but can you imagine them planning out this scene


A subtle reminder that Rob is the father in real life [for added effect]

I wish everyone could appreciate Jin and Hoseok the way they deserve it. Jin isn’t only a pretty face nor is a decoration in this band. He’s a singer with amazing acting skills (the guy can shed a tear in a few seconds) and a great sense of humor. He is always underrated and he’s the funniest member. Jin can make any variety show more interesting than it is supposed to be.  As in for Hoseok, his dancing skills can cause everyone’s jaw to drop. Dancing? Is that all he got? No, he’s the moodmaker in BTS.Without Hobi, BTS wouldn’t be as cheerful as they always are. You can ask Yoongi , who always said and I quote “Hoseok is like my source of energy” . Jungkook and Taehyung who lost interest and cancelled their plans to go out, the second Hobi said he wasn’t going out with them. Bighit baby, you need to wake up and let them shine as bright as everyone else.

Totally respect Jon Steinberg’s vision for Black Sails. And I actually love where he left Silver and Madi in the finale. It felt right, you know? The two of them on that bluff facing each other, neither quite ready to close the distance between them. It made sense. And I loved it. But. This notion of Steinberg’s …this head canon that he’s expressed in recent interviews (because lbr if we didn’t see it unfold on screen, then his ideas are personal headcanon - and no more or less valid than yours or mine) that has Madi marrying Silver despite feeling that their relationship is irrevocably broken? It just doesn’t bear out. “itsjustnotrealistic.gif.

Because unlike Silver, Madi has options. She is a free woman with a home, a family, and a fucking royal lineage and legacy. Without love, there is no reason for her to bind herself to a man that describes himself as a wretch, “a no one from nowhere, belonging to nothing.”

So why would she do it? Why would Madi not only forgive a man with whom, according to Steinberg, she could never again connect emotionally, but actually MARRY him?

It doesn’t make sense for someone as surefooted and self aware as Madi is. now, I get that this break between Silver and Madi, this irreparable damage, is central to the sense of loss and tragedy that Steinberg has tried to imbue into the finale. But I just don’t buy it lol. And obviously I reject Steinberg’s headcanon because I love Silver and Madi and want nothing but happiness for them, but I also reject it because it doesn’t map to the way he’s built either character - Madi, especially

In the finale, Madi cast Silver out of her life, but in the end, she sought HIM out–ostensibly to grant her forgiveness. Given how surefooted and self aware Madi was written to be, I don’t believe that she would do that unless she understood on some level what Silver did–-and wanted to make peace with it. And maybe the distance between her and Silver on that bluff speaks to that. She sought him out having arrived at a point where she was ready to make peace with what he had done. And though she wasn’t quite there yet, she wanted to be, and, perhaps most significantly, she KNEW she was capable of getting there.

You could argue that her disappointment in Silver is just too great - that she would resent him forever for cheating her out of her war. I disagree. Yes, Madi’s anger at being lied to and undermined was justified, but I’m certain that she would inevitably see the wisdom in choosing that peace treaty. Remember Madi’s commitment to her people. Remember when she told Silver that: “No one has greater cause to swear England an enemy and desire vengeance against her as we do. Yet I believe if we were offered…a chance to be made free in the eyes of the law, it would not have been so roundly rejected.” I imagine that Silver returned to those those words often as he was setting his covert plans into motion. In the end, all of his behind-the-scenes wrangling led to her people being offered that choice–and they took it. They did. Can you imagine Madi lashing out at them for making that choice? I can’t. I cannot imagine Madi NOT understanding why the people of Maroon Island and the other camps chose peace and freedom over carnage and ideology. And if she could understand and empathize with their view, than she could do the same for Silver. Tl;dr - Madi climbed up to that bluff because her anger over Silver’s betrayal was outmatched by her love for him. And while their marriage - like ALL marriages - is flawed, the love that they share is deep, abiding and worth the effort.

More Pranks?

Hi guys! At the end of Prank Attempt I said I had ideas I just didn’t know how to write them into words. So I’ll just make a headcannons list (is that what its called?)
Credit to @gerardwayslips for their Full House series for inspiring these ideas.


• Imagine Anti glitching your phone and you want revenge

•You plan to get revenge by getting two pie pans and filling them with whipped cream and shaving cream (shaving cream just in case he tries to eat it)

• You creep down the hallway with pies in either hand and spot a green hair boy

• You slam one of the pies on his head but when he turns around something’s not right, that’s not Anti! It’s Jack

• Mark turns the corner, sees the pie and let’s out a laugh, this only confirms your suspicion and you apologize.

• Imagine right after, Anti and Dark enter the scene. Now your plan is ruined.

• Anti asks “Is that whipped cream?”

• Wait! You can still save this.

• You reply “Yeah it is, I couldn’t find any shaving cream”

• Anti goes over, takes a bit on his finger to taste. You take this moment when he’s making a face of disgust to slam the second pie on his head earning laughs from Jack and Mark, and a small chuckle from Dark.

• “YOU LIED” Anti says.
“Ofcourse I would, I’m trying to prank you” you reply.

• After all this, it’s Dark who goes “How did Jack end up with that on his head in the first place?” And he says his next sentence with a smirk. “Is it that you can’t tell us apart Dear Y/N”

• “What!? No! Ofcourse I can tell you guys apart! I just didn’t know Jack was here, that’s all.”

• “Hmm, are you sure? Would you bet on it?” Dark says

• “I’m not going to make a bet” you say knowing he would probably sabotage it in a way so he would win.

• “That’s too bad, looks like you really can’t tell us apart” He says trying to bait you into making a bet.


So I did it this way because A) I wasn’t sure if I could write it into a proper story and B) I was to lazy to try.

more fee&kee larping headcanons

Anon: oh man i know you haven’t read the silmarillion but if you’ve got all the profs playing you gotta have them start their own campaign that’s like the backstory. and sauron’s hubby morgoth joins and wants to join and be partners in crime with sauron except he’s a bit more outgoing and ends up being the antagonist with sauron as his lieutenant and then the fee&kee gang find out and they’re like “YOU’RE PLAYING WITHOUT US” and so the teachers are like, “fine fine you can join”, and suddenly they have so many characters that it’s hard to keep track and somehow they drag thorin in again and he’s mahal, god of the dwarves, and bilbo is yavanna, goddess of nature (he wanted to mix it up with the genders they needed more ladies) and aragorn and arwen make beren and luthien and “yOU GUYS CAN’t BE THE EXACT SAME CHARACTERS OMG!” and somehow fee and kee become a joint team as eru who is god of everything

Anon: But BEFORE they start LARPin the major plot of lotr, there will be a brief larp prologue of the Last Alliance, and idk who will be Isildur but then Bad Ass Elrond XD and everybody will be like whoah ok. Ahh, also take your time with the doodles, im sorry if we overwhelmed you too much!

silentunicornspeaks: LOTR LARPing: Everyone’s super into the storyline and things are getting exciting but poor Boromir is a double major business and economics and a couple of big tests/projects come up and he can’t spend hours LARPing with the others, so he tells them he can play one more session and then has to get to work, so imagine his surprise when they all conspire and plan out the most dramatic death scene they could imagine for him to send him out in style.

Anon: Prof LARP-ing: OMG YES to Saruman being PD/Chemistry teacher. Like basically they got dragged into it by Gandalf (who no really knows how they got invited in the first place (he invited himself obv.)) and only agreed because he got a chance to kick Professor Gandalfs ass - they have a big silly rivalry going on at the college, bacically what is better/ more necessary, natural sciences/math or societal sciences/ languages. It’s super ridiculous and childish, kind of “my subject is better than your subject” level and Professor Elrond always gets these huge facepalm-Marks in his face and migraines when they really get going.

Anon: Fee and Kee wanted to be Treebeard (Fili, so he could carry Merry and Pip on his shoulders and talk really slowly and annoy everyone so much but they couldn’t say anything about it because hello, authenticity) and the nazgul/orcs (Kili, so he could pretend to stab everyone), so they say they died along with Thorin.

anonymous asked:

Hey have you ever thought of writing masseuse!Peeta and a anxious Katniss who can't wait to get back to those talented hands if you know what I mean ;) I think you'd create a fantastic smut story for everyone to drool over

Thank you anon for having such faith in me and my smut writing abilities lol. That’s a huge compliment :)

I haven’t thought of that story line in particular. Although the second everlark story i wrote I had Katniss as a physiotherapist and Peeta was her patient (and a long lost love) and my plan was to have them do it right there on the table lol. Unfortunately my inspiration dwindled for that story before I could write that scene and its now been adopted out to a new writer who has made the story her own.

But I do love your idea. Is it okay, that my mind went straight to the gutter? I can imagine one of those massage parlours you see in porno’s lol.