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4x09 teaser

Clarke: *is kidnapped/held hostage by someone again*(there’s a gag that’s been taken out of her mouth and is now around her neck)


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You should have a YouTube channel, I would totally watch your videos!!

omg!! that’s very sweet aha, but like, what would you even watch? I have no talentz for the youtubes! 😳

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do you know any abused!harry fics? i mean, fics where the order or his schoolmates find out how actuallh difficoult it is for him to deal with the abusive adults around him like the dursleys or umbridge or idk pretty much anyone

i also got this ask at the same time:

Harry James Potter fic rec? (Basically your favorites in character fics with the main focus being on Harry and how he deals with stuff?)

so here’s some of my fave harry fics - sorted into ones that deal with abuse in some form and others that don’t:


  • these cuts i have by melindaleo - post-war recovery, weasley bonding
  • realizations by wishweaver - post-GoF summer au (incomplete)
  • reading the signs by goldencompass - first year, temporarily mute!harry, snape adopts harry (one sequel)
  • the guiltless by kilara25 - sixth year au, snape as mentor/guardian (one sequel)
  • claustrophobia by celebony - post-OotP summer au, weasleys adopt harry
  • helping hand by putmoneyinthypurse - fifth year insert au, trio friendship
  • family night by celebony - sixth year au, snape adopts harry, emotionally abusive remus lupin for plot purposes
  • broken dreams by shadowarwen - post-OotP summer au, sirius returns
  • recnac transfaerso by celebony - fifth year au, eventual sirius adopts harry (two sequels + companion fics)
  • a hero by celebony - post-OotP summer au one-shot, dudley pov
  • in care of by fang’s fawn - post-OotP summer au, snape-as-eventual-rescuer
  • dead men don’t bleed - orphaned on ao3, post-GoF summer au, sirius adopts harry (three sequels/companion fics)
  • a year like none other by aspeninthesunlight - sixth year au, snape adopts harry (two sequels - third fic is incomplete)
  • it’s a hollow play by stagnight - fifth year au wip, suicide attempt/recovery 
  • strength in weakness by littleforest - sixth year au wip, snape as mentor
  • the mark of a hero by littleforest - post-OotP summer au wip
  • whore - orphaned on ao3, post-PS/SS au but spans the entire seven years, major focus on sexual themes/involves graphic assault (two sequels + companion fics)
  • sticks, stones and broken bones by littleforest - pre-Hogwarts au wip, weasley bonding
  • after dinner discussions by aeramus - fifth year insert au one-shot
  • defensive magic by jocelyn - post-OotP summer au one-shot

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What is the new container you are in? Do you know? Can you find it out somehow?





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Why haven't you been posting finding Marley?

Because it takes an incredibly long time to create posts, and sadly real life has been kicking my butt latel 😢 so basically, I just haven’t had the time. It’s incredibly difficult to post everyday when each post takes between 3-6 hours to create 😊 I really am trying my best to post as often as I possibly can but at the end of the day, I’m a full time college student, with a job and responsibilies. Most of my free time is spent either working on my dissertation, my coursework, revising for my upcoming exams (which determine whether I’ll get into uni), and trying to spend at least a few hours a week with my boyfriend/friends/family; unfortunately, real life has to take priority. I apologise nonny! If it helps, I have a post coming up tonight and another tomorrow! 💓 

edit: i also have a pose pack coming out tonight! i forgot lol :)

Hey all,

I set up a Buy Me a Coffee, cause well, Han is poor. Any support is really really appreciated!!! ;–;

The button is set up on the side of my blog!!

Also, I will hopefully be updating Paranormal and this blog regularly soon I promise, the commercial I’m working on is almost done and I WILL BE FREED FREAKING HECK

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Same anon as before, about the klance child porn question. let me clarify: I mean in a SEXUAL way, do you think it's okay to ship Lance and Keith, because kinda like how it is in Shaladin, you're writing about minors. I also didn't mean to sound rude, I always come off that way lol. but yeah, i meant that in a strictly sexual terms. like, how do you feel about Klance written in sexual situations, like, do you think that's okay, or is it not at all, or is there exceptions. Thanks <3

No I get what you mean nonnie don’t worry!

And it’s alright for minors to write stuff like that I guess since it’s actual teenagers writing that, but me personally anyone 18+ should not be writing underage teens like that at all but that’s just me.

As long as it’s minors working with characters in their own age ranges it’s fine (excluding pidge ofc because no one should be writing/drawing anything sexually explicit with Pidge that’s just common sense and having morals)

But adults should know better and anyone who’s been in this fandom long enough to have seen the discourse should know better so ye

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Id like to think jonathan and wamuu would be best friends if not for the fact wamuu is a pilerman

WAMUU: “Would I be a human? A hamon-user? A dog? Little difference there, I suppose… (and who even is ‘Jonathan’, anyway?)
KARS: “Besides, with a completely different fate and upbringing, who could even say whether it was ‘you’? Useless.”

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It's sad you don't rayplicate my feeling about puns. It raylly does hurt. But knowing you laughed made me smile pretty raydiently. It raylly did. I know deep down in your heart, I mean ray deep down, I know these puns thrill you. Your rayaction to this might be I don't have a heart. I hope you raylize you do. I don't feel raygret for any of these puns. In fact it makes me rayjoice. Puns are very raylatable. I raylly enjoyed making these puns. So you should raylish my hard work. :))

I wish you can see my face right now 

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all of the questions on the zelda ask game.

Bruh. You do realize….50 questions….Whatchu think this is, a high school test? I did my time. ….Like, IMMA DO IT AND ENJOY IT, but a lot of these are going to involve some deep thought lol XD

1. What was your first Zelda game?

Ocarina of Time

2. Which game is your favorite?

This one’s hard because I don’t have a single one as my most favorite, and it tends to change based on which ones I’ve played most recently (for example, out of all the ones I’ve replayed recently I really enjoyed SS and ALBW so they’re pretty up there right now). However, my faves usually include Wind Waker, Majora’s Mask, and all of them lol. Breath of the Wild is up there now too. I JUST LOVE ALL OF THEM OKAY

3. Which one was the hardest for you to beat?

Adventure of Link. Don’t ask me how I actually managed to beat it (even with a walkthrough that game is so hard).

4. How old were you when you started playing video games? (Or Zelda specifically)

I’ve been playing games for as long as I can remember and I first played Zelda around the age of 8 years I believe. And THAT. Is when my life truly began.

5. What is your favorite Zelda moment?

Shippy shippy feels stuff but when Link and Zelda finally get to reunite (THE HAPPY ONE) in SS. It’s such a beautiful moment

6. If you could own any weapon or item from any of the games, which one would it be?

For efficiency, bomb arrows cause they’re so freaking useful in botw *-* For fun, maybe the Roc’s Cape in MC (though I guess the paraglider in botw would be the better choice as you can go much further with it)

7. Which dungeon would you say you enjoyed the most?

I enjoy a lot of them, but I’ve always really liked the Spirit Temple in OoT and the atmosphere it offers with its music and being the final dungeon before the end of the game

8. Which dungeon would you say you enjoyed the least?

I had to think on this, and then memory suddenly came to me. Memory that I’d been repressing. The City in the Sky in TP. You don’t even know how easily I get lost in there and I personally find the music to be very annoying. (I was going to say Lakebed Temple, another dungeon from TP, but then I was like, “Oh yeah. ……OH YEAH……”)

9. Who is your favorite character overall?

If I had to pick just one, Link himself. He’s just such a dork, how can I not love him? Otherwise, I love Zelda a lot too (especially in games like ST, SS, and BotW)

10. Which corner of the Triforce would you have?

The middle cause I’m empty af

Okay, for real idk. Courage cause I gained a lot of it along with Link ^-^

11. Which is your favorite Goddess (Din, Nayru, Farore)

Din because of the Oracle series (I know she’s not actually a goddess in those games, but otherwise there’s no real personality to work with lol). I especially love her in the manga (as does Link XD)

12. What is your favorite Link design from all of the games?

Hmmm BotW!Link? I love his ponytail!

13. What is your favorite Zelda design from all of the games?

I like her designs in SS, HW, and BotW (also in the FS games. I wish they’d have used that design more)

14. What is your favorite Ganondorf/Ganon design from all of the games?

I love his dramatic, flowing robes in WW

15. If you could be any character which one would you be?

Can I just be an NPC who has no problems? 😃 No? Alright then. Well, being the nerd that I am, Imma say that I already am Link whenever I play as him (when I was younger I always pretended I was him, going on adventures and whatnot, even when I wasn’t playing one of the games)

16. If you could cosplay any character, which one would you pick?

Link lol. I love his green tunic (or any of the alternate outfits he wears)

17. Your favorite theme song from the series

Ahhhh questions like this are hard because all the music is great >,< But I think I’ll go nostalgia route on this one and say the main theme in WW ^-^ (the main theme in Botw is really nice too)

18. Your favorite Ocarina song to play

Song of Storms and Requiem of Spirit (I just love both of those tunes so much >,<)

19. Your favorite enemy to fight?

Any that I can kill ._.

Okay okay, I’m kind of like this with any game I play, not just LoZ, but I mostly enjoy fighting enemies that actually have personality and aren’t just monsters that attack you out of instinct. So, I guess Ghirahim would be a prime example XD

20. The enemy that throws you into a fit of rage when you have fight them?

The Peahats in MC. I hate them

21. What would you say is the main cause of death for you when you’re playing?

Having played Breath of the Wild: Everything.

22. What do you prefer to keep in your bottles?

I usually try to always have fairies in my bottles so I never have to worry about dying XD (until the ultra rare moments when I run out of fairies and am still in battle >_>)

23. What hopes do you have for “Zelda U”?

Well, seeing as “Zelda U” is now “Breath of the Wild” and is already out, my hopes were pretty much answered. It’s great. I’d talk about what hopes that weren’t met, but due to slight spoilers I’m going to refrain from doing so

24. What is your favorite mini game?

The Kitty Cat Hide and Seek in TP :) No explanation needed.

25. What is your favorite & least favorite sidequest?

A sidequest I’ve always enjoyed is the entire Romani Ranch one in MM from (hopefully) stopping the alien ghosts to helping Cremia out with the goods (cause we all know chateau romani is spiked with something). Aside from that, I really enjoyed a lot of the sidequests in SS. Skyloft is an interesting place with many troubles that need to be solved by none other than LINK (the player lol)

As for a least favorite one, the Korok seed gathering in Botw. 900 is….Just. Too. Much. (I do appreciate the ability they give to expand inventory space though and I’ve got like 130 right now but gosh. Nobody has time for that. I mean I do, but I don’t wanna do it)

26. What is a sidequest that you’ve never been able to complete?



I’ll probably have a much better chance of finally being able to complete this god forsaken sidequest though when I one day get WWHD since you can keep, I think, 7 in that version

27. What would you say is your most challenging in-game moment?

I’d have to say anything that spikes my anxiety through the roof lol. So, the silent realms in SS, the demon trains in ST, the Guardians in BotW, stuff like that. The increase in stress results in a decline of my playing skills XD

28. Your ultimate LOZ OTP?

Hmmm this really depends more on the particular title but if I had to choose one overall, Zelink. I’ve always shipped them but ever since SS they just hit me real hard and I love them together now (I ship a lot of other pairings too tho lol. I’m real chill when it comes to shipping tbh)

29. Your ultimate LOZ NOTP?

Me X My empty wallet when a new loz game comes out ;-;

Lol, for real tho, as I already mentioned above, I’m cool with just about anything and even if I don’t ship something, I respect those who do and still enjoy all the nice art and whatnot~

30. Who was your favorite sidekick and how did you see their relationship with Link?

Oh god, this is really hard because I love so many of them. Okay, if I had to pick just one it would probably come between Midna in TP and Zelda in ST. Midna’s great and has amazing character development and I just flat out love ST!Zelda so much, she’s so adorabl. Link’s relationship with Midna starts off really bad, but the progression in which it’s clear how much they grow to care for each other is really good. His relationship with Zelda in ST is another great one. They don’t really know anything about each other in the beginning but they grow together throughout the games events.

31. Who was your least favorite sidekick and how did you see their relationship with Link?

Hmmm this would probably come between Navi and Fi. That’s not to say I don’t like them, in fact I really do. It’s just neither really have much of an actual personality and Fi really likes to hold your hand throughout the whole game (Navi too in the beginning with the whole “Press A to open a door lololol”). However, both are still great companions who are there to keep Link company in what would otherwise often be a lonely adventure, and it’s clear that he cares for both of them, as it’s heavily implied he went to go look for Navi in the beginning of MM and the farewell cutscene with Fi in the end is very touching.

32. Have you ever cried while playing a Zelda game?

33. If you could own any mask from Majora’s Mask, which would you own and why?

Fierce Deity so I can be a God and be an OP mofo >:D lol jk. Def the bunny hood. GOTTA GO FAST

34. What race do you think you would be if you lived in the Zelda world?

A goron cause I like to lay around like a rock all day? Lol I really don’t know.

35. What’s a headcanon that you can’t let go of?

I’m cool with a lot of headcanons and can’t think of one in particular to answer this question

36. What is your favorite place in the Zelda games?

Anywhere that’s full of NPCs I can talk to (adventuring gets lonely sometimes). Skyloft in SS is nice

37. How many Zelda games have you played?

I’ve played all of them up to date

38. How many Zelda games do you own?

All of them, no shame (and no money)

39. Your headcanons about the Zelda/Ganondorf/Link reincarnations?

I can’t think of any right now, sorry ;-;

40. Is there anything in the games that you wish were different?

I wish they had never changed the zora swimming mechanic in the 3DS remake of MM >_>

Also to give Zelda more screentime

41. What character did you dislike the most and why?

Wizzro in HW gets on my nerves

42. Your favorite in-game quote?

Just about anything Ravio from ALBW says. He’s ridiculous (but in a good way)

43. What do you think the red, green, and blue potions would taste like?

Based on Link’s reaction to drinking them in WW

Not good.

44. What is your favorite title screen?

Twilight Princess has always been my fave as far as title screens go. It’s just so dramatic yet has an obvious depressing feel to it. But I also really love MM’s and how it starts out calm and peaceful and just gradually transitions into the more eerie, unsettling part towards the end with Skull Kid and the Moon.

45. Do you have any Zelda tattoos?

Nope. I don’t like anything sharp anywhere near me lol

46. Would you drop everything and go live in Hyrule if you could?

I already live in Hyrule whenever I play an loz title that takes place there

47. If you could have any instrument from the games which one would you have?

I’d say ocarina, but I already have one (cause my nerd friend gave their fellow nerd (me) one), sooo spirit flute maybe?

48. Which character would you team up with or rely on in a life threatening situation?

Who other than Link?

Yo, pass me the bottled fairy!

(Though if we go HW route, a lot of characters could be fitting candidates, especially Linkle. She’s my main and she’s OP)

49. What art style has been your favorite or you would like to see in future games?

Ngl I really love the style they went with for Botw and I would love to see it more in the future

50. How has LOZ made a difference in your life or the way you see video games?

Alright, time for a bit of depressing stuff. Imma be real here: If it weren’t for LoZ, I probably wouldn’t be here today. LoZ was one of the few things that made me truly happy growing up, and still does today. I always said to my friends, half-jokingly, that “I had to live for BotW” which is what kept me going for years. Link is not only the Hero of Hyrule, Termina, the Great Sea, or whatever other lands, he’s my hero too. And so is Zelda, and Ganondorf, and all the characters that make all the magical and unforgettable adventures possible. LoZ is my favorite series ever and it’s given so much meaning in my life, and I can only hope it’s helped others as well. Because video games are often more than just a game. They are beautiful creations that remind us to keep going and see all the positives in life