but can you really choose whom to fall for

The Choice

TITLE: The Choice

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 1 of 2


Imagine your family disapproving of your relationship with Loki and demanding you choose between them and him, and you instantly choose Loki.


Imagine you proposing to Loki, instead of the other way around.


I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a really long time, finally found the inspiration to sit down and write it thanks to these two prompts. Got a bit (okay, a lot) longer than I expected, so I split it into two chapters. Hope you like! And if you don’t… oh, well. I guess I’ll go cry in a corner or something, I dunno.


    Evelyn knew from the start that being with one known as a God of Mischief wouldn’t make her life any easier, but one can’t really choose whom they fall for. And while Loki could be a handful; he was always good to her. They had their ups and downs like any other couple, but overall their relationship was a very good one. There was only one thing that they couldn’t get past: Evelyn’s reluctance to introduce Loki to her parents. She always came up with some excuse not to and it was beginning to really bother him, especially since he had actually taken the time to introduce her to what passed for his these days, even if it had been a two-minute meeting and they’d never gone back afterwards.

    They stood in their bedroom facing each other, Loki’s arms were crossed over his chest and he wore a deceptively angry expression, though Evelyn could see the hurt behind it after he’d voiced the accusation that had taken root in his mind. Evelyn’s own expression filled with guilt that she’d let it get that far and she ran her tan hands through her copper hair with a sigh.

    “Loki; I’m not ashamed of you. How could you even think that? I love you!” Evelyn said earnestly.

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