but can you just imagine if it was like that

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My favorite Kachako headcanon is that Uraraka is a horrible cook and that Bakugou is like??? a god in the kitchen and sometimes he teaches her stuff


BUT SERIOUSLY I KNOW RIGHT??!!! I can imagine Bakugou finding out that Uraraka is not eating properly at her apartment and he just rockets his way to her kitchen, cooking angrily while telling her the right things to do?? Like “Why the fuck can’t you do anything right??”

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hkjfkndzx I really liked the enemies to lovers one !!!!!! can we get on for yoongi ?

  • you work at a coffee shop that’s pretty popular and tbh you’re a good barista,,,,,,like you’re nice and you wish everyone a great day,,,,,but you do have ONE pet peeve 
  • and that pet peeve is people who talk on the phone while they’re ordering,,,,,just because,,,,,,,it’s rude
  • like how are you supposed to catch their order in between a bunch of conversation that has nothing to do with you???
  • but thankfully, most people either put the phone down or excuse themselves from the line if they have a call
  • except,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,min yoongi
  • the first time he stopped by the cafe he was mumbling low into his phone, telling someone named hoseok that he didn’t know where jungkook was - he wasn’t his dad
  • and you’d been like ok,,,that sounds kinda serious a missing friend so you thought he’d just step to the side
  • BUT ,,,,,, he  didn’t
  • he stood there taking before glancing up at you with the most apathetic look in his eyes and going “well, aren’t you going to ask me what i want?”
  • you’d sort of stuttered in response because,,,,,what?
  • but snapping out of it you picked up a cup and went “what will you have?”
  • but,,,,,he’d just went back to whispering on his phone and if it weren’t for your boss standing five feet away at the latte machine you might have crushed the cup in your hand out of frustration
  • long story short he’d given you a bleak ‘iced whatever but not vanilla’ and you’d grumbled to yourself that that wasn’t an order
  • but the line was getting long and begrudgingly you just caved and said “ok, your name?”
  • “yoongi.”
  • with that he’d stepped to the side and you,,,,,,holding the sharpie marker in your hand began to write ‘y-,,,,,,,,yoongus’
  • and you didn’t know WHY you wrote something that ridiculous. but you did
  • but it looked like he never noticed because the next day you saw him again,,,,,,,texting this time and saying iced whatever and you,,,,,,,couldn’t stop yourself at this point
  • for the next two weeks it was just you misspelling his name every way possible; “moongi, yongs, yams, yoonlee, yahoo, yuckngi, yesterday, goongi, yoyo, etc”
  • and him either not caring or not noticing because he’d come in,,,,,,and even when the other barista would call out ‘yams’ he’d be like ‘mine’ and leave
  • not sparring ONE glance back at you
  • until,,,,,,one day he came in and to your shock,,,,,,he wasn’t on his phone
  • instead he’d strolled up to the counter 20min before closing and you’d sighed getting your sharpie ready to write something that definitely wasn’t yoongi
  • when he motioned to the cup and was like “get it right this time.”
  • crinkling your nose you murmured that oh,,,,he finally noticed
  • and yoongi, without looking at you went “of course i did, here im going to spell it to you get ready”
  • biting back the urge to tell him that you very well knew how to spell his freaking name you waited
  • until yoongi’s eyes dropped from the menu and met yours,,,,,a small smile on his face
  • (that you had to admit was cuter than you expected it to be,,,,,,,,,,,anyway)
  • and he repeats a list of numbers and you’re like ???? is this some kind of joke because of how ive kept misspelling ur name????? are u giving me your name in some kind of scientific code?????
  • yoongi shakes his head at your expression and goes “it’s my number.”
  • shocked,,,,,,you feel the sharpie fall out of your hand and you’re like “w-why your number????” 
  • yoongi tilts his head and goes “only people im dating can call me yongs, yams, or yahoo.”
  • and with that he turns to leave but stops at the door and goes “this place closes in five right, ill wait and we can go get dinner together - on me.”
  • and as you watch the door close behind him,,,,,you blink and feel your heart speed up in your chest and you’re like no no no i cant like him he’s,,,,he’s,,,,,,,,
  • but also,,,after your shift you see him,,,, leaning against the side of the building,,,,,and your heart speeds up again and ok dammit u might just wanna see where this goes,,,,,,with yongs- i mean yoongi 
Music and You // Shawn Mendes

Request: fluff shawn? can you do an imagine of just you and shawn lying on bed resting talking about life maybe kids just how young you are but how in love you are 

Authors note: So I currently have 13 requests in my inbox and even though it may not seem like a lot- it takes me a while to write so hence, it takes me a while to write them up. Please don’t think I won’t do it! It’s just going to take some time to get through them all :)

“I can’t wait until I finish University and I can finally start my new life. Working. Being with you.” I trail off, my head resting on Shawn’s chest as we layed on the couch snuggled up under a blanket.

“Yeah..” his voice is scratchy from not speaking. Shawn had spent the last 5 minutes listening to me talk about my finals in University. “It will go so fast. Soon you’ll be out there working.” He strokes a piece of hair off my face and behind my ear.

“Mmhm.” I shut my eyes. It would be so easy to fall asleep cuddled up next to Shawn yet, I didn’t want to stop talking to him. “You’re warm.”

“Am I?” His voice is laced with humor. “You’re pretty hot too.”

I gasp, sitting up. “Are you, the Shawn Mendes, calling me hot?” I ask, faking a shocked response that Shawn sees right through.

“Is the sky blue?” He asks, raising an eyebrow. I laugh, rolling on top of him. I  cross my arms and place them them on Shawn’s chest, my chin resting on top of my arms. 

“I believe so.” I smirk and Shawn rolls his eyes. 

“Then you must be hot.” 

“The temperature is getting high in here.” I tilt my head, watching as Shawn’s eyes crinkle in a laugh, the sound echoing around our small lounge room. Before I can think about what I’m about to do, my mouth is open and the words are flowing out.

“I want kids. Maybe two or three, even four. I need you to know that.” His smile fades, a serious look covering his face. “Before we move our relationship further, I mean we have been dating for what? Almost two years? For me that’s pretty serious.”

“Yeah, for me too.” Shawn adds and I pause, nodding.

“I want you to know that I want children and I want a family and I want to get married.” I can see he’s thinking. I know that I need to give him time to process what I just said but once again my mouth just keeps moving.

“I want a wedding. I want to go shopping for the perfect white dress that as soon as I try it on I know that its the one I want to walk down the isle in.” I smile, picturing the exact event. 

“I want to be able to stand in front of my soon to be husband and I want to say vows that I 100% mean and that he’ll 100% mean. I want to be happy. I want to be so happy with that person that I can see my self having a family with them. To have children and have family vacations. To watch them grow up and go to school and find themselves and what passions they have. I want that. I want it all.” I hold his gaze, his eyes never wavering.

“I can see it with you. I can see myself having that life with you Shawn. I need to know, if you don’t see yourself having that life with me, tell me.” I hold my breath, finally shutting up. His mouth opens. Then closes. Then opens again.

“When I first saw you.” he begins, his hand reaching up to rub circles on my back. “Three years ago in that bar, I knew then that what you described- that life, I certainly could have it with you.” I let out the breath I was holding, a smile covering my face.

“I want to propose to you in an over the top way and watch as you walk towards me in a church in that beautiful white dress you love with your family and mine there to see us get married. I want to recite vows that I 100% mean.” We chuckle, Shawn leaning forward slightly to kiss my nose.

“I want to be able to fly you to places you’ve never been so you can experience different cultures and see the world. I want to be able to come home and know you’ll be there waiting for me. To start a family with you. Buy our first house together and watch our family grow as we have those four children you want. Even if I’m still touring or if I do something else I want to come home to you and our kids and just be so happy that I found someone like you to experience life with.”

“Shawn.” I say softly, reaching up to run my fingers through his hair, pushing the curls off his forehead. 

“I want to grow old with you and when we finally reach 80 years old to look back on our life and still be able to say I’m glad I had you to spend my life with.” He’s smiling at me and I feel like my heart may burst.

“I know we’re still young, but I’ve only ever been so sure of two things in my life.”

“Yeah?” I ask, kissing his knuckles softly as he entwines his hand with mine.

“Music,” he kisses me, his lips tasting of the coffee he had been drinking. He pulls back to utter the last two words. “And you,”

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I love how mark basically just made Warfstache a dad. Can you imagine that beautiful nut job as a father?

can you imagine him doing typical father stuff? like grocery shopping, watching tv with his kid/s, making them breakfast in the morning, sending them off to school, going to bbqs, hitting on every single dad and mom in the neighborhood, and most importantly making so many dad jokes.

i like to imagine that yandereplier is his kid, tbh. 

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IDK if you've watched all of the comic con stuff yet (you can just search it on youtube), but I saw some stuff mentioning female galra and how they're gonna be more prevalent this upcoming season, and I wonder if you have any thoughts on this

Okay so like…

I don’t… say this lightly?

But that beefy lady galra with the pink ears like.

If she wanted to pick me up. Swaddle me in her arms. And carry me into the sunset.

I would be pretty okay with that.

That’s my scientific thoughts on the subject.

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I can just imagine Mila telling her future kids what mommy and mama went thru to be together. "Did you know mommy is such a stubborn donkey sometimes that I literally had to write the gayest gay album about her for her to realize it's always be me"

Exactly and their kids be like.. “mama, why you gotta be so donkey, you got high GPA right? wtf mama?” and Camila be like.. “Don’t say bad words mija.” Lauren be like..“yknow she is my mini me.” 😂😎

Quiet || Peter Parker x Reader ||

Characters: Peter Parker x Fem!Avenger!Reader

Fandom: MCU/Spiderman

Request: Hella yeah bless MY FIRST PETER ONE BuT @rafeadderall ur a gem I lov u [can i request a peter parker x reader where the reader is like super shy and reserved in his class or whatever and then he sees her again but on team cap lol? if u can? love u xoxoxoxox] (Requests are always open guys! Send Em through!)

Prompt: You typically keep to yourself at school, however, you have a secret that no one knows about you. You’re different, Just like Peter Parker was different. You both discover each other’s identity during the epic showdown between Team Ironman and Team Captain America. 

Tags: @rafeadderall (if you want to be tagged to get a notification when I post message me!)

Word Count: 2,902

Spoilers: Na, unless you haven’t seen Civil War then

A/N: Yes so my first Peter Parker Imagine, god bless Spider-Man: Homecoming it was such a great movie!!! This however is based off of Civil War so no spoilers unless you haven’t seen Civil War!

Y/N sat quietly in her seat in the incredibly silent classroom. The only sounds were the ever so subtle scratching sounds of pen on paper as the other kids in the classroom attempted to nail their Spanish quiz. Of course, Y/N and one other student had already finished the quiz in record timing. That other student being Peter Parker. Both the two were in the top five percent of students who excelled well in any given task. 

They were also the only two students of the entire school to have secrets. Y/N since she was born was incredibly gifted, gifted with enhanced superhuman abilities and given that she was born with that she was able to hide it, hide it a lot better than Peter could despite him doing a well enough job keeping his Spiderman life a secret. Numerous occasions he was almost caught being Spiderman not just by Y/N but others too, like his friend Ned and Aunt May but somehow he still kept his identity well hidden. 

Peter liked Y/N not necessarily in a romantic way, but he appreciated her wits and intellect. He was nice to her but he wouldn’t go as far to say he had a crush on her, sure she was cute and all but it may have been because she was so quiet and to herself that tarnished that idea from Peters mind. Y/N felt mutually the same toward him, appreciating his dedication and smarts. 

The two locked eyes while waiting for everyone else to finish, offering each other a smile before averting their attention elsewhere. It wasn’t long until the others finished and the room was no longer silent and the students were off to their next class. Chemistry. Today’s Chemistry class was a lot different from the others, this time Mrs Cobwell had assigned projects to the class in pairs.

As luck would have it, both Peter and Y/N were paired and were just as awkward as they were when waving to the other down the hall. Now seated next to each other one would have to initiate conversation eventually seeing as both weren’t extroverted enough for that. Peter gulped and opened his mouth to speak. 

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Evolve in a nutshell:

I Don’t Know Why: just Dan screaming about someone’s love being dangerous and electronic sounds in the background. You can either love or hate this song there’s no in between.

Whatever It Takes: Dan rapping, cowbell. It somehow has something to do with horses and whIP WHIP RUN ME LIKE A RACE HORSE HOLD ME LIKE A RIP CHORD *inhales* BREAK ME DOWN AND BUILD ME UP.

Believer: awesome drumming and Dan screaming agaPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNN.

Walking The Wire: such beautiful vocals!! and instrumentals!! and screaming!! can I just marry it!!

Rise Up: motivational but the chorus sounds like the “I get no sleep cause of y’all” meme. Again americans mentioning the 4th of July because why not.

I’ll Make It Up To You: a kinda 80s song. just. beautiful. definetly needs more appreciation tho. can we just talk about how amazing the bass sounds in this one.

Yesterday: some say it sounds like Queen, some like The Beatles, some like Speak to Me EP. Some deep shit about remembering the past because you are who you are thanks to it but also forgetting it and focusing in the future?? what @ Danny Rey.


Thunder: thunder thunder thun thunder thu thu thunder thunder thunder.

Start Over: a really happy song from ID + amazing drumming? you’ve come to the right place if you wanna dance and cry at the same time. so proud of my boys.

Dancing In The Dark: you either love this one or hate it too. Weird but it sounds super cool? V deep tho.

Harry Hook - “Angry Pirate”

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Request: “After descendants 2, I really need something for Harry Hook (the loml). Can you write something with this prompt: Person A: B doesn’t like me, C. They just wanna be friends. Person C: Oh really Person C: *clears throat* Person C: OH MY GOSH A! IS THAT A HICKEY?! Person B: *crashes through the wall* WHAT!! WHO!! Person A: *blushes* With person A being Reader, person B is Harry, and person C is either Uma or Gil”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: Teensy bit of jealousy

“Hey, Y/N.” Uma smirked as you sat on one of the stools in front of the bar of her mother’s restaurant. “Hey Um, what’s up?” You greeted shooting her a warm smile.

She seemed to continue giving you those knowing eyes and you rolled your eyes. “What is it now?” You asked already sensing she had a trick up her sleeve of some sort.

Uma was one of your best friends, so you could easily see the hints of when she was scheming something.

“You see Harry around? He didn’t show up to training today.” She sighed taking a seat next to you as she removed her apron.

“He and I took a walk on the beach.” You answered with a quizzical expression, Harry never missed a training session, even for you.

“Well that’s strange, he came back a blushing mess. Sure nothing else happened?” She asked poking your shoulder playfully.

“Oh shush. I’ve known Harry since we were in diapers.” You laughed ignoring her wiggling eyebrows.

Truth be told, you’ve always had feelings for the sometimes terrifying pirate. But being one of the shy and less evil villains on the Isle, you knew there wouldn’t be any chance for the two of you to be together. “

The two of you are obsessed with each other! Hell, even Gil can see that and he barely notices anything.” Uma exclaimed as Gil looked up from his food at the mention of his name.

“Harry doesn’t like me, Uma. He just wants to be friends.” You assured as a small frown appeared on your face.

The blue-haired pirate smirked as she cleared her throat dramatically. “Oh my gosh Y/N! Is that a hickey?” She shouted as everyone’s attention was now on you.

“What are you…?” You started looking down at your attire to make sure there wasn’t a bruise that could be mistaken for a hickey.

Suddenly a yell was heard as Harry burst through the swinging doors, knocking two pirates out of the way.

“What? Who?” He exclaimed loudly. You blushed as he began observing your neck and collarbone.

“Har. I don’t have a hickey. Shrimpy here tricked you.” You chuckled seeing how worried he looked as Uma seemed amused by the conversation.

“I’ll leave the two of you.” She smiled as Harry began to redden when he realized what he just did. “Well…” You smiled taking his hand in yours. “Why were you so concerned, Hook?”

“I…um. I like you, Y/N. I guess I was just a little jealous is all.” He said as a smile appeared on his usual stern face.

You smirked as you brought your lips to his chiseled jaw and placed a quick kiss there, and left him, stunned.

*sweats nervously* So uhh… I kind of headcanon that most of the Uchiha brats approach the idea of masturbation with the same enthusiasm that they would approach swallowing Amaterasu with. Also, bear in mind that when I wrote Madara’s, I had his early 20′s, pre-canon self in mind because I just can’t see current timeline Madara having time for something like that when there’s a war and the disputable salvation of ninjakind to plan. That being said, I live for writing filth and this made me happy. Bless you, anon. ~Admin Axel

Uchiha Itachi

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  • Itachi doesn’t masturbate very often at all, he’s more the type to ignore his frustrations and throw himself into learning a new technique or completing a mission where he can’t afford to let his mind wander. He’s hoping that by the time he has a moment to himself, his baser urges will be forgotten and he will not have to give into what is, in Itachi’s mind, a last resort. It has to be a pretty intense urge to get to Itachi, because he is very good at controlling himself.

  • Since he finds it so distasteful, Itachi tends to get it over with quickly and efficiently. Like in the shower, where no one will interrupt and it will wash all the evidence away. And believe me, when you go as long as Itachi does without masturbating, there is a lot of evidence.

  • Itachi prefers a tighter grip and rubs his thumb along the slit on the head with every upward stroke, because he is particularly sensitive there. The muscles in his legs twitch when he starts speeding up, and he has to put on hand on the wall of the shower to brace himself.

  • When Itachi comes, his shoulders hunch over and presses his forehead against the shower wall, stroking himself quickly until his cock starts jerking and he releases in his hand. No matter how intense his orgasm is, Itachi never moans - he just kind of pants through it until he can regulate his breathing again.

Uchiha Shisui

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  • Shisui can go months and months without masturbating, then go through a period where he masturbates every night for a couple of weeks. It embarrasses him though, so he goes to great lengths to avoid anyone finding out that he even thinks about it. He will not masturbate if there is even the smallest chance of getting caught, even if he’s on one side of the house and someone else is asleep on the other side. He won’t risk it.

  • Shisui has tried looking at a porn magazine before while he was masturbating, but seeing strangers in such intimate positions made him uncomfortable and he had to shove it aside before he could finish. Instead of throwing the magazine in the trash like a normal person, he burned it in secret and buried the ashes so no one would ever find out he had it.

  • Shisui will draw it out occasionally. He starts by stripping down to his underwear and sitting against the headboard, palming himself through his boxers. When he’s good and hard, he’ll slide his boxers off and alternate his pace between slow, languid strokes and fast, uneven ones that make his breath hitch. As he gets closer to orgasm though, he slows it down to barely moving and will sometimes even pull his hand away completely, delaying his release for a stronger orgasm.

  • If Shisui is edging himself, when he comes it hits him like a freight train. He groans low in his throat and every muscle in his body goes rigid, but through some inhuman strength of will the pace of his hand never speeds up - he leisurely strokes himself through his orgasm, building it in intensity until his eyes roll back in his head. When he’s finished, Shisui is boneless and satisfied, and has just enough time to clean himself up before he is out like a light.

Uchiha Madara

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  • Madara has spent his life firmly repressing his baser needs, but every so often it does break through his rigid self-control. When it does it is almost always late at night when he’s lying in bed with nothing else to do, and it annoys him because he has very little control over it. The matter is decided as soon as he thinks about it - his brain starts helpfully providing him with flashes of people he finds attractive in compromising positions and Madara ends up with an erection that can’t be willed away or ignored.

  • He usually turns over onto his back on his tatami mat, unties the belt around his waist that keeps his nemaki closed and pushes his underwear down over his hips just enough so that they won’t get in the way. Madara has no interest in getting completely naked just to jerk off - he thinks it’s stupid.

  • Madara is kind of straight to the point about it. He doesn’t try to touch himself anywhere else or ramp up his arousal by indulging in drawn-out fantasies. It’s a purely physical release, and the quickest way to get it over with is to be fast and rough. He spits in his hand, grasps his cock firmly and immediately sets a fast pace, twisting his hand around his length when he reaches the head. He’s completely silent through most of it, but when he gets close to orgasm, Madara starts groaning low in his throat and hissing through clenched teeth.

  • When Madara comes, he plants his feet flat on the tatami mat and throws his head back against his pillow, his back arching off of the floor. Usually he bites down on his lip to keep himself quiet, but if he comes really violently, he might not catch his hoarse shout in time.

Uchiha Sasuke

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  • Sasuke is the most prepared masturbator on the planet. He always has to have everything organized beforehand, like tissues and plenty of lube within reach, as well as a damp cloth because it can get messy. He can’t stand the feeling of come drying on his skin, and it’s even worse if he has to get up and go to the bathroom to clean off - walking around with jizz all over you is so… undignified.

  • Sasuke likes a really tight grip when he masturbates, so he has to coat his hand liberally with lube to prevent chafing. Once properly lubed, he grips the base of his cock hard and slowly makes his way to the head, where he will circle his thumb around the head and smear the little beads of precum that gather there. His head lolls back and he groans quietly, his hips jerking every time his fingers stroke over the sensitive spot just beneath the head on the underside of his length.

  • He tends to grab onto something when he starts getting close - his headboard, his sheets, or even his own hair if it’s the only thing within reach. It’s a reflex he can’t quite get rid of, he does it without really thinking about what he’s doing. When he orgasms, he strokes his twitching length rapidly, a hoarse groan falling from his lips as he spills pearly ribbons of come on his abdomen. As soon as his muscles stop tensing, he reaches for the conveniently placed cloth and wipes away the evidence before it can dry.
Three quarters of dream, one of reality

Warning: hand jobs

We all know because of whom I wrote this. And we all know because of which song. The problem is I heard the story and wrote this thing before checking the lyrics, so it doesn’t really match. And I wrote it, checked lyrics, decided to rewrite this, but in the end – I just like it so I didn’t, so there you go.

“I can’t believe you dragged me out there for our date. We don’t get many of those, you know?” Jongdae was reeling. In his mind – rightfully so. Their schedules never matched. And when he said never he meant never. In his line of work he didn’t get a lot of free time, and to make matter worse she was a student, working late gastro shifts on top of that.

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Rough boyfriend // Isaac Lahey smut

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x reader

Requested: Yes  “ i don’t know if my request sent bc my phone glitches but i’ll just resend it:) could you do a isaac smut, where y/n is a volleyball player and is at an open practice (anyone can watch). Isaac watches her practice but then overhears a bunch of boys talking about her ass and how pretty she is then Isaac gets jealous. You can end it however you like! sorry if some of it doesn’t make sense, english isn’t my first language! but i love your account! thanks xx” -unknown

Plot: Just as the request goes :D

Word count: 1 219

Warning: smut, fluff, hardcore, rough sex, jealous Isaac, angry Isaac etc.

Age: 15+

A/N: I took a break for a couple of days, but I’m back again and writing :) I’m slowly writing y’alls requests so just wait, I didn’t forget about you. Here it is and enjoy ! xx

The bell rang, I packed my bag and walked straight out of the classroom. Thank god it’s over for this week. I honestly couldn’t do more. I open my locker and push some books inside. I see Scott walking towards me and I smile. “Hey!” he says and hugs me. I hug him back “Hey!”

“You’re coming to practise today right?” he asked me. I smiled “Of course, I got my clothes and everything.” He giggled and said “That’s awesome, see you then.” “Alright, see ya!” I said and he waved at me walking off. I waved back and took out my phone.

It was a text from Isaac.

Where are you babe?

I responded

Next to my locker, I’m going to practise x

I put my phone into my pocket, close my locker and start walking.

As I was on my way to changing room, when I hear loud foodsteps coming from behind. “Babe! Wait!” I hear him scream. I turn around and my face lights up as soon as I see him. He kisses me softly on lips and look at me. “You’re going to practise?” he askedd me and I nodded.

“Wanna come and see? It’s an open one,” I said and he smiled. “I’d love to,” he said. He took my hand we started walking outside.

“Okay! Stilinski! Shut up! Y/n! You go first!” coach says and I look at Stiles. He looked so confused and I laughed at him. “Why was he mad?” he asked me, when I walked to the front of the line. “You guys always talk your little wolfie stuff.” I said and he looked at Scott. I giggled, looked at Isaac and he waved at me. I nodded in response.

I was wearing my usual practise clothes, but for some reason I heard some giggling coming from boys, but I just decided to ignore it. I sart jogging and throw the ball. i start walking back, but then Isaac grabs my arm. “Let’s go.” he said angrily and dead ass serious. “Where? I have my practise.” I said and that’s, when coach joined in.

“Lahey! What the hell are you dong here?” he asked him. “I’m taking my girl.” he responded and walked away tearing me with him. I tried to resist, but he just picked me up and put me on his shoulder, carrying me out of there.

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This is a headcanon of mine but can you imagine having parallels between Kylo and Rey & obi wan and anakin(in the gif above) on acht-to while dueling in the rain. Like they just clash together. And it’s epic and full of sexual tension. And they are both frustrated but weak. And so vulnerable. iM In TeArs.

Having only played ME3 after all the dlc and extended cut was available I truly can’t imagine what an unsatisfying flaming shitheap it must have seemed like when it first came out. I mean without the citadel dlc and the extended cut to give you some like…closure on these relationships you grow so attached to with your teammates it’s just one fucking depressing slog that ends in the Ultimate Depressing Choice

anonymous asked:

Can you do "I may or may not have lied and told you I was scared of bears just so you could sleep in the same tent as me" with triplet Kylo (possibly add some cuddling) ❤

YES! Haha I hope you like this hun!

Modern AU Triplet Kylo +  “I may or may not have lied and told you I was scared of bears just so you could sleep in the same tent as me”

Inside of your sleeping bag you laid motionless on your back, staring at what was the “ceiling” of your tent. You had originally been excited for this camping trip, planning it and what you wanted to do for months prior. It was the first camping trip you were going on with just your friends and they were assuring it would be a good time. It also didn’t hurt that a certain band of triplets were coming along on this trip. Seeing as they shared the same friend group, basically, as their cousin Rey it only made sense for them to be invited. 

One triplet in particular especially got the butterflies fluttering through your gut when you saw him climb out of the car onto the campsite. Kylo. Though you had never told anyone Kylo had always been your long time crush. Whether it was at school or Rey’s birthday parties over the years your eyes had always found their way over to him. What should have been just a school girl crush carried out into college and blossomed past any such thing. 

Which led to where you were now. Laying in your tent alone, absolutely dejected at the fact that you had yet to make any progress with Kylo. Hell you didn’t even know if he really knew your name. All of the years being around him and you still managed to make no noticeable impression on him. Even after having many chances laid out before you in these first hours of camping. 

You sighed when suddenly you heard something outside of your tent. Though it wasn’t clear what it was, it certainly sounded like something was moving around out there. Slowly you sat up a little, furrowing your brows as you tried to assess the sound. The sudden sound of mumbling from other tents didn’t help you to decifer what it was either. 

Just as you were about to lean closer to the side in attempt to hear a little better the zipper of your tent started moving down. Almost instantly you turned yourself towards it in anticipation. To your heart’s delight, it was Kylo. Even in the dark hues of your tent you could tell it was him in an instant. Looking up towards you he paused for a moment.


You smiled, “Hey.”

“Rey told me your tent didn’t have a flash light, so I brought one for you.”

Your gut faintly sunk. He wasn’t here just for you, “Oh…thank you.”  

He gave you a nod as he somewhat carefully tossed the flashlight next to your sleeping bag. 

“Just be sure not to use it right now, Ben and I are pretty sure we heard some bears rustling around. The light draws their attention.”

Your eyes slightly widened, “Bears?”

“Yup. They must have smelt the food we were cooking earlier and are probably thinking about rummaging through the trash.”

Suddenly, as if a light bulb went off inside of your skull, you got an idea. 

“But Kylo, I-I’m afraid of bears. Like reaaally afraid. I’ve had family members attacked by them and it-t’s stuck with me. The hospital visits and the scars.”

Though it wasn’t a lie that you had family members attacked by a bear, you certainly weren’t terrified of them. A little anxious and hesitant yes, but that wasn’t going to get you what you wanted in this case scenario.

Kylo’s mouth formed into an O, “Oh…shit. I mean it shouldn’t be that serious. They won’t go mauling our tents.”

“We don’t know that.”

Kylo paused for a moment as he considered your comment. Truthfully you were right, it’s not as though every bear was exactly the same. This one could have been in a particularly destructive mood for all you knew.

“Well…is there anything I can do? You don’t have food in your tent right?”

You shook your head, “No but um…could you…”

Kylo arched a brow as he awaited your response. 

You faked a gulp, “Nevermind i-it’s a stupid idea, I shouldn’t ask.”

“What is it (Y/N)?”

He did know your name! That could have been because of Rey however.

“…Would you be willing to…to sleep in here with me?”

His brows furrowed, “Sleep in your tent?”

You nodded. In reflection perhaps this wasn’t the smartest idea if it meant possibly facing his rejection. Considering you’d be stuck in the woods for the next 4 days with him the last thing you wanted to do was get rejected by him here.

He sighed before running a hand through his locks, looking down at you a moment after. He looked to the opening of your tent once more before turning back to you.

“Would that really help you?”

You nodded meekly, trying not to seem too eager about the idea of sharing a tent with Kylo. He turned back to the opening of your tent and zipped it shut before turning back towards you. Carefully he made his way over, almost bending entirely to walk through the tent. Finally at your side Kylo set himself next to you with a slight groan before moving onto his shoes. Seeing him up this close almost had your breath catching in your throat. He was so much more handsome than you had observed before, the little details on his face becoming more noticeable and endearing to you. 

He turned to look at you, and for a moment you swore you thought he looked nervous, but that brushed away almost instantly. 

“You’re sure this is ok with you?”

You nodded, “It’s already helping to know I’m not alone in here.”

He gave you a small smile, “Alright.”

You laid back down in your sleeping bag, nestling your head into your pillow carefully as a sigh of subtle relief left you. It truly was comforting to have Kylo in the same space as you, and now you knew you’d sleep like a baby. He only furthered your comfort as he laid down beside you, facing you, with his body heat practically radiating onto you. Considering the colder temperatures you certainly didn’t take the added heat for granted. Settling into his own spot he looked at you for a moment, his eyes glistening ever so slightly.

“Is this fine?”

You gave him a warm smile as you pulled your sleeping bag up more comfortably, “Perfect.”

anonymous asked:

What do you think Michael and Jeremy would do to cheer up a depressed s/o??

aaa thank u

sorry these are kinda bad fml

jeremy is heere

  • jeremy’s actually rly careful about giving you the space you need. he’ll either be right there with you if u need it, or he’ll be texting you or whatever u need
  • sometimes he’ll just kind of show up to your house tho with some of ur fave snacks? tbh??? and like
  • probably ur fave movie as well
  • he cuddles with u if ur cool with it
  • he also reminds u that he loves u and he’s here for u
  • i like to imagine he’s awkward when it comes to giving actual advice but if u just want to talk, then u can just talk about stuff if u need to and he’ll listen
  • honestly jeremy would probs be the guy that just kind of relays advice other ppl give him because it helped him and maybe it’ll help u???
  • can i say that jeremy would probably be the person who u would catch googling stuff like how to help a depressed s/o honestly??? because he’s trying but he wants to know if there’s anything in particular he can do???
  • its rly sweet
  • he tries

michael smell >:(

jk i love him

  • michael probably is more of a person to distract u tbh??? he drives u places 
  • video games if ur up for it
  • he basically gets so fuckin affectionate man
  • kisses??? u are covered in smooches
  • u get to wear his hoodie :0 its v warm and smells like him??? its honestly v comforting
  • so jeremy comes to u for comfort, michael actually kind of gets u up and out to do stuff that u like doing
  • can i say that michael would be the person to remind u to take meds if ur on them
  • because he would
  • he worries about u
  • he offers to talk to u tbh and he’s actually good with advice
  • he kind of reminds u that you aren’t alone and u have ur friends and family!!!
  • gentle reminder that ur not a burden or anything
  • gentle reminder that ur loved
  • gentle smooch on the top of the head
  • warm cuddling
  • a gentle boy
  • sorry these are bad i tried babe

So. We’re coming out the Walmart. And there’s a lady leaning on her cart outside wearing brown pants, and all you can see from the door is her butt and legs. And I’m just walking on my merry way and I see this out of my peripheral and I thought she was a trashcan.

So anyway, that’s how I almost stuffed a receipt in a woman’s ass.

Like imagine if I had. Imagine if I didn’t catch my error in time and accidentally fisted this woman in her whole ass like I’m sorry I puncha yo buns I thought yo ass was garbage.