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Inktober 17 - Anxiety. 

Me and Mary are doing Inktober half and half! (Check out Day 16)

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you know what

Im down to do another tompocalypse on November 10th just so the tom tag isnt filled with annoying s/w//f//t fans just going on and on about tom like they know him because their fav wrote a terrible song about him

so if people are willing, im down for nov.10th to fill the tom tag with ACTUAL tom stuff.


WHATEVER, i dont care, as long as people going through that tag dont have to see another post talking about how this song is soooooo about him.

put your favorite pics of tom, your favorite fanfic stories, your favorite gifsets/videos FAVORITE MOVIE OF HIS I DONT CARE


whether you hate my guts or you like me i dont care. you can all participate in this tompocalypse as long as you dont start fighting other tom fans on how they participate and just mind your business in your own tompalooza.

Try to make it fun but most importantly be inclusive. if im willing to let people who have bad mouthed me and spread lies then you can allow some random blogger to laugh at a joke about toms hair or thin lips. Put on your adult pants and fucking act like one


@madsrocketship @zerofucksclub @wthanon4u



COMMISSIONS TAKE TWO! I’m still unemployed and in need of money c’:


  • Anything NSFW (gore, sexual content, anything nsfw.)
  • Fetish art
  • Furries/Animals (Maybe some day, but not today.)
  • I have the right to decline your commission for any reason.


  • OCs (Human/Humanoid)
  • Weapons
  • Characters from most works of fiction (Movies, games, all that cool stuff.)
  • Robots (Might need to be discussed with the client.)

If you’d like something that isn’t mentioned in the second list or on the commission sheet, feel free to ask about it!



  • I’ll need references and descriptions on the character(s) you want me to draw. The more complex the character, the more references I’ll need. Two to three should do it.
  • PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED IN FULL BEFORE I BEGIN TO WORK. I can only accept payment through paypal, all prices are in USD.
  • The client will receive the full resolution image through email. The client is free to use it for their personal use only. If you’re unsure of what personal use is, you’re more than welcome to ask.
  • The low-res watermarked version will be available on my usual uploading sites. The client is free to repost the art (the fullres or lowres version) where they please ONLY if credit is given and there are links back to me as the original artist.
  • Client will receive a sketch WIP before I do lineart to make sure everything is to their liking.
  • I am starting out with THREE (3) slots open at once. You can check how many slots I have available by looking at my blog sidebar on tumblr, OR my donation pool and commission deviation on deviantart!
  • You can expect your commission to be done within two weeks.
  • All commissions are for non-commercial use only.

You can see all my finished commissions here.

More Bust Examples

More Waist Up Examples

More Full Body Examples

If you are interested, please contact me through my email at sodacola109@gmail.com.

If jewelry’s more your thing, I’m selling bottle cap necklaces as well and I do custom orders!

(Reblogs are appreciated!! <3)

anonymous asked:

Hello! From your drawing of Chapter 3 Alice Angel (From your other blog) is it okay if I do a redraw? :3

((im gonna kindly ask that you don’t, and also to anyone else that wants to discuss matters like this please do it through DMs or off-anon so I can send you a direct response xD))

Hey if anyone can take a half blind kitten that’d be great. We’ve had her for weeks and are not suited or able to care for her 100% and get her all she needs. We have to keep her outside cause of other cats, she’s possibly sick, and the inability and stubbornness of others in the house not allowing us to keep her indoors will definitly make her condition worse. Not to mention its fall and its getting colder and started raining tonight.

All the places I called a few weeks back pulled “we take dogs” when I asked if they accepted cats into their shelters, a lot of people had expressed wanted but fell through immediatly, and we CANNOT keep her. There just isn’t space or the full ability to get her the medical help and proper space she needs.

So if you are in California (at least around the Modesto area – its the closest large city near us rip) and willing to take a little drive to own thr literally most affectionate kitten I’ve ever known, please message me, or @origamiscyclone , off anon. If you can’t, just spread this the best you can. We don’t need more people saying “I would but–” ; its not helpful for getting Karina (the kitten) a home, or for us to find her a safe place to stay.

We can show you pictures of her, tell you about her, whatever you need. She needs a good home and a steady home where she will get all she needs more than now.

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The lis fandom can suck a bag of dicks (which they do for the cishet white dudes.) Like instead of pissing all over chloe max and rachel why not piss all over the white guys that fuck them over? Characters and writers alike. Really that simple guys.

god its almost like they refuse to hold cishet white men accountable for their actions………………..

maybe Brandon’s look wasn’t “innovative” but the judges were right when they said that the placement of every detail, the border and the colors and the metal and rubber bits, everything was intentional, and that I can truly admire