but can you just imagine if it was like that

sometimes i think about 1dhq having monthly meetings about the fans and stuff and some old dude is like, “what are they saying today?” & some random intern rasies their hand and is like, “well they really want harry to have space buns-” and the old guy just sighs and rubs his temples, “god no we already talked about this when harry asked months ago how are they still stuck on it-” and then another intern speaks up, “they were also talking about a making no control a single, maybe we should list-” and the old guy laughs, “yeah okay i would love to see them try and make that happen, okay ethan what are the larry shippers saying” and ethan lifts his head up, he has bags under his eyes like he hasnt slept in days, “uh you know just being ridiculous sir as always” and the old guy just stares back at him, “oh … trust me we know” and ethan chuckles awkwardly and when they move on to the next steps for promo ethan looks down to his phone where escapade is open and contuines to read.

Happily (?) Reunited | Loki One Shot (Ragnarok Spoilers)

Summary: This one shot is inspired by this imagine, which can be found on my blog: Smacking Loki across the face, then kissing him after being reunited during Thor: Ragnarok. 

Pairing: Husband!Loki X Wife!Reader

The person who asked for a one shot of this is: @lady-loki-ren , I hope you like it!

Author’s Note: I know that this isn’t exactly how this scene went, but I tried to get it as close as possible to the movie. 

Warnings: None. Just smacking a very handsome yet somewhat frustrating character that I will love and continue to defend till my death. (A.K.A THANOS BETTER LOOK THE HECK OUT)

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From the moment that you stepped into Asgard, you felt in your very core that something was wrong. Whether it was the fact that Heimdall wasn’t at the bifrost to welcome you, or the fact that a large statue of Loki greeted you at the bottom the steps. Well, nothing had ever felt right since the death of your beloved husband, Loki Laufeyson.

“Something is not right here.” Thor said quietly to you as you marched up the steps onto the small plaza filled with Asgardians. “We need to be prepared for what we might find.”

“I agree-” You stopped mid sentence at the sight of Odin, sitting on a white velvet loveseat, eating from a plate of grapes as a play was going on before him. Your heart dropped immediately as you realised that the play was depicting the very event that you wished to forget entirely: Loki’s death. But, as you continued to watch, you couldn’t help but notice the nagging detail that everything in the play was wrong…Just wrong. 

The play ended, being followed by a round of applause from the surrounding crowd and Odin alike. You exchanged a glance with Thor, and the message was clear.

“Ah, father!” Thor declared with a large grin. Odin’s head whipped around as he muttered a not so quite curse under his breath. “What a pleasure to see you again!”

“Oh-um,” ‘Odin’ scrambled to compose himself, but there was no way that he could hide his true identity from both you and Thor. “Hello my son!

“I can’t believe this.” You muttered under your breath and marched up to the old man, shoving him back onto the velvet loveseat. Thor was right beside you, making the message clear. Thor pressed Mjolner against Odin’s chest, forcing him to stay down. The crowd beginning to become uneasy.

As if on cue, “Odin” raised his arms in defeat as a sly, malice filled grin came across his face. The same, signature grin that Loki always wore. In the blink of an eye, a sharp green light came over the man, and once it disappeared it was no longer Odin sitting in the seat.

Loki looked up at you with a mixture of sadness and humour. It reminded you of a small child being caught stealing from the a cookie jar.

“Surprise!” He laughed. Was that nervousness that you heard in his tone? Or was it something else? Thor released Mjolner from Loki’s chest, allowing himt to stand up slowly. The crowd had grown silent, many of the people’s faces had turned as white as a sheet of paper. “Miss me?”

“I can’t believe this-” You felt your heart sink once more, knowing that you weren’t exactly surprised at your husband’s actions. “I mourned for you!”

Thor seemed to be at a lost for words, until he finally spoke. “As did I-”

“Darling! I can explain-”

In a fit of rage, you raised your hand, delivering a blow right across the Asgardian’s face.His face turned a pale shade of white. Not thinking of your actions, you reached forward and grabbed Loki by the front of his shirt.

Much to his surprise (and Thor’s respectively), you pressed his lips against his. After being in a moment of shock, Loki melted into the kiss, realising how much both of you missed having the other to hold.

After a moment, you released him. “Don’t you ever do something like that again.”

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Can we talk about best friend Harry?!! Like maybe the missus a while back said she had some feelings but he said he didn’t only because he was too scared to admit how much he loved her and now she’s going on a date with some guy and he’s just not having it? Trying to find any and every excuse as to why it’s a bad idea for her to go.

“So, talk me through what this prick has planned for you tonight.”

She pokes her head from around his walk-in closet and frowns in his direction. Clutching her tee shirt to cover her exposed chest as he looked at her from his place on his bed, spread across the mattress with his ankles crossed and his body propped up by his elbows. 

“His name is Eddie and he’s not a prick,” she scoffs out, shaking her head as he kept his face set in an unamused expression, “he’s taking me to one of the Italian places in Kingston. He never said the name but I’ll be sure to send it your way so you can take future endeavours there.”

He snorts and rolls his eyes.

“They’re not fancy Italians. You deserve to go somewhere better than dingy restaurants with no dress code. People turn up in sweaters and jeans, you know? They’re casual. Is that the kind of date you want for a first with this Elliot bloke? Has to be memorable,” he wonders, ignoring the scowl that crosses her features as she dips back into his wardrobe, making a bee-line to where her next dress was draped - having needed his male opinion on what he would like to see and what he thought would best fit the evening. “If I liked the guy and thought he was good for you, I’d have booked you in to Soho House or given you my card to buy him a proper expensive dinner in a seafood place, but… he’s creepy.”

“Creepy?” He hears her ask, “and his name is Eddie.”

“Same thing, innit?” He retorts. The image of her eyes rolling playing across his mind. “He’s creepy, yeah. His facial hair looks shabby and extremely off-putting. Pretty sure he shouldn’t stare at other women when he’s around you. And when he does look at you, it’s your tits he likes to ogle over. You’ve known the guy for two seconds. He’s weird, okay? Like some kind of guy you’d find in an alley, taking pot or whatever.”

“You don’t take pot. You smoke it.”

“I suppose he told you that? I bet he did. He looks like he could do it for a living. Surprised he hasn’t set up a dinner in his favourite alley.”

“No. It’s common knowledge, you idiot. He’s not a druggie, either,” he hears her huff in annoyance, “can you help me zip this up? It’s at the back rather than the side.”

He groans and rolls off the mattress, fisting his aching eyes before he adjusted the sleeves of his sweatshirt. Bare feet padding across his carpet, dodging her clothes that she’d discarded and left behind in a heaps of cotton and denim, and stepping over a forgotten sock or dirty boxers that he’d left behind after dressing himself that morning. Turning into the closet, eyes landing upon her, dressed in something that he didn’t think Eddie have the privilege to see.

“Stop staring and help me zip this up. I think this may be the one.”

“You can’t wear that tonight. It’s too fancy for some place in Kingston,” he states, shaking his head as he falls to the ottoman in front of the wall-length mirror, “no.”

“He told me to dress fancy.”

“So he could stare at your breasts more. Your bum looks immaculate in this, too. And it shows far too much cleavage for a first date. Looks nice and s’your colour n’all. Dark red is really great for you. But, no,” he shakes his head again, “absolutely not.”

“You’re not my father.”

“No, but I’m your best friend. I have your best interests at heart.”

“No, you don’t. You’re just jealous,” she scoffs, twisting around on her heels and reaching for the third and final dress draped over his vanity. His eyes darkening just before he disappeared from her eye-line. “You had the opportunity to be with me, Harry. I told you how I felt about you. I told you everything. Professed my love for you and cried about how it hurt to love you. Opened my heart because I thought you felt the same way. Lead me on, didn’t you? Enjoyed the female company but forgot to turn your brain off of play-time mode,” she lets the material fall to her ankles, pooling at the carpet as she hooked her foot into the silk and brought it up to reach, “you’re lucky I’m still in your life, you know? I could have left you without a best friend. Then who would you go to when you need a place to stay after you get drunk?”

“You know it hurt to turn you down, right?”

“It couldn’t have hurt as much as being turned down. Being embarrassed. I still feel awkward around you now. Can barely look you in the eye without feeling sick.”

“Because I loved you far too much to admit it. It hurt to watch you cry and leave because all I wanted to do was follow you and kiss you in the rain and tell you to come back inside so we could talk through it properly. I didn’t think I was the best for you. I’m Harry Styles. I’m not like any normal guy, okay? I have cameras following my every move, I’m in London for less than 100 days of the year, O have fans who hate on every woman I’m seen with, rumours and false media stories being written about me being with different women every other weekend or when I’m out of town. I thought the best way to go about that was to deny what I felt for you,” he sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose, “I thought that breaking your heart, at that moment, would save you from future heartache if we ever deepened what we had. I thought it would blow over. I didn’t know it would push you into the arms of a freak who doesn’t know how to treat a woman with respect.”

“He does!”

“Open your eyes, love! He doesn’t. You’re another notch to his list of girls he’s banged. I can see these guys from a mile away.”

“Why can’t you be happy for me?”

“Because I know I can make you the happiest you’ve ever been. I can’t be happy when I know you’re on the path to being miserable,” he whispers, watching as her body turned to face him, “you don’t need to go out with him. You don’t need to dress up for him. I know what you like. You don’t like fancy meals in restaurants. Fuck, you don’t even like Italian!”

“I like a carbonara.”

“No, you don’t.”

“I like bolognese.”

He laughs bitterly and shakes his head, standing to his feet and stalking across the span of the wardrobe.

“You hate bolognese.”

She falls silent, staring down at her feet as his hands come to grab hers, thumbs rubbing over her knuckles.

“Let me take you out. Let me have the privilege of seeing you in red silk. Let me be the one you talk to your friends about. Let me be the one who surprises you with impromptu dates to bowling alleys and to see the latest horror in the cinemas,” he ducks his head down and nudges his nose into the space of her forehead, “please? Nothing like our ‘best-friend dates’ or anything. Let me prove to you that I was wrong to turn you down.” xx

Those Three Words

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Pairing: Sweet Pea x Reader

Requested: Nope

Summary: One of you says I love you. The other can’t say it back.

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Both you and Sweet Pea were laying on his bed, tangled in his sheets as he held you. It was something you did when you went over to his place. You would just lay there in silence as you traced patterns on his arm, sometimes bare chest, and he would play with your hair. You didn’t feel obliged to make conversation and you liked that. The two of you could just lay there and be in each other’s company. With all this silence it gave time for Sweet Pea to think. He had wanted to say those three words for a long time now but was nervous to. He was afraid that you wouldn’t reciprocate those feelings, that saying those words would leave him vulnerable. Just seeing you though, in his t-shirt gave him the confidence he needed. “I love you.” He breathed.

It was like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders when he told you. You on the other hand felt like the weights came crushing down on you. You tensed up and your eyes widened at his confession. Why did he have to say it, you thought. You wanted to say it back but you couldn’t. The words couldn’t just form and you were left with you mouth opening and closing like a goldfish. You sat up and swung your legs over the side of the bed, your back facing Sweet Pea as you didn’t want to see his face. “I- err- I have to go.” You managed to stutter out as you started putting your jeans on and then your shoes. Sweet Pea sat up and crawled over so he was on your side of the bed.

“You don’t have to go.” He told you, trying to hold your hand so you would look at him but you pulled away. “Y/N, please look at me.” You stopped what you were doing and just stood there for a moment, your lip wobbling as you tried not to start crying, before reluctantly turning around to face your boyfriend. Even though he was trying to hide it you could see that he was hurt. “You don’t have to say it back.”

“But if I don’t there’s always going to be this elephant in the room. I just- I can’t say it.” Tears were now silently falling down your face. As soon as you wiped one away another took its place. Sweet Pea’s heart broke when he saw how upset you were. As much as he was hurt that you couldn’t say those words back he couldn’t be mad. All he wanted to do was embrace you in a hug. You grabbed the rest of your things and headed to the door to leave. Before you left though you turned around and added with sorrow coating your voice. “I am so sorry that I can’t. You deserve someone who can tell you that they love you and right now? Right now I can’t do that for you.”


Requests are open

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“i know what it is you’re doing.” Kylo stated. 

“and what’s that?” Hux asked, trying to keep his voice level and kind, as he had been doing all week. 

“being… nice.” Kylo said, “you like my apprentice. more than you should. you’re trying to gain my blessing so you can approach her.”

“thats preposterous.” Hux rolled his eyes.

just then you entered the room, “Master Ren, you’re needed in the bridge.”

Hux’s eyes followed you, and Kylo watched Hux. when Hux once more placed his attention on Kylo, Kylo grinned and Hux knew he had just been caught (again) staring at you. Kylo just grinned that shit eating grin as he walked past Hux to follow you from the room.

Hux was so screwed.

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naive-nailsOkay so this isn’t an actual au, but I like really want stiles to just really nervously tell Derek that he likes him and has him in amazement as he suddenly kisses him….Then apologies but then Derek says, why’d you do that-stop you know and then it ends in them finally letting their feelings out! Please write a fic on this! :))

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Can I request “I’ve got you. Breathe, okay? I’ve got you.” with Taako, Magnus and Merle? Imagine Taako waking up to find camp empty one day and panicking because he thinks Merle and Magnus have abandoned him just like Sazed.

thank you! i ended up setting this in the sort of nebulous pre-canon time where the boys know each other but not super well 

Taako wakes up just as the sky is starting to grudgingly lighten – hours earlier than he intended. Normally, he wouldn’t bother sleeping when they were camping like this; it left a person too vulnerable. But he had figured he could indulge a little; the chuckleheads he’s traveling with aren’t smart enough to figure out where he keeps his gold without waking him up and there’s no chance they’ll see someone else out in this savanna.

He sits up, scooching towards the fire. It had gone out hours ago, but there’s enough warmth left to protect him somewhat from the pre-dawn chill. It’s oddly peaceful, this early in the morning, especially considering that neither of his companions are snoring.

Taako glances over to their bedrolls, just to make sure that neither of them have died in their sleep (he’s only known them for a few months but sue him, he’s not exactly excited to have another death associated with him) and finds that neither of them are here. Magnus, Merle, and the sack of group supplies are gone.

Taako stares at the empty space for a long moment, mind curiously blank. It isn’t as though this has never happened before, of course, and he’s been left in much worse situations – been left for dead twice and he’s still kickin’, baby – but usually he can tell when one is coming.


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Jeonghan: I like your new pants.

Joshua: Thanks, they were 50% off.

Jeonghan: I’d like them better if they were 100% off ;)

Joshua: ..The store can’t just give away clothes for free.

Jeonghan: That’s not what I meant-

Joshua: That’s a terrible way to run a business, Nat. You should know this.

Never Again

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Steve Rogers x Reader

Request: can you do a steve Rogers and his girl has powers (like wanda ) and they just broke up for a stupid reason and she was down in the lab and she had a panic attack and she is like destroying everything gc her powers are just radiating off her body and tony calls steve down to come calm her down and they get back together

Word Count: 522

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What about the proud lil Kylux bab walking through the Finaliser behind his mama, wearing a mini-version of Hux's coat. Kylo comes back from a mission and absolutely does not squeal when he sees his bab trying to be like 'mama'. Likewise the bridge crew have to try really hard not to be distracted by the General's mini-him.

You guys come up with the best headcanons for the kylux babies!!!

Just imagine him, 3 years old with red hair and brown eyes, standing tall behind Hux on the bridge, his favourite book in his hand and pretending that it’s a datapad like Mama holds.

Hux glances back over his shoulder every so often just to make sure that his son is okay and he can’t help but smile. The officers on the bridge murmur amongst themselves at how adorable the little boy looks following his mother about the bridge. And when Kylo comes onto the bridge, he can’t help but smile and laugh in pure joy at seeing his husband and his son together like this. The boy yells ‘Daddy!’ and breaks character to run over to Kylo and leap into his arms, and Hux tells him to be careful and not trip on his coat!

Always Welcome (Bill Denbrough x Reader)

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Request: “The bus broke down near your house, I know we’re not super close but I live three miles away and this storm is horrible, can i stay over?” au with Stan or Bill, where the reader used to be part of the Losers before they just sort of drifted apart? If the prompt doesn’t really speak to you don’t feel pressured into writing it! I love your blog!

Authors note: I hope you like this!!! Feedback is very much appreciated!!!

A loud pop from outside the bus caused people to jump and gasp in surprise, gazes turning to the source. The bus swerved on the road, the driver calling out for people to hold on tight as he maneuvered the vehicle to the side of the road.

“I think we have a flat yall.” The driver spoke, disappointment laced in his voice. A collective sigh filled the bus, your eyes glancing out the window.

As soon as the door to the bus open, rain started to pour down. Your eyes roll in disbelief, a dry, sarcastic laugh escapes from your lips. As your gaze drifts from house to house, your eyes lingered on one you recognized. Bill Denbrough’s. It’s been a long time since you talked to him, hell since you talked to him. Memories of the losers and your childhood flooded your mind, thoughts of the past and your best friends taking over.

The patter of rain and the sound of thunder filled the bus, kids cuddling close to their parents and old people falling asleep in their seats. You couldn’t stay cooped up in this bus, your heart was already racing and the thought of staying on here was to much to handle. So you left, talking your backpack and holding it over your head to shield you from the rain.

Cursing under your breath as you ran to Bill’s house, you prayed he would let you stay there and wait it out. Avoiding puddles and dodging the fast currents traveling to the gutters, you made it to his front door. Knocking on it quickly, you stared with desperate eyes at the door, waiting for someone to answer.

Bills eyes flashed confusion as he opened the door, brows raising and his eyes going wide. He wasn’t expecting you to show up today, he wasn’t expecting you to show up ever.

“Y/N? W-wuh-what are you doing here?” He asked as he scratched at the back of his neck.

“The bus broke down, a flat tire and uh i was wondering if i could like, wait it out here. Just until the bus gets fixed?” You rushed out, giving him a pleading look. Bill nodded his head almost instantly, ushering you in quickly.

“You can stay h-here whenever y-yuh-you want.” He mumbled quietly as the blush rose to his cheeks, a soft smile tugging on your lips.

“Thanks Bill.” You whisper back.

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Prince of Pick-up Lines

Summary: “If I can, could I request some Stiles fluff, like him and y/n are just chilling on his bed and he’s trying to make her laugh (idk why maybe she failed a test or something its up to you) so he says really cheesy pick up lines but they actually work so y/n’s all flustered and Stiles can’t believe how cute she is? just tons of cute hugs and kisses.”

Words: 747

Pairing: Stiles x Female!Reader

Warnings: none, just plenty of fluffy fluff, maybe a tiny bit of angst at the start

Writer: thatgroupofimagines

Y/n’s eyes filled with dread as the results of her math test was handed around to the students of Beacon Hills High. She had spent hours upon hours in her bedroom with both Lydia and Stiles, going over countless different formulas and calculations. Now the girl hoped that her hard work had paid off. Unfortunately, the result did not go as planned. The teacher walked around the room, handing out papers nonchalantly before he reached Y/n. She gave him a shy smile before realizing he wasn’t smiling.

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The Girl In The Wyrm || Sweet Pea

Warnings: None? 

Summary(Requested by Anonymous)Hey, can you do an imagine where y/n is jealous cause some blonde girl is always on sweet pea at the whyte wyrm when he plays pool w/ the boys. Y/n thinks he is also all about her when she actually annoys the hell out of him & he only has eyes for you. And Toni always catches you staring angrily at both of them. And after like a week one night you cant stand it anymore and just leave the whyte wyrm angrily

Word Count: 472


Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

The chaotic crowds separated you two, but your eyes still followed him across the room. You just wanted to make sure he stayed out of trouble, no fights, no drugs, and no flirting. You weren’t really worried about the flirting part, though. Everyone in Riverdale knew you were dating, and you trusted Pea to be faithful. But this one girl didn’t seem to get the memo. No, she just sashayed over to him, swaying her hips and starting flirting up a storm. Batting her eyelashes, giggling, and rubbing her hands up and down his arms. You didn’t know it, but your jaw clenched and your hands had balled into tight fists.

“Uh oh, someone’s jealous,” you whipped around to see Toni leaning against the bar, smirking and drinking out of a red cup.

“Pfft,” you scoffed. “I’m not jealous.”

Even you knew that wasn’t convincing.

“Yeah, ok,” she said.

“I’m serious!” You defended. “Besides, I’ve never seen this girl before, she’s probably some runaway from Greendale looking for a place to hang for the night. Most likely scenario, we’ll never see her again.”

Toni shrugged before heading over to Fangs by the food table.

But you were wrong.

She was there the next night.

And the night after that.

And the night after that.

Every time flirting with your boyfriend shamelessly. And you never interfered. You didn’t want to be that kind of partner, the jealous type. But that night, it got too out of hand.

You were watching them by the bar again. Watching as she ogled at him playing pool with the Serpents. She said something you couldn’t make out and Pea turned to her to respond, but then she grabbed his arms, pulled him towards her, and crashed her lips onto his.

It was like one of those moments in the movies. One of those moments where time slowed down as you watched your world shatter in front of you. You blinked back angry tears before running out of the Wyrm and into the parking lot.


You heard your name leave his lips, but you kept on walking.

“[Y/N], please!”

“Go away, Pea.”

You didn’t hear his answer, but you felt two arms spin you around. There he was in front of you, eyes like steel.

“What do you want?” You said, crossing your arms.

“To talk.”


“I’m listening.”

“Our lips touched. That happened. I won’t pretend that it didn’t. But I’m sorry that it happened, ok? I know trust doesn’t come easy for you, and I know that I betrayed it. I just- I’m sorry. I love you.”

His eyes went from steel to pools dark chocolate that you got lost in.

“It’s not your fault,” you mumbled, reaching up and caressing his cheek with your thumb.

“Love you, Pea.”

“Love you, too, baby.”

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#10, kiss them, blind!jungkook x

010. kiss them w/ blind!jungkook

jungkook has many reasons why he loves you.

like… a lot. to the point where he’d write books on top of books on top of shelves to be placed upon, he’ll never be able to finish his list of reasons why. but here as he stands at the door of his work, he only knows he’s here because he can feel you pouting. he can’t quite see it, but he only imagines how it makes your lips drag down and at the way you squeeze his hand tells him just that.

“it’s not like i’m going away forever,” he snorts, giving your hand a small squeeze in return to let you know he knows, “i’ll be back before dinner,”

“…that’s basically the same thing,” your words mutter under your breath and you’re certain he can hear it because his other senses heighten more than others. his ears manage to catch all the syllables to your objection for him to leave you alone for so long and it seems like it’s one of those days. you know, days where you just want to be with him every second of the day and the contrast was drastic… but jungkook wouldn’t have it any other way.

either one, he loves you the same.

more than ever, he likes this. how you’re unwilling to let him go even when he tells you he has to or the cafe owner is going to get on his ass for not coming earlier. blind or not, it doesn’t dismiss proper working ethics and jungkook’s certain you know that more than anyone. he gives your hand a shake, chuckling when he can feel the weight of your hand following his.

“c’mon now, i’ve gotta go,” he reaches out and manages to stroke your cheek at the first try, “and you do too,”

there’s a brief moment of silence before jungkook feels his hand being let go of completely. it’s a quick shock to his heart, but it soon settles down at the absence of your touch. he’s able to feel your presence still lingering, only wondering when will your goodbye come but it comes faster than he imagines when there’s a kiss pressed to his cheek and a hushed i’ll come by as soon as you’re done and he’s laughing to himself.

then he blushes.

then on after, a good feeling inside of him imbues when he can hear your footsteps quickening to leave, as if you’re shy or embarrassed for openly doing such a thing. not to the public but… to him, who can’t even see you but it somehow feels like he can when you’re making him feel that way. it’s like he has everything in the world, even when he can’t see it.

that makes him smile and - “go in, you dork!”

“…if i don’t, will you give me one more kiss?”

“don’t hope on it!”

jungkook hopes on it.


“…you’ll get it later!”

told you.

Thank you so much!

When I started this blog in… April (?) I didn’t imagine anyone would like… well, anything I posted, to be honest. I still can’t believe anyone does. I can’t believe I didn’t lose anyone today.

I’m so grateful for all the connections I’ve made through this blog, for everyone who’s talked to me, who’s commented, liked, reblogged, messaged or even just silently read…. Thank you so much. You have no idea how happy you guys make me~! ♥

I genuinely wasn’t expecting to reach this milestone at all so I’m woefully under-prepared but I’ll try to have something special soon :)

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I just read EVERYTHING on your blog, I love your work! (Followed BIG TIME) I saw you were doing a "100 ways to say I love you" list, can I maybe suggest number 041, with Suga? Like, a little angsty, but a fluffy ending? Like maybe Yoongi got a nightmare or something? I dunno, it doesn't matter, I'm a huge fan of your work anyway :D! ♡

“go back to sleep.” + boyfriend!yoongi

“Y/N,” Yoongi shakes your sleeping figure and you finally blink your eyes open after the hundredth time that he has been doing so, his eyes obviously puffy and red despite the darkness of the room that you two were sleeping in.

His hair was in different directions and you were quick to realize that he just finished crying a while ago. It used to happen a lot at the beginning of your relationship and really, you didn’t mind, and it eventually stopped once the anxiety slowly lessened and his mind occupied other things. But somehow these days, he would always wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare that he won’t tell you about.

“Bad dream?” you ask even though you already know.

He nods. “Yeah.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Just come here.”

Yoongi opens his arms since you didn’t realize that you have been sleeping considerably far from his body and he gently strokes your arms lovingly when you reduce the space between the both of you, nuzzling his face against your hair in comfort since he was finally feeling you close to him. You inhale his scent, pulling out of his embrace momentarily to look at his face and rub your thumb against his cheeks that still had dry tears on them.

You frown. “Are you really sure that you’re going to be fine? This has been happening a lot again.”

“As long as you’re here, I’ll be fine.”

“Then when you’re on tour? What will happen?”

He forces a smile. “The other members will keep me company. Don’t get worried so much.”

“Yoongi,” you start but he shakes his head, only grabbing your chin so that he can drag your face softly towards his, placing a long kiss on your lips as if to assure you that he was indeed going to be fine like what he claimed.

“Shh,” he murmurs, “let’s just go back to sleep.”

You stare at him before nodding and laying your head on his chest, hearing the beat of his heart that drives you to lose your consciousness eventually.

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Can you just imagine like if the missus and Harry went through a little sex drought and finally they get back to it and there’s like this burning sensation that comes along with him being inside her and how it hurts but she loves it.

It’s been a long-time since her eyes have watered during sex. Not necessarily crying but rather pain/discomfort-induced tears that came from the odd sensation of the stretch and burn needed to accommodate and welcome him between her legs. So he’s a little taken back when he sees a build-up of tears escape the corner of her eye, dribbling down towards her ears and disappearing into the shadows of her face, cast by the lamp on the bedside table. 

“S’nothing to cry over, silly girl. Know it’s been a while and I know yeh’ve missed me but don’t cry,” he chuckles softly, his breath fanning over her face as he brings a hand up to cup her cheek, swiping his thumb beneath her eye, “s’the matter?”

“Nothing. It’s nothing. It’s just been so long since we’ve been this intimate and I’ve missed you,” she whispers, dragging her fingers through his hair and scratching at his scalp along the way, “missed how you feel, you know?”

“Am I hurtin’ yeh?”

She shakes her head and strains her neck forward to lean her forehead against his. 

“Not at all. Just, haven’t felt this particular stretch and burn in a while. Little uncomfortable but, you know, I like how it feel. Like knowing that it’s you. Been ages since you’ve fucked me deep,” she grins, nose bumping against his, “just took me by surprise, is all.”

“Tears are telling me different. They’re not surprise tears. They’re pain tears,” he hums, “are you sure this isn’t hurting you?”

“I’m perfectly fine, okay? You make me feel good, Harry. Really good.” xx

Good Intended Trickery

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Good Intended Trickery

Peter Parker X Reader

Prompt(s): “Is this your inbox? I’m so sorry; I’m new to Tumblr and I don’t quite know the layout of it. Could you do a fanfic where the Avengers tease the reader about her feelings for Peter Parker and she blushes and is all shy about it and tries to deny it? You can choose if she was already aware of her feelings or if she didn’t realize she liked him until the Avengers said something about it. She and Peter are already best friends before this “discussion” with the Avengers happened. Sorry, I’m really picky!” 

And, “hi! i was wondering if you could do a peter parker x reader imagine where the reader is a new recruit (with the powers of johnny storm, fantastic four) and is about a year younger than peter and the avengers keep pushing the two to get together and just a lot of awkward and shy peter. also, could you make this when peter is about 17-ish and make the reader super confident and have her super into makeup and stuff. i hope that was understandable! thank you sosososososo much!”

Notes: Whoooo that looks like a lot but it isn’t, trust me haha. The prompts were super cute tho!!

Warning(s): None.

Word Count: 991.

(y/n) had never actually thought of Peter becoming their boyfriend until the Avengers teased her about it. Not really the Avengers, per say, but more like Tony and Clint.

It was just a regular day training when the two men walked into the training hall. It smelled faintly of smoke and burning material, which had been put out, due to (y/n)’s ability to project fire like Johnny Storm. They caught the two teens laughing before Peter waved goodbye, walking out the back exit. Stark whistled as he came up beside (y/n).

“Well well, look at you two! I haven’t seen a couple closer than-”

“Wait, couple? Oh no, Mr. Stark, Peter and I aren’t a couple. We’re just really good friends!” (y/n) said, frowning at Clint who raised an eyebrow.

“Really? Because you two seem really close, like really close. Admit it, you like a him a lot, don’t you?” He purred. (y/n) frowned, a blush coming to their cheeks. It was true that they had a crush on Peter but they were afraid of ruining their relationship with him.

“….No. I don’t.”

Tony could only grinned when he saw the blush, “So you do like him! Well then, perhaps Arrowhead here and I can, oh I don’t know, figure out a way to help get you two together.” Tony waggled his eyebrows, smirking.

(y/n) frowned and began to walk away, “No thanks, guys. I’d rather it happen on it’s own, not forced, if I did like him. But thanks though.” Tony and Clint watched them walk away, smirking to one another. Oh they had a plan.


(y/n) was putting on makeup, getting ready for a day at the mall, when they received a text from Peter. They put down the lipstick in their hand and opened the text. The phone would have burned up in their hand if (y/n) hadn’t squealed and thrown it in a fit of happiness.

The text which caused this outburst read: Hey (y/n) um…I just wanted you to know that I really really like you. Like…I love you. And I wanted to know if you would go on a date with me on Saturday? We can work out the time later :)

After picking up the phone, it took less than a second for (y/n) to confirm that yes, they would love to go on a date with Peter Parker.


Peter wasn’t doing too much when he got a text from (y/n). He had liked them for a long time now and he cursed out loud at the text he got. Aunt May leaned over the counter, an eyebrow raised. Peter took a deep breath and apologized before texting back a reply.

Received from (y/n): Hey Pete! I’ve liked you for a long time now and wanted to know if you wanted to go on a date? I was thinking Saturday, we can work out the time later, if that’s alright c:

Delivered to (y/n): Whoa, heck yeah!  I have to admit, I’ve liked you for a long time too. Saturday works great for me!


Tony and Clint grinned wickedly from Tony’s lab. They fist bumped as Natasha and Steve walked over. Nat stopped and looked at the screen of Tony’s monitor. It didn’t take long for her to scoff and slap them both over their heads, “Really, you two? You couldn’t just let them play it out? You just had to play matchmaker, didn’t you, Clint?”

Neither man said anything as they snickered, they didn’t need to. It was obvious that they were just glad that their little plan had worked, and oh how well it had worked indeed.


Saturday at the mall had been great. Peter hadn’t seen (y/n) so happy and outgoing in a long time. Sure, they were confident in everything they did, not to mention beautiful with or without makeup, but just seeing them so happy made his chest warm. He laughed as they pulled him along once more, in and out of stores. It was only when they were exiting that either of them caught a glance of Tony and Clint behind them.

“Hey! What the hell are you two doing here? And how the hell has the paparazzi not bombarded either of you yet?” (y/n) asked, a hand on their hip. Peter stood beside them, holding their other hand and looking at the two Avengers nervously.

“Okay one, I put them on a restraining order- actually, F.R.I.D.A.Y. did that for me, but hey! Look at me, not bombarded in public!” Tony did a little dance, laughing at his freedom from cameras. “And two, what? Can we not enjoy a nice little day at the mall? See how everything went?” Tony sipped at his smoothie while Clint grinned.

“Nat thought it was stupid but look how well it turned out!”

“…What turned out well?” Peter asked, curious.

(y/n) suddenly had flashbacks to their talk in the training hall the other day and groaned, “You two set us up, didn’t you? Fake texts and stuff, yeah?”

Tony snickering was the only confirmation (y/n) needed before they felt the heat in their bloodstream. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t a good idea to trick a hormonal teenager onto going on a date with their crush. In hindsight, Tony Stark and Clint Barton should have saw that coming.

In the end though? (y/n) could only smile into Peter’s chest the next afternoon as they watched netflix. They would have to thank Clint or Tony the next time the either of them allowed themselves to even be in the same room as the young teenager, seeing Tony still had a pretty nasty accidental burn going down his arm. Well it kind of served him right, (y/n) sighed and resumed enjoying the afternoon with their now very happy boyfriend.

chan!soulmate au


prompt: you’re unable to see your soulmates soul colour until you say your first words to them

genre: flufffffffff, soulmate!au, non-idol!au basically, chan is so smol omg

a/n: hello!! thank you so much for requesting, and im glad you liked my minghao one!! im so flattered omg,, and im just gonna assume you mean seventeen’s chan, but if im incorrect pls tell me and ill do another for another chan lmao

  • okay lets get started
  • its hard having this particular soulmate bond bc the colours can get really specific
  • most of your family didnt even know what colour they couldnt see
  • like it aint that easy
  • you knew what yours was but only rly late in highschool
  • like at your grad one of your sorta friends was wearing a dress and you thought it was a dark charcoal grey but everyone was complimenting its colour and you were like ??? until she said
  • “oh thanks!! its royal purple :^)))”
  • and you were shook
  • you got a pen outta your clutch and wrote on your hand royal purple and smiled
  • you didnt know how it would look but you loved royal blue so you just went with it
  • when your parents found out they were excited af bc!!!!!!!! wow thats such an elegant colour maybe hes rich lol my daughter gonna be treated right
  • they were sooooo wrong but nvm

  • over to chan real quick!!
  • chan didnt know his soul colour or his soulmates soul colour
  • it sorta stressed him out honestly. 
  • any time he saw something grey he asked his friends what colour it was and they always responded with grey or black or white or whatever shade it was chan saw
  • cue emo chan :^((
  • he decided to cheat the system!! bc hes impatient and evil
  • i say impatient but this would have taken ages
  • so theres about 30 different tones and shades that make up your soul colour range which is a rly small amount. 
  • but chan went on his computer and got up a full colour wheel and zoomed in real far to try and find his soulmates colour
  • it took him 7 hours bc he had to change wheels twice and had to eat and go to the toilet
  • but he found it!! he clicked on the colour to tell him what it was and it told him and he was !!!!!
  • it sounded like such a pretty colour he genuinely blushed so hard and he doesnt know why awwwwww
  • gets his seungcheol and joshua to try and explain your colour to him but they fail and when jeonghan tries to explain he tells him 
  • like the real angsty teen he is
  • omg i just remembered hes an adult
  • shit.

  • you worked at a clothing store and!!
  • it was only now did you realise you were legit surrounded by royal purple
  • every time someone went to the changing room with a charcoal grey dress or whatever you’d have to ask someone else working with you whether it was royal purple or simply dark grey
  • most of the time it was the purple
  • once you knew this you went up to the customer and did the whole fake “wow that colour looks great on you!” or if it was grey youd go all “i absolutely love this dark grey its so classy and sleek”
  • lmao youre such a liar but anyway
  • thats business

  • so chan was having an Emo Day
  • bc mingyu found his soulmate and he was so happy!!!!!
  • mingyu wanted to get his soulmate a cute coat bc it was cold out and minngyu is cheesy like that
  • so he dragged chan along bc chan is easy to manipulate into doing things my poor boy
  • anyway chan was emo bc he hadnt found his soulmate yet
  • he probably by now felt like he didnt really have much meaning anymore like
  • he sorta saw the whole soulmates thing as the meaning of life
  • he felt could only be at peace if he was with his soulmate.
  • in the car dive to the shopping centre mingyu wanted to go to they fighted over the music bc mingyu wanted happy love songs and chan just wanted to play emo songs lmao
  • anyway when they got there, mingyu bought chan a coffee and they were on your way
  • mingyu was all !! i wanna get my soulmate something as sweet as her !!
  • and chan was vomiting but also crying bc dammit mingyu and his soulmate were so cute he wanted to find HIS
  • he just wanted to tell you you were pretty and cup your cheeks and have you nuzzle your head into his neck when he embarrassed you 
  • :^(( hes so cute
  • mingyu managed to find the ugliest clothes possible and chan was like mingyu sweetie no
  • and then!!!!!!! they went into your store omg
  • well. mingyu went into your store
  • chan was like fuck this im tired im sitting down
  • mingyu yelled at him and chan was all
  • so mingyu let him be and went to go look for incredibly expensive and incredibly hard to pull off clothing
  • and chan collapsed onto a couch outside the store
  • he was just chilling on his phone when fricken BOOm
  • mingyus soulmate walks out of a nearby store and looks like shes gonna go into the one mingyus in
  • so he RUNs into the store
  • and finds mingyu
  • hes talking to a rly adorable worker and chans like fuck im really aboutta make myself an idiot in front of her
  • but he runs at mingyu and pulls him to the ground behind one of the clothing racks and peers behiind it to see mingyus soulmate walk in
  • then he sees you looking at him like wth and you open your mouth to say something but chan just reaches up and cups your mouth and pulls you down with him and mingyu
  • “mingyu your soulmate is here!”
  • “chan seriously? we couldve just acted like we werent buying her something!”
  • and chans like
  • oh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, right
  • mingyu just shakes his head. “might as well go along with it now.”
  • and youre like, finding it hard to breathe bc chans still holding you and stuff
  • and its not bc hes got his hand over your mouth you’re just like
  • chan realises your semi hysteric breathing and lets go like
  • ohmygodimsosorryimsuchanidiotareyouokay?????
  • and then his eyes go WIDE
  • and you ignore it thinking thats just how he looks and you say “damn what kinda movies you been watching lately that was Dramatic” except with more stuttering bc
  • lee chan
  • amirite??????
  • and then our of the corner of your eye you see something ??? growing ??? on the jacket mingyu is holding
  • and you look over
  • and your eyes go just as wide as chan’s
  • and mingyu doesnt notice, he’s too busy seeing if his soulmate is coming your way or not
  • but youre just completely fixated on this jacket. it was slowly turning bit by bit into the deepest most ????
  • blue???
  • purple youve ever seen
  • it was stunning and you were so shocked before you remembered what this meant
  • you looked up at chan who was staring directly at your shirt and you thought he was being a pervert before you realised 
  • holy shit my shirt must be my soul colour
  • then he looks up and meets eyes with you and he doesnt know what to say
  • and then mingyu turns around and goes “chan!! we gotta go my soulmate is almost here she’ll see us omg!!!!!!”
  • but chan cant even hear what mingyu is saying because
  • holy mother of jesus
  • he just found his soulmate
  • and he’s finally able to see the colour he’s missed out on seeing his whole life
  • and hes finally able to see how gorgeous his soulmate is and hes just so shocked at how stunning you are
  • he’d always planned what he’d say to his soulmate when he first met them 
  • but his mind was a jumbled mess with random urgent calls from mingyu cutting in every few seconds but those calls never truly sunk in
  • you know when in the cheesy tv shows when someone meets someone and theyre instantly attracted and basically in love and the shoot the scene like the two characters feel as if theyre the only once in the universe right now because theyre just
  • just trapped in each other????
  • thats how chan felt
  • all of a sudden a body appears in front of yall and its mingyus soulmate
  • chan finally snaps out of it and looks up, expressionless, before looking back to you
  • mingyu and his soulmate are like hmmmmmm okay we’re gonna go ;^)
  • and chan starts stuttering
  • “h-hey haha fan-fancy seeeing you uh,,, you know,, in this particular place ive never been lol so random haha ahha im uh chan”
  • on the inside he wants to die
  • he finally pulls himself together before you can say anything and just goes “youre so so so so so pretty. so much more gorgeous than i ever imagined. and ive waited my whole life for this moment and despite everything i planned to say all i can think about is how youre right in front of me”
  • and you smile so wide and blush so hard and say
  • “im y/n and honestly,i think im already in love with you”
  • and at these words he grabs your arms and pulls you into him, hugging you on the shiny floor of the clothing store youre currently on shift at, behind a clothes rack and with one of his best friends spying on him and he thinks
  • nothing could ever be more perfect than this

a/n: THE END!! i hoped you liked it sweet!!

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Seggy is hurt Jamie forgets his birthday and just imagine the hurt and what Jamie does to make it up to him. My own family did this to me once and it sucks like hell

tyler’s been pouting on the couch playing CoD since he woke up and realised Jamie had actually legitimately forgotten his birthday yesterday. like not a “oh i’m going to pretend so i can surprise you with something tonight” but an actual “i completely forgot it was your birthday despite all the hints and reminders you’ve been giving for the past month”. 

so tyler’s taking it out on zombie nazis with computerized assault weapons. until he hears jamie let himself in the front door and shuffle slow and guilty into the media room. tyler pauses the game and turns to say something probably dickish but-

“what’s that.”

“a labradoodle” and it is. clutched in jamie’s big arms is a tiny, chocolate brown, curly haired puppy who seems to be sleeping with it’s tiny head tucked above jamie’s heart.

“a labra-”

“his name’s paul.” and- what? what?

“the labradoodle’s name is paul. why is the labradoodle’s name paul?”

“because he’s named after you…? happy birthday?”

“you forgot my birthday…. so you bought me another dog?”



“i know! i panicked!”

“you panic bought a puppy! dude how am i supposed to look after four dogs?” tyler is caught between exasperation and adoration, because jamie is an idiot sometimes, but he’s tyler’s idiot.

“I mean, I can help?” he ducks his chin and cuddles the sleeping puppy closer to his broad chest. tyler’s heart kind of does a flip in his chest when the puppy sleepily licks at jamie’s chin and nuzzles closer to him. 

and tyler knows that they’re keeping the puppy- keeping fucking paul- because he can never say no to jamie when he’s looking at him like that, with those big soft and pleading cow eyes. and tyler especially can never say no to his big beefy boyfriend when he’s holding a tiny tiny puppy.