. But the way he went out was just so damn fitting I could not be that mad. He sacrificed himself to save Buffy, to save the Slayer-ettes and the rest of the Scoobies, and literally the entire world. It was necessary and rooted in the plot and was therefore heroic and did a heck of a lot to redeem him of his terrible deeds. It fit the narrative, it fit the character’s arc, and it was satisfying, which took the edge off the tragedy.

Now, let’s compare that to Stefan’s death shall we? Was his death necessary to save the world? Nope. It was not even necessary to save Mystic Falls, since Bonnie had found a way to control the hellfire and send it to hell, or at least divert it. It was arguably necessary to kill Katherine and destroy Hell, but like, there’s nothing particularly noble about destroying Hell? There were tons of bad people in Hell, people that should arguably have stayed in Hell and not been given a “get out of Hell free” card. There did seem to be some not terrible people stuck in Hell (Vicky was irritating but not evil) but maybe since Cade was dead this whole policy of throwing everyone who ever screwed up once in their lives, into eternal torment, no longer applied? Katherine is a cut-throat queen but I don’t see her being this petty. Unclear, but either way this Hell mythology was just too murky for a set-up wherein destroying Hell equals redemption. So far, I fail to see how this action redeemed Stefan’s tattered soul and granted him his peace.

Okay so let’s assume I’ve missed something. (I very well could have. I only watched the finale once and I doubt I’ll ever be able to bring myself to watch it again.) Let’s assume for the sake of argument that in fact the whole “stabbing Katherine with the dagger at the very moment she is immolated thus ensuring she dies in Hell and Hell is destroyed” was a very necessary and heroic act in the grand scheme of things. So at least one of the Salva-bros had to die. The choice of who gets the axe should be based in the narrative, yes? Maybe the brother who showed up in Mystic Falls in season 1, all gleeful about tormenting his brother and making the residents of Mystic Falls suffer, would be a good choice for the one who ultimately saves the town? Whose ongoing arc has been about becoming a better, less-selfish man, one capable of putting his brother before his own needs? Who, two episodes before, had proven that he was ready to be that hero, and had died in a similar sacrifice, but had miraculously come back from it with no explanation? Maybe the writers had a plan? HAHA BITCH YOU THOUGHT.

Instead, Stefan dies because “Damon is the better man.” Hahahahahah lol lol lol brb LAUGHING FOREVER. I don’t need to list the many actions/character traits that Damon has displayed over the years, that make it emphatically clear that he is not the better man. At best he is the equally-as-terrible man. Stefan killed Enzo, yes, which was painful, mainly because of its effect on Bonnie (Enzo was also a murderous trashbag, let us never forget). But Damon killed Tyler, tried to kill Bonnie, and abducted a couple of 4 year olds and tried to sell them to the Devil in return for his own soul, and that was just in season 8. I can’t even remember all the times he killed Alaric and Jeremy, I have literally lost count. Many of you have already covered Damon’s many crimes in your well-reasoned and thoughtful metas and commentaries. They do not need repeating. Damon is a selfish, impulsive, weak-willed, predatory psycho murderer. We have the receipts in the form of seasons 1-8 of this show. I say this as someone who is actually a big Damon fan (I like his snark) and was all about Damon and Elena in seasons 1-4, despite how terrible they were to Stefan. (The actors had lit chemistry back then, sue me.)

Stefan is a psycho murderer too, but at least he feels bad about it. I invite anyone to explain to me how saving Damon, and giving him a human life, tilted the karmic scales in Stefan’s favour. One mass-murderer dying, so that another mass-murderer can live, does not redeem the first mass-murderer, particularly when the major crime the first mass-murderer seems to be paying for, is the murder of a THIRD MASS-MURDERER (Enzo). I just refuse to believe that the universe’s sense of justice is this out to fucking lunch.  

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the most glaring plot hole in this clusterfuck of a sacrifice=redemption narrative, which is obviously that DAMON DIDN’T HAVE TO DO SHIT TO FIND REDEMPTION/PEACE. NOTHING NADA ZILCH. Thus undermining the entire justification for Stefan’s death. Dear god, what a mess.

I can sort of see how in Stefan’s deeply troubled mind dying for his brother would redeem him, because he loved the shit out of his brother, despite how rarely Damon actually deserved that love. Which brings us to another high-key problematic aspect of this finale, which is the assassination of Stefan’s character development. Over 8 seasons, we watched Stefan struggle with his mental illness, his addiction, his complete lack of self-worth, and most importantly, his suicidal tendencies. Once he was able to remove himself from the Triangle of Doom, he actually made a lot of progress! He stopped referring to the Ripper in the third person, he got a handle on the whole blood thing, and when he finally opened his eyes about Caroline, he found a healthy, happy, mutually supportive relationship for pretty much the first time in his entire life. He didn’t ever fully let go of his dependency on Damon, but by the time season 8 started, he was planning a life with Caroline and clearly heading in that direction. His suicidal tendencies made a come-back, thanks to killing Enzo and the guilt that caused him, but by 8x13 he was like I WANNA LIVE, by 8x14 he was re-proposing to Caroline and talking about growing old, and by 8x15 he was effing married to the love of his life and dancing and laughing with her at their wedding.

Then 8x16 comes around, and suddenly, he’s back to “I HAVE TO DIE BECAUSE OF WHAT I DID TO ENZO AND I WON’T BE ABLE TO MAKE UP FOR MY SINS BECAUSE I’M HUMAN AND DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME BUT DAMON YOU HAVE ETERNITY AND YOU’RE THE BETTER MAN” and I’m like THA FUCK? Did I imagine the previous 15 episodes/the previous 5 seasons? Is this the right channel? WHAT IS HAPPENING WHERE AM I RIGHT NOW?  

There are also so many plot holes when it comes to discerning Stefan’s own motivation for this sacrifice, directly out of the dialogue and HIS OWN DAMN MOUTH. He tells Damon that he has “an eternity with Elena” to make up for his own sins. But Stefan’s actions were definitely pre-meditated right? He knew he was going to give Damon the cure, so obviously Damon will not have an eternity to make up for his own crimes? Also Elena is a human now and Damon has been droning on about their human endgame plan for like 5 years now, ever since Elena went into her mystical coma? And then my personal favourite, when Stefan talks to Elena, he tells her he wanted her to have the chance to get to know human Damon. BUT EXCUSE ME as far as he knew Elena was stuck in the mystical coma until Bonnie dies, which everyone assumed would be 60-70 years from then, so seeing as how Damon will age and probably be dead by the time Elena wakes up, or at least very wrinkly and very old, how does he figure he is giving Damon and Elena their happily ever after? As far as Stefan knows, or at least SHOULD KNOW relying on concepts like logic and common sense, he just took away both Damon’s right to choose to die, AND Damon’s happily ever after with Elena, and this is full circle and remedies his original sin of forcing Damon to turn into a vampire and I’m just !?!??!!? I’M PHRASING THESE AS QUESTIONS BECAUSE I LEGIT WANT A FUCKING EXPLANATION SOMEONE PLS HELP.  

Oh and btw the whole Stefan sacrificing himself for Damon and Elena and making up for his original sin of forcing Damon to turn, was so effing murky in the actual episode it had to be explained in interviews by KW and JP, at which point KW made it clear that this entire nightmare happened because he is a 14 year old Stelena fanboy and didn’t watch the last 5 seasons of his own damn show AND NOW I’M ACTUALLY LAUGHING IT’S ALL SO RIDICULOUS.

So, cool. Stefan is dead, Caroline is widowed on her effing wedding day, I am emotionally gutted, and basically this all happened for virtually no reason my brain can discern. Very epic, so fitting, what a pay-off, much full-circle, argaahgaahfTHEFUCK.

When Caroline left him that voicemail, I couldn’t even enjoy the “I will love you forever” line because she also said “I understand” and I was like OMIGOD CAROLINE PLS EXPLAIN IT OUT LOUD CAUSE I SURE AS FUCK DON’T.

And even after all this, the writers are not QUITE done making a mockery out of the notion of consistency in story-telling. They decide that the last scene featuring Caroline Forbes-Salvatore, a character whose strongest traits are her loyalty to the people she loves and moral backbone, and who was widowed like 5 minutes ago from the viewer’s perspective, should be spent with Caroline receiving a letter from a murderous one-night-stand she does not GAF about. For the cherry-on-top, anyone who watches the Originals knows that the one-night-stand is currently suffering some sort of hell torment and hallucinating his actual true love, one Camille O’Connor. AND THEN THE WRITERS HAVE TO GO ON TWITTER to try and explain how the fuck this timeline could possibly make sense and Joseph Morgan is like “I’ve filmed all of season 4 lol what letter?” and I’m laughing again because this is total amateur-hour. Thank you to all the twitter users who have been dragging this joke of a writing team online, your salt is giving me life. Never has a moment of such cheap and blatant fan-baiting backfired so magnificently. I was planning on watching the Originals when it comes back but HAHA NOPE NEVER AGAIN JULIE PLEC, BACK TO THE DUMPSTER WITH YOU.

Anyways, this rant got out of hand. The point here is that I feel justified in completely ignoring this entire finale because of how little sense it made or even attempted to make. I’m sad a show I’ve loved for 8 years ended on such an absurd and poorly-plotted note. Perhaps I’ll eventually get around to writing some fan fiction in an attempt to create my own little alternative ending. In retrospect, I probably should have known better, but I hung in there because when TVD was good, it was really good. But damn, when it was bad, it was truly unwatchable.

Stefan and Caroline forever.


Prince Daniel of Sweden meeting the captains of Sweden’s women’s national football team, Lotta Schelin and Caroline Seger.

me: *sketching out three new oc’s; three sapphic women engaged in a polyamorous relationship, but doesn’t have a story to put them in*

my brain: hey, do you remember that organized criminals universe you started years and years ago, that sadly only had one lesbian couple


my brain: yeah


my brain: YEAH

me: i’m listening

Drowning - Kol Mikaelson

Request - Could you write an imagine where Kol Mikaelson, your boyfriend saves you from drowning?

Summary - Until Sophomore year, you were a bubbly teenage girl .. Always the troublemaker .. Full of happiness .. Full of love .. All that changed because of an incident that you had no control over. Everybody started looking at you, differently - Either with pity or disgust .. Everyone but, him .. Kol Mikaelson. He accepted you, loved you, adored you .. All the hate and pain stopped when he was around .. When he left for Denver, everything came back, again. Will he be able to come in time to save you?

Warning - cussing, bullying, mention of rape.

Pairings/Fandom - Kol Mikaelson/The Vampire Diaries


Originally posted by showandwrite

You sighed as you started the engine. Apparently, Caroline was at one of those school parties .. And that party so happened to include vampires, drugs and alcohol. Even with her being a vampire, Liz still worried about her. Since you’re her older cousin, you were crowned to be her babysitter. You loved your job but, it was exhausting sometimes .. Like when you were with your boyfriend, Kol Mikaelson - whom you haven’t seen since he left .. or times when you had a lot on your mind and just wanted to drink your sorrows .. Times like now .. You found out a few weeks ago that apparently, there was a “cure” for vampirism .. Everyone wanted it so bad .. But, you hated how it was tearing bonds apart. You hated how everyone became so selfish. You heard rumors about that so-called-cure and you tried to warn everyone to stay away, just in case they were right. You hated that, too .. That everyone just shut you out because, you have another opinion.

You were always the girl at the back of the class .. No matter how much you cared about everyone, everyone didn’t know you existed until you spoke, did something wrong or they needed you. Even in high school. Until the incident happened .. Romurs spread around. Haters hated .. Assholes assholed. 


You screamed for help as your drunk boyfriend of three years forced himself on you. But, no one heard .. Or at least if they did, they ignored you and went on with their boring unfortunate lives. Tyler Lockwood found you in the school’s parking lot, crying, bruised and naked. He quickly, took you to the hospital and you passed out, there. When you woke up, he was still there. When you told him what happened, he saw red. Even though, he didn’t know you that well .. He only know your name and that you were Caroline Forbes’ cousin .. But, just the idea of someone doing that to a girl .. An amazing innocent girl .. It just disgusts him. He beat that guy to a pulp .. And when you refused to tell Sheriff Forbes, he told her himself.

It was a week full of tears. Liz took the week off and you had multiple girl nights. When Liz and Bill were still married before Caroline was born, Liz adored you so much. She thought of you as the daughter she always wanted, until of course she had a daughter. Since Bill and Liz were your guardians, you had the right to choose which you’d like to stay with when they divorced. You chose Liz .. You stayed .. For Liz and for Caroline. You’d protect them with everything in you. When you went back to school, everyone either gave you dirty looks or pitiful looks .. Either way, they hurt. Some guys on the football team made sexual references about you but, Tyler always kicked them off the team .. That’s after he kicked their asses. And for that, you were grateful.


So, here you are! Pulling up in the driveway of a party filled with hormonated teens, jocks and mean girls. You dreaded this. And the only person who could help you is in Denver.

You turned off the engine, taking a deep breathe before getting out of your car. You searched the crowd with your eyes, looking for your younger cousin. You caught side of the blonde standing with Bonnie Bennett. And no, they still haven’t gone in search for that cure. You immediately, approached your cousin.

“Bonnie. ” You greeted the girl with a smile then, you turned to Caroline. “Caroline .. Let’s go. ” You grabbed her wrist and started pulling her towards the car.

“Go?! I’ve only been here for half an hour!! ” Caroline whined, pulling her wrist away from your grip.

“Caroline, let’s go! There are druggies and alcoholics, here! Would you like to get drunk and someone to take advantage of you?! Let’s go, now! ” You started pulling her, again.

“No! Leave me alo- ”

“Hey! Is everything okay, here? ” A guy asked, approaching you two. You turned to him, ready to tell him off. “Wait .. You’re that whore from a few years ago! I remember you! ” He laughed. Everyone went silent and turned to you.

“You’re still alive?! I thought you’ve killed yourself, already! ” Another girl mocked. Your breath hitched.

“You back off! ” Carline hissed at them. You backed up a bit.

“I guess it’s a good thing you’re still alive .. You free for a round? ” The same guy winked at you, taking a step closer to you. You took a step back. “What’s wrong, baby? Why so scared? ” He took a step closer to you, again. You walked back until you were a step away from the edge of the lake. “I don’t bite. ” He took another step forward. You took another step back. Suddenly, a stone moved under your foot, making you slip as you fell back into the lake.

You let out a scream. You couldn’t swim .. Water was your biggest fear. And no one was going to help you. You were doomed. Your limbs moved around, trying to stay above the water.

“(Y/N)!” Caroline and Bonnie yelled. Caroline was about to jump into the water to help you when the guy grabbed her as they all watched you laughing. Caroline couldn’t use her vampire speed in front of anyone. Caroline kept screaming your name. Bonnie was yelling at anyone to help you but, they all stood by .. Again. You silently, prayed Tyler would happen to cross by and would notice the commotion. Your limbs stopped moving as your world darkened, gradually around you. Last thing you saw, was a splash and haunting brown eyes staring at you.


You felt eyes on you as you slowly, regained consciousness. You were on an oddly, soft surface .. You knew for sure it had ti be a bed but, it wasn’t yours .. And you quickly, realized whose it was as you have spent many nights in that bed, cuddling with the man you love and talking for hours. Your eyes fluttered open, seeing the said person leaning against the door frame, watching you sleep on his king sized bed. You sat up, looking at the ground. He approached the bed and sat on the edge, opposite you.

“You left. ” You glared at him through your lashes.

“Yeah .. Um ..I’m sorry about that .. Nik sent me on an errand and I had to- ”

“Cut the shit, Kol! I know you were watching Jeremy in Denver. ” You interrupted him.

“Klaus sent me there .. I had to do it, (Y/N)- ”

“And since when are you Klaus’ bitch?! “ You interrupted him, again.

"Since he had the power to dagger me and stock me in a box for centuries. ” Kol hissed. You went silent. You couldn’t respond to that .. Freedom is one of life’s biggest advantages. You understood how the Mikaelson siblings, besides Klaus craved it.

“Darling, I know you’re angry I left you here - I am, too! And you have every right to be but .. I’m back, now. ” He smiled at you, hopefully.

“You’re back? Never going again on an "errand”? “ You pleaded.

"Well, Nik has me around his finger if he still has those daggers but, I can try to take you with me, next time. ” He shrugged, still waiting for an answer from you. You sighed, your shoulders slumping.

“You saved me .. Thank you. ” You smiled, slightly. He finally, got closer to you and tugged on your wrist, pulling you to sit on his lap.

“And I always will, darling .. I will always save you .. That promise, I can keep. ” He kissed your forehead.

“My lips are right here. ” You stated, playfully as you placed your lips on his. Electricity flowed between the two of you. You loved that man .. No matter how many lives he took .. How many people he killed .. You will always love him - Kol Mikaelson.