but can we talk about this still

I still don’t understand how we can’t interpret a lot of Keith’s lines about or directed toward Shiro as romantic. 


  • ‘If it wasn’t for you, my life would have been a lot different.’
  • ‘How many times are you going to have to save me before all of this is over?’ ‘As many times as it takes.’
  • ‘Shiro was the only person who never gave up on me. I won’t give up on him.’ 
  • ‘This one’s for you, Shiro.’


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Okay hear me out ..... babysitting Ruby together


She’s so comfy around Harry because she knows him, but you’re new and that maybe makes her a little nervous. She’s a little bit less giggly around you, and it makes you pout.

Harry holds her in his arms and tilts her towards you. “Ruby, this is y/n. We like y/n!”

You wave at her. “Hi sweetheart!” You’re giving her your sweetest smile, but she still looks uneasy.

“Can you say hi?” Harry asks her in his voice reserved only for her. He takes her chubby, dimpled hand in his own and waves it at you. “Hiii!”

Her bottom lip juts out and she looks up at Harry as if to say “….seriously?”

He chuckles, poking at her lip. “Come on, why’re you bein’ shy all of a sudden, hm?” He tickles her tummy lightly and she giggles, which makes him beam. “Theeeeree’s my smiley girl. There she is.” He looks at you and shrugs. “She’s just gotta get used to you I think.”

You’re still pouting but the sight of Harry with this sweet little girl is melting your heart. “Can I hold her?”

“Sure!” He smiles down at Ruby. “You’re gonna go with y/n now, yeah? She’s very nice. Gives good cuddles, too.” As he passes Ruby to you she makes little baby noises of displeasure, to which Harry coos. “Nooo. Shhh sh sh. See? Everything’s fine.”

Ruby looks up at you and you smile, bouncing her a little. “Hi sweet girl!”

She looks at you, unsure of what to do before offering her dimpled little hand up to your mouth. You giggle and give it a tiny nibble.

“Little chunky monkey she is,” Harry says, watching you with affection. “Think she likes you though!”

You smile down at her before giving her a few more playful little nibbles. “Mmmm-Mmmm! It’s yummy!”

She giggles a little before bringing her hand into her own mouth. Harry chuckles, leaning in to kiss her little bald head before kissing you as well.

“This is the cutest thing I think I’ve ever seen,” he says. “You’re gonna be a great mumma someday.”

His words cause butterflies to flutter in your tummy as you look down at Ruby— who’s slobbering all over her hand and her chin. You giggle, using her bib to wipe at the spit. “And you’re gonna be a good daddy,” you say softly.

Harry pokes at Ruby’s tummy again. “Think we’re gonna make the cutest babies, don’t you? Maybe give this little bug someone to play with, hmm?” He picks up her tiny socked foot in his hand and plays with her toes. “Hmm? Think your’d like that?”

Ruby lets out the loudest little squeal ever, and you and Harry both laugh. “Think that’s a yes!” You say, kissing Harry’s cheek.

I still don’t think Raven and Yang will stay on bad terms.

A story arc is about change. About developement. As a writer that’s one of the first things you learn. Stagnation is boredom’s best friend. We want to watch relationships develope, characters grow, people fail. 

In Volume 2 Yang still seemed eager to find out what happened to her mother. She didn’t seem mad at her, not bitter, not even when she talked about her to Qrow in Volume 3 and to Taiyang in Volume 4. That changed in Volume 5. Yang still wants to know why she left her, but she’s still traumatised and incredibly bitter towards Raven. 

When the Volume 5 Trailer came out I suspected Yang would start off hopeful until Raven disappoints her and Yang has to realise her mother is not worth it. That would have been a good arc for her, Yang having to let go of her hope to find a mother in Raven, progression from Maybe we can have a fresh start to I will leave now because you’re a bitch. Yang having to make a painful choice against her mother at the end of it. 

The interesting thing of an arc is the moment of change. The heartbreaking moment when Yang has to realise her true mother is dead and that she has to let Raven go if she wants to move forward. That change in the arc between Yang and Raven now happened off screen and picking her sister (and Qrow) above Raven was an easy decision for Yang. 

This only makes sense if the change in this arc is still ahead of us. Otherwise this would have been the dumbest writing decision ever, because why would they tease the Raven arc for years only to let the most interesting part of it happen off screen? Some in this fandom might believe the writers are that bad but honestly, no. That would be nothing but wasted potential.

The change still being ahead of us can only mean that their relationship gets better, because how could it get any worse? Every step downwards from here doesn’t feel like real change or a resolution of an arc because it wasn’t earned, it would only feel like more of the status quo. What is the point in an arc that goes from Yang hates Raven to Yang hates Raven even more? There is none. 

One way to approach writing is to come up with the ending and to make the beginning the opposite of that. If my character will end up learning to be independent I will have them start off as really dependent on someone. If my character will end up finally trusting the love of their life they should start off as someone who doesn’t easily trust people. If Yang is supposed to let go of Raven and to stop caring about her, to realise she doesn’t need her in her life and that other things are more important, I probably should start off with her being hopeful towards Raven and to want a relationship with her. If I want the arc to end with Yang and Raven working hard to build a relationship they never had I will probably start off with them being on really bad terms and Yang not being interested in that sort of relationship. 

Also we’re not at the end of the Volume. It would make sense for the change in their arc to happen later on in the Volume, not as the final resolution, but as some kind of resolution for this Volume on which they can build up later on when Yang and Raven have to work hard to have some kind of relationship, however that might look like. 

It won’t be easy for both of them. Raven clearly seems to want a relationship with Yang, but she won’t get that if she doesn’t change as well. She has made many mistakes and with the way she acted around Yang it’s no surprise Yang left as soon as she could. Raven has to stop acting like it was always just up to Yang and finally make a step towards her. A very big step.

But as a writer I am very sure it will happen. 

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can i ask you a au where mike get hurts by the mind flyer or whatever and how you think el will be acting about this?

If Mike got hurt El would probably feel guilty. Feel like it’s her fault she couldn’t protect him (even though it wasn’t her fault she would still believe that) but it would only motivate her to finally end it because we talk about how in love Mike is but boi Eleven is so in love to that she would do anything for Mike. But (if he gets hurt he’ll be able to recover I’m sure of it) once he’s better she literally will not leave his side because he’s too fragile what if he gets hurt again. He’ll want to fight back but she’s like no you got hurt last time so there’s no way I’m letting you near anything dangerous. Because she wants to protect him because she just loves him so much.

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Can we talk about how much of a literal Disney Prince Thor probably was as a child (and lbr, probably still IS as an adult, we just don't see it all that much), loving all kinds of animals and probably attracting them to him, petting and cooing at everything he could gather around him. (Also picture even more reckless than usual teenage Thor coming home from a planet with a swamp or something, frantically trying to control a crocodile. "Loki, Mother! The swamp on x planet is full of free dogs!")

Animal Disney Prince Thor Anon: Also, what do you think Thor’s reaction to Australia was? Also his reaction to seeing an actual dog on Midgard.  

HOW PRECIOUS! plus we know fighting/wrestling is a way that he befriends people so he’s probably so jazzed about alligator and bear wrestling

he probably lost his MIND in australia

“don’t touch that, thor!” 

thor, making kissy faces at a venomous snake, “why not?

Chenle Appreciation Post
  • yo hello
  • so,,, my finals started today, I got a 7 in geography and a 5 in salud y adolescencia??? (idk the name of that subject in English, lol)
  • today is the birthday of zhong chenle :’) the purest angel
  • yEah, I know he’s only one day younger than me bUT sTill, my son
  • gdhsjak i remember when like a year and some months ago he was my nct dream bias <3
  • it only lasted for like a week before I fell for jaemin but sHh that’s not important
  • fgdhjkal I love him so much???? I’ve been waiting for this day
  • just,,,, can we talk a lil bit about how precious this baby is???
  • first of all, I swear to god that zhong chenle is one of the persons with one of the most interesting personalities I’ve ever meet
  • he’s the brightest and the most cheerful little ray of sun that I’ve ever seen in my life
  • he’s always so happy and energetic and precious, my day always gets a 21% better after hearing his laugh
  • I love the way he finds every little unknow thing so exciting and impressive and is always ready to take challenges and live adventures
  • he’s so inspiring, I just love the way he’s so open minded and curious and ughhh
  • I never realized how much I loved Sagittariuses until I met him, lmao
  • but uhhh,, he’s so innocent and pure like this small baby is always busy trying to making the rest of the member laugh by being his dorky self and I’m just <3
  • and, oh man this boi has visualS
  • y’all have no idea of how jealous I am of his perfect baby skin
  • it seem so soft and makes me wanna caress his cheek and then leave kisses all over his face I’m-
  • and he has such pretty eyes anD HIS LIPS FGDHSJK
  • king of happy beautiful and pinky lips honestly
  • and it’s kinda weird tbh bc you see him and is like ???? why is this giant doing aegyo??? lmao
  • it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable tbh lmao 
  • bUtt aNyways
  • music star chenle, happy birthday my love <3
  • I love and cherish you so much and I’ll probably always do
  • even if he’s annoying and loud, I still adore him w all my being <3
  • okay now I’ll leave gfhdjk
  • tomorrow I have English and history, I won’t study for English bc is easy but I do need to study for history…
  • my mom is being annoying, telling me that I didn’t study enough for salud y adolescia but !!! woman !!!! out of the 20 persons in my class only 1 approved! and,, in this situation,, a 5 means a lot to me lmao
  • anyways bye<3

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To be honest, I'm currently going by the assumption that Chloe falling will probably be some kind of dream or vision. Can't be dissapointed then.

Good thinking! 

@ships-sailing-in-the-night and I are still talking over this and as expected the spoilers for 3x12 - Infernal Guinea Pig are not as many as what we had from the previous episodes. 

The most challenging episode for us so far to speculate about is Til Death Do Us Part by the way… There we can only speculate by some random photos and a handful of insta stories :P 

Fine i feel a bit sorry for Kara, cause Mon El kissing Imrah in front of her was a bit insensitive noah fence. But can we talk about how Alex is feeling right now? Like Alex are you okay honey? She probably wants to stay strong for her sister ‘cause Mon El is back but she’s still vulnerable, she’s hurting too. She still thinks of Maggie for sure.

For everyone that follows me(important message)

I’m sorry to ramble about depression and sad stuff that have happened in my life. You guys have been trough alot too. But I can say this, don’t be afraid to talk to me. Im there for you if you need help, I promise! I’ll be there! Hehe, sorry for being a depressed shit(sorry for swear) sometimes. But im still a little bit sad about something that happned about 3 years ago that I can’t change and just have to accept it.

Still, im here for you, and please. Don’t hurt yourself, your existence matters so much to me and many more people. Your all beautiful, smart, strong and incredible! And im here for you. So please, im here for you. We all are.

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the character development from where she said she leaves before she can be left to the admission in nyd where she says she'll stay......

Honestly there is so much depth to this album, I feel like we could keep talking about the lyrics and how they connect to each other and compare and contrast until TS7 and still not be finished.

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I'm sorry this isn't so much a date as an idea, since I'm a little off my game, but I think on days when we're both tired but we still want to see each other it would be really nice to get takeout or delivery, put a youtube video on in the background, and just mess with each other's hair - or if we're far away we can stream the same video really quietly and just talk? Maybe it's a little complicated to juggle food and computer and contact, but I think it would be a nice way to wind down.

lets illegally screenshare netflix documentaries about nature and talk about how good animals are

@lilacflamesss is a smut queen, but as a friend she will be your fighter.

I can still remember the reason why we talked at first, coz you were feeling down. Thinking about it, I initiated all these convos between my mutuals, dafuq. I do not regret doing so though, coz I met another amazing writer and an amazing friend who also share the same love for marine life. I swear we need to buy a rest house near the sea and live there in peace.

Like I said, Far you are very true to your beliefs and will fight for them. You are not afraid to speak your mind, which I admire. I just hope you will have more confidence in your talents (because you are really gooooood) as a writer and in your craft! Remember that there are a lot of us who actually are gonna be here to support you in whatever you do, except for plumming, and will be there for you. Thank you for sharing stuff and listening to my bs, thanks for caring for our friends and standing up for Ayato and Hinami (lmao). Love you and I’ll be here.

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You seem too happy and unaffected about all this...

lol come on, you guys have been asking me the same question repeatedly even tho i’ve already answered twice. there’s like 4 new ones just sitting around in my inbox. no matter how many times you guys ask me, my answer will always be the same. i’m sorry if it isn’t as exciting as you were expecting it to be. astrid is just gonna be busy with her new job and a lot of other things. and no i’m not making it up, and yes we do talk still. so yeah, this is the last time i’m gonna answer stuff related to this. ヽ(°〇°)ノ

also, of course i’m sad she won’t be participating in the fandom anymore, geez. she’s mostly who i talk to about stuff and she’s a really good friend. i’m pretty sure even you guys can see that. she’s always supported me ever since i made this blog and joined the fandom– but then again, i’m not gonna make a fuss about her wanting to level up irl. her career and her personal life takes precedence over tumblr~ let’s all just wish her well! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚☆

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Kat,,,,,,,keith Cries,,,,,,,,,fanon keith is dead,,,hes,,,,,emotiONAL,,,

Dude. Dude, I know. Here’s some great stuff about Keith that fandom can no longer deny:

  • when asked to describe himself he first comes up blank
  • no mentions of his talents whatsoever?? he’s not arrogant
  • in fact he has no trouble admitting that he’s bad at something
  • keeps saying that he pilots the black lion but refuses to say that he’s the black paladin
  • he thinks that being part Galra might be why he has always been bad at connecting with people 
  • automatically plays around with his knife when the Galra part gets mentioned
  • is very straightforward and wants to avoid complicated stuff as much as possible
  • apologized twice for blowing up; he’s self-conscious about his temper
  • [voice crack] “I don’t know why I’m that way”
  • is aware of his abandonment issues
  • is also aware that he puts some walls up
  • tries to compose himself by rubbing his fingers together
  • knows when he is about to cry and promised himself not to do it ((in front of the camera/a potential audience at least))

HE’S. SO GREAT. SO SO GREAT. He’s much more self-aware than fandom gives him credit for. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ;A;


Go on commission her guys~! I think she still got some slots there! *7* I mean JUST LOOK AT HOW ADORABLY BEAUTIFUL THESE XTALE KIDDOS ARE ऀืົཽ≀ ͔ ͕̮ ऀืົཽ✧

Art & Xtale by @jakei95
Palette Roller by @angexci
Goth by me

  • midoriya at 3am: ok but can we talk about the fact that all might has managed to maintain his hero form for as long as he has despite the fact that he’s literally missing half his stomach? he literally sacrificed his own well being just to protect the nation from losing a beacon of hope for as long as he possibly could while risking his life far too many times to count. not to mention how he still possessed so much power despite having a time limit and breaking that time limit when he needed to the most. we really dont deserve him, we dont give him enough credit for the things he does and i 100% believe he deserves a thousand times more than he gets even if some people think he gets enough praise because he literally busted his entire ass just for ungrateful, ugly villains to ruin it all and im mad about that. im so mad. doesnt this all make you mad
  • todoroki: what are you doing in my room

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Why do you think highly advanced ancient civilizations are so prevalent in sci-fi/fantasy?

Basically it’s the Roman Empire’s fault.

No, seriously.

One of the reasons the Roman Empire was such a big deal in the ancient world is because it was able to punch way above its weight class technology-wise due to its sophisticated civic infrastructures. When the Western half of the empire collapsed, those infrastructures essentially imploded, leaving a huge chunk of Europe with large caches of technology that they could still use, but lacked the means to reproduce or repair. A lot of what modern Eurocentric history books present as the natural technological progression of civilisaton is glossing over this massive hiccup where innovation was being driven primarily by the need to repurpose or maintain this leftover tech in the absence of the infrastructures that produced it. Things basically went all Mad Max for a while there - that actually happened.

(This is all hugely oversimplified, of course, but that’s the gist of it.)

The thing about modern fantasy settings is that, by and large, they’re also going all Mad Max. Your typical Western fantasy setting used to be dominated by this huge, technologically sophisticated empire, but then somebody screwed up and blew up the world, and now everything sucks and people live in fortified shanty towns separated from each other by miles of barren wilderness populated by gnarly monsters, where the most valuable commodities are the scavenged detritus of that bygone empire. It’s straight up post-apocalyptic - the only variable is how much time has passed between the apocalyptic event and the present day.

And in terms of literary and artistic antecedents? You can pretty much draw a direct line between Western fantasy fiction’s obsession with post-apocalyptic worldbuilding and the fall of the Western Roman Empire. It’s been 1500 years and we still haven’t gotten over it.

EDIT: To be 100% clear, I’m talking about the antecedents of the specific constellation of post-apocalyptic tropes that characterise Western fantasy fiction, not the more general trope that things used to be awesome in the distant past and now everything sucks. A couple of the responses are giving me grief about how this can’t possibly be right because the Romans themselves wrote about how things used to be awesome in the past and now everything sucks, and it’s absolutely true that they did - along with very nearly every storytelling tradition in any culture whatsoever. Certainly, there’s a discussion to be had about why that might be the case, but it’s a separate and much broader question from the one I’m addressing here.


Player boy stereotype? Or something else entirely: A look into gender stereotypes and crushes

So, believe me I hear you: The worry of Lance being a flirt and being the only Latinx main character is real, valid and necessary. That is NOT what this meta is about. This meta will cover another facet of Lance: his experience with flirtation and crushing, not so much the flirting itself. I think this meta will help you see, there was more to the vlog than you might have thought at first!

analysis under the cut!

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