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Oh yay! I love when you do Scripted or Duchovny! Can I ask you to do it for these scenes (1) "I don't wanna wrestle" in detour (2) "inheriting your father's sea legs" in Dod Kalm (3) the whole wine emptying scene in Small Potatoes (4) the lean down during the "we'll talk later" in Soft Light when Sully's classmate says she's heard so much about him (5) "Funky Poaching". Thank you!!!

1. I don’t wanna wrestle: I SWEAR I read once that someone from the show said that this in fact WAS scripted, in response to someone’s query as to whether it was an ad-lib. But, it seems so Duchovny that I have a hard time believing that, especially as I can’t remember where I read it anymore. It CERTAINLY looks to me like she was just kind of trying to awkwardly move him as the scene required and wasn’t doing very well and he blurts that out and she laughs. How can that not be Duchovny? Verdict: Duchovny

2. Sea legs: She does make kind of a Gillian face when he says that. OK, I just watched it and I feel like it’s just too long of a thing – with the whole setup and punchline, and then she looks away smiling for kind of a long while so it’s not like she broke and they quickly cut but then left it in – to have just been a spontaneous ad-lib/reaction. So even though it does seem rather Duchovny, I’m going with scripted

3. The wine thing like where he like burps the bottom of it to get the drops out and she interrupts herself to be like “thank you very much”? Hmm. I never thought about that before, really – I love Gillian’s little touches as Tipsy!Scully and that is one of them – but…hm. With the qualification that I think it could have been something that was worked out over a couple of takes, not just done spontaneously at that moment by David, I’m going with Duchovny. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was wrong though. 

4. We’ll talk later from Soft Light: That reads as a classic XF scripted line to me (and it’s Vince Gilligan so having a bit more than average snap in the dialogue is not too surprising). I’m sure the lean-down was a little Duchovny, but no more than like, I mean, they are in their bodies and walking and moving and whatnot. So I’m going to award this one to the scripted side. 

5. Funky poaching: That feels VERY written to me. Scripted

THIS IS FUN. Thanks, anon! Agree/disagree?

  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:can you believe that they haven't released the shadowhunters season 1 dvd yet?? are we even gonna get one?? I've waited and waited to get the blooper reel. I have been patiently minding my own business hoping that someday soon, I will get my hands on the deleted scenes. did Matt and Harry think that they could casually mention "think of me when you shoot your arrows" and not expect me to pine after that scene??? did Emeraude and Matt think they could tell us in a live stream that they'd be up for doing the commentary on the dvd and then not deliver??? that's so fucking rude. @McG do you realise how long I have been waiting for the dvd release??? Is this your latest form of torture?? I have dedicated my life to shadowhunters and this is how you repay me?? Dishonour!! Dishonour on you, on your family, on your cow (which has probably been stolen by Matt, the resident cow lover) Who do I need to sell my soul to in order to get the blooper reel??? all I want to see is Kat scrunching up her nose as she laughs because Dom fucked up a scene. All I want is to see Alberto being adorable. GIVE ME THE SHADOWHUNTERS SEASON 1 DVD NOW, IM BEGGING YOU.
How the emison scene in 7x10 should go

Emily and Alison are talking, about all the stuff they’ve been through the last months. When Ali realises that she’s really tired, she feels so safe with em that she falls asleep with her head on ems chest.

Emily lays there, comfortably, overthinking everything that they talked about. After a while she decides to cook dinner for her and Ali.
Alison soon wakes up by the amazing smells of the food and she just knows that the girl she’s always loved stayed, for her. She calls em over to the couch and says:

‘Em, thank you, I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.’

Em: ‘anytime.’

'Em… thank you for staying by my side for all these years. You know, I kept holding on because I knew that when I came back you’d be there, waiting for me. That thought made me so happy, even on the darkest days…

And Em… those kisses weren’t just for practise…

And they won’t ever be.’

Ali leans over and kisses emily.

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hi! i love your blog e and theses days i am having some thoughts about joshifer, and i really want to talk to you because i need keep going. I know cl*sh is PR, but C is so involved with Josh's family... can you please help me? sorry about this.

I’m always here to talk Jen and Josh.  It’s clear to me that they have a special relationship that they protect and keep private. We get hints and glimpses - I posted something in July that showed the numerous times they have been together this year and that were kept under wraps. Just because they don’t parade in front of cameras and have fans videotaping them doesn’t mean they’re not real.  Believe me, more goes on behind the scenes than is revealed. 

Conversely, endless pap pics and opportunistic social media shots don’t mean much. You have to remember that these people live a Hollywood life in the capital of fantasies. Everything is for show. Every single one of those IG pics are used to push a narrative. 

And it makes sense that Josh’s family has played along this time. Desperate times. No one believes this relationship and having endless pap pics and dubious JJ/DM articles won’t be enough to convince people. These actually reinforce how fake this all is. So what choice did Josh have?  He had to supplement the usual bullshit with people who don’t normally get involved.  I’m sure it was strange, but Josh needed their help so they came through.

Just remember - the majority of people posting pics and making comments are actors. Actors are paid to pretend that they are in love with strangers. This is all another job for them. “Love yooouuuu, babe!”  “You’re the best!” 😻😻😻!

Don’t buy it. It reeks of 💩💩💩 because it is.

  • Can you talk about the aesthetic influences in “The Answer,” which shows the origin story of the gem Garnet?

“We wanted to give Garnet the ultimate animated fairy tale love story, with imagery inspired by all our favorite animated fairy tale love stories of all time. […]” -Rebecca Sugar

  • Is there any particular image from “The Answer” that you’re most proud of?

“I’m very proud of Garnet’s first formation. That moment was the first thing I sketched for the episode!

And I love [series artist] Lamar Abrams’ boards for that scene… Ruby rushes to save Sapphire in this furious push against fate, and Sapphire, who has always been able to see the future and has never been startled by anything in her life, is suddenly, literally swept off her feet!

They fuse into Garnet, and I knew this Garnet would have to look and act completely different than the Garnet we’re used to. Garnet’s confidence is so much of her character, because it’s something she earned, and this was the first time we’d get to show her original state, a being that exploded out of an outrageously romantic gesture.

She’s dizzy and confused, a mish-mosh of Ruby and Sapphire, completely innocent, with no idea who she is. I wanted it to be clear from the moment you first see her, how far she’s come from this initial spark between Ruby and Sapphire, but also how powerful that spark was.”  -Rebecca Sugar

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aaaaaaaaaaaa <3 c”:

this interview is great / interesting


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Can we all just take a Moment from getting Hate about shipping H&J and talk about how the scene of him in his purple jacking saying "this looks neat" WAS HOT and how he kept trying to get her back like he NEEds Her

i mean i could name like 8 scenes where he looks fine af:

all of them. the answer is all of the scenes.

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Okay but

During the scene where Chuck uses his frickin super speed to get rid of the group of pigs, Red says

““I’ll run up and tackle the pig on the left. Bomb, you can handle two. Chuck, I don’t know if you can help..”“

And there’s a part of me that thinks that he’s not trying to be hurtful or degrading,,

There’s a part of me that thinks it’s because Red doesn’t want Chuck to get hurt.

Chuck’s smaller, skinner and probably a little weaker than Red and Bomb, and Red and Bomb combined would probably have been enough to take out all the pigs that were stood in front of the doors. I think Red was concerned about Chuck’s wellbeing, as he probably wouldn’t have been able to take down even one of the pigs by himself ((Red also probably didn’t realise how effective Chuck’s speed was at this point))

Red’s been known to say stuff he doesn’t mean and have things he says come off the wrong way, so maybe that’s why when he says he doesn’t know if Chuck can help, it could come across as insulting, even if it was only out of concern.

I just really need Shallura to lay in the fake Altean grass in the holo room and talk about their home planets or whatever and fall in love while the space mice cuddle up to them and ship it.  Can we have that, please, show?

The Rubber Chicken of Anatevka

My school theatre company has a tradition *bum bum tiss* where one night only per show, we have a random rubber chicken in the scene. This usually happens Saturday nights so people who have seen our shows a lot, usually catch on to this and make it a game. “Who can spot the mysterious rubber chicken first?”

Well. Before our Saturday Night performance of Fiddler on the Roof, we were all talking about where to hide the chicken. And we decided to have it on a crate during “If I Was a Rich Man”. And we had Stage Crew put there and all was well. Mission success and the tradition was fulfilled. Or, so we thought.

A couple scenes later, and it’s when the Russians are destroying the wedding. I’m doing my staged fighting with my Russian friend when all of a sudden, on the corner of my eye- I see our rubber chicken get throw on stage. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. The chicken flying through the air, the crash of our table falling apart, and then… Our Motel caught the chicken in his hands, looked down at it and looked so scared/bewildered - I almost pissed myself of laughter right there on stage.

Motel ends up tossing it to the ground, the audience is laughing, we’re all laughing and the scene is ruined. The curtains close early and our director runs up to us all backstage and says,

“I’m sorry- I had to.”


The first time I saw this scene I was like “aww, cute, the whole background turns pink, it seems like Rose is talking to them though Steven singing”

But after most recent episodes… my goodness. This is foreshadowing as damn.

Okay, let’s examine the situation here.
We have two characters, which are color coded as respectively YELLOW and BLUE for this precise scene.
They have both lost a really loved one, more precisely a third PINK character, which is…well, practically dead, as a consequence to decisions they can’t fully comprehend (“She always did what she wanted”).
Even though they reacted differently to the event, they have been profoundly shaken by this loss. They both aren’t able to talk with eachother about what happened, and one of them in particular seems unable to truly accept reality (“Why can’t I move on?”).As a consequence , their relationship has been scratched as well.

But Steven understands. He knows that what they truly need is to talk with “someone who knows what you are going through”, to open up with eachother in order to find closure, to find peace.

Now, those were Greg and Pearl and their emotions about the loss of Rose.
But let’s take a moment and imagine…
How do YELLOW Diamond and BLUE Diamond feel about the shattering of PINK Diamond?
Sadness. Disbelief. Anger, probably.
I think that the “Corruption Cannon” was sent off as a consequence of Pink death. They didn’t care about the rebellion anymore, they didn’t care about their soldiers, about the colony, about the whole planet. They just wanted to end it, they were shaken by the tragedy and it was Pink’s colony anyway, now that she ke gone what is the point in keep fighting over it?
But they were still angry. At least… we know that Yellow Diamond was (and still is). She started experimenting on the gem shards that were collected during/after the war. She created suffering monsters out of the gem that rebelled against the authority, against Pink. She initiated the Cluster. She literally wants “that planet to die”.
The war ended thousands of years ago, Pink has been gone since then and yet she still can’t move on. She can’t forgive what happened. And the same goes for many other gems, per sure, just look at Jasper and Eyeball… but still la different, because they were MADE to serve and adore Pink.
The other Diamonds lost a part of their legacy. They lost one of them, a “sister”, to the hands of simple soldier, something nobody could have ever imagined.
That must be really hard to accept.

It HAS been years.
The rebellion, the war… it’s all over.
The Cluster was stopped.
Rose Quartz, the leader of the Crystal Gems, the killer of Pink Diamond, is gone as well.
Peridot and Lapis, two homeworld gems, have found their home on Earth.
Steven is trying to find a way to heal corrupted gems from both parties (Centipeedles was canonically a soldier of the Diamonds).
Homeworld is running low in risources.
Peridot claims to have the solution that will enable both gems and humans to share the planet without destroying it.

It’s clearly the time for a new beginning.
If they don’t want another war to start all over… it’s necessary for the Diamonds to talk to eachother, find closure and move over.

And Steven might just be the one who will help them.

“You really are better than her”

I have a question...

do Tikki and Plagg remember what they do when Marinette and Adrien transform? 

What we can tell from the episodes is that human/kwami can’t interact while they’re transformed, seen here:

She’s trying to talk to Tikki after she transformed the very first time but she gets no response at all.

But when it comes to the kwamis remembering what Ladybug and Chat Noir did when transformed there’s a contradiction, maybe.

1- This scene in origins, the kwamis don’t know if they caught the akuma and cleansed it.

2- Plagg is laughing about the horrible things Adrien told Ladybug in Dark cupid.

So what’s right, do they remember or not? Or maybe they just saw what happened in some video and that’s why Plagg’s teasing Adrien about it, but that would also mean they know about the kiss? Wouldn’t Adrien/Chat have said something about it if he knew though?

Anyways, I don’t know what to think and I also can’t think of any other moments where this is somehow shown, any ideas?

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There's two moments where you literally see Damon kissing Elena's stomach, and you talk about boring sex ? We see Elena riding Damon, on top, against walls ect. SE had one sex scene and it was 10 ep after they met

Anon, the DE sex scenes are basic. It’s the same thing over and over again, it’s like a routine. Elena rips open Damon’s shirt, maybe there will be one or two slams against a wall, then it’s missionary in bed. There’s no range, there’s no personality, there’s literally just skin and a lot of limbs.

You can shade the SE “makeouts” all you want but Stefan and Elena together is far from boring:

They play each other’s passions, test each other’s limits, there are power shifts, they seduce each other, make one another wait but I mean I guess that’s nothing when Damon kisses Elena’s stomach two times.


“I was afraid that I wouldn’t see you again.”
“I had those fears myself.”

Can we just talk about this moment though? Because this is such an important moment to me.

Like…we have seen up until this point how antagonistic Marcus and Abby have been towards each other. And then in this moment she straight up looks him in the eye and tells him she was afraid she wouldn’t ever see him again.

And just…the WAY she says it, almost like she’s only just realising the truth of it herself as the words come out.

I mean, this is the guy who has been a constant thorn in Abby’s side for the entire show, who has personally caused her a great deal of physical and emotional pain, who is responsible for some truly awful events because he wouldn’t listen to her, who even tried to kill her at one point. Yet when he walks out of those woods, alive and safe, she feels relief.

It’s kind of like a mini epiphany, like Abby’s own version of Marcus finding her alive after crawling through the vent in ‘The Calm’ and looking so damn happy about it. It’s as if all the antipathy between them kind of fades into the background in these moments and is just overwhelmed by the genuine affection they have for each other underneath.

But anyway this scene in ‘Spacewalker’ to me is such an underrated turning point in their relationship, because from the point Marcus returns…he and Abby are pretty much a team. There’s no more lying and sneaking around from Abby, and no more brutal reprisals from Marcus. Sure they still disagree and even argue bitterly sometimes, but they always always have each other’s backs when it comes down to it.  And before this it was very much the other way around - sure they’d agree and work together sometimes but they were always portrayed as being essentially constantly in opposition to each other. Though it takes until season three for them to explicitly say it…for me this is really the point from which Marcus and Abby are in it together.

I think it’s that period of separation that does it, to be honest; it makes both of them realise just how much better they are together, how much they don’t want to lose each other.