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I need to tell you something important....hey man

Also....NEW AUS!!!!!

Thought it was time to update my list of AUs thatI’ll be doing headcanons for, as well as remind people of AUs that I do, but never get asks for

I will take all kinds of asks for:









Mafiaswapfell ( I don’t care if it not a thing I’m MAKING IT A THING)


After some thought, I will still accept romantic prompts for Ink!Sans and Error!Sans but I’m trying to toe the line more on canon there and so expect getting romance out of me to be a little difficult where these two are concerned

I will only accept platonic headcanons for Fresh!Sans

Also, for personal AUs,

Skeledaycare (well, more like skeleschool at this point)


Towntale (the AU HMB is set in, its multiverse populated so just fire away on questions, since the fic isn’t going to cover everything)

Skeleton Roommates (since some of you expressed an interest in this)

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What you think about Back To You?

I really really like it! Just as much as I expected. I personally think its strength lies in the beat, in the melody; it’s so different and original, it gets quickly addictive! It catches your attention and when it comes up on the radio you immediately remember it, which it’s essential for the success and popularity of a song! I also find that making it a collaboration was the smartest idea ever and Bebe was a very good choice, as her voice and Louis’ voice fit perfectly together. I think the outcome is super interesting. It works well and I have no doubt it’ll chart amazingly!

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I read an interview a few weeks ago where peter said he quit because he was 'bored' of playing the doctor after ten months. Do you know if there's truth in that? It sounds ridiculous, it's a great and exciting job and a role that so many people would love to play. It makes him sound a bit egotistical.

okay i’ve found the interview you’re referring to
he said he grew “tired” of it - not quite the same as “bored”, i think
i think it got too repetitive for him. i mean - it’s an extremely demanding job. it was demanding for david and matt, who’re MUCH younger than peter. and from what he said - there’s this one quote: 

“I love this show, but I’ve never done anything where you turn up every day for ten months,” says Capaldi in the new issue of Radio Times magazine. “I want to always be giving it my best and I don’t think if I stayed on I’d be able to do that. I can’t think of another way to say, ‘This could be the end of civilisation as we know it.’”

i think he explains it pretty well, and i think he says it out of love for the role, not out of being sick of it. it’s a job where you’ve got to keep your absolute best performance, always, and anyone can only do it for that long before they fall apart.
i don’t think it was an easy decision for peter at all, it took him months to finally confirm it, but i think he made it with the best intentions, and ultimately he’s right - if he doesn’t feel like he’s doing the job right or giving it justice, then it’d have reflected heavily in how he’d have acted, and the show would’ve suffered from it
but he loved it, he really did, in every video of him talking about it you can feel how utterly enthusiastic he is about it, how deeply he feels about it. he said it himself, that doctor who was always “part of [his] dna”, and it’s the longest thing he’s ever made non-stop, he really gave it all he had
so i really don’t think there were any ill feelings behind this

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hey man(so soft, i'm still crying over it), i'm new to the fandom and because you're my fave voltron blog and is always so nice to everyone, i tought it would be best to ask you to clarify some of my doubts. Lance is officialy cuban or is it something the whole fandom collectvily believes? And the last names that are usually used in fics (mcclain, kogane), they're from the 80's voltron? That's the first time that i'm in a fandom where canon and fanon confuses me so much XD Thanks <3

No worries, I’m happy to help out^^ ♥ If I’m being honest it would have confused me too if I hadn’t been in the fandom for as long as I have now sdjhfgdjksfhgjd

Lance is canonically Cuban, that was confirmed by Jeremy Shada (his VA) and the Voltron Twitter account (link):

Hunk is confirmed to be from Samoa and Shiro’s name and facial features are Japanese, so that’s pretty much confirmed too^^ 

The last names Kogane and McClain are from “Voltron: Defender Of The Universe (often: DOTU)”, yep. I am pretty sure that someone asked the creators about their last names at the SDCC yesterday and they said that they are open for interpretation. In other words: you’re free to use whatever last names you’d like :D 

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plot twist: spiderman, black widow, batman, and other animal themed heroes are actually miraculous holders

Originally posted by heleneetlesgarcons

i was planning to draw this out actually but im a little caught up to finish it so here is a peter parker (from the movie that i remember as a kid) but this is such a good idea lolol

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6 characters: everyone from falsettos (minus Jason bc save him)


  • Push off a cliff: marvin (punish the character most like myself)
  • Kiss: cordelia
  • Marry: whizzer
  • Set on Fire: charlotte (and then quickly throw her in a bath!!!)
  • Wrap a Blanket around: trina
  • Be Roommates with: mendel

give me 6 characters

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#letolderIgnisbeadaddy 👌👌👌👌

What’s funny is that yesterday, I was running errands until way late last night and missed like 10 hours of Tumblr time (U N A C C E P T A B L E; if I missed anything I was tagged in I’m so sorry, I was doing All The Adulting) and when I got back I was like “WTF THAT DADDY!IGNIS BLURB MADE ROUNDS”

Which made my muse all smug like “yeah and u was like *mocking voice* but Iggy can’t be a daddy that’s Gladio, I’m so limited in my characterizations of my fave characters, thank goodness I have a muse that knows what’s up”

… so I have also made myself see the light, LOL MAY DADDY!IGNIS WRECK THE FUCK OUT OF US FOREVERMORE

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Hey Sir Grumpy Grump, maybe you should curl up with Tom and rest! You seem like you need the comfort~

@thisauisdeadinactive said: What do you do when he gets here? Run for your life like a little girl? Beg for mercy? Or something else?

Hope I don’t remember whatever happens later when it’s, hopefully, all resolved.

So I haven’t been in a really good place physically or mentally so that’s why I’ve been less interactive lately but
I’ll be gone for a few days but I’d lov to talk to people when I get back and hopefully things’ll change for the better Ya feel