but cant i ship both

“We have an exam tomorrow, but I need you to hear this new song I wrote for you”

Jeno: i dare you say something you would never say out loud

Donghyuck: ………..

Donghyuck: i love mark le-

Mark: hey are you guys playing truth or dare ?


Mark&jeno: ?????

Donghyuck: what ? I’m a igot7.

as for escalus, my poor baby king prince son, he’s trying so hard. he just wants to keep his damn city together.

isabella is the head, and even though he’s learning to shield and ignore it, he’s still the heart.

but that’s the point - escalus’ priorities will always be verona. verona is first. 

not rosaline.

and that’s why even if escalus is my son, even though i love him and feel for him, his indecision and constantly changing his mind with rosaline is what leads to him losing her. rosaline shouldn’t forgive him for this. (and if she wishes to, that’s okay too! she’d be a better woman than i though.) it’s not about him having good intentions - he does! it’s about him not putting her first.

because he can’t. he had the chance to multiple times this episode, and he choose verona, over and over again. AND THIS IS OKAY. THIS IS HIS JOB. THIS IS HIS DUTY. but when he brings livia into it, when he calls ros a harlot, that’s him making that final, conscious decision - verona, over her.

.Remember when they said destiel shippers were going to enjoy the last 10 minutes of 12x23?????? let me tell you a fucking thing. I would sell my soul for destiel NOT to be canon if with that i can have cas alive and well. Happy, being treated with respect.

I would give up destiel in a heartbeat if with that i cant protect both halves of the ship. I dont want a romeo and juliet kind of ending shit. I want cas to be happy, dean to have a family. i ship destiel because dean is everything cas needs and cas is everything dean needs. They always seem to find each other.

Someone who understands the job, A best friend, a partner, someone that can take care of him just like he did with sammy all this years. Dean is the righteous man, a hero, the one who showed cas what a family was like, what family means. Yes, it wasnt the first time that cas rebelled but it was the first time he overcame the brainwashing bullshit that naomi did to him in order to save someone, dean winchester.

So no. Take your crap and shove it up your asses cause i aint not having it.


5. Angry kiss @eternalxnights 

theres our tsundere bronzies, i threw in some extras cause im always a slut for get-along-with-eachother scenerios i hOPE ITS OK OTL

“Lex gives him pain and he gives Lex everything, it’s more than worth it for not having to think.”

Fanart inspired by percybysshes‘s A regular decorated Emergency and endquestionmark‘s Gods and Monsters

Those fanfics are amazing! I hope you two like this :D

Starco shippers: OMG! Star and Marco are so in love! I can’t wait for it to be canon!

Anti-Starco shippers: No! Star and Marco only are friends! Look how much better is is when they aren’t in love!

Starco shippers: No, they’ve gotta be in love!

Anti-Starco shippers: No, platonic!!

Starco shippers: LOVE

Anti-starco shippers: PLATONIC