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Hey Grim! How are you, and how was your day??

* hey there, cutie. i’m doin’ just fine, what with someone as sweet as you checkin’ in on me like this. with any luck your day got as brightened as mine just did, heh.

* spent my day gatherin’ up some new research articles and sendin’ them and my notes on ‘em to Dings and Alphys - always takes a bit, since i have to handwrite it out, or find a printer that won’t get confusin’ for others if i use it.

* i also might’ve spent a couple hours playin’ with a stray dog that was blinded. she was a total sweetheart, ‘n was real confused at the treats that kept gettin tossed to her from a tree in the park. you ever see that meme with the husky crackin’ those jokes? that was her face every time she got a new treat.

* led her to a no-kill shelter after gettin her fed up a bit and givin’ her some time to play and get that skip back in her step.

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  • plain tortilla chips eaten with nothing on them
  • eating cereal by the handful, straight out of the box
  • cold, 4-day old leftovers
  • peanut butter straight out of the jar
  • eating two slices of bread

People on this site are just…disturbing when it comes to fiction in general.  They literally want everything to be perfect, happy sunshine and roses (probably because so many of them are living vicariously through fiction as a substitute for reality, and thus can’t help projecting themselves into it).  That’s just…not how fiction works.  That’s the most boring shit–who honestly wants to read/watch that???  We NEED strife in fiction, as there is strife in reality.  Characters NEED obstacles to overcome in order to have a character arc.  A story NEEDS a conflict to actually be a story.  If all you ever read is the kind of Mary Sue crap where everyone gets along, you’re going to be the most boring, sheltered motherfucker, and have no idea what to do when you get out into the real world.

Villains need to be allowed to be villains.

Characters need to be allowed to have bad things happen to them, even if they’re the “good guys”.

Fiction needs “bad” things, because it helps us recognize, understand, and cope with those “bad” things.

This is one of the most shallow reasons for why Kara and Lena are a great match (especially because there are so many great non shallow reasons) but I love that Kara won’t have to worry about spending any extra money she has on food because Lena’s a damn billionaire. I know it’s a running gag about how much Kara loves food but she honestly needs a lot of it.

Kara probably has a semi decent income from CatCo but with all her expenses and the fact that she most likely isn’t paid by the DEO, every leftover penny goes to making sure she gets enough calories, especially after she becomes Supergirl and starts using her powers on a daily basis. That’s a ton of food she has to buy in order to balance out how many calories she burns.

But she never wants Lena to think she’s using the woman for her money. Never. So she insists on splitting the bill or ordering much less than she needs if Lena insists on paying and Lena finds it so damn frustrating because why won’t her best friend let her pay for her food???

Until one day it just clicks for Lena after she’s told the Supergirl secret and has done the calorie math in her head and God Kara how are you able to afford all the food that you need? and the next day when Kara walks into her apartment, she sees that Lena has finally used the key she was given to completely overstock Kara’s kitchen with all sorts meals, snacks, protein bars, etc., with a simple note on the counter saying Let me know when you’re running low and it’s stupid but Kara finds herself getting emotional at Lena’s complete acceptance of who she is.

Oreo Asks!

Classic Oreo: Who is one person you can talk to about anything?

Double Stuf Oreo: What makes you feel accomplished?

Chocolate Oreo: What is your favorite book or movie, and why do you love it so much?

Strawberry Milkshake Oreo: Describe your ideal weekend.

Green Tea Oreo: What are your favorite ways to relax?

Golden Oreo: What is something you feel most people don’t understand about you?

Creamsicle Oreo: Describe your crush/relationship/closest friend.

Peanut Butter Oreo: Do you keep a journal?

Lemon Ice Oreo: Describe the itinerary for your ideal vacation.

Birthday Cake Oreo: What’s your dream career?

Pumpkin Spice Oreo: What’s your favorite season and why?

Red Velvet Oreo: If you could make any animal you wanted pocket sized and keep it as a pet, which animal would you pick?

Cinnamon Bun Oreo: What is something you wish would come back into fashion?

Peeps Oreo: What’s your favorite holiday and why?

Caramel Apple Oreo: What is a food you’ve never had, but would like to try?

Fruit Punch Oreo: What songs make you feel the most nostalgic?

Brownie Batter Oreo: If you could take a free class on anything, what class would you want to take?

Candy Cane Oreo: What are some goals that you want to reach in the near or distant future? 

Berry Oreo: What outdoor activities do you enjoy? 

Limeade Oreo: What are some simple things that make you happy?


happy 29th birthday 🎉 🎂 !! kim taeyeon !!

Q: “Through this album, what do you want to communicate to those listening to it?
T: “Questions like this are the most difficult. This album’s title is ‘My Voice’. From the chorus, it’s only filled with my voice, and I put in an abundance of emotion when I was working on it. Personally, I believe that fans will recognize that emotions like that. I hope you will listen to it in the most comfortable position. Considering my records will come out countlessly going forward.”