but can you just imagine if it was like that


Little stab not knowing how hardcore they’re going to be when they grow up. Big stab wishing they didn’t remember how callous they were when they were little.

Absolutely had to draw King Chara with a zweihänder after these two asks. I imagine they’d normally use a bright red summon sword instead, just like their dad, but they definitely have an overly bejeweled one lying around too, just in case they want to push the “fancy” aspect instead of the “about to make you four limbs lighter” aesthetic.

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I just saw a post about someone making literal brass nails out of bullet casings and got thinking- some more hands-on students might think about doing something similar with iron or silver or both

I SAW THAT how cool was that can you imagine going into battle with your fucking iron claws like goddamn

I want Robbie to be good at a Sport

But, knowing Robbie, it has to be a sport that he won’t have to overly exert himself doing. 

Something like bowling. 

Just- imagine the whole town collectively visiting a bowling alley together, and Robbie gets dragged along with them because they don’t want a repeat of what happened when they went to the beach without him that one time

Robbie is all grumbly at first and is being Mr. “I don’t want to play a SPORT, I can’t believe you’re doing this to me-”  

But then Sportacus hands him a ball (a lighter one probably, since Robbie kinda has trouble with the heavier ones) and is like “Please just try a little bit. It’s fun. For me and the kids, please?” 

And they are all just giving Robbie this LOOK like they all REALLY want him to do it and Robbie can’t handle the puppy dog faces so he lets out his over-exaggerated groan and is like “FINE-” 

So he steps up to the lane and he bowls and being the secret genius that Robbie probably is, he calculates how to hit the pins in his head really quickly like, so quickly that he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it 

And he ends up getting a spare or maybe even a strike on his very first try, and Robbie is just SHOCKED that it actually went that well, but everyone’s immediate reaction is to cheer and to praise him. Since Robbie is not used to things he does getting praised like that, he’s really flustered by it and gets kind of bashful about it 

And he keeps bowling and he’s really on a roll because it turns out, Robbie is REALLY GOOD at bowling and is pretty much a natural at it, doing it better than anyone else there- he’s even bowling better than SPORTACUS 

And Sportacus- boy, he is like, SUPER PROUD of Robbie like, you have no idea. 

“You are SO good, Robbie! I am very happy that you are doing a sport! I am so proud of you!” 

Robbie doesn’t even care about the fact that he’s playing a SPORT, he’s just super happy to find something that he’s really good at and getting complimented on it by Sportacus and all the kids feels REALLY good and it’s just- doing wonders to his ego and his self-confidence and he’s actually ENJOYING doing this physical activity and he’s so happy he’s VISIBLY HAPPY

He’s just having the time of his life excelling at something he assumed that he would be bad at, while doing it with people who are actually being nice and treating him like a friend all the while 

At the end of the day, he admits that he LIKES bowling and it’s not just a huge victory to Sportacus hearing him say that, but to EVERYONE

The Notebook Ch.2

Title: The Notebook Ch.2
Character: Lin X Reader
Prompt: When the reader runs into Lin in the airport, (literally “runs” into him), an accidental notebook swap occurs in the confusion, and they go home with each other’s work.
Word Count: 2,625
W/T: None???
A/N: You guys asked for it, so here it is! I just can’t fathom how much you guys actually like this????? Like what??? ALSO if y'all wanna know about the musical the reader is writing, ask me! It’s an actual play that I’m writing, except it’s a play not a musical…
Also I shit-wrote this in a matter of two hours so please have mercy on me
Tags: @secretschuylersister @linmanuclmiranda @strawberrytyphoon @god-damn-it-miranda


“Ma'am, are you okay?” A distant voice asks you worriedly, a gentle tap on the shoulder shocking you out of your disassociated state. You jump slightly at the touch, but try to collect yourself enough to plaster a fake smile onto your lips and nod feebly to the flight attendant. It’s clear that she can see right through your crummy facade, but she just nods and continues down the isle, knowing well enough not to prod.

Your attention immediately snaps back to the worn black notebook in your hand, except it’s not yours. It looks exactly like yours- it’s even got the same scratch on the cover from the price sticker- but it’s not yours. The handwriting is too clean to be yours, there isn’t nearly as many ink smudges or eraser marks spread across the pages as there should be, and nothing scrawled across the yellowing paper aligns with what you’ve been working on for the past few years.

You were becoming hysterical, to say the least.

In any other given situation where this had somehow miraculously happened, you would’ve been on the phone with Kylie faster than lightening. But you were on a plane, at least an hour from landing and giving you access to others again, so that option was on hold. Obviously you couldn’t talk to anybody else about it on the plane, they’d just label you as crazy, which to your defense you can be, but they’d just zone out after about a minute. So here you were, forced to panic and get worked up over this notebook of yours all on your own. Great. Just great.

Oh god, what if that, that Lin guy was reading through your notebook right now?! What if he had already stolen all of your ideas and morphed them into his own?! No, no. Calm down, Y/N. You’re obviously overreacting, Lin wouldn’t do that. Sure, you only met him for a solid thirty seconds, but that’s enough time to get a decent judgement on somebody cute, right? He helped you up, he tried to make conversation, he seemed like a pretty good guy, a gentleman even.

Calm down, Y/N, you’re just getting yourself riled up for no good reason. You’ll be able to figure this whole situation out once you get both feet back onto solid ground again, and you’ll be able to start writing again in no time. You’ll get your notebook back, and Lin will get his. Simple fix, minus the whole “he’s in New York and you’re in rural Missouri” thing, but something can get worked out.

Closing your eyes, you take a deep breath and try to calm yourself, even slightly. Everything will turn out fine in an hour, so just wait it out. Just an hour, that’s all. Yup, juuuuusssttttt an hour.

Oh who are you kidding? This is going to be the longest hour of your life.

Your eyes snap back open and you feel a sense of jitteriness pulse through you, only making everything seem worse. What were you going to do within this agonizingly long hour? Usually you would’ve brought a book or something to read for the flight, just in case writer’s block hit you, but what were yo-oh. That’s right, you do have something to read.

Your gaze slowly shifts downward to your slightly calloused hands, mainly from your late writing nights, and settle back upon your imposter notebook. Turning it over and over in your hands, the sleek black leather only makes you more and more curious as to what else it holds inside, besides characterization and such.

A little peek wouldn’t hurt, right?

Shifting in your already stiff seat, you pull your legs up into a criss-cross position and re-open the journal, ready to try and figure out what everything was in here. You focus on a random page near the center, and quickly become absorbed in deciphering everything out of it. Are these… song lyrics? Alexander Hamilton? Hold on, that name rings a bell… Hamilton, Hamil-wait, that’s the guy on the 10$ bill! He wasn’t a president, right?

Sifting through more pages, you attempt to gather more and more information, but all you come up with is more “Hamilton this” and “Hamilton that”, and some more lyrics for different situations. Although, with the way these songs are aligned, you can totally see a character arc for a musical here and-oh God.

This notebook is a developing musical for a founding father.

That’s a new one.

You stifle a laugh from the realization, trying not to draw anyone’s attention. A musical about a founding father? Who most likely wasn’t even a president? What kind of drug did this guy have to be on to come up with this off-the-wall idea? No wonder he came off as nice when he ran into you at the airport, all crack-jobs are nice when you first run into them.

Might as well humor yourself and read on, you’ve got a miserable hour to go.

But as you pick back up where you left off, you begin to see where this Lin guy was going with this Hamilton stuff. This founding father’s life story is the perfect. Love, angst, tragedy, hardships, lost of death, all wrapped up into song? Critics would eat this up with a spoon. Sure, there’s a lot of hitches and messy parts to some of these songs, but the idea is there.

A certain pair of characters stood out to you a bit more than Hamilton himself did; The sisters, Angelica and Eliza, Angelica specifically. You unintentionally began to flip through the pages, looking for any indication of the name Angelica, wanting to know more about her. Descriptions were scattered here and there as you continued to flip; strong, independent, intellectual equal, sacrificed love, all of these quick details scrawled about.

But then you fell upon a certain song. Well, you couldn’t really call it a song with the way it looked, more like a bunch of lyrics broken up and not really connecting to each other. A bunch of small scenes that didn’t quite have an order yet, if you will. At the top of the page a bunch of titles had been written and scratched right back out, with only one remaining, a think black circle around it with a bunch of question marks, reading “Can I say Something?”.

You begin to read through the setting of the song that was hastily written along the border of the page, getting a basic understanding of how Lin was imagining this scene to be. A whole rewind situation to see a love triangle from the third angle. Alright Mister Lin-Dude, this scene has you intrigued. You feel pretty connected to this Angelica girl, the same independence of hers coursing through your blood as well. Reading on, you try to grasp the concept of the fragmented lyrics, the plot line of it partially coming together. Okay okay, so she fell in love with Hamilton first, but because she loved her sister, Eliza, so much, she let her have him instead? Wow, that’s some serious sisterly love.

Although the idea and concept of the song was well presented, the actual lyrics itself felt like it was missing something; a single word or phrase. Something that left room for interpretation, yet had many levels of meaning to it. Also something that would get more and more tragic sounding as it was said more (because there’s totally a term for that). Convinced, Unannounced, Satisfied, Unspoken, Certain… something along those lines.

You reached for your pencil in the mesh pocket of your bag and brought it down to the paper, halting only centimeters above it. Hold on, Y/N. This isn’t your notebook. This isn’t yours. You can’t go writing at will in it, who knows what kind of trouble that could stir up.

But at the same time, you couldn’t let this criticism go to waste. Maybe this Lin guy needs some “creative help” with his works?

You continue to blankly stare at the page before you, your favorite mechanical pencil teetering against your fingers in anticipation of your decision.

It’s pencil. If he doesn’t want these ideas, he can erase them with ease.

But your little notes don’t seem to just stop there. You subconsciously scribble down little anecdotes and ideas on almost every page. A little note on a line about Hamilton’s son, and how he can be both his “son” and “sun”. A small adjustment to a roasting between Jefferson and Hamilton, making Jefferson claim to have written “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, when Jock Locke had actually written them, giving him the effect of “underhanded”. Just simple notes and suggestions here and there, nothing major.

Well, if it hadn’t been an hour’s worth of suggestion writing, it may have been considered “small”. Yet, here you are, an hour later, being told by the overhead speaker to fasten your seatbelt for the landing in St. Louis.

You need to learn to control your writing needs, Y/N.

Setting your feet back on the floor you re-buckle, ready to get off of this airplane and back onto solid ground. Sure, you weren’t scared of heights or anything, but you really were just itching to figure out where your notebook was, and how you could get it back. Had Lin done the same thing to your notebook that you had done to his? Nah, there’s nothing good enough to deal with in it anyway. Three years of work on your musical and there’s not much to show for it, in all honesty.

The buckling of the wheels hitting the runway underneath of airplane jars you back into the present. The endless amount of more runways and nothingness outside of your window already gives you a nostalgic feeling of being back home, a smile growing on your face from the mere feeling of it. The captain’s voice rings out on the overhead speaker, announcing that all of you were now in St. Louis, and how you were able to exit to the airport now.

You waste no time in high-tailing it to the exit to gather yourself a bit before returning to your hometown. Your best friends from high school were supposed to be there to pick you up, but you had no idea where they were. In Heinz sight, you probably should’ve told them your exit instead of just “meet me at the airport”, but that couldn’t be helped now.

Fishing your phone from your pocket, you flip off airplane mode and allow for it to set in your hand for a minute, waiting for the few text messages and Snapchat’s to roll in. And they do.

But they don’t stop.

Confused, you watch the notifications bombard your lockscreen, each of them burying the other so quickly you can’t even read them. A solid minute rolls by before it finally ends, the most recent being a text from your hometown friends, Karsen and Colin.

TEXT FROM: 🚗🌞 Karsen
-“Y didn’t u tell me dat u were Twitter famous child!!!!!!”

TEXT FROM: 📞📥 Colin
-“You better check your Twitter before Kar has a heart attack.”

Utterly puzzled, you open your Twitter (after turning off the notifications, dear lord) and stare at the little blue bubble over your notifications button. You didn’t even know that number could be so high. Clicking the little bell icon, you furrow your eyebrows at everything cluttering your box. You knew none of these people, not a single one. Why were they-oh.


Every single tweet had your handle, and one other person’s.


A flood of both relief and worry wash over you as you click on the familiar name, taking in his entire profile page. Seems like it’s Lin. The profile picture looks like him, at least. Scrolling past his most recent tweets, you search for the earliest mention with your Twitter handle.

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Okay, I found her account everybody, it’s @(Y/H/N), please bombard her with love for her work, even though you don’t know what it is yet”

Wait, why is he talking about your works?

You scroll further into his history, seeing the progression of his tweets backwards.

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“God I need to know who Y/N is. This is totally a romcom movie plot line, with the mystery and beauty of it”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“That was a true roller coaster of emotions. I need to see this I theaters now, Y/N.”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Oh thank god Leila and Adam got back together I was hoping this would be a happy ending”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Oh no. Now the best friends have got to do all the work to get the lovers that don’t think they like each other back together. Classic”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Planning a fake fight always leads to bad things, Adam”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“WHAT?! WHY DID YOU KILL THEM OFF?! You wound me Y/N, you really do”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Ooo, Adam has such a sad backstory. Of course he gets the Sappy But Still Loved Character Award from me”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“I relate to Leila on an emotional level. An aspiring writer with a bit of a sad past and social issues? Sign me up”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“I’ve only read the basic plot she has written in the front and in already in love”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Every single one of you are going to be subjected to me live-tweeting about this story she has-best part?-ITS A MUSICAL”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Wow does she have some seriously good shit in this notebook. Way better than mine. Maybe I’ll just keep it for myself…”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“-and long story short I now have a mysteriously beautiful and talented woman’s notebook.”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Apparently we have the same notebook though. Or, better yet, our notebooks are identical, and we somehow managed to swap them”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“And we both dropped out notebooks that we write in during the collision, so being nice people, picked them up and gave them back to each other”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Not only was she pretty and super nice, I looked like a total jerk running into her. Literally ran over her.”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“FUNNY STORY: So you guys know how I’m super clumsy and I run into almost anything ever? Well I ran into a girl at the airport just now”

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, HOW DARE YOU NOT TELL ME OF YOUR BOYFRIEND?!” A familiar voice shouts from across the way, her voice just as loud as you remember it. Karsen’s blond hair bounces towards you and you’re wrapped up in a death-grip hug from her. “Why didn’t you tell me you have a boyfriend?! We made a promise to tell each other about that stuff!” She yells in your ear, squealing in both delight and frustration.

“Yeah, you’ve got some s'plainin’ to do, Y/N.” Colin laughs from behind Karsen, his usual smirk plastered on his lips like it always use to be. “Gee, thanks for the warm welcoming you two. No really, I appreciate it.” You remark, sarcasm dripping from your voice as you stuff your phone back into your pocket, not wanting to focus on anything back in New York right now.

“No but really, who’s the guy that’s making you soon-to-be-verified on Twitter?” Colin breathes, running a hand through his styled and swoopy hair. “Yeah! I wanna know all about your boyfriend!” Karsen quietly screams, her movements giddy with excitement. “Not my boyfriend, I can tell you that much.” You laugh, following them out of the airport.

How were you going to explain this situation, actually?


If you wanna ask me about the musical the reader is writing, feel free to!

Surfer Boy (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Requested by anon: “can you do an imagine based on ethans tweet “@ethandolan: Haha gray just texted and was like yo my face is so red I just saw a cute girl what do I do” 😌”
Word Count: 1,337
Warnings: None.
A/N: This is cute :’) Thank you for requesting, my dear anon. Hope you like it. xx

“People have a weird tendency of not cleaning up after themselves.” Your friend, and also your boss, pointed out as she carried in four glasses behind the bar, placing them by the counter so she could wash them.

You laughed, watching her pull a face before returning to wring out a dishrag. Your friend had always been an impulsive one, so it didn’t even surprise you when she had come home one day, claiming that she bought the small tiki bar on the beach, not far from where you lived.

It had turned out to be a smashing hit, everybody buying their cool drinks and their occasional cocktail to clench their thirst. You being the good, bored friend you were, you had offered yourself to work behind the bar. It wasn’t all too bad, you got plenty of Vitamin D, got drinks for free and got to watch a lot of hot guys who went to catch a wave or sat by the bar, sipping on their drinks under the scorching L.A sun.

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“She’s so beautiful.” You whispered. You nuzzled her tiny rose nose and squeezed her tiny hands. Your boyfriend Dean was crouching besides you, tears strolling down his chin, staining his shirt.”Oh she’ll be a heart breaker, just like her mother.” Dean joked, playing with her grain size fingers.”Can I hold her?” Dean asked after holding y/d/n for an eternity. You laid her gently in his arms, trying to avoid another crying session.”Hi little y/n, I’m your daddy. I’m new to this whole screaming, daddy thing so please have patience on me. In return, I promise that I’ll love you and take care of and make you my number one priority. And who knows, maybe give you a little brother or sister too.” You watched as Dean bonded with your daughter.

i love this lyric in last kiss by taylor swift “I still remember the look on your face lit through the darkness at 1:58 the words that you whispered for just us to know you told me you loved me so why did you go away? away…i do recall now the smell of the rain fresh on the pavement i ran off the plane that July 9th the beat of your heart it jumps through your shirt i can still feel your arms but now I’ll go sit on the floor wearing your clothes all that I know is i don’t know how to be something you miss i never thought we’d have a last kiss never imagined we’d end like this your name, forever the name on my lips… i do remember the swing of your step the life of the party, you’re showing off again and I roll my eyes and then you pull me in i’m not much for dancing but for you I did because I love your handshake, meeting my father i love how you walk with your hands in your pockets how you kissed me when I was in the middle of saying something there’s not a day I don’t miss those rude interruptions and I’ll go sit on the floor wearing your clothes all that I know is i don’t know how to be something you miss…never thought we’d have a last kiss never imagined we’d end like this your name, forever the name on my lips….so I’ll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep and I feel you forget me like I used to feel you breathe and I keep up with our old friends just to ask them how you are hope it’s nice where you are and I hope the sun shines and it’s a beautiful day and something reminds you you wish you had stayed you can plan for a change in weather and time but I never planned on you changing your mind…so I’ll go sit on the floor wearing your clothes all that I know is i don’t know how to be something you miss never thought we’d have a last kiss never imagined we’d end like this your name, forever the name on my lips just like our last kiss forever the name on my lips forever the name on my lips just like our last…”

Young Modern Day Amis

Can you imagine little 7 year old Enjolras running around outside in a field with a walkie talkie building a barricade instead of a fort like most kids. And Grantaire would be there laughing just watching Enjolras holding his walkie talkie but just hopping from one foot to another in excitement. Then Combeferre would be on the other side of the line nodding at every order and instruction from Enj. Courf would be by his side with his hand on his shoulder in solidarity and they’d all be so determined and happy. Then Jehan would be off picking flowers and making daisy chains for everyone to ‘prepare them for battle’.

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For your beauty and the beast au would Lance completely loose it after finding out Keith is shorter than him as a Human?


Well I imagine it either like this: After the spell is broken and Lance is all happy that Beast is alright and not dead they kiss each other and the castle and the stuff turning back to normal. SO and they go towards the others, smiling and everyone is happy about being human again. And Keith is hugging everyone and Lance is still smiling. And they get married after some weeks and dance the famous dance again and while they do so, Lance is like: “Wait … since when can I look over yoU?!”

OR he just realizes it after the spell is broken and they kissed each other. AND starts to laugh and Keith is all confused, till Lance makes fun of him but in a sweet tease way C:

hey do you know whats cool and also terrifying the fact that mark can just… keep gaining powers. by the end of this ep he had and was actively using three (damien’s, chloe’s, and caleb’s) and like… holy shit??? distance limit or no that’s fucking wild???

Imagine Silver having an insatiable sweet-tooth when he discovers things like candy and sweets in Sonic’s timeline, since food is so scarce in his future and such luxuries, although small to people like Sonic, are pretty much nonexistent where Silver comes from.

Imagine Silver starts stealing food since he has no concept of currency (his future probably relies on trading or just being able to get what you can to survive) and when Sonic finds out he decides to treat him to whatever he wants himself. And get him out of a scrape with police for shoplifting.

annoyinginternetstranger  asked:

hi there lauren my pal, here's a question, is mark always such a blabbermouth?? can he keep secrets or was that just because he was overwhelmed by everyone's powers?

He’s definitely a talkative guy and, having grown up in a very secretive household, believes that secrets are best let out. But he also likes respecting people’s privacy so he doesn’t normally spill other’s business. But having so many powers converge on his brain at once is a lot. Not to mention, it can be hard for telepaths to differentiate between conversations they’re having out loud and conversations they’re having in their head - stuff sometimes just spills over. 

The Younger Marner Part Three - Auston Matthews Imagine

People asked for part three of this imagine which is now a fic ??? idk. I’m just putting this here so I don’t break my aesthetic. Thaaankkksssss.

It isn’t long, we warned lol. Also people asked for part three but this is being posted with 0 warning but eh, can only do so much lol. Anyway, love you all, I hope you like it! Also don’t be afraid to give feedback! -Accius

Part One  Part Two

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what's your favorite fic/chapter that you've written so far and what do you look forward to writing in the future? 😊

How about my favorites from each of my big three (cause I can’t pick just one) and then one from Imagine?

My favorite chapter of Faith Restored is Jamie meeting Faith for the first time. It was early in the fic and will probably always be my favorite no matter what else I write in that one. I’m most looking forward to writing Faith and Brianna getting to know one another but that’s way down the line; in the more immediate timeline of the fic, there’s a certain someone who––like Faith––miraculously survives in this fic and his reappearance is going to be a tricky but hopefully rewarding bit to write. 

For The Nature of Choice it’s gotta be the whole sequence of Jamie’s return to Lallybroch: discovering Claire and Bree are there, meeting Bree, reconnecting with Claire. It was tricky but fun working to combine elements from both the printshop reunion and Brianna’s sudden appearance in Drums while also making it my own. (I am also quite partial to when Claire realizes Jamie knows she’s pregnant again). In the (relatively) near future, I’m looking forward to writing the birth of Jamie and Claire’s new bairn and Jamie + baby fluff. But I also have a lot of the later plotting for Bree’s return through where and how I plan to end the fic that I’m really excited about now cause it’s all falling into place.

My Jamie through the Stones favorite is probably not what is most popular with readers, haha; as much as I love getting to write Jamie and Brianna getting to know one another with Bree at this age my favorite chapter (and though it’s three here, they’re all one chapter over on AO3) is when Claire tells Frank she’s leaving and taking Brianna with her. I’m a sucker for angst and getting to sink my teeth into something like that is just so much fun for me to write and I’m so happy with how it turned out. I’m going to get to work on another stretch that has similar tension to it cause in the not-so-distant-future the divorce proceedings will be happening (which means Jamie and Frank finally meeting each other face-to-face). 

Of course, my favorite fic I’ve written for Imagine already let me play with how the two of them would interact: Collision Course. I’m so proud of how that fic turned out as a whole and self-contained plot but the scene with Jamie talking alone to Frank is my favorite. And while that particular plot is finished, I absolutely have plans to continue in this AU; working on a plot involving Claire and Jamie in France that involves them trying not to get caught up in all the Jacobite plotting (already have a few prompts set aside to works with). 


Hello, Love bugs.

Draco X Reader 

Hi could I get a Draco x reader where the reader is shy towards Draco which he just finds adorable :) - @nicolesyneah25

It feels like you just can’t escape him. Every class you have he is there. Every time you walk around the grounds you seem to run into him. You have always had a crush on Draco. Since the day you met him on the train you knew you were going to be caught up in him. Even when he was a royal ass to everyone you knew that he was sweet deep down. 

He constantly makes you blush when the two of you lock eyes. Usually, it’s when he catches you staring out into space. Space happens to be his face but that’s not the point.The worst was in the third year potions class. He had heard a rumour that you may have a small crush on you. Being Draco he simply waltzed up to you with grace and confidence. It didn’t help that he was wearing his famous smirk as he made his way up to make you flustered beyond belief. 

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Imagine being in a store like you asking the owner if the food is halal and all that cause you can’t eat it if it’s not ,and moments latser a girl comes in that you went to school with and she looking fine she notices you first and say hi and extends her arms to give you a hug and you hug the fuck out of her hands on her waist and shit … And the owner looking at you like wasn’t you the brother that was just asking if the food was halal 😭😭

anonymous asked:

oone of my friends was murder yesterday in a double-murder suicide thing and idk but i wanted to tell you :// its probs not going to change anything hugely, but some government officials have been take action and stands for stricter gun laws due to the situation!! it serves as an especially good example as no one involved was mentally ill, just jealous... and that the murderer hadnt received a background check before purchasing the gun as he bought it at a gun show... im sad

I’m really sorry to hear that, it’s always really shocking when things like this happen and I can’t imagine how you’re feeling :(. I think that’s really weird how you can just buy a gun in some parts of the world, they are so dangerous in the wrong hands.

okay but literally just. imagine yourself in Jermaine’s shoes. you’re just minding your own business when you spot this shrimpy pajama-clad kid getting surrounded by some goons so you go help out, almost get your ass kicked & get a front-row view of said shrimpy kid kicking ass. like

who the fuCK



honestly tho everyone wake up and smell the brotp, I’m lovin it

also can we talk about how well-coordinated Jermaine’s outfit is b/c dang son

bring our fav New Yorker back